Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 28, 1957 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1957
Page 4
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^REELETmn* L _w.*~n ! j»iMurray Wants Testing of Big Weapons Banned The Creeley Daily Tribune «ti-tiu a Lto e. I lit I UTUCI IK ·nd Tlit Greek} Republic** EXECUTIVE STAFF Pikl»M I rtUTD 1 HtKllLL . w nit » L prrnsd · ·. ·nlcLAii pact On titrt W»l D.I Knll r»u uttn it U« r ru Off)** Til Eutt» St Grwlvt Imvnt ·» t*c«m turn · ffii* »t Gr*»lft tltrtb I IITI MMHi AMMUIM Pr«w OK AMM1IMII lll"l Dlllf Ti !·» 4l6it KITMII »f C.r«l«u TV A«»aciiu rt-- « nu · ttlt W thi ·»· «f rtpubliri thf Urtl *··· pnnlM It th't t» ««ll M til A P ·«·· JlOl I rnt lists · ···u. II M M II Jl It · ·« nUlfe W (MnOt. I !·*! HIM. Mi ···!» llf fvtlm ··»»· It W ·-- Ik CItf OttM II J ···" ruiuu roiim r.»i* i · III W ·· V»l" t»l« IM iinitm ·«' W MUU« O. fcf Gt4*l« t f , - tr.tli-l UiKw M«. III Pause and Ponder: -- "H»i« -- Our Anchir Lln«" "flejoice in our hope, be patient in tribulation, he constant in prajer."--Rom. 12:12. r»« The Attack on the Court There ii nn cause to question the .incenty of Senaton Eastland ,| om j c Ir JAME$ MAIILOW I JjJ^'f our P° liei " '' ltiU uplide \ A. r. NEWS ANALYST | e ,"° ilhlak| (he gtnerll public U WASHINGTON * - Thome. E. ig nor , nt cn ihe prospect of lim- Murray hai fired a ihot at a time! i t f d n u c l f r », r _ md how to when the administration it at l e a . t j , re (or it _ but Be blame, going through the motion, of talk-i,,,,, ,,,, y,, ,dmini.tration'« policy Ing with the Russians about b a n - l o f ,, crrcr ning nuclear bomb leita and m a k - 1 p re ,id fn i Truman appointed! Ing atomic weapons. j Murray to the AEC. He hai been Thii ihot m a y not have been in disagreement with other mem- heard around Ihe world but it f t i b r r s of the ARC on Ihe role the lome attention in the Capital, government ihould play in the Murray'a term ii up Sunday a i j p c a c c f u l developmen' of atomic a member of Ihe Atomic Energy | energy. Commission. And President Kiscn- j .s w O f what Murray laid about hower wouldn't re-appoint him. » ihortage of tactical atomic Murray favori banning test, of weapon, didn't bother Secretary of huge nuclear weapons - like the ] Defense Wil.on much. Said Wil- big H bomb exploded in 1954 w i t h ! i o n : "I'm not iure of any program a force equivalent to 15 m i l l i o n ' t h i t I. behind. Whrther you have loni of TNT - but he wants no enough of anything is lomething" ban on testing or m a k i n g smaller i that is the per.onal opinion of an and Johnston In their proposal fnr a romtitutionil amendment that · ould lubject justicn ot the Supreme Court to Senile approval every weiponr. individuil. The»e, M u r r a y layi, are « h i t thii country will need by thf tfni | Lflf lour years. They may honestly conllder their move to be, ai Senitor cf t (,ouiandi in cue of a limited F.aitland hai said, "«n a t t e m p t to save our form of government." ' n u c l e a r wir »i:h " mia. lie w a n t s ! SEATTLE *--Tariime»s in put- To thus alter the Constitution, however, would deal a mere ind thrif imill'r weapons nlockpilfd t m j new license plate tabs on his perhipi fatal Wow to the system of checks and hilincfi which keeps I w i t h the h i j j e r ones - j u f t in ear paid off lor Ken Shyvers. The «ur government on an even keel. To give the Senile power to call the Supreme Court on the carpet periodically would rob the court of ill chief itrength, which is iti firm position outside the arena of politics. Senator Eaitland hai iiid t h a t Ihe court hai become "a policy-; ministration u making body." and that therefore at regular interval, iti I " tmbfr "?. i 'j* in ,{,TM' t ··must he approved by the people or Ihe people'. repre.entative." There n o r j n t of U)f ' car was stolen. Police stopped it to cite the driver for failure to h a v e ion of the way the Eisenhower ad- ] a valid licenie, found it was stolrn about s t o c k - ! f r o m Shyver. and arrested the two And he doein't h a v e a hith opin- By JANE BADS WASHINGTON -- Chief Juitice and Mr.. Earl Warren top the litt of Waihington bigwigi tailing on the Queen Mary July 17 to attend the Joint meeting of the American Bar Ann. and the British Legal Society in I/mdon. Their shipboard companions will nelude Atty. Gen. and Mrs. Her- wrt Brownell and Associate Jus- Ice. Tom Clark and John Mar.hall lirlin and their wive., who are also attending the I-ondcn confer ence, the second of iti kind. The tint wak held a 1« From London the Warreni plan o go to Ireland and Scotland. Mn Warren lay. they are looking for- ard with great plea.ure to the trip. "My husband love, traveling," she told me, "and we've never teen Ireland before. We understand it'i especially beautiful In summer and the weather cool and pleasant." Last year the Warrens toured the Scandinavian countriei. The jus lice', mother was horn in Sweden, ai w a s M r s . Warren. Mr.. Warren and their three daughter^, Virginia, Doroihy and Nina (Honey Bear) went to London for the coronation country to know what they're ing. i l n a r H r.f K d u r . t l o n . S r K r . n l The Joint Congrenional Commit-; rN ',"' ] J?..' 1 ", rll "" Th Vi" J .'"^|ir'r.r t m i , tee on Atomic Energy, whf re | r ,n P ,.,..i bn-ii.t h « . i,..n iui, as just about his last ·' JJ,;,1 ^ £,.", *,?,',,'" i Ii a surface periunivrneis about this argument, but it is hollow within. The Supreme Court can serve the people without fear or favor precisely because it Is not .ubject to the pressures and hara.imenti pf political approval. The move to put the Supreme Court under Ihe t h u m b of Ihe Senate Democrat, predominate, is hiring apring. from dissatisfaction wilh recent decision, of the court. There i. Democrat M u r r a y as a consultant nothing disloyal or dishonorable about objecting to any of the court', i w h e n his term on Ihe AF.C ends ruling., fnr dissent is one nf the privilege, enjoyed by free men - and .tins week preserved, incidentally, by the courts. But to dissent is one thing; to leek to hamitring Ihe Supreme Court U another. Miking this body | lubject to the periodic w h i m of the Senate would be about a. effective U--^- ^ ^-^ fcm ^.^ a muni of hamitringing it ai could he devised. I d r j [ ] f d , n f w | conf , rrnc( ,. 11 Eastland'i or any related idea, prevail such action would reverse . u w n l m u c h n[ f c o n t f r e n c t Ihe trend since the nation was founded. Thit hai been to m a k e t h e | A n Af .q lpfe i,|i, l on clanifled eeurtt more and more independent. j information -- information consid- This ha. been done by the life term, stanen »ilii ·· »upreme court, \ trfl j loo l r c rel to he made pub- and with other federal judges. Salaries have been increased. A wide i|j c _ ,,( beside him and greatly latitude In retirement ha. been given with e«r increasing retirement .limited the answers he could give jtr questions. '"'The same general idea has been extended to Hate iiipreme courts '^^JJJ^^f, 1 ','^ " d 'w! r ».p«cially in regard to pay and retirement, for the same purpoie. All «· i i ] j l f |hll , hf Bplt w , r m , y m _ fort, to improve Ihe courts are in that direction. No state and no con- ! )jnli , H jnf _ (oui!n , with , tomic gre.i has mu.*,; U mike the court, more subject to political tides. | w f l p o n , m ,|l fr t h a n giant .ije An independent judiciary is the basic guarantee of keeping this the ;_ ln( j u,,i w , need to build up a land of the free with liberty and justice for all. jir«...endou. .upply of them. The first move of the authoritarians has been to make captive the y.i» administration has proposed h M U e l H T , u s i n g it a, an inslrumrnl of power and suppreision. l o the Ru-si.n, a stoppage of ,11 Congress, by Itielf usurping judicial power, through influence, cannot correct the litu.tion th.t hai branded the court a "policy miking body." What Ihe critic, really want Is not In flimin.te Ihe "policy "»*· big" phase, but In have the court make their policy. ; ,. Thf ,,,,,,,,, 0 ( ignorance in nf- In natural'lndignatinn at serins communists win a legal victory a n d ; fifi| , rircle , j, |tjll tiy) w j,) f to U.S, Steel Leases Wyo, Iron Ore Areas SALT LAKE CITY 111 - Pl"l »n, .TM ...... .... to lene iron we propertie.louUi Waihtngton lilt. hia wife «aid: |of Under. Wyo., effective July I, were announced here or V. 5. of Qneen Eliiibttb tad nw i bit ef Scotland tbea. When I .uggeited the prepoaed trip would |in the chief Juillce « much-needed opportuoitr to I»r Hide, for i lime, hli heir? burden* ind forget the hullibiloo of "He'i not accustomed to getting a reit. He nerer reiti. He will have hit big brief eaie with him ei always. He nerer stops reading and itudylng." There't no doubt the gentle, home-loving, ever gracioui Mri. Warren will welcome the change. The official and toeial obligitioni of the put month, have been heavier than ever. "It'i a much different life here than when he wa. governor, of California," ihe explained. Though ihe enjoy. Wa.hington, Mr.. Warren uyi ihe doein't think the or the chief Ju.tice will ever get u.ed to being .eptriled from their children, all of whom--with the exception of Virginia, who lives with them in their ill-room Wash- In jton hotel apartment--are In California. Both Dorothy and Honey Bear, who vtTt ma.'ritd in 1933, have been spring visitors In Waihington with their husbandi. Dorothy, M, is the wife of Dr. Carmine D. Clemente, a research professor at the Universty of South- Steel Corp. The 7J-jrear lea.e embracing 1,200 aerei would be ligned with the Ruby Co. of Boise, Idaho. Lei- of Division, made the announcement. Worthington would decide laid U. S. by April 1. Steel 1953. whetler to go ahead with development of the ore reierve. The land ia to Fremont county em California. Honey Bear'a husband. Dr. Stuart Brien, » Beverly Hilli physician, with whom ihe eloped to Lai Vegai ihortly before her lister'i wedding, was leeing the capital for the first time. about M mflet louth ef Leader. The protram. known it the "Atlantic City Project." would become en open pit mine. Since the' lite U 1,300 feet above lee level, U. S. Steel ofQeUli nld it would be the highest altitude large-scale Iron mine in the United SUte«. Worthinstoa taid a tunnel hai been dug and the grade of the ore determined at about « per cent. He laid it it too early to eitimate the amount of ore in the deposit*. Preliminary work hat looked favorable," the company official tald. U. S. Steel aho U talking with Union Pacific Bailroad and the Anaconda Co. about development of .ome titanium ore propertie* owned by those companiei ia the Iron Mountain district near Laramie, Wyo. Colombia it fast eitabliihisi sa automobile assembly induitry, BogoU reports. " ,, -tomlc }R § " lummiry ,,,,,,,,,, , u t f m f n t M u r r l y """··Three'major rulings announced Monday have one common d e - , Borain.tor - they uphold individual right! ·«'' n ' i " hr "TM" "',,'; federal government. Thorough undemanding of Ihi. . h o . I d h a l t hilly rtis'onceptions that the court U being 'soft on communiili or la mo, ing , ·further along Ihe New Dell road.' While liberal, will hall lhe_ court a iction, it. opinion, are basically and soundly conservative. For they mark an emphatic return to constitutional guarantee, " "j^y. . . . . "Similarly It it plain that thi. latest e.pre.sion of Judeial leader ,M P has no kinship with New Deil federali.m. For where th.t was a in the direction of extending federal po«'» "»" Ultit d.ds.oM bmrt e.d censure official interferencr w^lh individual,. They dn'«·''""- riewn New Deal snci.l legislation. They simply say Ihit civil HMrtiei j . 'men! i« in operation...There i« ,1. eon«iderahle evidence the il "t".t Rangely Suit lor $5 Million Said Settled DENVER '* - An attorney for Shell Oil Co. slid Friday a sei- l l f m i n t bis hern reached out of court in i l i \ f million dolar d a m age lull Wed by Shell a f i m s t f t the TrimJrnt Co of R i n j c l y . Donald S Coye. 1-ns Anjrlrs a t - torney for Shell, .aid ihe iuit h«i been "amicably adjuslrd" and Judge Clifford H. Harrow of thf District Court nf Rio B l a n c o mm- 1} ha. ordered the cue dismissed. The luit hid allesed t h i t Me- Laughlin. an oil opcrilor. »nd nlhen refused to sisn an opcrit- ing igreemenl on a 20,000 acre ·lock about X milei west of Meeker in the White River Dome trea. The option agreement, which Included Frontier Helming O., 19 Years Ago jun« n, mi Mi! Alma Gettman. eldest d a u g h t e r of Mr. and Mr. Jacob r.rttmin of Mllhken. ind Cheiter H e d m i n . son of Mr .and Mrs. Will i » m R e d m i n of near Greeley, w e r e united in marline Tuesday by Justice of the Peace Klbert English. The bride his lived at Milliken a number of y e a r s and attended high school there. The couple will live on l ranch n f i r Greeley w h e r e fledmin has employment. Experienced executive, are in J i n m a r k e t it 700 Tenth itreet. The meat department of the new super m a r k r l will be under the direr- lion of John E. Mathews. Cliff Currey, who returns to Greeley a f t e r four y e a r s in Penm, till ] I h a t e charge of the grocery department. Currey, before going In Denver, wa. fir four yean the second man it the Eighth itreet store of Safeway, lifore thit ht wii with Ihe Greeley enamtry. Advire " C o V e ' V i i d paper, now have i much that Gulduee Director Ve»- -been executed aid delivered andiBeth Maranlette of SinieU High Shell ii proceedint In drill in the ichool doein t give advjee ibwt. He even keep. ealilo|i of mto pani and accesioriei in hii office so he em tell aaxinui young hot not they're A firm in Goteborg. Sweden, has erdered /our kvilt loeallT. a.fWton V tankeri j rodderi whether or I tctlina- ie«d »in. MISTER BREGER .Ht 1MWABUU MftN N RRSDWTfc WSTUSM fo*P. PIP vo u . total ef M» mmunitatloni wirt ad- mlnlstirtd In tbt Crit- tr ictiMls during thi »$«J7 Matter Of Words ALF ACRE CASTLE HOW 00 l/WUl-THECES A \U-BOT F HE urr of DIFFERENCE! MUCH ttPEUlX ON HOW A£E tCU SU£E (XI PICKED OUT A COOT CELIAfiuE HE WCrTE.6 UP OUC Mt- WVintl ur wu , TAMIL-T (VSCKOBOUND/ PLA.CEAOCT1 MML1NTHC Ocrr. THt FLkNTCAN ocrrrs NtCEKARY iCOH TfiOM THE NAIU/ BY HAM FISHER HOW HORRIBLE! OK 1'Al.OOKA EVOrrTHUS 8 WORWH6 EvW KTTW THAN 1 H*O PIANNED; «u wni. nor HAVI TO naff THE Accimsfo joe PAIOOKA.KM KNMOC ACCtPTEO *H CHALLENE PtWWWaY- TUtUTTUFOOl.; fLf DO HOT WOUIW. I HAVt AiWHYS MPT H -Kf \ (Mlf 10 TAIWM C£»OTON_IAMMADY Jfl-S CAW?, rrt.-YCUR -N j^iAM b FINISH IMAVWMWOANSW.'J THE008-.K .· SO THATS THfASSASSW MCWHOWUlU.' Desert Landing SCOUCIIY SMITH DID ANYONE 8ETUKN A PACKAGE MARKED EXPLOSIVE » Watch It, Ralph! DICKIK D A R K M O D E S T M A I D E N S - 5.1*3 BO»E MO ME . .THE COKTRAST SICKEMS l!nO JAIL VIKME. h eooo-twB TO »V".OU« FRIEND 3OKE A«D I VlERE READY TO M|JtDEJ? IH AUfJUCAN HISTW TH'NOKU OH.WAJ.-- ON wir TM' K1LU/- *IT, who»« dale are you, »ayw»y'

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