The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Rickey Believes in Disciplining Flavors But l)i//y's Irrepressible RUTH'S SAGA GOES ON BLYTIIBVILLE (ARK.)' .COURIER NEWS dins is Hit (cntli of •ir'hlis on Tim Smartest Jinn in )!a»—Ur.inrh Kickoy, (he man Uliiml tlie v.oi-l:! champion , St. I u s Cardinal?.) KV MAHUY Cjlt.lYSOr-; Sports Editor XL A Service Ih-Ahch Kickjy says that (hi- disciplining of tlu- famous D.?a!i brothers las; '.summer had more to do v n fie ,'i\. l.ouls Cardinals winning the Nutisnai L?a<:ii'e and world chimoioii'hips than any other one thinp \o player Is bigger than I he t, ni» says the nun who built the Ii r fii i i R-.-d Bird orifanl/niioii. In club rallied !;> 2'Yanl- Frisch when the Dea'ns wnl oil a rampage after being s t ao ] ior refusing io j;o to Det Jii fo nn exhibition fume. A new '!>' u \is born. Tile Cardinals won s > sfilj.-a with the Deans on Ihe i'd-lints." 1 lew:/ lilies to tell of his flrst peek at Dlw.y. It takes him bats lo the tprlng training of Ihu Shaw- nes, Okie.., club in 1030. D an hact gone lo Shnwncfl from Homtoi. Tnere were 300 yoimc; pVver in the snmvnec camp, sent tn-re by thr Cardinals. They were performing In one of endless games <i\ which the score means nothni, .and. | V tiieh are conducted so Coaches i\nrt managers may get. {- line on ability of the players. Aft"i several pitchers had mack- I'l ! njrarance, a tall yotiii? f?i- low n n;d Dean went to the inaund. He never had pushed pro- fe« 'unl b,ir;'tall, 1 JU ( ): e simek lie pitch--:!. ' "' Si\ \Vnif:-, in a Itu-.v Uca-i l:ari a great fast ball. an;i Rid s a>keti thr coaches to let him ril--:i another imiln:- Vain 1 " s ruck oi.t thr-.-j m:n. " ' ' P'c/c\ look out one of ihe cards 1>" i r.lcs. n: It | wrote -St. Joseph" on H Si. josBuh is a Cardinal C a^i A farm in tits Western I,-i"u« c l-i\uieo was a class C rlub "' TfL m iruj-er of Ihv £lwv,-i!;j club imi s-.crul others tried lo d'ssuad* Hi'ivej from fK n;iing D.-nn to a club a:> in h sr, JU. Jo.t.-p|i. pointing out thai D r.y hnd absolutely no cx- pe'lcnc- Rickey stuck to his dc- usion however, and t-vcntiiallv pcin was sent to St. Jossph w!-ev» h" von 17 games. Latir ho ptomotoil to Ifoiis- ron -nit ivas pitchin.i; for the p.-n- nint \ 1'iniiiE Cardinals before th->! jear. was oi:t. The cveni-i" -of the day Dixr.y> "tiuc-. out six men in two"Innings 1 nt Slnwnee. I?lpkc v met him in in- hot-1 lobby ' D«m«muptoR ic k f :yn !i: | s ,kl Io th s hit-key pr\!t ? ,,ded to have 'oreolt-n ihal ^ ,. vcr had seen 3 Klo* Dizzy Dean. V'nnls your nams?" hs asked DEZJ said. "My name's Dizzy D"n Jerome Doan. Do ,,. t 0 know ,„<,? rm the fellow who struck cut ss iiK^ in h,o inning., („'. anrt'SV' I>:mderL '<l n f « v moments «'"> tUu E3i d. -Oh. yes, I believe I do renumber a I e l!ow named • l V : ^^^ *w- •;.wfc-c'.. m®. .(£* R\7 TTfrinrr n| !" lnsl nilrns an 'l Hums took the AI T V\ OOP I-»Y IXrCuZ full- H wasn't much of nn cxhlbl- m ' ljlj > uul •' (Ion. THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1931? C-'OSTON,UJi'-itRr; HE coHE ihTo THE MAJORS AS ^ Rep so/ PITCHES, BASE RUTH 00^ A MElUSHiRT AS ASS'STAHT MflMOG-ER fa-iO VICE PRESIDENT OF THE BRAVES full, it wasn't much of nn cxhllji (Ion. With Smith's arrival Bums and Smith started over ugaln, two out if three foils, hut the time consumed by the substitute nnd Burns counted against the hour time limit. After about 15 infinites of a fast exchange uf grips Burns won the first fall with his Japanese leg Jock. -Smith made .several attempts to brcuk the unusual hold before iidniittine loss of the fall, contrary ui the actions of most, of the boys who have been on the other end ni Hums' grip. As a rule the fall i.s granted in quick order when DIII-IIS applies Ws peculiar grip in which (lie legs of his opponent are cinipht around one of his own in .such a manner thai he /minis MI creel, using only the prcs- Minr of his leg to win the fall. Hnil'h took the second fall with, •it iirmlrjck nfter concentrating his ailuck on the nrin. Burns' righl. 1 'in 1 .some time. There wa.s no particular clanger nl n full in the few minutes they toili'd until the time limit was ivuchud. .Smith, a recreational instructor: in u Jackson gym, and one of hisi pupils, a litlle girl, gave in exlii- ' WUon of acrobatic uimlillng ufter tlic preliminary event. CLOUDS ON OUR HBRO'S HOKfSCON! 'ty llamJiH ACT II (Year 1!W> Tiie thousands mourn, the Buhc ii Thr liabi 1 , n mlKhty mini h lie. , (lone; With 11 IOIIR Hint lusty socks a baseball o'er Ihe v.jili. His ml-hly tot is stilled. ' ACT III ' (Year l!)35| wiilt.! He Is not ready yet pep; o""J i/ni. 1:1 riuuuu. • "Sim; pins have lost. Ihelr r " losc " is '"st-ditch bout. It's back to Benntovvn as a Brave— ,,,., , ,, ,. pep; us i>aa: io uennlotvn as a Brui '^'li"^..".* .."! 0 :™fL.. ::ho ''l:__.. A »<<.."" P'lolJclK are niledl Who was that hollered "Our? By Harry Gray son mime (;nv<: such II.H Ciood Ooml.i. n fleam mid Watch Him weight and U a. lieatini; in the Washington Han- N Changing AHtrar, which hoofed it to S108,-iUO--tlu- richest. ptii'M ,'vc-r won L'/ a hui^.e—in the Manta ^nitii llinulieap, from :: •steeple•baser to a !i:ii has paral- 1s In the I'; of the ill-rated Me anil Brown J.ick, \vhicli di«i]>. He sleumeil in .seeniui to TairiMio in (he Havre He Orace llanilicap, but, wliipiicil the world j icTcril-hrenlilng. Ulseovcry. Awirni-'s 1931 rerord included a !lcn>bchase contiiieEl as \vell as slakes victories cm the flat. He Parted 11 limes, He second earned won five times twice, and third oncn. loil lo Draw in Prelim; Mnin Event Something lo Forged About It is th arcccrturi!. Many fore- Frump, High p.iircno liuv; first Ji- r t Rnnctr t u nijjy fhis sor! of knocked Dizz.y off tHed h hr.J Impressed overybo:?y him tr -"' " <IU! not keep Vou are raing to tak = H," ts st Loins nen't you. Branch' I ein PI "n 11 the b:e; luaonj., r'.a- nl n '., "".'C dtirin-; tl:o 'eni'r,. co -, «' mo i sJar^sed Dlzzv'ls M » ai pnrt Dizzy p.ddresswi tlr i"-™ 1 " 1 "c? president and gcn- «il nniajer as Branch, it. was tfci- n, t m-tiivf. a: ,d to ttHs day " \ 11 ?s .to be called Mv. D-an .. is h'tle \ ontier that the Detroit Ti' couldn't. 1 ' ' " tl, , - i63§='Providence, ,I, 9 founded o ican horticulturist, born -- China leases' Artliui* fco proposes that hu/ mofisks plow under 'v/.S'J'jpke about =&z^k plo wi =-=:-S * Jiv: o! more or 3e*s .-juct veil Azucnr returns to his ove in ihe 1530 Grand National il Ahttrce. A/ncnr's yctins own- •r. frederlck M. Alger. Jr.. of JCtroil. had the Biilish classic ii mind when he paid Joseph E. ,Vlilcncr S3.00H for (he 7-yeav-oltl :i).-Etimt fielding last autumn. U|.;er announi-es i.'irj|;ttin!,' iix: i-.ic- kuliis, Rank-Ormunl, Sun Arch•i». • I rr. IViiTOclie, Top Row. Thomas- villa. Head Play and Chictiinev This wns wovtli 5^750 Since most of thaie unlmals faced him hi Hie Sanla Anila Ills victory in the lilg number scarcely cciild l;e regarded as a link" Moreover, unless some exceptional [;ec-Kce comes alon:; Azu- ear ahendy has gathered in Cyclone Burns nnd Ualph Smith lolled lo a draw In a match, cut short by the helalcd arrival of Smith, al the armory last, night on the regular weekly American Lesibn wrestling show. In the main event ton Chanev won on a forfeit when his opponent hilled as "The Black Scorpion" and Ihe "Masked Terror" fouled In a manner Hint the referee said wns out of order. The less said about the main event Ihe belter possibly although how nny promoter, nny organization or any commissioner could allow a repeat performance of such n show '"jcveii if only an exhibition, is hard ind not Alser Ueepl-chnsing because ol mallncss of the rewards. ^Ah-cr had an idea that Ai'.ucar. ike Chase Me, might prove n use- •.ul performer on the flat. » « * Sail Kaea nf cliase Me Chase Me. it. will be remembered, was fust u family nnd :e.rtrt]o horoc. competing in horse .l-.owi down Maryland way. ihen A performer o\-cr brush and htrugh thr field, and on cccasion n stccplechnser. Up until this time chase Me'was T.iiin-d by his mrncc. .Mrs. John 3f!t-ley. Jr., and l !C r cUiuaiiters. It ia-, now derided to give him » rhance on llic flat. He was entered m n claiming event. This he won i causi.mmate rnse and 11= knew the claiming races no more. r-aeii continued to (rail chiw Me. in the into full of ID33 he ';on the Bryini and miimi MJ lr ,o- lii'.l in commsuinln<> style rt was i'i' sixth KtraiRtu victory Chaa- M; wen his ihsl start in • M. and moved into New York lo t.".ke a shot at Hie masterful Equi- potse. They met. in the Metropolitan Handicap, in which (he lovable! ~h;:-* M: broke his to be destroyer!. No one how goad In rapi<l,y ,„ „ nttomut. and Cavnlcudo, Pence Chance nnd niscovsry in vn ,.ie ( | crippled conditions. Ar.uear nn' IMS t ' CCOmt ' """ hnntlira " kl » of Letter Sweaters Are Awarded Grid Players • members of the 1034 Blytbe- • tetters in varsity foolbul competition i,, s , f a n ' '""'W" .'iving sweaters were' liirns. Larkln. Hayder. Craig, ssiliba. blnck apparrelled "Scorpion" -such n show. But for the Burns-Smith the performance would have been n floi> from shirt to finish. And it came close to H nt (hat. Smith who Jives in Jackson, Tcnn, (flayed In arriving. He said he had only received word at lo o'clock 5'c.sterduy morning that he was to wrestle here last night— which i.s something else the commissioner could look into — and that it v:ns impossible for him to arrive nny earlier, n long wait at Aslvport. ferry increasing the delay A substitute opened for Smitli rtle, j. Hnxtcr, MMlcy. Unisfoid" Biackwell, Lindsc; Locke. Willtnuhaii received a sweater Walker. Tiutoii. I Harris and . 'manager, alsa terr. anj hndjp| lonp f.,^1 Bay or KlgM one ever' will | •»• ' "J.I IL, U 1'i Tavl , Scr , !( . c Pflllv \t-r»c II.T _ * CFtOSS MISSISSIPPI KIVKR VIA FERRY All Weather Koail -ShcrlcEt route to Hcrlfiin I :'kc, 1'aducali, K.V., Xusii ville. etc. Take iu. S. 51 to rnrlageville, Mo. 2 1...- HOUR SKUVIC'K K< l»iPoi£e's every Incidentally, it. was in this even! Eqm r ., )1sft W as dtsqunllHcd in i Mr. Khavj,, m , bc;: (ull > Proved his nf Ii ' 0; ««r. The product of the Quid SKI with the Spanish favor of FARMERS BANK TRUST CO. INSURANCE Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON Kmv.AUDS, Proprietor All makes of rebuilt Typewriters, Aililiiif JIaeljincs ami rulalors—Kcpairin; — Parts — Ribbons NOTICE Any arlirlr bought of BURKE IlAlimVAKK CO not sa .sfaclory m every way we will refund your monov wuliom qucsll.,,,, provillrrt you rc|llm ,, ^ „ '^ condition as recelvert and in a reasonable length O f ssr^vn.-nr r^^Lr ls Burke Hardware Co. 312 w - fl '»fo Blylhevillc, Ark. Scores 287 Points (or j Cage Season; 3 Years, 772 ATHENS. O. (IIP)—Bernard Her- ' ens, skinny Lancaster, o,, student: of Olilo University here, i.s the to;i i m Male basketball thLs year and . jias rren for a good many years ', lie hus Just clased his college «ise career with 772 personally '"'red points— his lota! f 3r three WELL.' THAT TIGER-MlKJOEO TH 1 THOWGS OFF'N THIS 0U5T£n AXfr WILL PO T'HOLD HER. WHEN SHE COMES OUTATH' FOG - FEMALE IS OUT.' WHEW . I GOTTA ADMIT SHE HAP ME WORRlEp' Mu,=' SR CXJTA MISCHIEF WHILE I GET THINGS FIXED IIP TO WELCOME HER fe(G, UG! V LOOKIW PARTNER, TH' FIRST THING ON TH' PROGRAM IS TGET THIS LADDER BACK iw \ PLACE / / 7 ^ Eddie Hull Charges Train Kerens scored 287 points t/.iis sea- ' CECIL, Alia. (UP)-Tn-o men j VAVO t° r " WUh TCC "' >n. his best, including 117 in Buck-i'.vere killed and five injured h»r.-. , „ 7. cnT ' Mo ' <UP)-Jnncl jeye Conference competition. Hi-,' when a gia-u hull chargedla > ; ! ?f '' was honi Pcb ' (; tt ' iln MP '''aud°nin e "b"v cm' "° U ' C ' "" S ' ne I sai:i .; <'» ""I- cut their first troth I 11 " 1 ' 1 they are about a year old. Sporting Good SUITS for spring You'll sou these suits streets, on ciirapuscs, ending everywhere. about Ihcm is new, and well fnusfructctl. yniirscir in anv one in business and week- Everything well-litlinjr, You'll like of them! Ihe Clark Gable shirred hack, yoke Ireat- nienls, liaft- pockets, bellows jinckels, and the impressive )i'ii(her-!)ii(tonctl slash imt-kel with a well edge. Hells pul Style all around you, and colors are downright cheerful. ? Neia - - Arrow Sliirls tfid new patterns \1 n iMito.?:i and r.tliei- p. 12 - $2,50 licaullfid new paltmis....White's fr.!-, in i\!ito.?:i ami r.tliei- pniilll ir models. Timely Suits $27.50-29.75-32.50 Style Marl ("'.lollies 822.50 -• $24.75 pring OxfoMs A complete showini; ,.f ,,11 ti l:U iB , lnv itl mcnjj slios.T for 'Surlns... .3 nn(io;.allv known makes slmm at S popular prices." Foftuncs S4 Gclgerton 85 Nunii-Busli $6.75 $7.50 SPRING OATS From .H Fa minis Miikcr.s PopDliir now Hal Styles in ii t '!;l weight fells . . . \o\v Spriiw s |, a ,| c , s . DOHHS STFCTSON DAI.TON S5-^7 SS-6,50-13.50 R. D. 3 Doors West of Rite Theatre <

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