Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 15, 1951 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 15, 1951
Page 5
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Summer SporiS) Even Though Fun, Still Have Own Type Of Manners By VIVIAN BROWN. Al;-Newjifrntureti '. ( How're I new? ···'. y our -"recrea.lion man' There are many'.unwritten 'ruleJs in the world' at sunmer'sport', "ami \t you just naturally ;do_the^laily- lUke thing ami' .observe "them p'er- I haps you/ will; not- heed to br briefed.. But-sonYo o f ' u s need refresher /course in manners': oc caslonally,, -. anu; particularly If we are · just lea'niing a sport,* It I is good! to' observe : sb(3tal r amenl- ] ties wli!cri"db riqf, r 'nece'H ( sarfiy appear hi ilie prmtetl: rHffii !il IIft] j goes: ' ' :. ' I Horseback Riding, He kind to llie horse, yourself Vand other peiipjeihy not trying.ID I get the poor creature to cross a road in traffic. If he gets panicky [ you might ha'Ve a'seribus accident: ! Also, treat the animal kindly.-The [ riding stabje'mifiht'uar you if you I are mean to' an animal. --.and. if | they rion'ti i Uiey^.shp j "ii|(i.^....^ i " i . . If yotf ar.^''a;.rJ^W;Jlayci.y^r. a j beginner, up 'playei 1 ,^ In [ ihe rear.. Let'the grdt'ip hfehihcl you I go ahead,- in piirticulur let them A drive before, you .'putt. .While ^they f walk toward ' the'' greeh *3o l your noatlng , : - . . . - . ·-.". [ , ? . . :' If you' invited on a canoe ride, or Invite someone to take with .yon, don't chajijfe|.«eata, \stnnd up jump around, endangering the person's life in the event the canoe upseta. 'Particularly · on a large boat observe "no smoking" regulations.- 'Smart alecks who.violin* safety rules alx)flrd' 1 rfhlp ! ^re' li'k'ely to wlini "up In the hriny deep or as a big winder. Two sets of ,tennis should ,be plenty on a crowded · day at.- the courts. If you've completed .one set and 'notice.-u.1'line fprming 1 -go on to your second set, but it would be kinder to call .It a day, and give ! the other"fellow a'broak. Swimming The water wag 1 is' a bore to evnryone. -Don't duck or splash other swininiers. Observe lifeguard rules .'and don't'give him u. headache trying '-to- keep- up. with your 'efforts} t} w --drow.n'^-yourself by going out; iab^vet^yotu'V^hlta'U,' if you are ·.not;''a-/g6pd--;^wimhier. lifeguard, don't-taunte coftipamohs to deeper- water ·than'* they,,'are p.ipablB of· r .'oi''-.tfl;-'dahgerOijs'| i high diving. ', '\ T n//.;"'".''' '· '·"' "'"' "··' .;!l- fioenn't _ paj^'-.vtbY'bc"''greedy. Don't" eatvmor^.ttiail. your^ahare,. and' if. ybu-pqMibjy.^fcan -do- witli- less, .make the. sacilfice.' It is- bet- W; BUTTLE HEAL ESTATE A LOAI^S First National. Bank Bid g. ' PH. r 310 or l0fi ter to have a little food left over, and to coaxe people to eat it, than to .have someone left hungry because you didn't know, when to stop. Be u good sport about doing your share of the work, also. See that everything is arranged before you begin to have fun. And, tlon't be the first one away from the scene, leaving others to do the clean-up job. Be sure all boxes, bottles, cans and other Htler arc picked up and put In a disposal unit. . Observe the rules of drers at the' resort you are visiting. Don't ante) the dining room in chorts or slacks if the custom is tti dress. Don't be the exhibitionist on the dance floor. JitterbiifTs. should not try to strut their stuff, 'if the dancing by others is more sedate. A t v a re- Hort t h e ohaperone or .social director will Inform you as to the 1 custom lo lie followed. i'c-kriid Cim'Ht . · If you urn a weekend, don't try lo run the .show. .Your host or hostess probably has planned your entertainment, so. when they suggest a swim or a hike or a picnic, don't say "aw, let's not." If you accept a weekend date you are at the mercy of the people who invite you. If you don't wish to visit them on that basis -- don't go. Any hostess, however, will appreciate siiKgestions, ant! mlRht lon't be thinking up ideas thai will Rometimes ask for them. But disrupt the routine of the entire household. . 13e considerate. And. above all, don't criticize anything in your hostesses homo. The tlnlnpy .When Inviting n crowd to i drive, make sure you t a k e them in comfort. Besides normal safety hazards involved in piling a jjang of kids in a car, it shouldn't be much fun if there isn't enough room for confort. By 3953, 25 per cent of Britain's engineering industry will be working on defense equipment.. PROMPT SETTLEMENT OF CLAIMS VALLEY NSURANCE AGENCY! Crocen Is Only New Mexican To Place In Rodeo SANTA FK, J u l y - 1 4 - W ' K -- Elliott Calhoun of.' Las Cruees was the only New 1 Mexico cowboy to collect a first place in the second performance of the annual Hodeo de Santa- Fe last night. Calhoun was one of two pcrfor- meis to qualify in Brah'rna bull riding. -The other was Freckles ilrown of 1-flwton, Okla. The results in order: Calf roping -- BUI Rush, El Paso. Tex., and rted'Whatley, Midland, Tex., 14.2 seconds ( t i e ) ; Bud' Fort, Lovirigton, 14.4; Wade Miles, Santa Fe. 10.7. Baniback Brbnc Riding -- Hill Ward, Hatch; Jr. II. Akeridge. Beaver, Okla.; Calhoun; Marvel Rodgers, Tdabel, Oklu. ^ . Saddle Bronc Riding -- Wilbur Plaugher, Prather Calif.; Ilrown; Sonny. Linger, Alamosh, Colo. Steer wrestling --- Plaugiicr, fl seconds; Ward 0.4; Dyer Korbps, Capitan, 12.7; Jack Favors, Ar-^ lington, Tex., 19,0- Brahma hull, riding. -- Calhoun; Brown. Today's Young Father Has Fun In New Position . . AP Newsfiyi turns The young father of today ia no longer a displaced person after he lias h'anded out the initial cigars and candy. More ,and more lie Is taking over his share of cure of the new baby, and having- fun doing it. Dad's efficiency, of course, is given a real assist by the steri- ized bottles of foimula stored in Lite refrigerator, ready to be wanned. Some executive-t y p e Dads even tnke over the preliminaries, such us mixing the formula a n d ' sterilizing the battles. The latter process has buen speeded up recently by acceptance of the hospital-tested terminal method, in which everything used In feeding the baby is sterilized «t once. New Mnthixl The new mulhnd is as follows: First (issemblii nil equipment needed.' ; . Wash everything thoroughly in a big pan full uf hot, sudsy water, taking special care to scrub.nip- ples and bottles with their special ATLAS SACKRETE · ItEAll MIXED CONCRETE · MOKTAJl JUX · SAND MIX · WATEIl TITK WHY, NOT USE SACKRETE TODAY? For that small repair or building, ·job you have been putting off, SACKKETE ia the answer. It is ready to use. No fuss, no bother, no searching for materials. RACKKETE PRODUCTS are accurately proportioned, easy to use. practically foolproof, and produce results that meet the most rl^id sp^clficnllnns. Just follow simple directions on the bag. The ATLAS BUILDING PRODUCTS CO. ' R UDI M H A l M A S O N I C T E M P I ! 4 ; A . P l K F S N «,M EL PASO, TEXAS rOWEIED F0( THE JOI VALVE-IN-HEAD DESIGN. BlUE-FUME COMSUSrlON POWEK-JEt CAR»U«ETO« LONG LASTING SHAKES BONDED BRAKE LININGS S«« 3000 niodili. . . . to do more work for your money (Confinuafjon of itandatd equfprntnl ar.d trim HtuttioteH 1*1 dtptndunt of mofer/afj 'Look at .these englneered-ln economy features-valve-in-head engine design, Blue-Flame combustion,. Power-Jol carburetor and long-lasting ...'-brakes. : -'.,, vEngines, chassis, cabs and bodies arc all designed to sland up under rough, lough use, AWt cWvrWw T,«». h Uw Take a tip from truck-wise buyers and get nu A*y M* MdhW englncered-in economy. Sue us soon! EBIf ADVANCE-DESIGN TRUCKS TURRENTINE CHEVROLET CO., INC. 101 N. Aluntda Phone 123 brushed ~ Hiiiac" fiycryUilnjr well, *nd put aside to drain., . . ·.· . While bottles :irc draining', lire pnrc formula. . .Stir until well mixed, but do not.'-heat. Fill bottles with the required amount of formula; blight blue ounce-markings on the new bottles make It easy to get just the right amount In each. Put a little clear water in the small bottles to be used for orange juice anil water feedings. Inverted nipples should be placed on buttles, feeding 1 tips down. Screw on plastic collars, but not too tightly to allow for uteam expansion. SfcrlUuT RuUV»H~ '"' V" Plnce bottles in sterilizer or pan deep enough so that bottles stand upright, not touching; cover. Run tepid water into sterilizer un to milk line of bottles. Cover pan tightly, bring water slowly to boil. Time exactly 15 minutes from start of boiling.-Thus f o r m u l a . IB cooked ami all parts sterilized simultaneously. Cool, dry each bott!6 and store in refrigerator. , ' 'It is estimated that -1.000,000 people starved to deal h in Hie 19-13 famine in Bengal, India, ish officers. Europe consumes more limn II China wmtiilns few and f»st grows. · . '·' dwindling,peU'oieurh'reserves. . -,"j I N S U R A N C E FIRE -- LIABILITY -- PROPERTY DAMAGE · WINDSTORM -- HAIL -- AUTOMOBILE -- BUILDING , CONTENTS -- PERSONAL PROPERTY- . LOANS PERSONAL - COLLATERAL - COMMERCIAL STATE FINANCE CO, INC. 117 East Griggs Priori* 968 PENMEYS A L W A Y S F I R S T Q U A 1 I T Y ! EXTRA SAVINGS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT! SHORT LENGTHS . THAT'S WHY YOU SAVE! Solid Color and Printed NOVELTY COTTONS POPLINSI BROADCLOTH! SLUE AND NOVELTY WEAVES! inch These are not seconds or im|icrfccls; iJicyVc perfect quality cottons Koing for n mere le an inch! What a -wonderful o p p o r t u n i t y to f;rflh up yardage for dresses, shirts, pajamas, a l l at one low, - low price! Come, pick from hrif;ht shades, rich dark colors, whites, pastels, and colorful prints. Big Value! Warm 31 Lb Blanket RICH COLORS! THICK DOUBLE-WOVEN - . TEXTURE! 3 3 /4 Ibs. of solid w a r m t h lor you! Extra-Ion;] 00% rayon, 10% wool blankets in now. glamour colors so lovely you'll want to choose several--lor your own home, for wonderfully welcome glftsl Come shop now, while Pennoy's big July Blanket Event ia onl 8-90 ^^ 72" x 90" GOES ON SALE 9 A. M. TOMORROW Odd Lois In C U R T A I N S Look at This One! NYLON PRISCILLA Size 154x90 11.80 Size 90x90-^7.91. M a l c h i n g Panels, 44x81--$2.G4. ' S.'.zo 44x90 -- $3.04. WHILE THEY LAST! MARQUISETTE PRISCILLAS 2.40 Size 43x81. White-only PERMA RAY MARQUISETTE PRISCILLA CURTAINS 7.12 Size 100x90. 9-inch Ruffles. Colors. Blue, Rosa, Eggshell. Selling Tomorrowl JUMBO GARMENT B A G S 2.00 All wanlod colors. WOMEN'S SUMMER S H O E S 2.88-3.88-4.88 REDUCED TO CLEAR1 Casuals and Dress Shoes. MEN'S SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS 149 Open weaver for cool sum* mor wear. Colors and While. Sizes Small, Medium, Large. C L O S E OUT -- Solid Color T A B L E C L O T H 54x54 . 53 x 70 . Napkins 1.49 2.00 . 19c 2-PIECE LOOK 2.79 Solid color top tailored with tiny tucks . . . bold-printed skirt cut f u l l ind twirling. 80 «qu»r« p«rc«U In «»v«r»l color combination!. Sliei 12-80. :

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