Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 11, 1945 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1945
Page 5
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SumUy Morning, March 11, 1945 TOP WMI P'C m VITFT 111 i rr iB|i rUrLti a nAnlvLi rLACL - HELP a FOR SALE OR THABB ';. taOST AND FOUNP HOMES WANtED, OH fOITWBHT *s %ANT?t3t*"SSIFttD FOR SALE Alfalfa ieed, 135.00 : per Mh- dred. ISermination teat 99.2, pure leed IB..). Henry. Schlotlianer, We have bh hand 'at this 'time moat large breeds. N«w ship. I merit «ach Thursday. FARMERS MARKET "Phone 333 On RR Tracks U. sr'XMriy Issue surplus used -rierchandise at bargain prices. 30,. 'WHVpaijl! shoes, s no ration stamp grade, 'rfepili'ed,; n'ew s61es and heels »£95l M.obb raincoats ·9000 soft feather pillows $1.00 each *8leS8kits"^Oc,*cajiteens °40c, cups J5c. Al*« jrJOO lifew V.''S. Army ' extra MM* «lb.' 6 oz. olive drab single cotton blankets,. 6x7 feet, red hot price $3.IB. All postage prepaid. No COD'S. Send money order. -Blank's Exchange, Wichita Tails, "fexas. FOR SALE Good riding and work horse. Buell j.'ai.ii, i^.one 590-lu. Good team work horses. Camp DeLuxe, west of viaduct. 8-pIece walnut finish " dinette suit,. .30 i-al. ftemihj{on au'tbma'tic rifle with shells ami case,' all steel studio couch, small kerosene "heater, sheet "music 'cabinet, occasional chair, solid walnut half-round -end table, office desk with sWvel chair, seven power woodworking 'machines, wood metal lined water cooler, electric hot -plate. See between 9 and 2; Sunday. 1145 North Main, Harry Schmidt, Table top electric range. Good condition. Phone 588-J2 or 587-J1. 11 tube General Electric Console I radio, $200:00. Phone "782-33 ,mor- 1 nings. Good 1935 2-door Dodge sedan. Camp DeLuxe, west of viaduct. Good 2 wheel trailer. Camp De ·Luxe, west of viaduct. Alfalfa. SWartz Farm, 3 miles north, U. S. 85. BULK GARDEN SEED ONION SETS -- HOT CAPS FARMERS MARKET .SUPPLY GO. Phone 333 On RR Tracks We wt 1 ' Tjave.'Vaby chicles each rhursda} -'-Place, your orders or come 'ind get; them. Valley Products Co., phone 99. A liquid solder that will hold where ordinary glues fail. Made bv Nu-Enamel. Only 25 cents a bottle. Valley Appliance Co. ALFALFA SEED 'is still available. FARMERS MARKET '.' 'SWPLY CO. 'i PhOhe 333 On RR Track* FOR SALE -Two piece living room suite, needs repairs. Unfinished chest of drawers; table and chairs. Breakfast set $13185. Feather pillows $1.45 each. All kinds of mattresses. If you trade with us, we will save you money. L O Z J E R ' S 321 NORTH MAIN TRAVEL ALL A Free meals,-Cree Rates. Three schedule.! 883 -So. *h 'Main, Phone 774. .^uraons'now en^a^ essential A-ar work will not be considered. Waitress- wanted at Coronado Cafe. Waitresses. Must "be fecperleifced. Apply in person. 1 Del Rio Cafe. TWO waitresses. Cactus firil] Cafe. .Service station attendant. Op-, wrtiinlty for advancement. Apply Durio .Service Station. Maid for light house work. No cooking. Call -at 159 West Green- Ing after 4 p . m . HfiLP WANTED Permanent cleaner or press-' e'r, experienced but not es- jenlial, glad io iraln you. COTHEKN GLEANERS you TWO ' FLEA PMK HEADED PIPSQUEAKS! ,'rfe/l? BULLETS H«Qt/7 HI ft/5 iti THE HEAL ESTATE One modern rabbit hutch, six apartment. See Bill Enrlquez ; at Safevvay Market. Lots and acreage. Terms to'suit. JP. A. Bunch, Box 189. or 714 East Lohman Ave., Las Cruces. Tractor, hegari. Phone 655-W. JENNINGS HATCHERY Breeder at U. S. Certified White LeBhorn Chicks , 291 to SMregg U:S.R;p.P. Sired '·Write tr "Frfi!** and Ctliv^ry Dates -317 West Grand , CLOVIS'. NEW MEXICO Alfalfa seed Valley 'Jjrown, college t«t«d. F. -J. Rigflei', Jr., La Mesa, Nrtr, Mexico. , ·\ «·· The Solithwest's finest in WHITE LEGHORNS. 12 other breeds and hybrids. Over-night shipping distance. 39 years in business. Order SOW tor MARCH delivery. W I C K S' ·The BtfUthwest's Leading Hatchery" CLOVIS, N. HEX. t cabbage mile south Mesilla gin. 1 Slandard Oil Products Biindard Oil Trained , , f HE-WAR SERVICE Aziee Service Station 888 N. Main Phone 833 Anyono'. interested in , buying mode^l^lphle, see Lee Reeves. -..-.^cf^b withjiiewly decorated 6 ";TOtfm "roodern- house, outbuildings. Price $7,000.00. Phone 584.R3. ,», CERTIFIED SXP "g OTTON'flJiNTiSG ' ' .. Celinted "and Ceresan Treated $150.00 per ton also MESA ACALA $120.00 per INI Phone'495-jl STAHMANN FARMS Las Cruces, N. M. Three lots, 120 foot front. B. L. Luccro, 628 -East Organ. 30 pound capacity seff-comput ing scales, protectograph, . fruit jars. O. L. Coats, Mesilla Park. SPARK TIRE PUMPS AT WESTERN AUTO 1293^Mah»' 121 Partly furnished 5 room house, nearly 2 acri-a ground, large bu lane or natural Ras heater, steel cow stanchion, milk stool, baby bed, girl's bicyelr, ironing toaM, railroad watch in good condition. Corner NoAWv*WwW* 0«d Front street. flood Income property, clone in. PARTEMP Economicil home -insulation Bay's Park Texac* .SERVICE STATION - Whfen in ; need of anything in the real estate line, always Bee Burton't ^l/at. 115 West Grigga. phorie 381. WANT TOlUY Piano. 519 West Laa Cruces Ave. Paint over wall pa|ter? Easy with just one coat of Nu-Tdne Flat Wall FinlBh, Nu-Enamei's new paint discovery. Costa only, $2;98 per gallon. Valley Appliance Company. 2 wheel trailer with new tarp. New pre-war troinbone.- 212 East Las Cruces Avenue. '' JUST RECEIVED A Shipment of SILK CASTING LINES Aztec Service Station 888 N. Main Phone 833 FOR SALE Two room furnished house, equipped with gas and electricity. Three lots. 1129 West Van Patten Ave. Want 'to buy woodworking 'm'a- cTiine. Write to Ofande Ho'tel, El Paso, C. Ragona. Red chili, all kinds. Barker's Ranch, phone 599-Rl. A 'Halax therapeutic generator. Will .pay cash. Plume 774, or 758-i. WANTED TO.HENT THE ADVENTURES OF PATSY OH, TM SO EXCITED TO BE MARRYIN' VOUt? GRAMPA THIS MORNIM; WILLIE; ITHINK-m'VBLbH'p ?m COVER_OtiR.RlfiE By Ckvles Bail WHV HE SWS-"l HAVE JUST B8EN CALLED TO CM6CK UP ON MV . CHICKEN FARM IN AFRICA, SO 1 I ASK «3UR PAROON TOR NOT MARRYINS VOUTDnAy.'" OH, DEAR, NOW I 6UESS I'LL NEVER SET THAT MAN. 'JT-W AfONMY, YOU tv/LL tKAO THE f^CTL/fpeS KT-\ORT£M!! I MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN % Lee iOc ud PkU Difli Furnished house or apartment. Phone 573-M or 712. Electric sewing- machine, good conditi6n. : Phone 51-J. -. - Furnlefied house- or apartment, for aix;hlohths nitatnlu'm 6r longer. Call Lt^ltter, pjoti».563. Wanted, by medical officer, furnished house or apartment. Write Capt. 'Hayward F. .Day, Station Hospital, Alamogorc-b Air Base. Young man starting;to work al Sun-News Monday wants room anc board in private 'home, or will take single rooraY Call feuh-Newa office phonS 34. - One seven foot tandem disc, good condition. Oat and alfalfa hay. Stanley Edwards, phone 537-W. LOST Blond Cocker Spaniel puppy, 7 months old; answers to n'ame of "Join." Reward. Mrs. P. R. Burn, phone 383. FOB RENT TSn acres land, for cash rent, .pply Williams, 136 North Main. FOR RENT -- ROOMS Front bedroom and garage privilege.'for man only. 329 S. Miranda. FOR LEASE .Station and I'jur cabins. Camp DeLuxe, west of viaduct. FOE KENT -- Three room modern furnished apartment, close in. KJ children. Inquire at Sun-News. Furnished apa'rtmerits. Call 'at .28 South Main street NOTICES We .buy, mil and trade. Hlett'_ SecoriS -Hand Store. 130 North Main. PHdne 648. Bolter SERVICE B«tl»r GLEANING B«lt.r PHIZES -, better n» MODEL CLEANERS Ladles, eatn $1.00 hour, full or pak . tlBie','-snowing Maisonette frocks-Jo friends and neighbors For coftiplete -sample outfit write Box M, .Sun-N.ews, Las Cruces. Cloth covered buttons and bucv-. les. Quick Service Cleaners. Slip cavers, curtains. Telephone Miss MutZ: 459-W, evenings. tibes your roof leak ? Carpentry work, building repair, light mason work and .painting. Call 498-R3 for estimates. Sewing and alterations. 618 w. 3 lcacho Avenue. Place Your Drier N O W ! for certified 1517 ACALA Cotton Planting Swd $6.00 per JOO Farmers' Market .4 Supply Company 104 Comprtu Botd Phone 333 YOUR KAT1ONS ·By ASSOCIAtEl) PRBA8 MEATS, FATS, etc.--Book four red stamps Q5 througTi '§5 goofl ·through .March 31. Stamps T5 through X5 good through Aprll~28; Y5 and 26 and A2 through D2 good, through June 2; £2 through J2 ffoort through June 80. PROCESSED FOODS -- Book tour blue stamps 'X5 ttirough 'Z6- .nd A2 and B2 good through March 31. Stamps C2 through G2 good through April 28; H2 through M2 good through line 3; N2 through Q2 good ttirotlgh June -30. 'SUGAR -- Book 'fotlr stnmp 35 Valid r*or five p.ounds thnju£h June 2. Xoxt ntamp scheduled to be Validated May 1. i Want egg customers. Val Fcyror. SHOES --_Book three nlrplanc | Bos 4-A. El Paseo Ro«d. Old Smith stamps 1, 2 and 3 valid indefinite- i place, ly. GPA says no plans to cancel: -any. j ' ror painting, Inside or outside, GASOLINE -- H-A coupon* I '« ClJTM Holllngv.-orth. 1107 E«at Kouil evrtywliem fur four K'Unns j kohmai! AVC.. or writ,- rostoilke each through March 21. B-S. C-5.' Box aaii. Las Omen. New Mexico. :-fl, C-6. B-7 and C7 couponR good ' ' ~~ ' everywhere for five gallons. Try Urn to «et It In Cr»cn. MAYBE THIS'LL TEACH YOU TO STAY OUT OF STRANGE ICE-BOXES. YOU RE SO MUCH NICER DEFROSTED. ONE MINUTE MORE, AND THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN ffo MORE NAftDA. SCORCH V SMITH Hv Frank RobHu THATfe ITCHET.' WEVE (SOT TO SHAKE THIS BUT FAST-UPSTAIRS/ .' THS 00VS B*CK AT BA5E,DIDNY WASTE T1M6, AFTSlf THEWTHE LDCW10H Of THAT STE1P, THE NIPS AS TO WORK THOSE FAKE PLANS* ·".''. THEIR MISS/ON COMfZ£T£D, ON THE JAP-HSLP SSLAH, 'SCOKCHY AND CHET, %01-L Our THBK 80MBEK5' SUNDAY SERVICES IN LAS CRUCES CHURCHES Wnr saving: atamps paid for small repairable electric appliances, Valley Appliance Com- patiy. F1R8T PRESBYTERIAN Rev. Frank F. Jones, Minister Mrs. Fred Daniels, Organist Mrs. W. P. Blxler, Choir Director Sunday School--9:45 a. m. "Roy H. France, Superintendent Church Nursery--11:00 n. m. Mrs. Florence Heizer in charge. Morning Worship--11:00 a. m. Prelude--"Air," from "Overture n D," Bach. Offertory--"Menucl," Ravina. Anthem -- "For God Sn Loved he World," Stnlner. l3ermon--"Eyes That See." Ptwtlude -- -Postlude," Batt- mflnn. the Young People's Wcstmlns* ;r Fellowship will meet in thr nne.x Sunday evening at sever 'clock. Almo Jo Weatbronh Is it orRc of the program. The 'High School Society of Chriatlnn Endeavor will meet ir the Education Building Sunday evening at anven o'clock. Mrs. M A. Thomas is Hie sponsor of thlfi group. OIHIKCH OK THE \A7.AHENK Enit rml of viaduct .Sunday Bllilr School- 10:00. J. C. HmlHpftli, Supt. IVpRChlnK Si'rvlce 11:00. N.Y.P.S. 7:00. Mrji. Vclnin Lnnkford, Pres. Kvcnlng Si-n-h-r R:00. C. A. Illggins, Pnnlor. MK8T IIAITWT R. M. Maddnx, Pastor Runclny SO|UMI begins at 9:H5 n. i. for all ages. Morning worship service* start I 10:,'r n. m. with Mm. Hull piny, ng thi- organ prelude In the nl- Lcwum-Sfrninn which will he rrml «onrc of Rev. Mnddnx iKcrp will lie 'in all Churches of Christ, SCI- a vlilllhg m i n u t e r from the lltp- nilUSTIAN SCIENCE Branigan Library Attdltorium Stlndny Service 11 ft. m. Testimonial meeting first Wednesday evening of each month at 8 o'clock. I "Mnn" Is the subject nf the ENTIST, on Sunday, March 11. Tho s Gohl«'n Text Is: "Speak unto all the congregation of the children of Israel, and say unto them, Ye shall be holy: for I the Lord your God am holy." (lH*v. 19:2). ST. ANDREWS' EPISCOPAL Rev. George Wood, Rector 8:00 a. m. - Holy Eucharist. 10:00 n. m.--Church school. 11:00 a. m. -- Morning prayer, sermon "Faith and Chemistry." 7:30 p. m.- -Service at St. Luke's, Dcming. St. Andrew's Guild meets on Monday nt 3 p. m., with Col. and Mrs. Chilton. list Semiriary In El Paso this "morning. Evening \\-orship services start at 8:00 p. m. and will be conducted by the college students. Everyone cordially invited to all SL-rvi First of 200th \Hojnc from Luzon SAINT PAUL'S METHODIST C. A. Ridge. Minister Mr. Hudson Murreil, Director of Munlc Mrs. Hudson Murreil, Organist Prelude--Selected. ' The Apostle's Creed. The Morning Prayer. Choir response. Anthem--- "The Cross," Thonins. hesponslvc Rending. Gloria Patri. The Scripture Lesson. Offertory. Choir response. Sermon--"Strongiy Templed to Desertion." ST. JAMES' Kl'ISCOI'AI. Mesllln fork Sunday Mnrch nth Hearty welcome to nil! 1. Early Service 8 n. m. 2: Church School - 1 0 a. ni. !1. Morning Prayer nnd Sermon I I n. m. Subject of sermon, "God's Provision and Mnn'.i Opportunity." t. Service nt Hill .1 p. m. ft. I^nlen nervier every Krldny nl ft p. m. Hunter IX'Wls, MUnlnmiry Otiifloer An outdoor firaplace shoultl rut U n«ur u frame building beciutft of the fire hiz»rd. A Qreplice may ba built into n Itoufcit chlmriey If · tepa tato (lut la mad*. . March 10 -- Fiit'iida and f a m i l y today ex- U:iidtd Joyous welcotni; to the first mi»ml)ftr of N«w Mexico's 200th to return after being liberated from a Japanese prison -- 24-yenr-olU Pvt. Fooh Tixictr, of Albuuerque. Tixlcr n tupped from a plane late yesterday, swopl his mother into \\ln arms and warned her: "don't cry-- I won't be able to atnnd it if you do." Coloradoan Starts Term for N.M. Death LAS VEGAS. March i n - - ( / P Ramon Etncato Padllln. 27, of rrinklad, Cold.. HtiirtuU sorvinn n WMo-lOO-yttur sentonct' in the itd(r jH-nltentiaiy lodiiy for nu.:~ md doftrfe murder in the di-uth of hi.i a u n t , Air(\llft Pnchuco IV Martinez, iBO. Uial. ,IIK)K« Luia K. A r t n l j o nrn- nrfd PudlilR nfler he hnd plead- rd guilty to hratln^ hla A u n t in » robbery attempt nnd Icnvlnu h»r to die In A west Um Veghfl tdrret. School children found her body Feb. 21. Norm*) Pin Two teeapoonftiU of (iotn»*lum Iodine for each 50 t)«ad of brood iow», In Hit- liriuhfti'g witter, oticr weokly, will prevent tintrlen, big ntcktd *i«d ·Ullbom pifi. Stale Oil Le*s«S Sell for $83,000 SANTA FE, March 10 All :M tracts offered In the Mttrcl sale of slate ot] and ( wore sold today for a total Of )83| 000, Land Cnmmlaaioner J6hh Miles reported. UtAt price wn.n $05 an aftH bll for the UO-ncrc tract- in d*4ler Lrn county by the Humble Oil I of HouMon. Combat. Men Europe Due. Enroule hi Pacific WASHINGTON, March 16 lA Many ni" the combat troops now Europe probntlly will visit f61 it home Wfore going to fight '.he Orient, but such soldiers 'ngint'cr.H and service force m This prospect shaped up todal from nn ailclress by Lt. Och, Bn 'ion Siunirrdl, chief of army T' J There has licun speculation ftb^ tin- number of men to "barged after V-B dny, rahflH from a 200,000-a-manth throiiKh reports that 1,000 Of 1,9 velrrnua from each division In I ropt^ might bo released. Wnr department orrirl«l« iniiUl rd today that Until the sP In Kuropc. Including the- the occupntlon foreo, la liitbwn, j li Impossible to mik even I r

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