The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1935
Page 8
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Looking Ahead from flaifway Mark Council Moveb to Trafdc Congestion .New Posloffice , CARUTIfERSVILL!?, Mo. - Tile city, council lins authorized the street department ,to cut four feet from Uie sidewalk in front of the postolltci- building on Cnrleton nvenuc, anri to pave the removed portion lo conform with thc .siirci. This moiv is beinif made lo relieve traffic con»r;stion which 1ms existed then! slr.ce thc new jxjst- office was opened. The council also named the poll-' me places ant] Judges for the city election io be held April •>. They VfiaA I, Hlirhni). Kclfind hullcl- "•8. W.,0. Clevldencc, W.ii'd Wllks CliaTlcs Hall and Percy WrU-ht ' judges. ' •Ward's, City Hall-Clyde F^aiy, W, U. Herman JimiHer, and' Mrs.'! FJoyd Patterson, Judges. Dard 3, Pierce bunding — Claurt nelson, J. W. Tipton. Gilbert Oar- ler mid o. K Calllliim, ST., Judges. Ward, 4, Headquarters store — George Doyle, Miss Nannie Oar- , I'fttt. Ulbourn Green nnd I> u Acuff, judges, ' j It was also voted lo raise the : were siven raises of 50 p fl - ( | n j.. Former Negro Convict Held for Burglaries Teachers Will Meet at Promised Land Tonight Teachers of ten schools in group 1 of the Mississippi County Teachers association- will meet at Prom"••| Lniid this evening when Miss nnle Virgil Turner, county "examiner, will attend. schools'are: promised Land ake; clear F-ake fnnn Itosa' nald liencJ, Huffman. lilckman! lomaio. Reeco and , Round Like. Mrlcalf. in N KK |{ 0 j^~~ MILWAUKEE (UPJ-Ralpj, Mcl . calfi:. Marciiietle University's na- li'Hiul sprint chiimpion, noiv Is eainlni! fame with hi, "hi-dc-hl" and "ho-tlc ho" as leader of a n<W> orchestra. The negro sperd- I ''','.' "'YT 1 elcM his vai.sily com- IxtiUonhutlsa Junior in llir Mar[ f|ii»tto lav/ school. The poton'of.Uhp rnlltcsnake, n-otalus, is i, SC (j hi treatment for cases of yellow; fever North Carolina Truck Runs Amuk on Road KINF.TON, N. c. (UP)-Surtdcnly getting out of control on a highway near here, n heavy truck went In for crass country runnln" It hurdled ft two-foot "ditch .sprinted across a plowed field' clipped through a wire fence' snapped o f; a young pecan treb' wrecked two steel giile.s, leveled a 10-yenr-old pecan tree, crashed ihrough another fence, headed for the open field again, and got .stuck in the mud, One of its occupants received hos- pitnl treatment for bend Injuries Tfle other was hurt slightly. Giant Keeps Order In Canadian Village A10NTREAI, (UP): - The Montreal Metropolitan' Commission has )iir?<l a "Tare/in" to brin* order to the bankrupt village of St. .Michel • TDURSUAY, MARCH M n !nex P«nslve method th « wllds f villagers from cieating trouble while they tr'cd to " H- Des '"wl«au, former ting chainpioa of the hi" 1 , P °' iCe ^"Aeot. «» him to St. Michel. marlcau is 6 f Mt 4 fnell ( „ weighs 280 pMuds. Read Conner News Want Ads.i "'inlcr ami S SPOKANB, r Mi.vrd KTOKANE, Wasa. (UP)—SnrJti" ' and winter were confused al Six Y kane in early February, on south' side of houses flowers bloomed in warm sunshine. On north sides wcro deep\snow drifts, piled m, :,', a heavy January storm. Positive Relief For Itchy Ski h Coollnc and suotl]ln K nii, c fila »|t"«'ntiJicll SO nili< !S i;i, l>SCI1( ||,, eslcd nicdicinra deeply into pnrc wlifrc It cpilckly kills it,.|,, ictici rasli, ce/eina, font Hd>, riimmrm clL-. MO.IICJ- lack ir, f ii'5t Jar falls. HowCalotabs Help Nature Off a Bad Cold Millions have found jas 1 ol colds, udablo 'ne the Intestinal tract of "len mucus and toxines. Second, Calotabs ore diuretic to the kidneys, promoting, the elimination of coM poisons from the blood. Thus Calotnbs serve the double purpose of a purgative and diuretic, both of " 15 nCCdCd !" the trea '">ent FREE SHOW TICKETS ! Given free, two tickets to any (show at the nit/ or Roxy wit], the purclniso of one ton of X-CEL or 1 ticket, with the purchase of i of X-CEL. (he World's' Best Coal.-We give these tickets in order to Introduce X-CEL more quickly. See add ora- comics on tin: Want Ad page. Superior Coal & Mng. Co. I'hone 100 Oalotabs are quite 'economical; only twenty-Jive cents for thc family £££: cTdv.r te for ^ ™ Hickman. CAUUTHBRSVJLLE. Mo.- Chief John Mdzger hn.s returned from Police John Hosier and life-lit,Hot Springs, where he imdenvcnt -,. ------ ».uj._ t juiij 1-itrolmciriiavc arre«ed Add! is. iiCEro. who had stolen n i money an op:;!-. Twins, n boy mid n girl, werfi born 1'Ybrunry 27 (o Mr. and Mrs. i Waller Dailies mid Ned siurk ivcnt "•Idlnit sv.ndny in pole unrnes' new motorbpal. S500 worth of diamonds ni, u ,„„„„ . ,-„,„«, in two house breaking thefts In the Huy Uarnes. l«AlJ 0 f r day f,' Thl> nc81 '° 1VI!S rc -! Miss R " th Slark ' u ' 110 ) l! 's been insert from (he stnle penitcntinry Jill, 1? much iumiwed, 1030 for 'Til' 8 servcf ! " '-''"' 5lnct ' I P2tc lllu '» cs . Slim BBSS. Charley Friday night he enlcrrd the rcv- .rtcnce of Floyd nallard, tn'<ln« clothing, money and j;w c h-y v n u,«i !U about S75 or $1(10. Monday nijhi jis entered (i i; i-esitionre of' Liston H.ral, taking $1'J4 in moni:y, a dln- "Kiid bar pin v uh:ej ;il $3iW, ami olliar articles of dothiii'/, and jewelry valued at about fao. -Ml the articles wcro recovered I'Moat lar t O t !),„ e jot} 1(H ,, i v . it ,, h l"e nesrro ssld he biirn?;) om v t w of the niority sloh'n from i]a ?c ! v.'ns recovered. Sells 40^Acre Tract. John Delnney Ims sotil n tract i of liuul located a shorl dUtniu-c ! cast of fllylhevllle to Mrs. Susie : Woods. Samuel mw iUis.s K.ithrvii |E. Price. The .tract consists of <IO acres, iMcliidlnir Dflmicy's former- home on the pi-operty. Blytlievitle First On Association Honor Roll H. V. Pclty, DOU Walnut street, dislrlct imniugcr for the lieu Hur ! iiMOCiallon, Crawfordsvllle !nd., ranks first in the Unltwi Stales In number of new Junior njcinber.s iind scveiiternlli In volume of new sciiloi- ini.slncss, according to an announcement bv the assoclntloji. j As n result, of Mr. Polly's HCtiv- MUe-s Ulythevllle Com-t No. 97 occupies first iilnce on Ihe association 1 !; liinioi' roll. No one hns ever fo-.'nd the t that has !•>>]• Moviiifv & Trnnsfcr 1 '- &m\ MOVING Chickadees line their nesl.s wilh rabbit, fur In the North Woods. JOHN BUCHANAN \Vn»tl & Coal Planters Production Credit Ass'n. is prepared; to linancn crop loans in any amount iii very cheap-rate of interest. Interest i'a payable only for actual time you use the money. Quick «elion on ,,|l- Jo.'ms. It will , avo vnu monev to .see. us. . Gordon Evrard Hlytlieville, Ark. Located at Ten-y-Wortliington Title Co., Office Thursday & Friday MAT._2:On - lOc & 25c GMS 1 - lUc & 35c Stiidents'- Racket ' . Nipped in the Bid TfOrjSTON, Texas. (Up) - tour ..nigh school.; students to pick «o spenainj money tl.rougli sale ot examination questions They .obtained the questions from Read Courier News Want Atls. (nkin g orders - IcacJier'sm! f °r SI a copy. "We werait j>oin s to release am 01 Hie copies until lute in the iinv before exnminnt'ou time" one of m Hie four explained . \m cJv ; m '?-", S ' nrtPrf sdli »5 'to" " could -si 1 "?, 5 vv "°. 1)0 vSl>t then, h£ok." illlcil ^ 0 » Ihelr own Many "orders" were lnkcn b t The Moflcj-Jio Beastly Shop])c Offers a truly "modern" beauty service. All phases of heaut-y work, Ymni like our Williams m 1 ^ Use 01(1 Hickory Yarns From thfj Latest Type. Order from . Srnthern Headquarters for' Guaranteed Himlily Hand KnlKing Vavns ill reasonable prices. Curd showing (iiiotiittons and about. SOD samples mnlled'iipnii ret. Prompt sliipuicnts. Old Hickory Yarn Co. Are you taking advantage of our liberal lermsi / We advertised this new policy in'February and had I oneof tlxebeat.Febniaiy/s-wc have ever had.'pur bus-' mess was nearly double last Februaiy. '"/ '^••-.'\- ' Now if you are interested in furniture we suggest that you come in and make your selection now as we have only a limited amount that we can furnish on these terms. as&QR Spring Tailored Oxford Ties in smart blacl: calj! fn keeping with Pennoy's rigid standards., .these smart tailored oxfords have "value-plus" I All blnck calf witli grey urider- lay and stitching. Covered heels. "CYNTHIA". Arch dxfords Poi real walking-case! It is not necessary to sacrifice comfort for style. STYLE comes naturally to Cynthia Arch shoes. And thc comfort is l/juK- iTi.' In fine quality black kid with gunmctnl trim. Hyer Correct Balance Men's Oxfords Steel Arch Supports/ Rlytheville, Ark. Fine oxfords with builUin itet-1 arch supports, and a specify ^«'CT«I balancing heel, fial or bluchcr style. Selected blnck (cirl uppcra! Combination lastsl A peppy new Growing Girls'Oxford With fringed tongue effect] S J.98 Sporty, yet dressy too. in smart' beige print with cohtrsstlnir; 'f™' Penney's growing rfrla'i shoe? are alwnyg outstanding values and these prove it!. Black leads for spring/ Classic Pump l>t fmeit black kid! Spring is definitely a "pump" season, and there is never any stvb so pcrcnni.-.tly smart as the Classic! Patent vamp trim, ami - - design. Women's "CELESTE" Oxfords Many smart new styles al Fine, lustrous Hd oxfords In black with a wide perforaUd design underlaid and accented with gray. The covered heel Is the new tailored heightl Valuej! Ready! Jhe new lint! Silk Hole In smart fpring cdori! 79 Looks! Wear! Comfort! Men's Oxfords Bait vilt, WJ,, S Tips' Fashion experts picked shew ilorcly colors' phiffons with silk picol top—service with mercer- i z ",, . l °1 and Mt ' ^'ne-gusgc full fashioned, 8K-10H! "Hyer Quality" Style! i Men'sOxfords Perfect Filling! Values! Menl Swing into spring style in ?,, P '?' r , °\. " 1< -' se fine oxfords Black IcaUicr will, compositioi, soles, heels. Pointed toe with w.nged tips. 6-H. Low-priced' 3.98 In pointed, medium or round toed models. Selected black calf uppers with wing" or straight tips. Leather soles that wear Sizes 7 to 11. Get a pail tomorrow! Matinee — Friday, Saliirclay ;m<! Suiiilnv Only Last Time Today MAT. & NlfiHT— lOc - 25c Barbara Slamvydc in 'WOMAN IN RED' Fox- News Pictorial Comedy Friday & Saturday. HE FLASHTDl ACROSS THE HEAVENS IN PURSUIT OF ROMANCE, . . . Hairy Uon Wilson's «ide-spiming itory of Rugglos, tha genllo- man'j Qent from London who suddenly discovered himself a ladies' man in Red Gap. JONES ra " ^r«- Kbaisw ^fjHgliv £. @ ' .-. . ••• • : , - S I CHARLES V 't^UGHTOfl 1 § MflRV BOUND 1 g CHAflLIE RUGGLES 1 i ZASU PITTS i j ~ R.lo nJ *.„„,, -Uii.H,^, 1 | W A fata otouii I fittur f£ g Dir.r/.d b r Ito McCor., g. Paramounl Novelty Reel All Star Comedy with Pp roth y" Re vie r Directed by. V \ / • • ' George B: Seiti X^^, A Colombia Picture Serial: 2 Episodes neiuni of Chandti" Numbors 3 and ^1 . |<_P • T Zj SUNDAY ONLY MATINEE-25c -. 55c NIGHT—5ac TO ALL Direct from Memphis Orphewn Ptovinfj There All This Week ^T^BL Ches Davis and his ''resenting 10 Infernationat si.ijc and Uartio Stars Bemle N'otan and many olhrr F.tan,- nf Hie cly thc larycsl show ever C lliis city. This 5 ],» H . eomai ditcct from Ihe Fox i circuil 40 - PEOPLE - 40 in the finest entertainment of the year DON'T MISS IT!

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