Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 14, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 1945
Page 4
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Las Cru#rSOn-NewB Wtdnwcltr Mfc Allies Prime Tanks for Drive io Berlin R i d i a t o r , mi I.'" 1 '- 1 ""'i m i n f i r i ·! vf.-hic-ks ;irr "boiling" 01 both v.'1'Kirn; ·.::·; n l ' - n / " - j ' ; H ' i ' ' wr'.k as Jimks ar T f i r i i n v i ; ' : ; . ' l ' ' ' . - ' . ; ; ' i . '" ' ' · ; i ' ; - i . ; . ' i -J' 1 ! '·· · ' ' _ · PRIVATE OPINIONS . .ST. ANTJJONy £ND 1'EACE .EDITOR SUN-NEWS: In view of the fact that our na- V.CB have been connected in an -,v;!r!r in tTie El Paso Herald and ill ,; :i;.'i-X.-.Vh lost V.TClt, ^ C'lTl- ··fi'tin^ -,· ith t i n 1 rt-j.-i'-vjij^^ .;; lh'- riiiitm- of fit. A n t h o n y frnm the l'rt;-:]b - h i i M h »:i(l in orck-r t l m t i " ma lt".i f J\v:s lh* r al was the boss of that church and did not even had to take orders from the bishop. We tooV. thi.s m a n o r \ v i l n tin- f i . ' . n i l r bishop nl Kl Pas". 'iVxaii, ;u:d the bishop promised 015 that he will take up Oils matter with the pariah priest,/but to the pre 7 sent time nothing has been done in Mexico and UlttfMrim 'tfUt M jpae . llla. f i t If 1 '' .-'HtK' t i n i - ' ;':-;i.:*-.''l L I ,-r'f -I n.l!:i or i-cintriliulii)!!.- I'M suah purport'. B,.r.,li' wo - M ' - t f ' l I" il" ' h i * wf |M mission of UH- in.rii'h p r i i ' n t , whifli is a M ' i i y s iwtoim'i'.v. V',. ;.in'i'i"lrd '.vMll o'.ir raits:'-;!. onJIi'' U-.-i rn;;t.nii'Jt;o!!,s nnd ord.T- ...I ill.; St. A n t h o n y H ' i l t l ' i ' . tlm».i£h I h u Crli'.VMl i l l ' Ihi' (ioui.1 .Shephiinl of }!-;:i!l;i P'lfk. \VhiMl il :u: :'-vij i! '.v:'.-: . : TM' !'' the C i i l l i o l l c . I n m h -r M w i l l a . i;;v,i, 'Is i n - r i v a l Mrs. M a r i o .lnl..,tbt, \v'.:it t n t h i ' Iiari.sf] p;V.-'. -)S · - . that 'Antonia Hljfi tfix of the J»Sf"" J1 drct'f srd, jlfcs ^ L ,.. -. - . , _ ..,-. TMrt and ai-i-oaul-a'iid thnt.tlie 1Kb me :i:i! (Mitce, for' lht sett'Umiiint i-iiLilLp anf^o'wiit'jji/hip ''f Iiaid Es- ,!""*.! '".l* wri^i*" 'To "ft.v^'t I lh.'J'wUbe'Wsons entitled'!,, ..(,,.f,.,v"f. *-:Ui him, ,vr M.t l h a l ·.l.'-'..r.tniM',i:i : ,f..'1»r!-p. : . . ' ii :: 'u,'.:- these ,;ir( Mni»u-.r,c./.' lUcrf.;, It.' «,· ^ey,,;;^ CrufiM, Xcvv '.V S '..: i i - . t l i i n s to do .exi:l|,L tllkc- irs'lun (ii Ih" fit. Anthony. .-U.'il -_- . . . . . .. . . · . .Iht-rc w.-i" line abuUt uvunty J !ni.s M ' l - li!f p.-iynK'Ml Hi Ihi' c^st · :· ..Si^rit'd Atl»'!:i GrinzalfS. Sir.t-c our V'Hing-hMi.-l w.c ,Havu ' ; ' Cfitlhty -'CltSfk. Dona Ana Oilii'ilii: "/hurt'h iii»! li-JVi- at 'ill ; March 7,;'ri,'2t 2S '-IMS. ii,...n iL-.-idy to do onr [.an. I;. H,. rp^ey J c l;l11 !' i-iucfH; *\t-" M".'-!--'i, is tht .iftorVie.v for.the ad- 5mv haiKl nnd seal of l" "nTM,n'-''i," J '-i"u" MpJioId v"? tot'! [ NOTICE' 1 ! OF ·· .il: I . . ! ' I : I : I H rroni IjltlHt'-rinK fine . ) ,, ,,!! , . ·.. I l l I I U . ' I I . I I ' . I l l 111' " ' ' · I V p.ti'-ilnn '·iiplnri' "f llm ·»· ,, · . K . i . . i ! l r l i i . . l h i ' fur: , l i l ' h \.i tin' lii'S' I'- ll«- »'li'l i l v n r Ui-rmwM e»Hl of Itcrlln · u II limJiH v l r t n r y iml HIM' .*IH' ' K ,,en tin luM-anlH K - l ' i » n H"' I!|1 ' ) wt (..i I h i - l i i i l l - i i ' . i t ' i l f ' - i i - »hT Tlii' Ni|:im i l l " Hull !l»-y I' 1 "" tu R l r l l i c vvi'fitwiinl nnt "lily IhrmiKli Kui'.ilMii In tli« r i - n l n 1 "f thtir lung f r i i l l l . l"il '" 1 " 1 "' flullkn w Ufl 1" ' ' l i K n K C II"' r n l l r i ' ficrfllau B l r i ' i l K t l i nl mi"' Till' Mudcin'Ili'H i n n y liy-|'»»« Hi'i'M". .-' On the HIi'-nlHll f n i n t . tin- A n n ' i l - oan, Cannilllin mid H r l l l s l i f i i n r s on .Qld n t i r l h c r n f l a n k r u n U i i i i i ' i l Io ([Ivc slumi nf li"l«K "I"'"' ri-iiily to'cmbarll "il IiirllliT n n i p l l i l i l r a i M troVflliiK* of thi- I t l i l n i - . { ' n l M i ' l d i ' i i l ' with UilN tbv Ani'.'rl''an l l r n l nr- iny Hilt launrhcd n largr scale :il- :'-t»ck oul nf tin new lirlfl|;i'lii-ail in ·1.Kr!"Wult bank in the K l i l n u . ' . ,. , ; . :,,: H . ,! ! l u I,: ; J . i : . l i ' i i . l f H ! . . ' . , . ' · ' i i - . t l i a i li'.-i'ls I" '' , ! . inn t h e lir'nlRi'lii'iiJ la bi'in" · 1'.|:li'(l in «''! Hci f u r t h e n'li i'n · · i i i i n t i ' r - a l t a c k which the I I I I I K I c i T l a l n i y will imilie if able (i du sn. I''iil-Ilieni]'ire t h .,,,; ,,r Hie l i r l i l R i ' l i i ' i i U pavi-s I h c · ;iy Ini- tin' t i m e wlieii llu- A n i c r i - aii t u r e e n will |»i«li ""1 Inlo t h e ,|,i.| and present a diuifc'crous f l n n l i l l i K t h r e a t t n Ihi- f l e r i n a n line nn the north. A n i i l l i e r n u l l very I m p o r t a n t rea- iiut, Ihe l i r H t a r m y a l l a c k n" i l n i i b t l« t" try In draw (JiTiniin riiri-os down f r n m the northern limit. .shnillil Unit mirwwl it w.iil'l 1:1-1 a t l v f a e l l l l n l n till! projeeteil am- phlliliius n|ierations. which wl'l lie t i i i i K l i ci!"l"Rl in u n y "vent. J'lrsl try MI JW It in Ornrm. USED CARS HIGHEST ·»·«» «_i IF YOU HAVE A USED CAR TO SELL - BRING IT TO WFSILtA MOTOR CO. 600 Norlh Main Phone 203 Will buy all makes of cars and pay top prices. New Industry as Postwar Project May Revive Lost Egyptian Art in The Manufacture of Gypsum Brick roHslbilily lhal a now Industry may be I'Sliibliiihcd in La.s Cru- I-C-H nfli-r the war was Indicated Monday night when operators of t i n . I V r - A l Products f i r m , Wain- M|, s u b m i t t e d samples of a new yylisum brk-Jt to Chamber of Commerce ilireclois fur display fit Chamber headquarters. '.Mannl'artiired by a secret pro- I-CM.H from a spcclllc grade of yy- lisinn m i n e d in Die Organ mount a i n s on lornllmn disi.-ovcred six -ir seven yeius ago by A. P. I,aner, of this city, the bricks resemble marl a b l e In appenranre and could be lude In most any size or color, N a t u r a l colors run from white Io gray. Mr. Laller stale's, but the material can be tinted or Hhnded to practically any desired color. The brick talies the polish of f i n e rnurble and Mr. Lniier reports t h a t it is durable anil will rttand heavy weight strain. rimlnlir I'rojccl Assoi-lalcil with Mr. l.aner I BAYLUS CADE PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT AliilllH - 'hix Mnlli-rn - Syntran* 120 E. Grlggs Ph. 284, 477-J ipcratlon of the mine and its var- OUR products are Pearl Swanson ind .loo Subcl, of this city. While tho firm does not con- emplnte manufacture of Uie br^ck mill sometime after the war, posslbilties for Its use arc large. Hr. Lauer says a survey has revealed and he believes that once iut on the market, the product oon would necessitate a jimjor ized manufacturing plant. Make Soil Conditioner At present the firm, a partner-, Khip, is actively producing at Un- mine and distrlbufljig pulverized gypsite-nypsum. being used as a soil conditioner and fertilizer, il ig claimed to be especially effective in breaking up the tight formation of heavy adobe soils. This gypslte-gypsum is not to be confused with gypsum such that which forms the White Sand between here and Alamogordo, Mr. Lauer" They are t w o entirely different things," he In Egyptian Pyramids? The making of stone from such nmleriiils is an ancient and for merly lost art. he contends. The ; process used in turning the ma ' t e r i a l mined in Uie Organs Is sc i cret. he saya and states his belie Hint it Is (he same process, or a least In many ways similar, to tha used by the ancient Egyptians ii Here's the winning bid...Have a Coca-Cola uucuon of .T gigantic construction work nc by them in that general per- d. A student on the subject, Mr, nier believes that the pyramids ·re not constructed from great cks of stone brought from vast ttanceB by slave labor as ia the neral conception. nisiUere*! Lost Art '.'Trey Knew the secret of turn- . ter. Mrs. Frietze at once went '.' *..,. th.- p o l i s h prii-sl nln".i! the .(Ill-ill- i i ' a t t r r ill id to"li wl!h hi-i "r. \vi1m'."-:i-ss uvh-i i-ur. \vh!it I r.ifi Irncnt sill T' · i t'ivt-a t'r'im tlir 1 parish priestl. p ti'Kl ^r:',':. Frie-tze. that hf i/«c] m a l o r i a l P into hard r and the reverse," he ays. "In my opinion this then ·A-ell known but now considered lost art was the method used in ihese great structural works. I think those great blocks out of which the pyramids were made were manufactured right there on the spot just like we now make concrete--only, of course, not 'by so simple a process as mixing concrete." M S t . A i i H i n s i y :;l,iti!i'. f o r 1 t h " l ! - ' - ] l . hul. V.'-,' heret-\n erivcn t h a t tlie ' v^ii appointed by thy irt-'o^DoiUi A n n ' Cmin- -.ojcefititor of Uu 1 aiUbnt o! Mfllti;- Cfifad.-.'Dwcased, and luis * ' ];:i CaUio!!.- chtn-'-h. It'.il ^ .'.-.' '^' : t j u ) v ·([{lalined* "anrV''Ultit fill P«r- U'i;.-l 1h;H as the origin.!. piilli'O- i ^^^ h a v i n g "cUums. ' against the larhih i'ri!-'i :i!i|j Cod m'.'y see the i ; ^ j,,.,,.,,.,^ ··fr f ^mo 'within six !)V ;! l . ' . l ' i s h !H'i''.-t '.VH.l tilt' dlg;l..^ · , ^l, n ,. ',,'ln l w , 'I,,,,.,./,.1 · hi,]', i'. ..|..servi»i. . Dilt , d a t Las Ol-uces. ?fcw YVn ,ve ra-,i ..".sain conluiiK- , .^ -^ ] 4 U l rtW.iif-MflK-h. lOin. :,,-i.-,-in K l h a l Si. .\utho:iy w i l l h t - l p - j ~ ' HLrilEOLDT C A S A D Ihi- world to b r i n f ; i-vci--ln?tir.c B - h i i i i was ,.:ir si.k'mn |U'"- ^.^ ] ( ,_ r} ^S^Apr. J. '15. M A R I A F. JI:BALA I I R L A N O F'RIETZK aang a ^, ^^ llotne , _ ing a party*' Tleose ttlcplioni Uie Legal Notices IN THE PROBATE COURT, DONA ANA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO. In the Matter of the Estate of Jose Armenta, Deceased Cause No. 1357 NOTICE TO: Guadalupe Armenta, Anthony, Rona Ana County, New ,..a way to keep the game going refreshed 1 Thcr»'» ·Jw«f» » »" to p»usc in bridge ftfut- lc«-cold Cocn-Colu ,c»n m»kr II lit famt ll"l rr/rttlm. Everyone wljonn 111 life »nd sparkle, the t»ng of In taste, llarf a Colt c«n be your Invltitlon on nny occasion, if you remcwbw 10 h«« · fWP'f pf f-of'-^ 01 " in y uut rcfrlgermor. In homes everywhere, 'o»c»-CX)l» hns m«dc ltd fault ll»l njnilai « fusnily cuitom...» hippy Interlude for friendly refreshment. lotmo UNOti A U i H o m t r or tm coc».coi» COHHHI u IAS C R U C t S COCA-101.A JOITUII(I C O M P » » Y l-r^, A... Til. JJ 1." CM . ' COM.COI« y in fttendlj «btm»1«li«l o' iwh HUM C» vxHty PTM* 1 un c.1 Th« Co»Col* C«MW. .01»« n cc OK. THI OBLIGATION OF Giving to the Red Cross is an obligation-and a privilegc-becausc the Red Cross is YOU. It is supported entirely by voluntary contributions. If you want the Red Cross-and you dol-you must support it. '' To our men in uniform, the Red Cross is i precious gift from home...tyood plasma to save life...sweaters and son, cigarettes and other little comforts lovingly donated . . . » Sffijlc from jn American girl in a lonely l a n d . , . AMERICAN To the boy in an enemy prison camp -it's iht 'life-saving packages and letters deliywd b«ljfa^''"' barbed wire . . . To die hungry, the sick, the wounded, everywhere, the Red Cross is a tangible expression M the warm, .compassionate heart of America ..'. To you, the Red Cross is a personal r»pre«*»t- ·tive to suffering humanity and « jgtif'jgjef k the armed forces. , · oive GREYHQUND tw un ng 4W Pf«m **· ««c *»n~* win

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