Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 3, 1972 · Page 41
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 41

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1972
Page 41
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·IZ ^HKUJvli V_(C«.lo.)__ 7*"' Utod COM and Trucki 51 I«10 8 FT. Hut D«tc r n i n i i r r . Ibn-lleM tim-lllkn. Cull 3H.I7H « f l c r b. · FOK SAI.K -- 1C (l."c»ml I r n l l c r . Pelf- tuliUlnnl. K x c c l l c n t conillllnn. J » l - -')ll SAI.K -- Mot.11.- Trn lit. CHin|er. Mo.lrrn txcr{ \ r . c«n e»c-!!i'n « f i ^ r ,l« SUl'KIl S|Krl. U«lil w i t h white, rcftrtnil, S XL . «t«l». V l r k l . S11-2.S23, (·'*. \«l., . \ i a y V i ! ) . 2 Trailer! and Camper) 53 10(0 mill! | i l f k u i "-ill. ' I V \ K i i cmiiiN-r. Circoirr M't. Tr.n.'l.iml, O b i ZSIIi SI. I t K T I I A N Y tr|uv I r n l Imltoi", nl*ncl«il ir70 T.» . . iul. CM BSlli SI. Auto Scrvico and Supplies 52:ymir ciiinpor K O N O M V K A M P K K S MOD10LS Mobile Homo Survicc' .fc Supply hitches -- K«s/ rofi'lKovjitor.s. Ken us for OHO 2Gtli St. '70! CIIEVKI.T-B M»lllu. 2 ilnor I»iJ- p lop. 4 sp«l. 'liir.*!, v i n y l luii. C - lir IIK.KI. tr.n. U53 19CS FORD Coilnlrr Solnn 10 ifrt'ionlrk-. 1'nwer si crii..:. iii-.ilirs, H!... nilly TIII||.|-C.|. f l i r . l i . · ' " a f t e r ~t I ' m . ISr.l'. H A M i l l . K I l : ftJ.f.nO urt.l.l i il.Hr, FUn.lar.i l i i i i . M i i i ^ i n i i " iver.lrUr. (kx.,1 niljlx'r c\cpll. in.m liri'-f in t r u n k . l u U r i n r p* Jikx- SCf m.l . E r i v e to .·un.uvi;' \\\$. Lfal.WM ilnys ; 3S3-I2M1 n f t o t Villi KNOT 673 t.irl«' c n u i o f t Brce.1 triplex, lap nxle, sleeper, · "ef!lenl liu'J Riid i-oiidilion. f..r; 35 r (o 40 (I. laln!?in « x l c (!nl tn'd friilcr. I r r i g a t i o n alul Tower Ki'.i!|- rhrat, US t t i c h w w Su. Si. Crcoler. ·^ Riiiip Mini Cycles ·£· Ciiinper ;md Trailer fic.oitDiny Body Shop No of R n n i n d n lull iL'lLiseil Dcnlor T K K R V , MONITOR, VICLLOU'STON'R, C A R D I N A L Stiles ami llcntnl U K Service ·12: n t h Ave. 3S2-371S or 3i2-52S3 GREELEY MT. TRAVELAND SHASTA, PROWLER iiiut STARCRAFF 'I'fnt tr.iilcrs, tfavi'l trailers, iinii motor homes. Giil 28th St. Opnn cvenintfs 352-2580 Lhurcn Urdains A f f i r m e d Homosexual SAN CARLOS, Calif. (AI) After u four-lrour dobnlc, dele- U?cd Cori and Trucks 51 and T r u c f c s 51 -:,, giites of 10 San I'ranclsco Hay IIITH uluirchcs of (lie . United Church of Christ hnvo approved the ordination or an affirmed homosexual. Sixty-two of 9G lay and cleri en I delegates of the Protestant denomination, which claims some two million members nationally, voted Siindiiy in favor of ordaining William Johnson, 25, H graduate of the Pacific School of Keligion in Bcrkele\ Church officials said they be lieved this was the first lime a professed homosexual linct been ordered oniuined in liis own church, although some said ] there have been instances of al=| ready ordained ministers mak- lling public their lioniosoxnalily. \\ Johnson, who hnri been 1; turned down by n 3-2 vote by l i t h e credentials committee, =' stopped to the pulpit in a neat |! mod suit after his affirmation :[iind said: "I celebrate. Yon give me the R-12 Renault 4 Door : ; $2295 P.O.E. Front Wheel Drive -BENDER AUTO SALES ""- AMBASSADOR, JAVELIN, MATADOR, AiMX '.'GREMLIN, HORNET, AUSTIN, RENAULT, MG ·''25 8th Ave. 352-4358 J , 11 Mobile Koine Service Supply liBD DALE N'liMKld Cumpers nud Travel Trailers 630 2G(h St. 353-9290 -{opportunity to do the work I 'know 1 do best, God bless you." Q U E E N CANDIDATES -- Cinco de Mayo queen candidates are Anita (Inllegos, Hosic Henavidez, Frances Garcia, Connie Casarez, Charlene Sanche/., and Virginia Satas. Caudi- Chicanos Plan May 5 Fesl dales not pictured are Michelle Rael, Pat Miinoz, and Victoria Navarctlc. Tlio queen will be selected Saturday evening at the Hoys' Club. (Tribune photo by Jim Craig) ' Cinco de Mayo, Mexico's Independence Day, will IK: celebrated with a Cliicann Talent Extravaganza beginning at 7:30 :.m. on I''riday in the Boys' Club Building. In Greensboro, N.C., the; Kntertainmcnl will be pro- Council for Church and Minis-; v idcd by local Weld County try of the United Church of. rcsidents alui wi u ill( . u , ( | c Km ^, Christ said in a statement Monc | nllccs . in(] Uic-presentation of day that it could not categorically approve the ordination of homosexuals, but urged each case be judged indivicl-l ualiy by local ordaining bodies. I Ordination in the United; Church of Christ is carried out by associations of churches, which are voluntary organ-; izations of congregations that: are in geographical proximity' of each other, a spokesman for the council said. the queen candidates. Activities tor Salurady will begin al noon with a Chicano dinner being served by the Welfare Uights Organization. The film "I Am Jouqwn" will also be presented anil the Cinco de Mayo queen will be selected later t h a t evening. The public is invited to attend the celebration. An admission fee will be charged. Friendly Village Schedules Grand Opening This Weekend 'Hie now I-Yicndly Village of free prize drawings for a televi- Grceley, 200 N. 35tti Ave., 22U-jsion set and lOhabachi SPECIAL FACTORY PURCHASE L i.uuaui a. Hi. .. space mobile home park will eqiiers A statement issued by the 27- ' ., .. c ,,,.,,,,. ,, . » ,,.,.,,.,.,.,,',,, - jhold its grand opening celebra-;Burns, member council at the close ofj.. ,, . - , -, ,, -, f f i t s three-day annual mealing ^.f ^^Sfe r ' 0111 said in part, "We find liinl wel 9 am " ntl1 (ill£k each " a j ' 71PLYMOUTH (FuryllHDootO Equipped with:. ]. Factory Air , , Conditioning .2.. Automatic · J . -Transmission "3 Power Steering . . 4. Radio . 5. Tinted Glass 6. Deluxe Wheel Covers .7 Whitewall Tires 8. Body Side Jfouldihgs 9. Light Package 10. Electric Clock Stock No. 2169A SALE PRICE $ 2695 71 DODGE (Pnlara4DrO . Equipped with: i Factory Air Conditioning 2. Automatic . Transmission 3. V-8 Engine 4. Power Steering 5. Power Brakes 6. Radio 7. Tinted Glass B.' Deluxe Wheel Covers 9. Whitcwall Tires 10. Ligiil Package 1) Body Side Mouldings Stock No. 2178A SALE PRICE $ 2595 '71 DODGE i Monaco ·! Dr.' Equipped w i t h : i Factory Air Conditioning ; 2. Automatic Transmission 1 3 V-R Engine 4 Vinyl Top 5. Power Steering 6. Power Brakes 7 Radio fi. Tinted Glass 9. Deluxe Wheel Covers 10. Whitewall Tires 11. Light Package 12. Body Side Mouldings Stock No. 21GB- A SALE PRICE $ 2875 according to Bobbie general manager of Hiinter,American Mobile Home Sales of Denver. cannot al this stage give categorical endorsement to the ordination of a staled homosexual . .." However, the council pledged itself to study the issue and urged that all levels of the] ·. United Church of Christ "en-! gage in open and earnest study of all aspects, forms and mani- '| festations of human sexuality." - In a speech asking the dele- i gates to approve his candidacy, Johnson said that "the very essence of life to me lies in giving myself to a life of minis- Open house is scheduled willij "Burns emphasized that since free hot dogs, soft drinks and (Friendly Village is a family "Ipark that visitors should bring 'the entire family. There will he free' balloons for children and they are urged lo use the playground. j Friendly Village is managed .by iMr.and Mrs. Everett Griszell iwho will be on hand to greet j visitors and conduct tours of the The annual Spring Festival (clubhouse recreation center I I I DeBrown Chrysler-Plymouth Inc. BEATS ALL 6lh St. 9th Ave.--8]7 7lh St. Ph. 356-0900,353-9902 Open Evenings Tiil S P. M. Saturday Till 6 P.,M; Referring to his "gay sexual orientation," Johnson said there often is a "sinful inconsistency" bcteween the church and the gospel. "The church, it seems, is often not practicing what it is preaching." Under questioning by the delegates Johnson was asked about the fear of parents lhal he might harmfully affect children. "Homosexuals do not prey on children," said Johnson. How could he be a good minister without a wife? he was askecl. "I don't really feel I need a wife," he said, adding, "I hope some day to share a deep love sponsored by the Catholic School VTA Sunday on the vacant lot south of St. Mary's Church, 23rd Avenue and Reservoir Koacl from noon to dusk. The theme relationship man." with another Refugees, Deserters Flow South From Imperiled Hue .;BY RICHARD BLYSTONE -..Associated Press Writer {nearly a one-way street,lof a burning bridge marred the jclogg'ed with vehicles and rcfu-stillness of the tropic noon at Jim l.eighton is in his 10th Catholic PTA Plans Carnival Grcelcy which has a group enterlain- inent kitchen, fireplace, social meeting and game rooms as well as billiard tables. Those daring Hie elements may bring tluir swimming a l carrousel atmosphere. According to Dennis and Joanne Moore, chairmen ol the festivities, many more honths! - itrunks to swim ln !pool. Thirty model (he mobile homes will be on display during the open house. and attractions will be added! Junior Miss receives watch from Oscar Eplcy of Zulos Junior Miss Now in Mobile Colorado's 1972 Junior Miss, Patricia Ann (Trisha) Purifoy of Fort Luplon, is now in Mobile, Ala., to compete in the 1972 America Junior Miss pageant. The 17-year-old hazel-eyed. straight A senior at Fort Lupton High School is representing Colorado in the national pag- the birthplace of her father, no- land II. Pilrifoy, Kort Luplon, auto dealer. Those who wish to sent telegrams of encouragement may reach Miss Purifoy in care of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. luce, 4329 Bit and Spur Road, Mobile 3CC08. National finals of the pageant will be televised over Channel eant. held annually in Mobile, .4 at 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 9. City Council Summary Council Tuesday evening: Clugston 52,250 for services in this year. Big attraction will be the Flea.. . . Market and since the Spring "!?". u 1. Granted application of Gon-' dolier Inc. for 3.2 beer license j for Cable's End Restaurant at 1105 2fith Ave. 2. Adopted resolulton declaring -145 acres at west edge of city eligible for annexation and ROANOKE. Va. (AP) - rcferre(T ma[ler , 0 planning I Mayor Roy Webber expected c 0 m m = s s ; ,, n for zonlng Festival has been moved to St. Mary's vacant lot, accommodations will be more readily available. Organizations · and individuals wishing to have a table in the flea market are encouraged to contact Leo rales to finance the city's multimillion-dollar sewage treatment plant improvements, was still astounded by the first water bill he received after the work. "My secretary said she didn't know we had to pay for the encouraged » contact Leo; , t h , t. Czapenski, 353-511= and make:' =., ,,/ |hn ^.m hm HP Vn. reservations. In the event of adverse ; home. j said,of the $4,600 bill he re- iceived for his flower shop and year as coach. w e a t h e r conditions, t h c j The problem was traced to a Wake Forest tennisjfestivities will be canceled andjbilliiig error by the city's com- ihelri at a later date. ' n u l p r puler. N. Viets Attack Near Hue After Seizing Fire recommendations. 3. Approved on final reading ordinance creating s i d e w a l k improvement district on west side of 23rd Avenue from 18th Street to Reservoir Road. 4. Voted not to approve, ordinance creating paving improvement district No. 356 and instructed cily administration ta prepare new ordinance because of error in legal abstract. 5. Approved on final reading ordinance creating curb, gutter a n d paving improvement district on 9th Street between 3rd and llh Avenues. 6. Approved on final reading ordinance amending code of ordinances in regard to improvement district procedures. 7. Passed on final reading ordinance to pay attorney Scott drafting new traffic ordinance and an ordinance pertaining to municipal court. IB. Referred to Traffic Safety Committee request for survey of need for vehicle and pedestrian overpass over U.S. 34 bypass at 11th Avenue. 20. Referred proposed ordinance adopting 197(1 edition of uniform building Code to Council's public works committee, and also proposed or- d i n a n c e s adopting related swimming pool, housing and mechanical codes. 21. Authorized converting of shelter house at Glenmcre park into open shelter bouse. 22. Awarded contracts for improvements in Districts Nos. 347, 348, 351 and 355 to low bidders. 23. Approved motion adopting policy to effect thai inlmleparl- mental menios of city administration are not to be in- By GTORGE ESPER Associated Press Writer SAIGON (AP) -- North Vietnamese troops attacked within six miles of Hue today after seizing a fire base north of the okl imperial capital. Other enemy forces captured the last r-JIUE, Vietnam (AP) -- Refu-igee.s on foot. The journey to j the cluster of shacks along the'. South Vietnamese stronghold in gees and military desertersiPhu Bai, only seven milesjhigtnvay where the marmesithe northern part of coastal flowed southward from Hue to-southeast of Hue. took five'kept watch. 1 Bind Dinh Province, day in one of Vietnam's biggest hours' round trip. Refugees left The jNorth Vietnamese were . A massive U.S. air armada of migrations. jhehind a semiparalyzcd cily..trying to flank the front f r o m l A l r [ ' orcc . Navy and Marine ^Civilians packed trunks and'Gasolinc and food were bccom-jih'u v.est but the marines called;P l a n t : s matlc hundreds of sfscked'sandbags in the cily of-ing scarce and looting by j n a ir strikes and went after strikes against North Vietnam- Vietnam's old warrior kings, (deserters touched off a few mi- u, cm j r] a three-pronged push. ° P os | !lotls ] n So!ltl ? Vietnam American officials estimated n o r g u n fights. I " ' · · · · · · 2(Kf 1 OOp refugees ami residents' To (he north, where V'ietnanv(jel remained in the cily, 47 mi]es;w;e marines guarded the soul!i ; ni JOr v,ays were full of trunks] south of Iht demilitari/ctl zone'bank of the 30-yard-wirie My'and parcels. I V ; i l l I N II I l l l 1.1,-ISiUIIE^U UU.1F.I. . . . i I · !· i In Hue, residents loaded their but a g°J n showed no immediate ilonKincs in buses and trucks.! SI B' 1S of l l l n l m « lhc ( l t i e - »nd 20 miles soulh of Hie front. 'Clianh Hivcr. (he situation was rj s 0 [fi c j ; j] s s; ,j,j ||| Crc w c r e j t h n n four .Thousands more were tx-Srelatively quiet. intt-jiigence reports lhal the bombers fie petted lo join the southward. Only the oteasional whiirnp of' e n c m v had n list of persons to'four military procession Thursday. bombs and Die drone of jcls lj( . L . x ' e( . u i,, ( | . IS t i, cv |i;,,| j n i|, e: Vietnam.' .Highway 1 south if Hue was and the c rack ling and hissing ]M! Tct 'offensive, when lhc| tliem in U'e " : . " ~ . - - . . y.^ £ ( ., t g f i ; , g f] t r t . Heaviest Raids In the heaviest raids in more miles north of Hue, and the sit-[Tiie highway south of Hue wasj nation there was reported qui-;clogged with vehicles and walk- el. North Vietnamese j ing refugees, iieavilyi Fighting Among Selves shelled Fire Base King, ore of Some Soulli Vietnamese army ,, . - i ,· . . i --· Hue's western defense positions h,-oops arc fiphlin" among Approved on final reading j wm ' c h C JK, _ · :i, n ,.r .i.. - L - . i, ' . . ., ° "'nrdtnjinf.p rhlnlinw \r\ linrnlT.-1 _ - i _ _ . , L eluded in agendas of council meelings distributed to jniblic and news media, j 2-1. Denied petition of builders jof Brcntwood Park Apartments ito he issued two water taps at Municipal League ; previo , ls t a p rall . L .[ ]iilHc . rate Increase re-, 25. Approved agreement with Colorado opposing quested by Mountain Bell. j.Sierra Investment six miles southwest of the city. | themselves in Hue and On the ccnlral coast, the i f u i v c been some cases of .,,.,..,,. , , . North Vietnamese seized f,and-iThere has been no large-scale l l c e P s c fcc r ° r installers of such : ri TV i:..u i : . . ' · . · . . 1 1 rlr»ui r ft ^ under pay a m o u n t there "finance relating to burglar j provided by ordinance for storm theft, i 1 ' 3 "" dcvlces ^ establishing SC wer construction. ing Xxine English and in-, fooling or robbery. tensified pressure in the cenlral. Landing Zone Knglish on the, 9 - Approved change of owner- devices. highlands to the west. T h e 'central coast fell after two daysj s n l P "' 3 ' 2 1)esr liconse of Ron1 - fiffen.sive|or savage attacks that d'r- wa V lnn from Vin| a I.ange to launched March .10 continued fol.strnycd its a r l i l l e r y and a m m u - j J - Sliaw and It. Heinick, subject lake its loll of U.S. ail-craft. 'niliiiii. There was no firm counti'° receipt of favorable CB[ The U.S. Command an-; on South Vietnamese c'iisualliesjrcport. nounced the loss of an 02 l i g h t j i m t they were reported to bel 1C. Adopted resolution sclling!|| n spoiler plane and two more A I · · : ' · ' ' ' ' fighler-hombcrs south of Quang 2(1. Keceivcd report cily manager been reqircsled to renegotiate proposed price for park land cily is seeking to acquire in Rolling Hills 3rd Addition. 27. Received report from council's finance committee .. . . .several hundred .South Tri City, but .said all three; Ironps and their wore rescued. Thisi families w i t h d r e w under cover the number of| j i fees a n d procedures for .1 'ncer and litjuor special event 'ir-jci x c \on, il!is l permits. Approved motion GW Given 180 Days To Holt Pollution o! North Platte llnley. Patterson ·ccri awarded con- for engineering entire water system expansion project. Rolierl M. Fox of Ilaverlown, Pa., and .lames J. limlgers of Klkins Park, I'M., are co-captains of Kordliam University's licavywcight cre\v. ·vKANSAS CITY (AP) -- Offi- the rase may he referred to tbe.s n ^h"'vidn;i'm'ese' iird 'infariTry' l l t e n cummander i n the Mc- qals of the Hegion 7 Knviron-;U.S. altorncy for proseculion if /)ivision badly bealtn at Quang^.'.'"K I)c . lla - nri £- f ' c n - Vu Van nTental Protection Agency here! a satisfnrlory resolution of the ' fr ' were taken north lo Camp ^vs a .ISfrtlay wlice has been' 0 ,, m · t ft , j ( , ; Kvans. American officers said flOnl to the Great Western Sug-; . . . . . . i . Ihey were not yd sure Co. of Denver regarding p o ] - ' i l I x ' rl0(! ^vore said a sim- m . 1My wer( . ,, al , 1( . rw |_ ! how . ]jjti6h ! flf the North Platle Kiv- p'ar ISO day nuuce senl to the American advisers voiced · I t l o i l y Sugar (.'ompany in Den- iiopr; l h a l some of the trucks icroina H. Svorc, KPA rc-.vtr last ywir ro.siiltcd in the i n - ; t h a l joined the sonthwarf! flow ). administrator, said ihclslallation of iiccessaryiwiiiild return to the I'ronl afler h a v "TM sc , Division was at Quang fri, is under investigation, a spokesman for the Saigon military command said. Abandon Base Vietnamese marines abandoned Tire fiase Nancy, about jillutlon-was'caused by Oroaljlroalinr-nl facilities to halt the, l.'ie soldiers had seen lo the! 22 miles north of I hie, on Tiles- Western processing plants at;comp:my's jKilIution of Iliclsufcfy of their families. Bering, ·'Scotlfibluff, MitchellIN'orlh f'lallc at Srotl.sbliiff. i Sid-'Bayard, Neb. j A hearing w i l l be held 1,-iferj In hilling .3-11 last year, Rob- fiScorc s.nifj (he company will lo discuss an abatement schcd-, erto Clemcnte of the Pillshiirgh ' ; u!c iifirccment wilii Groat Wcst-i Pirates balled .3fiG al liome and given J80.days to terminate pollution; ol .the river, and ern, Svore said. .327 rm the road. day after a tank battle in which they claimed 75 enemy troops I f l i c iinjK'i ilcd cities in the cen- Hue is in n grip of fear a n : l ' l r a l highlands, residents are packing up and If the enemy turns north, he leaving. One-C|iiarljr of Hue's 200,000 population already lias fled, fearing a repeal of t li t could aim at Quang Ngai, about 75 miles south of Da Nung. In lhr Central Highlands, ISM Tet offensive slaughter i n j North Vietnamese forces fired which enemy troops seized nnd ir,n .shells iFilo lien Ilcl and I'lci held most of (he cily for about ri month and executed more t h a n .l.Orx) residents. I«irge rumbers Kleng, west and northwest of K o n l n m , believed to hc the ene- ·my's No. I objective in flint re- of South!gion. (Juan/; Tri were repfirlcd ignor-! U.S. Air Korcc j-unships nl- V i e t n a m e s e deser lers from |a-ked a column of t a n k s three killed and I I laitks destroyed. Icjiianf; Tri were retried ignor-1 miles of I'lei K\cnfi. The marines fell hack to t h c j ing commanders' ap; to Ilraulls of the allacks were not My Clwng Hiver line, flic rniiin)slaud iinil fight ami were heacf-iknwn, lhc South Vielnamcsc defensive position about 2«-«5|in B .southward llirniifih line, tiniimaml said Wcstmoor 1st Filing. 15. Passed on first rending! ordinance assessing properly! owners for sewer improvements on 22nd Street Hoatl between 21st and 22nd Avenues. Ifi. Approved on first reading ordinance ercaliug curb, guller and paving improvement district on 3B(li Avenue Court north of W. lOtli Street. 17. Passed on first reading ordinance creating curl), gulter a n d paving improvement (listricl on 4lh .Street between 351 h and .ifilli Aviicues. If). Approved on first rending is the time to RUN A WANT AD to sell your "don't needs" 352-0211 Tribune want ads really work!

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