The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1933
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER P.O. .1833 (ARfe.) COURIER NftWS PAGE TEHEE News of Blytheville Schools High School Briefs TV* Senior Class Is already busy planning the Senior Carnival. They to offer something new in entertainment ih!s year. Virginia Martin was elected Carnival queen ar.d Margaret Shaver has been made Carnival Manager. Tlie Football Boys have circled Mary Alice Freeman as ihe Football Queen. Miss Freeman will be the tram sponsor and will rctv'n al IhR Football Banquet. Franklin Wagner of South Bend, Indiana, a graduate of 101C was n visitor at the high school Thurs day. It was Mr. Wagner's first visit lo the hlRh school in 17 years and he found many changes. The hi"h school at that lime was domiciled in the prc.sent junior high Rice talked about fires nnd ho* every boy and girl can help In preventing fires. That afternoon the language class wrote a story about the trip. The sroup his a new bird In ilii'lr room r.iUrd Billy Boy. He has a soft sw;et voice and sing. Icis. The pupils were happy to v.'in ihe dollar at P. T. A. Wcdiies tiny v.ith twenty-four mothers and Helen 'Recoups/ Pines for of the ...„ class along with Mr. Wagner were: Mabel Johnson. Garner Hicks, Billy Oalnes, Zclmn Goad (now Mrs. Joe Craig), Autne Calrt- well i now Mrs. Charles Cash). Minerva Fril/ius, Willie Langdon mow Mrs. Wi-lch Foster!. Hamilton Lillle, and Henry Snced. Mildred Jarralt was absent from school four days last week. Darnes Crook is ill- i»o fathers pi f sent. The room had six mothers and one fiitliF-r 10 ii this month. The children of the 2E group v!fh to thank Mr. Carl Greene :or letting lh?m visit his dairy. They saw many interesting things which will -help them ill their unit of work. They also wish to thank Mrs. Hairy Haines, Mrs. n. B. Dodson. I Mrs. R. L. Bni'J'.iy and Mrs. It. L. 1910 gradual-1 Banister tor their kindness In lak- Junior High The follosd!io honor students have been selected for quality of ihe first Betty v:ork done during weeks: SB-Sue Rainey. louise Procter. Bonnie Jean Bucnanan, Winifred Crawford, Lee Ora McLeod. Morse KcchtitzXy, Mar- Jorie Warren, Sarah Pauhne FAT- Doiothv Jean Foster; 8A— l-'Tuncf.s Parker: lA-Billy Brewer W II Davis, his Kleban. Alice 'ialiba- in-Billv Lmell, Harold Kvlhan lloscntlval. Thomas Keay Joyce Kijjucrs. The follow-ill; sliidcnis had per- 'cci attendance records during Ihr list six weeks: Eugene Hargeu. Evrrrfe't Crii" Niutk Elder. Thomas Olp«on. Baxter, Bonnie .Ic-an Buchanan, Annie Laurie Evans Winifred Crawford, Minnie Leegeit. Hi:len Lovelace, Eva- he Nnsli, BH'.ie Louise Proctor, j&tphine Salibi, nuby Nell Ogle, Mao Marie Hargrtl. Geneva Brown, Conniti Cunuinr.ham. Helen La- Sl,ot Patricia Woods, Billy Brewer W. II. Dnvu:; Jeanell Adair riilly Camptx- 1 .!. Mary Kathryn mnahunty, Mattie Mae Gallop, filtnna Marie Gv.-yn. Ov,tta Har• at John Ifcup. Kosa Lee Holt. Crandall Klnninsham, Morse Koch- liuky. Glen Ora McLeod, Lee Ora McLeod, Alta Fay Simmons. Colemon Stevens. Joe' Burnette, Sara Pauline Evrard. Dorothy Jean Fo^.ter, Virgil iloyd. Marie Mayo them on Ihr, trip. The -JB group Is now receiving :IO cows ol u newspaper ii-hich" they ri-ad and enjoy very I'luch. The FrliMuklsiu club with Ihtsc tffici-r.s presiding, Lloyd Blomeyer, l.iesidenl, Luvannc liednmn, suc- i clary, and Unite PhillliB. |iro- :iam chainnai".. met Wednesday i:!ifir.r:on in their home room and r.rrv nit'] u progruin. In Hit business session that fol- owed Ihe program it was voted 0 appoint a refreshment com rillee consisting of Marjorie Ste- Wilbur Evrard and Charle.' Afflict. Kay;i>ond Bennett, was irpoiutcd finance chairman. The "Children's Newspaper," a daily edition of the happening, of the 3B grade, k being published regularly by Ihc pupils in IhLs crade. In the afternoon different children lake Ihe paper home lo their parents. The loom news of the day i.s rtrid. both ut school 1 rd at home lr- this manner. Saia Lou McC:ilcin-n. liith grade pit.sident, has j'.ist returned fiom •A trip lo Rochester. Minn., and Nfw York family, »nd' » society 1 KviTer who chjows to rttfend no- tdrloiu rnckMeem, Wnrtier B»xt«r Is sold to give one of the finest pfrform&ncfs of Ills long motion picture career. Myrna l/iy u "Grrllt" As GerCe Wnxled, a beautiful right club girl, Myrna Loy Is re Henry Ciordon, Nat Peridleton, Oeorje'E. Stone, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Charles Butterworlh i.nd Raymond Hivtton. 'Tlie Power end the Olory," rc- l^rted as Jesi" L. Lnsky's niost Importtim film In n career replete with Important films, comes to ported by preview critics to have) the Rlt?. Theatre beginning Tlinrs- lar surpaved any of her triumphs- c'oy and k sc! |ii previous picture prcxlucllons. | of two tlays.- 'hedulrd lor n run rhrotiologlcal order ond emph»«lt- « (\nly tho Incidents that arc Important lo the nnttetn of a Bpence r Tracy, In the lending idle, has n chnrftclprlriillon Hint 1ms been heruldod os the out- stnndlng one til his career. It Is snld to present him with olmml iii-llmlted opportunities for n vn- rled porlray !f |>crsoiinlRy. Col- men go lo play roulette nnd women to ploy men, ' C«ry Grant, recently seen op- pnalto Mne West In "She Done Him Wrong" r.ntl v.lth Fredrlc Mnrch In 'The Eagle nnd The Hawk," Is n hlr.h-tenslon gambler, tiding high, \vu:i' and handsotnc ihroiigh thrill after thrill. Ac- Ji;i.itrd In a murder trial York, ne leaves town (or shattered fingers when »n" expto-" slon Interrupted hU atMmpts to convert a bulle't Into the charm. Mae Clarke. Broadway stuge fu- voritu nnd who hus appeared In f.reh screen successes as "Turn Euck the Clock" and "Fast Workers," fills a featured role as Mlml, The story ol the film catmol be separated from the method In i-lilch It Is lol.'. Through a new medium tvolvrd by Ijsky, the film n veals ihr imrortant events In ihe gorgeous nluhl club hostess| ii'e lire of a man who rises from '•ho mrcts i\ mvsterlous death, i i):e I'hilliixs Holtufi heads the sup-1-x si rioitlnv cast as Slddall, the young »'an-;\bout-!oun who is accused humu'.L' ;xsUion of uieiil to (>. ixiwer mid In- It fho'.vs his clmiiKi 1 from .siin[)le youny man without any t.Y HIP murder of Mlml, a former education to a flmre of national sv.-eethean. and life Is .tav-| m.poituiu-e wi'h iniinifold Inter- rsts and greul veallh. II depicl.s events which make his life a i-oni- j'iicated [irTnir of Intrigue, udven- tci through Ihr efforts of j 'his friend, ( V,'arntr Baxu-r, who con- 'ducl.s a .si'CreL Investi^fttion of 'Ihf- crime und proves l)ial Minn's Hire and rotnance. death was ihe v.otl: of an under- The new i.'.elhod of screen v.-orid franiL'-uiy. • '• | .story-lellint is called 11 iiiirralage' Olher> who play im]X)rlftnl roles, und It I.s said to presafi' a new in Arlhur -Somcrs Roche's "Pent-' sorm of moilou [>lclure ItclmUiue lioitse" include Martha Sleeiwr, C.|li lakes tin- story oul of its usua . Moore, ntetnl Irom tho •' vacatltm on tho Pacific Coast. viecn for three years, mukes her "ClaiiiUIng yiilp" Is an action Hum In Die leading feminine ruli- " lm '" ll:|1 " <: « "'aimer with a uiw-lte Trucv ini|wrlailve CUM lo brim; to life " '""-> , , __ niilliiK palaces, nn-i' 1 " '<*'• thai 01, IXIBK! the real of high-Miikiis that ])ly olf plc- tlie West Ct/as'.. It's a inn 1 Liixurlous (in chored thire inllis nut at sen. plcluri'd with l.'iilliful reality by, Parariiount In U.-. ext-lling "Clam- j '"'•• ot lilgh-lin-'s lutesi. ern/i- and 1-lliiB Ship." which plays Saturday.' 1 " i " ob ' s l!l1 ' 1 " 1 ni ihe Hllz Theatre. The cast! •- • imliires Cary Urnnl.Hcnlliillume,; Bullel Watch Charm Jach 1/iRue. (.llrnitn Fimell and! c , . „ „. } Shattered Two ringers aboard the "Cii-i SAN I'HAKCIfifJO, Cal. (Ul'l- inil tin; "I'alace,"| Jcim Lym-h, Jeweler, trxliiy was Mineral Wells, Texas, has surely become one of Ihe outsiandlng health resorts of tho world, and i.mny, many thousands go there ciich year lo find rellel by Just' simply drinking; the wonderful ruinous Mineral Wells water and now since tho waters are crys-. you can put the same Fa' ir.ous wells rtyln. Into your own home. Just add these wonderful I'V.iuous crystal i jto your drinkina watc-r, and llu-ru Is no had tai'.c Positively ijUHiaiilccd lo satisfy' lully. Buy a $1.00 or $1.50 pack- ii;ip at RoljitisOii Drug Co., Fowler Dull 1 Co. St. I rands Dm?'Store. —Adv. Kams. Anything'voos '.he two rival s'iip.1. of high-slakes, r.ntl everybody joes lo Ihi'in lo do . Ln (hat'pphjy loa;<ue 0] MCOnU'lltti \vho like to '.ell <lf | It! "Giunbjlng Ship" Is u Ihrlll- 1 "i m - ojX-rnlloii." I packed clrninu ot tin- modem Bum-; I'.ynch .shot liiui'.cll with :i watch; tling piriiies of the Mali-seas wliuj rhurin. .urn ihr.'.r boats where i Trie Jeweler was iroaled (or (.wo HI'MOICUHOIUS (Piles) cured wllhnul the lirltr. Skin cancer, varlcosi'il veins, tonsils removed iion-surglcally. 1»KS. NIKS anil N1ES Office 514 Main flume 98 had interesting things to tell the Ktri-'nKth anil tennis :iro ruminr. back lei M*V-n Wills Moody l.t-aviuK 111' 1 hiju- jiilul in 5i;\n Kr; when: .ihe had !>»<•» einiliin-il sim 1 " d< fuulnnr Ui* national liili- In II••!'.• l) J«oh>. Mr.- 1 . M<ui,ly nr.i-. . t:ik«s dally *alV.>. Sli- i.- .-linwV liere' with <iue nf IHT ilo^. us rslif- >r*-ji.s out rtir eMT.'it.'- ":''l !>)a> It-nnts -ajol» mil lr- if NEXT at Blythevilles Theatres Carolee Wood, Imogene Fill Ellis. Billy Dooley . James Crilz, Jimmie Crook. Vernon Gill Mtirsie Carnev, Eugene Hooti. U W Monre. Jr., L. C. . I'oscy. Jr. THE Students assigned to the task ol iBisiivs and lowering the Mag for the next two weeks.are Buddy Terry and RobTt Herrick. Ruth Rhoad'f name appeals among Hie winners in this weeks Current Events, a national weekly. Until submitted n title in last v.eek'i, cartoon-naming contest. The Girl ficoi:ls have vohmletr- c'Ci 10 colled rummage for Ihe vt-ckly P. T. A mails. The annual Junior High School !• T. A. carnival will be held Hallowe'en. The art classes are preparing advertising posters for it. The Junior High school fool- I all team will play Jonesboro Junior high, Oclober 27. in a return here. The local team was beaten by Jonesboro two weeks ai;o by a single touchdown. The ringing of bells al the end of periods is being attended lo by Homer Besluroe and Joseph Wool- fort. Mr. Puckelt is supervising a program of intraimual sport. Games arc played at noon each i.ay between "atious grades and rt/clions. I'atly June Davis is recovering irom an appendectomy al th: lllylhcville hospital. The almost perennial conflict, especially in these recent years of tlie emancipated woman, between yrmng husbands and wives, concerning the wife who seeks to carve a career for lierself, forms the central thr-me of-the picture, "Ann Carver's Profession" to be shown at the Roxy Sunday and Monday. The principal characters are Fay Wray, Gene Raymond, a hand- icme newcomer lo the screen who was formerly on the Broadway t'.ase, and Carole Rogers. • The story is nt a young couple v-ho mix two professions with love and home—and how it all turns out is aptly told -with a murder 'lid an eiuotiona! courtroom scene thrown in. Critics say the picture o screen work through a chance engagement as 2 guide for a movie concern, although his real profession was trwt of an archiicc- liual engineer. Victor Vartoni, anotl.ier lavor- lie, also reappjnrs on the screen In "The Rebel/ 1 ', He also was in 'The Doomed English ver.sion ' Battalion." • T)ie -"The Rebel" was is rapid, dramatic and appealing. generally Witi'en and Luis Treii-' l:ef'and" Edwin- H.- 1 Knopf, veteran Universal se'pna'-ist. 1 .;'•.,.- ; '.;. , ,. George 'Q'Bficn 1 comes lo" tne Iioi} 1 ".Theatre..on. Friday' and'. Saturday, in-his-latett Zane Grey- story 'lor .Vox 1 Fllm,'-."The ;list.'Trall.". .The stojy-. concerns it.'self with a eroup of racketeers from "the big city-who try to muscle in on a new racket. They "have abandoned i beer-runniii^ : for. caLlle .riLStlini!; and make an' aUe'mpt ; to • transplant 'their hij.ic.Ving methods from ihe .canyons o: the,' metropolis to Ihe' canyons ot the primitive west. They encounter n new type-of-op- After six moi:tlis of intensive and hazardous fllmiiig in the Austrian Tyrol and DolemHc Alps, Universal's special, "The Rebel," prcducL-d in three versions—English. German French—has finally been completed and will be 1 gerou's nnd darinv thin they ever .-cen at the Roxy Theatre Tues- \ dreamed of bein;; themselves. position in trrs nev: territory— ihe opposition ol men more dan- day, Wednesday and Thursday. "The Rebel" is awaited with i-onsiderablt! interest not only by motion picture fans but by pco- The Last T r all" is said lo be a film llial combines the sophistication ol Ihc 'East with the simple openness ol Ihe West. It de- pie in the motion picture Indus-1 picte n new and different kind o try as well. It marks the return | -vlnning of the West. With the :o pictures of Vilma Banky after i attempt to intrcohice nev; method several yea'rs "f retiremenl. and j rf "doing "business" amons 111 UK- re-npjiearaiicc ou American | i-.illlc raisers, the story combine rcreens ol Luis Trenker, the Ty-i raivemure, conu-dy and romance, roiean mountain guide' ami motion Claire Trevor, the young slag picture actor-director who starred I .star who will be remembered fo In Universe's "The Doomed Battalion" and thereby added impetus her recent screen debut opposit The lollowin", program was giv- in Friday inorwni at .the Junior hikh school assembly in obscrv- nrce of Nation!.'. Picture week: Italian Art. Raphael. Dorothy Jean Foster: Spanish Art, Murillo, Lee Ora McLeod: Flemish Art. Rubins. fi:e Rainey: Dutch Art. Hals, Delhi Myc Sykcs; Fnglish Arl. Land- Mil 1 , Donald Hammock; French AH. MilleU. Minnie Les Leggelt; German Ail. Durcr, Glenn Ol.i McLeod: Amnic.ui. Whistler. Sara Pauline Evianl. Art students have copied many ol the nmterpi:ces with rcmark- ul'.le skill lor National Art week. Tlie following copies, after being displayed In junior High school .uc now on display at Belt's Art Studio: 'Horses' Heads," John Howard White; Ramey's "Lady T.lorris and Child." Elizabeth Mclean; Reynolds' "Age of Innocence." Gordon Rainey: orlgina' norirail of Christ, Paul Nevtns: Reynolds' "Angel Heads," Delia Fayo Sykes. These copies wen made with oil, pencil and crayon "Life in th '.o the wave ol rugged masculln- Kaw." has the leading ieminln ity which sin:e has swept over icle again in this one. the screen worli. The comedy of "The Last Trull" Trenker. since "The Doomed Battalion." Is -egarded as one of the most colourful and romantic sures ever to cotne to the Ameran rcrecn. A former leader of he KaiMTjai-ser. .ski-mounted loops minister! with ilic defense .' the Tyrol duriiij the World Vac. Trenker was precipitated in- THE Central School The OB room has organized a Reading club with ihe followm ofiicers: president. Russell Parr \tce-presltknr. Mansfield Wash him; sccrel.iry. Joan Boitrland ireasiirer, Lyncllc Tucker. Last Wednesday the pupils Miss Oullaw's room made a tri 10 th; fire station where they ex anilned Ihe fire onglncs. E. A George O'Brien is in the hand: of >!att McHugh and El Brendel, Lucille La Verne. Others in the cast are J. Carrol Naish. G:orge Reed. Rulh Warren. Luis Albcrni and Edward LeSainl. The production was c-irected by Jairts Tinllng from Ihe screen play by Stuart Anth- ri.y. Paramouut's "Too Much liar-' lony," the first musical hit of he new 1933-34 season, makes its Irs I local appearance on Sunday and Monday it the Rliz Theatre. In the stellar rcle Is Bing Cros- who was most recently seen in raramount's "Bis Broadcast" and 'College Humor." In supporting roles are Jack Oakic and Sk-'ct', Gallagher, the Unions comedv team who wowed audiences in "Close Harmony" years a?o: Judith Allen, Cecil B. !>eMille's new .screen f.nd- Hairy Oreen. famous stage and screen dir'etic funster; Lil- jun Tashman aix 1 Ned Sparks. Direction was by Edward Sutherland, v.l-0 also megaphoned "Whoopee." Tlie story, moving In and out rf a theatrical atmosphere, relates the adventures cf a group of show people rehearsing lor a forthcoming musical comedy. Buig Crosby, :iar of the shoT. Is engaged, to the fascinating ccld-dtKcr, 1 Lllyan lii.shman. He m.els Judith Allen nhile on a trip i'. (he west, thinks she has great stage possibilities tnd makes her 9 member of the ihow, end promptly falls In love v ith htr. The situation becomes fmbarrasslng when he diicovers Hint Judith is virtually engaged to Jack Oakle. part of her act. Oakle and Crosbs come to blows, then to an understanding, and the scenes en I the novel plot. In unusual and satisfactory fashion. The new 1934 edition of the "Eroadway Vanities," proclaimed o:ic of the bev. musical presentation sof the season, will be al the !iiU theater Saturday and Sunday as an addi-l attraction lo the tegular film program. Warner Baxter and Myrna Loy are the featured phyera in Arthur Somers Roche's "Penthouse," \vhlch opens Tuesday at the RHz Theatre for t<vo> days. As a scion of ai aristocratic &ecipes-3ime Saving Kitchen ^flppliances- -Roasfing Jrying-Jable orations— Balancing of inierestinq «/ will he discussed San -MTHE- Courier News FREE COOKING SCHOO AT City Hall Auditorium BY THIS WIDELY-KNOWN HOME ECONOMIST Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday October GIFTS MRS. GEORGE THURN GIFTS

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