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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado • Page 12

Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado • Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
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GKEELBY TRIBUNE 1173 Accordkig to Sloan testimony Nixon campaign raised up to 2 million in untraceable cash ByDONMcLEOD turned the summary sheet over cials of Ihe campaign for custo- Sloan said the identities of donors were designated by a Sloan answered: "No, I do York, partly because they were obvious large! for political AiMcfete4Pren Writer to the secretary," Sloan added, dial purposes. On objection cash contributors might be code. not." no longer needed. pionage, what have you," By DON McLEOD AiMcfeMI Pren Writer WASHINGTON (AP) The Nixon campaign raised up to $2 million in untraceable cash before the reporting deadline last year, with records of where it came from missing and apparently destroyed, according to testimony unsealed by court officials Friday. It was the first revelation of the pool of cash from which three reported special funds allegedly were drawn. News accounts alleged they were used to finance political espionage and sabotage on behalf of President Nixon's re-election, including the Watergate burglary. The testimony was given by Hugh W. Sloan former treasurer of the Finance Committee to Re-elect the President, last October in a deposition taken in a suit by Common Cause, a citizen's group. It had been sealed by U.S. District Court until Friday. Sloan testified he kept a journal of cash contributions coming into the campaign, including the names of contributors, dates of the gifts and disbursements. "There was a record of day- to-day cash contributions, from which a summary sheet had been prepared," he said. "At Secretary Stans' instruction, I personally destroyed the working copy, as it was no longer deemed necessary, and turned the summary sheet over to the secretary," Sloan added. I have been since led to understand that that has been destroyed." Sloan referred to former Commerce Secretary Maurice Stans, who was chairman of the Nixon campaign finance committee. The whereabouts of the summary sheet Sloan said he gave Stans has not been determined, Common Cause lawyers said. Asked what the missing records would cover, Sloan responded: "The Summary sheet of all contributions received in cash as opposed to by check or securities, and Ihe disbursements made from those funds." Asked how much money was involved, Sloan said: A. I don't have a precise figure in mind. But it was in excess of $1 million. Q. You have indicated that the amount was in excess of SI million. Can we put a ceiling on it? Was it under $10 million? A. Oh, Yes, it was under $2 million. Q. Somewhere between SI million and $2 million? Sloan said some of the money was deposited directly into the accounts of some of the Nixon fund-raising committees and would be reflected in the remaining records, but he did not say how much of it. However, Sloan said about $900,000 was disbursed to offi- Haig has a keen awareness of isolation of Presidency By BILL NEIKIRK Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) Gen. Alexander Haig the model of a modern political general, goes back to the White House with a keen awareness of the isolation of the Presidency. This time, however, Haig may be able to do something about it. President Nixon named the 48-year-old general, once a member of Henry Kissinger's staff, as interim successor to resigned Chief of Staff H.R. "Bob" Haldeman Friday. Haig's altitude about the Presidency was expressed in a recent interview, when he left Kissinger's staff to go back to the Pentagon as vice chief of staff of the Army. He said he left the White House with a deep awareness of "the essential loneliness of the presidential task I have a great deal of sympathy for any President." The isolation of the Presidency has been one of the issues emanating from the Watergate scandal, which resulted in Haldeman's resignation. Haig soon caught Nixon's and Kissinger's eyes when he went to the White House at the start of the Nixon administration in January 1969. He was a colonel then, a former deputy commandant at West Point. He bacame the acknowledged workhorse of Kissinger's staff, going on nine missions lo Vietnam for Nixon. He headed the advance party that planned Nixon's summit trip to Red China in 1972. Haig also was in charge of getting Kissinger through 12 secret missions to Paris during initial talks to end the Vietnam war. He said in the interview that he found his White House work "extremely exciting and extremely challenging." But he added that he left because "The time had come--four years is quite a long period to be away from the Army." During his tenure on Kissinger's National Security Council staff, Haig enjoyed a meteoric rise in rank, becoming a four- star general. When he left the NSC on Jan. 4 to become vice chief of staff of the Army, Haig said his ambitions were with the Army. He described himself as "an Army officer and a professional at heart." A 1947 graduate of West Point, the 5-foot-n Haig won the Distinguished Service Cross a battalion commander in Vietnam in 1967. He wu well trained for his work with Kissinger, receiving matter's degree in international relations from Georgetown University in 1S61. He the ton of Philadelphia lawyer. Hall's Army career Includes tone as a military assistant to to ftcretary at the Army. He from 1MMB at deputy FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 10th Avenue and 10th Street 9:00 A.M., Church School 9:00 and 10:30 A.M. Worship Services "Our Task" The Rev. Miss Deanna Bleyle Church StaH The Rev. Marvin H. Adams The Rev. Miss Deanna Bleyle The Rev. Leon Miller Dr. Charles W. Me Lain Mr. and Mrs. John A. Berry Nursery Provided FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH (Disciplesof Christ) Uth St. and 23rd Ave. Minister Leslie L. Bowers Director of Christian Education Mrs. Roberta Martin jo a.m. Church School Worship and Communion Strmon: "Adventuring in Stewardship" Nursery Cart cials of Ihe campaign for custodial purposes. On objection from his attorneys, he did not say who got the money. Sloan said the identities of cash contributors might be found from a record of all ma jor contributors, on which cash donors were designated by a code. But asked if he knew whether it is still in existence today, Sloan not." Sloan said except for the documents which were destroyed or abstracted for continuing use, the rest were transferred to storage in New York, partly because they were no longer needed. There was considerable concern at that point because of the old political issue of disclosure, so forth, we were an obvious large! for political espionage, what have you," he said. "We were concerned with Ihe security of those records, lhat they might fail in the hiinds of reporters or political opponenls." special assistant to the secretary and deputy secretary of Defense. He served in five campaigns during the Korean War. He became a brigade commander with the 1st Infantry in Vietnam. Kemper's young fiance in shock SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (AP) Police say Edmund Kemper III, accused of i i i mother, her best friend and six coeds, became engaged to a Turlock High School senior last March. The girl, 17, has gone into seclusion to recover from the shock of learning thai her fiance led officers to Ihe bodies of the murder victims. Her family pleaded that her identity not be disclosed. Kemper, 24, and his blonde girl friend became engaged last March after meeting al a Sanla Cruz beach. Police found a news clipping reporting Ihe engagement in Kemper's Aptos aparlmenl afler his arresl. The engagement date was three weeks before Kemper's mother and her friend were slain. The girl's parents have sent her away from Turlock. School officials have consented lo excuse her from classes and allow her to graduate with her class. Cards and letters keep coming When pretty Linda Lindblom, of Lansdale, was pictured a work ago walking past Mailman Slan Cressman, taking a second look al his shorts, mail and phone business alike got a hip, boost. Linda has been gelling special delivery offers lo pose for magazines and ad agencies. Here she poses on a park bench as Slan hands her mother anolher letter. The first pholo, published nationwide, brought some side effects: Linda's boy friend didn't like "the idea of flashing your legs all over the country." And there's Ihis one chap who calls Linda every morning al 7 o'clock. "I just say 'goodbye' and hang up. Al least it gets me to work on lime." (AP Wirephoto) (Pholo by Willard Krieble) To the friends and patrons of Our most sincere thanks for all the help and support that you have shown. 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