The Star Press from Muncie, Indiana on January 14, 1914 · Page 11
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The Star Press from Muncie, Indiana · Page 11

Muncie, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1914
Page 11
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THE MUNCIE MORNING STAR, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14, 1914 11 I ti I .1 I riDIANA OIL, 1913, 7,361 BARRELS That Is Total of New Produc-, lion From 310 New Wells Completed. DELAWARE COUNTY, 1,765 Interesting Figures for the Pasi Twelve Months. . Lima, O., Jan. IS. (Special) One Of the most prosperous years tn the history of the petroleum development prevailed during the year 1913 Just closed. Everyone identified with tne work, whether producer or laborer, were very successful, and few Ioss.jS were had during the year. Laborers' i wages were Increased, as were drillers, roustabouts, tank strappers, farm bosses, superlntendi ms, and, in fact, all were increased in wages. . The year showed, n.ueh work of a wildcat nature, but at that very few new and proline poola. were opened up by the drill, and the work was confined to a large extent to. the old producing territory. Many attempt, were made to extend the producing area of the old fields, which were done in many instances, but of the really wildcat work the only prolific pool where Rushers were found was the new field opened up In SUlllvan County, in the western portion of Indiana. This field reminds one of similar pools developed in Illinois pools, such as that at Sandoval. irlnvllle, Carlyle and Wabash. In West Virginia. Tl famous West Virginia field failed to show another gusher field like the Clue Creek field, in Kanawha County, Uhough a. small pool was opened upiin Brooks County, known us the BeecA Bottom pool, In the Buffalo district. This pool Is a treacherous one. as but few fair aiied wells have been found there, hut In the Sullivan pool, which4 was not opened up more than six months sgo, has developed many above 200 barrels a day. iThe Oklahoma-Kansas fields lead . ii in wells finished during the past year, showing over 11,000 wells out (f a total of some over 25,000 wells. , Jn the list of wells drilled in states, the California, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Montana and other producing regions along the Hooky Mountains are not giving mention, and It if. fs-tlmated that more than 4.0ii0 wells were drilled that would swell the total 1m the United States to close to 30,000 wells for the year. Weill hy State. State Okl'.a.-Kaa Jennevl iW. Vlrstnla . . . Illinois S. W. Ohio. . . ! . v.. Ohio . . . ' t'entral Ohio. .' Tndlftna . .v. Kentucky . . . . v Panhandle-Tex S B. Teaaa . . Louisiana Comn. Prod. PhU. Oa. Dry. , .11.2S1 ti.V 3 4 "2 S2 f OS 61 7 ' . i'.hi 34,!7 4i.J lOH . . 2.07J S4.287 46! S29 UTS 1I.16 .. 1,705 ' S! 4T 474 5.'i4 S90 HJ 110, 7,sni II S , , 211 J.S20 T 70 . :stl S1.46'J H4 7iS 2.0i )0 80 541 1B7.S56 8 100 Totnt 15.012 7H.5K1 !,11 4.1S7 1.814 :,7n Total for 1912 H.22" 82K.29S Dlfferenca .. ,:! 15S.2SI ImTease Her 1912, The above figures show that during ioii tVior. were fi.786 more wells .t.nioi than tn 1912. The production .. a. 155 ?3 barrels greater. There were 367 more gas wells and 1.401 dry holes. While the dry hole column OXEY loaned in gums of $10, $20, $50, $75 to $100, privately. N household goods, pianos, horses, vehicles, fixtures, etc., without removal. . 0 publicity or de- 1 a y. It costs nothing to talk it over. ASY payments and low rates is our motto. Every dollar paid reduces the cost. OU will always . 0 5 N v its W1( f receive private, policei If confidential and Sood a sl courteous treat-nxedbaj- ment and fair hall. dealings. Thei aV In eayo anothar loan com- f1' pany, walwill pay tham and advanca il you more-mony or u you www - .- (Lmi bar of nll bill It pays to set them all Into rlna aoeount. Coma to ua, wt t ' , will loa,lou lha amount wanted, at tha ' ia(l iff Borrow when yon Bead It fi ftana tal t ai you earn n n loans In' the city n aurrounding tawni. K hn In need of money fill out tha ftwlng blank, mail It to tit and our agent will rail on yarn. Name. Addreaa Street and Kumbar. Amount Wanted. WB ARE LICENSED AKD BONDED CNDER TU iTATE LAW. Indiana Loan Go. U1 Sm niafk. - WlNdE, IKD. Tblrd riaw, I eraer imbib. fhMt U7 : shows a strong increase, this is offset by the nice increase In production. Taking a fair average of 2,000 per ,well for drilling and putting into producing shape, would mean an outlay - In the industry of drilling wells and equipping them run close to 150,000,-000, which Is a tremendous sum for anv one-'nortlnn nf anv Indttstrv It : is estimated that many millions of;ih.,"i n', m?" "'"f f'1"- Wrll c- l HMlo,- . AA ... ...ilon. Winchester, lnd. labor and equipments to put the crude product into saleable shape. The present year should make a large showing, as the price of crude ts far above what It has been for years, and much wildcat work will be done over the country, in spots that have never been drilled before. Outside states will he given tests In hopes of finding oil In commercial quantities, especially in ! min us ith the asur.e you will succeed, the Western country. New Mexico is!w' hv received praiaa from thousand fr already in line for a field, as oil has been found near Artesia and Arizona p - in line, as is Montana. The Indiana Field. While very Utile drilling was doiie tn the Indiana field outside of the new Sullivan County pool, the produc ers were prosperous on account of the good price Of oil and thev could well afford to pump steadily the smull stripping wells in the eastern central part of the state. During the year some good wells were found in the old Muncle district. In Delaware County, and it looked us though there would be another boom, nut later developments showed that tV-- completed wells were growim; smaller and work let up as soon as. the wunivan neni was fiund. me ursi gooa well or the year to be drilled In Delaware County was I . Vrm-j- on the ban-doned J. Hitchcock farm. In Ubertv Township, which started at 250 bar rels an.l renewed Interest in the oil field. The second well on the same in in yu9 ui mm in April and snowed a production of 130 barrels, and Mr. Kriedman also found a 200-bnrrel gusher on the w, c. Swanders farm, near by the Hitchcock well?. John Rock was also successful In getting a 250-barrel gusher in his second well on the .1 Davis farm, In the same vicinity, while Nos. 5 and 8, same farm, did 110 hnrrelr each. Across the line, in Randolph Countv. Mack Watts drilled a 100-barrel well on the Jones farm. In Monroe Township, and Drlscoll, Brant A Co.. a well on another Jones farm, good for ISO barrels. In Bear Creek Townhlp. .Tav County, the Citizens' Oil Oas and Mining Company drilled a 100-harrel well in No. 7, T. B. Alman farm. Tn Liberty Township, Delaware CJountv. T.nuis Friedman's third well, on the Hitchcock tract, d'd 100 barrel and T. O. Johnson'.'i No. 2, O E. White-hair tract, did 100 ba'rels. nrUonll. RrHnt - ro., third well, on the .Tnnee teact. in Monroe Township, Randolph County, did 150 barrels. Tlie Sullivan Meld. It was In July that work started In the Sullivan County field, and the fore part of August the Kennedy Company drilled, in Nos. 1 and 2, Edwards tract, which showed a production of 267 and 150 barrels respectively. No. 4 well, same tract, in September, did 175 barrels and are In Curry Township. In the same month the Ohio Oil Company's Nos. 1 and 2, Helen tract, did 175 and 300 barrels, and are in Fair-hanks Township. October proved to be a prosperous month for tne Sullivan Held, as the Ohio drilled In Nos. 7 and 8. Helen tract, good for 200 and 275 barrels, and No, 1. Beard tract, good for 150 barrels. The Shelburn Oil Company's No. 1, Wade tract, did 350 barrels, and the Kennedy Company' No. 2. Wood tract, 200 barruK It was In thl month that Mike Murphy drilled in his 5,000.000 cubic foot gas well on the Butler tract, n the Oukland City Held, In Monroe Township, Pike County. No. 1, Wood tract, of the .Kennedy Company, producd 125 barrels, and the Ohio Oil Company's Nos. 3, 4, 5 and 6, Helen tract, showed 200, 150, 226 and 250 barrels respectively. In December, the clos ing month of the year, six gushers were fo'inrf In the Sullivan County held, l he Kennedy Company s No. 1 Plnkstoti tract, did 200 barrels, and No. 9, Iawrence Dix tract, 300 oar rels. Doit, Young Company's sw ond well on the Mston tract did 100 harreK The Rhelhiirn Oil Companv'i" Nos. 3 and 4. Wade farm, did 300 and 350 barrels, while the 13. R. T. Produc. ing Company's well on the Bickncll tract, did 115 barrels. Indiana by MonlliH. The w-ells drilled In the Indiana field by months for 1913 were as 'olio ws: Mouth. Comp. Prod. , ry. Prod f rri S37 2j:i M.l. 47 Sit 4 7MI l,4 l.CII 1.0V; 7,361 .Innuftry f "fi 1 Vebruary -"1 0 March t" April , 6 May :o Juna !2 July Jl Ausuat 85 Roptember 2.1 October 44 November 4. December si Total ... 10 673 Old !N AlmiiiloiiixJ, During the year a total cf 673 old producing wells were pulled out and abandoned as worthless, although at present prices and a little additional gas these wells would have made pood money maker at less than half a iar- re a day. The Sullivan County field led with 132 completed wells. 57 dry holes; and 4,032 barrels production. The wells were divided up among the different counties as follows: I County. Com". Prod, or Oas !Sulllvan 1.12 67 I I iiciaware 64 1,5 7 i.lav M 4:3 :rik 1 I"! 'nihsnn 1' 1 Randolph It S 3 : BlacKford II 41 S I Aflame 7 1 tlreena 7 i I 1 Wells 0 1 iOrant 4 :Kni ? , Davleaa 1 . 10 0 I Hamilton . . 1 s Miami 1 1 j Total ....II 7. HI tt ! TTE'H TOTAD IS 9OO.000 IlepriisciiM Combined I'nxliHtlon of Old ant) New Well. Washington, Jan. 13. Indiana pro duted 900,000 barrel of petrole'tm last year, according to the statistic of, the geological survey. In 1112, in production was 170,009 barrels. Th decline in the Lima (O.) and Indian field wa no greater, than uiual: In tact, the new dtvelopement In Mulll-van County, Indiana, added an encour glng supply," the governmtmt report i dlnta out. Tne remarkably great output of r-e troleum during each year of this cen lury was ms.-e than equallsd in 1112, It la ald. The amount produced in the last twelve months exceenea ziv 000.000 barrels, or about 3Z,tJ00,0U0 metric ton, according to the 8tlmt of David T. Day, government geologist. The production in III 2, which made the record up to that time, was 22. tl3.21 barrel. The rate of Increase last year wt rreater at the end of the jyear than at the beginning. Califor-nla, whotr production last year was HELP IVANTCU FEMAt.g. WOMEN CM government JoDa. Bl pav-lint of positions available free. Franklin institute. Ih.pi, m, Bwhrtifr, N. T. :?! "ROSE CREAM," for chapped hnil and fact. lie. ANDREWS DHITO STORK. WANTED Two vaun l&tttee for vaudeville WANTED Reliable wash woman at 1001 B. Adam Kt.. Wednesday mornlns. HAIIt GOODS made up to order. Malone'a Hair mora, J1J 8. Mulberry St. If HELP WANTED M t.E WANTED Men to learn the barber trada. Few weeks qualifies by our method of free h ',cour"- our sreauatee shops depend upon u for barbers. Many lob waiting. Write at once. Moler Barber College, stJ E Washington St, Indianapolis, tf WANTHV H&lluay mat! clerka. Commence JT;, month. Miinele examinations anon. Sample qucotlo'i fri-e, FrBhklin Inalltuta. lept S J. Rochnter. N. 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B. rVnid-Liberal reward. man. 20S N. walnut. 98,000,000 barrels, showed an Incre tse of 10,000,000 barrels over Its produc tion the previous year. In Went and Koiilli. The consumption In California al most equaled the production, and the addition to stock was very light. Oklahoma also stioweu a signim-nni Increase, with about por cent addition to the stock. Texas and Louisiana likewise increased their productions. The output of the gulf ,leltl declined, but this was more thun offt?ot by the Increases In northern and Texas. Wyoming showed a marked Increase f rt m ine wan -.rccn Held Other states showed a decline, this being greatest In Illinois. The production of petroleum In Illinois, last year, was 22,000,000 bsrr?ls, a against the production of 231,601,- aOS bsrrels in nios ouipttt, iot vesr. was 8.000.000 barrels, hs against the production of , 969,607 barrels in rvriuuctvy pnoiu to 500 000 barrels last year, aa against 4M.318 bsrrels In 112. The possibilities of finding oil in western Ken tucky ha aroused great Interest, the government geoiogm gay. M.ira I'Mvd In ItattleHliiik. i.onnneinai rvaiionai nana .. On account of the Increased cost of I Farmers Tenet company .... fuel oil for battleships and the fact fidelity Trust fomnan, . , , . . , ' ..,- i .ro eanldW FleMlsr American Nat. Rank, that foreign corporation ro WPMIJ F.t.h.r Savings end Trust Co. buying reserves of oil In th vniiefl rt. w w v. Traction Co., States the secretary of th navy, Mr. ,Hnm Drawing co Dsnlels. ha. recommended to the 1 '- mmo". . WW ! : gres the policy of producing crude " I itujiana National Bank from the navsl ree-erfes and obtaining ;tnd Railway and Light com. fuel oil from tt. ; Indiana Title Ooaraoty ...... There ha,, been an unusual prores,J; T' 7 ;;;;; In rnnnv part of the country dunnBiiroiianeimlle Abattoir the vesr In petroleum reflnltig, eap'! - ciallv In the dehydration of hevy cruris oils, in cbtatnln (janoMn 'com naturai r nd irynthHIcally trnm havy oils. nn1 tn oMnlning many pe-cial product from rrudu fttlw. TWO fAIMT-WI IN KKW VOHJl Nw York, Jan. II Th A. Morton f)p-panti-jlm Company, With avanua olra In womfi waarifig apparal aM ahoaa. and PrriKln pinhpim, BUlh aviiua ahoa 4a!ar. war thrown Into banhruptcy toda by pnditora Tha ltatdllty of tha A. Morton i'PPrnim o?fipny i Miimeiiri bv m'r than li with aaavta toialllng alm't aa much Trt a ho dalara' Itabilltla ara glvan aa fUA.oad, uu 69,Tft. Tha con rarna ara a pa rata, but hava aonia cradttara In cotnrnon. Plambini-Sleam Heatia Fnrnictt-Eleclric Wiring Kimbrough Hardwire Co. Star Want Ad. Branches Taa tout ! e the nearnt braneti or phone tltem to ear office. Tbay will b Inserted for Ona Cant a Word. 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Quotation STOCKS. fiia . 21.0 101 112 i . 300 til 10 tit It 10$ )4 147 13IV4 ... no ii Hi 17$ ! ei 4S in ; j$ 4S 4 it 71 331 19 . . 10 ID 7'4 $1 'te 't'fi 13 100 131 13 It II American Ontral Ufa AtiK-rlran Ooaotlng pfd , HHt It nil road iTontnon . , , Mrlt Hnlirnad pfd H$n-Hur Caaualty Co. . ., ( upltal City bratrlng o-tiiiury ffulldtiig o. pfd , i If lea Wrrtc? i-oinrnun H'Hlca Hfrvl'f pid I f'ltitng Hum Co., nw . , . , ftireri (in a Co,, old :indisnpoila la j '!';;::' l - jri'lpl. fltrt ftallwiy , Lemks Healty fd Merrhanta N'atlnnal Bank , National (Hy Bank Near Telephone ,, Nee, Tslflhone L. D Peoples fftete flank I'rudenflal fasuaity new ., Hanh Kertlllger rifd Security Truat, f'o Sterling r"1re Insurance .... T, H. Trartlon A Light Ce . 133 11 I '10 12T 13 103(4 lot 14 II I 13 3D 31 in lot II II T. H . t. a . Mmmon T. H, I K pfd .... I'nlon Trartlon rommoa ... I'nloa Traction near I'nlon Traeilon nrst pfd . . . I'nlon Trartlon eeeond Jifd. I.'nlon Trugt fompany Van Camp Hie. pfd Van Camp Marking pfd ... Vsndslie, foal romnion .... Vsndslla f'osl pfd It it Wasson pra BOND. I Rett ftaliroad 4s , HroaA Hippie is Si 6 10 ' lilt OS Street R.'illeai' If. ' ! Wkvne s Korth Intllana aa . ef W W. Val. Traa o, Is , Indiana Northern la . Indiana I'nlon Tra'-tlon e,,,, fndpig.. Col. t Bootlistn le ... lodlansvolle (iaa Company la , 104 FARMS AM) ljkM& 100 At'RKS. Improved, IJ0 per acre, art acres. Improved, $14.' 50 per acre. S4 acres. Improved. $110 per acre. 43 acres. Improved. 1 00 per acre 35 acrea. untmnroted. 2 nillea caat of Muncle. do interurban atop, priced low. 0 acrea. Improved. $:',400. 100 acrea. Improved, $M per arra, 40 acres, Ittiproved, $1,600. 4il acres. Improved. $100 per acre 4H acres, Improved and aas well, $140 per acre. N II. FOHHINIi, Real Kstntii and Loans 100 N. Martin Nt. Phone 1H2S :;1 FtlH SA1.K-3J0 acres, title, with splendid lmyiroeniin!s, at I 5'J0 acrea at $100 :s.i acres at lot. 13 acrea al llil. urn acres at $luO. 140 aci'ea at $U0 300 'teres at $U'0 i; acrea at $110. Fine 120 ai $!'.'&. RcHuttful 00 mrea at 1 oO HO acres at I1U. no at $110 hl at 'M 44 at $121. 40 at $166. fi at l0 10 a. res al $3,000 i acres ill $l.3!.0 st acrea at I.3S0. S acrea at $3,000. 40 acres on Interurban nt $ir.o. to acres for $4.1,00, I'. FI.KMINti llurtfont I'lty, tin. 6 CKNTS AN Al'ltH, CASH. Teiaa achool land for st.le by the atate ton eim huj good land at $100 per acre: pav 5c per care ciislt and no more for 40 years but 3 per cent interest; send o postage for further Information. Investor rob. Co,, No. J. ban Antonio, Teiaa. ;SM FOR SAI.K'.im acrea, 9 miles east on pike, good 5-room house, cellar, good burn other outhitlldlniis, good orchard, fenced, ditched. $2,600. 1 ti acres, one mile south, new 4-roon bouse, well, good barn, wagon slied. corn erlh attaches, fnilt. fenced, ditched. 00. If (old Immediately. Jonea Huod-grsss 207 Johnson THJ Foil SAI.K OR THADK 10 acres. Darke Cottntv. Ohio. Level rich land on pike close to martlet; goon o-rooin houae. goon hum and crihs. Price fl'.'.'.OO per ucre tS'ant rentals or merchandise. Also have- Severn! excellent rental pniposll ona to exchunge for land or merchandise. !. M. 1.K11IT 20SS S. Walnut Kt. If FOR THAIK for suburban home of 3 to 4 acres, a good go-aere farm near Winchester. inn For gale. 1? ticrea. good buildings, a1 lolnltiK good Interurban town For aala. P acres, 12 tulles out. atnall hous" and barn. Price only $t0i, half cash R F. Brsdhury. tf if vol' vTZsr' riTsov! how lo succeed on a farm that only costs about $3tui send for eopv of Free Government Lands folder; full part iculora. It. Clem Deaver, SSO tj lluilillng, Omaha, Neb '61 FX l 'II A Nt ! 1C - (to acres level rb h limestone soil: brick house and large frame burn. Want 30 10 100 acres hlai l land and pay difference. .1. J. Westrlek, Puliinan. lnd. ?43 FOR ItKNT Farm, 1?o acres, 1 tulle soulli. 11, tulles east of Granger, lnd , H1. Joseph County, $400 onsb with long lease, or will sell. J It. Cininlnghstn. Mlililgnn "ltj, lnd. Care Heck Jewelry O ,"4 y(n saLF Farm, 41 acres, f miles north- wet,l courthouse, good hulldlugs. I seres In orchard, o. M. Miller, telephone 10 1 , 1, R. R No. 13. '.'44 $.', IIOWN. $f. MONTHLY, buys 40 acres grain fruit, poultry laud, nenr town. Price $jtui 00 Other bargains. Write for list. Hoi .172, Cnrthagft, Mo. I WA NTKIt-.-To rent tiirtn: owner to fin tiNIl eveiylltlng; tenant lo ehare pari of lha grain; ev perlenced : reference furnished Ad.lresa P. O Hon $4, Oas City, lnd. 3S FOR P4.LR laata acres, four miles south SSSI Redkev, wel Improved. O, M. Miller, R. R. No 1! Muncle. FOR K A I.R -0 acres of ground, good house, barn, plenty nf fruit, m tnllea frntii Muncle. Phone Sf7. :! FARMS "f all to trade or aril Sea or suitress W. M White, I'nlon City, lnd. If 41 ACRIOH LAND, 4 mltee Muncle. Call 311 N. Jeffeiaon. tf I ARMS AMI CITY LOAN. RF.AL I-: ST ATMS, I.OANM. Lowest rates. Clark Walk, Wyaor Rlortr.. 341 FIVH PF.I1 CENT fatm loana. II. bury, Muncle. In. r. Itrad tt IlKtlti MT1IREN. rtlYSICIANrl' MlUt STORK PHONE 173 tf Good Domestic Coal for $3.25 Our man Ayr Lump coal 1 bent bargain unlnn offered tn Muncle thin Heasnn. Ask a neighbor wlio hart uhoiI till roal or orctor a ton and be convinced. (ilen Ayr Lump, per ton $.1.25 Ohio Lump, per ton $4.00 C.C.n. Pocahontas, mine run, per ton $4.25 Corbon W. Va. Splint, per ton $4.50 White Ash Range $4.50 Ask us for all sizes of Hard Coal. We handle all kinds of feed. Union Horse Feed $1.75 per 100 lbs. LESLIE BRAND ftOQ V. Klijlith Ht., I'ltone B. lit N. High HI., Plume 5.17 fnitpn creenneii se mo ... Itnllsnipoile Msrtlnsvllle le 37 13 lli'llatiapnlle Northern it..., 11 ... Iti'llanapoiis a Ntirinwesiern te lii'lisnaiinlle Noutheaatern le . . . 13 Iniipla, aiieitirtllle a R. le 18 Imlpls. Hlieet Ballwar 4s ... II 77 ItirtlsnstK.lls Tree. Term. Itl'llanapnlle Water t'.n. le ti U lit'lletiapti'le Water I'n. 4e 6 1 KoKurno. MaHon Weatsrn te II t In ti New Telephone eeon4 le 11 tt Mereh. II. 1. I ". ref. la 103 HI M. ft. '. Ft. Weyne ke Muiiele finlon t'liy le New Telephone first le New Telephone ,n I'let. le. 71 v.iith InSiai.a rnwer t'. la.. t0 1 03 Terra Mante, dpl Kssl. le 11 tJnlon Traction of fniliane le. II tl WOMAN FINALLY PARDONED Mrs. f3U I PiHnle Hilled Annlhor t Illtiffum. Indlanapolli, Jan. IS. Mr. Ell Point, who wa convicted i Bluffton, few year ago, fur tha murder of Mf. Klorant: Heaenron, whom h hot In fit of Jealouay, ha re-i ceilvcd her final pardon paper from ! lb woman' prlmn trueteea, fche waa eervlng an Indeteirrnlnat eentence in th prlKon and a ynar ago wa paroled Klnre that time ah haa been cmpltiyedl at tha Well County Infirmary a a dorneatlc. Mr, IsaPolntt! I half-Wood Indian. Hli wa Infaluated with Howard Johnaon and when ah found him, In rompany with Mra. Keieant'on ah hot the) woman nd tried to kill John-j ion. He) earaped I UOl r:s AM) LOTS !A NEW HOV8E, Jiiat completed ; reception lhall, IMnir and dlnlnf rooma. pantry and I kitchen anil eoat closet below. 4 nice bert-and warrtrobee on aeoond V0"' plumbed; for fas and wired for electricity. city water, newer, bnth mom complete, i heated be furnace, modarn In ery sense ''an be hotieht rirhL only 1101 oaah. balance by month Thla and mirroundlns property sold en'? white peraona; aalo of llo,uor forbidden. houe alt net back IS foot from atreet Una. An Ideal home HAItot.p r. R. Wt.t. S1 S MI'MtKRRT ST ft IT. FT ' f"TS IN OOOD NEttlHBORHOOP. near treet car line, lugt outside etty limits, gly-Ing van a chance tn ralsa your own mrats and vegetable These ean ba bought e" tcrma which require you to save t cents per day Isn't such a proposition worth Investtssttng? HAROLD C. k wt,lk 114 9 MPI.FKRRT STRFFT FOR ml.I- For t!.?0(l 00. beautiful newly built brick bungalow; I rooma wtth large reception ha'l and basement, electric lights, hard a id aoft water; No l.'O Wheeling Ave., Riverside. One intla from courthouse ano two blocks from street car. For runner partlcutara lttqutrft neat housa north. Mrs Jack wills -" ntttow MOl'Sie a rooma. modern, steam heat. 4 Bcjnaree from business center, $4,000 Murkley Agency, foou, F. alatn " FOR, CITY PnopKHTY see Thompson Arenoy. Turner Rlk. Save $JO0 n isoo. tr FtlTt IttltOitKR In cltv nronertles and farma. John R, Koona. t4,.om 3. Anthony, tf j IMCKMtN Agency. RearFslata. Anthony, tf 'IIAPlNt Real Kstste. 408 Wyaor Mlk rrn sai.e Miscri.i.ANicors. FOR 41.ID -Rearchllght t'tlllty bass barnar and soft coal stove. Call phona 13a4. If Folt HALK--ldvs brown chinchilla eoat Medium sue. Oood condition. 1310 rV Main St. FOR S!.F.--Otie 3-gsllon enffea urn. one cool table, cheap. Roscoo Martin, Setma I ti.1 IIII FOR SAI.W - Itasa burner, gas range, coke heater and hot plate, 1313 K. Matn; f FOR K-V LK Morris air tight stove large slsc.l cedar chcsl. l M Flm. and ,.g; for h'aTk - tr? orda of good wood, Call 000. FOR s M, K- Tluiter ciipa. Pacific Tea CO Orent Atlantic ?l Fi I ftS aT. K-W ootl. Itlley. Phona JSJI-1. J M t'OR S LF,- -Khrrddeil fodder; call Phone 31-1. ' WPHINEHM CHANCrg. WILL grant exclusive aelllhg rllthts nf nationally advertised, high grado patented rperUiltv In bis demnnd to parly In pnsltlnn to operate on large scale Very unusual opportunity. Address .? T Lawsnn. t" ooriward avenue. Delrolf, Mich FttR KAt.K-Motion plidlire vaudeville theater, vnlurd $10,000; oillck aacrlflce snle, ttl.nllO, Runs Seven dnva week. Also luerrv-go round anc F'rrls wheel cheap. Long's. I44 I'lilhiuin. Fort Wayne, Did '-'04 FOR SvK(Tood cah grocery and inesl market doing good hurlnceg. "teHsotl for selling, aolng III oilier bUHlness. 310 VI Hoc .....1 4t If I MKlTtANTlTrl KfcfTnMWi MKRT thai la nice nnd clean, Prlcu $3,ou. bar particulars write c, O, Fleming, Hartford cltv. Indiana. No Irado conslderen. s Id i H KALI1: Fin business room In Kstnn. lud.. $-.000 J. II. Cuhiilngtiltm. Michigan City, lnd, care Reek Jewelry Co. !44 FOli It I0NT - ofllces tlnd Boor. cor. Adams and Wnlnui His, tinddard liloik I'iiR hp: NT Room above Lyric Theater for office purposes. tf At'TO ANI MOTOItCYCI.KS. FOR PALI?, or a III trade rot' automobile, 'iS borae power automatic gaa engine, good new. Reliable Machine Co, Anderson, lnd. 43 MISCEI.I.ANEOrg ""Notice" to thf. prune. AUCTION"", F.H. I inmpleted the full course of auetlonser. log al Jones Hehool of Auctioneering nt I'hlcago Jon lh I solicit your patronage I make a siteciiilty of crying farm and slock sales, and also allendtrflt e all general auctioneering. My service to you are guaranteed bv the feci that t am a graduated auctioneer. All the modern and best methods ate used by nia on an sales Write for terms and date or phone (Near I'hnue) 13 3. Plmnn at my eipense. JlthHIO fi!, R. 10. I). No. I. Anderson, lnd WB PAY full market vain foe hldeg and fttre Call on us before you Ihlp Mag Zoister. successor tn Munula lrnn and Metal Co . 414 Liberty St tf for HoutillNK.HS of hand tid faue try "Rose Cream." IV. ANHRF.Wft IlRt'fl TOR. S7 I MHRCI.LAH repaired end covered, ver Pel i. 30$ Welnvtt. (tar tf UF.WINll MACIUNKrt It F.PA I Hi'.f D. W Hiarr. 110 N MnlberrT. Phone 1771, tf CI NNINHTONS bakery. Ilolh phonea 147 If PCMPM and Tapelrlng. Wlla'n'i"'tOS $, Iligh TTiT K. Adams St Phone $117 5 tdPAL T.lttli) Kale 1,1.85 S King He I.ii mp 11.00 Weal Virginia H Ho Wlnlfrerte White Aah ..,.$l.r.o Yellow Jacket W.oo (chcatnut) ....... .tft 'M Anthrat'lta (cheetntit) ,,.$31.21) C. M. Adams & Son I'lionei 363. Public Sale Th largeet aal In th county will ha held t th William Elliott Farm, flv mile went, of Mutiol on Feb. 17, 1914 BEST FLOORS PILLSBURTS SPRING WHEAT WILLIAMSON'S WINTER WHEAT J j At Your Grocers MONEY 2 Per Month on Your furniture, piano, live, (took, etc. Any plar la Delaware County. WEEKLY OR MONTHLY PAYMENTS Every Dollar Paid Reduces the Coat All dealings gtrlotly confidential. If you an t ram to office phone or write and our agent will call and explain our new plan. American Securities & Loan Co Hihiiii 101 Vntot lUilg. 'hone 473. FARMS FOR SALE A tin fnrm fit litn aiT. wrll tinnrAvtd, two ( of bulltllnRR. 1?0 nor! h mllfi fmm Mnnol lift rrr, mock sntl h hi Tarm. 141 Krrtia, ptra good iatMl, t'.1S pn1 HPie. Mil HAIIKIU-I H m n.KR. Wanted "Wlli Hlcbest market ejrte. will ke pen Woodbury-Elliott Grain Co. hi anirTH iiidii ar. not u k op riti .sn. ii'ri nam.,. In the HlHtrli t Cmtrt of tilt United Slalt'H, for thn dlnlrli't of Indiana, In tli nmtleir of Inlor-Stiila Automobllo Compnny, Imnkriipt. No. 8749. Nnllre la hereby itlvpn that Etigenn Vatut, Irtielee of tha lutar-8lal Automobile t'ompttny, luinkftipt, by virtus of n older of tho refetfi In bnnU-ruptryt wlll.'at in o'clock In His forenoon on ThiifHtliiy, th Bth day of Ke?bruary, 9H. at lh Hiiperlor Court room In tha court hounei at Minnie, Imllntie, offnr for aula and aall In bulk, at public! ealn, tn thn lilghent btdtler for ciihIi, ull hla rliflit, tit let ami lnlereet In and lo all Ilia property of nit hi hiinkrnpt, anve and except aah on lititir, book anoouiila and bills re-colvalilp, all of whloh propetity la hnrtilmiftnr mors parlliuilarly de-at rllteil. Tlis truate will racnlva, at ltla of-flr Hull No, and In thn Valeit Hulld-litK In thn clly of Minnie, Indiana, aenled bid for lha purchtiaa of aald property up In ::i0 o'clock In th fnrt'iition on the Mb day of February, 1914, All hliln ahnll ba accompruilttd by raeli, t'erlifli!d chauk, druft of other nil tlnf notary cmhanifB, payulila to lha orrlor of KuRfti Viilot, truato. In thn ftUin of not Iowa thnn tSstl par rant (111 por cent! of tha uni.mni of aald bit, Tim bltlH ati rcalvd by the trim-ten ahull he preiaonted to th roferne, who ahnll upeil and announce the aitme ut tha hour and place hereinbefore mrnlloned. ' , The rererne rnaervea the rl(fht t permit bidder who hav duly qua,ll-flert to amond, ntoillfy or upplcnictit: their bbla or tn intike new Mil, prior ti. ameptnntie bv the referee of any I bid mitiln fori aald property. Tha. fiillowlnn la a rieacrlptlnn ol the properly lo he noldj Tho tract of rcitl ohHio benm the muniifuiliirlnK alte In the northwest comer of I'orkltia' aiMltlon to the city of Mumie, lnilhiim. dearrlbod a fnl-lown: Iinlttif 414 font front on the C, f. C. I., now C, t!. C. A Ht. U rtall-road, nieaeiirlni from the norlheaal oorner of aald rerklna' addition and extending to Anthony, now called Fifth atreet on the aouth, th anat line being the line of the addition, and tha weat Una being parallel to the eaat line, the anme hrlng and Intended to be tho entile premlaea conveyed tn the Muncle rtlaea Company by John J. I'erklna, trustee, and others, hy warranty deed dated May Srd, 1 883; Alao, out-tote Nob. 1 and t In T, F. ka niiene nret aotiitinn in ins city nr IS! Muncle, Indiana, aald lot being cart S I of lo! and 0 of the achool oommla- aloner plat and dlvlalon of achool ; aectlon 16, In Townahlp 28 north of M range 10 eaat, more particularly do-S'acrlbed a followa: Commencing sr. Sjthe north line of Fifth atreet on the p'enat line of Terklna' addition to all jj city; runnlne- thence enet with the S; north line of Fifth atreet to th west gllln of Hlrch etreet In aald addition; 5: thence north to the north line of WII- lard alreel; tbotice eaat on aald litis to the weat line of Elllotl alreel; thence north to the line of the C, C. ('.. & St. t,. It. thence weat. with th line of aald railroad to the eaat line of aald I'erklna' addition; tl --a aouth with the line of eald add to th place of beginning. Alan, all pergonal property, caah on hand, book aocoiinta and n'.' receivable, Including all leael-. eeaementa; appurtenancea; niachl ' eoulpinent; automobile and whether flnlahed or In proc-manufacture; ptirta; materlala; ,' ; pltea; toola; office fixture; dra . ? patterna; llrenaea; trade mark; ' ram; good will; franchlae; con , and all other property of eald nipt. Raid real and peraonal pri r will he aold free and dlacharg-d all llena and Incumbrancea in n-t tn thn approval of the rcfe 1 bankruptcy. Kl'nKNF! VATK' Truatee of Tntor-Htate Auto I Company, bankrupt. Dated at Muncle, Indiana, Jl 6th, 114. ft Li a,

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