The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1949 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1949
Page 19
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8J 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams (ARK.) . CO.URIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc DOKTT, WA--DOWT SOU TRV IT/ H6 LEFT TH' BALL THERE T S^U S> FOR ,&MT, AMD I BTf AND 7 JT BVTHE71M6 I \ 6OTTHE BALL OUT OF THAT VACAWT LOT BRIAR PATCH I HAP FOUR RUMMERS ANP COCKLEBLJRS.' YAK.' AL-ZO,Oljl EGAD,PROFESSOR MUSCAT6L, HOW YOLj-CLASS.lPY MY FOE TWeMeo- CLASSICIST -—NOTe ' RHYTHMIC fORM,fH& OF RODIlO'S STYLE, FRee ARCHITECTONIC INHIBITIONS, AND HAREMS SACK! TO <&OT DIS ; Flr-SISH '-*— I ; YEARS AiftYBE? OrJD ISS DOT KPfUVT I'M' SM£U:lrJ& MIT SPARBRIRS PROM DER KlDCHErJ ASTRA AP-T SCORES VJlTHTUE PROFE Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142. Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL. CO. 10 ; 21 pk 11 Lost Envelope contatng* postnl tarings notes In name of Nina Iteecler.' Finder plCA&e contact Mrs. Tert England. 409 8. First Ph. 2041 Day* or GIBS nights. Reward. , 11[2 pk Hi4 LOST: - Green zipper , money bag containing cardB, punch, ring, fountain pen. about $6 In money. Property of Corky Allcen, Courier News carrier boy. Finder please return to Conner Newn oftlce or call "4461. 10 31 dh tr For Sale, Cars arid Trucks Harley-pavldson . ti O.H.V ' special Deluxe with windshield spot lights anil iols of extras. Like new Shelton Motor Co. u|! pk , 1|B 47 apecla] 'deluxe Plymouth 4-door sedan. Low mileage. Perfect condition " Chry " er 4 ' t " xir «" I " n ' C1 "">P- io|3i pk Before you buy"; see* these USEDCARS ? 1947 Kaiser Sedan, has radio & heater. The price is low. J|S41 Pontiac 2-door Sedan, radio &. heater. Very clean. 1940 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. Priced to sell. 1949 Kaiser DeLuxe 4-dobr, only 12,000 miles, has all accessories. Big discount! Be iure to" see this car. "x Several older model cars; at give-away prices $ $200. tieTerai otner excellent buyp to chooM from 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiway 61 Phone 2142 • 8-5 ck « Wanted to Bov coin picker. Ph. . 10.31 p* 11|7 Highest pnc« palfl roi c:HlnKENS IliUS *«n atrret Orown & Market " w »«!>. 811 ck tl Someone to By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART t. 194?. HEA SEHVICF, INt XXVIII QSADUALLY, as the spring slipped into summer, tlle'anger and grief in Jenny's hoarl softened a little. ....-..••' . The shop was doing remarkably well and took up an enormous amount o( her time. Nina went East in early summer, on a buying trip, and came back elated with success at obtaining several exclusive new lines of merchandise. They were both pleased with the way things were going. .'". Rick filled what void there might have been left.; The:twiris.adored him, and Jenny found enormous comfort and pleasure in his company. He took to coming up on Saturdays, and he always had ideas for making it a memorable 'afternoon for the twins. Sometimes it was the amusement p'ark on the other side of town, an exhausting round" of merry-go-rouud and miniature train rides, and cotton candy. Sometimes it was a run down to Centerville so that Mrs. Morris cbuld_sceUhe boys: ; Tod came once a month lo see the children, but always when Jenny was absent. Of these visits, Mrs. Drew had little information .to volunteer, and Jenny's pride ' kept her from asking about them. She hated herself for the way she was always hoping tor a glimpse pi Tod, on the street perhaps, or in a theater crowd, and the way she was always listening vainly (or someone to mention him. But her friends seemed to go out of their way to avoid mention of his name. It was like a vast conspiracy. They only meant to be kind, of course. • • « » j^S for Tod, as far as hearing any news of Jenny was concerned, the case was much the same, except that his circle of friends, and the people who worked with him in the agency, scarcely knew her, so there vyas no conspiracy of silence. Several.of them mentioned the divorce, of course, wondering when it would be up for trial. But their interest was centered on his relationship with Liz. Liz was in Michigan at the Conover summer place during the hot months,. She couldn't stand sticky weather. Mr* Conover chartered a plane sgvera) week-ends and he and Tod and several couples Hew up. Liz was proudly possessive. "Tod and 1 ought to write a book about us, oughtn't we. darling? We've had one of those dramatic romances. Poor sweet Tod—" Her slim soft hand would, stroke the back of his neck while she talked. She always had her arm about his neck, a thing he couldri't stand, hut of course he couldn't tell her that. "I'm afraid 1 treated him badly, but then you probably heard about it." And then she'd go oil into the details of her elopement with Courtney, and the way she'd come back all humble and contrite, only to find she'd married some little insignificant nobody, just for spite. Once Liz said, "And- cnn you imagine, the poor thing produced twins, right oft the ball" . Tod felt his (ace'go"white'arid he had-said quite unceremoniously to, Liz, "Shut .up, will you!" That was the first time they quarreled. '' . ' " Liz snapped back. "You'll have to admit it was funny. Twins are always funny. And the joke was on you." : He reriiembered suddenly the way Jenny had looked up at him in .the hospital.'her eyes son of blurry and siee'py from the dope J-J Private Rooms Large front bedroom, private entrance) 622 W. Main. 11|1 pic 8 2 bertrooms adjoining bath. Men only. .Mrs. E. p. Blomcycr. ph. 2666. - 11|1 pk B Comfonabte bedroom, close to town. Men only 311) w. Wnlntil. 10;29 pk 11;29 '-Sleeping room ftdjolnlhg"bain. Working puuplc or 2 girls. 102 E. Kentucky ph. 4027. - 10,27-pit |l|3 Bleeping rooms h. 2818. Intdrsprlng Mattress 10,25 pk lt|8 Nice bertro'om. Men only Adjoins oath. 613 Walnut Phone 2496 ' 8;28 ck llj2S Front bedroom, rh. 2338. 11-3 pk 11,3 Bedroom, prlyat* bath Ph 4543 10,3 pK Business Opportunities Oooa business opportunity ror men or women. A!) or hair Interest In lucrative used clothlns. wholesale or """ tm«n.css. Small down payment. IJ ' 3 w ' Main. 10,131 P k n;« Female Help Wanted AHE TOti" UNHAPI'YT A nicer home, better clothes and security can br. yours with a good stcafly Income.. We must select a« -energetic, well groomed woman- now for a pleasant lull.-tlme -CRreer In fine silver. Liberal percentage .basis. No delivery, collecting or ^canvn.sslng. You must have & car'anrt. oc over 25. Complete training at . our expense.. Alter n Irlentlly interview' and 'aptitude tests, we will give you nn honest yes or YOU cameras i u r 'a HTU1UO- S!?' oy ' this IS GE H**AL CON PURCHASE CORPORATION! gets off here for all types of loans." In England . If's the Chemist Shoj> In France It's tht Apothecary Shop . In Blytheville It'i BARNEY'S DRUGSTORE' , For Expert Prescription Service •S;"T'U D E B Some Good -Some Not So -Good, But Bargains at the Price ' ' '41 Ford'Coupe. '40 Ford 2-dgor ' '•10 Slud, Comm. '39 Chev. (Two) 'J9 Plym. 2-door '37 Ford 2-tloor '37 Chcv. .Coupe '36 Chev. Coupe "3;V Dodge 2-door '27 Uuick' 4-door See These and Many M6re Today Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash STUD E B A PAGE NINETEEN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BUKSCB »iniii({ Room Blues YOUR MOM.I&O.LARD? \ YEAH. AS LCT4S THESE FEMALES REALLV , SOT'STOMACHS TW MOD HAVE us OVER A BARRR.' ) R-lweTwelL Nja»a5r S OFF OUR CHAINS/, Sfl^^C- I'd get along tine at this school it it wasn't tor the profs trying to^show us up by asking questions In class!" I'ULSCILLA'S TOP Life GUI J! C Dutiful BY AL VERMEER 1 CERTAINLY ENVY YOUR 1 COULDN'T WASH O«HE5 NICE WHITE HANDS MRS EVERY DAY AND KFEP MY HANDS LIKE THAT/ BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANR ON THE PORT SIDE. CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLJE'TURNER A. GftK'G ff THUGS WAS WE DO ATTACKING THIS MMJ. SUM! ) FOREIGNERS COMIMG 1 TRIED TO GW6 HIM AHOND^X 1UTO SAM MOKLIHGO ( AUD BEATING UP THE HOWEVEE, THEES TIME WE OVERLOOK THE OFFEMSE PKOVIPED VOU 1WO ARE OUT OF TOWM WITHIM 14 HOURS! GET DOWN INTO THISPWF/ LUCKS fOf.O(M SIZ.ED REPUBLIC! » HAPP6N60 UOM MIT r« sowii rr SUSY r ftND THE STRAWGEE f\RE HftUlEDTO . THE POLICE k STftTIOM,:. BUGS BUNNY Shock Absorbers "JPM.'T I SEE TH' SECONP HA.rJG> GUV DCL1VER YA FIVE A\*vTTRE5SES THIS MORfjlN't WHAT YA POIN'... STARTIN' A > ' NO, HOTEL? ,-J 3-BUT I STILL NEED Oh! It's;Like Thntl BY V. T. HAMLIN SIT rVLONS. BAfeNEV BOX DON'TCrUS \VHKTCHA SKY' WHO D'YA THINK YOU ARE? SCAEErUFIKSTCNE. OF . SO-DAMQ Nk3HTKAi?E5 STICKS HE>0 UP GETS A SLUS HOOTS AND HEK BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN they'd given her, and s:i!cl "It was a <]iriy irick-ot me—twins- can you imagine!". lie had Liz's arm llien, shaking it, stopping the bantering flow pi words. He saw vaguely Ihe looks on people's faces, open-mouthed, ralher shocker!, as Lliz said.."You're mirting me!" And he saw the dark bruises on her'arm where he'd gripped H angrily. "I'm sorry," he mntlercd. And afterward he had said to her in (he car as he took her home, "Liz, Please, let.'s eul out the talk about Jenny and the twins. 1 mean, lei's leave them out ol it, shall we?" She'd looked at him' sharply, "What's the matter, darling?. Don't tell me you're getting sensitive about Jenny." ' - • * • • E swore suddenly and said in a savage lone, ''Just cut i( out! I'm. divorcing her and leaving the twins and marrying yoil: Isn't thai enough? Can'! you let them alone?" "You sound as though 1 were making you do it against; your will." - . i, . . - .. "1 know—it's what 1 wanted,"' he admitted lonelcssly. He gripped the wheel so that his knuckles showed while and his jaw tightened. V'es, il '.had t been .what he wanted. All during Ihe-iime he- was married to Jenny he had thought of Liz. There had always been the thought in (he back ol his head somewhere lhai. his marriage ,to her was only temporary. He had never stopped wanting Liz, and now he, was going to "get her. This vague sense of dissatisfaction he felt was"entirely ' due to the fact that LI/ and he were ap'art. "1 wish you'd come home, darling," he s.iid. "It's darned 'lonesome with me down (here and'you up' here ill-Michigan." "' •"' "Just wait until September, dqar. Alter, all, , there isn't any point' iii my coining back in this heat when the divorce doesn't come up for trial until Seplcmbei And when 1 do come." her soft hand stroked his cheek. "We'll be 'together for good." . "1 guess you're right." He drove on And he began u> think ol Jenny again. . (To Be Continued) hfAY BE p rllE ONE we're for. Avon Cosmetics h:..s fine Inexpensive new Christmas Gift line ready now. We need women to nut as neighborhood Representatives, For appointment Phone Mrg. Fowler .^las: pk.'ll|4 Fo 2 comfortable' bedrooms. Furnace heat.- Ph.- 2MB or 4971. . 24 pk I fig Comfortable 'bedroom, r'OU RENT: Frozen .Food lockei. "lay locks High way'61 Phnne 3172 'Phone 888 K-E R

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