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The Star Press from Muncie, Indiana • Page 11

The Star Press from Muncie, Indiana • Page 11

The Star Pressi
Muncie, Indiana
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THE MUNC1E MORNING STAR. FRIDAY. JULY 15. 19 10. 11 I Bluff ton Five-Generation Group LWOOD MEN SEN! 10 STATE'S PRISON The Point Is -dl FREE BOOKS FOR MOTHERS Send for Them and Learn More About the Treatment That This Michigan Woman Recommends.

As woman's health is dejnlent upon the condition of the blood, every mother, who fails to regain her strength after childbirth, shotiUI hasten her return to To make a long story short we must close out our Summer Goods at Once ohn Woolford and Jesse Hud Hartford City Mail Carrier's Discovery Leads to Arrest of Will Enin. son Guilty of Outraging Two Orphan Girls. A health and save herself from jean? of un necessary suffering, by giving Pr. Wil WO TO FOURTEEN YEARS TO BE TRIED THIS MORNING liams' Pink Pills a thorough trial. The pure, new blood, which the pills make, Itrenethens the weakened system until health is restored.

Mrs. Emerson Fisher, whose address is ase of Mrs. Lydia Owens May Box 7, R. F. D.

No. 1, Ashley, Accused Man Will Make Fight for Liberty. Be Continued. owes her health to a thorough trial of yr. Williams' Pink Pills.

8he says; PRICES TALK Shirt waists, value $1.50, for 88c Whilf petticoats, value $1.50, for 89c Gingham pctticonts, vnluo for 33c (rowns, value $1.00, for Combination suits, valui" $1.50, for 98c Gingham dresses, value $1.50, for 99c White lingerie dresses, value $5.00, for $2.98 l'u re linen dresses, value $7.50, for $4.98 Tub suits, blue and linen color, value $5.00, for $2.48 Tub suits, pure linen, value $7.50, for $4.00 Long coats, pure linen, value $7.50, for $4.00 "Wash skirts, white and colors, value $1.75, for $1.00 Sailor hats, white, black and burnt, this season's styles, only 48c SC 3o9 South flnfJL Walnut Street "After the birth of my second child I was completely run down and my blood was weak and impure. For over a tear I suffered from weakness. My feet felt as Elwood, July 14. John Wool- ujA I np? Ira i i klird and Jesse Hudson of this city ll.iii week found guilty of outraging Hartford City, July 14. Will; Ervln, who was arrested Wednesday evening by Sheriff Clamme on a war- rant issued from the court of Justice Lucas charging him with stealing a wo uipiiau sin.

wiien irieu in me Circuit court, were today sen- nced to two to fourteen years in the nate's prison, and will be taken to ,1, higan City tomorrow. Both of the mm seemed stoical and do not appear 11 reallra the seriousness of their nun. though needles were pricking them and I couldn't stand up long enough to wash my dishes but would have to sit down. Vlien I Bat down I could not draw my feet under me without supporting myself on the chair. I could not lie down in bed without being dizzy and sick to my stomach.

I had no appetite, was very nervous and niy neighbors did not think I would live the summer throurh. "For six months I doctored with the Mshment. Woolford, who Is not men- ally bright, continues to deny Luiit. leading physicians of this county and did Attorneys ror Airs. Lydia Owens, Lceused of having; contributed to the not get any better, but grew worse if 31 i ami mug.

inej uiu net mwi in uuurr-stand mv case and the last doctor I had told me ne could not help nie. It was some time after this that I read of Ir. Williams' Pink Mils and began to take them. They helped me from the start, I felt and looked much better and in a little over a month I was as well aa ever. I heartily recommend the pills to every 1 imqur.iwj tiiH fiii is aim also 10 -aving aided In procuring an abor-: in, have asked for a continuance of ir rase which was to have been ailed next Monday, and it Is probahle nat the trial will be continued until Sentiment Is high against he woman and a change of venue ,111 probably be sought by the CHARGED WITH ASSAULT.

Tin Plate rollceman Alleged to Hare Struck William Elwood, July 14. An affidavit Buffering woman." Bluffton, July 14. The above picture shows a five-generation Hluff-ton group. It is quite common to secure four-generation group pictures but five (fenerations of one family, al! livtng In one place, are rare. Sitting In the Invalid's chair Is Mrs.

Elizabet.h I.nng, 81, while standing on her left is her daughter, Mrs. John A. Hackett, a teed 68. on the right of the Invalid's chair is Mrs. llackett's daughter, Mrs.

Mont Hardin, 41, and the latter's dauKhter, Mrs. Vance White, 2 4, while standing on the step of the invalid chair is Thriece White. fiRed 2, Breat-gTtat-granddaughter of Mrs. Ixinn. Another distinctive feature of the five-generation group is that the representatives of the live generations are all females.

The husbands of all the Indies are living with the exception of Mr. Long. hammock from the Elmer Lucas home last May, will have his preliminary hearing Friday morning at 9 o'clock before Justice Lucas. Ervin has employed an attorney and will make a desperate tight for hla liberty. Wednesday afternoon when City Mail Carrier Elmer Lucas passed the Lee Frank on East Main street and saw a hammock hanging on the porch he thought It had a familiar look and on examining it closer discovered that the hammock was one taken from his East Washington street home one night last May.

He promptly unhooked it and carried it home despite the protests of members of the Frank rnmtly. Mrs. Bessie Hughes, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Frank, declared that the hammock had been given her by Will Ervln several days ago but that Wednesday was the first time It had been hung on the veranda.

Ijiter Mr. Lucas filed nn affidavit against Ervin In the court of his fnther, Justice James Lucas, charging petit larceny. Ervln had been Informed by members of the Frank family Lucas had recovered his property and before Sheriff Clamme could find him to place him under arrest he went to the Lucas homo on East Washington street snd endeavored to persuade Mr. Lucas to withdraw the charge. Ervln declared that he was guiltless of stealing the hammock but that some time ago he was approached by two small boys who sold it to for 60 cents.

Most, of the diseases irom wnicn sutler are directly caused by a lack of blood. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, therefore, have Ien found unequalled in the treatment of antttmia, green sickness, delayed development, leucorrha-a and all irregularities arising from impure or watery Wood and weak nerves. Every mother should have our booklet, "Plain Talks to Women" and "Care of hai'SlS William Eagen, a member the tin plate police force with as sault and battery, has been filed In itilre Parker court following an at- Fairmount iek on William t.nmths, a striker, mde by Eagen today. This is the sec-mi alleged assault made by the men a few days ago, t'ipre is now felt to be danger of more trouble before the end of the week.

The polico are extra vigilant and no loitering in the vicinity of the plant is permitted. FEIX FROM liOAD OF HAY. the Baby," which will be sent free upon postal card request. Dr Williams' Pink Pills are sold by all his week and toe Incident has wised not a little feeling among the nkf-rs. druggists, or will be sent, postpaid, on receipt of price, 60 cento per box; six bones for $2.60, by the Dr.

Williams Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y. Griffiths, who la a man past middle claims that the assault was whol-unnrovoked. He says he was walk- nft along; Jenkins avenue w.hen Kagen manned that ne stop. Hot words illowed which resulted In officer triking the man a violent blow on the SlTVKJtS PTOMAIXK POISOXINU.

they caught more than thirty fine blue gill fish. Workmen and mechanics have put the finishing touches to the interior with his mace. Griffiths was for Hartford City, July 14 the time being unconscious but later recovered entirely from the blow. Charles Lord, who drives one of the WHY IRON IN THE LAUNDRY? Why not iron out on the cool porch, where you can get the freah airt Too many steps back and forth to keep the irons hot! YES, If you used the old fashioned Iron NO, If you use an ELECTRIC IRON Special Price $2.95 Muncic Electric Light Company of the new Methodist church, laborers are giving attention to the lawn which wagons for the Tudor Packing com There was a short but very lively Falrmount, July 14. Benton McMilllan, a young colored boy living at the corner of Seventh and Railroad streets, while running In the yard at his home tripped and fell over a small sickle, severing the Aiihllles tendon of his right foot.

It required the united efforts of two surgeons to attach the two ends of the leader, the longer portion having contracted two Inches before tiha arrival of medical men. Professor Homer Long, principal of the Falrmount high school, and Miss Gertrude a teacher In Van Buren township of Madison county, were married this evening at the home of the Rev. Herbert S. Nick-erson, former pastor the the local Methodist Episcopal church, but now of Wabash. Dr.

Glenn Henley, who for two years held the position of recruiting officer for the marine service of the t'nited States navy, when ques light between a striker and two non- was carefully sodded early in too pany, of which his father, Thomas Lord, is manager in this city, was Crippled Ial May Not Recover From Serious Accident. Elwood, July 14. As the result of the overturning of a load of hay on which he was riding at the Cyrus Harvey farm, south of the city, last evening, Chester Metcalf, age 22, of this city, is Buffering from concussion of the brain and his recovery is doubtful. T.he boy, who la a cripple, was driving the team to the barn at the close of the day work, when In some manner the hay began slipping, lie was unable to help himself by Jumping and fell to the ground, a distance of almost fifteen feet, alighting on his head and shoulders. He was picked up unconscious and has remained In that condition since the fall.

The young man is the only son of a wid men near the tin Plate early spring, the seats have been transferred brought home from Oaston Wednes lis morning, which resulted in the to the auditorium from Columbia hall which has been the temporary home day evening In a serious condition He Is suffering from symptoms of of the congregation since the demoli to workmen being put to flight. It claimed that they tried to push striker from the sidewalk, where-pnn he turned and gave both a tion of the old church building one year ago, and everything promises to ptomalna poisoning. Young Lord drove to Gaston Tuesday afternoon and shortly after his arrival ate sev J.nihlns;. No affidavits have as yet eral bananas and oranges. Shortly be in the best of shape by next Bun-day when handsome edifice will be formally dedicated.

afterwards he was taken deathly sick died In this case. With the return of several hundred -rikTs from the Granite City mills and In a short time was in a critical The committee in charge of ar condition. Mrsnn team to assist. rangements for the laymen's banquet which will be served to the male members of the Friends church tomorrow night, are predicting that their efforts will result In a genuine Hartford City, July 14. Earl Perst, dictator of the Moose lodge of Muncle, was present at the Moose meeting in this city Wednesday even tioned this morning acknowledged that business in that line was very dull.

He said In fact there was nothing at all doing, and that he was not sorry for the lull. The position hag never given the doctor anything but trouble and he will relinguish the reins of oHloe at t.he first opportunity. Threatened with arrest at one time because he encouraged a young man who desired to see service success. The Rev. Levi Pennington of Richmond, and the Rev.

William A. Burch of Chicago, will deliver addresses and covors will be laid at the banquet table for 100 guests. In" and gave an Interesting talk upon the founding of a Moose college at MEN'S LADIES' Muncle and also on the Hhrlne degree Cloth. Clothes or the Moose lodge which Is a side de. gree of the order.

The Muncle degree team will give the Hhrlne degree to several candidates at the dedication of the new 'marters of the Moose under the nag of his country, at the Alexandria hands of the youngster Irate father, REFLATING We Do Repairing of Silverware, Tea Sets, Chafing Dishes, Hollow Ware, etc We remove all the HerntcheH and denta and make the articles look almogt like new at a nominal cost. Brass ornament. in any style desired. 1'houe us and our representative will cull and look over your work. Muncie Jewelry Plating Works he was told by the mother of another swain, who sought an enlistment, that Sihe did not want her son to "line lodge In this city.

IHSPI'TR OVEH HOARD TUIJj. Hartford City, July 14. L. them submarines," and proceeded to express her private opinion of anyone who would encourage her offspring to do such a thing. The duties of recruiting officer are not to the liking Wear Caldwell, a pnlnter and decorator anil W.

J. Wagoner, a former Panhandle drayman, who at one time resided at You You the home of Caldwell, had a heated argument about a board bill this of lir. Henley and he has been ready-to quit for some time. Wear X. fay evening In a local restaurant, Cald owed mother, and Is one of the best known youths In the city.

EIAVOOn SHORT NOTES. Elwood, July 14. Catching her font In her dress, Mrs. B. F.

Maxwell fell from the porch at her home today, sustaining what is feared will prove to be Internal injuries. The womnn is confined to her bed and her condition is serious. The drill work was started today on the gas well to be dug by a local milling firm In the searc.h of gas, and work will continue until the drillers discover a fresh supply of gas or are convinced that such does not exist. This is the first well to be started In Elwood for a number of years. The Knights of Pythias Installed the following officers for the ensuing term at their regular meeting this evening: Chancellor commander, Bovmonrt Simpson; vice chancellor, Elmer Harbltt; prelate, Harry Richardson; master at arms, Iuther Gross; Inside guard, Clem Holland; outside guard, Joe Earlwlne; master of work.

Jesse Roth. The management of the local baseball team has announced that If the attendance at the regular games In the future does not increase, that the local team will finish the season away from home. Attendance during the past few weeks has shown a decided falling off, and the management has found It difficult to keep even with tie expenses which are high. The fire department was called to the Coney Island restaurant this morning, a fire having started from a gasoline stove, but this was quickly extinguished with little damage. J.

F. RISER. well, having left for his home was Oarr Knight and Ell Cox drove out to Lake Galatia last evening, where they captured thirteen hull frogs of Cor. Howard and Elm. Both Phones.

followed by Wagoner and they met on the stairway where the argument was resumed with the result that It Ir the largo species, after which with the most primitive outfit Imaginable, Ire You Looking for Bargains? Look these over. We need KEEP COOL-KEEP HEALTHY Alexandria, July 14. Mason Oibson, 4 7, one of best known colored men in the city, died at the Alexandria hospital from complications which followed nn Illness with gangrenous appendicitis. The funeral will he held from the A. M.

K. church Sunday afternoon, in charge of the Hev. J. M. Ntekles, and burial will follow In I'arkview ciuetery.

ENJOY IHNNKTl PAUTY. Alexandria, July 14. A number of young people were entertained last Sunday by Bessie and Joe Hart-man at their beautiful country home, several miles west of Anderson. Those en.toylng the affair were: Misses Huth Kva Allen, Nellie Moneyhun, Iva Danforth, Km ma Carr. Mary Itronnenberg, Hernlce Vermillion, Chlon Danforth, Grace Penlsten, Esther Dillon, Mae Penlsten, Mildred Itronnenberg, Elsie liartman, Cora and Pearl Matthew, Bessie liartman; Messrs.

Willis Spltzer, Claude Montgomery, Carl Allen, Acy filvans, Fred lironnenherg, Ernest Funk, Raymond Carr, James Montgomery and Joe liartman and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Hartman. room, bese prices will give "BBBHS ffi" BE mm it to us quickly. When tired, warm or run down, shake claimed Caldwell assaulted Wagoner and knocked him down.

Both were arrested on charges of amault and battery and will have a hearing before Mayor Bwelgert tomorrow evening at 6 o'clock. HAIITEOHI) CITY Ntn'ES. Hartford City, July 14. Delaney has been taken back to his home In Louisville, Ky. The Eagles lodge of this city, of which f'e'aney Is a member, purchased him some new clothing.

1. R. Hranner, window trimmer and advertising manager of a locnl store, has received word that he has been awarded the third prize of 5 in the summer quarterly window trimming DOCTOR ADVISED OPERATION a little BATHAbwhfcr in the tub when bathing. BATHASWEET softens and perfumes thewaterinstantly. IT'S WORTH A TRIAL BATCHELLEK IMPORTING NEW YORK ladies' and Girls' Dept.

contest recently held by a New York oompfl ny. AH Sizes I Fowlerton I'roHocntor Heorest. Is mighty hunt-Afler spending dollar for a hunter's license nnd shelling out BO isi rl cents for nminntiltlon he sterted on Price. New Price ISO 00 Cloth Suits $15.00 1:0.00 Cloth Suits $10.00 7.00 Wash Suits 4.25 8.00 Wash 4.75 I 2.50 Warn Skirts 1.30 I 4 50 flllk Jap Waists. 2.

SO I 175 Wash Waists 1.SM I 125 Wash Waists O.Ml 7.90 Cloth Skirts 4.95 1 5 90 Cloth Skirts 3 0 8 CO Tan Jackets 4 0 MASONS CONITKIt PEfJKEKS. Alexandria, July 14. The Royal Arch Masons had a pleasant session at their meeting this evening, soulrrel bunting expedition Wednes CuredbyLydiaEPinkham's Vegetable Compound Galena, Kans. "A year afro List March I fell, and a few days after there was soreness in my right side. In a short time a bunch came and it bothered me bo much at night I could ml CONSTIPATION rtUNYON PAW-PAW PILLS day The prosecutor sew nnry squirrel end nil that he had to show conferring their degree on three can for his trip when he returned home wris small snnke, which he hnd seen rrnwllng through the giws and took didates, after which a social session and banquet was enjoyed.

a shot nt. The body of Mrs. Amelln Harden, who died suddenly et the Knst Iliiven asylum nt Hichmond Wednesday was hrotnht to this city this morning to REXTON CLAIMS ASSAI LT. Alexandria, July 14 William Dlsbennet, sexton of the TJ. B.

In Innlsdale. was up town this morning with a story that hp had been set upon and badly beaten and kicked last night bv John and Oeorge Kyall, not sleep. It kept crowing larger and by fall it was as large as a hen's egg. I could not go to bed without a hot water bottle applied to that side. had one of the best doctors In Kansas and be told my husband that I would have to be operated on as it was something like Munyon's Paw-Paw Pills are unlike all other laxatives or cathartics.

They coax the liver into activity by gentle methods. hey do not scour; they do ml gripe; they do nut weaken; but thev do start all the secre I lions of the lsver end stomach in a way that soon puts these organs in a healthy condition Fowlerton. July 14. While workmen were driving to their work south of town this mnrning In spring wagons. Will Jarvls tried to drive in front of the other wagon at a rate of speed, when the seat became loose and threw the men violently to the ground.

Mr. Jarvls was uncon-pi'iriijs for snm time by falling on his head and shoulders and received severe bruises, while Robert McCor-klll. another workman, had two ribs broken and other injuries and other workmen received minor Injuries and were shaken up. Clyde Havens, a local young man, will occupy the pulpit In the park Snndav afternoon, w.nere he will deliver o'n of his Interesting sermons. Mr" Charles Mlllspnugh has returned after an extended visit with friends In Mrs.

Mlllspaugh Is in very poor healthy PI NMONS TOR INDIWIANS. Washington. July 14- Pensions were grmt. I the following Indlanlans todav Eliza Ames. $12: Jeremiah C.

T'a" Jlv Andrew J. Ifurgess, II V. IT: Earl Cass. residents of that suburb. Dlsbennet claims that the two young men have Pint Whether it is a half pint, a pint or a 3 is the stan-ard measure for Jen's and Boys' Dept.

0'd Price. New Price 00 Men's Suits SiM.OO 2SO0 Men's Suits SIS 00 "0 Men's Suits S50 115 00 Boys' Sulfa 11.0 5 0 Child's Suits 0 JJO.OO Slip on Kalnooats ia 0 for some tlmo been causing more or less annoyance about the church, and It was while he was on way up town to see about filing some affidavits against them that he was beaten laBt night. a tumor caused by a rupture. I wrote KILL HOfiS AT NEW CASTLE. New Castle, July 14.

The po the home of her son Lawrence Moore-house fin r'rist Kleknpoo street. The funeral will hep) from the Moore-house home flt 2: SO Friday afternoon. J. P. Cronln went to Marlon today to attend th meeting of the hankers of the Klghth and Kleventh district of Indians.

The party of Hartford City Elks which went to Detroit In the William liarley and lr. W. A. Hollls automobile1, left Detroit Wednesday for a trip through southern Michigan and will return here the first of the week. Margaret Hrock, 10, daughter of Mrs Oeorge Hheldon bv a previous marriage, died at the Hheldon home this morning after an Illness of twenty-four hours with brain fever.

Orlo Khraek. the little son of Oeorge flhraok, was knocked from his bp-yelo and run over bv an automobile driven by Mrs. Ami Swift this afternoon. llulbert K. Penny bus filed suit In the Klnrkford Clreult court against his wife, C-iry Iienny, ssklng a dl-voree arid the custody nf their two children, John and Robert, 4.

lice are Just now in a stray dog kill quality, purity and Quart quantity if it is Bottled In Bono Since 1857 flic Standard Rye Whiskey of America. ing contest. The council adopted an Credit 51 Weekly ordinance ordering all dogs to be tagged but only a small percentage have been done so. Owing to the fact that numerous persons have been bitten and children have been attacked the police are taking no i'j'l-- Charles Palrymp'e. 124: Ed-i I ura ton.

alias John pemond. to you for advice and you told me not to get discouraged but to take Lydia E. llnkhain's Vegetable Compound. 1 did take it and soon the lump in my side broke and passed away." Mrs. It.

It IIUEY, 713 Mineral Galena, Lydia E. Finkham's Vegetable Com. pound, made from roots and herbs, has proved to be the most successful remedy for curing the worst forms of female ills, including displacements, inflammation, fibroid tumors, irregularities, periodic pains, backache, tearing-down feeling, flatulency, indigestion, aud nervous prostration. It costs but a triile to try it, and the result has been worth millions to many Buffering women. -X If yon want special ad v1e write for it to rs.

Pink lia in, ubs. It free uud ill ays liupf ul snd corrects consti pation. In my opinion constipation is resiionsible for mot ailment. There are thirty two feet of human bowels, which is really a sewer pipe. When this pipe becomes closed, the whole system be'MJines pumoned, causing bi.iou'nos, in digestion and impure blood, whi'h often pr'Kluces rheumatism and kidney ail ments.

No woman who suffers with constipation or any liver roiuplujnt can es-peel to have a clear complexion, or enjoy good health. Munyon's Pw Pw Pills are a inic to the momneh, liver and nerves. They invigorate instead of wakeuihi-; they eurieh the blood instead of mijioveristi-ing it; tliey enable the stomach to all the ne-uniihuitnt from food that is put into it. Thoe pills contain no ealomel, no dope, they sre heoiir i- s-ri Mumi. Uting.

Thev sch'iol the bowels la act iriUnut i'me chances but are putting to death all stray dogs that do not wear tags. Won Clothing Co. James smltn. n-. K.Kin S17: Imvld Hemlnger.

115; e' offer. S2ft: Jimes C. Jar-' John Meiley, 112: KnnVdv IIS; William Mohr. 114: fotto. Noam I Powers.

i rvn'miln P. Kiley. 124: Joseph SIT: Richard Sparrow, 120; 112; Oenettle Tot. BANK OI'FKEHS Spencer, July 14 The grand TO.rVIGIIT I 418 S. Walnut Street Holt hns been (lied In the Itleckfor Jury called last week to investigate the affairs of the defunct llem-I'-den Hanking company reports that It bad found no evidence of fraud and that the bank was solvent when the doors 1 flrcult court by Charles I'ugh, well known farmer living north of town.

Hsalnst the Indiana f'nloii Traction enmpiiriv finking dnmaes for the killing of t.Vee hors owned I Mr. I'ugh by a traction cur lust M.i 1 F'izahetb 112: foivrr. Samuel fornel'us Whetsel, 110; Wood. 111. i vvere closed, the assets belruc Id of th liabilities,.

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