The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1935
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Served by tRe United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 802 BlyOievlllc Courier' Blythevllle Herald TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOWU HOME EDITION KlylhevlIIe Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader UiR. ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, .MARCH R, tiWf, Governor Slill Uncertain as to Decision on I horn Measure. UTTLE ROCK, March 8. (OP) —Gov, J. j\f. Futrt'll may wait un- III after the legislature 'adjourns if) sign or veto the Thorn liquor Isglslalion bill, it was learned to- He will confer tomorrow with a committee of five men to determine whether he will act on the Thorn measure wheri and if the senate passes the enforcing bill or wait until after adjournment He has been unable to^read the measure, he said, in order to fonn an opinion. Governor Pulrcll has said'that he ivill act on no bill until'(.he legis- Iniui-c adjourns unless It is one Die authors know he wil veto and then only to give the authors a chance in pass it. over his veto. lie wants lime lo read the -measures before flsm'ng them, he said. The bill to enforce liquor laws was passed by the house yesterday. H can be' brought np in the senate 24 hours/later. There was a possibility it might be called for first and second readings late today or at tonight's session. Sales Tax Vole Near . Sales tax lenders indicated al ryjon today they probably would cal! for a vote in the house this afternoon Or tonight on the Hall two per cent sales tax bill. Sentiment against the governor's luxury lax measure arid announcement of PEEA officials that federal relief money; had bsen'exhaust- ed were" credited with creating' new support. fqr..thj! sales ,;. .The Ea'x was'discussed at a joint budget committee meeting at noon Some state officials, who.have been Insy with, other legislation.: Indicated today Oiey would lend their fiiitport to tho Hall bill.:'':•; .' Vote Tax List Publication Publication --ot- delinquent-prop^ orly tax lists was asked .-'.'by- (lie house of representative; today- -In passing a bill by Hip':'(Charles .'H Killian, of Drew comity, 1 '58 to' 28. The emergency clause nasscd 07 to 21. Milan's bill Is the seconil'attack on tax evaders. -The house recently passed a bill. to publish delinquent personal tax lists. Both measures must be acted on by the senate. : ' • : •. Ths measure passed today pro"vides for publication of '.trie-delin- quent property, tax list in county papers nt a rate of 25 cents per liticf. ! Tax HsUs have not been prints- for two years. KilJinn said tax col- , lections would Increase materially with resumption of publication. Liquor Tax for Itelicf Steps to speed legalization of II- nuor and restore government relief lo Arkansas were taken in rapid fs.shion by the house yetserday. Besides approving a bill to give t-irtiill Judges sweeping powers in enforcement of liquor laws, demanded by Governor Futrell as a condition to his signature of the Thorn liquor legalization bill, the house adopted a bill setting up an excise tax of 45 cents a gallon on t:quor (o be sold under the Thorn measure. . In answer to a pica of the gov- cnior for funds to match federal grants for relict the house amended the liquor lax bill to strike out the sections providing for disposition 01 the revenue—one-third to lie old age pension fund, one-third to the charities fund, and one-third to the general revenue fund-lhur making It available for appropriation by-the legislature for relief rr any other purpose. 'Stonewall's* Kin to West Point Creat-graiithon ; iinl „..,„. of <;rneral "Sianyvitir'-'jiieksim Thomas J. Jackson Christian' Jr., above, of Chicago, will dmi the stay-blue uniform <„• a West Point ciiilci. Ctnisiinii. who Vumes I'l-pin „ family well known in arniv ' sp.s. EOllCI See Threat to City Light Plant in Bill Introduced in Senate. , r OSCEOLA. At-k., '' 5,'far. £_Alarm as lo the 'possible .effect upon o.sceola's. municipally owned electric utility, .of senate bill 4SS recently introduced in the stale U-Rlslatuuv'-ls felt by some city officials, and :citizej!s,., „ The bill, folroducgl'By 1.|i'e' C0 ni- mittee on cities iiiid^towns allegedly sit the request 'of Ihe gov- "rnov, would apply lo only t«'c Arkansas cities linvins; municipal electric, plants, .according to in- •ormatlon received here. H \\-ouV 'ake control of the OECCO'.H plan ^"t of the hands of the mayor ~nd city council and transfer !' 'o a specially created uUlitir bocrd, to : be electe<l by pouula" vote. More serious from the stnnd- noint of local friends of the elec ric plant is a provision which i- nferprefed here as denying tlr Dlant the right to extend 'ttr en-ice bevond the city limits. The Osceola plant already ha' i 'considerable number of rura* customers and. with inslallalior 'f additional generating- enuitmien 1 n prospect, extension of this rur- ••1 service has been anticipated, 'ural customers have Informed cil'- .fflelals that- the Arkansas Power and Light company, which 1 ines extending to within a milr •ml n half of Osceoln, ha.-= as- 'nred them of Its readiness to "npply them if the Osceola tnun- cipal pl'ant is forced to suspend Is rural service. • The Arkansas Power and Light company, it is believed, would wel- ~ome art onportunlly to acquire he entire Osceola distribution svs- cm and friends of the municipal : yst«m profess to see in Ihe pro- *o.sed legislation an entering wedge 'n that, direction. t Will Expand Craighead Acreage in Wine Grapes JONESBORO. Ar!:. (UP)—r. N Brunson of Jonesboro. first Arkan- s.111 lo secure a permit under the slate's new law permitting manufacture of wine from Arkansas mpcs. plans to develop the Industry on a large scale in Cralf- hcad county. Brunson, W h 0 already »as ten ncres of grapes on his farm a few miles north of Gooberlown, announced he will plant 25 additional acres next fall. He also plans lo encourage grape-growing in the community where his farm is located. A three-year program already started calls lor approximately 350 tons of grapes in two more years which will produce about 52,510 gallons of wine. About 7,500 gallon: of wine will be manufaclured this year. Greenland Is Favorite in State Net Tourney HARRISON. Art:.. Mar. I! iui')-- (irrcnltmd l\i»ii school was n liiv- orlle today lo win, tin- .slulo hinh -.chool l;:>skc-ibi;ll lomnamenl w'hich opened here last nlstn.. Oreenlinul ilef-?nt<-(i Nonl) i.iuk- ftoi'k. -t'J (o 28. in a ih^ ,- c i m d imucli today. Harrison won ils lirst t;mnc nf Ihe meet I'lom .Mmiamia. :(4 lo 30. Koi't Smilti eliminated KVw Kdln- burg, 45 to :il. Truniiinn and Weint'r d|-i>« hys today, with Triiinaini plnylng Ihe first gtime toni(;lil ngainst Harrison. Wi'Inei- will (jjiiy the winner of thn I'ordyte-sionn-Hendi-lx SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Decisions on New Deal Measures Nol Always in Accord Will] Facts. WASHINGTON, Mar. 8 <UI>) — American courts need "education in modern economic condition;" Donald it. Richbera. New Deal co-oi-dinator. said today, churglni; N'RA court decisions in some cases were miidc in "complete disregard' of the fuels." Hlchberg. tesiifyins before Ihe senate finance committee on .proposed )et'i.s!.'ilio» lo extend NitA another two years, uifc-ecl congress to investigate the whole economic system to dcli'riiiiiio ivliere H should draw the line between Intel-state nnd inn-astute labor condition's. He discussed particularly the clcnning and dyeing Industry, which he said had 'been 11 "stench" In the nostrils of the"- country nnd which had not l;een,suscept-1 fort to curb persistent violation ible to NRA regiilatiuh. ' j ol the regulation limHIng parking It -has not beeti merely inclus-1 on Broadway imm"dlntely in front trial competition, it 1ms b'cen in- j of the postoflicc. dustriai warfare," Richbcrg said. Five cars were lowed to the "It has involved 'racketeering city hall behind a wrecker (his bombing and every vile' Industrial' morning-' and held until practic; known." "It has been a Remove Five Automobiles 1'i'om Space in Front of Posloffice. Police • inaugurated a "toiv-tn" campaign this monilnt; in nil ef- Swanky Jwy ( Votes : Her fcOOO Balm mistake lo look think of. him as representing the cleaning and dyeing Industry," he- continued. "Many :iieople do not know, for instance, thai, much or the cl;iin- owners. called and paid 75 cents "towing"! fee.. Cars pulled to Ihe city hall al the-little piuils prefer around bore Missouri, Tennessee and the corner and Michigan license plates. The owner of one machine said he hntl teen advised by a- hotel employe lhat It was "all right" for him to park In Die restricted ame Long Name a Nuisance In More Ways Than One SEATTLE <UP>—Cesaron Triple- tsczsilvermanson, who boasts the longest name in Seattle, wished for long time his name was Jones. "I've read of you as tile man with Ihe longest name," a man phoned him, "and 'relatively small aren Is for limited parking j>nly but police Kay that motorists stopping over a\ ing and dyeing from - Wnshigton, over night. D. C., .is done at Cumberland, Md., | Signs arc displayed at the post- nnd that much ot Ihe. work from j olfice showing plainly thai the New York city is ufme in New Jersey. In ^'soiiie decisions ' there"' has teen a complete disregard oi the facls ,011 the part of some judges. "That is what I mean when I ay ihnl we need an education of tilt: bench In modern economic conditions." a hotel across from the postot- fice repeatedly ignore the warnings and leave cars parked in the area over-night and until 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning. This causes considerable traliic congestion nnd inconvenience loi local business r)icn who slop nt[ the'postolfice early in Ihe morniiv for their daily 'mail. In 12 mil-ill as' deliberation following a 57 iiiiiiuit-.triiii. a swanky Jury ol imukurs, brokers Jinl inauufacllircra Ir, New York sla-r- IfT'a court .nviirik'U Vein K GIIIVO, nu-.lit dull tluinxT. n $2!,,DOS iK-nr lain, .^rilii-i n i.n r suit agiiJui! Henri- iviyior, slti.a-t atid coiiJi'illiiu. wilh wboni =!u' tonuvtli livcil. Orders Sheriff to Hold Whisky for Thirty Days An order was entered in municipal court yesterday by Judge C. Cunningham instructing Slier- Inm, "and I remembered you were iff clarence Wilson to holrt°28 cas- i masseur Will you come massage C s of whisky, seized by off tears when a sick friend? I'll send a car." they arrested two bikcston men Triplet-sez.silvernianson went. Two for men drove him Into, the country. qm >v. for 30 days and then destroy rot'Uen linn of $7, and (lumped him ^ ;f "~ ~"~..t -.- »- .out. illegally transporting the li- ays nnd then dest._, no effprl is imute to recover Passes Bill to Give Arkansas System Like Texas Rangers. LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 8 (UP)A slate police board wns crentei today when the sc-nale passed (h bill of Rep. n. W. Christ) of Llttli nock providing for a police systcn similar ( 0 the Texas' Rangers The vote wns 24 10 8. The bill previously had psssfi the house. Governor J. M. Futrell has in dicated he will sign it. The measure provides for n commission of three members to bs appointed by the governor. They in turn will elect a superintendent. H. G. McCall, son-in-law and secretary to the governor, has luon mentioned as 7 possible choice for su- Cyclists and Skaters Ruled Off Sidewalks Sam Jkfanatt, city attorney, said this morning thst the recent Injury fif M ; SS Ada-Donoho. elderly saleswoman, who suffered a broken lib when struck by a bicvcle. had called to his attention the common "MnUons of ci'v ordinances by children who persist in riding bicycles and skating on the sidewalks. Mr. \fanalt said that ridin» of bicycles and skatin-r on sidewalks ire positively prohibited hv ordinance nnd tliat he is calling the attention of c'tv officers to promiscuous vlolat : on of the ordinance, He also pointed out that the shoot- t of firearms or so-called "air" les within the city limits is also prohibited and punishable by fine. Turns Tables JEFFERSON crry, M O . IOT>— Traditionally, (he horse comes (o the aid of the stranded auto. But tile tables were turned when s. p. Loethcn's old gray mare became stuck in the mud. It took a wreck- ling car t" get her out, 'HiQ Allomey Pays Wilh Ufe for Poison Murder of Four. IUCKER PRISON I'ARM.Avk Mnr. 8 (OP)-Tlu- jtftle- O f A ,.': loduy took (he 11 fo cf ^fnrk ?r. Sluuifc. Akron, o nltor- <£ I,, relribulioi, fol . ,„' „,.„„. ice poisoning or Alvlii Colic" III.* wife IIH,| (, vo drfldmi near MaU-cni. August is, 19:13. filumk went , n ,„,. dc . u|) ]m|m i'ff « urnyi-r but he refused to mnke nny slnlcmont in connection will) (He (-rime. Ruhcr Givr ,>|>C ( . Pf,,,. ,, Ilirr . wllo h £,, with him much during l,|» 'nsl. hours, was nl hk side ,nid urn.wd will) |, lm to ,| 1(1 e|1( , Tin; switch wns lliroivn nt 7-o r . •""I Shank was pronounced <u>i«' Recommend Member of Highway Board UTT[jK HOOK, Mar. li (IJI>>- Hcjiu'sendilives from iho second conci-efslonnl <llstricl will meet Inie today to nlsm , „„ „ mni > {t]( , y fill rocxmmii'nd ns Iji-luvnv com- iiLssIoner from tholi' dls.X. |f a •111 passed by the., house settlni; II' a now commission nnsscn the I'liale. Names they will ronslder are •I. A, Wood of Muminmti Sprlni'r Jr. Cox. of Pocohontas; J. K Nc- 'ille of CirllfUiisvillc; O. I!, nob- )liw of Hcber Springs nnd Ainler- 011 McCmmly ot Ncwpmi. ol 1.-13 after . Mimiiiislval Ion five shocks. Meets nealh Calmly Although weak, (he condennici' man wns cnlm as he went Ihe dentil chamber. He did brenkfnst. nlthon»li he no 1 iuu last nigh' Former Juslice Laid to Rest. With (he Pomp Reserved for Heroes. \VASIIINOTONr~Mnr. 8 (UP)- Justlce Holuies wns burled 5gffir^» A WE s£l - L MICK THOMAS LAND COMPAMT R.J.WICU THOMAS OF LAWD CO. HftS BEEM IN THE. REAL ESTATE 0U5/MES9 IM MISSISSIPPI COUNTS FOR 17 VR9. AND IS A STRONG FOR BLYTHB/II LE HERPf. VOtm \ S / AI40 BEllCVE \ fll POLICY 611.!.. I /^=->l M6-ITsSt)«f./i^ ALL FIXED IH> / /-, ^f\ ,\ (Jit RCLElP fAi INKS INI BWTOEVILLE ARC GOOP- SELL ALL KINDS OP INSUMNCE ( "\ME SELL ' THE EftRTWV (-(u i )• '"ten u iiearlv meal "Hi hud slept well. His wife, in Akron. Ic'.egraphe' bei- sorrow at 1 A. M. loilny si'v 'old her husband .she wns 'unabu to visit him on ihe eve ot hi den Hi. About 75 persons crowded th rtetUh chamber tor Ihe execution In his o,uarlcr-mllc i-lde to th death clnmber Shank wrnpn«- himself In a blanket from his cc< hunk. He was dressed In a whit' "hirt and . pants 'arid *ore housi dinners: ' His last official statement wn a rcciiiest of Supt. a. I.. Todhunte 'lint his personal propsrly be sen to his wife. A former sclicolmatc of Mrf Rhanfc (clephonrd the governor'. iific» from New York yMterdn' nskiii'-'n- few rtnys 'clempncv (< nrppn'iv ' fiir(liei- (lie ; anticln'nlci nppcal to the United States} su '-vemc court-. Execution Sfaycil Tfn-cc Times Shank was electrocuted after v ear and nearly seven months lee il Tiglit hv a corps of attorney 'hat Iind failed to secure him new trial or forrt: authoritl 'o irlve Jilm a fnnltv hearliri. However his attorneys, takin"! "dvantnue of every legal mnnrmw •^I'cccwlcd In 5tnvln<r his cxecutinn '^i^e times before Gov. J. M Futrell last Tuesday set the dflt r 'or the fourth time only four riavs nway. Almost on the eve of his execu- Mrvn Si'nnk snaiincd out of an npnarcntly comatose coudllion IP which lie had teen since about n week before his trial. He hntl appeared Insane bu 1 he walked nbout, conversed frcel'- -nd anncar°d noniinl in the las '8 linurs of his life. Collcy, his wife, nnd two sons Clarence. 7. and Clement, 5, diet' a short time after drinking th' "oiumcd grape iuice nt a raul -'de oicntc. A third child. Clyrt' 3, recovered because he drank tor "i»ch and vomited, physician. 1 said. Strye'ininc crystals, found In tlv -)as=es from which memhcrs ol 'he CoMev famllv drank, were introduced as evidence nt the trial ":hich resulted In' Shank's conviction December 7. 1333. \Vifc rioslrntcil AICRON. O_. Mnr. 8 (DP>—MIT Qernldine Shank, wife of Mark I' Pbnnk. poison slayer of four, elen- Irocuted at the Arkansas stnt-- wi'on today, alrendv ill. was proi- tratcd over his o*eath. Secluded with friends, she chin" lo the belief her husband hntl be"'' "framed" so lhat the Arkuns,v governor nnd oilicials wouldn't b r made to look ridiculous. • She \va c exhausted from months of tryin" to save him from the electri" chair and loo ill lo RO ID him More Ms ilcalh. tmlay on a sloping hlllsld Arlington Nalloinil Cemclery ,, u , ill the iiomp nnd panoply of mll- Ilary Itonoi'.s. In contrast lo the simple homely 'iff of (he Justice hh body was 'owcreit into the earth with ihe Mremonlnls Invoked when the nn- Inn honors n hero. Tups souiutcd « last luncra llrge nud the Hag draped cnsket wns plncetl In ils mini teslin. ''lace. Abaul the funeral sue ilood rivsidc-nt Roosevelt ami hundreds of countrymen, their headr ''oweil lo swirling March snows li tribute to the leader in ihe law who died bst Wednesday. Sovcn members of the court ot '.vlilch he.fat for almost 3D year: Moml silent beside thp s plain'grc< casket, ilia oldest colicatue ani Ms closest ftipnils, JiijtScrB Win! Van Uovnnter mid Louis D. Bran dels, were absent, the one sick .he other, broken by grief. Quarrel Over Child Apparent Cause of Quai'-' i-el That Led to Killing. LEACHVILU3, Ark, Mar. 8-Dan Lewis shot and killed Curtis 'Miir- .n enrly oils hiornliif after Mar- In hail fired five shots; from "an aulonmlic pistol In the Lewis home, list nerds:; the county ' UIB about 2> : j miles west of here: :iolU men p.i-fl farmers. ; ' Sherlir Johi<;on , nnd Coroiier nli! of Cralghcad county took Lewis into custody and lie is being held In jail al Jonesboro. The shooting apparently wns Ihe indirect result of some trouble between Mnrltn nnd lib wife, although Mrs. Martin today declined to say anything In explanation. Mrs. Martin mid. her 0-year-old ion had tjonc to the Lewis .home lust nlglit. About 2 o'clock this morning Martin went to the Lewis home and declared that he Intended lu take tile boy away. A dis-~ pule developed iind the shooting followed. E. M. Howard, undertaker, took charge of Martin's body. "Cluist in the Presence of Thirst for Life" Dr. Morgan's Subject. The Bible Conference at the First. Presbyterian church will close-tonight with a service at 1:30 In which the Rev. Frank Crossley Morgan will speak, oh ;'0hrist In the Presence or Ctirlst'''for: Life." dealt with I- Last night Dr. Morgan dealt with L-1 tite subject. "Christ In the Prcs- | J* I ence of • STosit'.Uty and Crime, 1 .' ', painting five pictures In words of Launches Camnai<>n With Jesus' dealing witti the men who dragged the adulteress before Him for Judgment and with the woman , n-u- rv ,, . or J |lli S"ient. and with the woman niilioil Dollar Share- lcrsclf - Dr. Morgan made quite A,,, \\7 I.I ' ni plairl tllc "I' lcmma upon one of tha Will" \V C3l in 1"^ I fill Imriim j\r ...'Vii/>1. il^p. «.. ___ i __ -*• T_ IwlR.THOMftS 13 A VAST PRESIDENT OP TUE V A rrr- CHAM8ER OF COMMERCE - SECr Y op Romux CU B g"^JB Charles Posey Dies Today at Munday, 111, Cliarles Poscy. former Blytlievllle p.ilnfer and mrmber of .1 pioneer !«•«! family, died tcday at Munday, 111., where he has resided tor several years. His brothers. Lnwreiice and Allen Posey, of lliis city, and a si5.U»j. Mrs. Georgo Dillon of MemphU will leave tomorrow for that c.ity where services will bo held Sunday, He Is also survived by his wife. ns of which the enemies of Jesus felt sure He would necessarily bang Himself, how He uilerly routed them by HLi sllcm and spoken and mriatlon answers, and lvo\v tenderly and graciously fie encouraged ihe now repanlant and shame- smitten woman to find her forgiveness In Him, signifying her acceptance of salvation by a dsfinte break with sin. WASHINGTON, Mar 8 (OP)_ "raator Huuv P. Lonff. tlcclarizi" umsclf tughly gralllicrt at popii- '«!• rcsimme to Ihe speech which aunc.M his piesiclcnilcl campaign loaded his guns today with'fresh •mmunltlon to fire at the "Rocvss- vclt depression.", I.-ong's secretary, in tetialf of the Kincfisli, said the reaction '•o last nisht's address -promisiui! 1 $!>j.l,0<m.COO.OOO capital levy to ''•haic our wealth" was "the most "cnianeous response \vc have ever hot'." New Deulers, however, main- 'fiined utmost conricleiicc In ihclr 'MS prospects, nnd riiscotmtcd ef- "ects ot Long's platform to make lie rich divide lip their bounty •lib the poor. Most Democratic leaders, ap- -r 5 , n «- i,....«>i »u i auo U i, •ircntly ileciding to try to glvci'lic Aldine profs in Venice, one of "silent trentmr-nt" for Die the world's oldest presses. The ' - other, a copy of early Latin plays, printed In Geneva In 1587. 480-Year-Oy Books In Akron Collection AKRON, O. (UP) — Two books, both almost 430 years oW, owned by Dr. Arthur M. Young, of Akron university, are believed to be the oldest volumes In Akron. The older of the, two, "Orthographic Tnlla," or "An Account of Spelling," w-as printed in 15GG on •noment. declined public comment n his tpccch. Should Draw Record Gnlc PITTSBURGH, Pa.. Mar. 8 (UP) —A Pittsburgh promoter has of- "crcd n $10.000 purse for a fix- nuiul light between Huey Long nud Gen. Hugh S. Johnron, It -ns revealed loday. Lew Raymond. represeulin? -porlsmen's Enterprises. Inc.. made he ofTer by telegram. Hampton and Bynum 'Held for Grand Jury Elofs "Red" Hampton nnc! Thomas Bynum. negroes, were ordered held lo awail, action of the April gnmd jury under S2.500 >>or.d vVesteiTlay by Municipal Judge c. A. Cunningham. Hampton and Bynum arc chnreod with burglary of the Bly- 'hcvillc Coca Cola Bottling com- "3iiv plant. Ash and sixth streets, "n March 3. The allcsed burjlary was untucce^fiil. Hampton al- 'esedlv .bclnt shot, when he fieri on the nrrlval of officers and Bynum being caught inside Ihe biillm'ng. At noon today neither Hampton nor Bynum had made bond. Therj WAS some possibility thai Hampton might make bond within the next Caruthersville Church to Burn Bonds Sunday CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.— Sunday will be a "red letter" day for Eastwood Memorial ifrthodlst church. At the evening service 52 bonds will te burned, representing a retired indebtedness of $52,000. Following announcement by bondholders last fall that steps must bs taken to pay the debt against the church buMdinj and its appointments, or Ihe property would bo sold, a campaign to reduce the d»bt launched by the pastor, the Rev. C. c. Earnhardt, with eight co-supervisors. The church is antlcl- patinj an unusually large crowd to witness the public bond bunilmj. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy, wanner to- itsht. Saturday cloudy, rain In west, warmer in nortli and east portion?. Memphis and Vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday, possibly followed by rain Saturday. The maximum temperature here ....;,.., .,.„„„ UVIIM numii (jit.- neAt, j UL- Eiiti.tJiiiuiiL lumixiraiurc nerc few days but Bynum's chances of) yesterday was 65, minimum 35, freedom awaiting trial appeared ciear, according to Samuel V. Nor- I rls, official weather observer.

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