The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Buck Up President Determined To See Proposal Adopted By Congress PY R'ODNEY DUTCHKR Cooflfr News Washington Correspond cut WASHINGTON. Nov. 10.—Higher staecs for the most exploited, poorly paid classes of labor, shorter hours which would spread work In many Industries, and control over child labor—these are objectives in perhaps the administration's most important, proposal to the special session ot Congress. Everyone professes to agree with the objectives. But nearly everyone objects to any specific method of attaining them which is proposed by anyone else. At the iast session the Senate macerated and passed a once-am- biMotis administration wage-hour bill. The House labor committee made further changes and ap- P"5vpd this measure. Then a combination of Republicans and Southern Democrats on the rules committee stifled it. House leaders promised to move to get. the, bill onto the floor al the next, session as promptly as possible. That's the way it stands now, except that In intervening months a strong, well-financed propaganda campaign hns been organized against the bill. The administration takes the atUtude that most of the current criticism is designed not to improve the bill, but to kill it. Honest Doubl There The House.bill provides for a la- . hor standards board which would ^Autumn Sport ItOKl'/.ONTM 1 Pidurod is in the game of 811 it cither or thrown. 1:1 c; m us o! auHs, 14 To si01) 1C Back. 17 Falsehood. 18 Cruder. iy Heady. 20 Golf player attendants. 22 Believer in animism. 20 Breeding place. 29 Overpowering fright. 33 Banal. 34 Kxcl;im;>tior\. 35 Impetuous. 3C Insurgent. 37 Coverage, 39 Period. 40 Twenty-four hours (p!.). « Tcu. Answer to Previous Puzzle 1!i To pierce with a knife. « Os, CO Daft. 52 Smell. 5-1 llcalhei! god. ST> To corrode.' 56 Italian coins. 5V The scoring Place in this Knme. VERTICAL 1 Musical nole. 2 Jar. 3 F'etid. •i Set up a coif ball. 5 Land measure C Meadows. 7 Legal rule. 8Pail of type. GRKnch side has 9 To shift, its turn at 10 Military cap. posses- 11 Devours. sion of this 12 Doctor. 15 Ocean. 20 Player In this - game. 21 Interpolates. 23 Discloses. 24 Guard player In this gome. 26 God of war. 27 To excavate. 28 Indian. 30 Beer. 31 Lock part. 32 Frozen water. 38 Oak tree fruit. 39 Kind of mendicant. 40 Flightless bird. 41 Wild ox. 42 To scream. •HCowl. 46 Balsam. 47 Entrance. 48 Tiresome person. 49 Large. 50 Rumanian eoin. II Affirmative. 53 Scarlet. 51,200 Ls raised for the equipping of fl room, j|,200 annually for the salary of a librarian, 5900 annually for the salary of an assistant liura- rlnn who will deliver the books throughout, Die county, and will provide a delivery truck. The librarian must, have had four years college work and one year experience In a library. Tiie law, passed at, the recent, term o! !w!s- lature, suggests that the library" be housed at 'the court house. Stale ! aid Is for books only and must be i purchased on the following basis- I children's books. 50 per cent; adult j fiction, 20 per cent; adult iiou-flc- j tton, 25 per cent; magazines and \ newspapers, five per cent. The meeting was attended by 30 representatives of various communities. Alfred Rawllnson, stale librarian and executive secretary of the Arkansas Library commission, outlined the requirements to be mcl and details of provisions. THURSDAY, NOVEBMER 11, 1fl.?7 week and minimum wages not higher than 40 cents an hour. These standards ivould be set only for Industries in interstate commerce (with numerous exceptions), industry by Industry, and theoretically would be delayed in application where threat of harmful ellrcU existed. One of the big surface issues is the question whether it is more dangerous to have a board with discretionary, arbitrary powers or flat legally-set wage and hour stan- .dards which would be Inflexible. ;Such a board, it is charged, might jbe harsh and dangerous. Such an ,'infle.xible standard, it is answered, ";would surely be harsh and danger- f :• Much honest doubt exists as to the effect of a wage-hour law on industry, although the pending bill decrees tfiat-the board find out in advance of each order. Some agree —and some do not agree—with Roosevelt that resultant increased purchasing power will lead to in- n'-e<*sed sales volume which "ought .'to'.lesseh the cost of production so that even a considerable increase in labor costs can be absorbed without imposing higher prices on customers." • Nothing Is Certain If the administration continues to stand on the House Mil, Its forces will have to oet 2)8 members' signatures to discharge the measure from the Rules committee, or sony of'.the Democratic and-or Hepubli can Rules members must cave in. None o I these possibilities is a cer- laiiity and it isn't at all sure that the House measure could pass the House without emasculating amendments. Roosevelt has little organized, ar ticulate support for this bill. Opposed to it are th e southern members almost to a man, manufacturers' associations, farm organization lobbyists and the more conservative groups in the A. P. of L. The c. I O. appears to be for-the bill, but has given it no effective support Plenty of amendments and various substitutes are being urged, although not by the administration Too High, Too Low Senator George Berry of Tennessee, the millionaire labor leader offers one of the substitutes, which is said to be backed by such A. P of L. conservatives as Vice President Bi!l Hutcheson of the Carpenters' Union. Berry's plan calls for a fiat 40-hour maximum week and n minimum wage of 30 cents an hour in all interstate industries Chief objection raised to this and similar proposals is that the Si a week. minimum wage standard would be regarded as too low ii norliiem'.industrial areas and toe high under certain conditions in some southern areas. ; Without the possibility of varia tion, it is contended, an inflexibl standard can't be imposed withou forcing many persons out of em ployment. Furthermore, Berry's bi provides for enforcement by the Department of Justice, whereas experience shows the need of some special body to administer, Investigate and at least recommend prosecution. The administration won't lake Berry's bill if it can help Itself. National Education Week Being- Observed With Special Programs National Forest gnme preserve In North Carolina and Tennessee. It was thrown open by the government due to deer overcrowding the itace. Eacli shooter may bag either a buck or a doe, but only with iflc nnd sans dogs. Kate Leonard! of Tennessee stands beside her buck at the checking-out station. Tlic public schools of Blythevitle re observing National Education Veek this week with special pro- rams based on some phase of the heme "Education and Our National Life." In the senior high school B. A. ..ynch talked to the pupils on "Buy- nj Educational Services". Yesterday the home room groups studied he constitution and members of he public speaking classes • talked o them on Horace Mnnn ns an educator. Today Marcus Evrarcl spoke o them on the "Original Purpose and Present, Significance of the Jonstitutlon." The student body will tfike part in the Armistice Day celebration tomorrow and Friday two short plays will feature the observance for the day. In the junior high school. Monday's program consisted of a com- Mlss Winnie Virgil Turner spoke on "Horace Mann, the Father of Public School Education". Mrs. w. D. McClurkm talked^ about "The Youth Movement" today, and tomorrow, Miss Charles Jones guidance classes will present.a proghun on "The Constitution". Friday, there will be a talk on "How tiie Home Can Help the School". At Lange school Arthur Nelson •"we a talk on "Educating for Peace" Monday. iWrs. w. D. Mc- Clurkln spoke on "Buyln» Educational Service" yesterday. Miss Wfiiinfe Virgil Turner talked on "The Horace Mnnn Centennial" today and tomorrow George w. Barham will speak on the topic. "Life- Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No matU-r how ninny medicines you have Iried /or your cough, chest. I'old, or bronchial Irritation, you can get relict now with Creomulsion. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot, afford to lake a clmnce with any remedy less potent than Creomulsion, which goes right to 1 the seal of the trouble and aids nature tosjoothe and heal the inflamed mucous membranes and to loosen and expel the uerm-laden phlegm. Even If other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, try Creomul- sion. Your druggist Is authorized to refund your money if you are not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained from the .very first bottle. Creomulsion is one word--not two, and it lias no hyphen in it. Ask for It plainly, sec that the name on the bottle Is Creomulsion, and you II get the genuine product and the relief you want. (Adv.) Two New Teachers On Wardell School Faculty CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo., Nov. 11 —Two new teachers !iave been Inreu as members oi the Wardell school faculty. William lUckctLs, Maiden, a graduate or Central col- lege, succeeds Max McMahon. who resigned to. accept n similar post at St. clalr. Mediation was coach at warden. Miss Geneva Wyman, Mayfield, Ky., a graduate of the State Teachers 'College, Murray, Ky., succeeds Miss Iva Wallace, who Is now teaching al Kennelt, Mo. Read Courier News Want Ads. Soybeans • WANTED - Soybeans V!r Pay Illgliral Market Prices For AJ! VarMim MALDRN GRAIN CO. W. O. Retvts, A%tnt Nn. It. ». St., Next In Magnolia J'Mnl—lllyl/iprillf Arh. IMV I'llONE 55* . Committee To Location If Funds Raised Determine 1 Sufficient the library will be located, if funds sufficient to equip and maintain it are raised. In n later meeting of the board. Mrs. Burkett was named chairman and it w as decided to meet Friday to decide the location. The state will provide $13,800 worth or hooks to Hie library, if long Learning". Friday will be -^ "School cwon House Day" with special invitations bein^ sent to parents to visit the school. The slu- OSCEOLA, Ark., Nov. 10.—There will be a county library established at BlythevlHe or Osceola, if plans made at a meeting yesterday lifter- noon at Osceola are perfected. A county library board of Mrs. W. B. Burkett of Bassett. George Deer of Osceola, Mrs. Thomas E. Ivy of Biytheviilc. J. w. Sebaugli of Hatcher and Edgar Carney of Etowah, was named by a committee to decide at which county scat Pecans Wanted WE WILL PAY YOU Highest Market Prices ANY QUANTITY Goldstein Hide & Fur Co. Rear Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 265 Blytheville. Ark. Get Our Prices Be fore Selling rnunlty singing by the student body j <!e " ls "'"' !inve cl 'nrge of the nssem- On Tuesday, student's representing I Mv »">?ram. lie various classes preented a pro-i Al Sudbury, there was a special tram commemorating the Horace j "™" ra m today sponsored by Mrs. Uann centennial. There «a.s a de- | J - B - Wobslcr nnd Mra. Rudolph note today on "Can lh<- United i Morris on the Horace Mann cen- States Say~Out of wni'?". The n f- I tcnninl - Mlss will »Ie Virgil Tu: (Sanative side was upheld by Bill Morse, George Hubbard and Sallie Ma this. Jack Cha'mblin, Miltsn Patterson 'and Mary Babcock had the negative! side. Thursday (he mipils will take part in the Armistice Day program. Students from the guidance classes will present a program on "Schools and the constitution" on Friday. Mrs. Ira Gray gave a. talk on at "Buying Educational Scrvlfe" „, wt .,. ; Central school Monday. Yesterday tion. was the speaker tit, "this program and various songs \vcr e simir bv the students. The rooms at Sudbury nre hnvtnsv individual programs, conf- mcmornting the week- rather than a series of assembly programs. The Patent-Teacher Associations are urging parents to observe National Education Week by visiting the schools during this time. The national orgaaiv.ation is sponsoring radio programs throughout the week on various phases oi educa- Fossil snakes have been found j Goldfinches feed their young on ' nn depos,U earlier than the! weed .seeds. Cenozotc em. long after! the great dinosaurs and other rcn- tile kings had disappeared. Twenty-one states of the Union have names of Indian origin. SPECIAL 40c HOTEL NODLE Merchants Plate Lunch "Where HwptUWy Is a BeaMy." ARKANSAS & MISSOURI " FARM F & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-long Terms Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in Ihese slates. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. 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