Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 16, 1972 · Page 7
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 7

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1972
Page 7
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Get ting it together Parties in Nampa wont be the same Idaho Free Press, Friday, Aine 16,1972-7 mith ' Mondav fo, fh 95 °' wiu be missed ^n they leave been ?SL1 M " eu ' horae to PoMtell °. where Ross has been transferred by the Union Pacific Railroad. P e n n , " be t a p p ) r to hear ' Penny will b* traveling back to Narapa about every two weeks during the dance season to "call" the dances sne and her husband are so well-known for. Married in 1937, Ross and Penny have been square- dancing together since 1947 when, according to Ross, he was "dragged" onto the dance floor against his will. He must have liked his partner, because he's hardly left the floor since. In 1948, he started calling for dances and he and Penny both were leading and calling for clubs by Dancing was no new thing for Penny, who taught tap and social dancing while she was a school teacher and assistant superintendent in Blaine County. In fact, she was teaching dancing classes near Sun Valley when she met Ross in 1936. The Crispinos now teach square dancing together. They added the El Rancho Playroom to their home in 1953 (they have lived in Nampa since 1945) and opened it to smaller clubs and classes. Their dancers helped them to enlarge it in 1959, and up to this date all of their clubs hpvp hppn mpetiner there. The Waltz-Time club, organized by the Crispinos in 1949, still is active; other present clubs in the area include the Grand Spinners and the Alpine Swingers. From 1949 to 1963, they broadcast 450 square dance programs over KFXD radio station. Dozens of institutes and conventions have been entertained and instructedby the dancing couple over the years. Past and future activities during 1972 include participation in parades, calling for many square dances and assisting teenagers with road dances. Showing their appreciation for the influence the Crispinos have had on square dancing and entertainment in general in the Nampa area, Doug and Judy Hyslop recently sponsored a surprise party for them at the Hong Kong Cafe, inviting about 25 old-time callers who had started with the Cris- pinos. Following the dinner, they were guests of honor at a square dance at the Eagles Hall. About 200 dancers representing dance clubs throughout the valley were present to let the Crispinos know they will be missed. And square dance 'club members won't be the only ones feeling the difference when the Crispinos leave. Sponsors of church groups and service clubs already are bemoaning the fact that Ross and Penny won't be around to teach and call dances and supervise game nights. Gee -- must be nice to know 'you're going to be missed. Well, Ross and Penny Crispino have earned the right to know that they will be. More western flavor and fun - the Snake River Stampede is galloping into town . . . again! And are people ever busy making sure everyone knows about it ..'···',,· AccWdlhg'to Bill Deal, Stampede president this year, the "main job" of those working with the rodeo is to advertise and put everything they've got into pre-rodeo activities, "participating throughout the valley, letting other people know we have a rodeo." Deal was speaking to rodeo queen contestants at an orientation dinner for candidates at Sir Richard's this week. And when hesays"participatingthroughoutthevalley," he's not exaggerating. A list presented to the Idaho Free Press shews 40 proisoSoriSi ssSvitios lined up! Among the busier rodeo promoters will be this year's reigning queen, Nancy Ellis, and the contestants who will be competing for the 1972 title. The girls are required to ride in many of the parades and participate in most of the promotional activities. Nancy also will be working out with the girls, offering tips and moral support from her experience as rodeo contestant and queen. Being in Nampa for workouts and various events isn't all that simple for many of the girls. Some travel several hours -- horse, trailer and all -- to be here. One girl had driven three hours to attend the banquet, and when I asked if she had to travel the three hours back that night, she said, "Oh, yes, I have to be at work in the morning."! They all will try their best - for their families, their friends and their horses - and each will be happy for the one who wins. Jeri Middleton, Leonel Anderson Temple nuptials performed for couple Mlddleton and Bledsoe, Mrs. George Jeppeseu Anderson were jnd Mrs. Ora Provolt Guests were registered by Susan Middleton. LEADERS IN ENTERTAINMENT in the Nampa area for more than 20 years, Ross and Penny Crispino will be lea. ving Monday for their new home in Pocatello, where Ross has been transferred by the Union Pacific Railroad. Penny plans to travel back to Nampa about every two weeks to "call" square dances during the dance season. The square dance experts recently were honored guests at a surprise party sponsored for them at the Hong Kong Cafe by Doug and Judy Hyslop. A square dance followed at the Eagle Hall. (More information in column at left.) (Staff Photo) Jeri Lynne Leonel Edwin united as man and wife during evening nuptials performed in the Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, May 23. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. C. Middleton of Nampa. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Anderson of McCammon are the parents of the bridegroom. A white satin gown fashioned with a lace overlay was worn by the bride as she greeted guests during a reception honoring the newlymeds. Pearls and sequins trimmed the pointed cuffs of the illusion lace bishop sleeves and the neckline. Her rounded train was edged with lace; matching lace accented her floor-length illusion veil. Yellow and white carnations were arranged in the bride's bouquet, interspersed with baby's breath and accented with orange bullions'. Attending the bride as maid of honor, Maria Griffiths wore a long green sheer creation. Similar apricot dresses were worn by Kathy Rumour, Kathy Whilworth and Mrs. Garry John, bridesmaids and matron. Each attendant carried a yellow mum with apricot streamers. John Garret served as best .·-.»-, man. Ushers included Dirk and ,»**»%4 Gary Bodily and Eldon Anderson, , t * *» », t brother of the bridegroom. ~* " ' Corsages worn bythemothers of the bridal couple were designed with tangerine carna- -,»· ·' tions. Mrs. Middleton selected a ««·*·· peach polyester dress featuring |* **,·*« jewel trim. A tangerine poly- '»·*,«* crepe ensemble was the choice of »**«·% Mrs. Anderson. '·**»·' Assisting with the refresh-)»»*.»*' ments and gifts were Betty Clark, Denzile Pendleton, Zoe Sandy, Sarah and Sharon Middleton, Lena Newland, Mrs. Carlos Following a wedding trip to dents at Idaho State University, northern Idaho, the ne»lyweds She is employed by American are making their first home in Micro Electronics; he is with the Pocatello, where both are stu- State Highway Department. +*t^l+il++f*0l**0i^^u0»^**+*0+f*0**^l******4f^^t For today's family || »****^»*»****+**^+»*0^*+**^*0^****e^****»+**0i Following a mastectomy Spouse of Indiana senator a symbol of encouragement HANGING POSTERS announcing the July Snake River Stampede, in addition to assisting with many other promotional activities, Nancy Ellis will reign as queen throughout the 1972 rodeo. She was present to answer questions at an orientation dinner for queen candidates at Sir Richard's this week and talked over planned parades and activities with Stampede officials. Bill Deal is this year's president (Staff Photo) mother as "a typical teen-ager. He is very involved in school work and sports and just LOS ANGELES - Beware of By Horttiuc Mym "Then I had so many letters family Is more precious." INDIANAPOLIS (Upl) -- Mar- from women who vella Bayh, whose husband, be our example' that Sen. Birch Bayh, D-Ind., gave me feel maybe I can bring a up a presidential campaign to little bit of encouragement to remain with her following women cancer has yet to strike. critical cancer surgery, has They can see that Birch and I starting to drive." His fatter medications and crash diets that become a symbol of encourage- are just as much in love as we briefed Evan on his mother's promise rapid weight reduction, ment to many American ever were. I can go on and do illness. warns Albert H. Domm, M.D., ·women. things I always have done "This was an ertra difficult medical director ofaninsurance Mrs. Bayh. during her first before and I can wear just the time for Bitch because he lost agency, trip back "home to Indiana kind of dresses I wore before." " following a mastectomy, an "Perhaps women who look at operation for breast removal, me can say to themselves-life said in an interview that at the does go on-and I can give time of the operation "I them the encouragement that thought it was rather unfortun. wonderful Reaeh-for-Recovery ate it had to have so much gave to me." publicity. It is the sort of thing Mrs.. Bayh referred to a you would like to slip Into the program sponsored in some hospital, have the surgery, and'dties by the American Cancer fen in a few months appear Society. Before Mrs. Bayh left around again and only the tt e Columbia Hospital for people very close to you would Cornea, in Washington, D.C., ever know you had the following her operation, she surgerv " was visited by a woman she "But" in my case, when Birch describes as "marvelous look- was an unannounced candidate ing. Uke a mod el, wearing a -for the presidency, It did have suede start Md a arm-fitting that difference in your future." he says. a great deal of publicity which blouse." The woman explained at the time I was wishing it ttat she had undergone a didn't have," she remembered. oreast . , tet ole Crash diets could upset chemistry; medication not a sure weight cure his mother from cancer when "There is absolutely no medb he was 12," Mrs. Bayh said. "I cation that is truly effective in don't know what his father told reducing weight," Dr. Domm Evan, but Evan never lets me says. "Crash diets may upset see anything from him but the body chemistry and be hazar- sunshine." dous to your health. But despite her ability to go Dr. Domm explains that soon with a normal life and her called "appetitedepressive,"or hope of encouraging those who anorectic drugs, are benezed- have had a mastectomy, Mrs. rine derivatives which act as Bayh insisted: "I can't urge stimulants. In the vast majority strongly enough for women of of people, these drugs have mini- all ages just to be wise enough mal effect on appetite, to have examinations regularly "Thyroid extract, often pre- and to check themselves. If you scribed for overweight people, get cancer In the beginning, is only helpful if the person chances are It won't make all suffers from hypothyroidism," 'Water pills reduce «p, £ ^ Mt-, · --^ «*»wTM* r.AMMA CHAPTER of Alpha Delta Kappa, teachers' honor- .0 sororlty recently elected officers for the 1972-73 year UaRue Stanford, president, seated at left, will be assisted bv Grace Reed/secretary, right, and standing from the left, JOM Montgomery, chaplain; Barbara Stone, treasurer, and A * B Hick, W Mi). Not pictured: Elsie Reed, vice pres- Uartf Kay Stafford, historian, and Viola Orraesher, ser- goant'-at-arms. Bayh In post-operative exercises. Acording to the Cancer Society, approximately 71,080 women in the United States will develop breast cancer this year and 32,000 of them will diefrom it. Cancer of the breast represents about one-fifth of all cancer deaths and is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women. Bayh's gift of his own time now seems to his wife to be the force that gave her the strength to live during those difficult months following the cancer operation. "He has been my anchor," he said, "If I started to be blue, he was there to buoy me up. Birch was right by my side. He never took any kind of attitude but that we are going to lick this thing. He took the attitude that it was an illness just as if I had an appendicitis operation." Mrs. Bayh found that her experience with cancer "helps you put things in a proper perspective. Time together as a on missing classmates Members of the 1922 graduating class of Nampa High School are planning a reunion for July 13 and need information about the following former classmates; Erman Barrett Frank Legate Blanch Perry Raymond Stoddard Theodore Ward Eunice King Evelyn Langley Kathleen Little Pansy Lucas Florence Mallory Eda Peterson Sophia Prisand Audrey White julia Woolman Persons knowing the addresses of the above classmates are asked to call Iva Street, 466-5233. fluid in the tissues and give the impression o» weight loss, but have no permanent plice in the overall weight reduction picture." The safe way to lose excess pounds is to shed them slowly, steadily and v/ith some degree of medical supervision, the doctor says. Ideally, weight loss should occur at the rate of one to one and a half pounds a week. "Total calorie intake should be reduced, while maintaining a balanced diet," he says. "Sugars, starches and fatty substances should be avoided." The medical director .says that gradual weight reduction gives the skin a chance to retract, avoiding the unsightly sagging which results from rapid weight loss. "A person following alow calorie balanced diet normally docs not need the supplementary vitamins promoted by health fa- dists," he says. "Since the body has limited capacity for storing vitamins, excess vitamins go to waste." According to Dr. Domm, there I is no medical reason to prevent any adult on a weight loss program from skipping breakfast or lunch. "HI effects popularly believed to result from skipping meals are usually psychosomatic," he says. Correction An error was made in an article which appeared Wednesday on these pages. Announcing the Sunday anniversary celebration planned for Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Klas, it was incorrectly stated that "the Kap. pelman's moved to Nampa in December of 1943." ' The name should have read "Klas." Thslma Kappelman is the couple's daughter. It is requested that 'guests bring no gifts. 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