Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 30, 1969 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1969
Page 14
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Italian Cookilng Is For Its Intriguing Xroilia TVhila'.cookingJi'i. different, ,'re-j 2 teaspoons ftyur '."'' · 1 teaspoon .ground cinnamon, divided H teaspoon grated orange : , peel V.' ; ·;1(1C, teaspoon' salt Biblical Occupations Provide "Tliemeior .Tourist Club Paper gions o f , I t a l y differs considerably, this whole, beautiful land is redolent of mingled spices and herbs, garlic,^onions, ricli cheeses, .wines and :olive 'oil. Roman commerce and the exploits of, the Roman' ariny brought to what :is now' Italy all the choice foods.of, the known world, and most, prized'of all, the. spices of the distant East. The shores o f : t h e .Mediterranean have always .produced a wide '.variety- of aromatic plants and seasoning vegetables. The, earliest of. cookbooks, probably: written -in the' 4th century, is-filled-with well- spiced recipes, some · o f ' them the ancestors, of modern Italian dishes. An alphabetical-list-'of spices used in Italian cooking include anise, basil; bay fcaf;* ..cinna mon; cloves, fennel; garlic; nul meg; onion; parsley; ^pepper rosemary; sage and · thyme These are used to give' savor to the many forms of pasta, t rice and corn dislics. A mountanous country; Italy grows excellent livestock-Wea! beef, Iamb, pork. There is' a great variety of fish and strange and flavorful seafood. Fruits and vegetables grow luxuriantly'in home gardens and orchards or can be had at markets. To complete a memorable meat there are tempting .candies, baked goods-and frozen desserts flavored with anise; cinnamon,- pine nulSi -candied fruits or chocolate. ·1,-. .teaspojyr.-.pufe vanilla- 'extract - ; ' , ..' .2'.--eggs, Separated. 1 ' .. . 1; .tablespoon, seedless raisins ' · · 1 tablespoon confeclibners' sugar ' ' V ' , . ··' . ' I n a'mcdjum bow],'*cornbirie cheese, sugar, flour, % teaspoon of the cinnamon, orange peel, salt, vanilla 1 a'nd egg:'-.yolks. Just as a small sample of Kalian cooking, do tiy these easy recipes" adapted'for American use by home economists of the American Spice Trade Association. .' TORTA : di, RICOTTA (Cottage Cheese, Tortc) 1 pound. (2 cup's) creamed cottage or' ricotta cheese 2 tablespoons sugar Beat well, about 3 minutes. Sta- in'raisins. Beat'egg whites-until' stiff but are'"dry.".;Gently fold into cheese-mixture. Turn batter'into'.a buttered andilight- ly floured B-ftieh. 1 round spring form- pan. Bake :in a preheat- led-moderate oven (375'F.) 30 minutes 'or until firm. Sprinkle wilh'lhe remaining ^ teaspoon cinnamon and confectioners' siigar.'Gatnish with fruit, if de- sire'd.' '| : Yield: 8'-portions. SAGE'CHICKEN LIVER 2 ... tablespoons, butter or , ,ma.rg'arihe : ' 1 '-pound cHicken- livers, -halved;'·..-, . % ' teaspoon -sage leaves, crumbled Vi teaspoon'salt '/«' teaspoon 'ground black ." ; 'pepper' . 'j .; | ' 1 talilespb'o'n dry marsala or ' sherry , · .. ' , Meft butter'in-'aimedium skil- Seventeen members and one guest attended the. meeting of the Tj the home of M: Tttirist Cli TST.G, H. - October Club at Beat- el. Add livers, sage, salt and black pepper. Cook, stirring, 5 minutes. Remove livers from )an; set asjde-and keep warm. Add wine to pan~rgravy. Cook, tirring, 3 minutes.' Pour ove ihicken livers. Serve on toas Mints, if desired.. Yield: 4 portions. tie at La Salle. The guest, Mrs. Punsmore, accepted an invitation' from the group to. be reinstated as a member. 11 was reported that Mrs. N. E.'Andrews.and Mrs.-Paul Otto were both hospitalized. ' : Mrs. Edna Zimmerman gave theiprogram on occupations of Biblical, times based on Wal- ter'Ducket's book" "Beggar to King." The book sljows how the Bible provided inspiration for -treat musicians such as Handel, Inch', Beethoven and Mendels- sjohn; and many great artists including Michaelangelo who was a sculptor as well as a painter, and used Biblical people anc events as the subjects for h work. There were approximate] 200 different occuptions followe by Biblical people, some o which were farming, weaving pottery-making, bafekelry, woo carving and fishing.' The boo also notes that barley and whea seem to be the chief grain use for food, barley by the poor and the rich people ate whea bread. Vegetables of Biblica times were much the -same a today with the'exception. of to niatoes and white 'and 'swee potatoes which are native America. Olives provided not only food but fuel for warmth and light, and figs were used for medicinal purposes in addition to their use as food. The apothe- second version is eaten out.of cary used herbs, castor oif and myrrh to make perfumes, medicine, incense and extracts. Salt obtained from the water of the Dead Sea was used as an antiseptic even as it is on occa'sion in modern limes. Jewish women had greater influence than women of their lime in oilier nations, and would sometimes develop methods for doing share things and would not (heir secrets. Teachers Navy Mo tliers. Have Auction Cotton was. .dubbed · )y (he Arabs.''. 'qutun 1 Navy Mother's Club conducted an -auction for 37 members and four guests, at their, meeting on Oct. 22. 'Mmes. Minnie' Carpenter, Agnes Miller, Bernice Shearer,- and ; Ida Dillon were the guests. The proceeds will be used for welfare work: ' After the luncheon, all. took part in a program- in honor of Navy.Sabbath, Oct;-2G.' Hostesses were Mines. Nell ..oil,' Florence Donily, Blanche Jiliington, Viima. Kadlecek 'and )orotha Schwalm. - ' fhe Sewing Beejori Oct., 20 VPS ·' well' attended and -many )'aby quilts and garments were inished and ready for mail- ng i toChura-Vista,.Calif. · 'The next, joint meeting will )e-held on, Nov. 12.- at the Blue Room at 12: - eses wlll^bc Ethel -B.ertholf, Esie Norris, Mary..:.'Jorgenson, lazel .Pless, Mary Cole and Jorothy .Goodner. ". and older people were held in ligh regard, a custom still practiced by the Chinese. Mrs. Zimmerman concluded by : quoting ^uke 10:7 which shows that Christianity condemns idleness, and that "The laborer is worthy of his hire." The next meeting will be on Nov. 18, at the home of Mrs. Pearl Brooks, 1302 14th Ave. Mrs. 0. S. Herdman will give the program on "People and Responsibilities." Sandwich Snack Has Two Faces Here's a delicious sandwich snack that literally ha; two faces -- open and cIosed.,'The open face version may be eateii with knife and fork and the hand. Any way you serve it k your guests will become your f fans and really cheer. ·, Sardine Sandwich 3 cans- (3% or 4- oz.) Maine sardines 1 medium onion thinly sliced 3 tomatoes thinly sliced" 6 large slices buttered rye-bread - · % cup Thousand Island dressing Drain .sardines and split lengthwise. Separate onio slices into rings. Place sardine on bread and cover with tomat slices and .onion rings: Top eac sandwich with dressing. For the second version, cove vith a top slice of bread. Save the water in which.yoi boil rice. It's good. to use ir making gravy. It thickens il self. First Christian Church Holds Family Night Supper The family night shared-di; supper held Sunday evening he First Christian Church We attended by 125 members an ;uests. Don Crewdson, chairman he Christian action and con munity service committee of tl liurch, welcomed the member nd Fred Tjardes gave the invi ation. Concluding the suppe our, Crewdson introduced h ornmittee, George Hypes, Mrs jertrude Jacobs and Mrs. Nea indsey. Fifteen members and friend njoyed' the birthday song fo lose, having birthdays in Octo er. Because they were cele ·ating their 25th wedding an versary, Mr. and Mrs. Do ine enjoyed the anniversary ong. The program for the evening as presented by the Rev homas Trujillo, assistant pas r of the Sacred' Heart of Jesu :iurch of Boulder. Previous., t s going to Boulder a yea [o, he was coach and -teache Holy Cross Abby, Canon City nee his ordination in 1963 is high school education wa eceived at Holy Cross Theolpgj chpol; he also attended Puebl unior College on an athletic Plan Your Dream House For Needs of the Future Join the fashion revolution! Make the scene in elegant evening pants . . . Velvets, satin ' brocades, metallic' knits with accents of brilliant jeweled trim. ' . $2.00 .yd. and up. Vogue, Butterick, McCall's, Simplicity arid Spadea have many pattern suggestions. Many brides are in the proces f furnishing Uiebr-first'homes Whether it's a small,. rente apartment or a "home of you own.'Vcertain decorating know edge is necessary to transform hollow, impersonal space int that dream house that meets th needs of .daily living for two. Before purchasing 'any furn: lure, remember that it is a investment and your choice should be geared .to the futur as well as the present. Ar oyster white sofa covered in. th finest silk 'may be the idea accent for your living room now, but how will it hold u against sticky little fingers lha may be a pant of your home in a year or two? . It is \yise to choose upholster ed furnishings with stain-resist ant finishes; tables and' chests with glass or high-pressure tops carpeting with a pattern 01 tweed effect, rather than a solid. Even if a family is not in your immediate plans, you'll appreciate the ease in housekeeping. If you are living in two rooms now, choose living room furnishings that can go into a rec I Heard fit The Shop By Irvln M«rtln Courtesy: a form or polite behavior practiced by civilized people when they have time. » » · Then there was the scientist who crossed a lion with a para keel. Asked what he got, the scientist said, "I don't know, but when it talks, I listen." The fellow who said, "A penny S H O R E ' S FABRIC SHOP Fashion Fabrics for Women Who Like To Sew -f' ' ' v for your thoughts" for psychoanalysis. never paid room or family room after you move into a larger home. Before you make any largi purchases, make sure you shop thoroughly. It's a good idea to visit one of the larger stores in your area even if you do no intend to purchase anything in this specific store. This wil still afford you the opportunity to examine a wide variety 01 styles, lines and manufacturer names. If you are planning on filling pieces of a certain manufacturer's colfection or group at a laler date, be sure and write directly to the manufacturer to find out how long the line has been in existence and how long it is planned to continue. Before purchasing any oversized pieces -- such as king-sized springs and mattresses, overlong sofas, portable bars, etc.-make sure you can get them in- o your apartment. Measure doorways and window openings. Check stairway turns -- es- )ecially if you live in a third ioor walk-up. Make a Template A good method in determining vhat kind of furnishings will fit nto your rooms is by making a Ioor plan. Draw your rooms to scale using graph paper, allow- ng V.\ inch per foot. Be sure; o'indicate all the architectural! eatures such as doors, windows, adiators or heat registers, clerical outlets, etc. Next, draw a scale pattern, -ailed a template, of each piece if furniture you already have ir plan to purchase. By ar- anging and re-arranging the emplates on your floor plan, ou can determine just how each aece will fit and look in your oom. In this manner, you can Iso easily see which items you eed immediately and which an wait for the future. Color as well as room and urniture size, is another import- nt consideration. If you are ving in a decorated apart-| lent, choose colors and wood scholarship; he obtained a B'.'A degree'from St. Benedict College in Kansas and has hac graduate training at Notre-Dame and Fordham Universities. Rev. Trujillo told his audience "Christianity is Christ and His spirit is still in living people; the church is the 'extension of what Christ was, the body of Christ.",He also said.that newal in.the church is an at:empt to bring about in people an.awarness of what a Chfistian s and what, is his place in the vorld. This involves '"feeding he hungry; clothing.the.naked"' and the even stiffer' direct! o "empathize with the'rjpor.a onely." There'are.all,kinds : )obr, the "poor; rich" and t 'poor poor.'" He also'Said :th Christ was the greatest ideali vho ever lived. Torn Romero,' .a student' -. ending Colorado State'Colle vas also a speaker, and tpid'.t ;roup about his schooling'a he 17 months lie had spent' Vietnam where he was w.ourid and received two Purple Hear Rev. Trujillo, .known as t /flung guitar - playing .prie hared his music with 't group who joined him in sin iig some of his popular hymn 'he evening's program was co luded with- the- benedicli Mrs. Roberta Marti !irector of Christian 'educatio The next family night share !ish supper will be at 6: 3.m., Sunday, Nov. 30. The wo hip service of the church w ave charge of the program wi rtrs. E. D. Kadlub,.chairma Tie group was reminded, ring own table service. ; -- MarJuT- Phil. Linda Diant Pattan How To Use Dlothes Dryer Efficiently Versatility is the gas dryer orte, and the Gas Applianc lanufacfurers Association sa; hat by using the dryer efi iently you can achieve perfec esults white reducing you aundering time substantially 'hat national trade group « ers these tips for drying clothe roperly: Corduroy -- Because cor uroy garments attract lin rn them inside out if the re to be drie'd with lint-shedi g garments. Use regular hea nd remove corduroy from th ·yer while, it is still slighU; amp. Cotton and linen -- Use th gular heat setting and remov e Toad before it is complete! y Delicate items (batiste baby esses, blouses, lingerie, ny ns, etc.) -- Use the. low o delicate setting. Drying hosiery in a mesh bag prevents thi stockings from tangling. Diapers -- Regular heat drie: diapers fast, and 'they emergi with a softer, fluffier and mon absorbent finish than they woul( if they received other treat ment. Knitted garments -- Unless the clothes tags indicate other wise, use the regular heat set ting. Over-drying' can cause shrinkage, so the pieces shoulc be removed from the dryer while they are slightly damp After hand-blocking, complete 'he drying process on no-rusi iWhen you stretch the truth, people usually see tbroiiRh it. - » · * \Vlmt (his country really needs is a gocid five-seiond cominer. cial. 'It. won't i i o c o n v l n for your hnlr will give you a new and younger look. Just come in to .Martin Beauty Salon, 306 lOthft, For-«n appointment telephoo^ 352-8^7. tones that will complement your existing rooms yet will blenc with the color schemes you have in mind for your own home in the future. Although your first purchases, by necessity, will be basics such as a bed, comfortable sofa, dining table and chairs and stor- ·t even take five neccnds age chests, don't forget the nnce you that a new style portance of accessories and accent pieces. These are the selections that can best express your personafity and turn a rented (Adv.)jdwelling into a home. hangers or on the dryer's top. Permanent - press garments- Use either the high or regular heat setting, but be sure to allow adequate tumble room. Prevent wrinkling by removing permanent press as soon as the cool-down cycle is completed, then hang the clothing promptly and no ironing will be required, Quilted apparel -- Dry only one or two articles at a time. For each 100 pounds of fiber, :he cotton plant yields 180 sounds of seed. Engagement Announced Mr.^and.Mrs..Lloyd K. Pal tan, : 242 16th ' Ave., announc the engagement of then- (laugh ter, Linda' Diane, to Roge Schierkolk, son of Mr. and Mrs William Schierkolk of Falrbury Neb. . . ' . . . ·Miss Pattan is a senior at Col 'ege High Sjfcool. Her fiance i a graduate of Hanover Higl School in Hanover, 'Kan., am also is a graduate of Fairbury Junior College. 'He is now em iloyed, by-Central Industries. An April wedding is planned. Decorate With Pillows Ofee-us'ed primarily for sleep- ng,s today's homerhakers are sing "pillows for unusual and nique decorating accents, tead- ig. designers at- the American r urniture Mart have added bold, right pillows to enhance ,their opm ^settings . '. ··.-· combining onlra'stihg 'colors, mod' and z'ahy'prints,! wallpaper patterns and scenic .views.- ' " Inflatable /pillows .can be : used on ,the, patio or. in the backyard; as wefl.'as .the'indoors ---serve double -duty as .footstools- or informal seating pieces'.' ' · Large-pillows go Japanese. Use-'.thenY instead of ottomans, or to'seat .guests: who. drop'in. You can even combine several for 'a 'chaise' lounge arrangement. · ' . - · . ' ; · - . ' : ' ' -Stacking pillows- add .'a,'.cbn- .versational. decor or -sculptural .effect., when-combined in ahold selection of colors and shapes. Page 14 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thurs., Oct. 30, 1969 Biographies Tell a Story A woman who fled a trial fbr what she considered tin- unjust law Is th« heroin* of two new biographies for adolescents -"Margaret Sanger; Rebel with jail. d PoilCfi" ki* Vifcrini* /tnfrvriAiT _ a Cause" by Virginia Coigney and "Margaret Sanger; Pioneer of Birth Control" by Lawrence Lader and Milton Meltzer. Mrs. Sanger ran away to Europe in 1914. after her arrest 'or sending birth control propaganda through the mails, which remained an illegal act until 1936. The dedicated fighter for woman's "absolute right to- dis: MSB or withhold herself, to wocreate or' to suppress the ing the longer lengths. germ of life" was arrested eight : other]times. For opejiirig the; country's first birlh control clinic, she served. 30, days in In the last years of her long .. life (she died in 1966), the im-. peluous rebel with- melting sharm helped finance scientific investigations that eventually . led to history's most reliable- contraceptive -- the birth control pill. . -'··". Combed . cottons have been "combed" of short fibers, leav- you're pretty much wrong, Our Sanlton. drycleanlng will prov«.-it; Btcaui* it't more than just dryclaanlng; It'* profei. lional clothes care. It geti tht dirt out, for. lurt. Then it goei .further by putting th« Ufa back Intoyourwardrobe. Butyou don't hava to taKe our word for it. L«t your clothes.prove it. Sanitone Catl/iantlastcrDiyclcamr 10% DISCOUNT (CASH and CARRY) 2800 St. (Wilshirc) 352-3210 1214 9th Ave. (Downtown) MITH'S known for quality This is your Archer guarantee. If these, or any other, Archer Stockings do not give you complete satisfaction, return them to the store for replacement without question. AH Colors; All Sizes. Nothing Changed but the price. k I IXJ 10 Day* Only --- Oct. 31 to Nov. 8 Sf V |e Reg. SEAMLESS pa? r Sheer Support Cantrece® 4.95' Sheer Panry Stocking 2.00 Cantrece® 11 Stocking 1.75 Nude Heel 1.39 Safe Box 3.72'·! pr.- 1.50 1 pr. 3.93. 3.13 Yeu Save 1.23 .50 Sizes--Small 8 thru 10%, Med. SH thru 11«, Long S thru 12 J. V. SMITH'S S02 9th Street Gre«Iey, Colorado U«e · Smith Charge,- BankAmarlcard, ' Master Charge 1.04'

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