The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX __ NI.YTJTEVTUR, (ARK.) f'OUPIER NEWS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1933.',' 13 to 12 'Bama's Bets for Grid Honor Score Twice in Second Pcriorl enr! Take Lead; Beck Is Chick Star. A hurt! liKln ini! liitlc 11-:) in from si-lwvil n'. Joiner came within an :UT of ink-1 in- Ihe mensuro o: in-:- Hlvtheiill! •ehkks undfi' the llnmHi-'hls '•>'• llnlcy Fii-ld lu-ie List nii'lii. Tl'.e ] .•fiiv was 13 to 12. | The most urailfvii'.i; featun' uf :>•.' Chirk offrnre was thr- ron«W- - ••• line pIiiiKti'i". nf d l^«- Hr-ck. Chick fullback, whose '•;;tbs a! the Shai> uce forward will r-e./j ftOiK-rallv noorl fur fains from • sir- lo 12 yards, allhoutrh a 1111:11- l)f-r of iiinr-« hi? was sloixierl at !b? line. 3<'rk gained B7 yards tin ?i hi'.'' bucks, cue of which was | [•nod for a Chirk touchdown and nether for ?.n exlrn noint - Tlii; visitors had a couple of ililnlnt star;'in Parker. Imskv full- hn'k. (incl Well, hummel- Ixilh nf •-vhom ii^ne'.ralcd the Chick :!'•-1 harl:. also paiunf considerable The fihavnce l^am auueared in Pne. condition ami liir'-ally taiahl Hi" Chirks off their feel, threat- <im" (liirinz Pie cnmiv AH In nil j i' v:i'. n ninrnl vii-loi'v fur the ; "nniin'r" bovs" from Ihe •Olllllcni ep'l of til" cr.uuty. who looked j-ond "vr.r, ,iu ,'li' although thev ar.- liinllv ni"d'j tmlv fiv" firsl ilo'.vi". n-oinn tin- Chicks' 11. , -The Chick'; mixed up u nui- r'r" pa" 1 " \viih >>a' -e 1 ; aunnlethvr ri^Ht. whl'n r-i-'lit v.rrc ui n om-iletn npd xvgs hiiercrjiteil. Sliav.'nen r.cmi^eicJ tv.'o »i,is^ r <". Iwn wrre in- rojpijlctn on-i five- were in'.crcf-]iU'd l;v Blythcville. The Chicks c!inik"d un Ihe first retire in tlio firs: neriod. Blythc- ville took (lii 1 liall lo the Stn'.vnce 3fl vnril line- On a n>vers« niock- ivll vent off lirkl'* for a five yard c.ain. Bert: mailc two ynnls mvl Moslev bucked Ihe liiif for first down. Bremerton \vas thrown for n loss r^ariiiKr an end run. but Beck took I Iff toll on the Shtiwnce 12 vnnl line and slioned over viplil unanl for a fauchduvT. The Bl:r.ivni:i .vrnnilary had nulled over null h r had nn open field. An nttcmpted dm" kid: failed. The second quarter was the bii°hlest for the visitors. Rhawnee nained possession of Ihe ball or Hic-ir -10 yard line, and made firsl down nu-two plays. Bell, a siifcsli- Inlc ha'.fback, made seve-'n yard; nn two line plavs. Ihen Park* 1 ! ohinpcd for fii-st iloyn. plariiv* tin hall on the Chick 35 yard line McClenon raced through the Ihi 1 to the Chick's seven yard lin where the Chick line mosiicnlarll' halted tho march. Linclscy break iiiR llnough lo stop Parker In hi tracks, and Pmtle getting into th Sliawnrc backfirtrt lo slow dow the fullback while another Chick made the tackle, Parker then followed perfecl interference over tackle to score Shawnce's ' first GLOOMWR GIL c -i mm M;mv Gi'icliron Grcals Arc Unsung Heroes f o r loiii/li Little Foams. in 1 JOCK SI;TJII;«I.YSJ) I'Milliiill <.'<i:u'li. t'nlvrrsily ol i'ilHjin.'.l, ITf IKIUinOII. <1i I 'in. — Ai! il r',!'i; J r.; llllti uniV'T'iilie*: (!'• |>1:.V the S:\I1K- kind ol Ir.Otfoa!: r i.tups foe. I'.j. 1 1 cord mavrcil In 1 :in curly ;,c;i.'.(.'n tit' uilli has In: I In- KJini'liai-k lnul. Saturday. On. 21. II alovc will iWmili'ly provi' thai in li'adins: llir -.\irt iivc! 'IVmieiM-c. They an- left; muniliiii/. a .soph htilfuack. Mi:. l i .si[i|li. Alabama :'•<:<•'• Itli- Ihn-f- IxlVi' !;.,,,-. Ci-im--<)ll TlrJr lo :l i hr- i Mlllal'rt lIO'.vi-ll. linlhnnt ]!::'.ln;u:k. h'"' 1 ': rlliht. :uul Tinn Hiipki'. IH>|. of ihi' ' n: ; In Hit country, ins-i:'. as has happr-ni'i! (IlliPi tills Vi'l'V, IU1 r .'.i.llooh ili'li'iits i. and b f -lLc-:- km/wn i-irillv I'iin hi' atuibuu- i'Mj.'l !i':i!i-ri:il [iitlHT Hiirit :; ;ifi:-t i.iji ur {'(iiit'hitiK f,-n: Ihal Ih' latliT il«-'.n p l 11! 'I'll' llnivishy of I'iit-iljiiri'ii I n V":>- irvin'^ exric'i U-ni'i.' uith W. and J. team in Ihi ;• season, iiml this W n WAS unusually well- ! h :^o:l coat-hiil'J, triidi- I -.- spirit j "jva'ler ins! itm ions liavi' ii as ( 'fKvl footlinll player" iter .--fiioo's. IhouiOi not | .H ;-'.n:-r» smaller schools the front CVOIT year to i'- knovv-n and !r.iin!r foes, allv find soini' individinl •' suinj-lse ck-vnv lioi-lii-. mi'jht .(hi, aihli-li }• vl he i-nttTL'tl ;l lj'" t u-l :i il-.'il? Ill !hc •••• .nallv hos his h"SI ;i;oio -.- lv!ll: exc: • :--fni- alii 1 : that .-(•[I l-illl Ih 1 - :-:im" rxp'TU'nce ;ic:ninsi i I ID til!' Chick ?.'< yard line. Purlin jfcnl through nnd slowed Piirkc-r 'ho wub stonyad ut Ihe line. Ik'll •as mulct! on a ivvcrsr. A Shnv:- ,ee pass wns Incomplete, llcck micd clinvn aiinlhrr licavc and hu Kainc I'nilid. 'he line-up: •hr.wnce Ashley :!ark GHID1RON GHOST Illinois Fox I:-, Trying; W:T " l!!t ' al! - slar lfia "'s "f «»: I lllr. Till ; Hand ai Masterpiece. p . "; I Hii; Ten ai>p«ur this fall, you likely Ul'lC I v.U] .v.-c- en Ihe list, tlic name of llON'AHI'i: Wi'iK-r IIV .MM .MY N'TA St-rutr Nfi'nl' CLEVK[.Al, P lJ.--i:m: KM. :,:i(i M;'J.-.' u: h:., :ia. [litL 1 !!!: Ii'." •;i:ijinar, now hop.'-.-, 'o th< niakiivj —a fjiiea:. •lur.t!. v, IK-II hr Ulidlk'.'s l:il:!!li- il'.ls Ot-l. 21. !1 :-;ai\v \vtvks Ihe twin E:-idi:un y:-ars instilutifjn whii-l: came af- departiH-e of lini Glance. e's chances of ;iainling ins •Jci' ure i-xci-lli'in. Hi' has 11 the i-ti'.ru' ii'.cessary 1:1 a back- of lU'viioh, (|i!;it:'-vi).ifk; Fro- halfback; (hi- Lrilllint si.phomorc liallback, Liiitib'.-r'.;, and Hnook. '.la: full. 'Hu-.s" four gave Ihe toHiitry an what to rxpcd when ihey turf. i 1 . University of Clii- -asn FOiitiuinurp lialfbatk. The rosier sJiows lliai ll foreman ini^lit S<- Jay Berwangcr weni lo ih/« Unlvcrslly of Chicngii. nfier all. * j « Sfagji's Appraisal He-fore Stagg R-fi Chicago.-lie saw Jny as a frcslmiun an-J predicted ii Ii irol lall. v.eig'.^ Ilio pounds. | fi;/ him a career (jreattr llian Uiat U lb years o!d and came 10 Chifugu '-t' Red Oranjjo. 'I'-c Old Man of ir(.:ii Dnbiiijuc s-nior Utah Sc'ncx)! [ tl:e Mi<l\vay cxpicis»d I lie o;nni",n when- !ie won all-slate honurs. l!ul i 'hut Bcrwaiiger "could dj more siu:y. T:ii-re's • Ihinns liian Granse and do sonic /.! them h';lLu:." Well, ive'll wail Will-re (u <'.«'! T::eu- -.ias .some douhi a.s to i i-.ilh ih:' I v.l.eri: Jay would ui.itrii'tilate ufu-r • Davi'iijwa thinks Uenvangc-r will ,c nuuouul dct'iuhlon fnitnigjlon btoa: his Midway day., a;- e <|on'o. in h school days were cnOed. !'»'<< weeks in.. learned t o put ihe Ten schools are said j s! 'ol -Hi Itvt. He teamed, while siill 10 haV offered him everything but a novice in field s|>orls. that ln_> -- kitelien ^Ao^e. tin- Jay'r. i.s foreman in a factory at OLbnqne owned bv Ira Davenport. Chicago diilance ' run- toald jump 23 feet. All in all. Chicnyo seems to have one of the finest young athletes in ihc- conference. 'J^is rest' of the ntr o.' 20 years ago. It was only slor . v is °" the ncx - P a ee- rti^r-mem nnvr iu> nutn- j IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES i'.. McOmlor iilnnis n. Speck Andrews McClenon Piiuilhrniini! Officials: II c i'C vt re (lb lib h'j 111 Merrlwclhi'r vc-lliiw fpr i.k:ekini! lor that':; just i . Army. eferce; U'hllwo;th. iiiuphe. Friend Louisiana* head linemiUK ikiu. I'lVini. Junioi-.s* time. pi m in TIP t I It-UlMI I W II n^li Team Scores One Fouclidovvn in Game, al Wilson Yesterday. touchdown. The place kick fnUed. They scored a few minutes later when Bell intercepted a Chick r-oss thrown by Mosley loivard Wil'on. Mosley. slow in covering un on ihe plav. v;as . neatly blocked out and Bell ran for a touchdown. The kick was no coed. Late In the third quarter Pnrtlc intercepted a p.iss. Rivini; the- Chicks TKisscssion In Shaunee territory. Beck made three, then six yards, bin the Chicks wore penalized 15 yards. Mosley ran thr; c-nrt for 2? yards and Brcirdon made fust do-x'n on another end rmi. Morse made four through the line to place Ihc hall on Shawnee's 15 yard lino. Beck was nailed at the line. Morse and Mosley • v;ere stopped oil rur.s and tbe ball went to Shatvncc. A bad punt placed the ball on Shaw lice's" 3f yard line. Beck was spilled on ai end run. Mosley passed to Tipton for 3 yards. "Ntosley made first down, carrying the ball to the 15 yard -"-tripe. . Beck twisted thro'.ijh the hue for reven yards, then plunged three for first down, making it goal to so. Mosiey made or.e yard. Beck \va.s hekl without a e.ain. and Moslcv made two. then iiamged over fo the touchdown. Beck raced of tackle for the CNtra point, makin the score 13 to 12. Neither team was able to "".'.art a Eerious drive In the last quarter, although threatened when McClenon ran the ball 21 yards Ark. — Tho Inciinns of Oscrolii held thr' Wilron DuUdoiis to a C to ycstprdny. Papooses Win Over Aggie Hi The Junior high school Papooses defeated the heavy Ai^uie hiph Fchool team 6-0 in a came at Kavs Field in JoneMioro lasl niuhi. Th.e BUR DANK was a fam.yis HORTICULTURIST. Our \VOHLD • WAR DEBT Is •J1I.5S->,09S,S8S. BIlOKEn'S TIP won \bc last tDERBY. About 90 per cent of the books tak- pn out al the Harvard Circulating Li'jrnry nre murder mysttrlcs. pvtirif of my liU"';i-r fi ' fir. ;;f.od football vnn I'dUjf. o'll hi oilr \iPliiity MK-h nun us Cliff Aiih ATI Gi;;li:niic ol (lOri'V: Iln -nuii-, uf \Vpxi Vir«:ini I'.tul Kill" mid Fri-ius i fh-n-on. f tin- i-bovi* rj ifMiii i)j th rt c^i'iiu I!V AKT XI-IA Smiri- Spurt-i Writer My. 1; in . in 1:1 i|H "". in'. ".GUI by Ou:r;;!' !-' '.or of alhielii'N :\\ 11 is liin from formniion. :wts in the vo rile P'i.v.1 %f > Kr - .vith a run- ' , T am Vi-enkcr. <lircc- l!ie university, i "V" or punt .snapped lo not in 1 : anrl nrri of iinr-i^v moiui- Ba-nnim -.v:u-. anil ll'.r fni 1 :\ U>n- T U will smivp with in. jul Mnvv pnvc Ihc vrar. nfl^i \vin- Tur;. in iniL*. M'- 1 th:il Pal^S" of nf Hip fiiint hn«k:; . in year.';. Ornir** . \\lit'l] thn v.iih Ho MrMUUn Kil This 01 ; [ snbsiitntrs tout lh"i veir.eir.lx 1 ;' hack hi niT.v two" 11 ; ALL- PROSPECtS •". finfi backs in Hub G l.-l \"\ r nl!er Hi :arr. n'-. V.Tll 1 atn ai'.re to nii"-. ;'.iiiii'tl r.;< IF 'han tlii! \v, C'arneiiir Tci'h and FVini Ptat" IOWA STATES GRO'^O-SAlWEf? the fullback. t\o. 3. who cither 10 the Nn. 'J or No. Thi' Irlt civ.l d-iays atom three coun'.s. then i;oos down 10 yards, breaks .--harply !u the rlsht and 'lliat 10-2 upsei Uuke Linivorslty ll'rcv," in the face m" 'e»;:rssco proved one thing . . . that Freddie Crawford is all Co.trh \Ya'.:ace \Va:lc said he was—the be.--, t.iokle major unpntu'iits. to exprci !h~v aie '*"; n' \\-\\\\r.: fullbark. wi five yards. Tin right i~nti ami the NH. 1 en iloun :h.- I'ciri as decoy 1 :. No. 2 -.i: - .;l N'o. Great Lakes Skipper Defeat at Piggott, 19-12 Holds High Medal I I'XOT^.A. f=c!;;rn 1'u- lii-. 1 ! limi EtirKRIOR. Charles I!. ::: o'.'- il'.e Oro.-.'. U 1 .^!-?. i.s ;v; mcci- i csl as Capl. Gcom. Fieiu. who [amcci for hib vrscvies on the Atlantic. "Sailing's a jreat life." I'.e sav?. Tho llue-up T.iixora •Ther '.akc who hijtV once." Cap: am Mo'nr .^; 1,-Cl.:' :>1 Ii"- < ri Cur ijen. i:i>'i io:;i ucr on ri'.i 1 ! n-!>;i. in I'.l.W. If• i. 'iio cii'.v in ;iin tc- lici.l Ir.-- :i,! I'.o ever coached—and thai Fri\!rt;e w:!l be a hard puy in keep ott y.'m:' A'll-Amr-rlci selection. . . T: P hui-,f lad prvvod the way for (V.r.ehi:: to (i.ish ojf l-iat tOiicl-iiin-,\ n rim . . . and his pa.ver in i;--> lino hart by Rev. R. E. Fleming. Il has shks check, which lh< where tassels should grow and Is and of Its kind In thu Wi'.consin imo thr •Jl-0. All playeil biilliantly. and il AlhlV is OUL lO MIJJJ Ul.i- IJilUl. Ihf \'.'i si Piiintfr... |in>uaijiy '.\ill liin: :- : r o'Jr r llirt-c niKMUi'^ '.'.lid. ihe 'AupiikL - '-'i p:'ss. hlldtlle .'.y:.!' 1 !!!. r-.lli (•-•-III "'up :i!li( ilrjv.:!" .'.hili 'lur.Mi-t. o! h:;!l fi:i rii-i.-; v.ill caxi^e tilt- Army jik'nty i.f •.ir:pk 1 a'-ahl momenls. Zi;ppi:c'.s siicc'.;- 1 : in ihe 23 years :.e lins Ix-en ;u Illinois Ls envia- bl<'. Hi} luvi won . l cvc'ii \Vejtern ('onfercuce fl-iii-jiniin.-!!!!:.^ anri hns l.-'ri'iniiitHy bijV>:.»;i iiii v.ith an c'.itiil that co.iicin 1 : L? ij^noreii. Hi' has bc--:i .--u^ci-. : :=fu! mainly JtcaiiSR In: Klvnys has yelled for .! Hock nf i',i-v n'.o--f['.'-. This hii 1 ; \v!iaL lie's been ^iiiie Uriitnn tinit Cij-an^e. Anc Z'.ijiii nesds lo that Davenport should want In see B'jrwanger tollng the Icath- • for tht Maroons. Old Chicago en are like that. Davenport painted (he wonders o; ihe University of Chicago to the t-liier Bcrwanaer. Bin ihen Ihere v,i-re those lemjiliiij; otfrs Ironi ether nig Ten schools lam I speak- 'HK oul of turn?) And Papa B<:r-;o r had lo think of lint. Plus an Kilin alinn At Chi?a:;n Jay not only would CL-come a foothail and track star, but l:u M-ould (jet, an ediicntian, ar- Si:td Daveii|X>ri. and jou knov; an education LS sunieihin^ they can'L like away Irom you. But the ehicr! ?i'[wanger finally yieliltd to the i jlandlshinents of the rival sel-oa! "iiul lold Daveupori he had elecid- i d lo .send Jay to . Whereupon Ihe elder Eerwau- ;CT".S UOS.S said thai »oul<l be okay. .inci Oiil tiie eldvr Bcrwanger knov; Dflt YO!! KNOW THAT— Tht: champion of the bands is Ihe University of Illinois ouitil ... of :iOU pieces al home and 170 on the road . . . The late John Philip Sousa willed las banil litirary lo the Urbana boys ... a huge pile of music nut! he bestowed upon the hand the title, "ihe best college band in America." . . . Director A. A. Harding has worked out tv.-n c-spr-cially attractive formations tills year . . . one Ls an sir- plane lormalion with .sound effects , . . the other, "Time." depicts ,i clock with changing *iiat. . . Another feature i.s the Illini tMbal dance !ed by Chief lllinhvek . . . competition for the chief's job has been so stiir in recent years that contestants have been spending lli'-ir stinnntis in Oklahoma Icaniint; Indian dar.ce from the redskins. u a steps TRADE TALK C tie lirrc are iiaiulcil and. a- Pbv was about even in the car-!' 11 ' 0 played al uiulu Iv rait nf the came, with the ball, is fanlaslic. Abnvn ftavlii': near the center of tin-' Kriss, foiiucr Ohhi Si.iii-, field mo-l of the time. Enrlv In! slinwn iu llio * ih.' fivirth quarter Captain Mel-1 -•• vin Lapides of the Osceola tenm made a sneclneular no-ynrd run for a :n;ichdown. The Irv foi eelut failed. Wilson liorl the seme minutes later when, after his train had lo.-.! Ihe ball within, five yards of the Occola soal.i Paul Blake of the Wilson team • blor-kcd n punt by Taylor the 1:0:1! line antl recoveretl ball for a touchdown. In the last minutes of play both teams tried desperalelv with aerial Utacks to break the tie. but failed. Army, t!rsi3lte its impressive , r v2-0 v ."ia TLOIU IJ^iav ;.re List !inturduy. •IK! vicloiie.s i i.-cr Mrirer. and V. M. T.. jn-chah 1 ;. 1 uill i-iuer the 'jfnnc as unrlcn'o». Only thvec sif.v veterans of Inst year's squad VL"..Bonded when Gar Bnviiisnn called lirst practice. They VITC .!:ick Bnckli-r. hulfb.icki C:ii>;n:n Tlnrvry J;ih!onsky, rjunrd, nntl Titc Kopsack. e;::i. \Vitli those tl'.i'.?e as a nucleus, ll'.c yotii!3 lieuier.ant has added a ^i)y ixuued Joe Staucock. a fullback from Ne\v York; a couple of I !;• t;\cfcl?s, Jn"'.: llnlchifon and \V:r.n. and Paul Birlingtnne • I he ''lid oi'po.sim Pete Kop- :u!;. H. 1 h:>s ivMtlcd to^elhr-r is.nntli n-.uiit. Il * Liciicniuu^ to remark (hilt hi.-, yoai'.s C'ad'.-t. .squad is as good | s the one mud" ii|> of Tom Kil«'ay. Ken Fields, Piek Virtal. Bill Fr;-i-,t?cl. Mill Suinmcrfeld. Dick n^ and Roy Evans, of last .sea•:-n. t:, isn't— .ui'l that's one rea- why it had .such a lough tune keatins iiUle Mercer. 19-12. rly in ihc yenr. There are several potontial yrid -als in tlip Ai niy's lineup, and Uavidson ran nnearlh and f: iheui ifMnst lllinoib. he n-.iv COD Ihe r.o'J. Bui H'.s our C|:i[iion the Illinnis yr.m? comes /L'SI one year loo earlv. ] Texas Evangelist Gets ! Forgiveness From Court SAN 1'iisl trailc tali; si tlii- 111^:'. baveb.'ill sP;* Hill Hissell. Ci'jvt. ninl [.l.,yd Hiown. Id 1.1 > i'iti-lici. 'flic i.l.l -til :i;;U- lotty. u I'.l-cv.vii. -ml :u«j r:lll:i willi Ci • i tit in: iin'.iivr s: ami slim I- ;i-l 1. lOlt. t .SijX SUlltl!- j O/>K ANTONIO, Tex. <UP»—E. J. Hierhoker. Kerrville. Tex., evangelist, now may sleep the sleep of the righteous, knowing that he Is right not only with God,. but n\fa with the Be.xar County Commissioner's Court. Several weeks aeo Hierhoker wrote to the convt confessing that "around 1919 or 1920." before he "got right with God." he stole a tjunntity of gasoline I'rom a county-owned stoiv. He enclosed a dollar as partial payment for the fuel and expressed willingness lo, go to jail for the remainder if the court refused lo awnit further payment!; when he could afford to moke them. Recently the court voted (o return the money and in n letter informed the evangelist he was "foryiven" by the court. BIG DOUBLE SHOW Saturday - Sunday RITZ ON THE STAGE IN PERSON Runs Ferris and His Hubby to Wed Wife in Every State of Union NEW YORK. (UP)— George N'ew York newspaperman, idt'rs himself so lucky to have D:;:o:;y Morrison. Broadway ac- tr. *=. as his bride that he is go- II.: to marry her in every elate in h' Union, he announced lorlay. "In spite of the local ceremony, f •_: insecure every time a hanrt- ~n;c fellow looks al Dnrjthy." said. ''So I've gotten a ii'ave absence and we're going 10 say •t.' in every state from ihe rock- l\ (i coast of Maine to ihe sunny : of California." lute raid he and Miss Morri- wonld leave wilhin a month heir marital marathon. HiR Stage and Screen Show Al No Arivante In Prices! "BROADWAY VANITIES" • CAST OF 25 ARTISTS This show combines everything to please—Dancing, Specialties beautiful Girl Chorus, Gorgeous Wardrobe, Music, Comedy and Specialties of Kvery Type - FEATURING FERRIS and RAY . I.ilc of "The Cat and the Fiddle," ami Kddio Cantor's Rnots." "Kill same was played as a feature to the one between ansas State and Tennessee Tech. According to Assistant Coach John Holland, who accompanied he team to Jotiesboro. the Pfl- oooses' goal line was never in danger as the Aepie team did not advance the ball nearer than the 30 yard line. Tlic Paps v.-cre minus the services of Fisher, Salioa. While and Brownlee. who were out on account of injuries sustained in rcriminasc and In tbe Kclser pame. „ I Tlic Paps touchdown came in the j first quarter as result of a pass " from Brown to Johnson. Brown ~nd Hutchlns slurred on ihe offense. Frrsk C'i Murder Mysteries 1'opuhr ; SPRING Hll.L CANrBRTDGE, Mass. (UP)—I freak corn stock OXY Sunday - Monday MAT. & NITE— lOc - 25c l-'AY WRAY and CiENK RAYMOND in 'ANN GINA and GAINO "KKD HOT FEET," from the Hir-lrtw-ay s.liow. "Strike Mr ' Pink." HARRY FORBES Krnm Al Jolspn's "Wonder Bar." and from Ihc production "Shoiv of Shows." ALBE SISTERS Late of "Hot-Cha." N'nvcilv Rod vk & McC'irllotigh Conictly TUDOR CAMERON ,lc Oriiheum and RKO Heail- lirr Comcillsn CHUCK WILSON l.alr of "Take A Chance" The Ritz-Carlton Orchestra—The Vanity Girb Chorus SUNDAY PRICES; Uc and 40e 'til 5 o'clock—We to all .after s. Time of Vaudeville- 4 !"• >'., T P. M., 10 P. S1-—3 Complete Show*. Compitte Change of Picture and Stage Show Surdiv BIG MUSICAL SHOW On (lie Stage anil Screen BING CROSBY in TOO MUCH HARMONY' A 1,80 MrSIC\L SHORT—"HOLLYWOOD 1'UK.MIEUE" WITH MOKE MUSIC, DANCING AND COMEDY PARAMOUNT NEWS

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