Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 28, 1957 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1957
Page 13
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Finsierwald Leads by One OETBOrr tr -- With a near- record C-Cnder-par U to show f o r r hit tint day'i wor kin lh* SS.OOO Weitera Opea Coif Tournament. jouni Dow Firaterwald itill found ome room for Improvement ai j the 72 hold teit moved into the ( lecond round Friday. I "I'm aot complaiaiat. mind I you." laid the boyish-lookinf 27-' year-old who ranks third amort jolfa money wianeri, "but I was: all over this course -- aad m y j ehippint could have beea a lot t~tier." ; Piaster.aid had a 1-stroke mar-! (in over former Nation:! Amateur! titlilt Billy Maiwell cf Odessa.! Tex. , For Finsterwald, former Ohio. Vniversity golfer now phyint out of Tequesta, Fla . the K! was his. lowest round of the year. It came! oa a ·,832-yard course made muf- jy by ihowers. j Ritht behind Maswcll with rrs, were Bill Casper of Bonita. Calif.; Max,Evan of Rochester, Mich.; Ken Venturi of San Francisco. Calif., and Innt-hittin: Babe U- ehardus of HiUside, N. Y. Chicago-go-go-go! by Pap* ^ Colorado State Sets Intramural Softball Slate State leapie loftbaH play sets underway next Monday. July 1, with 15 teimi rompetinf.. Two leatuet, each with eijht teams, have betn orjanijed to handle play In th» round-robin ichedule of fimri. Teami ia the American Leapie ire: Ariansat, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Karjas, Missouri, Nebraska and Senrti Dakota. The National TftrriH DafAfl ! Regalado and Bilko fOrnU KalCU !(, nrrrl Darlfir Innn Favorite for Scorch Pacific Loop By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS fa tie JJ5 pnsi elm. . ««re eipected to be IJ-to-S wbea tit pair ester thi rut ST. LOUIS f - Staa (Tie Mac) Jtusisl of the St. Louis Car- YO.VKERS. X. Y. 't -Hone- men «ia4 ap wita cold m'r.;; ia to Red'hot Rudy'i homer Thursday «« »" Mu.iara 17th of the sea- ·tretehed hlj hittiat streak '°=- "mini with ' man oa base the first iaa-".s cf a t-4 v.c- .tni*M r«m». 1-1 .traifht famei »..1 , hlt kfp , , litrssst -».« For instance M a i ' ^ j », r u, ln §.4 p,i re triumph lc "T over Philadelphia that ke ' iHochbert. i retired lam-yer. ac-i o m S , cr , m the Cards n the National Lea? itountint lad oae time contract' $. a , th e leafje's leadisi home ''"I bridle champion. He has done all',,,., hit:er. smashed No. 20. hn °"'* ' llS * R: i'' h ' orpid. «ho woa tie ,1-j..], (j, u, Ust 11 jair.fs. but Fo " (S: "- Mel .°; iriiht wrth Torpid W.SS2 William H. (71H. Jimmy 0!t (ill I. Lou Care Pace UTtajd."^^'-'!* c«:e« (Oil ar.d Ted WdU.n.1 ^Thursday nitht ia record time at to pace-settiaj San Frar.risco " ' (C7| h a v e h.t more than Jluiiil. Catcher Suspended PUEBLO f - Keith Sthsilt. catcher for tie Albuquerque Dakei of the Weitera Leafue, wtt impended for } dayt asd faed K5 by Leijuf President 0. M. Hobbi Amarillo Wins Doubleheader lYoniera Raceway. Kiely. relieviaj for the Seals ia I The aparkliaz victory estab- ^. e jjjfcti, ia-nz,. notched h:i sec- STAVTON. Drl. -P -- Mrs. \er- !i-h~1 Torpid ai the heavy favor- oa ,j ,na ia as many ni;hu. hii ssa C. Cardy'i Levee Friday was |ite for the 170.000 Little Brownjj^ mssecutive v i c t r y la rehef ^^^^·^^^^·^^^·^^^M Jut fur 1-year-old pacert at Dela-! in( j s^, nth 0 ; ii t f ea-oa, tops ia iware. Ohio, Sep. It. In fact, the'j,, leaf-e ;lait two Cane Pace winners. Quick Vtncoum -, M o u n t i e · raaia- Chief aad N'ohle AdiM, went ^'..j-f/j their r*"e-T sta'd'ir ;0hio atd lifted the Jur. which U ' t w a , ^j,..^ ^ f,^^ 'what the H«rabletomaa u for the rM t j.] victvv over Pr-Ja-J jear-«ld trotters. .,;., Jrd . pllcf Ho:;y»»9d. trails , The story suns leyeral yean V t B r o u v f r bv h a u , J J T f . ajo whea Percy Gray ef Swansea, . . o,..u 7.1 Mass.. obtained the mare Torres- dow=f - S *'- t 71 ' dale from the Jtx Can la'e for B.600. Kx' taiaed Tomd. a iDreara-Torresdale HimiteTf. P a . talei. BOSTON f - Boston rook.e Tomd trailed weJ at two and lkiri , t l l f m , n Fr ,. k v, : , :r . Fritlar, Junt 2J. 1*937 GREELEY TRIBUNE Pate 13 rated the daikhone to wauh ia|Exchance Cars by Error Saturday'i 1110.000-added Dela-. ware Handicap - world's nihest MIAMI. Ha. f - City Attor- race for and mares. !»«T J " k «'« "* rulln " »«5. Ve ie) firit win ia lhre ilTout tries for,"I"- T* f vehiciei were returned a stakd race victory at Delaware to their ri;htfal ewjeri Thursday. ""''· Tia'*«n»v« nr.irr* If a!! eiprclrd starters to to the *r nt- '"f 11 "" '"",,,,, post. It wdl be after top mnr.-y K %TM'\ ~,, "£\,l'S" i"l: ta the third let of the Delaware ini'-i. u»'-. '··. » , . Park distaff r^ tJ.rce .ha an ei-',,!",.*^^,, - f^"JUVl,"",' timaM tlSO.WO la pnze =io=ey ^v ^ r ^V"l l !u*. .«« at stake. 1I7 p.... l9all «. e.j-r^t!.i vtrs» Di«- this ear h;i failed ^ ,"^i"^' -"i''^^"·'''"· TM rezaia 1»M form, »htn the filly in. io~.i r-.i TB--SJ I*M, r*. o» faiihed secor.1 ta DTjKedsjdareJ""^',,. Vjt _ fl , u .rrKx»n ftr 3 year-old female honrrs. 'enmtxt UM p^i'f.« ·' rniir ru * Can duperial _ achbus later ob- | ion of Knijhta I ! for at the L after watchnz hin perform one hll the An: , ri! ., n at Daftoa. , tl ,, ,, b , Js;1 , ,., The Clove. M.ucr.f ,,,,,, obir , rl . Hochberz jot u , nit car and drove Factory-Authorized SERVICE FOR 'JEEPS' Sisters Lead Women's Golf [cisica cur Uirei. A year j A=ar-i3 posted 1C-5 aad 7-J -Red Mile ever Co'.^ado Sprinss, Torpid ave 'aad jared a f-il f a n e oa leaf-e,ta mutter orer. Johnny Sirapsoa Jeaduz Tojta. Wet rrni»'drove him a mJe ia 1:5!, a world forced po«?3=es:est of the To- record for a J-year-dd pacer. . . . Thursday a s B?i:nr. s»rp: a d?u- · ajo over t.e far.ed b h f l i f r ,.,,_, C h:cai3. f-3 ar.d' ue at Leinron. Ky- ». 2 . to k=5ck the Wr.::r 5^t ir.ts ate the fa=, something f;rlt ,,,, , lf ,,. h _ Vir V c r k _ BOSTON Jv-Cir. Larrj- Biard- Factory-Trained Mechinie* Tactoo'-Approved Senic* Genuine 'Jeep' Part* keep all. 'Jeep'vehicles running better! rcosists ft Alaska, Colo- j rado. Ma=e. Mlmfsota. New Jer aey. Nonh Dakota. Rhode ;·'·"·'' ller Women'* v. .«-.- tournament coapetrtotf Ca=e» wiU be fined at three chasas them into Fhday'i sec- """· lofthall diamond! this luramer, a cad round. _ '«.j"*. and » wuth field at Jack- j And from the appearance of National Open Go!T'»t- '»'^^ » « ·«·»*!» ia the r « ra '- lae. of Shatter. CaW. il» fou-d a bunch "andiati. Sioux City moved into, '"" and Colorado Spnnti iato. top soa Field oa the east catnpui, and at Bonaell icftball field located . " " «TM h9ldia 4th . Johnson Repeal In Decathlon whra the 21-;ear cM MirlMrrj:!-. Ccna , favcrite ir.eeU Johr.r.y P-JS- so c! New Yc:k :r. a «ch»-i-i'.ti ca Boardsai. !-'vh WICKLAND MOTORS · M7 7th Si. · TeL 2915 PROVEN MONEY /i\MAKERi r ^ CASE 320 oulperlormi 7k on Y r '9 / j in its tlojsl Only S5,725 This heavy-duty C».f «rthrrra%- i n j o'J'-fit aerially costs yr-xi !·« than most i-- .3ll-capri!y c::rcr5 "hunz" on ccn%t:Ud (ana t.-a-- tor That's t«xau_-- Ca-t f-:.'ii e-.d r.p^r.n tkt cc~.r'.t'.e L-. .' -tractor, Iradfr. hacXhoe. cr.;:r.e -- with ONE irjr-.fs'-Mr- ir.f profit. .Vo h : .idt-\ titrc' No ceay fp!it-re«porj.bility or. »aj- ranty or K.^-ice. G ASEH ^ · v = QUICK FACTS ".Mr 'i-t« T t~*t~i !»««· » ·* rtwt^ 1 *'!' ·§ ·! C »1 IJ'.i' ^«l 'I'''. i^c'wcvl f t » t ' - l * t « f FAY IMPLEMENT CO. 821 7th Street «·»«·· KINGSBURG. CaLf. f - A their openin" "^* 5 "' 1 " pitchint of Willie Mo-'jrueSinf two evenizsi face a field I at the comer of (th Aveaue «nd|*jj£ f| "Se' C Mher women pro's ton was the trick that pu»hrf|of a trick and field athletes whoi " ' Street. Came time U 4 p m . ' Aca - t £,,,,,} to yield the hoaori --'Sioux City Potrpoa«d lamet will be rtiehedul- ln( j uttn top ed oa Friday alternooni. Ediedulei liven below are for the first two weeki of play. NATIONAL LEAGUE Dat* Tiami FkW July 1--Alaaka-Colorado North 1--yaine-Minn. South »--R. Ijland-Teiai North l_Celorado-Maine South jjirl t-- Minn. New Jersey Bocae!! a »-N. Dak.-R. Uland North her I--Texai-Alasta "J". .... ia ll-Co!o.-N. Dak North 't amta II--Mina.-Teiai South A M E R I C A N LEAGUE Da« Tiamt July 1--Arkanaai-Ca. J--Hawaii-Iowa J-Kanl.-Miisodri »--Nebr.-S. Dakota t-Ga.-Hawaii «--lowa-Kansai t--Mi»a.-Nebr. 10--5. Dak.-Arkansai 10--HawiU-Kinns 11--Gt.-Missouri " a f t e r J« Gibbon"! iolo home run I lice Baser without a itrujfle. At oae time blonde Betty Jame- ». who wai only three i-iniss-that a .in- ThU imall central California community. h«t for the event. . ,-,i, nrB « ind one : ?",,!?, rivals Mary Lena ° i '° "« The "Sooi manafed to end aa-|itar. Rafer Johasoa. repeat ai na- itreak. That was a 5-tame !tiooal champion. But Johnson. ·ak by Lincoln. ,wbo placed second ia the Olyrn- uied bi$ inniats in i pica, wai advised by phriiciani tames to sweep past the Sky^ot to compete because of a knee Amarillo had aa Irua fifth i ailment. to wia the fa-st tame and i Althouxh wide epea competition You get there safely ... on NYLON fires for four unearned nn'. r^nd, of TI-»M '"'^"J^tf b ^,.^ M.rlene and »·« ^^ ,d for a'Trl, fourth and .'. neat u.e lojsu . _ mmf ^ ^ (ut , h ^ Uf Al mft . KeEey woa the decathlon title at thii jear'i Kansas Relayi. ; Field '*' ^r^n^fcr Winsed Foot's "° mo Bonaell 62«-yard east course. They both «=« « North accomplished the feat maialy by South ; clever approachins and accurate Bonnell p-Jttiai. and by staym? out of the trapi that save many of i a lot of trouh'.c. Only one stroke behind them. -[Sports In Brief Major League Bonnell North joins into Friday's secor.d round wai Gloria Armstrong, a power- South j hittiaf 180-pound pro from Oak- Boatell land, CaH. who just matcr.ed par Bouad-Robia play continues nntil j wnh * i7-M ~ rr '" K ' M ^ust^.r "luSE THE T 8 ,.UN E WANT AOS COLUMBINE BARBER SHOP Will be OPEN MONDAY, July 1 and CLOSED JULY 4th Fre« Parking On Weil Side of 807 I7th St. coir UAHAXONTOL. N YOMCEM. X. Y _ » " _ W.'rot.. ·»««·. Mi UlltU »"» «r*. u: rtt. HOWE StV* -- M«MJf. S«» Y«r». 51; KJBSII CKT XTIOML LEIGH (1J* »l ttu . I,, » V4i-.Il. SL Uc'l. ". »··».. CCIA-NrOHT. X Brtf.ld. U 'M«*l M*r»4 a )^ m-Jl Tirt Car-J _ . . (?#m1 Mi'«l«k^*. t- *!*»«··«. Car-J- --- - -- t.a »J u^" »' L ~ ; '.;,*' ,, _ . ' Sophomore Fred Brasfltcn cf vSSrTU Vri.^r'lrSiir.l'Cerpui Christ!. Tei.. raak, hijh ! 3 t K "" b ATTENTION, FARMERS! · Alfalfa Weevil Spraying ·" POTATO DUSTING Call .Nolan'» ffr Control and Free In«p»cton CROP DU§TER«-W««H«« 1544^117 . rt» 190. b He nd is 1. BREWED WITH /-'PURE ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPRING WATER Now...Gates NYLON tire yours at rayon price Gales NYLON Grantee Gates Air-Float Deluxe NYLON tiro is guaranteed againit blowouts, bruise.', rim cut?, or nny tire failure--for the entire life of the long-wearinc tread. No lims limit. No mileoge limit. Biggeil lir» volu» w» tvtr off«r«cl -Gales NYLON lire for no) one penny more Ihon the price of o firit quality rayon tire. JL Mrrr thvn t»o milrtt nf truth nylnn cord in f.,rh tire. Found for pound Catt* ti-mprrrd nylon i. itronffr than itr»l --2',4 " S timft morr rfiiUr.t to rnnd ihotU Jind iir.fvac'J that s*nd rniin-iry tirr« In th* junV yard. ^ Tread cf 100% Cold Rubber -- the pjrarl* rjhlirr trwt f u r o-it»r»rf natural niW«-r. -ff non -Vid pippinj edtM in the «dvjixrd trf»d dwicn. for Mfe. lure «tnp» and tUrt» on dirt or paveinenl -- in all kinda of i Itgulor lial $36 65 only $ 1 down ycur rtcoppsb'a trodt-i« p^'i t'-'s uper ic r « nylci l.rt on ysi.r c='. ,, , ; OATES TIRES SHEDD AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY at: NO. in- A v f j « PB1 OK R f l t n E R WELDERS 161 N. llth A.t. P RAPP'S SERVICE h it. "· C. C. K K R S H V fiARAGE WELLS MOTOR CO.. INC. ill tin St. Miu-ite BurtrlJji 11C4 ai-.·.-.·«. Phont . cr iftj dealer in Weld Co. dUptayine the Gates Tire

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