The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1949
Page 17
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1949 Holiday Bustle Starts in Kitchen Thanksgiving Activity Serious Consideration For the Homemaker Soon the kitchen will be tmnt- ining with extra activity, as preparation of the Thanksgiving dinner gets under way. And now is the time for homemakers to giv« serious consideration to their holiday menu. Reba Stages, well known home economist,,- suggests proudly sersing a handsome pork roast as something different and delicious. Th? rich flavor of pork fits perfectly with plentiful fall harvested fruits and vegetables. Among the choices of pork roasts Weal for the holiday feasl there is the ever ixipnlar center cut loin oast. oltv°r equally (lavdrsome, ut perhaps less well known,.roasts re the sirloin roasts and the blade loin roasts. The sirloin roast Is cut from the ham end of the loin and contains the hip hone while the blade loin roast is cut .from the shoulder end of UK loin and, as the name implies, contains lire blade bone. For perfection in cooking any one of these roasts, the meat Is placed fat side up on a rack In an open roasting pan. A meat ther- monutcr, will register the exact degree of donetiess to serve the roast at its best. The thermometer is inserted in the thickeit, section of the m--at so that the bulb is neither resting in fat nor on the bone. Np water is added.-The pan is left uncovered and basting is not necessary. The meat is roasted in a 350 dcgre-cs F. oven until the thermometer registers 185 degrees P. Allow about 30 minutes per Pound roasting time. To carry out the holiday touch, the tender roast can be serv-ed with golden brown potatoes. A flavor- right combination Includes creamed onions sprinkled with a touch of nutmeg. Crisp assorted relishes adde "desired crunchiness and color. A jellied cranberry salad with bits of orange adds a festive touch. Of : course, hot homemade rolls should be included. BI.YTHEVILLE (ARK.)" COURIER NRW8 Novel Rabbit Tried on Cold Days Uses Plentifuls for One-Dish Meal SENOR RABBIT—SoutlWor Uie. harder rabbit uses com and cheese, both plentiful In November. Cheese and canned com — both ; broth until the vegetable.'; are ten- November plentifuls—go Into this der. Then acid corn, c<:okcd bacon Two Airmen Injured Forced Landing AVA, Mo.. Nov. 3 — fiP) — Two men Were injured, neither seriously, yesterday in the crash or a light plane near here. They were John Carlson, 40. the pilot of Rogers, Ark., and Charles Edwin Weldon, 25, Memphis, Tenn. Both escaped with multiple lacerations of the face and were treated at a physician's office here. : Carlson said the two men were enroute to Sifeeston, Mo., when they ran low on gasoline. As they were attempting to land in '» field, n high wind caught the plane throwing it.-into some trees. The plane WHS damaged exten- sivelv. " novel rabbit, pei-fect as a cold-day, one-dish luncheon: Suutli-nf-the-Bordrr Raliblt 14 servings) Two tablespoons butter or fortified margarine, 2 tablespoons flour, '-'2 te.ispoDii salt, 1-8 teaspoon chili , powder,. 1 cup milk. 1 cup grated i old English .type cheese (about 3 i ounces), 1 egg, well beaten, 1-2 cup cooked or canned tomatoes. 2>.j cups cooked or canned corn (No.'2 caii), 4 s!i:es of toast, 4 sprigs parsley. Melt butter or tnargnriiic in saucepan stir In Jlour, .salt and chill powder. Gradually add milk, stirring constantly, cook until mixture is thickened and no starchy taste remains. Add grated cheese and beaten egg to white sauce; stii until cheese is melted. Remove from heat and add tomatoes and corn. Cut tach slice of soast into four triangular pieces. Arrange'four triangles in each of iour heat-resistant glas.s pie plates, six-inch size. Pour rabbit over toast in pie plates. Bake In moderate oven (350 degres P.) until rabbit Is slightly browned on top. or for about 15 minutes. Gar- nisli with parsley for serving. Turkey Chowder (6 servings} Two tablespoons chopped bacon, 1 : 4 cup chopped onion; 1 cup diced celery. 2 cups cubed potatoes. 1 cup diced cooked turkey, 2 cups turkey broth, 1 cup whole kernel canned corn, 2 tablespoons chopped parsley, 2 tablespoons flour, 1 cup milk, iali, pepper. : onion and parsley. Blend Jlour ivltli milk and stir .Into cooking mixture. C:ok about 15 minutes longer, stirring occasionally. Season to taste. Pancakes, Syrup Give Youngsters Contented Tumm Griddle cake.s with syrup, hot homemade biscuits with Jam now you have the formula for getting youngsters off to school with a smile and a contented tummy. You can make bath from an "ever-ready" blend of flour, baking po\vder, salt and shortening. It keeps for weeks In a cool place and is always ready when school appetites come downstairs roaring for griddle cakes or biscuits on shorl notice. KVPI -Ki'aily Blend {Makes about 14 cups) To make this Ever-Ready Blend, use 12 cups sifted flour; 4 tablespoons double-acting baking pow- dei;.2 tablespoons all; 2 cups U pound) shortening. Sift the Hour once. Measure 3 cups-of flour at a time into sifter, adding i tablespoon (3 teaspoons) double-acting baking powder, and Hi teaspoons alt for each 3-cup amount; silt into large bow. Repeat until full amount-of dry'ingredients has been sifted. Cut in shortening with pastry blender or t\vb knives Pork Tenders Solve Problem Of Homemaker \H's food nmgic, says the family! It's |x>rk tenderloin, snys the home, naker! And according to \vcll- <nown food expert peba Stnggs. ( ;hls long, tapering pork niuscle muy ' <x either lelt whole and routed or braised or be cut Into individual •servings or Ficnched lent into two-Inch slices and flattened) and braised' or slowly panfriert. Whole pork tenderloin filled with a well-seasoned stuffing Is simply! prepared by 'slitting (lie inu cle! nearly through lengthwise, then i opening it out flat and spreading! with Hie sniffing. Or two tenderloins flattened out may be, placed one on top of the other with stuff- ins; In between and skewered or SPW- ed around the edges .Either way, stuffed tenderloin is placed on u rack In an'open roiistlni: pan and slowly cooked in a moderate oven 1350 F.) until well done. Frenched pork tenderloin slkes are temptingly prepared in a crt-am .sauce following ihe brairing process, The slices are browned in hot lard or drippings, then seasoned W'ith salt and pepper. One cup of cream U added, the liyine-pnii covered and the meat allowed to cook slowly lor nljcut 45 minutes "or until the meat us well done. Tlie fillet.s arc removed to a hot platter, the meat is well done. The fillets arc removed to a hot platter, the cream thickened v.'itli flour and the gravy brought to a boil for three to live tnimitc'.s. The gravy is .served over the meat. For panfrying, the tenderloin .slices are dredged wiili flour and brewntd on both sides in hot lard. The meat is'seasoned, then cooked in a moderate temperature until done, turning occasionally. About | 35 to 45 minutes cooking time should \ be allowed. Place bacon In frying pan over ' until finely divided and the mixture heat. When some of the fat- has | resembles coarse meal, been cooked out add the onion. • Griddle Cakes Continue cooking until onion is soft i (Makes 7 or g five-inch pancakes) anri ba:on Is brown. Meanwhile,' For the griddle caces take 2 cups I cook celery, potatoes and turkey in'Evcr-Ready'slend; 2 eggs, well beat- Two hundred fifty-eight college* and universities in the U. S. have religious affiliations; Catholics lead with 75. en. ami 1 1-<I cups'milk. Measure the Ever-Ready ' Bk'iicl into a bowl. Combine eggs and milk; add gradually to the Blend, mixing only enough to dampen the flour 'Batter will be lumpy.) Bake oirhol griddle. , Biscuits For 10 to 12 biscuits, measure 2 cups Ever-Ready Blend into bowl Add about t: - cup milk and .stir unti a soft dough is formed. (Use mort or milk, depending upon particular flour seed.) Turn out dough 01 lightly floured board and knead 30 seconds. Pat or roll '.-j-inch thic« and cut with floured 2-in:h biscui cutter. B;:kc on unsirea.-:ed baking sheet in hot oveu (450 degrees F. 12 to 15 minutes. ^^ FREEMAN-HE FREEMAN-HENLEY'S WEEKEND rood safe PAGE SEVENTEEN Fresh Dressed TENDER HENS 49c ,. Fresh, Pure IARD In heavy syrup. No. 21/2 can HUNT'S PEAW - - - 29c Pride of Illinois , b 45' CORN 15' « Sieloff's Gold Band SLICED BACON Wisconsin Slate CHEDDAR CHEESE UrtlY SIEVE PEAS 18 Washington Red Delicious - ,7,110 • nni f* A <k« Vegetable Soup APPLES 2 Ibs 23 C CAMPBELLS No - 2 25° Fresh, Yellow-Ripe Vfllfll UkLU O .... Can fcJ BANANAS ...... Z n, R . 25 C nBi«?iu* - Ac 19 Phone 2231 RAISINS Omega Fresh MEAL Toilet Tissu« . CHARMIN 15 oz. co£6xr£^4i«ouvf-prfrj • 'CQUPQHS! CASHMERE Cn ^ BOUQUET i0fl P tegular *) cak«S Bath O cakes SUPER SUDS large . (wi* «.v,»«) m large 17c: _ _ (.rrj ' ' + AJ AX (knstr 2 S FREEMAN-HENLEY and KROGER COFFEE 2 ^ Regular or Drip Vacuum Pock. SAUERKRAUT 101^ KROiSER Tangy. : SUGAR PEAS 11 "°- 303 Standard. NAYONNAISE 3 Kraft. PEACHES 5 Avandale Sliced or Halves. PRIDE CORN 7 Cream Style White. SCOTT TISSUE cans 76-oz. jars No.'2</2 cans No. 303 cans Toilet Tissue. 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 4 22-01. cans 1.00 1.00 PARKAY Margarine. TUNA FISH Standard grated. SOUP 8 Royal Gem Vegetable or Tomato. PORK & BEANS 12 ~" 1,00 Royal Gem. TOMATO SAUCE 20 ~" 1.00 HUNT'S. KROGER MILK 10-±'1.00 Pure Evaporated. SARDINES 8 ™ 1.00 California. CORN Royal Gem Cream Style White. ' $ No. 303 Cans 1 SOAP POWDER Duz, Tide or Super Suds Lge. Pkg. 1 ™ rtifel a2 !'I Pork Loin Roast Ib. 39c & LftlW I tiU I I LK 6 Jara \M 7-to 8 Rib Cut—From Young Porkers. I'ftfr I'an Smooth or. Cruncliy DRY SKIM MILK 8 ££ 1.00 RIB ROAST - - - - - - Ib t;lovl;r l ' cllf ., U.S. graded good or choice. SMIHMES 12^ 1.M LEGO' LAMB ,„ 6? Amonciin ' ' '• l) - vi :; (icnuine Spring MlfMYEfEASI? £^ 2 1.09 PURE LARD T" T 9 Sl!lmlllr(l Dr >' IMre Ho K - Firm While " " " " "" PORK & BEANS! 10 i^ 1.00 SLICED BACON L ,' 65 C 1{l ' () sei- ..-.;•: Swifl.J'r'cniiiim or Armunr Star BEA^S .... s s;;, 2 1.00' DRESSED WHITING .......... Standard Ctil For J'an-Frying lt 8S.V- 1.00 School Day No. ! Sieve C'BERRY SAUCE 6 N l Ocean Spray, Whole or Strained ;:; FLOUR ICro^er GRAPE JAM QfiilOET Q N»- 2 1 fin Avondalc Plain or Self-Rising OAUUL .... 0 Can 1.UU cn „ „, ,. I 1.55 50 /is. 2.99 25-lb. 1.00 Emba ' s - s - v FOOD Kroger Plain or Self-Rising. Top Kick 20 ci 1.00 "^373 9 J'l J Both For 8-lb. Bag Florida. 8-lb. Bag Florida. ORANGES-GRAPEFRUIT GREEN CABBAGE RED APPLES CAULIFLOWER ,„,, 25 CRANBERRIES ;;:. 25' Sno-Whilc Fresh Top Quality Fresh Top Quality COCOANUTS 2 ^29' APPLES ...... 2,,, 25' U. S. No. 1 All Purpose 1.00 25lbs.l.OO 1.00 Half Bu. Fresh New' C>op, Fiill-0-.Milk Extra Fancy Jumho Heel Delicious Great Northern BEANS 2, 25-lb. Bug Cheese Food Windsor Club 75c 2-lb. Loaf CANDY BARS All 5c Varieties ' Box of 24 Bars 89c Derby Hot Tamales 2 39c

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