Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 13, 1976 · Page 13
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 13

Nampa, Idaho
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Saturday, March 13, 1976
Page 13
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^^\ ^^ i| m | ·» The Idaho Free Press. Saturday. March Semifinals go as predicted--totally wild Hiahland has m ,^_ ^ .. . . Highland has 46-45 win much ByPaulBuker ^"P"" Sports Editor £ fem r and Meridi an's Warriors w ' ' han S '° Wl ere There was pain in Hordemann's eyes as he tried lo make XhaiYT 1 *' inCredible State A-l 'hampS p Tern - tinal lhal had no sense whatsoever To ihe Warriors, that seemingly endless series of nn («r to beat Highland wasYnightmare P " ' " . The Rams, with their victory, are 23-2 and ranked No 1 in the stale. Appropriately, it's No. 2 they draw tonight to se I e the question of the Stale's lop basketball prize CapitaT on ln ' hC St t h r M seconds ' «« h * "'·»» ^^ Highland probably had no business being in the position lo ose Friday night s semi, but then, Hordemann will tell you he Warriors had no business folding up like a tent against the Rams press. ,i, E(S J? Ci a J. ly a u te , r learing ir a P arl ear i'- nis «' as a game mat Mendianhad by the throal. by 10 points at 20-10 with six minutes left to play in the first half. What happened after that 1 "1 wish I knew," shrugged Hordemann. "I have no idea." With three minutes left to play, the Rams, coolv taking charge on Ihe strength of that intimidating full-court trap had Ihe Warriors by the neck at 44-37. Hordemann cursed the press as the Warriors committed one turnover after another trying lo catch up. They had 23 mistakes. ineluding_rane bad passes and seven fumbles. nnln 2 TM 1 'u he ' d ^ aken just lhree shots THE WHOLE tJUAK 1 LR, but Ihen came a comeback that was pulled out of heaven knows where andMeridian was right on the doorstep Dennis Rasmussen scored on a lap, Duke Jackson scored off a jump, and at :39. lias let fire from Ihe side and nil again - it was 44-43. B Greg Smith. Ihe Ram forward, fouled out as he crashed into Rasmussen but Meridian gave it back right awav when .Matt Johnston missed from (he corner. Mark Stroud. the 6-9 cenler who ultimately was Ihe difference (20 points, and most of his damage when Meridian was in foul trouble) hil both ends of a one-and-one The Rams, up 46-43 wilh 25 seconds left, watched Jackson tap one in 10 seconds later. Then Lon Henderson, Ihe Highland guard, was called for five seconds on the inbounds. "What else could have gone wrong there?" wondered Ron Kress later. "They must have had three last shots " said the Highland coach. They did. Meridian took the ball inbounds wilh nine seconds lefl got it to Mall Johnston, but he missed. Rasmussen boarded 'was fouled by Dirk Koelter. and stood wilh a one-and-one chance With the thousands at Capital screaming, and Ihe Rams waving their arms in the la,ne, Ras missed. . , Bui Highland, in ft 5 exhuberance, traveled with the ball and there was drama lo bplayed as Meridian look the ball inbounds with one second showing. The calliVent lo Rasmussen, open inside ihe foul circle behind a mass of bodies inside, and his buzzer attempt was off lo the right He was beside himself, but Hordemann knew Ihis wasn't a one-man proposition. "If I had Ihe choice to makeall over again, I'd put Ihe same kid on the foul line." "It was Rasmussen, wilh his play at the end, that gol us back in Ihe game anyway." "We won the game." said Kress in Ihe Ram locker room " on defense. It wasn't a good offensive game." "We got back in Ihe ballgame in the second quarler ipulling within one point at half)." Meridian did everything right but make those last shots and handle the hall. The Warriors had to have the boards in the game - and they not only out-rebounded the Rams' fronlline 36-25, they had ISfrom the offensive board. Highland, inexplicably, had a stretch where it rarely allowed Meridianso much as penetration into the frontcourl yet got off l-i fewer shots. Kress talked a few days ago about the emergence of his defense. He wasn't kidding. "Tonight, we look Ihem out of their offense," he said after Ihe game. "We made their guards become awful cautious We wanted to make sure Jackson couldn't come out so they could feed him low, and we didn't want Rasmussen selling the ball either." "We had people there," said Hordemann of Ihe work against Highland's press. "Bui we go; out of what we wanted lo do and never got it back." Meridian met Idaho Falls this afternoon for third place in the lo;:i namenl - which would be identical to last year's finish. l.ast year, though, Meridian wasn't thinking State title. "We'll just have to suck il up," said Hordemann. HIGHLAND4J, MERIDIAN 4S W I H N E R T O S T A . T E F I N A I . K i r k Rjimuutn John iron Jackson Chapman Oodd Hotfoway TOTALS HIGHLAND Xoetler Hfnd*rior Smith Stroud Toslef ClAwson Green TOMLS Meridian Highland FG M 4 » *-U 4.1 0 1 I-S 0 0 30-55 FG M ;. 3- l t 4 1 fr- 0 0 w.-u F 0 0 0 1 1} 1 0 s F 0 0 } i 0 c 0 *· p * i p i 0 4 1 TP 1 1 13 9 0 3 C- 45 TP *I 9 10 u 0 0 II 11 !4 4! I 77 14 4« SHOOTING - Meridian 7.4 per cent, Hijhrand HI p 5 r cenl. DEBOUNCING - Meridian II, Highland n. TURNOVERS - Meridian 71, rllshlavl It REBOUND LEADERS --Saimuiipn l J. Johnifon II, Jackson f, Slroyd u. Teton makes A-3 final TWIN FALLS, Idaho (UPI) -Glenns Ferry Pilots and the Telon Redskins won berths in Ihe slate Class A-3 basketball lournamenl Friday for a remalch of 1975 championship won hy Telon. Glenns Ferry dropped Genesec 59-37 lo win the Friday to move inlo the finals; Teton overpowered New Plymouth 60-J5 and Kimberly smashed Kendrick 57-47. Genesee will lake on New Plymoulh for Ihird place and Kimherly will malch Homsdalc for (he consolation Irophy. ·. Both Gtenns Ferry and Genesee started slow in their game with the Pilots leading after the first quarter 10-6. Play in the second quarler was close bul Glenns Ferry's heighl advantage showed as they maintained a five point lead al the half. In Ihesecond half, the Pilots blew Ihe Bulldogs off Ihe floor taking a 14 point lead in Ihe ihird quarler and scoring 10 straight unanswered points at the beginning of Ihe fourth quarter. MARK STROUD, ALL 6-9 OF HIM, IS IN THE CLEAR FOR HIGHLAND'S RAMS FRIDAY NIGHT*! Middleton knocks off St. Maries in overtime * * *" """"" By Job n If. Killen POCATF.LLO (Special) - Middlelon coach Dick Dillon was smiling, bul il was more a smite of irony (ban one of pure joy. "Yeah, if we'd have shol like lhal last night we might be playing for the title tomorrow," said Dillon, who had just watched his team edge a surprisingly sjrong SI. Maries club 69-65 in overtime Friday evening in consolation play al the Stale A-2 basketball tournament on Ihe Idaho Stale campus. Middlelon shot 50 per cent against SI. Maries - nearly twice Iheir shooling average Ihe previous nighl in a 71-5C loss lo Marsh Valley. "Bul then, we're just glad to have won this one and to be playing again tomorrow." Middleton set oul afler Snake River, a 56-50 winner over Grangeville Friday afternoon, loday al one p.m. the winner of lhat one lakes home the tournament's consolalion Irophy. While Dillon was happy to have made il lhal far he would have been the last lo say il was easy. Si. Maries gave Ihe Vikings everything they could have wanted and a lol more. "They played a heck of a ball game," admitted Dillon. No one in the gym would have disputed lhal. SI. Maries trailed by small margins most of the night, hut never let the Vikings get away and did take one point lends on a couple of occasions. And when it gol down to cases, the Lumberjacks really showed their stuff. Trailing 52-47 wilh 5:27 lefl in regulation, SI. Mariesoutscorcd Middlelon 10-2 lo take a one poinl lead (55-54) wilh 2:43 lo go. But Steve Glidden, St. Maries' 6-7 cenler and the force behind Ihe 'Jacks rally, (onled out with jusl over a minule remaining and Middlelon managed lo .stabilize things. The Vikes look a two-poini lead wilh 18 seconds to go when Dan Davis hil Ihe firsl half of a one-and-one. Bul when Joel Hughes came Ihrough wilh a short jumper for St. Maries in the last nine seconds, the game wcnl inlo overlime. In the cxlra three minutes, Davis was Ihe big factor. Afler 6-4 Jerry Wicks made a lay-in for a 63-61 lead. Davis reeled off two straight buckets to give Middlelon a 65-63 edge. Randy Hopkins followed with a pair of free throws with one minute remaining and then in the lasl five seconds, Davis got the last basket of the game to seal ihe win. Bul even In victory, Dillon admitted lhat his club had nol played wilh anything resembling n razor-sharp edge. Even Ihough Hopkins had 31 poinls - the second high i n d i v i d u a l performance o' the tournament thus far - (he Vikings held jusl enough intensity lo stay barely on top of things. Every time it appeared Ihey mighl be ready to bloiv the Lumberjacks |oul. Middleton let SI. Maries sneak back in. "I suppose that's true," Dillon nodded. "Wo came up here wilh our hearls set on a championship. We (bought we could upse! IMarsh Valley Insl nighl. When we shot so ^poorly and lost, I guess (here was no way ·lo avoid some kind of letdown." ; In the semifinals, however, the Eagles Iwere upscl hy Shelley and il will be Ihe Russets, nol Marsh Valley, going against Vallivue for the title al8:30 tonight. Should Valiiviic, Ihe team that edged Middlelon for Ihe District lille, win Ihis evening, Ihe Kales will be Ihe firsl Districl 3 club to bring home a Slate championship since Emmctl's IMS title. "But even though the kids were down," said Dillon, "They did whal Ihey had lo do to win. 1 was proud of them." Dillon wasn't the only one who felt Ihe Vikings weren't flying (heir highesl against St. Maries. "Yeah," said Randy Hopkins, who through Friday night had 58 lournamenl points in Iwo games, "we were a lillle down. We figured we had a good chance to win il when we came up here but Ihen we started off so badly last night and lost. Il hurt us. I guess we were bound to be down some." Bul if Hopkins shoots like he did Friday when he's down, Dillon should leclure him on Ihe world's overpopulation problem before every game. Hopkins hil 12 of 24 shots from Ihe field and seven of seven from the line against the 'Jacks. Mosl of his baskets were perimeter bombs. His worsl percentage, in fad, seemed lo be underneath, where he missed lhree shots. Is Ihere any special reason for Ihe way Hopkins has been shooling in Ihe lour- nament? "Well, I think as a team we're really moving the ball around well and like tonight, Ihey (St. Maries) really couldn'l double-team me or anything, so I was gelling a lol of open shots." Hopkins wasn'l Ihe only Viking with a hoi hand. Though he didn't put (he ball up as much, Dan Johnson shot even belter. Also counting from ihe outside, the 5-10 senior made good on scven-of-nine from the field. He added a Iwo-of-lwo performance at Ihe line and ended up with 16 poinls. "And I (hought Gerry Melzker did one hell of a job on their big kid." said Dillon Melzker, al 6-1. wassaddled wilh (he job of holding down Glidden. who is S-7. filidden finished with 15 points. "It was an awfully physical game," said Dillon, "and considering (hey ((he rcfsi allowed it to be thai way. 1 Ibink Gerry did a super job. He was giving a lol of" size away In lhal kid." Capital nips /F, 56-54 Ilv Hob t.unrtgren MERIDIAN - If you believe in magic you should have been ill Ihe Meridian gym Friday night about 10 o'clock. Il was al llial time taat Capital's Brenl Lind fired up a 16 fool jumper wilh just three seconds remaining to boost Ihe Kagiesinln tonight's A-1 championship game wilh Highland 1/nil's shot, his only points so far in Ihe lournamenl, gave Capital ii 56-5-1 victory over a hoi shooting Idaho Falls outfit. TIv win over ihe Tigers gave ihe Eagles some measure of revenge since l.K had beaten Ihem 71-61 in season play. 'Ilrail l.ind pul OIK- in. didn't he 1 " exclaimed a happy Charlie Henry afterwards. "We were in our offense. He l.ind i was riglil where he was supposed lo be and he hil il " Actually Lind's name-winner was no! Ihe shot the Eagles hud originally planned on. Wilh the score lied al 54-54 Capital look a limcoul lo scl up a play The ball was lo go to Ihe Kagles fine sophomore cemer, 6-5 Brian Welch. It did and Welch missed a 15 fool basiOini- allemijl. · He had ;i good slml loo," said Henry i. There was a big scramble [or Ihe rebound and Capital's Jne Huff, who played a fine game coming off Ihe bench, picked up Ihe ball off (lie floor in heavy traffic. Huff passed lo Lind anil bingo! The Tigers attempted a lasl second shnl of their own. bin Iliey couldn't gel il off under Capital's pressure. "We were going to roll the ball in. explained coach Les Ron. "if they dropped back in their zone, and go deep if Ihey didn't, iwlnch . 1-F was forced lo do) We gol it there, bul we didn't gel the shot. The kids played .1 good game. I'm real proud of them " he added. Holh learns played welt. There were jusl 10 turnovers for (he entire game - only two by Ihe Eagles. The Tigers shol 57.5 per cenl from Ihe floor (23-of-40l. including an incredible 75 per cenl in Ihcfirsl half tlS-of-20). "1 couldn't believe IF's shooting in (he firsl half," said Henry shaking his head in disbelief. "For awhile I didn't think they'd ever miss." he continued. Despite Ilicirhol shooting, ihe Tigers only led by four al Ihe half, 30-32. thanks 10 some good shooling on Capital's part H3-for-2Gi and the play of all-stale guard Bill Hessing. Hcssing. although shackled wilh three early fouls, still hil 14 firsl half poinls. making seven of (he eight" shots he look. "He's jusl phenomenal," said Henry with obvious pride. Hessing's foul trouble forced the Eagles oul of Iheir man- lo-man defense as they went to a 1-2-2 zone. The switch apparently didn't surprise Roh. "They had to slop us inside somehow, and Ihe zone worked." Henry agreed lhat going to Ihe zone paid off. "The kids did a super job on the zone." he said. Capital oulscr.rcd Ihe Tigers 11-2 to slarl ihe second half and went on lop by five - Iheir largest margin of Ihe evening -- 43-3S wilh 3:49 left iii Ihe ihird quarter. I-F called lime nnd Rob gol a few things straightened oul, and the Tigers blilzed the Boiseans 8-2 the res'l of the period to go out in front on Reed Jaussi's jumper. 46-45. al the three quarler turn. By this time both teams were in foul (rouble. Hessing had picked up his fourth and big man Kip Anderson 6-6. and guard Don Baldwin each had four personals for I-F. Both teams were cautious going into Ihe final stanza. Hcssing fouled oul with 6:34 to go. and the Eagles were down 48-45. Bul Welch and Huff hit fielders and the Eagles were back on top. 4MB. Baldwin's free throws gave the Tigers the lead again, bul only momentarily as Dale Zimmerman pul one in from short range, and the Eagles never trailed again although Ihe score was tied at 52 and al 54. II was Ihe play of Ihe Eagles without Hessing. who finished wilh 21 poinls and five assisls, that was impressive. "I've seen it happen before -- in the firsl Meridian game I believe." said Henry. "The kids are winners. They're winners," he emphasized. Hessing was backed up in scoring by Welch who had 15 points. Kipp Bedard and Huff each conlributed six and Bedard helped Capiial stay close on Ihe boards bv grabbing seven rebounds. Idaho Falls' cenler, 6-6 Greg Walker, led the Tigers with 15 poinls and nine caroms. Jaussi, also an all-stale selection as was Htssing. chipped in wilh 13. while Don Baldwin added 12 Tne Tigers met Meridian . a hardluck loser lo Highland 46- ·b) this aflernoon in Ihe third place game Now it's all Ihe marbles al stake for 'the Eagles and Highland's Rams. Capiial. which won slate lasl vear, had its hands full ihe lasl time the two teams met losing 53^ in Pocalello. "It was 48^ with 30seconds to go and we missed a good shol and had lo foul," explained Henry. "1 think we can play wilh them. Specifically, 1 haven't given the game much thought, bul we II have to keep the ball from going inside " In Ihe dressing room afler ihe I-F game. Ihe Eagles kcp' shouting one phrase - a phrase thai signifies the season for them in a nulshell - "one more lime." Tonight (hev'll find oul if lhal lime has come or not. P «PlTALU.IDAHOF!ALLSi4 Bedard Zimmermann Welch Messing Lind Hull TOTALS IDAHOFALLS Anderson Birch Walkei Jauis Baldwin TOTALS Capital Idaho Falls F IB DAN JOHNSON OF THE VIKES... MIDDLE TON II, ST. MARIES*! MIODLETM FO FT ft. Hopkins ,,,, ,., °« vi ' 4.10 !.» D.Jofcnson i.? ].j «**nef"" |:J J:J K.JHniwn , j ,., S.rKftlnl 1.1 t . 0 TOTAL! t ,.!4 ,,.,, , £"'" ,? ,7 F R « N W f i l t l 1 . 1 1 A ] WnnMrlKh ,.{ ,, *K»i l-lit ,., OIW*M ,.,, ,., Sinclair ,.,, ,, SchlifnflmiTir a I 11 WALJ .' ,,,, 5.,., Mlaldlftafl u 71 u i «'««"« 11 77 II SNOOTINO PEHCENTAdES - Mi Ml. Ion I W»rl« «t.i. TLUNOVERS - MIcUKlIn !7, SI Ma HEKIYIIEMODEIED U'SDEB .1M C'«K "= SJIPIQROCERIES

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