Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 13, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1951
Page 6
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PACE. SIX .J LAS CHUCKS (K. M.) SUN-NEWS FrlcUy ET.nlBj, July 13, Reynolds' No-Hitter; Boston's Snr^in American Lead Get topjaseball Attention; Phillies Sweep Si. Louis By JOK K K K l I L F J t (AufKitlMwi I'rrttK Sjmrls Wrilr.r] . A nb-hi.tter.ljy Allic Reynolds 01 the New York Yanhfe« and the Ktirge of the Hoftion Ked Sox into the American league lead Hhare top billing" in the banchnll world Reynolds' masterpiece was doubly dramatic since it came ovi;r ClovtJftnd'H Bobby Feller, king thft not-hit pitchers. Keller, only hurliir lo fashion three no-hitters since the t u r n of Ihc century, surrendered nnly four hits himself last night. One, Jiow- '·ver, WIIH a Kevcnih inning home by ex-Indian outfielder Gene Woodllng that gave the Yankees n 1-0 triumph, ' Hirrl!h Lfiid . The Rcti Box totk n full game It-ad uverthc White fio.: by swetp- ItiR u twilight-night dou 1)1 oheader in Chicago. '3-2 unit fi-4. Boston won Hit- n i g h i c u p In the 17 Inning. Outfli-liiiT Clyde Vollmt-r produced . IIKI most telling blow in racli gniiie. Hu humuroil with one In J.lm .Btjvtmth inning to simp u ticujtfluKtt.dutil.iii the opinion Hit) Itmjj'.'fJy in tho I7lh pcurcil Lou nourlitiuu fWjUi, the winning run ' HlllH Klner hurled n b r i l l i a n t H- Jlef win, yleidiiiK five hlU in 10 JH.'Wdt'KH illliillgH tO K f l l j l hi?) f i T l h t r i u m p h . williout a NL'tbaek, Thu (wo victories Incnmftiii] the Ku« HOX'M iitreuk to eight Him iff lit, J.n.M'Jt In Hi-cowl . Haul Kufjuvifi WO.H the u n f o r t u n ritt! Chicago Inner In the Hecoiii Koine, l i e pitched tlu f u l l 17 Inn injjn nnd ullnw°d only 10 hits. I if; own error, « two-bus* w i l d . t l n o w rniihlc-ti the Hcd Hux to lk t h (K'tjic id 4-t on (in unearned riii in lilt' e.lghlh. CJilcnj;n Jiiul the IjUHPti loaded uml only one put In Ilift J 2 U i but railed tn ticnre. ' Mi-] I'arnell rcceivtd o-edil foi Jio.itun'.t ih'Hi giune victory. He hia nl; ed Chicago through eight innlngt! but left wilh nobody out h i n t the ImtwH loaded In Un; n l n i h . Ilurry Twylur took bvi:r uiul rrtir- i-d tin; next ihrt-e Ijnltt'f.H HH iwu \ \ ' l i i t f i Sn,\ ci'OFHed I lie plale on l n = jlcld outs, li \viin Piirncll's I l l h victory. Jne" Oolison.- former Hod Hox I'i^htliander, was the Josnr. ' Reynolds walluMl three itnd fan- JHK! four to heroine the flrsi Yun- )u-e pllcher to -hurl n no-hitler Binru Alunlc Peanion did 11 Aug. 27, 1088. Third Ni»HHtr . - It with tin* third no-hitter of Ilin lu-aiion. F u l l u r pitched one ngtiln.'it D o l i o t t July 1 und Cliff ChnmlioiH wovij iniu fur I'ltlsburKh ngniniU tho I f d H t o n l i i n v e n Muy Q. Thi- vlclory WIIH Reynold's trnlli, luilf of tin in via llic Hhutotil mule. K btioHii'd III-'. YnnltPi'H I n l o w cniiil pliici 1 , n fi'Jiclioii of a piT- ri-nlain' point over Chicago. I'Vlli-r liliii.srir hthl n n n - l n U r i - n u l l ) Mlcli.'v M i i n l l e doulilrd In Provide* Different , A homer by Hoot Evers provct the 'dlffcrencu as Detroit nlppec Washington 5-4 to give Bob Cain his eighth viclory against six losses. Brooklyn increased its Natlona league lend to nine and a half games by whipping the Chicago Cubs 0-3 while thu St. Louis Cards blanked the.New York Giants 2-0 Homers by Roy Campanella, Car! Furillo and Billy Cox highlighted the Dodger victory. Gerry Klaley hlrmkcd the G i a n t s with four hits as Ihe Cards slipped past New York into second place by one percentage point, liflly Johnson's homer with one in t h e f i f t h provided thu winners' runs. It came off Larry Jan.scn, who yielded only three hits in losing his e i g h t h game. Kddle W a i t k u s cracked four lilts and Granny Ilomnvr four un.H with a homer and tow singles to Ji-rtd Ihe 1'hiln tu an 11-0 victory nvpr Pitisljiii-Kh. Cinclnnull d lb»? Itnives Were poMpuned by ruin. Indians' Ouigaggintj Yanks Backfires CJ.KVKI.ANU, .Inly 1H l/Tt -The Ui'Vflunil IridhiiiH died to mitKiijf tin- Nt'W V i i i U ViinkiM-N I as I iilKhl, lint tin- Juki- Imvk- Ifn-d. MiinutfiT K'asey Klcujfel recently .mild lik Yiink phcluTH ri'fiisfd lo rhle fntin tin- hull IM-JI lu I In- mniind hi tho Tribe's ji'i-p Iwciuisc lln-y vvei'c used to nidilhu-x. ' . Mi-dltiKi-r of (lit; Iiidlnns luid hln ciullllnr convertIMc (wtrltcd ni-iir Hi- bullpni lust nlglil, II WIIH :ill n-iHly In speed u YiinU rclieler In (he ntultud. Uiok what hiip|MMied: Allh- IteyiiuUIs tossed :i no-hlller. Tln felleliM's dldti't gel o l f (lie bench. Sports Briefs lly Oil- Assix-ln It'll I'l-r-ss HASEliALL C l u v c l u n i l -- A l l l e Kcyiuilils tif Now York Viinli(..(.s linrlcil no- ill. nu-rwi K'"ii" »s VaiiltH d r f n n t - cil Clvvclnnil 1-n. HOX1NC Now Vorh -- ncichy Miin'ltinn ICOI-MI U|wcl Ijy hniii'ldriK ""t Itux . |« in Hlxth nimiil i.r hetivy- wt'lj^hL l)oul. CHH / ( i t n l n l ntniclt nut six times litil hi' also lill a grand slum lioin- i-r'lo lend tin* I'hliHtli'Inhtii A t h - IcLlt'H to a Kwei'p of t h e i r donblo lu-juter in fit. Jjoulu, fl-7 and Ki-0. ICIrncr Vitlo'n two IIOIIIKI-H won the fli'sr Clinic. Zerniiil's blow came in t h e nl^hloap. Lltllo Hobby Hliiuil?, hurlod iho shutout. navenprirl, la. - OMiiue Ka ihni 0:1, lirnvHl In -IB .veaia (if ivesl- jni open, lo hike firm round leaii. I M i l w a u k e e - Haljih .Schwab, Dave .Stanley, lilll I.ees and Ralph Vrane.slc Knlneij K u n i l - f l n n l H of nn- l l o n a l puljlli' llnlin ,,,,,,,[. Legion, Blue Sox Play In Doubleheader Set Here For Sunday aefliii-|)ii'l[i.|l fluulile- for l.n» Cm- Minor League Results lly Ilin AKsiirlnlnl I'niw WKST TBXAS-NKW .MKXICO nnvla 10, Ahllrnii ri Alhu(jli»K|iit! II, I^nnioK:! 4 Miljliui'li 0-0. Hui-Kur »-·! Ainiii-illn 7. riunini ^ (((proud Ijnnio nillc'il ill rnil of wnmil. m i n i KOHTIIWHST I N T K K N A T I O N A I . JuartT T), Mcxinili ^ 111 Innings) I'lioeiilx 2. Kl CVnlio 1 I.UH Vc^lia Ti, 'riir:«)n U BlHlji!ti-Duiit;lii: 10, Vliinil 7 Kl PIIKO A, 'I'ijtinni) -1 TUNAS l.KAKUK N u i l h . 7 , Koiilh 3 l a m i l m l nll- hliu' Kainc) I'ACll'IO COAST (Nil D(inu'H Hl'liNluldil) In Ilin flrsl nai ..... II Minis I'aili ill I p. in., Aoierlenn l.n. Klnn JlinlurH nl IJH Crnei'S and Trnlli or CIOIM.II ...... |.,. s play Ilin liwoml (,'iinir In n series lor lil- (llHlrlel I'liainplnimlilp. ('n ...... lm. ulmiily won first KI ..... In ihr MTli.s. If it wins Siiiuliiy. II h hl-illslrlel wliun'r mill w i l l u'o mi In piny Hurley lor iiren i-liiunpliinslilp. Al ·!·.:« Sllnilay In l.lnns I'nili, IJIH Criuvn Bin.- Sox lain- mi (.Illiind I'riuliU'e of i;i I'uso. Ilhii- Sov Imvc fared well In iranics w l l h l-:i TIIHII litmus pi-evlnnsly IhU heasun, iiiu) pnimlsii u rnil lull Inillle, RIO GRANDE iT TONIGHT-lJ:30p.m Phon. 413 Admlulon SDc · 40c - lOc Tonight Saturday DOUBLE THRILL SHOWI /MAUTT... Hiitwi ·/!*· /··V/«J If you ire Brav« Enough you can m«ke Frld«y :ho 13lh Your Lucky D»y. Attend our Horror Show ilurllng m 11:30 p, m. Everyon* uliylng through ih» compltlo show will rt- O'.VB i Froe Ticket to ihe Rio Grind* Theatre AND LOOK!!! BIG CASH AWAID! Positively Cilyen Aw«y MAJOR fly (In; Assirciiif^d rrcss .VATIONAL Brooklyn \V. 0! ' .11 I'c.t .fi22 .539 .538 .488 .168 .450 .420 .-IDS St. L/iulH New York Clncirimitl 36 Philnddphi.i ,'iil BOHton .'H chicujju , :io I'lltsliurKh .11 I'rliliiy's hdii'diilo: Chlciif-n nl lirooklyn St. \MI\K lit New York (niglit) PRiHburKh nt Phllndclphln ClniMnnntl nt Bolon (nlglit) Tlnirsility's n-sults: St. I-iiUls 2. New YoUi n Brooklyn !i. ClilcnRo ;i l'hllUlll!l|l)l1ll I I , I'lUBllllr-Rll 0 ClntliuiaU nt Boiiton po.stpoiiccl, ruin. A.MKHICA.V \V. tailon Ni-w Yorll I'd. .028 .01.12 .0125 .571 .471) .408 .11112 .281) !lev(!lninl Detl-ult Washington I'lillniltlphki St. Louis Frldityn Kclicduh 1 : Boslon til Chicago WuHlilnylon nl Detroit New York (It Cleveland Philadelphia nl Kt. Loui.'! Thursday's ri^.iills: New York 1. Cleveland 0 Detroit r,. WiiHlilniilon 4 lio.ston 3-. r j. Chicago 2-4 fnenonO gume 17 Inninfrin - Hilluilclplilu 11-13, Bl. Loom 7-0 Gadsden School Soflball Standings AIHTI.T I.KARUK W S 7 G 3 2 . 2 . TEBN AfiK I.KAdUK W A n t h o n y Uir. Moruk'H Farms Cnmitlllo . A n t h o n y Coffeo Shop Union Cln eeLen'H Crtjeery . Jrs. Dan'ii Pood Storo C n n u l l l l o .Irs. A|r. I'roilucts The Atluli Ix'n ll|;llt«l by Hie iip. I, 7 1 Ii 3 2 5 1 7 iiii wns liijjh l of A n l l i o i i y l-lir. by the sliiiiillly Improvini; Rcnll Chevrolet team. In Ihe Teen ABC League Aiiri- rnllnri! n-mluclM boaslliit; n record wilholil n w i n ) upset the previously nmlerealeil morales .Irs. In this K'lnie Hob Btirsey Inillct! it not-hit [;atne for the winners. Clovis Rises Up From Cellar, Licks Abilene By ihe Aritio!inteI Presa Clovis may* be solidly tramps down al the Ijottom o f ' t h e Wes Tcxns-Ncw Mexico league, but rose u p . last night -and nmol mighty Abilene 10-n. Mnj'bc it was the rain, Th. game, had tn he stopped 40 mln utcd after the second inning wliil a wind-driven shower wot dowi the field. Ruin also dampened iwo oth'e, league games. Albuquerque slith crcd .lo'fi yard decision over La mesa. The second game of ai Amarillo-Pnmpa double-header wa halted by a shower with Pampa leading 2-ti. In the opener A mar illo trounced Pampa 7-2. . Tithe Twin Kill j The Lubbock Hubbprs took i. twin bill from visiting Roger 0-8 and C-4. J n the game at CJoviH, southpav. Joe lion-ego oiitlOHlcd Sam Htmt- Ler and Clirirlie Dfivis for his fiftt: victory. He aided lii.s cause will 11 trlpple and single to drive in three run. 1 !. Dun Cantrell of Albuquerque re forded h l H . l U h win by beating La- u'u J u a n Navarro. The^-ltf hurli-r heljted himself./ wi^s Bingle.s fur two riinw batted ! in. Cuntrclt held Lamusu to thnhlts Lead Aitmrillo ' · "·-*;}: Loading Auiarlllo to Us.victory were I'Yanli Murray t Mulcahy and Paul Halter with homers. Their circuit clouts accounted for five riuia, Lubbdck ciunu from behind ir IU opener against Korger. - Al KtibHki'H grand iilitnt humcr in the sixth did the trick. Sloppy J3or- gL-r Hclillng helped. Marciano Sets Sights On Heavy NEW YORK, July 13 f/P) -- Poxvcr-puncliing Kobky Marciano set Jus bomb sights on heavyweight champion Ezzard Charles nni.1 Joe Louis today after a "perfect fijilii" victory over Rex I-'iyne. "Charles. Louis, that's for me." shouted tho undefeated Brockton, Mil.TM., cloiitcr as he uccuiited con-r grulnlations for his six-rouml blit/, of thp world's no. 3 heavyweight in Madison Square Gurcle laat n i g h t . , This f i o m n guy who was rate, u 13 to 6 underdog, anil who cuic biatcd his third yem- of pro hojc inn by IJL'Hing- out the pride of t| News PHONE 34 DEADLINE 9 A.M. Recappers Swamp Strong Rives In Overtime Game Shook RecapperH fought a njne- nnlng teeter-totter game last night In Junior soflball play to defeat a strong Riven Studio team 4-2 in a game-.tied from the second innirg until ihe overtime uriod, ' T n . Senior league play, P. R. Jurn ilumped DeMoluys 33-5. Twenty-one- men faced Shook ilfchcr Lawrence Iif the Junior ^ame, to cash in only one hit for he evening. Rives pitcher Ruiz Mowed seven hits. Singleton was big hitter for the Shook Recappe,i'fl with iwo hits in our times at hat. 'atelier Uosplttill/fd Hook's catcher Kotierla was 1ms- Jtallxod after lie-was struck on lie liead by a bat during tlie onc- aur tUKHle. Lawrence Lopez, on the mound ir bum in Senior league play, four hits, against Kirg- for tliu DeMolnys who Soviet Dancing l^arty Gets Ron gh When Pictures Are Taken VIENNA UP) -- The happy Russian guard-H at the border of the Soviet-British zone spied a hor- % monicn in the hands of one of a band of Austrian vacationers. · The Russians indicated they would like to hear a tune. The Austrian obliged. The ' Russians applauded. The Austrians danced, ' The party suddenly broke up as the Russians pounced on one Aust r i a n ' a n d arrested him. The unsuspecting Austrian had been innocently recording; the scene with his camera. He has not been released yet.' LAS CRUCES LIQUORS The Stors of Gooa SpMlm COI.U HKBIt TO CO i'our FHmliy i^scMge Store 334 S. MAIN KIDS UNDER 12 FREE--WHEN WITH PARENTS , 576wf DRIVE IN JM* ' I BLOCK OFF U.J.80 OH COUEG[ ROM OPEN 7 P. M.--SHOW STARTS AT DUSK NIGHTLY SHOWING TONITE SATURDAY NITE ! im ntmt utmiK iim » BMUIUS (MMIIUH IOM Marguerite Sc*tt MWPHY-DONLEVY-CHAFMMI · BRADY lill CHIIS · lltWD Hill. IICMII lilt · llll! III! ADDEDI COLOR CARTOON LATEST WAR NEWS C A R N I V A L D. S. DUDLEY SHOWS Auspices LAS CRUCES AMERICAN LEGION SPECIAL KIDDIE MATINEE - 5c Salirday Aiiernoon and Sunday Allernoon from 2 p. m. lo 6 p. m. - Free Admission io Grounds ALL RIDES AND SHOWS · 5c Howed utrick uve up six, and aix walks. Muddy Lawrence led hitting with liree for four Including a. home icK with a smashing right to ie jaw in 35 seconds of the sixth a ]0-Kunder. ' "He fought a perfect fighl a- Rex," said Ljiyne's mana- , Marv Jenson. Perfect fight" is what tiny harley Goldman, Rocky's train. also called it. , "He kept low so Lay no wouldn't ave a chance for a clekr shot, cpt lo his left so Rex couldn't ct the full leverage for his right, nd opened in up in the fifth and xth when Layne was looking for ime more mfighting." "His style *boi hers me," said the doleful Laync. "1 couldn't get an opening for a' clean shot. He hits bard." , run. He leada hltllnp in Scnto** league play for De^toiay. P.iul ishelle · for the victors wan Lading hitler with two for three. TuiilR-hf'* Seheduli- Tonight's schedule i n c l u d e s Shooks Recappers vs. Studebakci Kids In Junior league, and Columbian Squires vs. Turrentlne Chevrolet in Senior league play. A double-header is on tap for Softball fans in the Adult Softball league tonight. A t 7::iO p.m., ilycrs company of Las Cruces tangles with Hatch Myers company in the opener. I'luy Stithniann At 8:45, a White Sands Proving Grounds team composed of members of the 4119th Air Service Group will meet Stahmann Farms. La.'it night's game, nearly called because of threw tening- rains, saw Morales Farms of Anthony dump C.oihern'5 Cleaners 9-8. The game was sparked by several brilliant plays In early innings. Tournaments will be played beginning Aug ; 16, according to manager W. R. Gibson. Northern Stream Fishing Is Poor, Game Officials Say SANTA- FE, July 13 Iff) -- The State Game Department says most northern New Mexico streams are drying up "and fishing Is steadily growing less interesting." Bass fishing is" fair to "good at Elephant Butte and Caballo lake: despite low water, but crapple art bitting 1 poorly. Some good flat-head catfish catches are being reported at Ele phant IButte, and pan-sized percr are taking- bait at Cnballo. · Trout fishing is very poor on the lower Rio Grande t a n d onlj fair on the upper Rio Grande. Gallinas Creek is dry from "the rks" downstream and just a trickle upstream from that point. Cow Creek Is. practically dry, a? is Red River. Although, three still is water in th«. 1'ceos river, fish arirftluggisli- und refusing tu strike. air 'to good catches are being mryle at Conchas and Storey lake waters are reported in 'fair-condition. ' " /tott/'.FRKHOYIfTICKflDAiS Largest use of sulphur in iho United States is the form, of ' sulphuric acid. ,f* P«K YOUR ··FISHERMAN'S GIFT . RIGHT HERE; P L A Z A * TONITESAT. LIAR'S LODGE 108 S. Main Ph. 1029-W Watch for Our Big · Anniversary Sale Coming Soon! WORK CLOTHES IN "DRESS UP" MATCHED SUITS . . . . // famons work clothes leads ihe field because they have. buiU-in good looks (is well as rugged wearing qualities for.ev- ery job.. . inatchdpunlsandshirl.s, in khuld or colors. Gives dress clothes appearance, in cut and tailoring. Nothing else compares with Pool'.s.. ;inadc from nationally known fabrics, and sanforized, There is nothing like "Cramcrlons" .,. here is tlie real thing . . . matched shirt nnd pants made of genuine Cramerton Army cloth . . . the famous government specifications for officers' uniform fabrics. You can't beat it for shirts and pants whose smart colors and high luster last through endless washings. Sixes 14 to 17 ... sleeve lengths 32 to 35 ... pants 29 to -iS. Each garment . . . There are Pool clothes for work, for dress or piny . . . light weight Muftieloth pants $4.95 .95 and cool poplin shirts, ton Plain Shirt $2.98 Shoulder Strap Shirt $3.20 Shop Dunlap's for All Your Work Clothes Needs . Matched Shirt and Pants in popular slate grey . . . heavy army cloth. All the extra features of famous Pool's , . . Shirt $3.49 Pant $3.95 "COUNTRY FAIR" IT'S COOLER INSIDE AIR CONDITIONED RIO GRANDE STARTS SUNDAY JULY IS EXOUC-II ;. HAMU I ··· "" U 1 ^4i8 p'^;f*.,-y. - ..*.,··-···* ,»i. * *. c*^twv»jr7*»-. Movicione News: .'. .. S T A T E * STAHTS SUNDAY July 15 J2 Mighty All Time Hits DRUMS I In U.hnk.lo, [Will RAYMOND MASSEt DtSMOND 1ISHB .ROC!R_tlY:S!rV*lE«!iHOOSOH and .Utnvtcr Kail fttmtt FOUR FEATHERS "STAGECOACH DRIVER" Phone ^ Rio Grande 4301 Stale 457 -- Plaza 1M9|

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