Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 28, 1973 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 28, 1973
Page 13
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»ui.,,,prll28,M3 GREELEY (C4«.)-TRIBUNE 11 Hints from Heloise Photographer Bothell prepares program for County Day By HELOISE CRUSE All correspondence pertaining lo Ihe Ildoise column should be mailed directly [o Helnisc, King Features Syndicate, 235 45th Slreel. New York, New York 10017. Saturday, April 28 Dear Heloise: Do you have a "coffee mu;; tree" silting around that you don't use any more? Plant small ivy or ferns, or small flowers (such as violets) in the cups. Line the cups on a window sill or shelf, or if done right, hang them back on the tree. Adds a pleasant touch, especially to a city dweller's apartment, Mrs. Joy Bingman This is the time of year I like - to stick my "mug" out the door and see what's up, especially little shoots of green showing up among the dry leaves. Nice idea you have, Joy. Heloise ; Dear Heloise: Just, in case no one has suggested it ... one twin flat perma-press sheet makes a lovely day dress. A silk or satin sheet, a lovely bride's dress. All colors to choose from. A Thinker Letter of Thought Dear Heloise: I read the letter from the woman whose neighbor was getting new carpets and she was jealous. I know how she feels as I have been on that side of the fence. Now 1 am on the other side. I just got a new house, new carpets, draperies and furniture, and, of course, I am extremely happy. But I was extremely happy before too and it has nothing to do with possessions. Mine comes from believing in our Lord and the promises; being a good wife and mother; a good budgeter and housekeeper and a good neighbor. If my happiness Came from possessions now, I would be miserable as soon as I saw other people have larger houses and more expensive carpets. It's good to remember this! Poor people have problems that money could solve and the rich people have problems that money cannot solve. P.S. Dear Heloise: I'd like to share a hint that may save frustration in the festivities of graduation, weddings or any gathering where punch is served. When adding carbonated beverages or whatever, from the bottle to the punch bowl, pour with a funnel to avoid the splatter into the bowl of juices or over ice. Simply hold the funnel above the liquid jn the bowl and pour from the bottle. Mother of Graduate Your hint certainly has a lot of "Punch" to it! Heloise Copyright, 1973 King Features Syndicate, Inc. To keep your potato salad cold when you take it on a picnic, in the top of a double boilder and pack the bottom section with ice cubes. By ROSE MARY KOOB ' TrttUM Stiff WrHcr With a collection of approximately 7,000 slides, Dr. John Bothell.has a repertoire from which he will select a portion for .County Day. The Weld .County Extension Club Council has invited Dr. Bothell to show slides on "A Journey Through Britain" during the County Day program at the 4-H Building at Island Grove Park; Mays. Among Dr. BbthelPs prize collection is a file on circuses from the setting up of the tents to the final performance, photograpched at approximately 15 circuses he attended. In fact, all of the slides were photographed by him, mostly on his extensive travels in this country and abroad. He numbers among his collection.the capitols of each state of the Union with the exception of Alaska. History and historical sites are of great interest to this professor emeritus of the University of Northern. Colorado where for the last 15 years of. his career he taught history and philosophy in the department of education. His first sabbatical leave from the university was spent at George Peabody University at Nashville, Term., where Dr. Bothell received his Ed. D. in education. Since then, all of his vacations we're spent in travel, with trips to Mexico, Canada, Hawaii and the British Isles. He plans to leave on a tour of Scandinavia this summer, and hopes to take about 400 pictures in Denmarkj Norway and Sweden. Especially numerous are his photographs of churches and universities. Around Nashville, Tenn., besides Peabody University, there are 14 colleges and universities, yet illiteracy was high in the south when he attended classes there. A native of Wlliamsport, Pa., the former UNC instructor came to Greeley at the age of ,' By Abigail Van Buren e 1)7) n cucm TMMM-N. r. nm in*., inc. DEAR ABBY: 1 have been married to this man for 32 years. We have four grown children, and let me tell you right off the bat, my husband has no feminine tendencies whatsoever. He is ALL man, but he likes to wear my lingerie. First he asked if he could borrow my pantyhose. I could understand that because it was wintertime and pantyhose do help to keep the legs and body warm. Then he started wearing my nylon nighties, and it was still winter. That puzzled me. Twice when I was hospitalized, I looked for my long, satin-quilted housecoat and found it in HIS clothes closet, so he has been wearing that, too. Does he have a problem? · DON'T USE MY NAME DEAR DON'T: Your husband may be a transvesttte, which means he is just like any other male but he likes to wear women's clothes. And he won't have a problem untesi you give him one at home, or he tries to masquerade In public where it is against the law. . DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have been married 52 years, but the last year, since my husband's 77th birthday, he has been acting funny. For one thing, he thinks every lady who looks at him is trying to vamp him. [Not only elderly widows, but young married women.] He also has been giving things away. For Instance, I looked high and low for the bottom to my double boiler, and then he told me he gave it away. Also, I made 22 quarts of matzo ball soup and put them in the freezer, and be has already given away 12 quarts. He gives things to neighbors, friends, and strangers when I am out playing cards. Now I lock my jewelry when I leave the house. I don't know what he is going to give away next. I can't divorce him because I think he is sick. Don't send me a personal reply because he sometimes throws away all the mail without even opening It. I told my son [he is a lawyer] about his father's ac-. tions, and he said: "It's his age, Ma. You'll have to watch him." . Must I stay home 24 hours a day and watch him? I'm a nervous wreck wondering what he will do next. HIS WIFE IN PHILADELPHIA DEAR WIFE: Your husband Is obviously not well. Yei, either you or someone else must watch Mm 24 hours a day; It's clear that he should not be left alone. DEAR ABBY: I want to thank you for an idea I got from reading your column some time ago. It was to send flowers to my mother on my own birthday. On my 18th birthday I sent my mom a dozen roses expressing my love and appreciation for putting up with me all these years. Dad said when she got the flowers she was so touched she broke right down and cried. Please mention it again, Abby. Some of your readers might have missed it. TREED IT AND UKED IT DEAR TRIED: It's m e n t i o n e d . Not to put down flower power, but a letter of "love and appreciation" to both parents anytime would be sufficient to move them to lean. DEAR ABBY: While I was being examined by my doctor, he received a phone call which he said he would take in the next room. He left the phone iff the hook which enabled me to hear the entire conversation. It was of a very personal nature, Should I have replaced the phone on the hook as soon ai I realized what was happening? HEARD EVERYTHING JN STATEN ISLAND DEAR HEARD: Not If It iBVohred aiy tacMTMtfMce on your part, I hope yon t«M the g^^ Jn oTerkeard Ike call M he wn't be * canton hi the fttttn. INDEX AND FILE -- Dr. John Bothell thumbs through his index "wheel" on which he has tabulated more than 7,000 slides kept in the file, left, which he fashioned himself. Dr. Bothell has traveled extensively in this country and also has pictures taken abroad which he uses in the many slide-narration presentations such as the program planned for Extension Homemakers' County Day at Island Grove Park on May 9. (Tribune phot by Rose Mary Koob) Social Calendar Tuesday, May 1 7:30 a.m. Salesmen With A Purpose (SWAP) Club at the Ramada Inn. All interested business men and sales personnel welcome. Guest speaker at each meetiing. 9:30 a.m. Greeley TOPS Club No. 158, Recreation Building basement. 9:30 a.m. Greeley Campfire Girls Leaders Association, First Congregational United Church of Christ. 12:30 p.m. Greeley Junior Woman's Club luncheon at the American Legion Home. 12:30 p.m. Kensington of Order of Eastern Star, luncheon at the Masonic Temple. 1:30 p.m. Kil Rare Klub at the home of Mrs. Clifford P. Hackler, 2200 37th St. No. 79. Roll call--"Springtime." 2 p.m. Auburn Progressive Club at the home of Mrs. Jesse Taylor. 2:30p.m. Reception hosted by Friends of UNC Libraries, following the name plaque unveiling ceremony at James A. Michener Library. 7 p.m. Order of Rainbow for Girls, Masonic Temple. 7:30 p.m. Past Noble Grands of Rebekali Lodge, Mrs. Alice Louise Moore, 124 N. 23rd Ave. Court. Vida Klein and Florence Firestein assisting. 7:30 p.m. Ladies Aid of St. Paul's Congregational Church, regular meeting at the church. 7:30 p.m. Greeley Kennel Club, Inc., United Bank Community Room. 7:30 p.m. Greeley League of Women Voters, unit meeting, at the home of Mrs. Lawrence Menefee, 1940 19th Ave. 7:30 p.m. Women's Barber Shop Chorus, at the First United Presbyterian Church, 1321 9th Ave. 8p.m. Dale Carnegie Alumni Association, at the Farm Bureau Building, 2205 1st Ave. Joe Feldman of Cheyenne, Wyn., will speak on "Mike Technics." (Note change of date) 8 p.m. Harold (Huck) Hensley VFW Post 4334, Ault. 8 p.m. Greeley Unit No. 8, Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, DAV Hall, 2406 6th Ave. 8p.m. La Salle Flames at the La Salle Firehouse. 8 p.m. Recovery Inc., Our Savior's American Lutheran 'Church, 1800 21st Ave. For further information call 8342294. 8 p.m. Poudre Valley Lodge No. 12, Odd Fellows Hall, 7th Street and 9th Avenue. 8 p.m. Parents Without Partners, Inc., meeting in the home of Evon Frank, 3500 35th Ave., No. 124. Guest speaker will be Lawrie Kendall of Melbourne, Australia. For more about PWP call 356-2087 or 353-5339, or write P. 0. Box 260, Greeley 80631. two and a half years in 1107, the family migrating here at the invitation of his uncles Tom and Will Welsh. He attended Greeley High School, and received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from UNC. Fo'r two years he taught music in Torrington, Wyo.. where he met his future bride, Miss Ethel Burnett, who at that time also taught in Torrington. They were married at her home in Sterling, Kan. He then went to Eaton where he was junior high school principal for 17 years. For four years thereafter he served as county, superintendent of schools in Weld County. Serving a half year as superintendent of the Yuma Public Schools he terminated his contract to begin his teaching career at the university level at UNC, a longtime ambition, and continued in this field 21 years. About 10 years ago the Ford Foundation gave a money grant to UNC to experiment in new methods of teaching. To contribute to a new concept, Dr. Bothell taught using slides on practically 6very facet of the subject of the class. Among Dr. Bothell's talents is music. He has had a great deal of private training as a bass soloist and has participated in many operettas and musical productions. He has given many slide narrations for groups and organizations and has shown his Scotch and English slides on campus and to many church connected groups in Greeley and surrounding towns, even in Denver. He limits his showings to 30 minutes so as not to tax the viewer beyond his interest span. Another of his travel- connected hobbies is the fashioning of a coffee table of antique wood with tiles of places of interest both locally and abroad forming the top He fashioned his own cabinet for filing all of his slides somewhat in the manner a medical doctor files his xrays. One file is allocated to pictures of his daughter, Margaret, from age four until she obtained her master's degree. Margaret is now Mrs. Neal Claussen of Peoria, 111., where her husband is chairman of the department' of speech at Bradley University. The Bothells enjoy their daughter's two sons, their only grandchildren. Their son, Larry Bothell,. received his Ph. D. from Princeton University and teaches at the Episcopal Theological School at Cambridge, Mass. He is married to the former Janet Bowers of Maine, N. J. Busy Gals Club has Easter program Mrs. Harold Johnston entertained nine members of the Busy Gals Club at an Easter lunch in her new mobile home. The roll call of potpourri was reported to be interesting. Kthel Johnson displayed the lap robe.she had made and decorated with liquid embroidery. She demonstrated the making of roses from plastic foam egg cartons. She plans to make a reservation for a family covered dish supper the last of May or first of June. Helen Shull received a set of place mats with Swedish weaving as the mystery gift, and also reported on the club sewing project. M a r g e B o l e n b a u g h demonstrated the making of flowers from bread, glycerin and glue, gave the recipe and explained the procedure, and showed completed flowers. Mrs. Orrin Smith will open her home for the meeting on May 16. Home recreation or relaxation will be the topic foor roll call. I Don't use a baking pan on top of the range because it might warp when placed on a hot gas burner or electric unit. FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 10th Avenue and 10th Street 9:00 a.m.. Church School 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. Worship Services "Hearts on Fire" The Rev. Leon Miller Church Staff The Rev. Marvin H. Adams Fhe Rev. Miss Deanna Bleyle The Rev. Leon Miller Or. Charles W. Me Lain Mr. and Mrs. John A. Berry Nursery Provided Every diamond in our collection is chosen for maximum color, clarity and cut. Our mountings are imaginitively designed and, masterfully crafted. Our integrity has built customer confidence, our most priceless asset. Open Friday Nights 'til 8:30 H WelA /rewele ewelerj Your Diamond Store 819T«nthS». Established 1915 APPLIANCE SALE Prices Effective April 29,30, May 1 2 19"±t BIG SCREEN BW PORT. · INSTANT PKTUK SOUND · THESCOPK ANTENNA · KXD AWAY HANDU ADVANCED AUTOMATIC 2W33 'Split-Second-Start" TABLE TOP COLOR TV 277 4 Days Only Family size portable color TV. AFC push-button control for fine- tuned, locked-in pictures. 3 I.F. stages. Ask About Our Credit Terms Model C1923 4 DAYS ONLY AT: G.E. 3-CYCLE 5-TEMP. FILTER FLO Heavy Duty AUTO. WASHER Get Pair For'318 $ 1 Cold water wash and rinse, 3.water levels, Permanent Press cycle, 3-wash, 2-rinse temp. Extra wash, soak cycle. WWA5400 4 DAYS ONLY AT: 2-CYCLE AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC DRYER $ 3 Heat Selections · Separate Start Switch « 2-cycle Permanent.Press Heavy Duty Timer · Porcelain Enamel AI 137 4 DAYS ONLY AT: DDE 6200 1829 WEST 10th STREET, GREELEY

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