Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 22, 1967 · Page 3
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 3

Nampa, Idaho
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Saturday, July 22, 1967
Page 3
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Idaho Free Press, Saturday, July 22,1967-3 Wafer Line Completed Zoppe Family's Life NAMPA - Nampa's water department, under Supt. Wayne Fairchild, has installed and connected 3,120 feet of cast Iron line along Midland and Lone Star roads, R.J. lluckabee, public works director, announced today. The 2,940 feet of eight-inch pipe and 180 feet of 10-inch pipe provides added fire protection to the area, he said. Eight fire hydrants were Installed in the loop along Mid- night after he, his wife Pecgy, land and Lone Star this year. The department's worksched- ule calls for inslallinga six-inch cast iron line on Rosenlot Avenue to replace an inadequate two-inch galvanized iron line, a six-inch cast iron extension Monday lo drive to Kansas City Involves Much Mileage By BOB HOOKER NAMPA - Afler tonight's windup of the 52nd annual Snake River Stampede, the Joe Zoppe family of Dallas, Tex., will beoft to Kansas City, Mo., to stage its Indian Spectacular show. Stampede, will be in Mercy Hospital for about 10 days. Rodeo fans can call on him as he will appreciate visitors. Bareback tronc rider And) Miliate, 32, of Auburn, Wash., 'It's a great deal of hopping scored 60 points Friday night around," said Zoppe Friday on Spotted Fever alter previous scoring rides of 58 and 63 -but Friday's ride came hardest for Mm. "Thai Spotted Fever was one of the worst horses I've ridden," pointed out Miliate. "Then Ifell and (heir children Roger, 16, and twins Denise and Dennis, 13, staged another stellar performance at George King Memorial Stadium. We have only Sunday and off after the legal eight-second ride when I reached for the pick- in Midland Manor Addition, and before a rodeoopensthereTues- up man and missed him." a 10-inch cast iron extension day," Zoppe said. with his competition complet- to improve service in the in- "This is the seventh genera- e d at tht Stampede, Miliate has dustrial area containing the N°n of the family working in ^ ne m his way to work at El- Birds Eye and Terminal Ice entertainment," said Zoppe. My gj n ore., tonight and Sunday. great-grandfather and my grand- " [ w o r k rodeos Ihe year father had a circus in Europe -- 11 was like a man with a little shop. "Then my father, Secondo, started a horse act," Zoppe partment has also concentrated staled. "I have a brother, Rico, the fall and in the South in the on patching, especially in the of Soper, Okla., who also enter- W j n i er . tains at rodeos." Zoppe said he and his family plants. Street Supt, Ed Thornbrugh's department has recently completed seal coating of lllh Avenue S. and parts of Canyon and South Canyon streets. The de- around," he said, "and 1 must drive 100,000 miles to enter 70 of them. "I'm in the Midwest and this part of the country In the summer, In California in · SUSAN BELYEU, a former Nampan.has adjusted to the role of a professional cowboy's wife with , few difficulties. She Iravels with her husband, Howard, during the summer months and is a college student the balance of the year. Here she is shown at the arena with her husband, a bull ' and bareback rider who is competing in Ihebull riding competition tonight. (FREE PRESS PHOTO) Rider's Wife Finds Rodeo Life Is Full of Interest 'There's no special trick to riding except to have a strong arm so you can hang on one- handed," Miliate said. Kurtz Addition. Street construction involved in Local Improvement District drive about 30,000 miles a year 52 will begin next week on Sev- to act at 25 lo 30 rodeos. enth Street and Ninth Avenue One trick the Zoppes perform North. The schedule, establish- has Denise and Dennis each hold- Pat Brady, who plays thebass ed with thecontractcr.J.M. Hess ing lo a huge cross which re- fiddle as a member of Ihe Sons Construction Co., is as follows: volves in different directions on 0 [ (he pioneers, made "3,000" Zone A -- 900 block on Sev- a shafl held atop the shoulders motion piclures and TV shows enth Street N. and 700 block of Joe and Peggy as they stand By JO ANNE MAKEZ . NAMPA - It took Mrs. Ho- 'ward Belyeu seven years to get her man to the altar and then 'she had to schedule Hie nuptials .around a rodeo. Wlic-n she said "I do" she look rodeo life (or ·her own and became a pnfes- ·sional cowboy's wife. "It's really a wonderful life · afler you get used to it," she .Course Scheduled ' POCATELLO (L'PI) - Merchandising, an 11-month course in Ihe distribution and market- .ing of goods and services, will iegin for the first lime at the School of Trade and Technical 'Education at Idaho Stale ^ni- Versily this fall. Officer Installed CHICAGO (UPI) - A Boise, Idaho, man has been installed as Grar.d Esteemed Leading Knight of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. The closing session of t h e Elk's Grand Lodge Convention placed Patrick H. King in t h e "esteemed" position. Seminars Planned POCATELLO (L'PI) - Idaho Slate University's College of Business Administration is planning a series of public seminars this summer on Idaho air transportation, Frank Seeley, dean of the college announced today. State Land Sold BOISE (UPI) - The Idaho State Land Department Friday announced the sale of two lots in St. Maries to John 0. Edwards of St. Maries. The lots sold for $100. remarked. "I only travel with Jloward during the summer months and it's prelty exciting meeting new people and seeing new places." The Belyeus are in Nampa for the Snake River Stampede where he is a contestant in the bull riding competition. He also is a bareback rider. Nampa is where the couple first met. Susan is a former Nampan, the daughter of Mr. Dog Robbers LONDON 'UPI)--Only Fido was upset after two men entered a North London office, snatched a money tone and fied. The office mnnnper had filled the bag with dog food. "Some of the wives travel with their husbands and take their kids during the summer months. I have never met smarter children for Iheir ages either. They seem to pick up things so quickly." In rodeo work danger is a constant companion. Susansays that this aspect of the life doesn't bother tier. "After awhile you become accustomed to Ihe danger element and Mrs. BobGrass. Sheworked and you just can't let it bother at the Town Talk Cafe when Ho- you -- you'd be a nervous ward began coming in during wreck," she explained, each rodeo season. "When I After the Stampede the Bel- went to Northern Arizona Uni- yens plan to go to Provo, Utah versify we got to know each and work the circuit in that area, other better," she said. They Then'iri'thfffail'jhey.'wili return celebrated their first anniver- to Arizona" where Susan is a sary Tuesday. senior at Northern Arizona Uni"The wedding was really versity majoring in English, something," she laughed. "We "I plan to become an English had to schedule it juslbeforethe and speech teacher and we hope rodeo because all theushersand to settle in Arizona or Califor- the best man were professional nia. Then Howard could corn- cowboys, Our first best man pete in quite a number of ro- couldn't make it so we had to decs without having lo travel so find a substitute." far," she said. She has always been inter- Would she trade her life with ested in rodeo and was a mem- routine of an average homema- ber of the College Rodeo Club ker? in Arizona. "I guess I just "Not on your life," she ex- fit right in," she said. "Actu- claimed. "We have a nice life ally I'm not sure it I would -- perhaps different from most wan* to travel all of the time, but still nice. We probably meet By the end of the summer I'm four times as many people as the ready to settle down." average citizen and we've seen She noted that sometimesthey a lot of different places. Thai's are in a town just for one per- an education in itself and I formance. "I carry an ironing wouldn't trade it for Iheworld." board and iron with me but I only get them out when we will be in one spot for a few days," she said. "Then I really gel caught up on my work." She does all her own laundry but does very littlecooking. "Sometimes there is a htchenette where we are staying and then I cook but otherwise we eat in a cafe." Rodeo people are a close knit group, according to the former Nampan. "Everyone sits together,goes out together and if someone has a trailer, that's the gathering place for everyone," she said. of above three cantering rosinback horses. Another stunt finds Joe leaping from a bareback horse to an overhead bar, hanging by his Gym Near Completion NAMPA - Construction otthe new $50,000 gymnaslumofNam- pa Christian High School is Slill another trick has Roger nearly complete, Ed Shaw, principal, said Friday. In March of tliie year, school on 10th Avenue N., week July 24. Zone B -- Rosenlof Avenue, week of July 31. Zone C -- 1200 block on Garland Street and 100 block on knees, then doing a halt somer E. Florida Avenue, weeks of sault to the house's back. Sept. 4 and Sept. 11. Zone D -- 800 block on E. leaping from a cantering horse Colorado Avenue and 900 block to a trampoline, thendoingafor- on Garland Street, weeks of ward somersault and landing officials and supporters opened Sept. 11 and Sept. 18. atop the same big Perct-.eron's a campaign to complete the pro- Zone E -- 100, 200 and 300 rosinback. ject witli a resulting successful blocks on Amity Avenue, week fund drive. Some nights rodeo tans gel a bargain after the conclusion of the regular program when re- rides are run. Friday Ihere were two re-rides. "We have re-rides in the riding events--but not in the timed ones -- when an animal balks and won't budge for his rider,' 1 wilh famed cowboy star Roy Rogers from 1950 - 62. "In seven years of making movies with Roy, we made those movies In quick order -- maybe 15 days for each one," said Brady. "I did my own stunts and once broke two ribs as I fell when my horse broke his leg." On the RogersTV series, Brady was the jeep jockey whodrove Nellie Belle. "We were on TV seven or eight years," said Brady, "and had a good following." Brady lives in Sin Fernando Valley, Calif. Wick Peth, 31, of Bow, Wash,, is both a bulldogging contestant and abullfighterat the Stampede. In the latter category he works wilh clowns Jimmy Schumacher and Larry McKInney of Phoenix, Ariz. In bulldogging he has posted a combined lime of 45.4 seconds for !wo lake-downs and also has two misses, including one Friday. Speaking oj bullfighting, In which he draws the bull's alien- lion In order to protect a fallen rider, Pelh said, "No, I don't use a cape -- I just savemyown neck. It takes' just a lot of experience, but otherwise nothing special." Peth has been coming to the Stampede since I960, except for 1965 when he had a broken arm. In 1964 he hurt Ms Achilles tendon here "when a bull hooked me as I wasclimbingthefence." THE REV. JULIAN COUFTEOL, with Mrs. Courleol, is toippear at the Calvary Baptist Church here at 8 p.m. Sunday. The Rev. and Mrs. Courteol, who met at Bob Jones University, represent the Conservative Baptist Home Mission Society. They were appointed In 195f to work among Spanish-speaking people along the U. S. - Mexico border, and since going to the field, have been working at the Mexican Bible Institute at Nogales, So nora, Mexico. DANCIHG Every Saturday Nile at the 7-Mi. Dance Hall largeit Air-CooW DoncgKollinriwVolby Dick Turner Band OMt»ei-S»«t-Si»j LitR-Ptku-Wittiet of July 31. Zone F --Giese and Moad's subdivision, week of Sept. 11. ZONE G- 1500 tolSOOblocks on Amity Avenue, week of Sept. II. Zone H -- West Flamingo Avenue, week of August 28. Mitchell Construction Co., contractor for LID.^WA, is Around About The NAMPA Area ENDS YONITE at Ethel Drive and n'ue July 24. Kl'N'A-- Women of the Kuna Methodist Church will serve the saTd Arena"secreYary~Mrs7 Jo anTM?? pancake breakfast in Kuna Decker of San Angelo, Tex. pal * '*TMTM 6:3fl-a-.m: to I'p.m. · Tuesday;'July 25. Ttit-public Is Harold Leftwich of Elk City, invited, Okla., who was injured in Brat PHONE 466-1891 or 459-4664 MARLON BRANDO .NJANETTE COHEN JOHN SAXON -- TUB-- APPALOOS* TECHNICOLOR Woman Is Charged BOISE (UPI)-Claudia Stephens, 25, Boise, has been arrested by Ada County sheriff's officers and charged with embezzling $1,000. The complaint alleges thatthe woman took the money between Jan. 1 and last Monday while working as an employe of Construction Specialities Co., Inc., located at North Ash Park Lane and Franklin Road. She was released without bond after appearing before Ada County Justice of the Peace Frank Chalfant Jr. ma bull riding Thursday at the to place your classified ad. It's fast, easy economical, SUNDAY MONDAY ONLY! Warner Bros, unlocks all the doors of the sensation-filled best seller. STARTS SUNDAY ALL TRUE! SUPER-SPY! MASTER-CRIMINAL! the fantastic true story of Eddie Chapman, lex-safecracker turned war-hero. 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