Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 15, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 15, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO' ' . ' ' · · · . · ('·^·^^^··-·^'··: ".'·'·'· '"· - ? " ' ; -.:.·'·'-'·· ·'; .'Lii$ : diaCE8-(llrM.):8UN-HEWSl: When Couple Wish to Adopt Child, Agencies Demand Careful Survey By IIAVI1) TAVUHt M A I I K E AI Kiliirnllnn Kttttnr mature, flexible, warm h u m a n hc- . . . · , . , , , ; Jiififi who tan untlei stand Lhc needw : y [ . u y t .decided ro adopt Q of ffl|lolhep ,; |JB[ H P a liig. excited feeling (lb , e )(| K a t i H r y Uiem Agencies like to lake care of Once the decision is made by JHIH bund iind wife, you btgln lo feel thai llfp has taken on now meaning, with t h a t little one practically in UK? nursery already. Tint, warns Ruin Carnon. \\-hn has written a Public A f f a i r s pamphlet, "So You Want To Aiopt A Baby." iiiin'i '.!'-c!'Je:wlifiUier '" ' iiiiifHjry is to ho pink or blue yet. Tlmie's many a hitch between ; dcfift'e for ii (rliild and getting ono t i g h t away. ".So You \Vant To Adopt Knb.v," is ti book which Hhould j f i n i carefully by people who want ;i baby. 7( describe;? the place of thf: l e g i t i m a t e sucial agency in the · adoption procedure, the protection it .-ifforilH bolli lhu parents and the child, and t h e risltK of taking a i hild w i t h o u t such protection. A gucd nilriptlrin ji^-nry Is it s|irrlHlIsl In the way* (if human'-:, t h r - ' a i i l h o r nays. The seemingly i-ndlcss rcil lapi- pro- ci'iluri' It fnllim-s \n n-iilly for .vrmi- proli-rllcn. SHI- add*: "An agency takr.M tinit' to study I In- i hild. tn imilte as .-inn; us puw- iiililc Dial adopting pari'iiU will not. hnve Ktitne u n k n o w n grief a- honil of Ihi-iii, ]ik* n fhllil's mind I l K l t Ilt'VM- .l.'V.'lopH. I f t h u i - h l l l l has .sninc h a n d i n i p , lllu- deafncKs i i n r.xainplc, it Ki'cks n.loptlng par- t-iilK who will nrccpl this b a n d i r a p 1 unil know IHAV in hHp the child to a f u l l lifii in .nplh* nl It." Of course, tin agency takes n g'lod loolt nt would-be parents, too. I I wanlH to innkc aiire the baby i;! gelling n break nt.'io. One of the Iiitrd'-st thltigh Inr n d o p l l i m imrents lo iinclerslatid Is -- W h y - l h i - Imby Hhorlagc'.' Tiny li;ihics nrc so niiicli In dc- niiiiiil t h a t Iliert- n r r never cniingli to yo aniline). There Ih It-ss rlianiT of it slnirliice HH fur an yuii me ijnieerilei) U you do nut Insist npiMi ii ncu'-hnni Juihy. A IrglLiiiuiU ngi:ney, nays Alisr C'aiMin, will ask (some rather per* w i i i i i l (]ii»rfiioiin of you. Your warm- l i c a i h - i l i-iigeinew.-! lo havy a c h i l d , in nut otuiiigh. 11 wnnls VDU If) be people who cannot have children of their own for some valid physical jcason. They advise you lo seek competcnl medical assistance first. Mitt why the long wall for child, you will ask. Legitimate agencies, points out Miss Csrsn^, foHov/ the laws of their stittcs and make rules respecting religion and race. You may have to wall until one of your f a i t h Is available. Then agnin, a child may be walling for adoption find yet not he suited lo you. A ·lark-hatred, dark-skinned child in a f a m i l y (if redheads would stand out as different. What he needs desperately is to belong. The kind of family life you lead, the, slcHdincsH of your In- cmne'Oifit Hm ainmmt you earn) your ages, your health, tlie. way In which yoii live In your home, all are factors lo lie ^onsldcrcd. j On the other hand, the agency I pcjnds considerable time f i n d i n g ! out as much as possible about'the child. This in form till on is passed an lo you. -By t h e time you get lilm you'll know his temperament, Ills good and bad ^oinln. You'll b« ready to take o n - t h e job of be- ng father and mother to him.. A d v e r t i s i n g Students Campaign For Local Business Eight members of the retail advertising class at New Mexico AM college have completed a practical ii.sslgnniunt in advertising 1 planning. The dans, under I i i H l i u c t u r G. A, Lnckwnod, conducted a series of ads for UK; Nash Motor Service Co.. uf L»s C I U C U H whit h ban bi-en running in series In the Las Cru- ci;tt Hun-N'eWH. Mi-mhrr.4 oi 1 the State College arc 15mlie Hernard, Edward Cox, LIIOI- Carcla, Ci'iiz M a r t l n ('/., M a r v i n Mnsscy, Frances Mo riec and riuirlcH U t t o n . KIDS UNDER 12 FREE--WHEN WITH PARENTS . . ! OPEN 7 P. M.-SHOW STARTS u.jeooNtotiicuout -.r. ' TONITE AND MONDAY NITE! Plus "WHY KOREA?" - CARTOON - NEWS Slate Employment Service Receives WSPG Application New Mexico Slate .Employment Service, 246 Las Criicca avenue la taking applications for the following job openings at Vyhite Samli Proving Ground. ; \ Photogrnphers. $2,87.0 .to J3.100 per year, combination '.welders 5J.68 up per hour, machine :nm sliop maintenance mm $1.73 per hour up, sheet metal workers able lo do fabricating $l!77 .pci*. hoyi up, radio repairmen ji;73 per hour up, and n telephone -wlrd chlcjf $2.13 per hour up. .. There are' still openings?' for stenographers, typists, electrical eltctronicH cnHlncerH and warehouse shipping and · receiving clerka witli ^oud experience. " ~ While Sands Proving Oround Is expanding and has openings for ippllcanta who meet : the cxpcr- encc rcrjulremenla; Those whp do lot meet the experience requirement cannot be employed ajid jnly cause added, work and. delay to t h e employment of experienced personnel. Applicants do not have to pay a fee to. any one for/Staining, a position at White Hands, according to information received by George Ucrlhclon, manager ;if the Las Cruces office of the State Employment Service. Civil Service applications can be obtained at the Slate Employ- nt Office. Appllcnntfl will be directed as how to f i l l in the instructions nn the civil service form. Just H61e In I t A H E M I l t D S MELFOUT, Sn«U. (/^l, -- Four HudHoninn ijodwits, a species - o f bird believed nenrltiff. extinction RUHc of t h e i r rftrity, wore 'observed near litre recently. STILLWATKR^ OKla '.7- Clay Potts can ' fcoii 1;ODO · persona as easily an ft;ho|JRCwife:cBjri: feed her brood. '-- -and. foir ft,sloyc''.rie. 'needs nothing more !thfth * '.hole, in the gnound, · ' ' · ;." ; . ', - · .".. ,-.. · Potts,; ,wh6se" ; riktrie; is/-Hyh6ny- mnus with 'burhccue, In/ptcfcUioma. needs 'just-'-24.--hours, to.-.-turn ; oul enough ·' barbecue · ari'd trirnmings for any -number/of' hearty ciicra. The ri?-year-old cook is director of nhorl coui'fleA, at. pklfthorp* M college. He'arranges bayhc/ ii hobby. "' ·'· . . ·While Potts ..-ha. 1 ! pjeksec] r rji6re t h a n 000,000 persons with, hia'bar- becue trie past.20-yearn, he reached tl)e ;'pcak. of thc : . nocial scale la,sl yjiar* ' He ha.pdlcU^H' .'barbecue f o r - Washington dignitaries. It was fiponsorcd. by .Oklahnma Seri»tor Robert S. Kcrr and was an kll-Oklahoma fe'cd . ~ "even down to thcvonlqns. .K-'' . Stsrtu In--^AO» ^:, ; --',i; '· : \ '. ; " , ' .His hobby,'fj.ta.rtcd back In 1 1030 when jiG^fpuml; tliat; a' fuil alalc of important ··'speakeni was not enough tp.hold a crowd, at a col- cge or cxtgnaion (Jivlfiibn activity. Potts decided food would .do the trick and .that liarbecu'e : was the anflwer.' He set about 'studying all methods and a system for .serving n large; hungry crowd quickly.'; Potts 'reasoned that'.ho ihaitcr .How: gpod It is, the-^meat _won't 'taste right if/servlng'-ls too'tilow. Thjrty,'Iorig enough-fo anyonjiHb: wait in a chow line. . Npw he can serve "4,T)06 persons in -JO.'minute's --.all .with'hot bar- becu'e-"and!,the v trimmings."'. -: VtPft Serve-Mwlp .'· . . · ; . - · ; · · " · · »; ^ottis - decided the ^moat would taal'4'b'eiter, top, If the folks'.know and'like the waiters.. So'^vherever he. handles a 'barbecue,' he makes sure .all tlie prominent '. citizens inciudihg Chamber'.of Cp'mriierce officials, bankers .and preachers help pi'epan! and serve the "meal. ·· He's''tlie itind cf executive, wljq Iclegates authority iHit : -is". alwitys -eady'td take over in cf^c^'so thing 1 goes wrong.... '··_. ' · ' ( · ^. There arc two JichpolJ^of uio'ught barbecue: .One-,,contends the meat' should, h'n cooked .with" the. sauec.- : The other ...favors slowly cooking thc-rncat in'.Us own juices, then Icttirig'the hungry.diner ncld the saut r c. -potts favored the latter method." . . : .. He digs a"; trench and burns'hard wdotl- 1 until (here arc 18. inches, of coals. -The meat is.wrapped with 7fCH(///FREEMOVIETICKETDAYS! , \M,;HAM ^.ii RCCCIM FUR. A FREF T'CKET T 0 AiMOTHCR 5HOW I parchrncnt crinkle paper, then burlap arid _soakcd in water to'keep from 'patching I'lvc; It .is. placed on ttic coals and the pit' covered for .seven hours, ' . " '!- '. ' ·Men t'-'iii'.'ifnicy^ .'y . v .'. When' it is. laken. ont-(and un. covered the. ji!icy,^hot rare hut ' a - , light golden brp\yn - that : niakcB,;yhu .want to] eat-.-twlce : as muchi .as you can hoick- ; . '.··;''·', '·· Potts-alsq' hits perfectQ^ : .hp' own barbcjiu'e.sauce, wfiicli is'mlld but t h e , perfect co^inplcm'enL. to the meat. :\ t .;'' · /·""*- : -i. / - . · · ' ·/ .-.'' . -To/go la long .witKi-'tne : .bAfbecue, Potts'., has ^imprpvedj. on-./llie-: ~ "* rllans' 'tnethptl of roistingy4xjir barbecues,-.-com-' in .ihe-'^iHfie . pit [ that is'V tiacd fpr;^.-^icat.-, -Jt conies 'but tcnd.!r afuT''juicy.'.aficr 'cooking Ih;thc^x*Sifl;for.about half an hour."'".-'»*''" .' , '." . . ' . Ghiiiesc Reds Begin Practice For ;I)ei ; eh'se Agaiiisl Air Attacks HONG KONC-IAjl --The Chinese Communists 'arey'scUing''!!^ an "Air Defense Hca'dquarterH" in Slmnghni to protect t)io city from J'eiienly aircraft.". The hoadquart- 'crs will organize and train.civilian defense ^'squads ·.similar to ARP teams in the Unitetl States. · .' Tlie Shanghai newspaper 'report- ing.-ihis did not. Bay why the city S T A T E Today - Mon. - Tues. 2 Mighty All Time Hits DRUMS ' ·' ·'· : - in T»thhit.l6f. - UW-MtMMD MSSET KMlOm TOT!* NCUJIVIHT-nmiE HOISON _ , .·'..'.. and , P L A Z A FOUR FEATHERS ANGELS """ DIRTY FACES Also WHIP WItSON in "STAGECOACH DRIVER" I Phone -- Hio Grande 430 was taliinl alr;i';i!d: v jreciuti(W at., .thlsiti 11 ! 0 ' ^".'··("j PplntiBil... out I that siniilar'c'duc.otion .and.'train- J ing of. the .Russisn; people, before .Ayorld j Wnr .'rf^eii'^leil the Soviet Union, io .rniiiimizL' .pernonal ;and ' " -'' OH*UHM^ 7 MISSION / - AA, ^ ;., i-.. i , Phon. 413 . Admiulon 50c - 40c · lOc SUN. - MON. - TUES. 2--FIRST RUNS--2' Also ( tuu limit n !'·«·»» wMoiw I _v TRADE IN NOW AND SAVE ON THE SAFEST TIRE MADE -Why gamble with doubtful tires when you can · have top quality General Squeege and Silent Safety tires now, at Big Cash Savings thai can't be matched, regardless of Price or Quality? STOP IN TODAY - LET'S TALK TIRES M E S I L L A M O T O R C O 600 N. Main Phon* 203 with cocil, invisible The Only Girdle in the World with these heavenly Summer Blessings/ PLAYTEX P1NK-ICE GIRDLES in SJm shimmering pink tubes $4,95 PLAttjSX-}ilRAB.LiNED GIRDLES in shiny mUcn tubes .' '.'·'·',...'. ,','llikFikik mm |.n.iU" · _ · ' -'-.'· :·' , :..,:' .'··',.-J:.i*-£ : /'- ·::.*. ' '· .' '·'-.· ' Pinv'jtlir 85.95 " ; ' · '-- " . ·; Vv; . · J · · Garter pint}- or girdle $6. 9d PLAYTEX* LIVING* GinpLES in '' Kl sliiiiy' sihviy_ lubes Pantjr "brltf 83.95 I.' Keeps dalffy-fresh... 10 seconds to riiuc^dries with the pit of a towel.'" · X* Cool,i.dt;pels body heat, actually "breathes" with you/ 3. Action-comfort... nut one-way or two : wiy but ALL-w«y itreten/ 4. Invisible,. Icmtiolh as a second skin, not a seam, stitch or bone/ ' 3. Kxlril-co«tr»l!..100% slimming power because it'i 1W% liquid IP lex/ ·. Ught... you hardly know you're wearing it.' · · · ' ' 7. All-occasion . . . wonderful everywhere from beach to ballroom/ You'll go cvcryv.-hcic, do cvcrylliing in Playtex Pink-Ice.' Imagine ... one Pink-Ice girdle lakes you from slrolling to C, B. ANThyWV'CO., J»rv«r illdg.. Las Urucut - Phone 546 Heoic lend me Ilia following PLATTEX GMOLES: Girter pimy or jirdlc S4.95 . bicycling to swimming to evening dinner-dale.;. and-keeps f.iro Small Woln 33".23" ' Hlpi 3J"-36" V»ll Wolll }«".!l" ; Mipi 33"-J9" Mtd\m Wolll 1 .31" tttil 3»"-«" loii, WoM' 33".3 V lllipi l".«" . rwrr 'iiiir Ei«m ' ' . ! ' ; MIT CltHE WITH MTUS ! : ' GM1» GI«Wt e«m» tiwtt tti *»ii-WM ji-j(", HVI «-jn ' - . » , · r»ci 4.fJ i.f t.ts PUriEi PINMCE nwiifs Cfih onty ·W OVK run« MBUIilD . ciaoits !lr-Jionl|) . PM( J.M ».ti «.fj 7.fJ S S," Ouin riwux · ilviffi. flBDllS ' lunk. rtilt. Kill- .PKI 3.M t.ti «.»5 s.ts SPH.II ·Cota' PM," Whir* HIM PMi White Ih* rink Whlt» MIM Hnk Whit* Mv« Din 'fresh as a daisy all ilay.'How? With just a 10-second rinse- imd-pat-dry bctwccii.cliangcs/ Leading fashion designers recommend Pink-Ice...a single sheath of liquid latex for sleek, slim, youthful lines wider your briefest swimsuil, sheer'. est dress and every fashion. No oilier girdle trims your figure ·so smoothly, so naturally, and feels like a livi«g')iart of you. 'You'll want both the panly and pulcr-girdle^'tyte...order both... come, phone, mail. L ^HT.«.--*~-- i · .--. ^^_i fnw ^^Al. D CHA»Ot · ' : . - . D C.O.O. Q CHKK . ' Q MOMcV O«DE« ~l .J C .t. WHOHY C0 LASCRUCES

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