Muncie Evening Press from Muncie, Indiana on May 10, 1991 · Page 17
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Muncie Evening Press from Muncie, Indiana · Page 17

Muncie, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1991
Page 17
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THE MUNCIE EVENING PRESS, FRIDAY, MAY 10, 1991 Li Judge says some Noriega transcripts will be released SPACE MIRROR . . . Kennedy Space Center in Florida was memorial to astronauts who have died in the service of NASA. T(ie the scene of a dedication ceremony 01 the "The Space Mirror," a memorial is 42 feet high and 50 feet wide. AP Laserphoto. MIAMI (AP) - A federal judge in the Manuel Noriega case ruled that while edited transcripts of the case could be released to the public, hearings regarding classified documents must remain closed. The decision Thursday by U.S. District Judge William Hoev-eler was aimed at set-tling a simmering dispute over secrecy in the case of the former Panamanian leader and government efforts to guard classified information. It was a partial victory for prosecutors on the one side and defense and media on the other. Noriega sat quietly during the hearing, clad in his four-star general's uniform, and didn't address the court. His trial on charges he accepted $4.6 million in bribes from Colombia's Med ' ellin drug cartel is set for July 22. Noriega's lawyers, who are seeking government documents relating to his case, argue that U.S. intelligence agencies condoned Noriega's dealings with drug traffickers in exchange for information and strategic help in Central America. Michael Olmsted, a federal prosecutor, insists it's the government's right to protect secret information regarding such subjects. Trying to sort classified information from unclassified in public would be impossible, he said. CLAIMS ON RLE AT DELAWARE COUNTY AUDITOR'S OFFICE AS OF 50391 ADVERTISING REGISTEH TREASURER. DELA COUNTY 143.26. SHERWOOD CATHERINE 727$. COMMUNICATIONS NET WORK 14.50 GRAND TOTAL 230 51 WITNESS MY HAND AND OFFI CIAL SEAL OF OFFICE THIS DATE OF 051391 (SEAL) KENT RIGGIN SP31563 Delaware County Auditor Legal Notices NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE Yorktown Plan CommiMton of Yorktown. Indiana. wW hold a hear-ma on lha totkwrtng petition: Evan Park Extension, by DavM Foreman, which la a proposal K subdivide 13 acm Mo tour tots. Tha properly Is located on Evan Park Road, Yorktown, Indiana. Tha hearing has been set tor May 22. 1991. at 5:30 p.m.. m tha Meeting Room of tha Yorktown Town Hal at 720 West Smith Street, Yorktown, Indians. Interested parties may voice an opinion upon hearing date andor me written comments concerning the amend ment. The petition and die Indus s legal description of the property and drawings showing the layout of proposed lots and streets. These may be examined In the office of the Plan Commission m the Yorktown Town Hal m Yorktown, Indiana. YORKTOWN PLAN COMMISSION OF CLAIMS ON FILE AT DELAWARE COUNTY AUDITOR'S OFFICE AS OF 50391 ADVERTISING REGISTER TREASURER, DELA COUNTY 3.391.57. IRVING BROTHERS STONE 955.74, BEAM LONGEST 5 NEFF 7,631.09, F C PETERSON CONSTRUCT- 8,625 60 GRAND TOTAL 20,604.00 WITNESS MY HAND AND OFFICIAL SEAL OF OFFICE THIS DATE OF 051391 (SEAL) KENT RIGGIN SP31562 Delaware County Auditor BY: David C. Stltfler, Sr. SP31460 Secretary 'Space Mirror' Memorial for 15 dead astronauts unveiled at Kennedy Space Center Classified Display Classified Display . Classified Display Classified Display By MARCIA DUNN AP aerospace writer CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Fifteen families stood quietly, some holding hands, others weeping, during an emotional dedication of a glossy granite monument that honors America's 15 astronauts who were killed on the job. - The families were summoned one by one to the 4-story-high "Space Mirror" near the end of Thursday's ceremony. After everyone had gathered, Vice President Dan Quayle placed a large wreath at the base of the monument Nearly 2,000 people, including dozens of astronauts, watched the ceremony at Kennedy Space Center. - "With this dedication of the astronauts memorial, we have etched forever in time the courageous sacrifice of 15 historic men and women," said master of ceremonies Eugene Ceman, commander of the last Apollo mission. Fifteen white doves were released, and four astronauts flew training jets overhead in the missing man formation. One of the jet pilots was to have been Manley "Sonny" Carter Jr. He became the Dying couple kept a diary By )OE B1CHAM Associated Press writer FRESNO, Calif, - An elderly couple whose car got stuck on a snowy mountain road left behind religious poetry, funeral instructions and a diary of the more than two weeks they survived before dying of exposure. - In one passage written to their children, Nada Jean Chaney, 68, lovingly described the death of her 75-year-old husband, Kenneth, Mariposa County Undersheriff Pelk Richards said Thursday. "She said it was so peaceful that she hadn't realized that their father had passed away," Richards said. The diary said the couple had been stranded in their car for 18 days when Chaney died. "She was expecting to go next and gave funeral instructions," Richards said. It wasn't clear how long she survived after her husband died. f The family asked Richards not to release the diary. The Chaneys had moved from Southern California to Mariposa, in the Sierra Nevada foothills, just weeks before their deaths. Woman says Smith told her no one would believe he raped her By DANA KENNEDY Associated Press writer PALM BEACH,. Fla. The woman who says William Kennedy Smith raped her told police she had a harrowing night in which she was overpowered, assaulted, cursed and told that no one would believe her if she cried rape. According to a graphic, detailed affidavit authorities released Thursday, the 29-year-old woman said she ran from Smith but he tackled her. When she tried to push him away, she said he pinned her down, "slamming his chest" against her. At one point, she told police, he yelled "stop it, bitch," when she continued to struggle. Later, she said, he told her no one would believe her if she said he raped her. Smith, the 30-year-old nephew of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, was charged Thursday with one count of sexual battery and one count of battery. Rape is classified as sexual battery in Florida. Smith, who has maintained he is innocent, says he is worried and saddened but expects to be exonerated in court The woman's lawyer, David Roth, says his client felt relieved and vindicated. The woman said in a statement that had she known she would be identified publicly she might not have gone through with the case. The supermarket tabloid The Globe, NBC News, The New York Times and other media identified her by name. Misdemeanor, charges have been filed against The Globe, and authorities said charges against The Times and NBC are being considered. "Had I known my name would be released, it might have dissuaded me from going through with this," the woman said. "Rape needs to be reported to keep others from going through what I went through." Bush will slow down a bit By TOM RAUM Associated Press writer WASHINGTON - President Bush is cutting back bis hectic schedule because of his thyroid problem but only a little. A day after Bush's physician told him to slow down, Bush was flying to New Jersey today to dedicate -two new buildings at Princeton University. Aides said Bush most likely would make the trip with the heart monitoring device he has worn since Monday still strapped to his waist Although the president decided to continue with the trip, and a commencement address on Sunday at Hampton University in Hampton, Va., on Sunday, he canceled a planned trip on Monday to Chicago. Bush's chief physician suggested Thursday that the president slow down while he is undergoing treatment for the overactive thyroid gland that caused his heart disorder. But Bush's press secretary, Martin Fitzwa ter said the president would only cut one or two public events from his schedule per day, would not go home and rest and would not cut back on his private schedule of meetings and staff time. "It's not much," Fitzwater said in terms of Bush's plans to trim his sometimes frenzied schedule. , ' In his Princeton remarks, the president was expected to lash out at a favorite subject the Democratic-run Congress, Fitzwater said. He will speak about "presidential powers" and efforts by Congress to intrude upon them, Fitzwater said. "Hell talk about the problem of microman agement of foreign policy by the Congress," Fitzwater said. The president like President Reagan before him, has bridled at restrictions the Congress has attempted to place on foreign-policy decisions. The president also will renew the administration's drive for a constitutional amendment to give him authority to veto specific items in spending bills, while, approving the overall legislation. BILL GADDI5 Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Mazda most recent addition to the memorial after dying last month in a commuter plane crash in Georgia; he was on NASA business at the time. His widow, Dana Carter, attended the ceremony with their two daughters. Five gold stars marked the spot on the monument where his name will be carved. "I'm still quite choked up. Particularly the fly-by, that gets you every time," said Grace Corrigan, mother of teacher-astronaut S. Christa McAuliffe, who died with six others aboard Challenger in 1986. For Martha Chaffee, the hardest part of the ceremony was seeing the other grieving families. Her husband, Roger B. Chaffee, was one of three astronauts killed in the Apollo 1 spacecraft fire in 1967. "It's been long. I'm just so pleased it's finally happened," Mrs. Chaffee said of the memorial "Space Mirror" is the first monument honoring all astronauts killed on the job, including the four who died in training jet accidents. Beth Williams' husband, Clifton C. Williams Jr., was among those four. He died in 1967. NOTICE OF PETITION TO VACATE A PUBLIC ALLEY AND OF THE HEARING THEREON BEFORE THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF EATON, INDIANA : State of Indiana, Delaware County, SS: To: Tha Citizens of the Town of Eaton, Indians: You are hereby notified that Peony M. Padgett and Michael A. Murray. Sr. have filed a petition with the Town Council of the Town of Eaton, Indiana, to vacate a portion of public alley described as follows: A is toot wide norm-south alley lying between Lots 25 and 26 m George W. Bosnian's Second Addition to the Town of Eaton, Indiana. reserving, however, all existing easements over and across the same for public utility uses. you are further notified that said petition wlH be heard and determined by the Town Council of the Town of Eaton, Indiana, on Tuesday, the 21st day of May. 1991, 7:00 m.. at 600 East Hams Street. Eaton, Indians. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Clerk of the Town of Eaton has affixed her signature and official seal this 7th day of May, 1991. (SEAL) LOIS A. HAGGARD Town Clerk of Eaton. Indiana SP31461 MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL 1991 DODGE CARAVAN Stock 4958, Family Value Pkg., 7-Passenger, Cruise, Tilt Air, R.W. Defrost, POL, Auto. Trans., Air Bag, Tinted Glass, Luggage rack, S.B.R. Tires & More! 1 0f 42 In Stock. WAS.. $15,744 DISCOUNT ................. -$1 590 NOW $14,154 INCL REBATE I I J.l j I I "I" BEATS STRONGEST IN MAY! Come in & let these great savings s pick up your pulse! '91 CAMARO RS "One of America's best loved sport coupes. " STK..043 List $13,946 - -wije , I ONLY Mil UV '91 ASTRO VAN "Take your family to the track in room and comfort. " STK. 3347 List $18,334 30 5,14.986 '91 GEO STORM . ., "Thousands mf iViS, thundering with approval in just 1 year. " stk. 44t List $12,117 NOW ONLY '91 CORVETTE ZR-1 "No description nas yet oeen thought of to describe what your heartbeat will do in this car. List $65,283 NOW $59,99S COME IN NOW!!! n Remember, to feel the j heartbeat, you GOTTA 4 DRIVE CHEVY!!! BEST PRICES BEST SERVICE IK eucc fl tyt rr 5 6 fcS A J CHEVnCDLET-Ge 2603 Broadway 642-8041 Pnces IfKkKlt IKtory nOM t QM Op). H OtKounL CM Opt II oikoum nviw lo tiigibK buym. s tn ml mduMd LOC1L CHEVVGEO DeUERS Mon.-Fri., 8:30-8:00 Saturday, 8:30-5:00 PAGE 17 Legal Notices Yorktown, Indiana CLAIMS ON FILE AT DELAWARE COUNTY AUDITOR'S OFFICE AS OF 60391 ADVERTISING REGISTER THOMAS BUSINESS CENTER 10 95, JACKS CAMERA 8HOP 40.98. TREASURER, DELA COUNTY 14,267.28. INDIANA EMP SECURITY DIV 434.68, LACAL EQUIPMENT, INC. 169.68, MONT-PELIER GLOVE OF 243.63, ROCHESTER MIDLAND 68.10, SHARE CORP 214.66, DELAWARE GLASS & MIRROR 5.00, IRVING BROTHERS STONE 3.377.95, E B PAVING INC 4.623.55, INDIANA MICHIGAN POWER 643.74, INOt-ANA OXYGEN CO 178.33, INDIANA EXTERMINATING CO 45.00. NORTHSIDE AUTO 271.58. QUIPCO SALES INC 27.40. BRAN- DEIS INDIANA EQUIP 32.21, GENERAL QMC TRUCK SALES 246.15. M-B CO OF WISCONSIN 1,595.23, HARTLEY TRUCK PARTS 60.00. KNAPP SUPPLY CO 153.01. KAMAN INDUSTRIAL TECH 291.14, HYDRAULIC ft AIR CONTROLS 113.24, DAVE'S DIESEL INJECTION 186.42, SONITROL SECURITY 38.75 GRAND TOTAL 27,358.64 WITNESS MY HAND AND OFFI CIAL SEAL OF OFFICE THIS DATE OF 051391 (SEAL) KENT RIGGIN SP31564 Oolswara County Auditor NOTICE TO BIDDERS Tha Board of Commlsslonsrt of Delaware County, Indiana, will rscarva bids for tha construction of: DELAWARE COUNTY BRIDGE 91-272 WHEELING PIKE OVER KILLBUCK CREEK HAMILTON TOWNSHIP DELAWARE COUNTY, INDIANA untH 2:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on tha 28th day of May, 1991 at tha off ios of the Delaware County Auditor In the Delaware County Building, Munde, Indiana. AH bids will be opened and publicly read aloud by the Delaware County Board of Commissioners In the Commissioners' Courtroom located In the Delaware County Building, Munde, Indiana. Any bk) received attar the above designated time will be returned unopened. The proposed construction win consist of: Removal of the existing 11' x 8' CM. Pipe Arch and construction of new One Span Prestressed Concrete Box Beam Bridge (1 spsn at 53 -Q , skew zo degrees nam, 40 - 0" clear roadway) at approximate centerlrne Station 1111 "A", and aH other work Incidental to the Iconstructlon, all aa more fully set tortn in the. Plana and Special Provisions. The Contract Documents, Includ ing Plana and Spartftcatlont are on me m tha Office of the Board of Commissioners of Delsware County, and tha office of Beam, Longest ft Neff, Inc., 8126 Castteton Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46250, for Inspection. Plsns and SpecrHca-Hons can be purchased for tha nonrefundable sum of $25.00 per set at the office of Beam, Longest ft Neff, Inc., 8126 Castleton Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46250. Proposals shsM be properly and completely executed on the Proposal Form furnished to bidders, and must be accompanied by an executed Non-Collusion Affidavit and Form No. 96 aa prescribed by the Indiana State Board of Accounts for any bk) of Flvs Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) or more. Wage rates for this work shall be not less than the prescribed scale of wages as determined pursuant to the provisions of IC 5-16-7-1 thru 4. Proposal and Performance Guar antee: Each bid shall contain the fun name of every person or company Interested in It and shall be accompanied by a bond or certified check on a solvent bank equal to five percent (5) of the total bid. that If the bid Is accepted, a contract wHt be entered Into and tha performance of Ha proposal secured A parrormance bond with good and sufficient surety, acceptable to the County, shall be required of the successful bidder in trie amount si to at least one hundred percent (100) of the contract price, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the contract Tha Contractor aha execute a payment bond to the elate, approved by and for the benefit of the poitrjcal subdivision or agency, m an amount equal to tha contract price. The payment bond la binding on the Contractor, the subcontrac tor and their successors and assigns tor the payment of all indebtedness to a person for labor and service performed, material furnished, or servtcee rendered. The payment bond must state that N is for the benefit of the subcontractors, Is borers, material suppliers, and those performing services. me surety of the payment bond may not be released untH one (1) year after the Board's final settle-mem with the Contractor. No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of alxty (60) days after data sat for opening of bids. i ne ooard of county cornmissioiv ers reserves the right to refect any or an bias end to waive iny mtormaittJee In bidding. eoarg of county cormtlsstonara Delaware County, Indiana Corded Campbe Jack Pecklnpeugrt Ron Bonham ATTEST: KENT RIGGIN Auditor, Delaware County SP314M Classified Phona 747-5777

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