Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on July 11, 1957 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
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Thursday, July 11, 1957
Page 11
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Vast 6 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thursday. July 11. 1957 Adverse Weather May Be Main Factor Limiting Crop Production WASHINGTON if - An Asricul- :"°P "I ture D e p l . report i n d i c a t e d 1 ' ncw might he headed for record. The report said W e d n e s d a y lhat adverse w r a t h e r j l h l t farmers may harvest 320 mil- may lend a h a n d this year in l i m - llon l r r f l lhl1 v f » r compared nuig crop production, This comes »" h 3 " mullon '"t '"· at a t i m e when :hr g o v e r n m e n t While reducing ac.eace* of some is seeking to r t d u r e f a r m iur- .crops--particularly cotton, wheat, p l u s e s . Icorn. rice and tobacco under the| The department said a prod'ic- "H bank subsidy p r o g r a m -- f a r m Inn survey showed the total crop tn increased plantings of some, Mike and Liz Deny Any Spals on Trip NEW YORK m - Producer .Michael Todd and his eipectant wife, actress Elizabeth Ta/lor, cams home from a Europein trip Wednesday cooing like newlyweds and pooh poohing columnists' report* of spats on the trip. Miss Taylor said she was particularly upset by one report that 'Mike hit me in the stomach with i large champagne bottle." That story, she said, stemmed from a minor incident at a party in I»ndon. "A large woman fell against the back of my chair and knocked the likely t o o t h e r crops. The latter included : * ind OU J "' ' n '-" 111 ''»" It*"." '"' . , Lommentm. on other report, of i i r i c t i o n between them, the actreii lrit "' output this year seems be the smallest since 1051 anil ""chum grain, oati, harley and s l i g h t l y mnre t h a n fi p*r cert be- soybean*. T, l a s t year's r e c o r d - t y i n g veil- Commenting on the crop out lime. look, Undersecretary o f Agricul- .... . . . . . . ..... ttel weather and floods in n a n y lure True D. Morse said it is ip-l · Vlthfr mr "' UI '· inhibited. I m p o r t a n t producing a r e a v fit parent that surpluses will be rf ..So nitur.lly we speak freely to n u n y crops off to a l a t e and u n - durt-d. He praised f a r m e r s for Ret- *«n rther. We also love each oth- p r n m i s n g start. The d e p a r t m e n t ' l i n g production u n d e r w a y in the «. We nave a lot of fun fighting, ' m p h a s i j e d , h o w e v e r , t h a t f n m e . f a c e o f " u n u s u a l h a n d i c a p s , " i m p r o v e m e n t in pro.-pcct.* is pus- "The report shows that for all s i M r if favorable conditions pro- crops combined f a r m e r s h a v e ( l i n m a l e d u r i n j Ihe r e m a i n d e r of been able lo plant nearly up to t h e .rowing and h a r v e s t i n g sea- 1 their intentions." hi- said. sin The crop report said prospects Th? d e p a r t m e n t had sought, for corn, roltnn, ivobeans, and Ihrrvjih use of production control other crop* h a v e t,een retardrd nr m f . M ' r e s and a Soil H a n k land reduced by lateness and difficulty p t i r r m e n t program, lo cut pro-, in establishing good stands. H j r i m n so t h a t o u t l e t s might b e j The department forecast the provided for surpluses of such corn crop at .1,011,912,000 bushels r r i ' p s as w h e a t , corn, cottcn, rice, compared with 1-st year'* near tobacco and Ihe like. :record crop of 3.4.51,292.000 bush- Riii for Ihe adverse weather, the els, it said the crop needs con. latently good w e a t h e r lo approach Ihe large totals of recent years I Humphrey Still Has Hopes for I Armament Cut Henpecked Husbands Need Not Apply lor Job as Policemen B r PATRICIA SMITH Tht Arliona Republic PHOENIX. Ariz, tin - W a n t e d : The report put Ihe w h e a t crop at 9tO.033.onfX) bushels or ilightly more t h a n 30 millioo hu'hrls less WASHINGTON or--Sen. Humphrey (D-Minnl said Wednesday that Russia's suddenly stiffened atti- against a disarmament agreement may be only "a temporary reaction" from the MM- cow ihakrup. than forecast a month ago. Pro-i "' i(l * Sl " Dt P'- expert ductiun last year wa« 997 million i »''" hc questioned Thursday by bushels, losses were reported dur- lnf Senate Disarmament Subcom- ing Ihe month in Western and mittee he head* "on this and oth- i-.uit.MA Ariz wi - iv.nirn. - , Northern Great Plains stales a f - l " developments i n t h e London IS policemen. Henpecked husbands I'""'' 1 h ' "cessive rainfall and negotiations. floods. . I Humphrey, who receives secret The imlicalcd acreage for bar- Slllf "'Pt- reports on the dis- v e s t , the a v e r a g e yield and production, respectively, on important crops by major-producing r r r d not apply. Si says Capt. Dan W a r r e n , administrative a s s i s i a n t to the I'hoo n\ police chief. Warren inter views prospective cops in the city's recruiting drive to berf up the force. He want.s to make sure t h a t a m a n ' s wedding rin: is on his h a n d a n d not through his nose. "For eiample," Warren ex plained, ''Wc'ii ask him why h. r a m e lo Ariiona. Maybe he'll sav. :2l.l02.0tiO. ··Fiecause my wife w a n t e d io '"'NO WHEAT OTHER m o v e rerc.' "We'll ask him w h y hr left his a r m a m e n t negotiations, told a reporter: "I personally believe the shakeup in the Soviet Union will slates included: jnot worsen chancel for at leait CORN j a limited disarmament agreement South Dakota S.MJ.ono acres f o r , l n d m '« ht conceivably improve !. M.O bushels per acre and production 110.1M.OOO bushels; Neb r a s k a 4.M7.000. 330 and 161,'271.000; Cobrsda 137,000, K.O ssd THAN South Dakota acres for h a r v e s t , lfi.0 bushels per acre and l.HT.r/O. 190 and 34,- l u s t jnh. M a v b e he'll say. 'Iler a u - r my wife w a n t e d mr l o | Montana quit.' We try a fe* more times iJjj'.W. hrfnre we come tn the conclusion i D U R U M "HEAT won't do a thing w i t h o u t . Soulh I)lkoU permission, so we re- Ihe suy wife's Jert him.' The little w o m a n a monster, C'apl. Warren satil, w h r n it comes lo c o m p l a i n i n g , 'harvest. ISO bushels per acre and 'production 1.760.000 bushels; Monan turn into " na S".""". 19" and 10.9G.1.000. OATS Soulh Dakota 3.2-'.i.'«io acres for ... .. vv'nrk 's'hifls' "That's" w h v I h a n r M ' M ° l»i«hel per acre and shifts «nd d a j s off are rotateJ." .Production llfi.24l.oon hushelj; Ne- br ,,,,!. "A discontented wife h "' ka 1.SSWO 31.0 and S-,-18,- m e a n s an unhappy husband." "If we only had the t i m e and Ihe manpower," he said, "we them." Humphrey'* stand, which he described as "cautiously optimistic," echoed somewhat similar sentiments expressed in London after a second look at Soviet negotiator Valerian 7,onn's reply lo a U.S. proposal for a 10-month ban on nuclear weapons tests. Zorin railed tome parts of the U.S. plan "fictitious," and others "a waste of time." But both U.S. and French sources in I_indon I oik the view that Zorin had left the door open for a compromise. Humphrey, w h i l e expressing optimism on d i s a r m a m e n t , said he thinks l h a t Russia looms as a "more sinister, more subtle force" since the purge, which he said South W H E A T Dakota 3M,oun acres for Greeley Scouts Report on Their Trip to the East Weld county Boy Scouti who will lake part in the 1937 Roy Scouts of America Jamboree at Valley Forge, Pa., headed for Ihe historic camp tile Thuriday after visiting Detroit, Niagara Falls and New York City. The jamboree openi Friday and runs through next Thursday. One of Ihe Weld county scouti, Jack LeCuyer, of Greeley, who ii serving as a news correspondent for the local group, reported that over 1.000 scouti were headquartered at the Hotel Fnrt Shelby during the stop in Detroit. "In Detroit," he wrote, "we were met at the railroad station by a fleet of buses. After checking in at the Hotel Fort Shelby and having hreakfait, Greenfield Village and Ihe Ford Museum were our destinations. "There we were met ty guides and given box lunches. Then w-e visited the Ford rotunda and each scout was given a key chain by the Ford Motor company." I-eCuyer said t h a t on the train carrying Greeley scouts there were over 600 scouti from Colorado and southeastern Wyoming. "In Omaha," he added, "we picked up scouti from Nebraska, and in Detroit, there were over 1,000 scouts staying at the hotel." Another rewi correspondent for the local icouts, Dick Leach, reports that scouts of the Longs Peak council broke practice camp at Loveland July S and went to Denver by bus, boarding the train there at I:U p.m. The scouts arrived in Detroit it 9:30 a.m. Sunday. The trip to Detroit included a stop in Chicago. Colorado scouts are carrying I Colorado flag which Gov. Steve McNicboIi presented to them during a ceremony before they boarded the train in Denver. They will fly the flag over their camp at Valley Forge. The Rcouts stopped at Niagara Falls Monday and arrived in New York City Tuesday lo visit Ihe Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty. They also took a boat lour of New York island, and visited the United Nation, building and Radio City Wednesday. They entrained lor Valley Forge Thursday. Some SO.OOO »couts from the, United Stales, it« territories and several foreign countries will participate in the jamboree. Weld will be represented by 18 scouti. WfJd County Real Estate Transfers fltvtnut clamp* en rtal ts- tati tranaltei art al lh« r»l« el 11.10 ptr thtuiand July » Albert E. Sibrell and Arlene II. Sibrell to Glen W. McClain ind Mary Alice McClain. Lot 10, Blk. 16, Farr's Fourth Addition to the City of Greeley. Rev. $Z.7S. Eicept First Deed of Trust. Julia- Tesone to Frank Lurere. Part of I*t M, Blk. "L" ind pirt of Lot 39 "L" Blk. Evans Addition. Rev. I ^5. Raley Label to Fred Beti and Sarah Beti. Lots 17 and II Blk. Ill,'Robinson Subdivision of Town of Evans. Rev. »35. A. C. Stoner and Margaret R. Stoner to Nathan H. Hawkini and June E. Hawkins. Lot 3, Blk. 4, Second Addition to Parish Heights. Rev. S .15 Darrell V. Douglass and Alice J. Douglass to Kenneth R. Sorensen and Virginia D. Sorrnsen. Lot 13, Blk. 16. Farr'i Fourth Addition to the City of Greeley. Subject to Deed of Trust. Rev. J1.65. 0. R. Mmch and Pauline Minch tn Herbert Jensen and Edna H. Jensen. Lot 7, Blk. 1, Montview Heights in the City of Greeley. Rev. IH.70. Joseph E. Magill to Elmer F. Huitt and Lela Fay Huitt, Lota 9, 10. 11, and 12. Blk. IS, Town of Pierce. Rev. W.50. Eugene Wiege and Mary M. Wiege to Ralph H. Champlin and Marian Jean Champlin. Lot 12, Blk. S, First Addition to Maplewood, City of Grfjtley. Rev. $.1023. Ray Valente, George A. Scavo and Arthur C. Valente to The Carter Oil Company. A parcel of land located in Brentwood Park Shopping Center Addition. Rev. $30.25. Colorado Springs Pilot in Crash of Jet left Xikita Khrushchev undisputed boss In the Soviet. The purge, he said, is a sign of »"u)d' 'interview the applicant'. h"»"'. 220 bushels per acre and "internal weaknesses" and "insta- wife to .see for ourselves if ^Production ·.0,10.000 bushels: Ne- J"'"'" .'" Russia and is reflected r h i e r l s lo Ihe duties and hours »'"" Z-812.000. 270 and 75.924.- *? « TM" intransigent more her husb.nd would a s s u m e .is a w - M TM"" 1.S12.000, 2fi 0 , n(i dangerous more arrogant at i- Police officer. Our best men are '.»2.000; Wyoming 226.000. _ _ · _ ' .«ie on the international front to thns, understanding wives." "' *TMW- Colorado 1,423.000,; compensate for internal weak- W h i t about Mrs. W a r r e n ? « an1 32.018,000. ".'he is secretary lo the police! B A R L E Y "f«fs Hut be said it might soften once chief." admitted Warren sheepish- 1 TM h """»· TM.*» ·"" '«' K1)ru ' nch " "' m "' ·"« «' «*« I' "We work in the same of- hj " r "' 2 l n """I"'' P" «"' and'""""TM »' h n m f - f i r e " Denver Has Warrant Out lor Texan Who Harassed by Phone 'production 12.012.ono b u t h e l s ; ! 27 ° tnd u -iHolla Codefendanl DRY B E A N S ' Nebraska fil.oro acre* for h a r 1 v r s t , 1.170 pounds per acre and | i production 1.0J7.000 bar* nf 100 pounds; Colorado IK.OOO. 910 and 11.711.000. -,.,-. P E A C H E S (Produttlon »nl-) Granted Mistrial Colorado l.R.V).(yifl bushels.. SUGAR B E E T S WASHINGTON _ U. S District Judge Burinta S M a t t h e w s Thursday ordered the bribery trial of union ho«s James R. Hoffa to proceed but granted a mistrial to lloffa'n eodefendant. M i a m i attor- DF.N'VKR '.n - There's a MM (v,t for the arrest of (Gordon I. Harwell, a retired lloustin. Tex h ' u i n r n e x e c u t i v e -- but he's got to come here voluntarily to be "llYrweir, the man who a d m i t t e d ""· « n '"'1 '".'wi;' Wyoming ti'.-\' ullrr ^_ b) .. '""»"·· «« telephoning a 1.100-mile false""". I l s ""» **·*»· Colorado'"amel P. Maher · 'arm to Denver firemen S u n d a v . , "'-Ooo. 175 and 2.U2.000. , The government asked or The call sent fire t r u c k , tn Ihe SORGHUMS (Acrt.g. foe h,,,.,t I"" 1 " 11 "!"· « Mh """« Hschbach objected. Nebraska S9.onO acre* for h a r l n f - v »)man I. Fi.schhach vest. 155 Ions per acre and pro-' " nr mistrial for Fischhach was d u r t i n n 911.000 tons; Montana Sfi.. granted because of a heart ailment (1 71 . - - . . . . I I S and; Colorado Funeral of Stanley Hotel Owner Is Held ESTF.S PARK (f - Funeral of hotel-owner Maxwell Abbell. noted Jewish leader who died Tuesday of a heart attack, was held Thursday in Chicago. AhbeU, 55, a past president of the United Synogogue of America, owned the Stanley Hotel here. During the past five years he had spent $250.000 for improvements lo the hotel, largest in thii resort community. He died in Chicago's Michael Reese Hospital, where he had been a patient for 10 dayi. A lawyer and industrialist, he served as vice chairman of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Survivors include hii widow, three sons and two daughters. The funeral services were held in Rod- »ar Cedek Congregational Temple in Chicago. EDMONTON, Alta. UV-An Air Force pilot from Colorado Spring!, Colo., and his radar observer were killed in the crash of their FS9 Scorpion jet fighter Tuesday night. Capt. William R. Pierce, 29, wai identified as one of the victims by official* of Ijdd Air Force Ba«e, Alaska, where he was stationed. Pierce is survived by his widow and three children. The n a m e of the r a d a r observer was not released. Air Force officials said the twin- engine jet. returning from exercises in Alaska, crashed and burned in a farmer's field as it was about to land at Namao, north of here, for refueling. The U. S. base of the plane was not disclosed. It had left an unspecified base in Alaska and landed at Whitehourse, Y. T., and at Ft. Nelson, B. C., before the crash. Namao Ii a Royal Canadian Air Force nation. Boulder Woman Heads Presbyterian Synodlcal FORT COLLINS I* - Mn. Ewald S. Anderson of Boulder wai re-elected preiident Tueiday of the Colorado Preibyteriin iyn- odical, women'! orjanijation at fiLiited with the itate lynod oi the church. The orjaniiations, ire holding meet-nii in Fort Collini, continu- ins until noon Thuriday. Other lynodlcal officeri named were: 11 n. S. F. HacDoujal. Denver, vice preiident; 11 ri. Frederick Nichol, Boulder cormpondent secretary, and these other lecre- tariea. Mn. Rodney Gibion, La Junta, ·pirituil life and itewardihip; Mn. P. M. CimpbelJ. Eitei Park, literature; Mn. Louii .5. Meek, Colorado Springs, minionary education; Sirs. Ruth Parker, Eitei Park, social education and action; Mn. Glenn D. Morgan, Denver, membership evangelism; Mn. David Raimusien, Denver, West miniter Fellowship, Mrs. C. II. Tiylor, Longmont, national millions, and Mrs. T h o r n a a H. Brooks, Grand Junction, foreign millions. Earlier Tuesday the Rev. Ed ward L. Whittemore of Denver was elected moderator of the lyn od, succeeding the Rev, J. David Bechtel of Duranzo. James Daugherly Is Speaker at Meeting of Cosmopolitan Club Jamea Daugherty was guest speaker at the meeting of the Cosmopolitan club Wednesday at the Tea House. Daugherty, elementary school principal at Des Moines, Iowa, U attending Colorado State College of Education where he will receive his doctorite degree in August. He ipoke on h: experiences ai a principal of the US elementary school for service- men'i children In Stuttgart, Germany. Daugherty was introduced by Dr. Howard L. Blanchard, director of guidance of the Des Moines Public schools and assistant professor of Education at CSCE in the turn- men. Cosmo of the d»y, Floyd Thompson, arranged the program. Reed Adamion presided at the meeting. Two special guests were members of the Board of Governors of the Cosmopolitan International. They were Kenneth Holmes, past governor of the Mid-State federation and a stockman from Galesburg. 111., and Ora Boyle of Greeley, past governor of the Western federation, who was Just elected to the board for a two year term. DENVER * -- A combined bid of H3304-I, submitted by two companies, appeared to be the low id Wednesday for construction of 20« miles of U. S. Highway 40- 2SS in eastern Colorado. The State Highway Dept. said he bid was submitted for grading and construction of bridges on the stretch between Agate and Jmon. The combined bid was submitted by the Smith Construe- ion Co. of Derby, Colo, and the 'latte Valley Construction Co. o f j Grand Island, Neb. The engineers' estimate was 1.Ml .000. Construction is to be completed within seven months. A paving contract will be let ater. DENVER IP -- The Colorado tighway Dept. will open bids uly 25 on an improvement proj- ct covering nearly five miles of I. S. Highway SO from Wiley Junction to the north edge of the bridge across the Arkansas River north of Lamar. The highway will be widened iy four feet, expanded to four ane« at interactions, anil the lo provide power lor the detach- oncrete section surfaced with as-l, M e , r m a m c n t pods carried bj shall. The department expects'the Hustler the work to cost J2J2.0M. ne company bid against luch firms as tne Willard Battery Co. and American Machine t Foundry Corp. Mrs. John Boyum's Daughter Dies Thursdb/ Mrs. Clara Foreman, 49, at Pueblo, daughter of Mn. John Boy um, formerly of Grteley and now of Denver, died early Thursday morning in St. Mary's hospital in Pueblo after a long illness. Funeral services will be Saturday morning at 10 o'clock at the Davis mortuary in Pueblo. Graveside sen-ices will be in Greeley at Linn Grove at approximately 3 p.m. Survivor* include the mother, a brother. Leroy Foreman of Van .Nuys. Calif., and an aunt, Mrs. Glen Bueher of Greeley. Sweden has about 750.000 private automobiles. Creeley Firm Awarded Air Academy Contract for Sprinkler Systems A Greeley firm, Irrigation Engineering Inc., hai been awarded a contract in the amount of approximately $14,000 for installation of 20 irrigation iprinkler systems at the Air Force Academy under construction north of Colorado Springs. Installation of the system! will begin the fint part of next week. Bids on the job were opened last week. The contract involves delivery and installation of 18.000 feet of three-inch alumnium pipe, couplers and 500 sprinklers. Mirriigt Lleinst Henry Allen Bauer and Marlene Annabell Heinle, both of Greeley. The eoth. 70th and 75th wedding anniversariei are all Diamond Anniversaries. Ihe and · brrr. w i t h w h o m he s a i d h» was piqued day. Harwell telephoned Fire rado l.niz.ono. acre,; Co.o- Chirf Wagon Damaged hr would rontnbuti* i Lhr Ir*ner K i r r m r n ' s Fund, h u t 1 ; I I . i f f a - F i ^ c h h a c h trial on charges I f h f y hnhfd i SfniO rickets com- i m i t t f c imestimator, John Cyr , C h f i M y . tn frtd Moffa data from ! committee files. M a h r r ' i Ulnrj* hrou;ht thf ca»e An accident at the intersection savs 'liirwell didn'Tmen'- nf Tl " ri1 »""»·· ""» *'-!» street '" « n ' hr . u ,f'J;" 11 w «!nesday. . I . - M - l o n e y ' t n him atx.ut 7.n a. m. Thursday resulted 11 " 1 " M a t t h e w s i« Ihe n a t i o n s \ n v . a v . , w a r r a n t for the Te,: " d a m a g e of $250 In a 19.V, Ford «" w o m a n federal court trial i s l . l i o n w a g o n d r i v e n by William i J U ' i t e . I Phillip Tcvld of Route 4 and $y«) IT s a r r r s t w a s i« o- iir.arce Tuesday. It dorsn'l al- l^w- extradition but K e l d m a n s a i s 11 's-!l «t.iy m t h r city b^Vs "There's r.o s t a t u t e i'f I n n i l a - ti-i«." the fire chirf snirl. " W h r n h» r n m c s to Denver, it w i l l In- nvt Kord truck d i Thomas R n v b u r n of Small Sale Found h were trauling w m K i c h l h sired It.ijburn started , i n tui-n tbe truck lo the left onto Third a v e n u e and his machine', i l f f l frnnt frn.ler and bumper struck · t h e r u h t front fi-nrler tnd side of ' t h e «l«tMn w a c n n Ilnlb i l r u r r s u r r e charted w i t h 1, CilY r-rrlrss d n M n c by Police Officer ' J i m I/wcwnrth. w h n i n v r s t i c a l e d . \ *n.ill a f f w i t h t h e f n m h i n v t"-n r-unrhed nut a n d the riwr !:f'H rff il« h m e r * u a % found in *r. i r r i i r a t m n riitrh .ibout n^r m i l e ' ~~ '"· ;!h sn V,'.'TM'l? ""J. 1 :' th , ' INCH and Car Collide ]:*.rtinn of t . S fi, aril Colorado M W e d n e s d a y , Ihe s h e r i f f ' s dflice \ l.ircr n u m t r r (if s m a l l a r t i c l e s rrr fniind in and r.rar Ihc safe. h f « r incliulcd a ladies' w a t c h on A D A M S CITi 1 UP -- Damage estimated at JI.SO.OOO was left by fire w h i c h swept the A d a m , City Lumber Co. in this northeast Denver suburb Wednesday.nighl. The flames licked 100 feet into Ihe air before firemen brought the blaie under control. Nearby, stnr- a.e lank] containing 200,00(; gallons of refined gasoline were not touched. Cause of the fire h a i not been determined. Two young volunteer firemen. FIoos, ifi. and Hnbert , _ t _ and ra.tern Star p i n s , g"M rwc. a s i l v e r bracnft, silver i .poon. an Indian head r'nny made { in 1MI and a Flvins Ka.le o n e - ' cent piece minted in 1S.VS, . There also were a number nf ! r j £ h l , lrl , r , ,^. lruck B n t n Cnln1 . Kite and i d r n t i f i r a t i n n cards j | f r , ttntA in turn ,, , hp W f r . A 15V* Konl 4ilc*ir driven h y . John E. R e i m r r nf H . v s hall w a s ' n ° n ' M l a m » c c d ST5 in » collision w i l h , « S c h a m a u n . 19, were overcome by five-ton truck d r i v e n by Wayne F. ' m n V i r » hnrl| . v ·"" midnicht and Chandler of Brush at Ihe miersee- uv '. n lo^Coloradn General Hos- lion of Seventh a v e n u e and Eighteenth street about 7 OS a. m. Wed- ncscliy. Both vehicles were traveling w e s t nn Eight'cnth street. Relmer ws, a t t e m p t i n g lo pan on the section to so north on Seventh ave- The d a m a g e e s t i m a t e w-as m a d e bv Piill Friedman of Denver, co- owner of the lumber yard 1 Cirls Killed TORRANTK, Palif i.n _ Four o u n j tirls were killed and four nue. The bumper of Ihe truck,! persons injured in a t w o car col- struck Ihe car's left rear fender. ] lision here Wednesday nijht. po- c a r r v L i j Ihe n a m e of Allen Dale M i l l e r of Denver. The n a m e of Ihe Hire Desk ft F u t u r e Co of Denver w a s found on Ihe safe. I Pnljee Officer Warren A d a m « . i lice report. Fipdinc nl Ihe safe w a s reported | who i n v e s t i g a t e d , charged bolh i The parents of two of the tirls to ihe sheriff's office by David j d r i v e r s with carelesi drivm.. |-- whn witnessed Ihe crash from O'carson about 9.30 pm. Wednes- -, a third ear -- were hojpitajjied dar. · v 1 USE THE TRIJUNI WANT ADS:wi'. shock. ]'.( The taste of fresh fruit in every cool spoonful! Meadow Gold Hawaiian Sherbet pretty, lin'l ItT Frosty pink I s.Serbet ttvdded wWi bright i of juicy pineapple. And | wait unlJ (hot cool, freth pirw oppU flcvor sEpi doom your throatl So smoorfi, too--b»- cam« rS«t sherbet is unaofH* fr.t«i in AM specie! Meadow Gold w«y. Youl wmvt Hevoii on Sh«rbtt hi your fretrtr com. | partmtnt to too off tumntr m*ah.., rtfrtsh you, between rK«ok. A» o motler of foc», wfy rf* sompl« ollttie M*odo« GcU Sh«rb«h jutt for rh« toitt of Ifven I Meadow Gold is m-m-mighry goodl Meadow Gold Dairy Greeley. Colorado Air Force Developed New Guided Missile for Supersonic Bomber FORT WORTH. Te«. UP - The Air Force disclosed Wednesday :hat it ii developipj a Jet-powered "pod"--In effect i new guided mis- Ue to be carried under its new lupersonic bomber, the Convair p, !t , reviewing stand at low aiti- "" BSI. The manufacturer, Convair Division of General Dynamics Corp., first lupersonic bomber were revealed it ceremonies marking thi official unveCing of the new plane. Three B-JJs were displayed on the {round, and one n-u flown at the t a m e time 1. The Bell Aircraft Co., Buffalo, N. Y., manufacturer of the "rascal" air-to-ground guided missile, working on i secret project connected with the BS8. 2. The so-called heat harrier already has prevented the BS8 from lying as fast as it "wants" to. The new facia about the nation's Bids Opened Highway i tude -- and moderate speed -- to show' off its remarkably stable flight characteristics. Lt. Gen. C. S. Irving, Air Forci deputy chief of itaff for materiel, told reporters that conceivably the big detachable pod which the EM slings under its belly might be powered on its own with jet, ramjet or rocket engines. Although he did not say 10, presumably the pod thus equipped, once it was released from the mother ^58, could leek its own target while the three-aim crew and bomber raced away to safety. The BS8 flown Wednesday carried a bright red pod 50 feet long and almost 5 feet in diameter, tapering to a point at both ends and somewhat resembling i baby submarine with fins at the rear. One of the other BS8« lacked a pod and looked thin and named without it. Frank W. Davis, chief engineer at Convair-Fort Worth, (aid tin pod could be a bomb, a fuel tank, a camera device or other equipment. Gen. Irvine said the air force already has 50 versions of pods, some powered, some not. "We are looking at jet, ram-jet and rocket engines," he said. "There are arguments for all three. We are only building the first version (jet engine) now." August C. Escnwcin, Convair division manager here, was asked about his listing of Bell Aircraft as one of the concerns Involved in the B58 hustler project. Asked if Bell was building I rocket missile for the B58 along the lines of the Rascal, he replied that the project was classified (secret). Equipment for the new bomber was manufactured by a Denver firm, the Frank R. Cook Co. The firm last May received i contract for seven-pound batteries Opera Star Weds SAN FRANCISCO UP - Florence Quartararo -- international opera tar -- is giving up her profes- ional career for a role in pri- ate life as wife and mother. The lyric soprano called in re- lorters Wednesday and disclosed lappily that ihe and basso Italo Tajo were married secretly last August. Now they're expecting. Adm. Webb Dies FREMONT. Ohio m - Rear dm. Webb C. Hayes H, (ret.), 6. great-grandson of former Pres- dent Rutherford B. Hayes, died Vednesday. In The Courts D. f. Mathtsen't JP Court Rcfugio Alamante of Edenburg, Tex., assault and battery. 60 dara in jail and costs. Toby R. E.spinoia Jr. of Greeley, assault. M days in Jail and coils. Raymond W. Loloff of Greeley, careless driving, $10 and cost!. Helen A. Sheeti of Greeley, careless driving. JIO and costs. Helen Green of Fort Morgan, carclefi driving, $10 and cost!. Announcing AUTHORIZED DEAURSHIP FOR S T E E L B U I L D I N G AMERICA'S REVOLUTIONARY, NEW, LOW-COST STORAGE BUILDING VCVre proud to hive tie exclusive anchise i.i this area for the ·"C-aTim Building. It'i i ilding you'll be proud to au-n! A revoluiioniry new principle of construction saves you time, money and spice -- all m one, L« us tell you the full story on the b«t buy in low-con storage--we'll be glad to suggest, »i t hout obliga- lion, the proper building to meet jour reeds and prepare i free ejtimati LOK-Rin ALL STEEL nUILDINGS 501 W. Plstte Avenue Ft. .Mnrcan, Cnloradn I'leasc send mp infnrmallon on the following build- Inc. sire ft. x . f t . I live mllw from town. Nume AddrrM City _ State LOK-RIB ALL STEEL BUILDINGS C. E. "Ken" Rf td. Healer Gene Doty, Sal^min SOI \V. |'l*tte Atenue. Ft. MnrRim. Colo. Phone Ft. SIorBW UN 7-66S5

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