The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1933
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1933 PAGB MV& BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.) COUBIBR HBWB , C6c , 05c CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per iino :or consccu- lite insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time pel linn 101 'Hvo limes i>cr hue. per day •)nre« times per linn per day his times per line, per day . Month rate per line SOc Minimum charge 50e Ads ordered for three or six times ami stopped before expiration will be charge? for the number of times !1"C ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy by persons residing out- Bid'; of the city must be accom- 1 anied by cash. Rates may be easily compuicc. from above table. :;o responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect in- scilion of aiiv classified ad. Advertising crdered for Irregu lar insertions take the one lime rale. Phone 3% or 307 <U8S DIRECTOKY DO<;S,J'KTS For llrollli)' I>«S» '""'I Miller's Uatlon & <!«'vk l.iim-li III'UBABU 1IAH1HVAKK CO. llckll-11 SPORTING GOODS I: limited in Mississippi Cmurly. Ar-1 fml tlic cat m'aiu every dity fov moilicr-ln-law ami aiiul k^nsr, Ui-ftil: i as long us Iho nnlnml lives Arlhiinio \<M. You will find a compute line ct NEW MODEL BICYCLES ul Hubbaril Hardware Company. COAL & WOOD Before son buy Coal—You can save money. Phone 119, Corner Railroad and Ash Sis. Barinick's Coal Yard. We klO-^u We arc exclusive agents for «ris toil Genuine Montcvallu Coal and Sipsy, Arkansas Anlliraclle and ' Kentmky Coils. khonc 177 K. F. Kr> Wonder City Coal Comiiaiiy Oo kll k::ns'.' . Tin- undivided imi'-half mler- i'.,l of J. I'- Willmms in and lo tin" South Itu acres of the Southeast 'L and the Soulli- i>.i:,c 'i of Ihe Sunluttesl 'i of Section 'il, Township 1!) North. Hitngc 11 Easl. Lot No 10 in Block No. 1 in Davis Addition to Blylhc- villL'. Arkansits. Tile purchaser at .such sale will' M rccprimt lo execute bond with approved security. SnU! sale will tc made lo satisfy fiiid execution for a balance due on said Judgment, in the of $5'J07.79, witli interest li'Cicon al :;ix per cent \K-I annum fioiii January Sith, 1033, the sum oi 51.70, tax and costs of said cx- cciilion. ami Ihe cost.s ol this sale. Tills Hill day of Oclober, 19:13. C. H. WILSON. Sherill, By K. r.. David. U. S. j as long u.s Hi _ ... - - , ._ had been lold there would l>c nui included - - at.I- ' from IJ38 tlic- orlglniil ar- crly aeiwur mm riicin urnture. A bu»l o aas family were attracted to tliu lu i; , | ; ccn placed In Hie btuily In ya.d where thn cat was milk-1 uhlcli -roc narked. PHONE 107 BUCHANAN "Ojir Conl is Black Uut We Treat You While." 9c kll- loom In tin- new home for Ihc cat. I lidos are a .stove, u desk nnd bcd- Shcrlly aflemnd members of t \ Kni furniture. A biial of Pallas the family fioiu yn.d where thn cat was inns-, Inu unusual noises. Niivestlgalinj;,; McCulchoon found a large raUle-j f o . nnM , i- p arm : n _ -nuke colled where members ot; vO-operailVB Farming " Project Was Succesi COALUALK. I'.i. i UP)--The sue- of a "cooih-ratlve" farming vrnlnre iu which 30 unemployed A now novel, hulled alike In Ainvrkcu iiml- Kin-opr,— only sold 389 copies In It* first, two monllis of publication. i , ». - /\fi- .ogue of Nalwni Uitice the faintly were walk. accustomed to Poe's Original Home In Philadelphia — , ber of persons visited the Leseuo ' known lo give nmcli us 70 cents 1 Notions and the. Intcmallontl (or a pencil with "l.ciiijiie of Nft- Labor Olflec during the tuiiiincrUom" sliimped on It. o hoi.,. of :, B o. l.« « A«c« Poc Alaska-Canadian Road Urged to Aid Auto Travel;»r „ on (he tann i ini; the tlma ihcy lined the &^£g&Z*5r& Many original manuscripts, first \ throuishoul the uliiiei. editions and other valuable pieces i ^ ^ -„, L ,, UK ";,ip ) _.. M -.ii "FOR SALE CAFE, good biiiiness. cause of other interests. Address E" Courier. Nc»- and Used Furniture Bought and Sold etovca repaired—Any mako Akin Hardy 511 \V. Ash. Ihc BEER whc are drinking BU1)- YVEISLK, klr-s of bottled Reer. 20c klO-20 FXPERT TyiKwriliiiB WK 1 Adding Machine Uepairlng. U. S, Blank- cnship. lit! K. lio-w. C" "Hippy days arc here again." Diiiik BODWEISER, kins «' lK)1 " tied beer. ^ kll) -' Kcgistertd f.ptiiccr Corsctierc MULBERRY a.ld CATALPA posts a; 109 Lake SUccl. 21pk28 GENEVA (UP) lirc A record nura-' m(r - R ul \ya, avconllllt; lo officials. Tin: lulemntlonM'-Labur -Office, received afl.OOO visitors (hiring 1 'July itnil August. 1033, compared wllli [3.MO iliirlhi! the sumo period of Nut tons 1 uUendnnU CU iiciicd \, y u lc 6um . visitors, who have been Rajor Was Not M l)»r»ftrous'' JIOSTON '(UP)—Mrs. ConchcUi I'liMiimntt was charged vfllh slnshlnu Mrs. Angelina Im|>C[ato willi »• razor- to. that 32 stitches In (tie woman's neck and 16 In lior arm were needed. The jury brought In u verdict, of "euUly of ass-.iult with u weapon." eliminating the *onl dangerous from the orllilntil chamc. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Abern -VOU JES THW HOU€.t , ^O TELL ... r SOMPW-IS WA,oOTi VKJOPtt \N TUtWH , TsO YOU KNOW 9 _ T W/\N1 HO SEE V\lW\ K)R /V ^ FCW fvMNUTES, ^UT THEY •J TELL fV\fc HE vmNT 4 HUNTIhT— ^•S, JUST L_N-i, C WHY, *Vt Trtt MMORS ^ 2[ DUCK VAUNT IKIG/BEUEVE t*\t? <2±3 ™— -. --i^5ft^«s5!s£a£ s = i «ff =S^*JtrSS; S ^VSWW«;i'fffi=2sfi autcmotiile travel irom northern' with his wife, Virginia, and his »ir relcgntftl lo Ihc junk ueaicr. Alljcrlu lo California, siwnsors de- j ^__^^^^ cliire. 'Die hlgliway would like with points in the 1'eacc ind Ij(?s£cr Ti-avel from i'OR SALE—1932 Chevrolet Sedan. Good condition. X, Courier News. REAL ESTATE TORNITURE New and Used Dodsl!n 301 ^ L. G. Jloss Dlylheville's Cut Kate Undertaker 10p-kll-lO Come in. list your real cstilc Sec what we have to sell L. M. Terry. Licensed Dealer, Terry-Worlhlnston Title Co. Chlhevillc rhonc CH KOlt SALE-10 acres acocl land ail-1 joining No. 'J PlnnlnUoii, $1= acre. Terms. ion SALL — Pretty cottngc on Kentucky, 5 rooms and bath, 5800 cash. Quick sale. THOMAS LAND COMPANY . lie k24 River Slave Lake region, this district to Ed- noiilon. Great Falls, Mont.. Salt Lake City, Utah, would over tl'.e Sunshine Trail route. The Sunshine Trail now is com- iMe between Edmonton anil Tireat Falls, the section of the highway having been i surfaced from Great Falls to Ihc | border recently. Cat Warns Family HELTON, T'cx. CUT)—Garland McCiilcheon, small son of Arthur ilcCiitclieon. may take along cat when the family moves fiom Bclton to Stamford. Tex. Not only CLBAN'BRS, TAILORS for Quality Cleaning Pnonc 180 Barnes HnWa Cleaners FOR RENT Four Room Apart inciil. Call 321 day-55. nigiu. 2»p k'2 It Pays to Ix>ok Nice Send Your V.'oclcn' Dresses • lo Unique Cloning Service I'honc 171 •JOc kll-21 TWO Unfurnished Rooms ncnr ' town. Call HT.". Miss Minnie Lee Jones. 2( >P M5 URliSSMAKING SEWING, Alt-;rr.alions, Very Rca tollable. Miss Louise Crane, Phone -22c klO-22 AUTOMOTIVE Gateway Garage Ciuod Mrchanice-Work Guaontucd Trices Kishl lOp kio-i November 1st. 5 room house with ' heat, Eonlh lOlh St. Telephoned :97 and 571. '•^ lck '- ! ' i apartment. 17cKl FURNISHED 2 room 700 West Walnut. y.ra. Ed llarciin, 101' klO-2! ?UftNISHED Hedrooin. Call after 1 o'clock. Walnut. M dern 3 room furnished or unfurnished apiTlmcnls. newly dec-1 crated, over K'rby Drug Co. Also '.lore huildiiiL 1 adjoining Roxy Theatre F. Simon, 120 W. Davis Auto Glass Al! Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumlcr Co. ;0c kll-10 WRECKER SERVICE Call us wlren you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call G33. Sliousc-Litlli: Crcvrolct Co. 10ckll-10 27c LOST LOST—At .^cliudl or w:liool Hroumts. 1 girl's red sweater with tilver billions. KEWAlin. Plionc 811. STRAYK1) ALTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait. Call us for better service. Phone 633. bliousc-Liltlc Chevrolet Co. 10ckU-10 I all 308—Red's Place 118K. Main For Auto Painting Body and Fender Sen-Ire Formerly wiih Shousf-I.ittlc Co. 26c klD-2G Strayed — lllack 1'olami China pis, wcighl aljout 100 His. Reward. Notify Raymond Stringer. PUor.c 279. FOUND LARGEST STOCK TJSKD PAKTS Between Memphis nnd St. Louis Also Auto Glass — Phone GO JACKSON AUTO FARTS CO. 2c kll-2 THKEE KEYS on ring. Ix-lween Farmers Basil: and Railroad. Owner may have same by comin? lo Courier and paying for ad. llsx If PERSON At, I'repare Your Car for Winter Willanl Ballcrirs-Evr really Prcstono Arvir. Hcawrs - A. C. Spark I'tups llliBBAKU IIAKDVVAKi: f«. Automotive Dept. Day & Niglil Service aiation Complete Line Shell Pnxlucl:> Repair Work at Any Time Milton Slcrnbcr^ Phone 605 lOc kii-ia Hues Cleaned, repaired, ir.spcclcd. Work eiiaranlocd. W. W. Booker. Call IOC. 13p kll-13 I>rink tlic best for the same pricr BDUWEISEit kinj of bottled hcrr. . 20ck CUKTA1NH cxift-rlly Kinnilorid aucl sticlchc'i. X>- I-'" 1 . Mrs. Henley. tall 335-W. I8c 1:23 I.KGAL NOTICES BA1TKR1KS Hallcry <fc Hadialor Strvke We guaraulcc you belter tallury or ratlialor work for lets money. Any make radiator repaired or rc- coicd. Gel our prices on new and rebuilt baltcrlcs. Call 633. Sliuusc-I.ittlc Chevrolet Cu. lOckll-10 New Fr>r<l Batteries Itcnlal-Kcrharsirs-Kciiairins 111 TIIIE it KATIEKY STATION 25c klO-25 For I'roninl Itallcrjr Service Vhonc 8 Ben Chine 2ckll-2 MATBK1AL \V A L, L P A P E R Slnt'le v:om lots $1.00 2000 rolls old patterns at Oo 1'j'i MAYFLOWER line lOc 10 20c E C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO 29c klO-29 NOTICK or I:XI:CI:TH>N- SAI.F. 01- 11KA1. ESTATi: Notice is hereby civcn that Ihe unclersisned. as Strrilf of Mss- ST:-.ip]n County. Arkansas, by vir Inn of a certain writ of cxcculio: •vsnetl on Octolwr 12tli. 1933. Ihc Clerk ol Ihe Circuil Court, of Misitraippi CouRly. Arkansas. Os- ccoia District, npuu a ccrlain Juds- vncnl lalrly Coitrl. in .1 in s wherein W-Her E. Taylor Unnk Cemmissiobcr of (ho Stal ol Arkansas, in cliarsc of the iiq uidalion ol tlic Bank of Oscc P:i'. an insolvent tanking corpo lalion at O.SCCOK-.. Arkansas, wa . ... plaintiff and J. L- Williams, was\ r ; dclsndant. in favor of the salt! — Waller E. Taylor, as such Bank Commishlonc-r and against Ihc said J L. Williams, will, on Saturday, November 4lh, 1333, and between Hi" hours ol nine o'clock, in Ui? fen-noon and thrr.- o'clock iu the afternoon, on said day, al the Eouth door of the Court House, IP the City of Blylhcvillc. Arkansas. ofTer for sale, at public auc- . , tion, lo the highrEl bidder, upon 0 1 s" 1 "- - ------ • -,.--- tiucc nionthf, Hie ^ ...... following described HE COULDNT (X - OF A MARKET HOOKff IX3ESNT REC06N1ZE ME,MINUS TAY MOUSTACHE HrA-rv\-HE"'S Of Rattler on Path thai, he has been aulliorized lo BOOTS AND HER BUDDIKH t 'i .1V.V FOR VIVA \ 5W.SOOT&-DO f\ OWE ' "STWt TOVYBKCV. WASH IS HAI'PY! «v<JH TIIKIW WASH 1UKIS5 WITH EUCtTEMENT. THE -THREE SEP^RWe, WASH GOU46 OCWOW LWt, E&SV TO THE HI6H BrtlK, AMDGML UPTHt GULCH. FBOH'THE FIRST ons Trtpui THE ire WO HUMORED DISCOVER^, A BUM GUBSS! SA1,BSMAN SAM ORDERS or" coRvJ Beef- UftRO BolLF.rj E'3, HftUD Boii-e.D , . ROLLS AW' (\ COUpLtN WUoS O 1 BEER. ! . THJO C«dO p LftTE COM) TURKEY! AND HIS FRIENDS NOW,VJHAT SAY IS FOR _' • THE 6000 of JUST WANT TALK1 ABOUT T» MILFORO SY'TWE.VWY^RASH, E OM W THE CLUBHOUSE FOR A : YOU SEE WE BOW. OMERTP , SCRUBS.'. RUM S16SIALS FOR A WHIl.E,STJB6Y'

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