Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 15, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 15, 1951
Page 6
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PACE SIX . M.) SUN-NEWS Sunday Morning. JuJrll, 1IS11 Regular and specialchurch notices are printed without charge each'Sunday morning in The Sun-News. In order to assure-prompt publication of your church's notice, please deliver, typewritten, to the Sun-News office by noon Friday. Si. Genevieve's Church Kev. I). J. Klrrftn. riutnr Musses on .Sunday nt: fi:.'!(J, 7:30, 8:30.0:30 rtni! 10:30. MasHuH on weiilc-day.s at; 0:30 anil 7;:iO. Movcna : to Our Sorrowful Mother Kridiiy nt 2:30, 7:;tO and 8:00. ConfCHKlonH Saturday from -I to (J nml f i o n i 7 to B p.m. B:ipLi?im.s .Sunday »i 2:00 p.m. * SAN rsiDRO 'ciruncii K«;V, I). J. Klrgim. I'aslor MHMH on Sunday at 8:00. D O N A ' A N A cniwcii or OUR I*AOY OK PURIFICATION Itcy. r. .1. Klr^im. I'liHfiir MHHH on timidity at U:00. * C H A P E L O r T H K I M M A C I J i ' A T R 1IRART OK 'MARY Idaho nnd ICHplim Stn'e!« Kev. I). ,1. KlrKim. PuHtor AlasH mi Sunday at Ur.'iO. ' HcliKiuiiH liiiitnir.'Lion Immediately iiflc: 1 Minis in the Church. it Si. Anthony's Church Anthony, Nnw Mexico Kf-v. Leo nan Ijikn*tunnft, Piutur MBH.H, Spanish acrmon, 8:30. MHHH nnd English Sermon 30:45, Mn.HHcs during 1 the week nt 7:30 u. in. Tho Firat and Third Sundays Masse* at Berino, N. M., at 9:30 a, in. The Second nnd Fourth Sunda Mans at 0:30 R. m. in Charnberino N. M. BnpllHin Sunday, 2-4 p.m. St. Andrew's Episcopal Church f»10 North Alttmetfa, Liu On* Kev. Rmneroft 1'. Bmlth, First Baptist Church Menilln Park Alvln Swemrlnjfen, Putor Sunday School, 0:45 a.m. Worship Service, 10:50 a.m. Church Nursery, 11 a. m. Training Union, 7 p.m. Evening Worship, 8 o'clock. Prayer meeting, 7:30 p.rn., Wed- ncBday. Choir prnctlce, 7:30 p.m. Th day. A Fairacres Baptist Church Hnle T. Turner, 1'itKtnr 0:40 a, m. Sunday School. 1] it. m. Morning worship. UapLiat Training Union 7:00 p.r.v Evening Worship 8:00 p.m. We extend a hearty welcome to all who care, to worship with 10:00 a:m. Church school and Nur- Hi-ry. 10:00 a.m. MnrnltiK prayer and 'Hertmm. (Note: The 8 o'clock Communion Hrrvlru muiil bo omitted until tiic i-crtor'd return .from vncullon July IB.) * St. James' Episcopal Church Cullrpru Itnarl, McnIIln Turk :tov. HiuifTon P. Smith, Vicar · ' 11:15 n.m. Church school for Pri- ninry, kindergarten, nnd Nursery ii j; i 1 rlillrlrcn In Ihu Parlith, J L:ir a.m. Morning Prayer and .Sermon. (Note: During the mini- nicr there will .ho no ]0 o'clock Church School incut ing. Youngc!)* children will meet ai i i : J D for claBHCH and nervlce. Older young people'will worahlp at the' 11:10 Hwvlce w i t h their jmrenls, * Church of Christ Ale* IbibrrlK, PiiHlor Kumlny School 10 a. ni. Morning Worship 11:15 ti'.m. Cimummlon 12 noon ruble Service (l:So p. in.' (Ovcnliifj WolHhlp 7 p. in. First Baptist Church .lolm II. Pnrnill, Th.ll.,' riinlor · Mr*. C 1 . ('. siltllmin, ·OcKiinlKt O. M. .liMihhih, Cluilr ulrnitnr · Sunday Srhniil-- 0:40 «. in. Mnnilni; Worship ·-- 11:00 a. m. Training llnloit"-- Oiyo.p. in. KvniinK Worship ... 7:30 ],. in. ··- Yini lire Invitt'tl to worwhlp with ' iw In uur .services liuluy. Grandview Mission Arlzonit 'A Chipftrrft Sunday School -- 0:45 n. m. Morning Worship -- 11:00 ». in. Trnlnlnf* Union -- 7 p. in. ISvunlng ··Wornhlp -- S:00 p. in. . .' You urc Invited to worship In nny of tho service.-! today flt the Riunilvlow Hapllst Chapel. · * Phillips Chapel C. M. E. Church Itrv. a Thomptoft, PMtor . Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. Morning Warahlft 11:00 a.m. Kpworth Mague, 6:30 p.m. Kvening Worship,'7:30, · Everyone Ii invited to Attend iur Second Btpilti Church I. HlMIHKt HWlltHtr. PMtM I:30 n. m. Sunilny School 11 n. in. Morning \Yorihlp ' Oi30 Ti-nlnlnir union 7olO KvonliiR wumhlp "You'm nlwnyii Wflfomi- lo wor- nhlp with iin. Wn^ rnlor to worship ·lid ilppnrt to BBi-ve.V *·-· " · ' * 'Church oi Jnui Christ · · - Laitor D«y Sainta WIA BMlMhHT nwmonil n4 Court ' ' , . .. ., »*rei(iJ«rit,-., ·-.· Mrt OK%l«i, t, rt'i'Si. '""· · " · Church »frvlce,,!l;M i. m. St. Paul's Methodist Church iZli We«t OrtMff A. O. OiiiiKlu '· PMtor Ml« .Mulirlni' U'lltiTlllllL'. Voulh Dlnxtlor Curl JilcuhK, DlrPOlor (if MiiNl'. Mm. T. (I. Turner, Or|;mll»t Mm. ;.. H. PiiMKrlfli, Cliurcli Scon'tiirj' ,. II, I M n t l , Huiil. lif Cllllrrh School Church Hi^linol ul 9:4S a.m. Morning V/orahlp 10:55. I'ruhHk 1 : "SiM'omi'.le" Ijy Wlilor-. A n t h u i i i : "II r u n I h e On Mo, HrenUl uf Gotl" by Vuii iJemuun TllOMlpKUll. Offertory: "Chanaon Trlato" by Tflchnihowshy. St-rmon: "Tlic Sliejibcid'H Un-u." I'osthlilo: "Festal Maii-'li" Kruc- ger. Tile El I'uso DI»ll-lcl Youlh cam]) ut I3ncrnitiontu will be held from the I f l t h tbruiiKh the 21»U We extend a curdlal welcome to everyone. If you haven't a home church, woi'Hhip w l l h UH! - · # El Galvario Spanish Meli'.odisi Church 'SIO N.irlh Ou:i|m SI. . 1(Mo' A. (hilh'rrv.y., Jr., 1'ttslor Mrs, .Si'immt S. C.ll, Hii|it. of C'!tur!h Ht'hmtl Mrs. 1'i'trn II. ::ur: Jl:i, rlunlil OM a.m. Chui'di School. 11:00 it. in. M m n i n g worHhlp. 0:15 p.m. M.V.F. 7:30 p.m. levelling worship. Thursday prayer nioatliiK at 7:.'IO p.m. Dona Ana Sundays at 4; 7:30" Church Schuul on 0 p.m. and preucii- Wednemlnya at on First Presbyterian Church Ui» CntrtiK Avemn- HIM! A r ml jo Rev. Frank "P. June* Minister 11:45 - Cluifch School. ONear M, nvl(, Stmerintondont.- 11:00.- Church Nursery H;(;j - Mornlntf Warship Service Prelude - "hi Summer," Charles, A. r.lcblilnfc. Alberta Cuiry nt thn orfcun. . · "Thr.nlcK M« to God," Clnr- Mite Dlt'khon. Ali-n. · Duvld Dunn,' Offorlory · "AvloKo," J, S. Hitch Soi-n'ion - Th« Lljjiil Tlml Has Nut Pulled 'by Hnv.' Charles A. SurbLM-, jfticat' minister. Poailude - "Onwunl, Chrlstlnn iJoldllil'H," 1C. L. A M l f f H i l . Church of Christ MO Nnrth Mlnuid* Floyd II. Hortoa . Mlnliter "Come and let re'tuion topethur uh Hie Un-il AhnlKlity." Wor- Up after tlio New. Tenluimul pat- lorn In tho only way to worHhlp Ood, Thflt is why thoru \a «i vain \vornhlp. The Church of Christ exlrnd.H a rtinlial tnvi- tfltlon to coint* and .Ijrlnf; your fmiJlly to tin 1 iilblc Hchcxil begin* »t 9Mfl; I'ronchlnB will ho al 10;4R a.m. by the local minister. Ploy.! 11. Hoi-ton. The Com- munloii Rt'Wlce 31:4fi a.m. The Ulblo 'ncliool m'nrttt nlao today al 7:00 and piVtu-hlntr will tm jit 8;00 p.m. IT you 1110 leprlvii of woi;i)ilp nt othflr [ilncoa on .Sun- d»y tiVi-nlng diii'lng thu Hiniuner, wliy not 'COIHP nt thtit hnur and orHHlp with the Clnivfh of Christ. Tim nild-weolt Illbln jiclinnl niul |)i'{iy«r servloo l.t W^dno.Mduy nl B:00 p.m. Hear tho Roapel ln-oail- ouoli flululay ·morning f 1*0111 S;00 to 8:30 over KO11K urio kll,' Voti'drfl nlvvayK welcome to nioct /or u'ol'Milp with t h e Church of Christ WOI-Q you will hcur the GOHpel. iif Chi'lut, Church of God AtwricAn I^Rlon Il»ll SM South MA)H fiumUy achool, Ot45; Morning Mrvlet,', 10; Wj Vounjt People's mwUn*, T;00. EventnR Kvsnccllflt- lo Mrvtce, 7:4R p. m. "A'unified ·ervlce l n v » 'tllyidftd worlil." A h»»rty -Wfkoine iiw»Ui you at all our Christian Science Services Branlgim Ubrary Sunday Bchool 0:30 a.m. Morning aervlce, 11 o'clock. Wednesday - testimonial meeting, 8 p. m, , ' \ 'GOD" IK the Lesson-Sermon subject for Sunday, -July 15, 1951. Golden Text: "There IK none holy UH the Lord: for there is none beside tliee: neither is lliure any melt like our God." (i Samuel 2:2) .Sermon: Passages fiom the Bible {King 'Jairius Version) in uludi': "In not God (he height o !i(!;iven? and the height, of thi stnr.H, how high they are!" {Jol Correlative piiflsnge.s from "Science and Health witli JCcy to the Hcripturcs" by Mary Baiter "Eddy i winder "God i.H incorporeal, divine, mipiiMiif.', inl'initi- Mind, Spir- i t , Kuiil, Principle, Life, Tnith, Love." iPngc 405) ir Seventh Day Adventist W.I.A. Hall, 840 N. Rcyinond L. K. PerrlM, Klder Snbbath School, 9:30 a. m. Classen for all Rgea, Visitors al- nya welcomo. Worship Service. 11:00 a. m. .' Assembly of God 7tb and VHH Patten* H;v. E. E. Kranka, rantor Mr. Fred Arra Supl. Sunday School each Sunday, beginning at 0:4B a. m. Preaching service begins at ll:00'a.m.' Evdnlng sen'ice begins at 7:30 with music by orchestra. Tuesday evening prayer and Bible study. Friday -evening Christ Ambassador iervlce by the young people of the church. Radio program 8:3fl to 0 a. m. each Sunday morning over KOHE. Lutheran Church Luthciuh church services every first and third Sunday evening at 8 p. m. Sunday-school Is held at 7:15 p. m. Thomas Branlgnn Memorial auditorium, · . · ' '· ' '* .x*1 , ' '· Church of the Nazarene fl!7 Wrat rtcficho Iti^v. Lyninn Suflshury 9:-15 Sunday School 10:00 Morning Worship 7:00 N. Y. P. B. nnd Juniors. 7:-in, Evening Snrvlcc. 8:00 WednoBday, prayer meeting. Be sure to attend Church somewhere. You are always welcome nt the Church of tho Nnzarnnel * Regular Primitive Baptist HI Klin is Kent Clmri-h On McFU- Avnmt) -- tlubl off 2nd ' Stni-t · ' Our regular preaching services arc on the f i i a L and third Sun- ilays 10 to 12 a. m. and .on tho ·ia«ft« niRlita of each month. You am -Invited lo 1 attend and hear the (loappl of Christ each aer- vlce and help sing tho hymns our j fathom nnd mothers s a n g -- they don't fjrmv old.. ' Our Bible- study la every Wefl- neaday and i« very beneficial to nil who love the truth as taught In God'u word. Don't forget the time of each KUhr I*. L. ilomH. Minister Mrs. C'ocll 1'iirttm, Clurk * First Christian Church fiOl No. Alamedii Kev. !iuiclM 1^. Wheeler, Mfnlfttcr Mrs. Lynn Wlldnutn, Org-.inlsl 0:40 Prayer Band. 11:15 Sunday School. 'll;00 Morning Worship 7:;iO KvenliiK Service at Stale · 7;00 WodnoHday choir practice. · 8:00 \Vftdnenday Bible study.' - · Crime h Woman's Problems, Slates Female Juris! Who Is Also Mother By HAL BOVI.R YORK, \#) · -- ,"C a woman's problem," nays Magistrate Anna Kross, And 18 yeara on the bench have convinced her that only women can do anything permanent abou.t reducing the crime -rale in the United States. "The men can't do it," she said flail}'. "They have proved, lhat, "Tiiduy thn vvomanpownr ttT America should hi; sUJdlcd to clean up tin* (louufry -- pliysiciil- Jy" fiiid innntlly." 'Itut thf-y i p »n'( . ilit H by doing u'hat mt-n lmv« licyn doing fcr so long.-- inurt-- I.V paying lip .service lo democracy." i How can the ordinaly housewife do anything about stopping crime? "Well, 'she can't check' it by merely seeing that her own children get home on lime," s:tk! Judge Ki-tiHK. "She has lo be willing to do something about the kids on the other side of the railroad truck:;. You can't get rid of smallpox just by innoculating the people .who Hvfl on the hill." The .blunt-jipoltcn littlu jurist -a mother herself -- believes the whole approach lo the problem of wiping out crime has been' wiong. She believes the" basic' cure lies in emitting happy fnni- ilie.'j, and feels if ft family is sick (he Individuals in it will be siclt, too. "Courts, prisons and police --what do they do but give society sense of .security?" she. said. "They arc only pail of n sti ait- jacket at best. "There isn'l a prison In intr I'.cmntry that docsn'l hci-oinc a post gradual school for critn- InaJs. What juvenile court judge In this country' Is really (rained Iur his job? None, lie got t h a i job only because he knew t h e right person al tile righl (imp. "There Isn't one perfect juvenile couit set-up in America. The b(^t of them are inadequately equipped," ' Judge Kross fctils Unit exposures such as those made-by Llie.-Kc- fauvcr committee do litlle rual "I have seen investigation .ifler investigation make mayors, govci- ; nors or Senutora," she said, "test Die problem remains. "H Is all very well Lo stir up :i community, to let It know w h a l is! going on. Hut knowing what Is going on and doing not h i n g ' a b o u t it -- that is n real crime, loo. ( l \Ve have, to bceoiur- rcjiliHllr and face Hie rmi;dc. I'ollllcs IH ccrrupt not. because,of Ihe pollllclnns but bcciULsc. ;f the apathy (if citizens. We hav(*'h.M-' ( IT tri)vriiiiii*n I I ha n we de- Ciime Uiries, shn adds, because jf "hypocrisy-- and because every- iody duck:; responsibility. "If there wore n really serious desire to end c r i m e - h i this cmih- j y it could he done -- by, women.. Fliii women of any community can go ; their to chief of · police and force him-to clean-it up!" ·· But years of seeing, a human tide, of misery How in and out- of her .cnurt have convinced Judge Kross the final answer is this: "We HR?d more educjitlim for living. We lire what, our family . background maiht us. Unless yon U'.kti (liat i n f o cnnsiderailon, any lAliKr effort Is mi'jintnglfiss." -: "Wise is the child that knows how to choose his own parents, j Nobody should be permitted to m a n y unless he can give proof ho understands Uie responsibilities. ' , Education Finance Board Next Seeks Executive Secretary, SANTA FB, July H tfp» .-- The new educational finance board's next job is to select a f u l l - t i m e executive secretary. Advice will be sought from Ujc North Central Association for that arid for setting up its program, R«p. Lilburn Homan of Estancia says, ' ' . Ilbman was elected chairman at Ihp board's fh'.sL meeting ycslor- : OUR KILLED, 20 hospitalized Is the toll of this 16-yehicle smashup on crawdcd, Highway '"17, near Wurts- jortv'N.-'Y; · Here's what happened: Big trailer truck (rear) crashed oflt of co'nt'fpi'-'fhto rear.of a New Pork-bound tied while going down a four-mile grade. The truck's gasoline.tank-.exploded. The taxi, with ·.even occupants, three oE whom were killed, plowed Into car'ahead, and resulting "chain reaction" piled ip 15 autoa, resulting; in a fourth death. The truck carried propane gas, which did 'hot explode; Driver, ' Ilarsdon Reese, Jr., Bayonne, N. J.. said truck's air brakes suddenly gave out.' (InlernallmmlSoundphoto) Spanish Baptist Mission' Hey. I). Calzoneil -- Paslor Mr. Ito(]tiey.--Sunday School Supt, Sunday Buliool' -- lo':00 a. in. Morning worship ·--· 11:00 a. m. Evening worship -- 7;3Q .JJ-.'n. Everyone la" cordially Invite'd ir come and worship with us. The people that walked in dark- less have' seen a great -light. Isaiah !l:2 . .·ft . United Pentacostal Church; US Wiurt Chestnut . . Rev. W. K. Fox- Services held at 7:15 p. m. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. . ., Sunday School--10 a. in. Service at 11 a. in. ; Dliflncflvtly modern 5or- ·I !c«l »ha» r«U!n )h« r«v- .' want f««»ut«« which, fw V g*Mritioni, hv m»rV«d f (U puling of lovid on«. Fulmcr Memorial, in a narklikc vista, peaceful quiet, provides finer professional and technical service . . , kindly, respectful rare. The kindlier, more reverent way. FULMERMEMORIAL MORTUARY .nd CHAPEL "A Keputalion for Fair Dealing", 149! North Miln ' Call 1200 Here is Seoul; Korea, the City of Blbo'd. Will Seoul be the last terrible tribute to man's lust for war? Pictured here as U. N. 1 Troops enter, she is beautiful but "it is the beginning ol the end lor Se.oul." Today she is a city of devastation! Houses and laiid and humanity, children and women and men...stunted, starved and spiritless, huddled in masses ol helplessness. That is what we must see when we look at Seoul today. War is no solution. We fail when war takes the place of discussion and prayer and concession and adjustment. May History claim -Seoul as the Front Line ol Defense lor 'God. Let no man glorify war. It becomes more terrible as wecporss make it more destructive. May God forgive a world that could .find no better way! Destruction, famine, suffering, sorrow, rapirio, hatred, degradation are found 'in Korea. Homes and schools and churches are gone and thousands of innocent and helpless peo-."c\ -Let's pray divine mercy on men who can find no-better way.- Drop a tear of penitence for the part you had in this terrible destruction. May God richly reward those who suffered most. May the miracle ol Grace save our sons and speed the day of understanding and goodwill. . . . A-mm*.. You In The Church The Church InYou Fom a comKinktion. for good. Vfe. should attend'churth regularly Every man, Woman and child' needs "the influence of the CHURCH. Be Faithful! Be a Churchman. THIS SERIES OF ADS IS BEIN UNDER THE SPONSOR CAMP RIO GROCERY MARKET "Make your Oollars huve more, sense." West ur Vlniluet on SO Phono 2S1I-W HOUSEHOLD 'APPLIANCE COMPANY Appliances -- Sales -- Servlee ·-. Repairs · FINEST PUMP SERVICE 125 W. Crigsi 'Vvo, ' Phone SGS-W NELSON'S FUNERAL HOME Complete, Unilerstnmling Service ·lin S. Main . . Phone 100 VALLEY PRODUCTS COMPANY Wholesale Groceries - Tobacco 710 W. Amnilor. ' Phono DO P. R. .BURN . - Rencrnl Contractor .. . , \ . ' . 205 * UOC Carver Bhl£. I'hone 07.1 G PUBLISHED EACH SUNDAY , . 'SHIP OF THE FOLLO.WING ' " MR. AND MRS. D. : C, McCAHTY PLU.MIilNd ami HEATING -· . J12 N. Water ' · ' Phone 1013 ; THRIFT GROCERY. STORES STORE NO. 1 STOKE NO. 2 . 110 W. LaaCruces Avc. -12.'! N. Main Street . . Phones 70 nml 71 Ptlpncs 8S 'ahn 38 '. . J R GULF SERVICE STATION : : ' Truck Stnp -- 2-l-Hwir Scrvico -- Tires -- liatterles .. JOHN I'. DUKK anil.RAY.MpNTIVlUJ5 ' ' ' EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO. OF N. M., Inc. Alils-Chalmcrs Pafm Machinery . : · ' 1R7 Snuih Church . : . Phone US

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