The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1933
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Served by the United Prats iE COURIER .-••*,:<»•; ^.--v THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 187 Ml*<l««lppl • Dull) Nc*«. Bl\tb«v111« Court*. Lrxl<T Bl!rtb«Tll>« BmU. m.YTUKVll.l.K, ARKANSAS, MONTIAV, OCTOHKK .;>:!, SINGLE COPIES -.FIVE CENTS' Cooking School Lecturer Won Fame in War Service ROOSEVELT TALK AIDS PRICES Jimmio Jones Is Smiling Orispitc 'H:iid.,'hv Sheriff Mn. Of-orce Thurn Fanners Picket Iowa Hittji-1 ways in Protest Against Low Prices. . I1ES MOINES. luw-.i. Oct. 23. lUl'i—Farmers piclu-uid ..mid- western highways today, turnlnu bstk shipments of livestock and produce in an eflort to enforce the national farm strike culled by the Faiin Holiday association. The first violence: occuritd near .lames. lowu. where 200 mtn stopped a convoy of trucks nnd clasli- •xl wilh deputy sheriffs. Tin- farmers rlelded clubs and after :i brief skirmish - overpowered the depuiies. The drivers were then forced to rn their trucks around und re- rn the livestock to the >(nrms. ulhorltles snld the piekcllnif hud ct become general. Amon^ the nationally apprcciat-rthoiisiuids of American women she. ;•<! achievements of Mrs. George | has won acclaim for her ability Thurn, toed lecturer and Home to teach young brides not only Feonuniics specialist who will con- about cookery, but the art of en- duct the Courier News cooking lerfalmneni, and the preparation -school, Ls her work during the and serving of their first home World"' in devising the uses parties. She has given manj of food substitutes. She lectured young people's clubs their work- and spoke before large audiences Ing plan, especially in the field of on the uses of substitutes in the c-ntertal-ment. and following, her then vitally important plans for . war-time theories on economlca economical keeping. When more called p. year cookery and ho;ixe- living, she has won the apprecla- I lion and respect of thousands 0 peaceful careers housekeepers • who have heard her or two later she mlk on this subject. earned a reputation for ere- Her long experience as lecturer ative work in organizing club and and homemaker gives her an ex church entertainments throughout ceptional equipment for her pres the country. Through the auspi- em cooking school work. Audienc. ces of the Federated Women's Club ex arc quick to recognize he of America, Mrs. Taum has be- scund background, to appreclat come widely known for her ac- her charm and platform roanne tivltles in the Home Department 3nA lo approve the vast wealth ^.mimn iu. ....*,. ,...-, [she is"'universally popular wil In her ,'lecUiririg before many 1 audiences of American -women. chairman for many ycavs. ' Cooking School Sessions Start Tomorrow at 2 P. M Graf Zeppelin Welcomed Today at Miami It Al T OIK Mllo Reno, president of the holl- • Even the iiro.'iii't-ls of u mini- TijyU' limn tin:' i-n'iililii'l wipe a : .nilc- oil 1 Jiim.iii- Junes' luce to- CHJ-. Jimiiili' app.-in'il hriiiltxl for tin 1 loss <>: u sm:il! sl/i-rt biml: roll, bill llMl'.s lii-iiii than llu- 1 I'hsinu 1 <:f a prison w.ilsnco. us Jlmnilf .:, i|iiiirl: lu udli'll. 'llu- blj ITJMMI lur Jimmle'i .mill- is a promise l>nvrr l)ud- l-.-v. htloriii-y. mude 10 u jury In i-ii-iiit criminal cuiirl !;ibt week al- O.^ccoln. Dudley told tnc jurois. if llu-y failed lo con-j 'id Jones in a t.uxora depot robbery he would have cvtrj 1 ca^ again:-.'. Jo.ies on the com 1 . Llau dismissed. Tile jury acquit- lr;l JOIIP-S and Dudley nolle pros-i tid otlic-r felisiiy. cases against I Jones ut Or'.feo'.i und Is lo do Ins icime here, iiicordlng to reports. Cn:ii>i agalnbt Jones, involving n variety of chargi-s from liquor Celling to robcery. amounted quite a !.!W. Sherill Clai-i-nce Wilson and a ol depnti?.s tillegudly caU3ht ay association, claiming a mem- ership of 2,000,OM farmers in 27 tales, said he favored -.peaceful icans of enforcing thi: strike but ell "olh(-r means should be rc- orted to If necessary." Reno announced his strike movement had received pledges of sup- 1 or't from two labor organizations, tie Continental Congress of Yorkers and Faimers, and Tcch- ocraL"; of the World for Indus- rial Democracy. The ' latter claims ,000.000 members. B. n. Donovan. Chicago sctre- nry of the Continenlal Congress of Farmers and Workers, lele- graphed Reno thai organization was "100 per cent for the strike."; George A'. Shaffer. Denver, wired' hat. the Technocrats were •'square- y behind the strike movement." Jimmie "red-lMnded"at his place r,i the Clear Lui;e road Saturday ^ night and destroyed Ills cache of; •J2 pints ol llnuor. But Jimiiuei foiled a S150 i.usli bond and kept! £inlling, rememoi-iing IJudley's ac- I ion. BLJin RETUL Bustle, scurry, excitement filled every session to all who attem the atmosphere at the city autll-1 in addition to the new "dishes si loriuni today. The final prcpara-1 will describe and prepare on the lions for the Courier News cook-i plat form. ing school, which opens tomorrow ] It promises to be a- bit. happy sit 2 o'clock, were under way. The home-making party for every wo- grocer vas making deliveries, for man who attends. Bring pencils Mrs. Georfje Tlnirn, the lecturer, nnd notebooks, to jot down ideas needs a lot of ?<xxl things to stir and recipes. Come early to get *nd mix into the dishes she will ihe best seats; plan to come every Demonstrate tomorrow. It looked day, for not only are the gifts like preparations for a party. And surh AS filled market baskets and Bans Selling Below Cost; Small Country Are Exempt. WASHINGTON, Oct. 23 UUP)- President Row.evelt today proclaimed' a'mruter" cr/e for the Nation'* retail.-stores, fin-bidding siiles of goods 'nP lew than ;cost. The provision forbidding 'sales ::c lets tlian cost replaces an or- "viial section which would have (banned sales at 1 " less than-cost plus ig oer cent. The .latter was bitterly . opposed Ijv farm relief of- fi rials - who, feared It would work 1 p. hardsiiip on farmers who are. | protesting against increased prices i r.f things they buy.' • MOSCOW. Oct. S3. iUP)-Max-l -*s a further measure of relief - Lltvlnoff Soviet Russia's ace 'of farmers and small merchants, --'-•- ' than five or le.'-s 'n Rhvii it arrives at the ChletiRO WorltVs fair late Hits month wns llu ii ached Miami, Flu.. loule froin Germany 1 Ilin de Janeiro and bm-o. Brazil. The Ucrman Burglars Remove Sale From Leachville Store mm RESET i Stocks, Grains and Coltbri All Higher Following Pronouncement. Dy (Jnltrd Pnss A .strongly t'nvorablc mat kit re- action id home :md abroad >va:> Ihe Ili-si result today of l*resl- dom noosevelt'ji new dollar policy, designed lo boost commodity prices liy means o( ti managed currency. • '-.'.• In New York stacks sliol up one lo moie than It n • points. The London exchange closed firm and <u:iln iruirkets weri^ up wllh wl&at' more thnn 3 points higher. Cot-' >\in wns up tl lo $1.20 a bale-, but later lost much of Us gain: The effect on the markets was' of an inllaMonnry tendency. . European financial circles saw the probability of favorable Interna- lloiul reaction. The dollar dropped In London. mid Paris. First reaction of American financial circles wns ' hesitant and dl- vlilcil In connr.cllon with the -policies anr.ounced by the president 'n his report lo the nalcn"!ast Leaders of the mid-western strike said that Mr. RooeeVclt's speech would not. decrease their unbargo campaign, but ngrlcul- lura'l officials at Washington wire encouraged by prospects 'of better prices [or farm products. Russian Dinl/imat Expect- rvl to Spil This Week {or United States. that's Just what It is. a bis party cooked dishes given away for the housekeepers of Blytlie- i day but those who have ville and vicinty. The hostess is. of each been faithfully attending each session, course. Mrs. : have greater chances of Thurn. whose wide experience in home the big gifts which the lo- rook'nir school lecturing has amp- ; cal merchants are contributing . to ly fitted her for the week's ac- I the school, livitles in Blylheville. She has; Range Will Gift . diDlortmt. nreparcd secretly today! -«re., c-uiploylns fewer th for an early departure tar lhc| !=*«»" In loans' -of 2.500 United States to conduct negotia- j «rs exempted from the code. tlons for American recognition of 1 . The exemption of small stores the Bolshevik government. i also met the' ;cimplamts of lltlle spoken before thousands of Amer- I While Mrs: Thurn's lectures and | and Beiengarla. sailing Novem- ican women on the subject of demonstrations will be the prln- News that he and a small staff merchants tha:. they would .not of .secretaries were entraining for continue to do business under the France or Enslanri to board a ; "ncur and wage provisions of the United Stales bound liner was ex- j code. peeled at any moment. LIMnnff. il was learned, had reservations on the liners He de France, sailing from Cherbourg Wednesday, the Manhattan, sail- ins Saturday, and the Bremen Supreme Court Will Pass on Corrupt Practices Act Indictment. LEACH VI LLE .Ark,— A ; ton8ldtr- nioney '\v'a:l v otit«lricd by^rheri-'whO' removed Ihe ,saf« ! trcm the 'store of Bryant and) Brown, grocers, lust njshl, smashed it open with a-slc-pije' hammer, and abandoned it ai.KUner earners. 1 '1-2 mites south of • here, \vhere it was found early this morning by Bill Haney 1 and-Stah. ley Hancock. • .WASHINGTON, Oct. 23. <UP)-| The store management, declined Bishop James Cannon Jr.. reform |Q esl | nlale t) , e om p u nt of the Completes Non-Stop Flight From Brazil ;i On to Ak- f ron JonighC.' MIAMI, Fin., O'cl. 23. llTP)-nr. .IUHO Eckner, commanding the CSraf Z«ppclln, whlcH landed here today a'ittr a non-stop flijiht from Rio. da Janeiro, Announced this afternoon that the giant German dirigible Xoiild proceed to Akron, E Sound Currency WASH1NC1TON. Oct. 23 (UP)— Tlie strain of uncertainly reg.ird- the government's immediate monetary plans was eased • some- v;hal today by a public declaration of President-Rwwelt for a "sound currently." - ••' •- The. president. In the fourth.,ol his "fireside" .lu'.tlrt'istei to.'the na- leader of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, today was granted a supreme court review of the District of Cojumbia Indictment loss,, but as.. It .included the re- relpis of .a busy Saturday's busW ntss li is believed . Id tiave been substantial. Morey was removed ..... , .. . cliarging him with violating the | fr( . m . the stor(! CBsh re?)ster ns corrupt practccs act in His 1928 election campaign activities The ruling is expected l« for months any possible trl [r(j||i ^ siXf( , - NQ |lrrosu hl . ve m[ule tat hoinemaking: she has been train- cipal attraction at the school, in- ed in sound Home Economics prill- tcrest will be added by the daily ciplcs and lind a long practical distribution of gifts, includng bas- experienee as homemaker nnd Vets of groceries and dishes pre- l-.ousekeerjcr: slie has Iraveled pared by Mrs. Thurn. There will v-idely lo inform herself of new also be two major gifts. At the developments in the laboratories close of the last session of the | o! the great American manufac- school next Friday afternoon the turers and in the laboratories of Westinghouse Electric Range, used schools and colleges where new de- by Mrs. Thurn in her demonstra- velopmcnts and discoveries add tions. will go without charge to a new interest to homcmaktng, every member of the audience. . This ber 1. . It appeared likely he would lake Ihe Manhattan. E Afrain Leader in State Legion 'l i nf I tfficors 'today were working on '"..J,, I c!ues which "thov hope may bring lesults. It is believed the burglary vas the work of amateurs and of men familiar W lth the fact that .... churchman Miss Ada L. Burroughs, n quiet middle flged woman long associated wllh his reform activities. They Jameson, New York capitalist. to| °ld their campaign against Alfred: E smith. ..,.,.„ The court's consideration or the bishop's case LS expected to result j in a ruling on the validity of Ihej corrupt practices act, which Can-1 BRAINERD. Minn.. Oct. 23 (UP) inln' bii'h'E 'hi5i4"t5fy" objectives '•'| atti'V first pledging himself to'aid the farmer -by -the prices ' O by way- of Cliarlestbn, Rlch- mo'nd 'and Washington lonlRht.lf weatlwr conditions are favorable• If 'Uie weather condition by that -oiite Is" unftv'oraule Dr. Eckner <aid .lie Would .proceed direct to Akron by way,of Atlanta. Thousands (fathered, around, the mooring mast here as the huge ship soared oyer the. city fr6m the southeast. ' • Bandits Take $28,000 From Minnesota Check Flames Street Plant. in .Im year. Uses Model Kitchen range is the gift of the Arkansas, Missouri Power company. A Gold Major Curtis J. city has regained Little of the lead, this! Approximately 20 bales of COL- lost; ion were dar.iaged but scrioiia for ........... , week, in Ihe American Lc- ] it »s averted when 1 ....... ~ """ ..... ' lion challenged. Tt wns for the i _ F | ve baiKlits armed with a ma- purpose of this ruling that the i chl| , e g;m n ^ cA t tle p^t Nil- government consented to a review , tlona j jj auk of $28.000 today and of his, | c-Ecnpcd after a gun battle. The case was set for argument Robert Tus a vu - ar[J a[ ,i, c i, a nk, Three Dead, Three Dying After Auto Hits Motor Bus CAMDEN N. J.. Oct. 23 (UPI — Three persons dead, three others I dying, and eleven less severely Injured was Ihe toll .today of n head-on collision between a mis end a motor cnr near here last night. The car, a large .sedan, caughl fire after the crash. The dead are William E. Elier- hardl, 52, Philadelphia, and his | Monday, Dec. 4. 1 whom the bandits had held pris- -I'l il X\V.t Pi. HI I 111. I » ""~ •«•«•• • - , . T- J 1 J^rt Rion's slatewlde membership con- in one secuon ,1 the Federal Co.n- left, iwn Major Little, the latest" re- headquarters .at t Mrs. Thum brings the results Seal Congoleum rug, furnished by j., .. _ . " rove;11 s i, as signed of her schooling, traveling and the Hubbard Furniture company, I ,.'„ ^ u?ion | nem bcrs for 1934. long experience as a lecturer to will also be (riven away, the women of Blylheville tomor- Stores and manufacturers co- row. She speaks with charm nnd operating with the Courier News poise, every statement is based on in the school and furnishing ma- rp His nearest competitor Clay McBrocm of Huntsville. (vho has in) 35. TSVO olher Blvthovillo men, press company'o lartie number one l.-Iant on South Klin streel early tundfiy night. An accurate tstlnitile of the lo.* could not be obtained today but [t was covered with insurance. An milomalic. sprinkler system, installed several years ago, check- kerncr and home economics spc- New York store, which will put mlist. • on a 15-minutc style show each Her stage kitchen repiWenls the day of the school; The Bootery. r.rbe d'solavs of the merchants of shoes; Guard's Jewelry store, sil- Blytheville. for the new, labor sav- ver and glassware; Hubbard Hard- Ing and time saving equipment ware Co., china and kilchcnware; demanded by this homemaking McMullin's grocery, groceries and authority Is to be found right here meats; Craig's dairy, milk; Cen>n our city. The small devices, tral Codec Co.. coflce; the Craf- utcn;ils. mixers and beater, the ton Co., Sweet and Pure flour; range, refrigerator and other large Jaques Manufacturing Co., K. C. bcr.i. The indictment against thC' pner for ntl ho;il . whllc u,ey wait- churchman was returned following , cd for otner cm|) , ovcs opcnc a n re long agitation in and out of »n-| n s-thc robbers lied'and a fiwllade .'. of machine gun bullets was sent Sress. cf- his products.• IT not . in -oh* way, in .another. ..' •''.. -••• > .• "Government - credit will ;v b'e maintained." Mr. - Roosevelt.,- Bali, "and a sound currency will : ac- rompany a rlso In the American rnmmodlly prlci level." •'.••" He revealed another step in, his monetary program for a "managed currency" based on a dollar of unchanging purchasing power when he. annouiiL'ed.-rl?ns to Ughtorijthe [overmuenl's. grasp on uold.'/The olTcct of ; his plan would be.-.a government corner on gold to prevent Its export- to European s'p^cu- Inllve centers. .—^i Thomas Pleastd • \~Senator Elmer Thomas (Dfjif., Okla.) leader of congresslonai"prb- |;oncnts of Immediate currency Inflation, accepted the president's declaration of iwlicy as a .^"big -step In the rlijht direction." : :Tm for II. If It works," TKotnas mid. "It may lake a long .time. .'I It doesn't work, llien apparently he will iry direct Inflation." Thomas construed the president's .•:talement lo the effiftt that il commodity price. 1 : could not be iscd lu one \v?.y, they would "be Biscd in another as leaving Ihe , two grandchildren. Eleanore Hen-, fof |n()alion in - MSe clilcks, 4 and James Heiidrlcla. 3. : |( - mnn „ cl , irency and other Thomas Ilss. a garage owner, i , dllllnUtrnt;on plna fBiled t o »-|,o witnessed the crash, sad the ! Hdan suddenly swerved as It ap- 1 preached the i;end-'on into bus it. and crashed New York Cotton NEW YORK. Oct. 23. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. July open 921 94S 9+6 967 99J high 930 948 951 9C8 low 920 928 93S 950 980 close 920 928 '935 950 pieces are ready. Stresses Economy With all of this fine equipment] baking powder; Proctor and Gam- jble, Crlsco; India Tea Bureau, tea Blvthevllle PCS' Is the largest In rushing to the plant, found the •1 state in mimlx-r of 1934 mem- ^ vnder the double rtrekcd ro. ] cf cotton whevc the fire ir.led, and Hie roor above, burii- ' ing, despite the downpour from Ihe sprinkler pipes. Plan lemployes and fire men dragged some 10 bales, scorched and burned, out of the plant, and extinguished thu Ore. The source if the fire had not been discover- Sjjols closed at 950. up 10. Former Local Resident Auto Accident Victim Frank Kimb'.uy. 11. formerly of iiere and now of Shelbyvllle, Mo., o!ed this morning at a Kirksvilb, Mo., hospital from injuries ret foTe'direcIfdiStardy Schooner Carried programs, with Capl. she will ooint C.S. Holmes, master, arrived here out new Ideas for labor-saving from Alaska after many d * n8 "and lime-snvlng. suggestions for cuf alld thrilhns voyages, planning menus, for planning par-1 Her only passengers were two New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 23. (UP) Cotton closed barely steady. Otc. Dec. Jan. ed today but firemen were conH- Mar. dent that an Investigation under- 1 Mas- ties ar.d entertaining. polar bears. They will re- For the long experienced IIDIHC- ] place the two pcliir bears Captain ' er-lved In an avtomoblle accident Saturday. . His aunt. Dr. Edna Nies, wlthll-" whom he made his home for two years while attending high school h:re, left Immediately for Shelby- rille, accompanied by Mrs. J. F. Untl. They will return the last cf the week. The funeral Is to te held Wednesday afternoon, Ills brother was also Injured 'n the accident but his condition way would show that a bale was j July open 919 942 . 953 . 966 979 992 high 919 946 954 966 seo 995 low 919 927 935 949 964 978 close 919 927 935 949 9S4 919b William Doak, Hoover's Labor Secretary, Dies WASHINGTON Oct. 23 tUP) — Wilflain' Nuctles Doak. who .rose fiom a • railroad yard hand to secretary of labor during the Hoo : I ver administration, died at his home across the Potomac from Washington today. Death was due lo a heart ailment. Doak was 51 years old. a native oi Rural Retreat. Va., and son o' a Confederate soldier. Over the opposition of Ihe Am- irlcan Federation of Labor he was named labor secretary. when placed In the Spots closed at 922. up 7, steady. In simple lanpuaje the president liaced whit already has been accomplished during the seven t-ionlhs of his national steward- [shlp. and wha; he liopco to do. ' Ills program calls for the following: 1—Restored commodity price . levels. little damage at the home ofi 2—Control of the gold value ol Joe Dlllahunty. county tax asses-1 the domestic dollar. at Dillahunty Home A flue fire caused excitement but ror, 1041 West Chlckasawba Avenue, tl<!s morntii£. . '• Sparks from a heating stove i«- nltcd wallpaper which had been pasted over an <.pen flue hole- The fire' was quickly halted. 'Sunday a Burdetle school bus vas damaged by fire at Boone (all's garage. nol serious. Besides, his brother Armistice Celebration Committees to Meet All members of committees named for the Armistice Day wlcbra' tion are asked to meet at the chamber of commerce .room to nleht. 1 o'clock. Important bus - ..... ,. ______ ..... ... ____ . wife. Mrs. Thurn has some dell- Holmes' father bought to the zoo the deceased is survived by hls.incss Ls to be taken up and final Chicago Wheat DCC. May Open 84 1-2 87 1-2 high 86 3-4 89 1-2 low close 84 1-4 86 1-4 87 1-8 89 Chicago Corn . . clous and unusual recipes printed,' here several jvars ngo and which ! parents. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kimb- 1 mrangements ir.ide, according to.Dec. 45 whlrb she will distribute free at 'died 61 61d age. 'ley, ol Snclbyvlllc. I Nelll Rctd, Kintral chairman I May 51 Open high low close Babies Born Wednesday to Sisters at Holland HOLLAND. Mo.-Couslns. a boy nnd a girl, were born Wednesday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Ira Zah! ner and Mr. and Mrs. John Azl- , bll. Their mothers are sisters Mrs. Zahner was Miss Clarice 1 Workman and Mrs. Azbll was Miss i Melba Workman. The Zahner baby, n girl weigh ing 8 1-4 pounds, was bora at 1 a.m. She was christened Mary . 46 3-1 44 1-8 45 3-4 Joan. The Azlbll boy, boYn at 9:31 527-8 501-4 52 1-8 a.™., has not yet been" rimed. ' losing Stock A. T. nnd T ,.. 113 1-2 Anaconda Copper .-.-... .123-4 Bethlehem Steel 26 Chrysler 39 3-* Cities Sen-Ice 21-4 Coca Cola 92 General American Tank 29 Ocnefal Electric 18 1-8 General Motors 2C International Harvester 35 1-2 Mlddlewest Utilities 1-4 Montgomery Ward .... 17 1-8 New York Centra! .... 29 1-4 Packard 3 1-+ Phillips mroleum ... 13 7-8 Hadk> 6 1-2 Simmons Beds 16 1-4 St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J 39 1-2 3—Establishment of a govern- inenl market for gold In the United States. To proponents of Immediate revaluation of the dollar he said: "Some peopl; are putting the tart before the horse. They want a permanent, revaluation of the doilnr llrst. It U the government's policy to restore the price ihe permanent valuation of ..the rlollar will be. To guess at a permanent sold valuation now would certainly require later changes c&used by later facts." WEATHER Texas Co. ., U. S. 8t«l 23 ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy, unsettled in north portion tonight ai:d Tuesday. Somewhat warmer in extreme north portion tonight. Memphis and Vicinity — Cloudy and warmer tonight and Tuesday. The maximum temperaturo here yesterday was 71, minimum «, .cloudy, wllh. .38 of an inch r»ln- i fall, according to Samuel F. Nor- 38 3-4 I rls, official we«ther observer,

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