Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 13, 1945 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1945
Page 3
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' Tu«d»r Afternoon Mirch 13, 1945 PAOITWUB THE PEOPLE'S MARKET PUCE OAKY DOAKS HOJP a FbH BALE OR TRADE WAKTEP. OR FOR RENT FOR SALE LOST AMD FOUHD WANTS QLAWJFIED Alfalfa seed,: JS5.00 ( per hundred. Germination test 99.2, 'pure seed 89.4. Henry- ScMothauer, pnune SSS-R3. BABY CHICKS. We have on hand'at this time mojrt large bre'eBs;-Tjteir ship' jnent each Thursday. FABMERS MARKET SUPPLY CO. . Phpne 333. , fty.,Kp. Tracks U.: S. Army Issue: surplus used merchanjlee at bargain prices. 30;000 nairs 'shoes, no ration stamp (needed, food, grade, ?2J5, better gratje, repaired, new soles and hee)» |2.W. 23,ono.-raincoats J2.15. IWOD.soft feather pillowy $1.00 each Messktts 4Dc, canteens 40c, cups ,250. Alw 7200 !«EW U. S; Army extra heavy 4. lb.6-oa. olive drab single cotton blankets, 0x7 feet, .red llot .price -13.15. -Ail' postage prepaid. No 'GOD's. Send money order. Blank's Exchange, Wichita Fall.?, Texas. FOR SALE Small team work mules, $30/00. W. M. Easley, Mesilla Park, New Mexico. 1942-model DeLuxe Ford sedan, motor excellent and excellent tires. Certificate required. S'ee Curly Ebbs, box 855. Extra good, national cash register. Sun-News. Crochet dress, size 2: 1116 West Hadley. Piano. Inquire 7J4 West Court. i Qpod 1035 2ri36o i r Dodge sedan. Camp DeLuxe, West of Viaduct. BULK GAHftEtf SfeED QNIQN SETS -- HOT CAPS FARMERS MARKET '|t SUPPLY CO. Phone. 333 : On RR'Tracks Vf* will have baby chicks each Thursday. Place your .orders or come and get them^'VaJley .Pto- ductl Co., phone 96. , ALFALFA SEED, ii still available., FARMERS MARKET , " SUPPLY CO., . i $hon*333 OnRRTfacVi One seven foot tandem disc, good condition. Oat and alfalfa lay. Stanley Edwards, phone 537-W. Tractor, hegarl. Phone 655-W. JENNINGS HATCHERY Breeder of U. S. Certified White Leghorn Chicks J51 to 328 ceg U.S.ft;o.P. Sired Write "lor Prices a»a DeUvet J Dates , 2r7 Wesl -Grand .. . . CLOVIS. HEW MEXICO Partly .'furnii i nearly. 2 acres grou tane -oV natural. c o w stanchion; ' ' J 'bed,'girl's bicycle, ironing' 'board, railrbad ^atcn" I* good taondltton, t Corner'North Alameda and Front street., " T;'.;'' Gqoii riding and woifc : horse Buell.Farm, pnqiie'..58,0.:R2. ';Goo team \yoi*! DeLuxe, west ofn me LEGHORNS. '12-Dihenl. bteeds hybrifls. Over-rtieht .shtppltll! lts- lahcc. 29 years in buninas*. order SOW'for MARCH delivery. W I C K S' . ·The Southwest'R Ifeadlnp Hatchery" ClOVIS. N. MEX. FOR SALE Two piece living room suite; j needs repairs. Unfinished chest of drawers: table and chairs. Breakfast »t,S13.85. Feather pillows $1.41 each. All kinds of mattresses. If you trade with us, we will save you : L O Z I E 521 NOHTH MAIN will save you money. L O Z I E R ' S SLEEPING BAGS equipped for air mattress Ray's Park Texaco SERVICE STATION FOR SALE Two room furnished house, equipped with gas and electricity. Three lots. 1129 West Van Patten Ave. TBAVCL AMERICAN meald, Free Plllow Rate*. Three scheaiilet SIS Boat* Main, Phone 77*,. LOST No. 3 ration book. James E. Brown wallet. Contains valuable papers. Return to Margarlto Singh, Box 4, Mesilla, New Mexico. WANT TO BUY , A Halax therapeutic generator. Wlll_pay cash. #hone 7?f or 758-J. DICKIE BARE NOTICES We buy, «li wd' trade. HlctUi Second Hand Store, 130 North Main, Phone 648. Bettor SERVICE Betl«r CLEANING Better PRICES - bettw »e MODEL GLEANERS Cloth poyejfed. buttons and buck* lei. Quiok Service Cleaners. RENT Does your'roof'.leak? Carpentry work, building repair, light mason work aftd painting. Call 488-RS for. estimates*. NOTICE To Farmers: Please save all of your FERTILIZER SACKS. Tie them up in bundles and we will notify you, when to bring them In, I LIONS auB Commercial type waxer for that extra special waxihg job. 30 cents pe rhalf day. Valley Appliance Co. Ten acres lalid, for cash rent. Apply Williams, 186 North Main. POR RENT -* ttOOMS Front bedroom and garage privilege. For man only. 329 S. Miranda. Sewing and alterations. 618 W. Picacho Avenue. B T B. B. FtlW I'LL GIVE % IM DEWOIKS/ I'LL RUB' I DOH . ,dlWD TRYIUG TO SCAI?E OAKY DOAKS -BUT 5155V STUFF/ NAW-v I'LL MUSS IM UP/ I'LL- MR. FLUTTERS/ TOO SOFT/ I'VE COTT4 MAKE HIM A R3LLK/ By Conltw Witfn COOKM THEWEUPTO 6OMEPII1'! THE ADVENTURES OF PATSY By Charles Bilk FOR LEASfi Station and ^i'our cabins. Camp DeLuxe, west of viaduct. * FOR BENT -- Aparinnrds Furnished apartments. Call at 128 South Main street. FOR RENT -- ROOMS Front bedrobm for gentleman. Mesilla Park. Phone 48BR'6. WANTED TO RENT Furnishefi housfe or apartment. Phone 5T3-M. or 712. Furnished house or apartment, for six mohths minimum or longer. Call Lt. Ritter, phone 663. Wanted, "by rneflical officer, fu. nished house or apartment. Write Capt. Hayward F. "Day, . Station | Hospital, Alamogrfrdo Air Base, Three acres wjfh \ffWly decorated 6 room modern, house, out- Youn : g man stafraig t« *ork it ^un-News Monday wants room and oard in private home, or will talie ingle room. Call Sun-News office, phone 34. buildings. 584-R3. Phone CERTIFIED SXP COTTON PLANTING SEED DelinlecUaad. , ,9»r,«san : · ' per ion '.-./ ^:. MESAACAlA : $120.00 per Ion Phone 495J1-- STAHMANNFAfeMS Lag Cr^ N, M. j HELP WANTED Persons now engaged In essential war work will not tie considered. . Maid for general house \vorlt Phone 416-J. Sun-News carrier boy for State College or Mesilla Prk. Apply at Sun-News office after 4 o'clock. . Table top electric range. . condition. Phoft'e Good 11 tube General Electric console radio, 5200.00. Phone 782-3J .'mornings. !.v«'.'.'r,ni\ ' BATTERIES WESTERN AUTO US S. M»ln Phon« HI Good 2 wheel trailer. .Cap 1 ! 1 DC Luxe, we« ot Wadurt. ''' Linoleum lnst». long*, looHi more hcsutlful when you use Nu Enamel Linoleum Finish. 95 cents Is cost for average kitchen. Valle; Appliance Cev ' · ' Single bed, table. 2 burner, hn plate. 128 South Main. New 50 etrs capacity Incubator Has never been imcrated. Phon 477-R. BE SURE -- /wsi/Bfi; Protect your crop Investment with FEDERAL * CROP iNStJRAtfCE Ask lor Details! ·HURRY -- No. Sales Made 'After March 25th! FARMERS MARKET SUPPLY GO. Phone 333 On°-«K Tracks HEY, HOSAM, WHAT OT3 THOSE KIDS COLLECT FOR THAT STORY THEV WOW.' THAT'S TEN THOUSAMP APIECE! AND WHAT POTHEY GET FOR THEiR ACTING"? FOQTV TJOJSMO OOlMKS' | j'A SKiN 1C QMS HUNPgEO DOLLARS - AMP WHAT AR6 VOU PLANNING ) riN L^VlNta ME'^ / T NOVJ 1 (=ESL L'lvE t.iViN' OL' HEAVE-HOf MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN By Lea »*lk and Pkit DltU For painting, inside or outside, see Clyde Hoilingsworth. 1107 East Loliman Ave., or Wrtte Postoffice Box 336, Las Cruces, New Mexico. HEAL ESTATE Lots and acreage. Terms to suit. _'. A. Bunch, Box 189, or 714 East Lohman Ave., Las Cruces. When in need of anything in the real estate line, always see Burton's ^irst. 115 West Griggs phone 381. Waitresses. Must be experienced. Apply in person. Del Rio Cafe. Permanent maid to live on place. Private room and batt. Tito ccioMng or washing. Mrs. Ritter. Phone 77-J. Girl to care for boys B and 8. Apply Mrs. Ayers, Sprouse-Rclti. By ASSOCIATKD MEATS. FATS. ETC. -- Book four - red stamps Q5 through 86 good through March 31. Stamps T5 through X5 good through April 2*; Y5 and 25 imd A2 through D2.gooc through June 2: B2 through J2 good through June 30. PROCESSED FOODS -- BooR four blue stamps X3 through ZS and A2 and B2 good through Maroh 31. Stamps C2 through G2 grm through April 28: H2 through MS good through June 2; N2 thrmiRh S2 good tHrongh June 30. SUGAR -- Boon four stamp 38 valid for Hvc pounds through June 2. Next stamp scheduled to lie vail dstcd May 1. SHOES -- flooli three slrplanc slumps 1. 2 And 3 Irailjl Indddnitc ly. OPA nays no pl»n« to «*nce any. GASOLINki--14-A coupm good everywhere for tour gallon* *ac! through March 21. B-«, C-». B-8 C-6, B-7 nnd C-7 coupon! good ev crTVhcrc for flvt gallons each. Place Your Order N O W ! for ctiriifttd 1517 ACALA Colion Planting Seed SB.OOperlOO Farmers' Market SB, 104 ComprtM Road ' Phone 335 Wool Fibers Wool Ii one of the best hatura fibers ever Used, by .mankind. Woo is also the one nber which Until recently . the research laboratories have never, be'ch able to duplicate taUitsctorlljf deiplt* large expenditure of time, effort and money Like other animal hilr fibers, *oo has a protein base aa opposed to (he cfellulose bale of Cotton or tayon These two facts help explain why research during recent years to produce a man-made nber siihuitrto ·wool has been directed in coniifler ·ble measure toward the poistbill tics ot Usinc animal Br vegetable prc4«is. Prcer»es OrlipneM . A «aticer placed upside down In « jalafl bowl will keep the Ifresni h-om gfltlnR saturated with dress Ing and becoming »opgy. The «x feu dressing will ncrumulsle unoe the tsucer and will not affect the crlspiwM of the «l«d, ev«« i' etandl for some lime. -BUT TAKE IT EASY- LET GO WHEN FIND ICE L/VDY. HURRY/ SHE'S THERE/ LET G O / C GAN'll BREATHE.' HOMER HOOPtE NOT NT ALL, MR. JOW6S; T£AR/M6 UP TAAT/ liiMOLY FILL .OUT, OTHER OEDCR d TMI6 OWE AWO , UooV££ ' //6(6M OM TUE OOrtEl? 31 WOdLOUT PEAL W A.MD I'D 60 WITA ybo, «oope£,) -SEJMEY BRc*;e IF YOU WERE TMt^ / BERjCe I'D ACCEPT AW OCDCP .Jones.' M«Tri? -5PUD5, HAVE GOT Ar-1 OLC" BAG? GEE, FRECKLE? UkTE,THAT/ Fra* BlbUtt SCORCHV SMITH MMrct Snow-white mldget'ilMd turkey are being bred by the deparlmen of agriculture at Its eiperimmt it lion ot Bellsvlllc. Md. Selrttli brecdlni will Iniure that. CKwIlh ih tnldeel Kirkiy of Ihi future wll onlj be i l»re » t chicken, thor« . will be an cxtrn-lartfe portion lA white meat. comae tiume, *·*·,! .... 'iuwtjr't M«(M Mtapbw* the (wi-Ntm. B-25'S FROM ^COECH/5 BA$E, HAVE KNOCKED OUT THE tNEMY5 HIDDEN FlELP-.-FROM IVHICH THEY MAD BEEN SECRETLY 5TRIMN60UR PLANE'S r REMEM8K CELIA MART THE AMERICAN AVIATRIX 1 ROUND OH THAT JAP ISLAND ? SHE 6AVE THE OLD MAN THE TIP. ^HE SAW OUR PLANES, IN A . ; NIP HANSAR ' v , r N|P$ WERE USI»*3- CAPTURED YANK BOMeER^.-TO WEAK IN AHP 6HOOT OUR POWN, CAPTAIN 4MITH ? THE C.O. JUST TIED THE ft'C.'ft TOGETHER --A.NP HIT THE JAP- POT / HEY, LOOK: CHET/ WETtE SETTING CLOSE, TO KOO5T -... BETTER UZZ EM, FOR AS ALL6//

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