Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 21, 1967 · Page 10
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 10

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1967
Page 10
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Idaho r'r.-i- 1'ross a. CaHwll News-Triliuiic-, Kriday, July 21, 10C7-A2 Astrological Forecast By Carroll n KN KliAl, T K N 1 1C N CIKS: '!'ida's Fall Munn is a iilk nf an asriprt fur irnuhlr anil ivne :inil it is urctrl llial ynu ilo nuth- iiiK In rausc furltivr dillii'ultv liy furi-in^ is- s ii i' s l h a l fniulil best IL' left unli! a mure jirupili- nus linn-. This rnnliniu's in I'fTiTl lhr.jui;li tiiniuhl, si: il wimldlu' wisi. lusicirla Hi'i'k end Irip siimi' (ifiif (*inifjr- Carroll Riflhter . K S : Ofar. 2 1 t o .l()r. IS) Try lo net control nf yourself in A.M. u hi-n \ mi art- apt [u feel in a finhliiii: nnwd, cithcr^'isi- ynu IOSL- out uhiTi 1 snmpthinn inificirtant IN cnnccrnd. Me kindly wilh male in P.M. Slii|i i-rili- tri/inK others so much. T.U'Hi:S:(Apr.20ttiMay 20) lU-tli r nut make radical changes into now outlets right now or you uct into much hot water. CnnipU'tt- what yuu niw have in njiL-ration. Safeguarding your reputation is very imp o r t a n t tonight. r;K.MlM: (.May 21 to June 21) Von have or CUT j* obligations you want lo It-t slide riKht now, but your credit would go way down, so jfi'i busy and net [hem on* nf the w a y . Don't make changes without further study. JIc sure Before you act. ,MO(),\ CIIIIJ)ltEN: (Jime 22 to July 21) Avoid temptation to In* argumentative with close associates in A.M., otherwise they will nut handle small mat- UTS (fiat are important tu you. Show tfuud friends that you art 1 sincerely devoted. Oon'l permit ullu'rs to talk a b o u t them, either. 4594 SIZES 2-6 I.ICO: (Juli ·· In .Nile. 21) Stn|i crJlLcmnf: rn-wurkfr in A.M. and hnw niorf Itniu^hl- Fuliuxs In in;iCf. tmiJ friends lalcr on, also. Krc|} fiusy at nhlU:iliniK strictly ynur o»r. Dim'l i'\|n-ct nlluT.-. lo -.liuulikT ynur hurdvns fcir ynu. VIUCO: (Aun. 22 in Si-pi. 22) 1'iirt'i'l Ihr frimluus riislit now and Kt'l busy a( whatever is im- pnrlanl and ncci'^ar). Show (ithiTs lhal you dn keep ynur lirumiscs. Siimi-lhin^ you du easily can nuw seem almcisl dif- licull for you. Krlax and all is tint later. I.1IIKA: (Si-|il. 2.1 to Ocl. 22) Id' eciinomicaj « rn-n- pleasure is tuncrrncd and ilnn't do any- Iliinn lhal u|isi i ts prcsenl sccur- ily at Hume; increase harmony. livl rid (if rundiliuns lhal arc [nil uiiiitl. lte|lace w i t h Ihe constructive. SfOIJIMO: (Ocl. 2:t to Nov. 21) Avoid llial unwise invesl- menl llial pecks at you during la. and ihen he very careful while oul driving, lie sure lo handle statements v e r y accurate];. Kin will appreciate your IMvi'nt! (hem encouragement. SACITTAHIL'S: (Nov. 22 In |)T. 21) Y«u want lo /nalie im- liniM-nifnts lo your nrnpcrt). hut don't jump Inln Ihcm tvith- nut proper planning. Talk mailers over wilh a sensihle business person. Sludy your assets accurately; be sure of cash on hnnd. CAI KICOI(N:(l)ec.22toJan. 20) You arc feeling tempera- menial during A.M. hut don't take any risks, and he sure ynu spend little in L'..M. Do mil con- lide your plans to any n e w comer. Then they meet wilh much more success, AIJUAKIUS: (Jan. 21 lo Keh. IM) Privale worry can niaf.v you very nervous if you arc noi ohjectivc in your thinking and you soon gel out of Irouhlo. If you arc very charming, cooiier- atirc. an expert givc.s real help. Me grateful. I'ISCES: (Fch. 20 to Mar. 20) Uemain poised although a good pal is uncommunicative in A.M. and a personal worry crops up later. He sure you know whal il is you want hefore you xel wheels in mnlinn. Hasty a c t i o n may bring regrets lalcr. IF YOUR CHILD IS HORN TODAY ... he, or she, will he on of those young people who seems to have a penchant for getting into difficult situations if you don'l teach early In litsl think before doing or saying anylhin)?. no mailer how unimportant it may seem to be. Trouble-shooting will then be a natural outlets here or .any kind'0f'lnvesrtj»ative work. "The Stars impel, they do not compel." Whal ynu make of your life is largely up lo YOl'! Carroll liighlcr's Individual Forecast for your sign for August is now ready. For your copy send your birlhdalc and 81.00 lo Tarroil Righter Forecast (name of newspaper), Box 1921. Hollywood 28. California. Hi''S SKiriilluruiind t h e ' Lfiklnic 1:1 ilhs sunshine skimiiiiT. \Vhip n up in a jiu i»i:r,ts. i [H'I-^S. colors i i ship a^ hu'ly ;is a lutle i;irt J c i ' i i i - ' i m r t i i i i u . i 1'iiMi.l I'.nirrn i.v-il Chi] [iln i:V Si/i'~ ! I. .;. Size r, iv. h,uii'^ I \ v :u iN it.Vim [ FIFTY CENTS in mill., for li-;lrll |i;ll!H'!J - ;illli 1.1 n'lll.i J i o r I'arSi i i a : i f r n for l i r s l · i ·nliilllilK iilicl siii-rial Hillldlilli;. Seliil ',, A n : i i . Ail.inis. riive nf ;-rcss I'ain-r:! Mi'pi.. Ji:! \ ITih St. XI-M York. X V. lunil. [ · · i l i l N A M E . A D D R E S S u-ith ZIP. SIZE anil STYLE N U M B E R . F.M.I.'S \!-:« - FASHIONS li.'M ,.| :li,' ni'iv s t y l e s CROSSWORD - - - , Vif. 60T A GKttf MOMEV- M, NCW PAS.KIOM IPEA 15 POUWPS, POT OW A AHP LOOK FOR A PIECE WITH THE COMPLETE SERIAL NUMBERS. J WE'RE CATCHING EM RIGHT AND LEFT,MISTER. ONLY TROUBLE IS THE FISH CHEW UP THE DOUGH. LOOKS LIKE REAL U. 5. WOOLA ALL RIGHT, BUT THIS STUFF'S BEEN IN A FIRE. WHAT'S THIS STORY ABOUT fKH WITH STOMACHS FULL OF MONEY? «*i THIS HAS THE MAKINGS OF A BIC, STORY! 46. Heavenly bodies 50. Voiceless 53. Label 55. Musical Inatru- ment 53. Glacial ridges 57. Fuss 58. Remainder 59. Moistens 60.Godde» of night HART WORTH SORT Of A WEIRDO. ~v AI[ X...«R. HE.?...] MLW1.0NIV IrtONMl-riAHNt A RETMS.OLD AOULT WOUIOJ ARTIST'-AND 81 PlWINi WIJH «UD A TEACHER. 1 PUS A T W 5 A G L ! ic^^uv. MRS.HVIiEN SAID M.WKH | AMD LIT THC GUARDIAN OF THE GKTE5 MAM. HIRE "FIVL QAM" !5N'T BEW INVADEO Answer to yesterday's puzzle. AMP V OH, VE5. THE GIRL WHO PO\OU \ CAN'T REMEMBER HER KNOW IMSr. SHE OWE TO AWRY PR. KARL FOR HEIR AND BROWN? I THEY FELL IH LOVE. PARDON ME,DOVOU HAPPEN TO KNOW PR KARLKLEY? A FINE MAN.'AND SUCK A GOOD DOKTOR.TOO TO BE MARRIED. 1 IT'S LIKE it WIRY TALE. THEY WILL BE SO HAPPY TOGETHER.' Avcruetlmaal lolullao: ,,! n!mlM (C 1W7, King- Fe.!ure3 Byat., Inc.) -:l,-,,,uiim. JroOLbiM!)tJBE I TOLD YOU ADELAIDE WAS GOING TO MARRY SIDNEY? »- HORIZONTAL 1. Statute 4. Vehicle 7. Baal, for one 11. Holly 13. Pub sp«cialty U. Scotia, 18. Martin 16. Chum 17. Rip 18. Rinds 20. Painful 22. Absent 24. Prison official 28. Forest wardens 32. Self- esteem 33. Affirm U. Evergreen tree 36. Neglect 37. Untamed 39. Goals 41. Figures of speech 43. Affirmative 44. Cure Today's Almanac By I'ntted Press International Today is Friday, July 21, the 202nd day of 1367 with 163 to follow. The moon is full. Tlie morning star is Saturn. · The evening stars are Venus Vid Mars. ' Born on this day in 1899 was American author Ernest Hemingway. On this day in history: In 1861, the first major engagement of the Civil War took place at Bull Run in Virginia. In 1873, the world's first train robbery took place when Jesse James held up the Rock Island Express at Adair, Iowa, and made off with $3,000. In 1930, the U.S. Veterans' Administration was formed. In 1954,anmsliceagreements ended Hie 7'/ ? -yearIndo-Chinese A thought for Lhe day- American autlior Ernest Hemingway once said: "So far, about morals, I know only Hiat what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad alter." PHONE .166-7891 or 459-4664 lo place your classified ad.' Ratio's They'll Do It Every Time NO, NO! THIS \/ HE TOOK TVTO 15 ON ME, CHIEF. \ OUT-OF-FOCUS I fAA.DE UP A SET \ SHOTS OF MY OF ENLARGEMENTS KID AND WANTS FOR VOL). YOU A BUCK A PIECE CAME OUT SWELL /, FOR THEM"IN EVERY ONE PICTURES YOU TOOK AT OUR PICUIC? OH, FINE-HOW /AUCH DO I OWE PHOOTKISS HE NEVER GOT OVER BRIM61NS APPLES TO TEACHER, BUT HE'LL STILL GET LEFT BACK BEX MORGAN, M.D f ,\«W. KESSLER TLLS M6 THAT VOU WERE AT HER VDU REMEMBEB, CON'T X)U, JOBIE? THERE WAS ONE TIME WHEN A CALL CAME AND 1 WAS THERE WITH ttU, ·.FRAN.' UNFORTUNATELY , V£U HUNb UP BEFORE i ! HAP A CHANCE TO TALK ' WITH THE PERSON WHO CALLEP.' IT'S BLACKWAIL- WAIT'LL PHOOTY SPRINGS THE ONE HE TOOK OF HIS CORPULENCE AND THE BI6 BLONDE.' AIISS SALE IVILL YOU ASK MISS WINTERS TO ~t COMEIN,PVEASE? HOME WITH HER WHEN SHE RECEIVED ONE OF THOSE PHONE CALLS: BIGDOWvE IS PAYING FOR THEWv- PHOOTY STEALS HIS FILJA FRCYA THE SUPPLY ROONV WATCHING THE AMATEUR PHOTOS PLAY FOOTSIE WITH THE BOSSMAN-- N A N G Y - - - ! T ' S FOR YOU IF IT'S IRMA, ROSE OR HELEN, I'M NOT IN- IP IT'S AGNES, GRACE OR MARY, I'LL CALL BACK---BUT IF IT'S ALICE, MABEL, OR RUTH, I'LL TALK AMO A TIP Of THE HAT TO OOB (202 6REELEY BLVD., SPRINGFIELD. VA. DONALD DUCK WILL VOL! SETTLE FOR A PERCHPUL OF PARROTS? POINT; BET HE PLUSHES f A covey OF QUAIL i; ! i TOLD you , .. HE WAS A BIRD DOS') \ ^ BEETLE BAILEY lAfT OUE IV IS A :THE FLINTSTONES E TH6 \ _ 30AT ' A CUTE LITTLE i,M fiOJNtJ TO fWlHEf t : C*U S««B»^E ^H^AlAuA^T^ws e^^Jw^.fflw.:iiB£ ? I A ^.LCHAN6E5\AKV«WTW

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