Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 21, 1961 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, November 21, 1961
Page 15
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I On f he Sporh Scene I May I begin by extending congratulations to Paul and Annette However, the Buffs chance to ;o to-Miami was Improved yes- to take the champion e»ch year. ,' AWmi|li I'm turo It WM not w«y, MM «nph«i« ch*ko rtlmu- b*vo win tn* houU IMVO boon Unt t, fho Mofcoey on the birth of their terday when the committee an- .daughter Sunday. The value of nounced Ihal their policy has been parenthood- is subordinate to nothing elat". Jt ,ij one of UK greatest privileges .we have. '; 'ii'.'* * · · * · · · It '.was only a week ago last Sunday that the-Denver Broncos played .their''best game; of 'he \ ttrnt ^ fat'. ^aMntaneariy [topping the San B ^ g^ ^j^.^ «,. Diego Charger^ professlonM foot- r| ^ ,, rflmi^.TiTehan.. .f ;ball'«.otily unbeaten team. Kama, ,*«,, Amid. CU fans can quit worrying. If Colorado beats Iowa State.Sat- urday, they'll be Miami bound after Christmas. If they aren't, H a great injustice and the )range Bowl committee \snows his, They don't want their Jan ra'ry 1st spectacle to draw the ire of {earns and fans every where. : WHif about this LI men turn? I. fait thtf Auh had · tin* and Llmen whipped rh»m with . (Wy »«filty UW fcwn'on tin fWR-, And tm.'^rt Sunday ap-. t« b* a rerun o HM H«u» t Or at DtnvW wa* Tnc vnl - la^ln th« 'tact that 'tuHaki didn't hav* tfw scoring punch irtwt wt 'wttnosW In the Hovs: ton ciub. Tno Bills Inff i.oopfod the Bronco patio! and jvmptd ' en, three, Denver · Mnblet..- -.;' Trje question' sports: faijs are wkhig is, MWhat is wrong with Denver?" Having talked to-several people close to the situation, ft Is obvious that the' answer lies in one statement. They just don't have the ballplayers. One Bronco official says,- '"It thftiplayer,limit is 33, you've got to have 33 good men. Not 25, not 30, but 33." When you coniMer that there art H starters In pro football, Hen'effense and 11 *n defense; then you ha vi 11 subs to hack up-a ; positions. Locking at K that way, H obviously it a tight -The. consensus of opinion 1 gel from Denver/ is that the manage ment is happy with about IS to 20 Individuals. They need to 'lop off ·bout 15 men and get some veteran! stalwart* and promising rookies; This ' wlnter/s draft will probably be Denver's mas' important in years to come. ; Owner Cal Kuhz wants pro fool- ball-to slay in.jDenyer. You. can expect to see 'him hand General Manager Dean Griffing a fat checkbook when they go after players this winter. I might »tf, that 4. if it. « losing «*«*on r tb« D«nvtr Bronet g«nwt havt »ffor«d m» iwrw ·f'thi.;ncit.*xcHing *cti«n U watch. TKifj one itwig *bout »ro fooHMll. Win or loo, cor- f»ln pUyi Hid mdlvkJmli aro ahvayt Colorado University seems to be miffed about the "-consideration (iven Kansas lately for "an Orangi Bowl berth'. Lloyd Gj^lll, Union coach, must bo prosontlng MM p»ront» *f ll n«wbom t«n with · fooHxir end the enc«ur*g*- mont-th*t Hw IHth WU should start .loarnlng Hto 9omo''«t II Romig Nominated Fpr Top .Scholar, Ath fete Award , , 'KANSAS CITY '(AP) - District i of the National Collegiate Ath. ellc Association nominated Ihree oolball' players .Tues. for the award as the nation's top scholar- alhlcle. . They are Joseph j. Romlg, Col-, orado , guard; William . Frederick Seigle Jr., Wichita tackle, and Jon W. Spelman, Iowa State center.. A national.board vill select dls- rkt and national winners for the National F o o t b a l l Foundation award, to be announced next month In New York.', I-ast year's natiorial winner was Missouri's Fred Brossoit, a near slralght-A pre-med major. Bbmig, Colorado captain, ma- oring in physics, has had straight A's the last four semes! ers. His over-all grade-point' average is 3.87 out of a possible 4.0. Seigle, of Sharon Springs, Kan., IBS »n average of 3.84 in mathematics and chemistry, Spelman, of Weslmont, III, has a 3.86 average jn mechanical en [ineering'and ranks sixth among 45? students in the engineering college at Io\ya State. I Imagine that Limon i- getting as many college scouts each year as any comparable town in the country. * * * I'm going to close with a prediction! Rutgers and Alabama ara he only major football schools still unbeaten and untied. I pick Columbia to knock Rutgers from Ihe honored list this Saturday. Alabama is idle. San Diego Pass Defense Record Sets Pro Marks DALLAS, Tex. (AP) -- The most interesting thing about team statistics in the American Foot- jail League is not the .big yardage run up by Houston in leading the passing--it's the number oi passes gobbled up by San Diego In'selling defensive 1 records. Eighteen years ago Green Bay iwiped VI enemy throws over an 11-game season. Nine years ago Los Angeles ran. back 38 Inter ceplions for 712 yards. A year ago Cleveland's Browns ran six inter ceplions all the way to the end zone. But San Diego has exceeded al of those National Football League Ski School Opens RegistrationTues. Registration is open at the Community Activities Office, 710 llth TM ari «. - Sunday the Chargers Ave.; for beginning, intermediate, and advanced ski lessons. The ski school is being con ducted in joint sponsorship will :he Hidden Valley Ski Resort. Registration lees are p.00 for! six lessons. Two of the lessons will be dryland and conducted at the Greeley Community Building, 710 loth Avenue. The other four lessons will be conducted at Hidden Valley. The original announced dates of picked off three Dallas passes for Iheir 43rd Iheft in 11 games; one was run back for a touchdown, the eigiith of the season; two were run back for 62 yards, making a da! of 894 runb'ack yards for the ear. San Diego still has three ames to go. Otherwise Ihe team records ire routine. Houston leads in massing with 313.3 yards per ;amc, Dallas leads in rushing with 146.6 yards per outing, Houson leads' in total offense with The Boloney Colorado Warrants Orange Bowl Bid By Paul Moloney Coloradoans ire Irate at the prospect Kansas will be asked o the Orange Bowl rather than Colorado. It seems defensive excellence doesn't attract the paying cus- omer or the interests (financial) of boss television. C*lw«l« 'dtwrvti H f* · t» Mliml. Maybe, ttw fcuffi h*v«- n't thown tto fhrlMhf tcwhig punch, but rh*y hiv« bon ent ·f Hw tin»t fwtkill twrnu rf ·ll.tlm* iltftntivth/. Walt Klinker, 'Joe Romlg and Reed Johnson are stalwarts and were instrumental in preventing Nebraska from gaining a first down last Saturday. And in the Missouri, game, the Buffs produced a fine defensive line duel with the highly louled [orwrds from Mixzou. . BKIUM of tup*ri*tlvt cWw sivt pity, tf» Buffi w«f« »W» to defeat Kanwt, 20-19, In trx final qiurttr. Kinm showtd Hi (ino offenx in tlw tint HirM quirteri, particularly Curtis McClinlon, th* hulking Jiy- H i . i in.' L BWK rt*lro*CIC. When 'it got down to .victory or defeat, Ihe Buffs made McClinlon look as pathetic as Thunder Thorn- Ion was last Saturday. It is unfortunate the paying customers in recent years look at football , only as; an', offensive game. Some ' considered the Colorado-Missouri game as dull for Ihe most part. Had they seen the Nebraska-Colorado ^ame, they would have made the same conclusion. The same goes for three quarters of the Kansas-Colorado uome. But had they observed the fine defensive maneuvers, those games would have been very interesting. Mayb* dcfonsivi txcdWnct ear. Limon used less than 20 of » H boys it had suited up for le game, and tlw first offensive nit played most of the game. It is disappointing the fumbles ent against the Bearcats. The amo certainly' did not shame ult. * * * The question of how much Longmqnt and "'ueblo Central Im- roved during .Ihia 1 footbal^ season will be answered' Thanks- jiving.' In the .season opener Cen- ral romped, 25-7; .jut- the factor iat this is .a stale playoff game ill enter ' Thursday's game. Th. CUm AAA final) look liki Ctntril vi. L»k«weod, 74-0 win- iw *vtr Littleton last Saturday. * * · Grecley's basketball forces are oing at full tilt in llxir practice essions.-And the lop varsRy can- idafes include ten seniors and ve juniors. The seniors are Phil LeCuyer, George Tellez, Myron Long, Jerry loser, Jim Anderson, Doug Ewald, Richard Peterson, Don Taylor, Ted Lcbsack and Bob itzmah. Sitzmari, however, has ttle workout due to the knee njury sustainpd in the Fort Moran football game. Sitzman will irobably miss Greeley's first ames. Junlort «r* LiVtrn Wilktr Jo.1 Rothmwi, Rftbin W»th*ri, Tommy Bcggct nd Butch But- l«r. Tn*y will p l a y , i lot .of B-ball says Co*ch Jim Baggot. Top B-tcam Kitten candidates are Daryl Brumley, Larry Switz- r, Don Harper and Ray Williams, all sophomores, and juniors Dick Mantooth, Bill Artist, Harlan Dorsey, Ken Haggard, Robert Larson, Mike Wilson, Tom Doctor and l/ih Rilnnpls : the Iwo dryland lessons have been 440.9 yards per contest--and San changed,from Nov. 21 and Z8 to Diego has the tightest defense in Nov. 28 and Dec. For additional information call EL 3-3424. he circuit. The Chargers have perrhitte only 243.0 yards per game. to th« hundreds of people who braved th* storm and icy *tr««ti to atttnd our opening. THE WINNERS' Jack Kobob.l 940 30th Avcnu. Mr«. W. C. Dunn 2029 8th Avenue 320 Sq. Ft. Prefinilhed Mahogany Plywood 200 Sq. Ft. C e l l i n g Tll« Mrs. t-ylo Robertson 1416 23rd Avenue Nell N i x ' RR No. 2 E t o n Mary Llllngworth 1510 11th St. Becky PepTn . 70« 35th Av«. Crt. -Mr*. W. E. Gompton 1218 5th St. Mrt, Miry Shrout 2100 23rd Avenue 2 Gallon O'Brien Latex Flint Snow .Shovel One PnTr Stanley Saw Horse Brackets Stanley Rule Stanley Hammer Dlston Saw Bothgate Heads Scoring jn NHL MONTREAL (AP) - Veteran ight winger Andy- Bafhgate of he New York. Bangers has swept nto a commanding six-point lead n the.National Hockey League's scoring race. Official NHL "statistics released Tues. show Bathgate with 9 goals and 22 assists for 31 points. He las played in all 18 Rangers ;ames. Balhgate, 29, ' never an NHI scoring champion though he's come close several times, pickei up 7 points on 2 goals and 5 as sists -in 2 games last week. He's been in on 13 of 17 goals S'ew York has scored in its las 'our games. Bathgale also lead iii assists with his 22. Claude Provost of Montreal wa iield lo two points--one goal am one assist--in f o u r games last week but held on to second place Provost'has a' league-leading 1 goals and 11 assists for 25 point, in 18 games. won'f b« enough to wwrmf wi Oring* Bowl bid for Hw Buffi. Th* Big Eight champhxtihlp Is. Should the Orange Bowl com mittee (and television) decide on lie Buffs, Louisiana State couli in store for a busy afternoon on defense. We'll be watching anxi lusly to see if LSU does as we' as the Buffs. The "Sleeping Giant' may come out of hibernation.. * * * ' The nation's football coache and eouipmenl manufacturer should examine the styling of th- present helmet. We have two proposals. Pint, MM fac* guvd should IM · llmlnaftd. Th* giuwd oo«« of. fir Mm* protection for rh« not* and fMtfi. But it also it used as i "handle" fee an oppoilng playw to grab either accKi ly or intmtioojlly. Wh«i Is d«M, tfw vieiim's h*«l can be snapped back quickly ami he can incur a passible neck fracture. Second, the helmet should bo cut off higher on-the back aid of the head or shaped so tha when the head is jolted, the he' met will not serve as a wedg against the neck. Coaches can help reduce th number of casualties by schedu ing daily "bridging" exercises I strengthen the neck. The problem of concuitlons has lncri»ied r»pidly in recent Mauni, and the selvtion to rhl problem needs to be studied as well. ' The Ault Bearcats offered Lim on fine opposition last Saturda despite the score (33-0). The Bea cats, in fact, were the petition the Badgers faced th SHOP AT THE STORE GIVES YOU MORE IOW, tOW PRICES^ CO* MD STAMPS GOLD BOND GREELEY Building Supply, Inc. 630 26Hi St., Grt«l«y Greeley High School WILDCATS SEASON RESERVED SEAT BASKETBALL TICKETS Now On Sale AtThe City Cage League Registration Open Registration for Greeley City League Basketball is now underway at lh« Community Activities Office, 710 lllh Avenue. Team fees are $30.00 but nc«d not be paid at time of registration. The first team managers organizational meeting will be at ·? p.m. Dec. 5, at the Youth Center,'1015 8th St. It is Important that all learns have a representative at Ihis meeting to i.-j|p determine t!;e policies and regulations thu' will govern the leagira for tli'is year. Teams entered in the league need only trunks and "T" shirts to compete. No formal uniforms are required. Tuts., Nov. 21, 1961 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 15 Larscheid Skyline's r, Scorer DENVER (AP) -- With practic- yards Eldon Fortio of Brigbam Tom Unrschfjid Has,.won Ihe rush- ng and scoring lilies in the Sky- illy', all returns In,' Utah. State's Young made In 191 plays. Fortfe K ,; T_t__ij'.iJ ,t._' Li. t ...- ,, ' t j'ti lias one regular season game, left. Larscliold also was the league ine Football Conference for the leader in'punt returns with 281 second straight year. jynrds, averaging 23.4 for 12 car- OWLING scones AT CLASSIC LANES-- | LIONS CLUB : Tire Scores: Kersey No. 2 2, Ault 1; Briggsdale 1, Ealon No. 2 3; Eaton No. 1 0, Gilcresl 4; Greeley No. 3 3, Plallevllle No. I 1; Grover-Hereford 3, Greeley No. 2 1; Greelcy No. 1 2, Plalleville No.- 2 ; Kersey No. 1 3, Gill 1; La Salle , Windsor 4. Top team series: Windsor, 2436. Top individual series: John'.Tynon 548; Stan Boyes 536; Denver Viggiris and Cliet Cullor 526. Top team game: Kersey No. 1 847. Top individual games: Don Anerson 218; Chet Cullor 216; Denver Wiggins 214. CLASSIC SPORTSMAN'S. The scores] Watkin's Products 0, Bestway Bid. Center 4; Classic Cenler 0, Adamson's 4; Northern Engineering 2, Hillside Addilion 2; Farmer's Insurance Group 1, Grcclcy Excavation 3; Greeley Ready Mix 4, McDonald's Drive !nn 0; Farmer's Union 1, N.1LP. Quirck 3. Top team series: Greeley Excavation 2500.' Larscheid,. driving force'of Utah rios. itatc's undefeated but once-tied; Utah's forward passing ballery outfit; tallied 96 points! 38 more won conference burels. Quarter- han his closest rival. |back Gary Herijfetdt completed 52 He-gained 773 yards rushing, an,TM 107 throws for 701 yards. Joe average of 6.4 yards a dip. HIs.Borich, Uto end, snatched 29 ae- yardage total, made in 121 plays, rials for m y ards an d * louch- s only 40 yards short of the 813 downs. * * Bill Wright of BYU holds a thin edge over Dick Fitzsimmons of New Mexico in punting, 40.4 yards average to 40.3. They will be on opposing sides Saturday In the closing conference game. Anolher BYU performer, Paul lien; leads in returning klckoffs ilh an average of 47.5 yards. Utah State finished the confer- The most improved Wildcat is Moser. Coach Baggot summarzes: "Jtrry li fho most Improvod pbyor on Hw squad , . . and tint pissor ind.Kortr , , . and .will ruvo much to do with ,tho Wildcat c*go fortune.. · . ^ LeCuyer, Taylor and Ewald will ?ive the Wildcats adequate rebounding. Tellez, Long, Walker and Baggot will adequately take care of the Wildcat playmaking responsibilities ..until Sifzman. is ready." Top Individual series: PaulGqw Erie Places Five On NC AII-LoopTeam North Central champion Eric dominates the 1961 All- Conference com by placing five boys on the Irst team and gaining two honorable mentions. Named to the first team were endEverette Lontine, lackle Rusly D'Orazio, guard Danny DiSalle and backs George Melick and Larry Martinez. End Dennis Bauer and Guard Bob DiGesualdo were named hon- orab The 1961 team: 604. Top team game: Greeley Excavation 873. Top individual games: Paul Gow 235. CLASSIC BOWLETTES ·' The scores: Allied Reritnl Weller Lumber .0; Professiona Finance 4, Hebcrlein Mfg. Co. 0 Wjlshire Homes 3, Classic Lanes 1 Ed's Phillips 66 3, Montgomer Ward 1. -Top, team series: Allied Renla 1980. Top individual series: Helen Ecliis sler 473; Shirley Lauridsen · 469 Mutsu Asaki 453. Top team game: Allied Renla 693. .Top individual games: Shirley «TMridsen 180-172; Sharon Forbe 170; Helen Schissler 170. LATE GOERS MIXED LEAGUE The scores: Garden Kilchen 4 Gordons Food Stores 0; Moore Realty 3, Cascade Marine i; Mori gage ' Investment 3, Reynolds lome's I; Lakcshore Supper Club 3, Weld County Bank I Top team series: Weld County Bank 1542;.Lakeshore Supper Clui 1626. Top individual .series: Roy Ire and 551; Bill Speetzen 526;. Worn en, Ruth Reynolds 405; Joan Der Jones Co. 9 Home Games $11.00 FIRST HOME GAME DEC. 1 WITH EAST DENVER Ends Dan Truesdell, Evans and Everett Lontine, Erie; tackles Rusty D'Orazio,' Erie and Harry Nolde, 'Berthoud; guords Steve McNutf, Esles Park and Dan Di- Salle, Erie; center Buddy Baker, Lyons; backs Lnrry Pettyjohn, Esles Park; George Melick, Eric; Larry Martinez, Erie and Bruce Prathey, Lyons. Honorable m e n t i o n s-- Glenn Seela, E s t e s Park; Dennis Bauer, Erne; Tom Ulfers, Eses Park; Gerry Blehm, Evans; Jim Robinelt, Evans; Bob Di- Gesualdo, Erie; Lee Williams, Berthoud: Dave Gibson, Evans; Ginter Speyer, Evans; Gene Robnett, Evans; Steve -Graves, Esles Park. rington 396. Top team game: Wyoming Rejects Bowl Invitations CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) -'Wyoming has already rejected two bow] bids," G. J. (Red) Jacoby, University of Wyoming athletic director, said Monday. Jacoby said the Athletic Department turned down a bid (or the Aviation Bowl at Akron, Ohio, Dec. 9 due to "financial reasons." The Cowpokes also received a bid for the Sun Bowl but the players turned it down "because they wanted Christmas vacation at home," Jacoby said. The Sun Bowl! game .will be played at El Paso, Tex., Dec. 30. "I doubt if Wyoming will play In any bowl game this season," Jacoby added. The Pokes ended the season with six victories, one loss and two tie games. Jacoby's comments followed a Cheyenne Quarterback Club meeting honoring Wyoming basketball coaches Kill Strannigan and Moe Itadovkh. ROJM- Mvii *mt Moon Sfc»d- ron were the first two batters lo strike out three limes in Ihe 1961 World 1 Series. Weld Co Bank M7: Lakeshore Supper CIu' 557. Top individual games: Roy Ire ;antl 192; Bill Speetzen 180; A Speelzen 158; Women, Ruth Rey nolds 141. AT. COLUMBINE- TEN PINS The scores: Branens Food Mfc 3, Greetey Bldg. and Supply VFW 2, Campus Pharmacy 1 Greeley Beauty School 2, Bascy Shoes 1; Campus Cleaners Gambles 1. Top team series: Branens Foo Market 1679. Top individual series: Shirle Forbes -487; Helen Smith 47r Joyce Redman 454. Top team game: Branens Foo Market 614. Top individual games: Shirl Forbes 131; Virginia Bosselt 17 Helen Smith 172. COMMERCIAL .LEAGUE Scores: Weld County Garage L.T.I. 2; Hortons 3, Wilbur Ma ine 1; Harris Oil 4, Coors 0; D. Royer 3, Moose Lodge 1; Charlie Service 4, Greeley Nail. Bank High team scries: D. C. Roye 2530. High team game: Charlies Sen ice, 883. High individual series: Geor( Wolf 568: Ren Klingcnberg 554 Willie Reichert 526.. High individual game: Geori Wolf 213; Willie Reichert 198; Ei Moorehead 197. -SPORTSMAN Scores: Gill 4, Moose 0; Re nolds Farm 3, Frigidaire 1; Eh lich Milk 4, Sober Service 0; Hun ers Texaco 4, Sinclair Oil 0; Au lin fc Aiislin 1. Greeley Maytag High team series: Hunters Te aco, 24«4. High team game: Hunlcrs Te aco, 875. High'indiviihial se/ios: B Lov .ones \ H. Hlrsch MI; P. Hunter High individual game: P. Hunt- 214; M. Brill 211; P. Hoshlko 0. ' G R E E L E Y LADIES Scores: Caper Club 3, A. II. merit 0; Kreiger Accordion 2, ime Light arid Power Co. 1; iwlorado Lanes 3, D. C. Royer tis. 0; Sinclair Oil 3, J. M. Mc- mald 0; Greeley Lumber' 2, First all. Bank 1. . High team series: Bowlorado nes, 2.172. ' High, team game: Bowlorado anes, 777. High individual series, Joan hreiber, 477; 'Euleta. Clark 471; la Rosecrnns 453. . . High · individual, game: Joan hreiber 198; Euleta Clark 177; ary Cohea 173 ...... MONbAY LAD'ES . : The scores: Town 4; Counlry Chase Tire Oil 3; Farmers nion 0, VFW 3; Caper Club 1, H Electric 2; Meadow Gold Snack Bar 0; Rambler of Greey 'A, Spud Chips 2Vt; Columbine T. 4 T. Distributing 1; Top team series: Columbine, S82. . · Top individual series: Frances "rupp 482; Jane Cooper 479; Lor ne Johnson 461. Top team game: Mead6w- Gold 97. · '· : ' · ···· ' Top individual games: - France Trupp 184; Lilah Schneider 179 ane Cooper and I/orraine Barna ly 176. FRIDAY NIGHT MIXED The; scores: Tliorpas Organ- Consumers" 611 Co. 3-^YoWorac Drugs 3; Coca. Cola 1; KFKA Job Ley Land Leveling 0; Way mere Hardware 3, Greeley Loci ' Meat Co. 1. Top team series: Consumer )il Co." 1911. Top ..'.individual., series:. . Mern- ,rt' Palmer, 551 · Lehoy. Schneide 549; Al Weber '531; Women-- Shir cy Are Williams 539; Beverly An olsek 487; Mildred Palmer d79. Top (earn game: KFKA 681. Tpp individual -games; · Men-- eRoy Schneider 199; Art -Palme 98; Al Weber 196: -Women-Shir ey McWilliams' 202-191; Elaine ,auer 197; Mildred Palmer 184 INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE The scores: Greeley Electric 0 lepp's. 4; AF-ROTC 1, N. Cob avings 3; Kobel HtP 1, Wick and 3; Century Radio 4, Well lotors 0; Monarch 0 Harry' Drivin 4; N.C.I.L 1, Greeley Lum :rf Top team series: Harry's Driv n,'2679. Top individual series: Harr chluler,604; Don Wilkinson 598 Rex Erbes 589. Top team game: Century Ra dio, 931.''. Top Individual games: Ray Ai derson 214; Harry Schluler 212 Don Wilkinson 211. ISE THE TRIBUNE WANT AD ncc season in a tie with Wyo- ing for the title for the second ear, but the Farmers lead in ev- ry team, category but one. They finished the campaign with n average of 38.7 -points a game iiilc holding 10. opponents to 7.8. icy have averaged 390.1 yards a ime in jotnl offense. 280.8 rush- g and 109.3 passing. . . Utah State foes averaged only 39.3 yards a game, with.just 50.1 rushing. Wyoming is the top ·am on pass defense, its 9 oppo- cnls averaging 78.7 yards · ame. 4awks-Packer Trade Deal s Suspended ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Eight Na- onal Basketball Associalion play- rs were thrown inlo a rule-book mbo lemporarily when Commis- oner Maurice Podoloff suspcnd- d a St. Louis Hawks-Chicago- 'ackers trade Monday. Podoloff wired Hawks owner Icn Kerncr informing him the eal violated an agreement by ie Packers not to trade any of ne players obtained in a special Iraft tor at. least a year. -Any trade involving such players Is subject to approval of the NBA's ward of governors. Tlie commissioner s a i d the ward would mcel in New York Wednesday and rule on the trade. Jn Ihe meantime Woody Saulds- berry, . Si ,: Green, -. Joe Graboski, Fred Lacour and a fifth Hawk player . who hasn'l been named yel, plus Archie Dees, Barney Cable and Ralph Davis of the Packers are not sure where Ihey Belong. The mailer is furlher complicated beca'use the traded players were. . en route to join heir new clubs today. Chicago, struggling with the eague's youngest team and i 212 record, faces the unwholesome , irospect of meeting the .New York Knickerbockers tonight with hree players m i s s i n g . The lawks' next game is with the Boslon Celtics at -Boston Wednes- ay night. . Dow Finsterwald placed second o Doug Sanders' in the 1956 Canadian Open, the 1958 Western Open and the 1959 Coral Gable* )pen. Beretta Shotgun 3ver and Under 12 sa., inlaid rib Special! 199 9 S A R G E N T SHOP 1015 8th Ave. EL 3-4587 Attention Farmers, Ranchers, Stockmen, Outdoor Workers, Sportsmen! WE BELIEVE WE NOW HAVE THE FINEST OUTDOOR GARMENT EVER DEVELOPED FOR T H O S E WHO MUST BE OUTSIDE. THE DACRON INSULATED '"· COVERALL with attached hood -- woitr belt, knit collar and cuffs, Uc-den green color at 19.95 Stop in and Have a Look At This Unexcelled Garment HE JONES co SPORTING GOODS 922-24-28 8th Av*. Phone EL 3-3333

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