Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 3, 1970 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1970
Page 28
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Page 28 GREELEY TRIBUNE Wed.. June 3. 1970 Cincinnati Owner Dale May Testify in Lawsuit By MIKE RATHET ifor baseball's defendants, esti- Associated Press Sports Writer muted it would be the end of the NEW YORK (AP) - The de-|week or the first part of next feiise in the Curt Flood case was|week before the defense had ex- expected today to put on thejhausled its list of witnesses, stand Cincinnati owner Francisj Also scheduled to testify today Dale, one of a steady stream ufjwas John Gaherin, chief labor negotiations and said, as far as baseball officials testifying that | negotiator for the owners, the sport cannot exist without! In testimony Tuesday during the controversial reserve sys-jthe case in which Flood is clial- lem. jlenging baseball's reserve sys Mark Hughes, chief counseHem, the defendants called King .. iDevine, general manager of the St. 'Louis Cardinals. Devine traded Flood to Philadelphia in the transaction that provoked the suit. Also called were NBC broadcaster Joe Garagiola and Joe Cronin, president of the American League. Devine said it was his opinion Wildlife Willie by Charl«* Hj»ltt IN 1970, A PARKS PASS STICKER IS REQUIRED FOR U COLORADO PARK AND RECREATION AREAS. COST IS J5.00 PER CAR PER YEAR OR $1.00 PER DAY. AREAS ARE: body probably would be happy." Cronin also testified that the sport needs the reserve system,j said he didn't think players were in a weaker bargaining position than the clubs in salary i ^** lie knew, players were "as satisfied as satisfied could be' 1 with their salaries. Denver Bears Bow, \ to ] By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: t n a t "trading contracts of play- Evansville won a 5-2 victory, e r s plays ., comparable roll io over Western Division leader |p| ;lvei . development" in building Oklahoma City Tuesday night! a t' eam He " as the Omaha Royals whipped lCa ,. dina j s nad spent Wichita, 2-1, and Iowa beat Den-;| ion f n r D i aver devcl( revca | ed t h a t SI .75 million for player development and ver. 4-3. lacquisition last vear. The only other game of the 1 night, Indianapolis at Tulsa, was postponed due to rain. Evansville's victory camel after Luke Vassar h i t ' a three-i when , . ,-. h j M , - , ,, ,, , ,, , run homer m he eighih mnmg., ,, h « c ,, becamcj * It was the fifth lass m a row\^ M o u [ will , lh( , c . irds ,, . ,, . , · , ! for the 89ers, who lead lhe ; j l ] , he . CSL Results Paul's Place 8, Garnsey- Wheeler 2. Paul's scored five runs in the third inning w i t h ! Bill Hragu's home run the keyi hit. Charlie Carlson and Bragg had two hits, while Gary son slugged a Iriple. Kd grass got two of G-\\"s four hits, while John Cantrcll doubled. The Faucet tional Bank, pitched 1. BONNr 2. BOYD 3. CHERRY CHEEK 4. CKAWFORD 5. GOLDEN GATE CANYON 6. GREEN MOUNTAIN 7. ISLAND ACRES 8. JACKSON 9. LATHROP 10. NAVAJO 11. RAMAH 12. RIFLE GAP 13. SWEITZERLAKE 14. VEGA Daw- Snod- 18, Cache Xa- 0. Jim Nelson .- PERMIT'S MAY BE OBTAINED FROM STORES WHICH SELI HUNTING AND FISHING LICENSES. ONE PASS IS GOOD TOR ALL PARKS AND AREAS. With Officers f . Thtft Reported Adam Kildow, La Salic, told sheriff's officers earlier this week that some fence posts and a keg of nails we're stolen from his property, lie gave officers description of the pickup and driver involved. Vandals Damage Car Mrs. Raymond Hoyt, 402 2i)lhj n jgi,j a f[ er j le j l;u | K \ n ve.. told sheriffs officcrs|j uvcn ji c boys away f Ave Tuesday her son's car was vandals while it damaged by was parked at West High School. Vandalism on Farm tons of cigarettes from the station. Clutch Taken Jessie Silva, lit. 2, Greeley, told officers Tuesday a clutch for a 19WI Ford station wagon was stolen from a truck at 720 12th St. Attempted Break-in at School Ron Moody, custodian at Scott E1 e m e 111 a r y School, called police to the school Tuesday chased four juvenile boys away from the building when he found them trying to break into the school. Bicycle Thefts Mark Norwood, 914 24th St., m , ,,, .,,, ,,. rm · jlluld police Tuesday his bicycle The Sheriffs office received ', , from 2418 9th Ave ,· ol vandalism ,,,,,,,, ,, . a farm soutli- a report Tuesday to buildings on jwest of Ciilcresl. Break-in Near Eaton George Vigil, Ault. Greg lioehni. 1420 32nd Ave., Mesa Vs. Mesa In Juco Play · s h e r i f f ' s officers Tuesday .someone broke into a building : he owns east of Eaton and a ; television set and record player 'were stolen. : Burglary at Mead ; Mona Danos, Mead, reported Jo (he Sheriff's office Wed- .jncsday morning the Mead Inn had been broken into. Mo other In the Courts DISTRICT COURT Divorces Granted Two divorces were granted by Judge Roy M. Briggs in District Court. They were: Mrs. Betty Filliian, 1010 18th St., from Robert W. Fithian on grounds of mental cruelty. The mother was awarded custody of the three children. Mrs. Geraldine M. Green, 1721 26th Ave. C't., from Earl P. Green on grounds of mental cruelty. Custody of the two minor children was given to the mother. Green was found in contempt for failing' to comply with a Dec. 19 order of the reported the theft of his bicycle!court and sentenced to 60 days .,,,,,, ,,.__! «.._ .._,i r,--' in county jail. The sentence was from 1223 2nd Ave., and Dave Will, Harrison Hall said his told bicvcle was stolen from Troxel Hall. a 3-hitler for t h e ' Faucet. Dennis Walsh got twn : Devine also revealed, under |,j ts anc i £core d lour ruiis while, cross-examination, that he ha:! Hllss strole tripled, doubled; G R A N D JUNCTION. Col o ..tough defense to lake the !exerc.sed the option renewal^viTM a ,,d singled, lie scorcd'fAP) _ Mesa Community Col-|tory. as did Gary | og( , or Mrsai A r i z ; ,,, d M e s a j Hur]el . M j k e pfi(7er information available. Stolen Car Recovered Greeley Police early Wed-:TM"! 1 immediatelylSlh SI. · | Injured .Denver, i City Traffic Accidents Two persons were reported injured in an accident at 2:1.6 p.m. Tuesday at l l t h Ave. and were Eugene Ball, suspended to and until imposed by the court. Divorce Complaints Five divorce complaints were filed in. District Court. They were as follows: · · Thomas L. Mitchell of Carr against Mrs. Janie Ester Mitchell. They were married in Greeley Aug. 29, 1964, and have two children. Mrs. Marlene Rae Cook, 1301 14th Ave., against Michael D. Cook. Married in Greeley Dec. thron i clause '" the Player's contract|t|, rce u mes 11 I I *-*- I , , , U n n , , 1 n r Y r r n . t D I - . U I ^ \ ] ! ,, _ " ~ H | fanned Salle had TM p r l e d s t o t e in passenger in a 19G8 14, 19G8. they have one child, en by Randolph J . j Mrs. Mary Grace Hal!, 3012 '7",.: Crest. Denver,' and Francesls. 11th Ave., against Oliver " '"'·'-'-;. 1022 1st St., passenger!Edwin Hall. They were married by David A.!Jan. 14, 1939, and have one.child who lead the: Western Division by 5'i games.; Vassar's blast highlighted a j four-run Evar that overcame a 2-1 City lead. The their series in Oklahoma tonight. It was a two-run double in the eighih that gave the Royals a ;College of Grand Junction, Colo.! seven Columbia batters and the'siiile'aiid a juvenile was taken! 0 '' 1 TM'. 1 : 112 Jlh Ave. Greeley Pawn Shop 16. Farm-; c !ash tonight in the final gameiMesa defense kept him out of into custody. ! Da . ma S e to llle vehicles was jhand 10. Jess Ramirez scored'of the N'nlinnal Junior College|trouble most of the way, even; ···· · - -· · ;n "^ " s ' ut i. ·four runs and Perry Dclfick and 1 Baseball Tournament here. i though Columbia raked him for! Under the clause'a player isJGeorge Tcllez each got three: M esa. Ariz., slammed Colinn-jlO hits. ! leading lhe victory. Jess;i,j a s\ ;i \ e Community College ofj Mik e Turner took the loss for' -' tripled and smgled.icolumbia, Tenn.. 5-1 Tuesday|the Tennessee team. j lie explosion: automallcall ' re-signed. One oljhils in leading lhe victory. Jess:i )ia Sl!lle Community College of 2-1 Oklahoma; 1 ' 16 ke . vs '" floods suil is lhe|Villareal tripled and singled.icolumbia, Tenn.. 5-1 Tuesday teams dose contention that when a player is.iwhile Ray Olander and Chuck' n j g hl in the semifinal round of klahoma City."' ade(i without his permission|Root each doubled and singled'ihe double-elimination playoffs. ' ;ius rights are violated. |for Farmhand. I The Colorado school' entered who is now an adult. Mrs. Shirley Mae Dilka of u ,, . , TM. .Evans against Jerry Clinton Wheel Covers Stolen i A non . in j m , y acc ident was re-i Dilka. They were married at Tuesday, police received^ a; ported a( 7:5 ' 2 a m Tuesday at Brighton Jan. 5, 1968, and have Involved were: a sedan driven' Mrs. Yolanda Perez Tobar j l h e Edwards Chevrolet lot at| '721 lOlh St. Flood also i? contending thai he option renewal clause en- Wk:!,ita'.'"'as""Royalsl il , bk ' s lhc sport to operate in re' wltllln ""' . . . . . ,,.,, . , pitcher Don O'Riley allowed 7 t r a l n l °, f eight hits. Dennis Paepke dou- ramework of the reserve sys- bled as the winner, offsetting Sam's Produce 15. Greeley'the finals with a record identical to Mesa. Ariz., but came into the finals as the bye team, by virtue of a coin toss. The Arizona team capital- Evans To Tell Plans Attempted Break-in y Kim Brent Jamison, Mc- iCowen Hall, which received SMfl (damage, and · - ' 1809 sedan, C.arngiola. a fnrmrr catcher ^ a ^ m; [ Bank 4. Sam's had two li-run innings with Bob Fry garnering two doubles and a single to lead the way. Lyle Vannesl scored i Wayne (Iceman of Makers, | Robert Keith Robson, COLORADO SPRINGS (API--;281(i ioth St.. reported Tuesday!Grand Teton Rd., S700. 472G Three-term Rep. Frank Evans/someone had D-Colo., will announce his po-ibreak into the litical plans here Friday, his of-!about $40 damage. attempted to store, causing solo homer by Wichita's Frank. Baker in the eighth. G e o r g e Green hit rally. The fourth game of the series!",!' w "» «»y»"ng ciiuereni. ii| D a r r y l Bunting smacked a tonight finds Omaha ahead with', tllc - v TM a "8 c TM mmc - cvcl ''-,] lomo ,,,,,. dol ,'i,i c an( | single.' l l l ( ! two wins against Wichita's one. ------.»-- .......r/.ijuic], . ored three runs. Mellized on lhe strong hitting of " (1 JcS3 shockley cadi'Demis Kcudrick and Marty] '1 fice said Tuesday. The statement said Evans i«' Speedometer Stolen Robert \V. Pnrlcn. Trnxel Mendez, 3910 W. 20th St., against Jesse Mendez. Married at Arapahoe, Okla. Dec. 29, 1902, they have four children. Immigrant Inventor MASERU -- Lesotho, one ofj TROY, N. Y. -- Henry Burthe world's poorest nations, is'den, an immigrant from .surrounded by one of lhe .Scotland, in 1825 invented a r i c h e s t -- ' South Africa. .machine for making railroad 50 a minute. Eight he invented the first horseshoe-making Amazon island of!do's 21 southeast counties in had been stolen from a pickup; And though Denver halted an [ "T"hp Iowa "home run streak at nine i is, trie Oaks still hung for|' Berrv homered in ihei M a r a J°' "' here sonie run wild'Congress. He is from Pueblo, [parked at his home, while Larrv Cox hit two ! a n d are lno favorite target of So far, no Democrats have an- Battery, Cigarettes Sti Vims in i h n ' i n n i r m I ivrv'hunters. Commercial dairvmen nounced for the nomination. Bub Henry of 'Brenlw Itounh. j , ]nmc n||]s in |hc ·· im]m Lam . American Association Standings By The Associated press wutern Division cilv 23 ,X"; i f 0el ' ' ' ' fielder'sVS,'^ games, their Victory. The W i n n i n g mill .. PT,, f , , | came in the fifth on a double; by Wayne Norton after Den-'^.,.,,, ver's Bill Whitby had walked:' one and given up a Choice ' Oaks r e l i e v e r Bob Stick-:io«n els stranded four Denver run- i ITM' ners in the final two innings to n '"-' protect the victory for Darreih ii Osteen. Slickels came on after | i Osleen had allowed Denver'.-- f i - ' im , , . . nal run, hut with runners on iM. first and third. "' The two Oaks pitchers galh- ; ciiy ered in a total of 12 slrikcouts.'J! Tonight. Iowa again hosts ' 3wil '" i ''' 1 1A " Min ''" "' """'"' IS """' Denver and Indianapolis plavsi Thursdays Games T , ' ' · . at lUlSa. olen dairymennounced for the nomination. Bob Henry of liren wood 6C ; ···' Hill and Art Amijo each g6tj"' h ° lllilk domesticated buf-j Six Republicans are seeking Service Station 2339 iird Aye -i double "iid s'mele for Monfort I f a l n p s "Pi'rate mostly in Sao'lhuir party's nomination for.reporled Tuesday someone had ! ITEL 24 Albertsons 12. Ralph! Paulojtale. _ I Evans' seal. _ 'slolen a battery and five car- ° B : R o p c r and Keith Ferguson! s;.' 1 scored four runs each for ITEL. 1 in! '; Ferguson had a triple and three C H E V R O L E T Power-glide and Turbo-Hydramntic TRANSMISSION SERVICE EDWARDS CHEVROLET 721 lOfh St. IT ITi ..1115 Eastern Division^ ~"^ G|j ! 3 jn K les while Roper had a home 27 n ' ' "' B , d . ly . s m,. .iiav.w w. ,1 ,ii,.v :i.n. 1W ..... """ M1 " "" run and two singles. Ed Suppes v J ; slugged a triple, two doubles " l a n d a single. Steve Tallhanson j?nl four successive singles, and iJcrry Truber hit a home run. rain |-| ilV e Alters got a double and j Tiiuvtwo singles for 1TKL. Ron l\o-; ,!,,,,,,,'lii'i-R hit a home run and double for Albertsons, and Steve Baumgartner got a double and two ".singles. Lvs Taylor collected .three singles in four times at inat. AAONTCO/I/VE Carmine A--Money Man in a Sulky By FRANK ECK . I to Yonkers is OK but it you, traffic. You're on (he run all the AP Newsfeatures Spoils Editor drive from Freehold to Roosev-ilime as it is. YONKERS, N.Y. (AP) --' c ' ( Raceway out on Long Island' "When the horses are pacing "When you get hoi, people use;." 111 ra » f',o mils fighting the!.,,,,, tl . oltillg nn LonR i K ] an d my you more." It was Carmine Abbatiello's modest way of saying when you win you get more harness horses to drive for other train- ,, ,, , i where he nns l)oen hind the shafts of sulkies for WARDS RIVERSIDE 4-SQUARE PASSENGER | TIRE GUARANTEE family and T live in Westhury He has won the Roosevelt! driving t i t l e the last two years.I BOSTON (AP. - Larrv Ei-i I f 1 . IC continues his present' , ,, , , . , .,,nha,,er. a star defensive cn,l,P are '^"!.^.^ ^°± crs and owners. And that s ox-. lhroughmlt most of his ninc _ VL , ar actly what the 34-year-old tram- cflreel . w j t h (hc HoKlon p atriotSi . er-driver has been doing since., )as rctircd frnm pl . n foo thall S1X ' ears - i the 1970 season opened at Koos-, c j l]e )o recun -ent problems from ftigh' now ne is tnc 1:)osl in.lhe; evelt Raceway and then shifted| a ]!)67 j. n( , c j n j u ,.y ibusincss for he is leading for the! here - i ' Kisenhauer. now 30. joined thc!!? 7! !.. drivin ? lill . c( i n lh ° H' S '' When April rolled arannd.! pa|riofs of^TM t l l n S f s ''°TM l n n . r a t m f?' Carmine A had 99 winners. On;, h e l r cxistonco in t h c - f o r m c r j \ V h e n he had 101 winners his 'purses totaled $29o.48(i. At t h a t j rate he will have a million dol-' cu'rpn, Itltlnl prke Iplul frdrra on, f i \ \ ' y 7 DAYS ONLY! RIVERSIDE RUNABOUT 4-PLY NYLON CORD BODY! [AtlONWIDE SFRVICF. GUI lar year. The slock he drove in earned $1.217,(ill/, fourth April 11, he had 108 winners and 1 4mcrican Football League. then the darling of the $2 betlorsi fell into somewhat of a slump,; ,, 4 T V i n F c.., p ,i pll ( A P ) going four straight nights with- N .^ ^ The slock he drove in 1969, out a winner. r . C ! f ^ * " " n t e" n M( ' torcvt '| c earned $1.217,li07. fourth best, "I'll come out of it," Carmine ''· , c,^^.^' championshini n m i ) n R '-·STA competitors for A said. "You get spells like " lis - : T U osdav night' when 'ivan Man-!" 1 " 5 r ' eilr - " was " 10 six "' ''""' n ' : I had 305 winners last ' ear ' : ner '., n '^[Ronnie Moore record'ed' 1 ' 1 ''TM' ' IU( ' P assec ' " lat P' le "i third best in the sport. I figure T:8 ' , ( fjv( , 01| , of s i x : nomenal mark. ; must ride eight winners a week hea(s ^^ speclators 1 Carmine began 1970 with 1.318 during the combined 315 nights;, · . h n l w( , a | h(M . at lhe , 0 . career winners and !54 million in! of racing offered between nr ; s| . 1(]iun / purse money. People are start-j and Roosevelt. Right now T ' m ' Sw( , den au | 0ma iically .1 uali-'in!'Io call liim Mr. Money Bags! about six wins off the pace l ; ; d fn| , , hc f i n a l ;ls hns f cnuntl . v i n ' a sulky. i hope will bring 400 winners. : am] pl . ici , (| S1 , ( , oml .,,, ea( | ,; f Carmine is one of the most ac-| That's Carmine's goal and he :En; ,] aiK | and Scotland. 'live catch drivers which means! believes he can make it. The. ' . 'he drives other trainers' horses; only other time one driver rode: SA ^ Y)IK(',0 i A I ' 1 - Ron:besides those he Iniins for seven! 400 in one year was in 19C8 when^jjj. perennial all-slar offensive owners, including the Fair Acre Canadian Herve Filion hit the j,,,.^,, j n n, e m-y^ar hisiory of.Farms of Freehold, line first 407 times. But Filion.,j l e American Football League^ Five'times since 1Mi5 he has seemed to be riding all over lhe: as a i; an niego Charger, has had one of those rarities--four| map. driving in the daytime at'i )cen | r ,. H |ed to the Oakland winners in one night. But lastj Freehold, X.J., and then h's--r{;,j ; | ( , rs for Iwo draft choices, 1 December he had Io fly to Wind-i tling off to other day and night : ,, ]f , chargers said early Wednes- sor. Out., for his best perform-j racing plants in the east. .,j av _ ' ance. He drove in live races and' "It's a tough schedule." snysi A' Charger spokesman said,won them all. "That was the; Carmine Abbatiello, a native of n, e R ai( |cr.s will give San Diego:most satisfaction I ever got as a · 5-row tread design for traction · L i f e t i m e r o a d hazard guarantee · 24-month tread wear-out guarantee 6.50-13 TUBELESS BLACK PLUS 1.78 F.E.T. TUBELESS OLACKWAIL SIZE 610 13 7 35 U 775 !4 __7_75JS PRICE f A C H 13.00' 11.40' 16.40* 16-40'_ ·W.tli tradr m \.io f.E.T. |1 TUBEL EACH ' EACH "~i7a~ 2 0 4 2 17 ^^J?J D L A C K V iir e is 8 158 558 45 olt youi cm. Wh.lev SALE PRICE EACH M.T. IACH EACH HI-WAY COMMERCIAL FOR SMALL TRUCKS SPORTS CAR NYLON FOR IMPORTS · 4-ply nylon cord body for strength ANY » 30-month tread SIZE wear-out guarantee F 44* pliti 1.37 1.84 19 88 In menu Itliiinu A 2-2 yrs. 1!»4S. Tljo tl«pt It'll ThP loss loved ? And tt-hil fill SlP His morn iii'v nf our f;itii( IJIiikr, \\ lln If! 1 HKO lod.-iy, .hiiui h of sorrow* can n , of our fittlicr \ ^11 \V(11. · : hi: slfi-i". :i pfin 'p orv w f i-li;ili iil'A H ·r. us ·1. Hi · * ' · ys Port Kichinnnd, Statcn Island undisclosed "hut hish" draft driver, sas r armim: A. who has a horse farm nt Coll's.ehoires in 1071 and 1972 for Training and d r i v i n « i s n t as. Neck N . 1 C.oing from Kreeholdjihe services of Mix, 31, who simple as it looks. Carmine.i - - · · · ; annniiiici'd his retirement lasl : worked seven years as a groom ( \ if,.,,. , i for his older brolher, Anthony. \ Q W) . i M j x \ vh) ha ,| as ked Ihrjiwlio is 39. before he started toi -J" ''lemoriam l n |n ; crs ,,, | radc or sell him ; rain and driviv Tony trains ami! bil ·'" "" l t n ,·,.;, Ncvv York .lets, said he'drives and has 30 horses linden 'learned of the trade Tuesday his care al his own Five Tom! I on! has nut decided whelher he l''ann Ihree miles from Coll s .will oniie mil nf retirement l -Vck. -'··'· M«"- :t " ! ' s""!! 1 ' 1 ' 1 : ! play for Oakland. brolher. jnsl wanls to t r a m and: | K . .. !,,. has eii;hl horses Io worry 'Pools Popular ; "' T '"!i,, in( , h , ,| 1C morning and 1 JOHAXN'ESBL'RG. R o u t h driving at night is a six days a Africa -- Home swimming pools week job. Cawrmine A is off on ! are being built here a! the rale Sundays. It will bo that way for of 11 a day. Some ?.2.flftO home Carmine Abhnliclln until Dec. 12 k f p p . . , |, nn | s | );)vc heen huilt here since when the New York harness chmir.'n'1md L'n.mlnPi,!,-,, Wolid War II. raring w-ason ends. 6.70-15 nylon plus 2.40 F.EX Low-initial-cost tires have irregular grooves for traction and skid resistance. Nylon cord body. TunriESs SIZE 5.20-13 H .90-13 60- U 50-15 135,300 ANY SIZE 17 44 * M.T. EACH 1.37 1.54 UJ 1.42 ·With hndc m o(f your to TUBCLESS BLACKWALL SIZE 55-15 U5i3BO 560 15 590 li 6.00-15 ANY SIZE M.T. IACH !.42~ 1.42 175 1.88 I.B6 . Wlillrwalli S3 mora fOih. 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