The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUB BLWHEViLLE, <AKK,) COUKIKR MEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK. Editor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager So!e National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Loals, Dallas, Kansas City, Llttlo Rock. Published Evcrv Attcrnoon Except Sunday. Entered as Kecoud clai-s matter at the IMS! office :il niythevillc, Ar- Jcnnsss, under act of Congress Oc;.— tobcr 9, 1917. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RXTZZ By carrier in Uic Clly of blythevllle, 15c per weclt or $6.M per year In advance. By mnll within a radius of 60 mllei, 13.00 per year, $1.60 for six months. 85c lor three months; by mail in iwsUl zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year. Ui zones seven und eight, 110.00 per year, payable in advance. Sale Tax in Oklahoma At ;i lime when thu governor of Missouri is uri;m}; enactment of a sales tax, anil with the revival of agitation for such u tax not unlikely in Arkaiuiis despite the overwhelming defeat ailminislcrcil such a proposal al the polls last year, il is inlereslinB to the people- of this vicinity to consider the experience Oklahoma has had with a one per cent sales tax which went into elVcct hist July 10. From u revenue stKmlpoint, tlie United Press reports, the tux is successful. Despite difficulties in administration thu one per cent levy on nil sales has brouyhl over £500,000 into .the Oklahoma treasury .since July 10. But Gov. W. 11. Murray and tax commission officials admit that Iwo major faults have developed: lir.-'l. susceptibility to j;ral'l; second, the burden upon consumers. Evasions of the law. tax oiricials say, "are harder to stop than bool- legging." Governor Murray recently wrote thai the levy is "« lax on Urn bread and milk of children and \vi(!»ws and Ihe poor," and a tax commission member termed it "a tax thought up to be placed on Ihu i>oor, and pushed through by those who wishe:l to evade income laxes and other levies." Encouraging News One of the best bit;; c,f news of the year surely is the revelation by the American College of Surgeons thai live-year cures of canc'ir liave been reported in no less that. 12,176 cases in the United Stales and Knrope. As Dr. Bcckwilh Whitehouse, of the British Radium Commission, says, "The statement that cancer is curable is the great contribution (lie profession can make to the public." Surgery, X-ray, and radium irradiation were the weapons used in these cases; and Hie ini|H>rtant Ihing tu notice is the fact Uial the surgeons all agreed that even more cures could be recorded if patients woidd apply for treatment earlier. A cancer thai is just sittrling is far easier to handle "mm one which has been allowed to have its own way until it has become painful. The time factor is a tremendous one in Ihc war un (.his maladv. >UT OUR WAY Tragcdits Forestalled Since the federal government set up the Home Owners' Loan Corporition, foi'cclosures on small homm have been prevented in no' fewer than 17,957 ea.scs, uccurdhitf lo figtuvs just made iniblic at Washington. It in Imnl 'to ifet tile full flavor of tliiH itchicveiiient out of cold figures. You h«vc to UFI; your imagination a little. Think lirst of what ownership of. a home means to ;i family of modest means. Think, of the tragedy that ensues when such v. family is forced by economic pressure to (,'ivc up itn home —the home.for which saerilicea have . been made, and which symbolizes a realized ideal as well «.•> a painfully built-up accumulation of divings. Then you can begin to understand what an excellent job the Homo Owners' Loan Corporation has done. It not only has prevented a heavy economic loss; il has avcrlcd a tfrcat diial of plain, unadorned nnhiippinesg. And it will continue to do *» in the future. (AH FRIDAY, UCTOliEU 20, 1933 SIDE GIAJjCES By George Clark More Flexible NRA Kejwrts from Washington-ti> : the effect that small employers in 'Bniall towns .presently may be exempted from the NRA ^employment agreement indicates that a much-needed flexibility is about to be injected'into the program.. It already has been discovered .that living up to an NKA jigrcemcnt can be a tcrritic handicap for Hie little'.fel- . low—the small town mini who runs'u little restaurant, or a -barter -jsho'i), or a filling station, or a iitlle grocery store. A tot of such employer*, with the best will in .the world, sirapiy cannot afford lo comply with all Blue Eagle retiuiremenls. The wise'thing, probably, would be to ease up on them. For il is not, after all, the little : employer who 'is -'most important in this program;* il 1 is the big fellow who needs jacking 1 up Ihe most. And if the government 'can <le- volo more attention to him by lettinjr some, of the little fellows off, tjie whole NKA program is apt to. go jforwani more ell'eclivelv. White Wine Industry Hit by Over-Consumption POU1LLY SUH LOUIE (in 1 ) — There Ls one linluslry in llic world which Is snftcilnc fi'oin iindrr- productlon and over-consumption. T]u- famous wine ciop of Potiilly, tlie favoii'd viiilnKc ainoiiK oyster raters, lia-s IK-MI di'oi>|>init o([ over shite thn reconl vlnlusf cil 1U.OUO.- 000 quarts in 1005. Tlib, year's harvriit Is eslininlccl at a mere 2,000,000 quarts. In 1329 Use yield was 7,000,000 quarts. The slump Is due to tlie lii«li tost of tending the vines to keep iht'tn free from dLsease. Hie wine Kio'.vs on 2.11 ticics on a lour mile Ironl alons; [he Loire Rlvev. O'Neill's Step-Daughter Plans Theatrical Career "EC U.S. PAT.Off. 1633 «r AEA siKViCF. it.c. "Kaily, what have you been thinking of ul! these months to let .your oil gel in this condition 1 .'' 1 CHURCH EXCSUES (UP)—Barbara Burton, 18-ycar-ulil lornw slcp- d:.ngi:tcr of Rustic O'Neill, the playwright, plans lo iiwke her ov.-n way in tile theatrical world. Emolled in the School cf Ura- IIIP. Ciiriietjlc Institute of Tuchml-' C.4V, Miss Uiirlon empliaMKd -her (lelr-i initiation not. to use li'r name of the playwright to gain a start in Un theater. Mis* Burton was Lit, rjixu:iing ;-[-l:e'_l much of the lime (lining the marriage of her mol"cr. Mrs. S Uurtoi). lo O'Neill, which entice! in divorce. Although she ucvti discussed her theatrical am- liilions with licr step-fallicr. Miss Burton said she met many person:; cinmectr^ with the theater and saw many ol the best plays ise of her mother's marriage lo the playwright. Since Hie divorce Miss Bnrtra v.i her mother have lived in All. Pltnw.nt, N. J.. where the s lrl wrote and helped produce a comedy last year. CURIOUS WORLD - - ONE ••}.; AAAN WOULD 6e REQUIRED TO WORK. DAY AND MIGHT FOP. 9/ VFAfiS. . STRIKING I2.O bELLS A AMNUTE, IN OROER TO RUN THRCXJ6H ALU THE POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS ON A SET OF &ELLS.( l)c not deceived; 6u<l if, not mi.tki'il; for '.ilvitsoevcr a in sowclh. 'that slialt he also reap.—The Uiblc. ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY. Committee. Proper Emotional Control Essential to Menial Health *V J*R. MOBKIS. HSllltKlN Editor, Jaamal of tlic AincrUM Mfdirjl Awociatlon, and of HT- ft\A. thr Hrjlth Majizinr You may recall -the story o! Hie - emotional mnn who N'olhlny l.s cdniln{j ol- tlie League of cxcc])l tin organization • to go oil. keeping Germany clown. — Gcorjc Bernard Shaw. • . ,- * * • For .rvi'ry pint' of Ix-er a [icifoji <lrint> In: will liuvc lo play squash fop halt -an hour lo work ufl the energy.supplied. — I'rof. E. C. Bu:i(l.s, University, of London. MILS told .to eat an a|>ple every HIM he. bccnmc worried or frightened. . One day he stopped nt a hotel and. on cntcrlii); His room al night,: hi' foiim! Ihe uhnmlx'r- inalrt hnd hunijort hcr.sclf (here. The . mnn rushed down lo UIL- hotel'. desk and cried: "A 9 hainbcnnal hns hanged Itcr- seU In' my room. For goodness' iakc. give, inc n|i apple, quick!" Ol course Ihb'ls an exceptional example, but H iwints to- the nc- ccfflty of .controlllni: your emotions b>-' finding some outlet fnv .siiinliir coitsinictivi; work for BOW! of the cutiiiuiinlly. the INDIAN CHILDREN OF THE NORTH ARK OFTEN NAMED FOR THE FIRST OBJECT THEAWTHER. SEES AFTER THE CHILD is 6OKN/ ASTRONOMERS HAVE. DIFFICULTY IN CALCULATING TH6 A'>OVE/VENTS OF THE MOON BECAUSE IT is so A/G4& I ALTHOUGH the moon is nearly :\ qiianer r, r n million miles ! from the cnrlh, it Is just a near neighbor, \vhen compared to the 1 stars. Astronomers say that calculating lls i^oveinents can be j likened unto making observations ol a bee that is buzzing abam - one's nose. NEXT: Wlitre are iish huoks used fur motley? Sixty-seven yirls have been en-i rolled in the Newcastle. Kngbiul. Vmslnl telegraph service in Ihe last j " ' 15 years; not one male recruit has Nub, oxviny lo the vegetable oil!fii5l in fumi value, followed by rniered that servia 1 in the samcjlncy contain, have a high food chtsinm. nlmntid. walnut anil pea- time, value; hrucl and brn/il mu-s rau!-r ; nut in the order limned. ni:ci.v HI.;HE TODAY hesitating. Then she stood up I girl 1 v.-as orehor siransc audience-two Jo:uii mcct s telling Indeed, worry inuy become so all-absorbing us to develop eventually a stale in which :i iKrsmi enjoys worrying, exactly as fear and worry over n disease mny develop that, condition called iiy- pcchondrasis. in which one enjoys ill health. A hy]iodiundri:iu i:, a person who U overanxious concerning his health, who constantly Ls n'ashing himself and everything abtnithim with j-oap and antiseptics, who buys every garble and montrnvash available on Ihe market, who brushes his teeth 10 times a day. and (alls a ready vicliur to every cure-nil. panacea and 1 Mill have my Cohan. ^ .shoes.,—George 1[ my government Imd put. jiacifli>U In con- ccntrfUIon can^is, I would have had to put, myself In first. ^Chancellor AdoU Hillcr. • - * * ! seem now to bc.'nblc to sec ^unshlnc.and happiness on the horizon. — Secretary" of the Treasury William H. WoodJn. them. In .the case of the hold ^ uMfr t] ,al imv bcdv has for sale, gucfl. it was calms apples. Sucl , ,,crfons' r-ntn'rijr- every tln> In your case, u may be counl- j . lc i u , |,,| 0 n nn j llr [K^-nc -UK inn to one hundred before rx- ' l]icv .„.,. ,'. on: ;ia,,, ^: " prcK-Ini! fliiger. or unlkmg on" wor- ui^hjus coiKTiniii" tnbcrculiisis ry and unsatisfied desires,- In any -' '' " event; it.''Ls important to cunlrol nnd direct 'your emotions heforc Ihcy K^t the belter of you. since Ille |il:iat oivurtt hj hi* father. !(«. (nil In love ivllh JUAN WAH- I.Vfi. prclly jMemphlJ Klrl. The rnaianre prusrrriMr* happllr UD- rll .In:,* anil Hnl» are tnvltcil to'a .hminc I'nrrj. Througb Ihr ftrliFm- Inc <!( IIAIltlAUA COUHTMJV, «Jm fit (rTtne to ITll* llf.h, JonD •nil Hob become fBtrnuctij, -loan returnable MemphiB wilH JIM WAItr'ir.l.Il, onrufccr E «<-"> u( the party. Durlnc tfce next CK*T %TeeVw Bob turn* lo llnrbflra'a , , Untlrrr fir rra.olollon. He .rci | «•< 5"ll COIlld s .loan nl n dance anrt planfl 1« are hrr nrxt dar «wd trr to clenr till Ihc mlanDdcrslnBillBf bcnvccii thrm. 'I'hat «amc Blent Jo»t\'ir M*ter, rAT, i* fn an nulomohifc ncrT- drnt nnd JKIIICV KOHItKSTi:il, krr r.rnrl, I] killrj. IlnV'n fmher rends about the tiecldent Jit n ncivsiiapcr nnd ask* Bob not lo arr Jnan flurnin. Tnt, hrarlMlck, raiu tinny lo Nrfr YrtTk. Jaltn follow* on (he »r.\t Irnlo nffer TTlTloff Ihc 'I'rnv- rlrra' AIA (o detain her MlNler. I'nt rlndex (be TrnreTcrx 1 Aid Jonn brclna flrarch fi>r I'at ntiri aenrch f«r irork an Hhr ran rr- nialn In !N>\r York. She rirrM KATT: jorftjs, • vioiiei, ivho uf- Irrj, lo hcly her. NOW CO ON WITH THK STOKt CHAFTEll XXI red iiarrot. cocliins its head nnd at lier niiceuliitircly. The words—in Italian—meant iiotbiiis to Kate, but Joan's vuke. exquisitely elcar u'ith a (fuiilily of haunting sweetness anil niillios. Blirved her. She Kiirvoyed .loan woinU-rin^ly. "Gee, child! Wby didn't you tell ,Z like that? What |. v liny any way? It | '' The pretty bniuet t>!tilled ai Juau and led llm \\~.\y lo n iirlvaiu oflicc. Ilavnry HJakc looked up \vlion Ihc trio cntercil. lie !u*i turned alniost iiiinaLinutly as Hie dour oiici-cd. but ^his iini'.iU'jnce ' to sliii [iQ'ii hint amldcu- | is that IIIUM.T turns on ilie tour drniv^. all rlglit. 01- JOAN decided in a Jjricf appraisal that night club numbers in tho uutto ilifferent than .=lio had Hay. am I getting . __ _. what?" J "It's 'Cam Ninnn' from tlie njicrn'I; i^tjletlo.' 1 ^in;; it hecausc . I love it, though i know 1 don't | I'eetcd. At least tills one was. iia really do il inoiiciiy." j had a tanned face, hazel eyes, a "Oh. yeah?" faiil Kal-. She I w hiniEical mouth and dark brown - cnnliniind [n slarc jit Juaii. " j, . h i llc || nci i ,„ wave, ten, Calli fjnrn. 1 know a j.:irl I who does a sons! a:i,l dance :it the! " Til ' 5 '« ^'i-' 3 Jo " CSi J!r - ™** c > .liKsaw. ].;vcr hear of llic nlaco 1 ; and her friend—Ihe girl 1 told. N'o. ycni n-nnldii't. It's a very : you ulioul," said l!ca lieiiMn. '. swanky ni~hi club. Nohuily c-VL-rj" ..y an . „„„„,,» J} | ako - 3 kniiMs what they'll *ce or hear eyes .or dn iiu>n>. And sfi everyone ^ocs !ln linrl [Mil. H's one of ihn few Ahno.sL ovcvyunc ha.s a stoniach- 'c nl so:ni: linu 1 or another. ' hvpochondrUic inatinifies every yroiicr control of tho rniolions ^-| s io, mi c]i-ache into u|>iicmliclUs. Core they get (he- better of you., RcionLllir. oUservcm know thai wore rtp]trni?iii5 Joan. proi>cr control of the emu- j tioiis mental health nec«*ary for the bc6tofi bcUc your (liLjeslioii will yet on much BY WUlifltni attention to it. you pay ro btlvcJy little ake \s/A> , AT My 'PLACE. • F insr vge.t\< T eodr CNER ALX.'i TO St. i FOUND Ti-\eM OUT CAM , /<W ' A IM TV\e useo To GO \\OME. ' CV.Q' £•=> the lives of ,11 O f ,,s. The" r man| Cran e ™& Waler Sna who trains himself lo take cadi Staged Death situation as it conies without, too' " much stress is Ijfcely to livo lon^;- 1 r^TTii... tr than the one Vlio litcrallv 1 , WIL I.OWS . Cal. /Ul i- tear himself 'to pieces over every . lwi; 'J' toltl 0( a i' r1l "'l' vc Baltic bi:- trlvml riLsliirbancc.' | The most, unhealthy of all emotions Is worry. It-is esnccially bad because II Is well. known that wo;-- ry never helps any .situation. II Is far tblt«r lo try lo do'^J' reported. "In ih death siniR soractliliig aboul every situation sic the .snake coiled around the over which you worry. If it is crane's bill and Ixxly, .sloivly sueh. a mailer as or B in E >''c bird bcncnlh a nearby pail death. -In which no amount, o; of waler. where both apparetillj brooding or worry ran bo n f hrlp. i drowned." Ills l> to accept » pliilosophi- 1 ------ — cal view of the sllnalion and try i Tmtilulc Has Job Hunt Cnursi- IT was a say, little place, iloan I'l.iir.i llir.fs nlnnys i-rnwilcd in x hud novcr imagined aiiythius j ""' : " llll!l '"ay?. I'm «'»li:!; i'-lake quite like Kato Jones' apartment. ,>'"" ""'re i" m?ft ill? maiiaser." There ucro bri^bt draperira at i "A :i'::lit clnb?" .lo:ia asked tho ivindovr. liright cushions, .fliiwl/. Modernisltc niul flamlns skclelies i " ( ;,, ;, \ ri v ,, :1 . : ,,ii]'4 to be •i the wall, and black furniture. It],,,,,;-..••;•• Near a window a brilliant inirrui , "p.u n it briglit green case was talk- pi;;.;].,. S shrilly. And, conipletiiis tin 1 1 -\-,. exolic picture, Kale and Kally in : .^,. iieir decorative loungiiib cos-: ti;i><.-\ "Take a lookatthis." scrcaineii iiiorii::- ,„•. i:ivu!i>' iii'iihc-r niiri llic parrot as Joan slood !>o=i- | bran; nt Hi:lL'rs n\i ln.r saLiry. j tanlly in the doorway. j Don't he rcilk-, Juau: You needn't! |, lou . s Kate Jonci micarllns her loag ' rid 1 .' IMHIU- In ;i MI::<K; ,;:: • or live i r;1 ,.]j ; '"J'hjst'.s ;i ]tico naiiie. And can '.wccn u crane ar.d a four foot water snake wliicli hv witnessed recently in Suttcr linsin. "The crane sv.ooi>c;l down, driv- ill" its Iwak throiich the .snake,' WELLESLEY. Mass. ' 01')— Tin Uab.scn InslUiilc lias a couuc il lo be helpful by laklns over a.-. many of the: dnllr,s and ropiin- slbllllies aiid olhcr associiition.s. jtb-huiilluj; for unemployed men concerned »lth the sick or rtcad;v.ith u gimranlce that tuition wt! person as can be asiumed. j be rcliir.dcd if on ccmiilelion ol Many a perron has taken lilsn- • the course the 'student" fails to self Out of Ihc worrj- jl^oelated fine! work. with 'the loss of ."^iniconc beloved i -- ..... by assuming charitable, social, or October ^t s . fc lor - - „ English poet, born ^3oo^3»affl <.">% Battle of iru5 Frenc fleets* of ' mon.a- « Tneiit iu tondon, .. il:->'r... ti-nib:'; I'laccs." l ] K;i',i'. ".\:.nk i-u.ii«, dia- iinvi-! 1 -'.. ••:• i:ili! Uut 1 vent really biii^;?" \VitUunt watlinr; f(»r nil an:-\ver lie Liircod lo lien. "Tell Andy to come I'.cre," he sairl }teit rotunicd \villi n ihirk-eycd )nlllii; nnui. He llilll bleek. lilonrl hair and a definitely bored manner, lie selected some mnsie frnrn a rack and sat down at tlie tiiitiu. "Let lier sing that C'urv liiin.^," called Ka h e eAcitcdly. "l":aro Koine," said Jnan. Thu accompanist lifted '»!u *TC- lilly. I'rom annllic.- length from a soia said cordially, i in :i I'-vir ut^t it you [ivdcr suli- : | 1;i: i,] K r j|iplcil ovor llin K>iy« jmd Cnnio in and don't let that crazy ways ;:ncl tulrt lUits." ijoan licgan shisini;. Khe wai con- liird cmliiirr:iss you. Klie has .1 "Yui nnut filial; I'm abiiiril." I .: t i ol] . s dial Um arnisiinco liart sliarp lonsue and n dull mind. H Juan paid. 'dropped from tlic yontli wh« wn» didn't lake you Ions lo set lierc." * * * jihiyiny. Snthl-nly she kr.C'.v ' "Shut up." shrilled llic parrot. "1 don't know wliy I bland licr." said Kate, smilinr;. "Slic's Jus! tine ol many had habits. KaMy." i:lie Inrnnil to the other xirl, l 'yrju remember .luai:, don't you? I'm K«>ini; In teach li^.r how lo walk riRlit up lo Oltl Man Mnsincts «illi a "ginime" look i.i her r>c. tlood looks and nerve. Yon can't miss if you've got 'cm!" rrcssnlly Ihcy were sillin; at a talile on which was spread an .il>l>c«<!ni; meal. Tlio line:: v.,is fresh and Ihe chin.i was daiuly. j Jonn was thinking lhat ItM^. v.ibl city where young girli tonsil 1 , i evcvy Inch uf the way Cor n liv- j in:; was very real. Mci:i[i:il3' scenic.') less real now. and very] far away. Perhaps she conhl novcr gel the slant cm life these Kirls had. but already Flic could see slannch iiualilics behind tliclr | ( r j,.., liRlit and brittle conversation. Il c , )m ' m ',,;in; had been thoughtful ot Kale lo rvxrni i;,u;i;n. Kr.n- went on. linlt:l lin'aiiM; rhc:-i: bl-iiid Lure- lu:i lan't li:- iri!: : l'"t. Iliit. n.; tor ,'lillX I'lii'l fl"«l :' iril-hairrd buy Ifrifiiil i.',-,:i hi!-'.' 1 :','! "t :i •liainnnd ! ai:rt plaiih'iiii chok'.r frnin the | head ot Mi 1 .- i:rm. Ju:; a uiiilier ai |tLi!-lc. vvliirl) i.; I'.nrd to ncLOiml , for. Tlr. J:K:-;;W sirli h-:<- o]i]:or lie was iniltiiig bis heart into tho inn-it-. "Hum:" snid I;l,iko wiion -loin h:nl finishfd Hie yiiii^. Hi wii-, ic- K.irdiiiK h>:r Inii.-nlly. There was n lif:lit in hi.; eyes. "Now." he said. "I.t-t'.< ?cc sh" *'iu: do wjlh :-otuetbiiis a litllo different. Try her on this!" He I a sui'" lhat was one oE . i the s-::-.:'!:i'- ii'ju'est. "A Mill- witii tlic Kiad ot sentiment L -]l 'and rhyllim Ihiit make a hit [hcsi or "lay.= ." he :;iid. "Play il over I on"-. Andy." (he sv.-iu; o' il?" lilake ajkert Sh': r.nddcd and walled tor Hie iiitnjdiic'.ioH lo bn played agnlii. tliiMiii::-- llic arsuincnt. T[ln ru , ]g Wa5 ligbt but It hid .li'au did vaut t<> M".v in x " w : m( .|',j,iy rliyl'.im. and Joan snn; it York, file 11111*1 oli.y lu .N>-« wi|]l [^,1,,-. VnrX-. "V.'hcu can wo MI Jn:ir -r| 1; , t u -;|| I,..: all. Andy." HIV;* ! Mi^a Jones wail outside for a fc'.v "''." iminutcs?" tiinili:- • o i!ial;c inoiify in o ways loo—like siiiBlnx at • l>.;-llrv:. \Vii:ii. do yr>;: i'i:n!i the idr.i?" Joa.l v.,i. Mr,iii::; CiC id..' 1 , over in her i.ii:.'!. "Vi':: xi.;a[ l'i S'.:'> rk, ilij.,'1 ynllV : : K ;:U:.: ,,,, vj! . iim<: like the ask her to come to dinner, gencr- ,..._,„ Kw _ ,.,.„ cl) , |lcr ,.,, r; , llt . KM VR . I{:I} 1]][|n ^ r|nr|f |]a(1 ous lo lake lu a stranger. I _ Af(tr |]or tlltmtt .,., llic nn- r | 0!c ,i |,chl:n! them. "Of,-!:. I'm an Inspiration!" —'-' ' Kale after Ihe meal was 1.0:1- cluilcd. "Hut firsl you'll have to alinw I'm not from Missouri, but :.]IL"The nimniijcr J:s.-aw the I:: 1 -.-: a tlian^n?" "What do you think?" B little town ]u«l over tho border In Illinois givo me the same Ideas. Cp.n you rcMly sins or were you Just raying^o lo yourself?" J UAN smiled, "t sing some hut 1 don't cipect ''" ' tile Mc'ruiKjliUn." -Mu.(:«l,. Uut? hear vim! lias been a riot In New York," U s kcd, Einilins. ot lovely ladles | chaiigc jusl to , Sally adJcil. "I couldn't t:uc?5. Onn ininnto spend their BP.UC change jusl to 1 1 i| loug i lt | lc lllic[1 hcr ,. mc _ And get a look nl him. jtiic next minute I wasn't 60 nura. Joan dressed curtfully ncsi |n c looked nl licr so hard, kill day, pultins osifie hcr doubts and | 0 [ fvowning." apprehensions. Kale nut bur ilnr-1 " !r you nsk me I'd saj your 1-.-.S the ::oe:t h""' a1lrt f1lorl1 V ! frleml hns liimk.,i «jlh liulli led.' afterward they were in Ihc small ; IJ M sn |,| ,vi 3C ly. an audition nt walling room adjoluin* llio club | | n !,| s tirlvalo olTico U.irnoj !niaii95cr'8 prtvalc office. ' lll.ike leanod fnruard. tmllins. •Well. ilarlitis-oJ tha uilnul-.-:" Hi : ..i-1. "\Vs ar? 5_?l.i/ In be !^ .jid. us * P" 11 -' ^ :l1 al ' f'' 1 - 1 "'-. •'..!.'11 ' *•'••'•" W'-ll — leff! look-d from KstlG lo Uic ruutn. . Ihis u ILe i 'lu be Cocliuitcd*

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