Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 3, 1970 · Page 30
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 30

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1970
Page 30
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Page 30 GREELEY TRIBUNE Wed., June 3, 1970 Wed., June 3, 1970 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 31 DISCOUNT PRICES DISCOUNT PRICES Rath s Cedar Farm brand Deep smoked, selected slices. Sliced regular thickness. Cut from the BEST of the USDA Choice Grade Beef only. Full Center cuts. 3-8 inche» thick. A real dinner treat. Fully coolcej, Holiday Brand. Skinlets, imoUd, wood iro 11^ flavor. Ready to eat or just 111 heat through to jorv* hot. mm9n Whols, half cr smaller cuts. Discount Prices Orange Pekoe Tea *.*[» Cwitirbury. Pr!c« ineludel "25c cff' on th» lab.l. Canterbury Tea v ;t.66s Or*ng* Pelcot. Price includes "lOc off" on ih. lab.l. Canterbury Tea Bags .^ 82c Orange Poke*. Price includes "I5c off" on tht label. Canterbury Tea Bags ^ 49c Orange Peko*. Price Includes "lOc off" on fhi Ufaol. Pure Pork Sausage Green's tasty whole ^^ ., hog. Only the BEST. @ MO. Sorvo Sausage and Jyfi. poll Eggs now. Fresh Grade "A" Fryers , b 29c USDA Inspected for wholtiomenesi and Grade "A" for quality. Wholo. Fresh Gut-Up Fryers , t . 37c Fryer A Quarters A ^ hi " , b .49c Beef Sausage Fresh. Mode of the BEST of the USDA Choice Grade Beof. Mildly sea- it, soned. I, 2 or 5-lb. rolls. '"· Baked Ham Glaze 14 ;°,' s ; 47c Sugar 'N Spice, excellent to glaie aver baked Ham. Beef Short Ribs ,,,. 55c Ganuine Short fcibs. Well defatted to BBQ or Fryer Quarters Hr , b 45c Freih. Lowrey's Beef Jerky Sectioned and formed will. 12-CZ. 9l»- $ J 25 smoke flavoring idM. U. o f */·'""' S. Inspected end cmsed bv . . , ·· (it Pe;' c' »gr'rv'".". 40 stlCKJ TB Beef Rib Eye Steaks lb T "Only the BEST." Prepared from the itendinq rib English Cut Roast ,,,. 95c Boef, no extra fat rolled on these. Boneless, rolled and tied. Excellent for the rotisserie. Boneless Beef Roast ,,,. 89c No extra fat rolled on these. Center 7-bone cut*. Knnnd rtnd tied. Fresh Beef Burgers Extra Iran, dporoxim«ltly /£"·- l^n in Aft So;c;?l read* prpparfd treih l«jn br*f f Bltf at rig!,! thieve'.* *nd ihapfd fcr C'H * **ll tnj.'mq 01 r;n frying- |Q. jj jj j Young Beef Kidneys , b . 29« Federally Inspected, wrrole or hall Lidfcyf. Round Bone Cuts , b . 8S6 Beef e x c - M ' n l for Swisi Steaks. BBQ or RO«I'I.) BaefRils Steaks lb 'l a ' ; Cut from tin Standing Rib only. Chino and W-f bones removed. BEST of the USDA Choice G-»ii Boef. ! Detergent 9? y Ice Cream Snow Star, Vanilla, Chocolatt, Noopolitan or 1-gal. $1.25 Strawberry. ctn. ' Crazy Cups .fiv 46c Party Pride Ice Cream Cup. Vani!lfrGups.%39c Discount Food Buys Kleenex Tissues .,'33c Pie Filling Wilderness, No. 2 JC0 Cherry. con "f V Pie Crust Shells B*l-*ir. frown pkg. OJ . 9" size. of 2 "« Cake Mixes Pillsbury. all varletiei,^ layer cake i. Fruit Drinks Lucerne. OrangQ. Grape, Lemonade or Fruit Vj-ge Punch cr Cookies "'^V 89c .» D^-u'. Cl!; :^.'p, lr.T;;r. Ll'ip. Chenv Cnr. Suqsr or Wal- ut iscount Refrigerated Foods Check These Discount Prices Discount Priced Foods Whit* or *siori«d-col«r*. Salad Drestings 8-ox. 26c Mrs. Wright's, H»Tf«n, Zesty French, or Savory Salad Dressing %t 28c Mrs. Wriahfi. Thoui.nd l.l.nd. Salad Dressing '· q °,' 1 .33c Mrs. Wright's, Blu» Cheeia or Green Goddess Rosarita Beans ;° 3n I9c Refried Beam. Fruit Cocktail 1um ,,,,, c3 " 24c Cling Peaches No tl n 29c Town HOUJ», yellow, slices or halvsi. Hunt's Peaches N " 2 :;27c Cling, slices or halves. : Orange Juice Town House, sweetened or natural. Orange Juice Toxiun, unsweetened. Biscuit Mix Mf ,w r i 9 i, t , 4 X39c Jiffy Biscuit Mix 'Big" Discount Savings Idahoan Potatoes N ° e !, 0n 95c Dehydrated. Kuner Golden Cora "^ri 07 WhoU K»rnol. Refried Beans o,d E , Pa ,o No c"75e Pear Halves MTP' Wafir Pick,'i lab.l. Sliced Peaches D8 ,Mo n ,e No ^ $ l" Del Monte Spinach N ° c ' a ° n 75c CHILLS THRILLS Freezeable Soda Concentrate Assorted 04}ft Flavors 7 oz. *Uw KERNS Peach Nectar Apricot-Pineapple Nectar pack OS/C Salad Dressing pkq . I9c Good Seasons, mtxei, auortfld varieties. NuMade Salad Oil 38 ,°;:7!c Cider Vinegar 32q0 ,; 29c Piedmont. Alaska Crabmeai 7 ' "^ * I" Pacific Poarl, fancy. Starkist Tuna 7 ;°' n 43c Whito meat, water pack. Starkist Tuna 6I/ ' e ° Light meat. Starkist Tuna '' 7 t Light meat. Oven Baked Beans 28 ; 0 ;; 3Sc 'BM, Brick Oven. Brown Bread ";",; 33c BM. with raistni. Applesauce ^ I9c Applesauce 25q T, 3Gc Town Housa. Applesauce Tow , Hnu . "^ 59c Groceries Discount Priced Campbell's Soup IOV T n I8c Chiclcon and Rice. Campbell's Soup "'^ I8c Chiclcon and Stars. ChickenNoodleSoup 10 7^ I6c Chicken Rice Soup 10/ T. I6c © Blue Bonnet Vk. ^^ Whip Margarine. Soft Margarine Emprei , Vi b ,:33c Longhorn Cheese , b . 89c Safeway, Colby, 12-16-oz. random weight. Longhorn Cheddar ,,, 79c Safewdy, Half Moon Lonqhorn, 12-16-Di. random weight. Pillsbury Biscuits '';r, 2lc Hungry Jack, regular or buttermilk Mrs, Wright's Biscuits";" 19c Butter-Me-Nots, Flalty Buttermilk. Cudahy Rex Lard 2 pbk , 4lc Golden Hearth Rolls ^ 59c Brown and Serve. 20-oz. Gold 'N Soft Marine 'iSt 29fi Allsweel ^280 Margarine, price includes "3c o f f " on the label. Medium "A" Eggs dol .42c Croam of the Crop, Large "AA" Eggs do , 47c Cream of tho Crop. P iit. Liquid Vel Detergent. Ajax Cleaner All purpose liquid. Ajax Detergent " p "t. 58c Dishwasher. Palmolive Green 4 r " pk T36c Soap, buy 3 and get one FREE. Deodorant Soap 4 b " P t n 69c Palmolive Gold, get ! fro* with the purchaife of 3. Ajax Detergent 4 pk ° 9 8Sc Laundry Detergent. Punch Detergent s l b X. $ l 4 4 Blue Fab Detergent" 'X. 85c White Viking Bleach 'X39c White Magic Bleach '-#:39c ElectraSol 33P £63c D!shw*ih«r Compound. Cleanser 14 ;°:, I2c White Maqic. "; k °;:39p "Z 89c 2 - lOt P . Popcorn In Oil Minlpop . Planter's Nuts Mixed, with pttAnuti. Animal Cookies Busy Baker. Hydrox Cookies Sunshine, Sunshine Yum Yums Sunshine Coolers Cherry or Lemon. Oblong Prem S w i f t ' s . Beef Sloppy Joe Nalley's. Snowdrift s ^. n ^. Chocolate Quik N ,, tuv Kellogg Pop Tarts Frosted Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cherry or Stnv/barry, or Cinnamon (lO'/i-ozJ. 47p 10pk ".46l " pk ": 46o 3- |bt « 69c 2 lh «, 8 lo " P \°,;43c Get Fresh Produce at Discount Prices at Safeway Town Houte. I l b 35e Busy Balc.r. . Macaroni Cheddar 7 ;\"; 1 9c Golden Grain. MJB Rice Mixes 7pk °' 35c Chicksn Rica, Boef Rice, Fried Rlc« or Horb «nd Imitation Sour Cream ' c ^ 33c Imilalion Sour Cream u ^65c Q MJB Coffee 2'^ J I« ^r^ Regular, drip or ·lectrle Mftc. Pream M . 93c Non-dairy coffea ertlmer. Crackers 2'^. 57c Graham. Busy Baker. Maxwell House lo , 0 i $ l" IniHnf Coff«». Potatoes White Rose, new crop, BEST of the U.S. No. I Pineapple*.. 59* Hawaiian, plantation ripened. Radishes JS T Local grown, fresh daily. 0=; 69° w , Apricots New crop, Honey »weet and lujciouj. ib.29 Raisins Town House, seedlesi. pkgt. 25* Prunes Gardenside, breakfast size. 21 71 Raisins 2X67 C Prunes Town House, seedless. Sunsweet, pitted. 12-01. pkg. DISCOUNT PRICES DISCOUNT PRICES 1 Lunch Box Serve cold for a real warm-weather refresher. (plus deposit) Graham, Busy Baker Regular or ripple. A real or picnic favorite. Meaty Discount Prices © Horn Slices Sliced r e g u l a r thickness OB 1Q to fry or extra thick to v t p i * » heat in oven. '"· ·" Chuck Wagon Steak ,,,. 89c Fresh, bonoloii confer 7-bon» cuts. Excellent to BBQ on qrill or Chicken fry. Fresh Beef Briskets ,,,.'!·" Bonnlesl, cxcollnnt to BDQ, grill, braise or broil. Pork Steaks , b .83c Sheuldor blade cuts from pork buHi. Fish at Discount Pric: 98 Whole Whiting Fish 5 lbboxs l Heodlosi and well cleaned. Shrimp in Sauce %": 38c Coc^all Sauce, Captain's Choice Brand. In fancy glosses, only ths BEST. Goeked Cod Fillets , b 83s Cooked, Captain's Choice Brand. Jumbo Fish Sticks lb . GOc Captain's Choice Brand. Heat 'n eaf or serve cold. Cooked Perch Fillets lb 79c Captain's Choic* Brand. l-sol. $16 Vi-gol. «*n ctn. | cm. OUC Lucerne, homogenized. Buttermilk *l£:55c e ?::28c Lucerne. Lucerne. Sijar Lucerne, wiih chives. 48c Fresh fruit and variety flavori. Discount Priced ·' Scott Towel Holder ,,,, 49c Assorted colors. Swift'ning Shortening 3·'£,, 73c From Swift. Kleenex Napkins J7S I6c Assorted, family pack, Kleenex Tissues of^le Double Dips, facial tissue, 2-ply. Glorox Bleach I/2 ; q ,: r :34c Plastic Gyps ,,?, Solo, 7-07. siie, All purpose, with dispenser. Solo PlasSis Gups J%* 88e 7-0!. Refills. S0So P^astio Caps A 89o " U s . lid's Foil 14 "tT,45c 2-ply Broiler Foil. Leaf and Lawn Bags P0kfg8 S P 9 Bes Pak wild holder. 5-oz. refill!. A s s o r t e d yfl-roll ;olon. "j pkg. Soap "£ lOc Canned Pop Cragmont, New pull tab cam in assorted ]2*oz. flavors. can Truly Pino. RSnse " g °, zs : 69c Creme. Truly Fine. Pot Pies Manor Houio, Boof, Chiclcon, Tuna or 8-oz. 4 £j£ Turkey. pkq. | Q Cream Pies i'Wore Discount Prices Discount Priced Savings Medi-Quick Cooler aer j c " ns I 3 ' Kotex Tampons of p i k o 35c Regular or Super. Kotex Tampons SVI-" Regular or Super. Peaches and Glean 3 ^ $ l°' Facial Cleansing Cream. Woodbury Lotion 9P " 55c Enden Shampoo ; ,,, ^;: 69c Right Guard 9 ;°: s l" Designer Can, Deodorant. SimonizWax 14 £M- n MaiterWax, prc-softener Nylon Whiiener 12pk °;:32c And Fabric Softener. While Shoe Polish 2/ 7, 39c Johnson's. TexizeK2R J^SSc Spot lifter. I6XIZ6 R2K aerosol can ' Spot lifter. Shredded Wheat 12p £3lc Nabisco, spoon-size. Oyster Crackers ··£ 22c Ban Bon Cookies "*;£ 37c Marshihallow Puffs " p -£: 43c Busy Ba!cr, 6 flavors. Kershey Daniies ";£. 52c Somi-sweet or Milk Chocolats. Hershey Danties 4pk "; 29c Hershey Bars TM£. I9c Milk Chocolate or Almond Bars. Richardson Candy 13P £ 37c Party Jellies. Whito Midrjot Pillows or Parly Patties. Gat Litter ch,.^.TM. 3*^.790 Grown Prince Food "^ New. Improved, 5D'x?00', free ^hut o f f . Waters arco^ up !o 10,000 sq. II. 3 0 r . \ 11(1 Hit- IllJiP l!S ll IVuTtfi 00 thf lawn. Compare at $23.99. Cd ' er $10.97 Town and Country, for tho fast green lawn. ; » Both Sj5.'8 C for w Ortho Insect Spray. I quart Isotox and 4-gal. sprayette, a $9.96 value. 50'X 5 ,'. 1 1 » Safoway, reinforced, finesl qualily. Safe-Eresn f ^,r, KI $Q-' bbo , S 2' 4 ' Covers 5,000 sq. ft. For quick, long lasting green lawns. 2 0 - 1 0 - 5 plus iron. Grass Shears U-oi. I C loaf IOC White, enriched, slicod. Super Soft Bread 5'^ 3 I (^ Wheat Bread I6 ;;^ f 27c Crushed Wheat, Slcylark. 0 Bavarian Rye "S 29c Skylark Broad. 0 Skylark Bread ",::,23c JM. Sesame Butter and Egg. m Raspberry Snails 12pk ° gz : 42s Mrs. Wright's. Mrs. Wright's Snails '^ White, papor, 9" size. Emerge Plate S" x 10", divided. of 100 pkg. of 16 f P !( g- ^Effl« s- ....... .. ,.}=jg 10" Cninet of B 16-oz. OhiiseS Bawls ffa Plastic Spoons Bondwarp, assorted colon. Styrofoam Cups TaHTumbfers 14-01. C r y s t a l Cludr, plastic. Pl9- 9n of 10 *»»· of 25 pkrj. of 15 Raisin Date. I3VPk ° 9 :49c Discount Priced Savings Simoniz Floor Wax "^l" Non-Scuff. Synthetic Chamois ,,, : l Tiger Rag. 18" x 2!" siie. RonsonolS" "£53c BoHle Cap Aids T ,,,, Scott Baby Panty c , 75c B-12 Ibs 10-20 IBs., 18-28 Ibs. or 26 Ibs and up. Scott Diapers .^o'l" Newborn, disposable. Overnight Diapers ^ 69c Scott, disposable. Disposable Diapers ^o 5 !' 23 Scott, rnqular. Heart Dog Food "-^. Red Heart Dog Food "^ Discounts-Pack Drinks Zooper Doopers 6 6 ",. 53c Meadow Gold, Drinlcs, Orango or Grape. V-8 Cocktail Juice 6 6 Libby Nectar 6'- Peach or Pear. Grapefruit Juice 6';:,*; 63c Troeiwoet, Florida. Prune Juice 6 5 '^78c Apple Juice MO,,,. 6 ^ 63c Tomato Juice 6 5 ;:;49c Sole Juice 6';.";55c Pincapplo-GrapflfruiK irs, Wright's Cake " b ^ W.ildorf Astoria. Angel Food Bar Mn. Wright's. Royal Chicken Parts in broth. Pooch Dog Food Royal Chunk Boof with Gravy. Dog Food 14 ; 0azn f8c flcksmilh, new desiqn, deluxe qudlify. Pooch. Royal. Pooch Dog Foad Roysl Burger. Redwood Bark 2 - 7 - e u s J ? Decorative, coarso chunks, Washinqton's finest. Sausage Cheese Piiza 15pk ','; 69c John'i, trcnen. Bel-air Sausage Pizza ",?,'; 63c Frozen. Bel-air Cheeze Pizza "i,"; 53c Frozen. Combination Pizza "i,"; 73c Bel-air, deluxe, tVorr-n. Pepperoni Pizza "i 0 , 1 ; 69c Bfil-ilir, frozen. 5l-27e ; Stsoc ; 50 -»i. big SAFEWAY We reserve the right to limit quantities. None sold to dealers. Prices in this nd good through Tuesday, June 9, 1970. (c) Copyright '1960, Saleway Stores, Inc. Eskimo Twin Pops 5 flavors. Eskimo Fudge Bars BeTair Shoestring Potatoes Tro;cn, Bel-air Tater Treats Bel-air Baby Lima Beans Frojcn. Bel-air Broccoli Spears "*,'; 27c Bel-air Whole Baby Okra 'X' 2Bc Iro7.-i. ^ Morton Cream Pies ^i,"; 25c ^f^ Binana; Chocolate, Cocnnul or Lfmon. Chun King Frozen Meatballs 'X': 81c Ir- sv/crt and smir sauce. © Egg Rolls ',,£ 5?c JlP^k Chun Kinq, ChicUft, Meat and Shrimp, Holloway House Cabbage Rolls 'JS; 77c Fnrfi, or S i j f f p d Grrpn Tapper, or Salisbury Snvl«. Treesweet Orange Juice *'",, 21 c Frort 1 ^. /·jLjatf^vtVi--imAn_)'Cr^Vir'-''.f l " r "' 1 "' t 13-02. j-y. 1 Lucerne. can * * *· 4-lb. S B . 9 9 Pkq. I Lucerne, makes 20 quarts. Coffee Tone "·£ 73c lucnrno, non-dairy coffoo creamer. Edward's Coffee 2' b c a n s l 4 9 Regular, orip-iino or percolator. Safeway Oof fee 2 , b s s l " All purposo qrind. Instant Goffee s ,». w , v . 10 ;,' S$ S 2 ' i. ', Take Y.o-r.e sr-r.e fresh baked noodles from i Safeway fn-Store BaKerv . . . then'i /Bread"' 2^896 ^^.'oRkels 6, or 49c ~ Golden Rolls d «39c Homo Style. ! Cherry Pis to 59c

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