The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1937
Page 7
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER n, 1937 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVE& One-Dish Luncheon Heres a Things To Watch Selecting Fowls; Thanksgiving Dinner Menu BY MAUD: GIPPORI) I-'ooi Economist The season of "The Glorified Bird" is only a little way off. Everyone is talking tin-key, pumpkin pie, cranberry Jelly und all the oilier rif-t, dishes for that first nf ;i series of holiday occasions, the Thanksgiving dinner. It won't be many days until fond markets arc a positive maze of neatly dressed birds of all kinds and size, hanging in coolers or laid in refrigerator cases, ready for your approval and purchase. Here are a few points that will help yon select just the right bird for your family group. How to tell a vomi* lender bird: . 1. Get branded turkey. This packers' designation of quality is as reliable ns for other fresh nnd smoked p'ints. It indicates milk fed. carefully dressed and chilled ponllrv, '. Look at the feet- and legs if left on the bird. Yonno birds hnve smooth, shiny feet and are not dry and scaly. 3. The skin of'the bird will Ire smooth nnd pliable with the ui>ik- ish glow of flesh through the skin. 4. And above all—test the breast 'june. If it's pliable rather than fconv and stiff the bird is yomi?' y "'luil size turkey to buy: • For a family of 8 to 10—a 12 to 15 pound bird. For a family of 6—an 8 to 12 pound bird. For a family of 4 or less—a half turkey. Just Ihe last year or two. the illlng butcher has helped the housewife with the small fnmilv by SDlittim? turkeys lengthwise- through breast tone and back bone. These halves weigh S to 1 Ibs. and ar e roasted with the cut side down and the dressing underneath. They are a . grand buy. since they give nil attractive.nlntter. plenty of meat for 4 to'Sr'peopJc at a moderate cost. Plan. ;ttr.mnke your turkey selection ~aT" least' a week ahead with" In/U.nif'.ttons to deliver the 24th. nils forethought.' gives you wider selection, makes it easier for the dealer to fill your order properly and gives you time lo dress it the •lav hpfore. Moke the dressing, stuff the bird nnd truss It the day ahead so that it may be popped into the oven at an early hour on the bi° day. When the bird is done, place it I s , on your very largest platler, willi o 11,1. „ , ,, • -—• only a .little garnish (remember the : L ' ,T " 1<! Stm en<1 ol 'carver) and celerv frill, rm uT™,* ^" lomiUo aml sco °l> °'»- ™»'eh stmclv cge rtisli which «m clmse high cosl of meat v,oiil»s •iglit out the back door. II combines tomatoes. spaghetti, gtiUed cheese •md bread crumbs uith the ,,roleln rich eggs (nlo a first class main dish or into n oiie-disli lunclicou Can Be Used In Many Ways To Offset Meal Costs BY MRS. GAYNOR ittADDOX AEA Service StarT Writer The white of an egg is n wonderfully valuable source of protein and the yolk is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. With meat prices high, eggs can roll right into family favor and prove themselves staunch allies in the fight for more reasonable food costs. An e»°- remember, is all food. There"!s no waste to it. KSEp in Tomato Nesls with Spaghetti (5 servings) Two cups spaghetti. 4 cups boil- "ig water, i teaspoon salt, 5 medium size tomatoes. 2 tablespoons grated cheese, 4 tablespoons butter, i teaspoon salt, 1-4 cup fine buttered crumbs, 5 eggs. •Break the spaghetti into'2 inch lengths and cook in the 4 cups of rapidly boiling, salted water for about 20 minutes, or miti! lender. Drain, blanch and pour spaghetti into a well greased heat rcsislam i I 1-2 quart size. Cut 'carver) and celery frills on the ends of the leg bones. And have the pulp so an egg can tie, placed In the tomato. Add the tomato pulp, carving knife and fork sharp so , l °" m , a , T d lho tomal ° P'"P. that instead of term, of (eVe? \ '"f.f a " d butter.,cut In small bits. flesh, U.will be sliced in thin whole ?°.V' e S P :1 B' 1CU1 - Sprmkle slli-ps. May we suggest, for your dinner menu: Thanksgiving Menu Clear Consomme Served with Popcorn Roast Turkey—Sausage Stuffing Giblet Gravy Cranberry stars Celery Curls Mashed Sweet. Potatoes Apple, Celery and Grape Salad Individual Mince pies — coffee Koasl Turkey—Sausage Stuffing 12 to 14 Ib". turkey 3 qts. 1 inch bread cubes, toasted 2 tablespoons suit 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 1 leaspoon pepper 1 cup chopped celery 1-4 cup chopped onion 1 Ib. pure pork sausage Hot water to moisten Ask your dealer to draw the bird, remove the feet, leg tendons and cut off the neck, leaving the neck skin intact. Save (lie liver, gizzard and heart for gravy. Singe the turkey, remove any re- mainfmr uiii feathers with tweezers, and scrub the bird thoroughly inside nnd out with warm water In which a little baking soda is mixed Dry with soft cloth. Salt the fowl inside, stuff both body and neck cavity with dressing ond truss. With cord and needle, close the body cavity and tie the legs lo the tail piece, close lo Ihe body. Pull Ihe neck skin to the back of the turkey mid skewer In place. Turn tips of wings back «n*r body. Place the bird on Ihe rack of • the roaster and cover Ihe breast with layers of turkey fat. or melt some lard, dip a soft cloth into it nnd spread the cloth over the breast meat. Place similar wrappings on leg bones. Place in a 300 degree F, oven and roast 22 to 25 minutes to the pound (weighed after stuffing). Keep uncovered throughout roasting time. Baste with hot water occasionally in which lard or turkey fat is melted. When breast meat and thighs are tender the lurkey Is done. Older birds should have a cup of water added after the first 40 minutes and the pan should be closely covered. For Sausaje Staffing Cut bread In tiny cubes and toast very lightly. Cut sausage Into tiny pieces and fry until crisply brown with onion. Add salt, pepper, celery, and parsley and blend with buttered crumbs over each tomato. Make 5 wells In the spaghetti and place a. tomato in each. Break an egg into each tomato, and sprinkle each egg with salt to season. Bnke uncovered in ft moderate oven until the spaghetti is hot and the egg whites are firm. Serve in the same dish. The hot baking dish keeps foods hot for second servings. Bake 30 minutes in a moderate oven (350 Creole Eggs (4 to 6 servings) Sl 'x eggs. 3 tablespoons butter. 1-4 onion. 1-4 green pepper. 4 cups canned tomatoes, 2 teaspoons sail. 2 1-2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce. 5 tablespoons grated American cheese. Chop iwppei- and onion very fine Saulc in butter for 5 minutes, then ndd tomntoes nnd seasoning. Beat eggs slightly, and when lomnto mixture is very hot. add eggs, stir with fork until nearly done, then add grated cheese. Cook another minute and serve at once on pipinw hot buttered toast. ° Poached Egrgs dc I.uxe (4 to 6 servings) Sis eggs, 3 large tomatoes. 6 -trips bacon, 6 rounds hot buttered toast, 2 tablespoons butter, i teaspoon salt. Cut ends from tomatoes and slice in half crosswise. Dot each half with butter and grill under flame. Dice bacon and fry until crisp. Poach eggs. Have bread toasted, buttered nnd very hot. On each slice of toast, plnce a hot grilled tomato. Sprinkle tomato with grilled bacon and then lay poached egg Cheese, Eggs, Fish, Beans And Peas Help Control Expenditures BY MRS. GAVNOR ItlADDOX NBA Service Staff Writer There are millions of Mrs Smiths in the United Slates lodny. Each faces the rising cost, of meat with something akin to panic Are you n Mrs. Smith? She felt it her dutv to give Mr. Smith nnd the children slenk und chops nl least once a week, n roast once and probably a chicken, she finds now she is unable to do this regularly. She is not awnre that cheese dishes dried pea or bean loafs, eggs In various forms and_ c_heap_(ish supply, practically the same element's SEVEN DAYS DINNER MENU SUNDAY Grapefruit, roast )e<r of lamb (7 Juicy Vitamin C I'Yuil Has Many Qualities You'll Find Agreeable Shopping bags are again straining ut 11iflr immiics from the weight of fresh BninefruU; -It'a back in season n^iilj)! Markets deurived of this jiiiev. vitamin C fruit nro once again receiving shipments of grapefruit from the sunshine slate und It's grapefruit's turn nt the table! lie .sure to get your share, not just becnuso It's good for you, but also Ijecntise It's I good! How (o l)uy Grapefruit Buy grapefruit by "feel"! Hold them In your hands nnd feel the weight; then choose the heavy one.5—these nre (lie golden globes from Florida with the most Juice. Peel the skin with your finger tips —niirf choose the thin-skinned ones! For .slue, choose those which .suit your purpose—mile ones tnslo just ns good, nnd are better for broiling or for Juicing. How lo Pert Cr.i|Jefrull Use n sharp knife to peel grapefruit. Cut n thick layer oil the lop nnd bottom of the grapefruit, mid then cut around fruit, deep enough to remove nil white membrane and expose the "meal." How lo Cut anil Segment Grapefruit To halve grapefruit, use n sharp knife mid cut crosswise, In half. N Por serving, cut inside each dividing membrane, frcelngv eych segment. Do not remove core for ordinary serving, only when a- tilling or garnish Is used In center cavity. To segment n whole grapefruit (for use in sninds, fruit cups, etc.) peel, then cut on cither side of pounds), mint jelly, brown potatoes crenmed cnrrols. pineapple nnd cream cheese salad. Neapolitan ice cream. MONDAY Canned nectarine juice, minced lamb with green pepper on toast new peas, sliced tomatoes lapioca cream. TUESDAY Consomme (canned), bran nnd nut ronst, lomnto sauce, baked potatoes, fresh fried eggplant, fresh fruit gelatin with whipped cream WEDNESDAY Baked sen bass, scnlloped potatoes, string beans, beet and celery salad, baked bananas with lemon sauce. THURSDAY Surprise .scrambled eggs, buttered broccoli, uarsley potatoes, orange and prune salad. Washington pie. FRIDAY chowder, pilot crackers. on top. Serve sauce. Hollandnise Huskies Hate Thunder LATHAM, N. Y. (UP) — Raging Canadian blizzards and sub-zero weather are part of tthe day's work for a team of huskies, en route from Hazelton. B. C.. to Halifax, N. S., but a ripping electrical disturbance is another matter. The dogs absolutely refuse to travel during thunderstorms. In Paris, one of the most unusual professions Is that of dinner tasting. the bread. Be sure to Include all the fat. If desired an additional 1-4 cup melted butter may be added. Add enousjh boiling water to very slightly moisten the dressing; (about 1 to 1 1-2 cups). Use for stuffing turkey. whole tomato stuffed with Waldorf salad, toasted hard rolls, caramel custard. SATWUMV Fruit cup. spaghetti Italian with pnrmesan cheese, green salad, chocolate blanc mange. Beau anil Peanut Roast 14 to G servings! One and one-half cups shelled peanuts. 2 cups seasoned mashed potatoes. 2 1-2 cups canned lima beans, 1-4 cup milk. 2 eggs, i teaspoon snlt. 1-4 teaspoon ^ paprika 1 1-2 teaspoon onion juice. Grind the peanuts very fine. Butter a baking dish and lay first n layer of potatoes, then a layer of beans and then nuts. Cominu" until pan is full. Mix milk, beaten eggs and seasonings and pour over top and cook nnlil brown in a moderate oven (350 degrees F.). Tomato Sauce One can tomatoes, 1 slice onion 4 cloves, ,1 1-2 tablcsppon lard. I 1-2 tablespoon butter. 3 tablespoons Hour, l teaspoon salt, 1-2 teaspoon pepper. Cook tomatoes, onions nnd cloves for twenty minutes. Melt shortening, add flour and make a smooth paste, add to tomatoes, cook until thick, add seasonings, strain and serve. Fish Chomler (6 servings) Three pounds haddock, 1-2 cup salt pork, I onion, 4 cups cold water, 3 cups potatoes, 2 teaspoons salt, 1-4 teaspoon pepper, i tablespoon butter, 3 tablespoons flour. 4 cups hot mtlk. 6 pilot crackers. Have skin and bones removed at market but have them delivered with fish head. Dice snlt pork and cook with onion for ten minutes; add fish head, skin and bones, cover with cold water, cook twenty minutes and strain into a large kettle. Add fish cut hi two Inch pieces, sliced potatoes and seasonings. Cook twenty minutes, melt butler, add flour and milk, stir until thick, add to fish mixture. Add crackers. Read The courier KCOT want ada, Spicy Mrnre Pi<> to Ton If All >'i>eli dividing membrmm nud remove mem. segment by segment. To squoe/e Grapefruit, cut fruit n Iinlf; placo on n inrge hand-reamer nnd extract. Julwv strain nml Kervc. • Huw lu Kill Griiiwtridt Bit your grapefruit plain, or with sugnr, honey or syrup. Some people pi-olcr B alt. A pointed spoon s the best Implement for "ginpe- 'it 0,1 tho half shell." You may *'iU your grapefrua broiled "hot" -or bukcd if you like, Or luwe It tucked Into pie.s, eake, pudding i nil .winds! negal Hre.ikfast 24 link sixiisnges '-1 cooked, stoned. li\rgo prunes 2-1 sections of Florida grapefruit Pour bolllnu water over the sausages In a skillet and let stand covered for 5 minutes. Drntu and tc until golden brown. Arrange n the center of n hot philter and p hot. Pour off pnrt or the saee fnt nnd In the remaining fnt smile Dte primes until well heated. BlulV the cavity of eneh in-line with a graperrnll section Arrange the stuffed immes around' lho sniisnsos nnd serve. Serves (i. Tropical l)|>sldc-I)o»-n Cuke 1-2 cup brown sugar. Jinn) packed 2 large grapefruit, sectioned 1-3 cup shortening 1-4 teaspoon snlt 1 CUB II--! cup augur 1 l-'i cii|)s sifted cake flour 2 teaspoon* baking powder 1-2 cup grapefruit Julco Uiiltcr thickly an gxBxfMnvt «\ke pan nnd cover botloin \vltl su«nr uml grapefruit I sections Creinu shortening with Kail. Adi .sii(j(ir (jnulunlly. then tmbcalci egg. beating, till llghl nnd Ilullj Sift together flour nnd unking powder. Add alternately will graiiefiull Juice a little nt n time benllng after eacli addition til smooth. Tom- over mixture in pui and bake In moderate oven (351 DOYOUWAMT HEAT UP HERE,OR- •UTtsW' •"---- SU'PEftfEX DOWN HERE, OR OVER THERE k Q* Matk Sensational Heater, Made by Perfection, Brings New Comfort to Stove-Heated Homes „ . LJEC.E Is }he very latest and mosr • I flexible type of heat for homes, schools, churches, offices ond shops v/iihout furnaces—an oil burning healing stove •which gives not only both circulating and radiafing heat but also DIRECTED HEAT. The patented shutters can be adjusted to direct heat where it is most needed — to warm cold floors, or to tend the heat fnto an adjoining room. Superfex Is made by the Perfection Stove Company, world's leading manufacturer of oil stoves. Burns low-cost fuel oil in a firebowl that does not require machinery, wick or lighting ring. Several sizes and styles. Easy terms, if desired. See these marvelous heaters today. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. PHONE 32 18 YEARS OF SERVICE AND SQUARE DEALING degrees P.) 50 lo tm minutes fiorvc with whipped creum, Makes 8 to i tirupffrult Souffle 1 cup milk I-U cup xi'iipcfrull .'.odious, dli'fd 3 tablespoons HIHIIRC juke 1-2 cup sugar I •I CBK yolks • 1-2 tnulcs|t<joii vanlllu •I tablespoon dour 4 tablespoons butler I tablespoon lemon Juice Orated i-liul ol 1-2 ornnifi- 4 ?Ri; whites Wllh a tihnrp knife, cut n thick layer oir to|> nnd bollom of permit; peel around fruit <leeii enough to remove nil while mem- brnni;; eut on either side of ciich dividing iiu'mbriiiie nnd remove 'Jieiil, segment by segment. Cut ouch segment into :i plm>s, hike a white muice , 0 r the.' Hour, butler and milk. Pour over well-bi'ftlen egg yolks. Cool. Add rest or Innrodk'iits, except en« whites. Beat tin™ stlir and ndd Turn into buttered baking dish mid bnkc In t\ moderate oven '• SO degrees to S?s degrees P) iiwoiiC one hour. l ; 'AI,f, niVEIl, Mnxs. <UW—When Rhode Islund motorists travel to Hill River they'll probably carry e.xtrn money—Jusi In en so tiioy vlo- Inte tiny motor vehicle laws. District Judge llcnjnmln Cook has ruled ihnl. Hhocle isluml violators must iwy cash lines oji iimilgiuneiU. No credit goes. LUTES GROCERY & MARKET "Where Everybody Trades" 1M K. Main St. p llouc 1G FRESH MUSTARD, Ib. 1C I 6c PEPPERS, large crisp 12c LETTUCE, Iceberg firm heads 4jc CELERY, CRAPEFBOIT, Tex. Seedless 5c 5. fruit, doz. 120 Hack Guaranlee While Biscuit 12 His SOc 24 11)3 9Qc Cook Ensy 12 Ibs. 4f>c 'i\ !bs SOc Oincgn, 5 Ibs. '. 25c 10 IbK GO C Sciccl your fruit wikc ingredienls from our ne w and complele line of gl,-i/eil Fruits and Nitis We c;irry all popular brands In Drip and P e r c o 1 a I o i- Grinds, Can ova, Maxwell House, Old Jmlgr, Foljers, Din- Ing Car, S i 1 v c i- Ulaon, Deans, Chase and Sunburn's nnd Katfce Hasr. crossc &: JslackivcJJ.s DATE NUT BREAD, 8 oz. can 15o Peaches in heavy syrup 2£ can 15s SUGAR, Pure Cane, 10 Ibs. 54c HOMINY, 21 can CORN FLAKES 28 o/. pkjj ...... MILK, 3 forge or 6 small ...... SOUP, lart'c 22 oz. can ...... QQ £0 -lA IU PORK & BEANS 1 ib. 12 o/.. can .. HEINZ CATSUP It oz CHERRIES KS1> Market Specials GOVERNMENT INSPECTED MEATS Puritan-Link Sausage, Ib 33c Eggs, country selected, doz 30c Krey's Bacon, rind on; Ib 35 C Krey's Bacon, rindless, Ib 37 C Hens Fresh Dressed Pig Ears, Neck Bones, Ib ...' 10c All Meat Bologna, Ib. 15 C Boneless Round Steak, Ib 20c Best Grade D S Moat, Ib. 18c 4 Deliveries Daily

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