The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1937
Page 4
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<*AG£ FOUB Visitors Are Highly Favored; Chicks Due to Beat Searcy Today With the Blylhevillc Chicks due lo score their eighth triumph' of Ihe'sesson at the expense of the Searcy Lk>us al Haley Field this afternoon the Blytheville Junior high papooses will 'wind up Ihe week's: grid card here tomorrow night against the highly favored Jonesboro Whirlwinds. The Chicks, If they perform ac- 'orrfrio to the only way thc game can,be "doped" on records of the two • teams, are'-' expected to trim the Lions before an Armistice Day crowd with several bands on hand to add zest to the occasion. A victory would keep the Chicks in the vacc for thc usual mythical . and much disputed slate champion- j ship honors and leave them with the Jonesboro Hurricane in their path next week and Forrest City I Thanksgiving. Both games will be I playid on foreign fields. BJyibevllle supporters, sojiiowhil I indignant over the apparently non chalent manner In which tlie Chick-; have already been "counted out" of /the "championship" race by some /ot the .larger newspapers In thc -state, plan action to put the claims of the chicks to the fore again It they go through their season undefeated. L^t year thc Chicks were generally conceded thc "championship" despite what appeared to local fans to be extreme reluctance on the part of the ''closed corporation" of certain circles to ignore them. Ignored or not, one of thc biggest v crowds of prep school history turned out in Memphis lo watch the Chicks drop a one touchdown dc- clsion to Columbus, Miss., last year in a battle for (he.unofficial "cham- . pionshlp" of the tri-states, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tcmiesce. Latest Chicago Fire BLYTHKVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS The Dope Bucket By J. P. F&end OPPONENT—Publicity has already goUen under way for the annual meeting of the Chickasaws and Golden Hurricane in Jonesboro Bill Docorrevonl, shown breaking with the tall, perhaps is the most besieged high school football player in the country. Playing A -itii Austin Hieh. DeCorrevsnl lias broken all Chicago high school .scoring vcccrds nnd is a remarkable punter and jWer. He Is n years old, weighs 172 pounds, and stands Just,under, six: feet. Bill Hfiland is his third high school coach, and the v tiiirii him Ihc greatest high school player lie's ever seen. Tlu youngster also is considered an excellent major league baseball prospect. Many niylhcville fans sow/him in action last fal at Memphis when his lean; lost to Lee High Generals of Columbus, Miss., conqueror of Dlylhcville'a Chick's. Friday night Sports..Editor Elton Dickinson of the Tribune "Gazette Gazing", commenting on the weight of the Chicks 'said "Search us wlicre they all come from but certainly there's one high school sciuad big enough to make any college coach green with envy" . . . Coach Shorty Propst saw Hie Hope-Blytheyllle game nn;l afterwards said that he wns sure glad he didn't have to play his varsity against the chicks tlmt night . . . When asked what player.? he would like to have down at southwestern he replied, "I'll take 'cm all, nnd the second team, loo" . . . "Happy" Campbell and "Benr" Bryant of Alabama were expected but didn't make it ... You can count on them to be at Jonesboro . . . Grapevine lias it. that they're more than miltl- ly. Interested in at least four of'the present 'seniors . . . Don't be sur- .uivvii x^jinmauii ui me IIJUUJIL 1 . . te „,,. „ ... ' fays that the Little nock score may l lr b«U''Eddie sahba doesn't see r prove lough oivthe Hurricane . . . 2, n i "i «" "F " St ° Ic Mls - s ' ' Since the Tigers trimmed ' them] 40-0, the Chicks will pro'b'ably try to match that score, he said . . . - That's a mighty big order, sulil • . .'.'; Blytheville won't face the same team that rJttle Rock did ... Coach . Lowell Manning was expected to be on hand here today getting first 1 hand Information . . . Junior Coach f Bill Ruckman scouted the Tribe at (east twice . . . since the Hurricane Is idle this week to recover from the sheilacklhg last week. AND GET READY FOR THE CHICKS, . • at Memphis . . . converted into a guard. Eddie Is finally coming into his own . . , The morning mall brought nn iuvllatlon lo attend the wedding of William Emory Glover Will join the ranks of the Benedicts cue week from today in Marianna Mary Wood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Wood Harrington, Is ilie bride. .-. 1 \1 , „ „<•••<-' *•««• Tlie season is some two weeks off In order to get the Jump iin.-l many of them were due to sit in j " ot tlc accused ot borrowing some on the Uon invasion ... the fur ot thc oll ' er writers' All-Amcrican will fairly fly at Paragould loday . . . Piggott and Parngoukl arc slated lor a private little war of their "own ... I fear that a Bulldog will unseat, a Mohawk. teams I am submitting mine now They are as follows: First Team U.K., Jacumski, Fordhanv QB Zopiictli, Uiiquesne; L.H., Kabealo' Ohio State; R.H., Zivich, Alabama- P.B.. Dalnzs, Iowa. Second Team L.B., Kcnderdiue, Indiana- LT Krcjclek, Florida; L.G., Koczl', Fttrrt- 1mm; C., Grablaski, Duquesne; E.G., Kawchnk, Carnegie Tech- n.T, Knplanoff. Ohio State- BE Vruwink. Princeton; Q.B., SUnczyk, Columbia; L.H., Zazto, Fovdliam; R.H.. Gmitro, Minnesota: P.B.. Fronlczak, Army Substitution,';: Krywickl (Fordham), QB-. Spadncclni (Mlnn.l, QB; Graiuki (Pordhnm), fiH- Principi (Fordhmi), PB; Ipptloto iFurrtiie), FB; Magvied (Ohio State). LO; Gatto (LSU), R.T- Freldericlis (Tulane), LE. • Cost of Living Rising Steadily in Canada OTTAWA (UP)-TIie cost of living' is rising steadily In Caundn, according to findings ot Ihe Federal. Department of Labor. The primary Index of 100 Is bused on thc year 1013. in August of last year it was 127. By thc same month in 1037 It had risen to 132. Incomplete, figures show the upward movement continuing. Calculation, of the Index Is based on « study of tile prices of such primary necessities as food, fuel, clothing and rent, The tnost recent calculations give $11.18 ns the cost of these necessities per week to a L.E., Radvllns. Columbia; L.T., ( am . ily ot f " e ' "elusive of clolhing. Kevorkian. Harvard; b.G., Bykow- j Last ycRr the cosl wns $ lc - 73 ski. Purdue; C.. Wojcicchowlcz, ! Fprrlham; H.G... Zitridc.s. D.-irt- PERSONAL—Ben Epstein in his 'mouth; R.T.. Babarlsicy, Fordham; Read Courier News Want Ada The PAYOFF BY HARUV (1KAYSON Sjiorfs Kdllor, NBA Service Beniic Moon of Louisiana .state verniers i( a learn should be-pci- niitUjJ to use plays Ihe mechanics of wlild, nvjuir,, explaining to officials before a game. • "If such plays are used," asks the coach of ihe Tigers, "should thc referee explain Ihcm to th e other three officials before a game so that they may assist him in deterralnlii" whether they nre legal?" Mo:re wants It emphatically understood that lie Is not dlscusslns Ihc legality of VamJerbiltV' widely discussed and crazyrjutlt hlddei) ball trick, which went for 51)-yards lo beat Louisiana State. He l» leaving 1 that to tlie rules committee, or to any other body which may be in charge of such matters, but there arc certain points about trick plays which h e believes should be cleared Vanderbllt's unusual ptcco of deception was well set up by its quarterback, Reinschmidt. who--had taken the ball from center on one or two previous occasions mid made nice gains around Louisiana state's right end. Rjinschuikit (hen deftly took the ball from center, placed it on the ground between Ihc legs of Hays, a guard, and Hiked out to thc left as If he had the hall. Rickelsoii, a tackle, <troi>tx?d back mid fell on thc orouiid ns though he were down Then, with the Tigers' defense sucked 1 0 the right, Rlckctsou got tip slowly, picked up the ball, and ran to a touchdown behind three other linemen, Moore Opposed lo Hiding Hall hi Linemen's Legs As to Ihc worth of trick plays. Moore does nol believe that he'is thoroughly competent lo judge because he never has gone in for them. L, S. U. plays all of its early home games at night, and usually there is dew which makes extra bail handling hazardous. Thc top Tiger therefore chooses to devote all of his varsity's lime nnd energy to hard blocking and running. His E<l»ads slick very closely to sound and fundamental running plays. '"nitre nre a lot, of very fine hidden ball plays by clever spinner backs and ball handlers which may be classed as trick maneuvers and which under normal conditions mas- be worked to great advantage," explains Moore; However, Louisiana state's head man definitely is opposed to hlrt!ng the ball In or around the legs of linemen arid having other linemen come out, pick it up, and run wllli it. .... In view of what happened in the Vanderbill battle, Mocrc scarcely can be blamed for that, although he can't get away from the fad that such plays occasionally pay dividends. But Moore docs not believe that such plays arc psychologically good lor the boys. 1 No Easy Way to Win Tough Football Games "There Is no easy wan to win tough football games, anil players may be led to believe that there is," he points out. "The only way I've been able to win the majority, of my games is by superior blocking and running and co-ordiimtlng a running attack with a good sound passing game." Moore wants to know if there Is any record of two regular guards of the same club scoring touchdowns in Die same engagement. Blythe Clark and John Hugh Insist Championship Claims Be Settled Upon Gridiron THURSDAY, NOVEBJIER 11, 1937 A challenge to the winner of the Pine Bluff-Little Rock fcotball game Saturday lo meet the untied and undefeated Blytheville Clucks in n contest to actually determine the state championship has hceti Issued by Chick backers through the Arkansas Democrat in Little Rock. Since the Arkansas Athletic Association of which Blytheville is a member docs not permit the playing of a post season game, il was proposed thai the game be play-d In Little Rock on the Saturday night following Thanksgiving, This would mean that both teams would play after less than two full <i a v s rest, but with the newly forme;! "Big Fifteen" conference apparently headed for another title argument since two of the three leaders have a good chance of coming through undefeated, followers of the Chicks are anxious to definitely settle the question of stale high school football supremacy. The challenge was issued by Joe Craig, chairman of a committee ot the CMckasaw Athletic Club, in a telephone conversation with Allen Tilden, sporls editor of Ihc Democrat, Tilden told Crai.; he would oljlain an answer on the proposal, but said it was his personal belief that the winner of the pine Elufl- Lltlle Rock efir.u- would not consider playing the Chicks, especially in view of the fuel that (he game between the Zebras and Tisers is billed as a "championship" alfaiv became both pine Bluff and Little Rock have engaged in more conference games than Blylhevitle. There is a possibility, however, that either Jcnesboro or Forrest City might tumble the Chicks in on e of tHrir other conference games and that North Little Rock might defeat Little Hock should Hie Tigers triumph over the Zebras. There Is i also the jjossibility that Little Rock and Pine Bluff might play a tie game, in which case each team would be charged with a half game last in (lie conference percentage column. Smith, L. S. U.'s rirsl-slrliijf gumds. 11 • 11 I > 11 v scored touchdowns in the third I MlHibergh S Home 1OWP , quarter of Ihe Tigers' -11-0 rout of i I Mississippi state. Clark' picked up | I a mint which had been blocked by i Larry King, right end, anil scam'- pcred six yards for' a touchdown, j Smith recovered a Mississippi stale j fumble in the air and raced 25 yards to score. Everything Is happening to Lou- Stale this season, which Is Still Little Falls, Minn. LITTLE FALLS, Minn. lUPi Charles A. Lindbergh, wlio forsook the United States for England after the kidnaping and death ol Ills first-born son. still refers to Little Fulls as his ''home to«ti," to H. A. liiuna fiiaic this season, which is """'""IK 10 ti. i\. ttiermann, quite all: right, wilh Beniic Moore j London sculptor, visiting here. —ns long as the opnosltion nulls I Lindbergh sat for a bust which hMir>*> tha u«ll :.* . ,. . ) fifprm.TTm ul!>c Min/1/llin.r /in.'].. ;.. was modeling early in hiding the ball in or around the i °"-'"" i legs of linemen ant! having other I 1937 - \ linemen come out, pick it 1111 and I "? e talked much of Little Fulls run with it. ' i duriiiE the six weeks of thc sit-..-,-„ „ li »B s ." Stermann said. "While he far. was sitting for Ihe bust he talked of Little Falls and Minnesota." Stermann. having studied Ihe faces of Colonel Lindbergh and Mrs. Lindbergh, said lines of suffering were imprinted on the faces of both. Nothing in their atliliide CLEVELAND cUPi — A hnnV- -mrl! 01 ' word5 . Stermann said, hull- 5 lice-rcdu C inB go" b.H T being S"? "** I"""*" *^<™« >» unreduced herd by its inventor, tn » lantl John R. Farrar. Farrar. a structural designer Grooved Bail Designed For GoH Duffers in Ihe engineering department of the Erie railroad,', has played golf for eight years. He usually shot . .. iuoa lmlt . s around 92 nnd sometimes got down boundaries. to 85 when the course \vas conditioned and the wind blowing his <vay. , • He tried to induce a friend to take up golf, but was met with the reply:! 'Til piny when somebody invents a ball that won't slice." So Farrar acted. He de-signed a ball with eight circular grooves. His theory is tlial | If (he ball is struck oil cither iside, producing a hook or slice. I the ball will rotate without creating turbulent air cm-rente. The amount of hook or slice would be reduced by about 25 per cenl, Fsirar. contends. Tlifrc is. however, a calch. The tall must be teed up with (lie grooves in horizontal position. Thus, il is necessary to play win- 1 ter rules on (he fainvny, if the' player wishes to play a hookless- sllccless game. Farrar says. Driving machines have tested his ball. Farrar says, <ritl it compared with standard balls. He calls it the new "answer to a duffer's prayer." The total American population Includes 3.000.000 infants under 1 year of age. Thc state of New Hampshire has 1089 miles of railways w\lhin its DOLLARS WASTED ON UPKEEP CAN'T BUY NEW ROADS Icferior roads s«m cb«ap and «asy to build. TJiey stretch a paving fund so that it covers a lot of territory. But after a year or two,'the trouble be- gioi! Maintenance coses go up ami up. Soop all youc paving money is ; spe« on opkeep ;.; and no mote new roads ate built. That's tvhy it's wise—andeco- comical—to build concrete toads. Concrc.'c lasts! It r<?- quireialmost no upkeep. Each Jt--ac, the paving fund builds more miles of concrete until the whole job is done—for keeps. Concrete's smooth, non-skid surface is safe and satisfactory to drive on. It speeds up traffic .;; reduces accidents,,, saves gas, tires and repairs. Get/concrete. Insist on it—for safety, comfort and economy. For complete information writ: to PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 1412 Syndicate Trust Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. DOn T BE R nume* BELL! GENTLEMEN, it's *iUy to b* chilly I Climb into a HANES Heavyweight Champion and feel the *nug, velvety warmth knitj into its downy riba. The minute H\NES touches your i-kin, you'll know that you and KOOsefJeah won't be on speaking terms alt Winter! But you need something more than warmth ir\ your underwear. You want to move around without thinking youMl break the stitches. ' HANES gives you that kind of comfort, tooIThescsuits match your trunk-length «* well as the width of your chesl. You can sit f bend, stoop or reach—• nothing either bulges or binds. Buttons, buttonholes, cuffs, nnd scams are serwed to put the wear in this underwear. Sea a dealer today. * nroriy Jcaler hat HANES Union-Suite, *1 up . . . Shirt, And Dmw«r» from 7$C . . . BoiV Uri!oi.-Su!u, 7Sc . . . Mtrrichiltl Sleeper*., '3'- AUo WIND- S1HF.I.DS (Ifte ntte tfifrtr anJ midttlcaftigrir. drawer* itfuj- IralcJ o( rr'jfil). SSc to 7Sc each. P-H. HaUCT Knlllini Co., THE ANTI-FREEZE UNDERWEAR , • FOB MEN AND SOVS A Complete Line of HANES UNDERWEAR JOE ISAACS. Inc. Drs. Wert & Wert OrrOMETlHSTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 Ladies' & Men's Tailoring Pur Coal Alterations Ladies' Custom Tailored Suits Alterations of all tyiie,i Phone 5;{ HUDSON'S ' ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE WELD I MS AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SKEVICE Barksdalc Mfg. Co. PEONE 19 H'AKN'JNG OltDKK N THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Edna Floyd, Plaintiff, vs. No. 6558 John Floyd, Defendant. The defendant, John Floyd, is warned to ap|»ar within thirty days in the court named in the cnptlon hereof and answer the eunplalnt of (lie plaintiff, Edna Flu yd. ?" 10 " lhis 2 "to of November, ' H. M. CRAIG, Clerk By A. R Pfililh. D. C Claude P. cooper, Attorney. Mie E . Bradley, Atty-Ad-Lit. (Seal) Wanted Pecans Highest Prices 1'aid WOLF ARIAN 128 E. Main I 1 bone 176 S ave by Having hoes Repaired at mith Shoe Shop US So. 2nd A/TEN treasure "T.\V." ;m j prefer J-'- 1 it when the though is of \vcll- rcmcmbcrcd occasions conic crowding fast. They prefer it for its mellow goodness, fuc 1:3 velvet smoothness, ;tnd for iis old time .iroma. Lvcty drop of 'I. W. S;imucls is distilled ;inj bottled ;it the T.W. S.imuclsDis[illcry.l : ar9}yc.irs,aS3m- ucls has supecviscd its distilljtion. Ailnnsu.s Dislriliuloi^ Hcoa DSiirlhuUng Conuiflny, LUUe Roct Exclusive «a!es Representative, Cliailcs F. Jlilltr, Jnc,, Cincinnati CORRECTION in our advertisement in tl, c Courier News yc.s- lei'duy it was stated that we would allow 75c'per Hundred Cor soybeans delivered to our-office in Payment of accounts due us. This WHS an error. Jlio ;id should have read: 75c I'lil! BUSHEL ELLIS IMPLEMENT CO. Ask Father .Time about TIMELY The long vs'ear you enjoy in a Timely Suir/doesn't happen because you may be "easy" on clothes — or have been lucky enough to select an unusually sturdy fabric. The fact that unfailingly, in thousands of cases, Timely'Clothes render exceptional service points to~ a definite policy of putting stamina into the garment right from the very beginning. . Sound fabrics, generous cut, painstaking tailoring and scientific fit — these are Timely reasons foe -winning favor with Tather Time and Timely Wearers. MERIT CLOTHES $22.59 UP for style scouts The smartest style, find of the y w < $ the ceierfJ skirt w,lb Ihc scenic u.-biic ifarcfcj collar W cni. And our Arrow RODNEY is thc outstanding shirt in th.s cliss. Rodney his the world-fmwui Arrow collir. Rodney is Mitos-i-cut, so tht it fio you better — and m ht because it h Saniorizcd-Shrunk. A ,,tw ihht free, if OIK citr'shrinks. $2-50 R. D. Hushes & Co. ?

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