Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 13, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO,'.- ·': ··:··.-- ·-.....VM-..-,;:. .;· .."-, LA8.CBUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS'·'. ulNVTHE'.LIGHTOF DEVELOPMENTS -Cheap, Inadequate Tools Can Do Damage Beyond Cost Of New Ones By DAVID G. IIAItKUTIIEIl (Al' Ik-ill Estate Editor) | for a tight fit. I Don't think the .manufacturer More damage can be done! h i d i "£ something if the handle H round a house · by using cheap [ Hnd inadequate tools -- and by misusing good tools -- than woulc match the cowl of « model workshop. PE3HAPS TO MARK truce development!), I'Jc. Walton It. Wii^hl. Cnn- siii^;, C a l , KI.-L.'; light from captured Chlnc.ic Red. (Intcrnntfannl) Laughter Is Industry, Cartooning MiiM-Million Dollar Business. l\y MM, ItOVMO ' J-/J ;,^lili'l' i;; ;ni indil.Mr.V tniliiy n\\t\\ iuiri-'''itjiii: i:; n lji« hii.-ijni'UH. . TI .- -IT ,, A. ,.,, ,,,,,,;, l ,,,,,,,in, i,, ,,,!,, ,,...,!: .t ascmation Mow .'"·''··'·" Tl '"V · l:mt " r "' ·''··'·' V - i t T T , ,, · Woman s Business N K W H H I J N H W 1 0 K . N. .1. A I'hihllmod rn.«clmill(in fur Hunto i KIV.V iitLo it l i f c t l n i f l w u i l i fur Miss JciWlr- l.-,Mli'. Midi: Fisup, pinCrs-sor tif U n t m i y nt the New .Icrm-y ' ("nilc-go Inr l-'lti'-.y _ i h " i f t i - l t . I In:, two Terry Ljfi t - : i'M'l I l - ' f l c ,ml J.-ckli'. tli'i- -.:. Al rn. 'IVn.v well niny have : ftrti'fi. hyu- pi-npti- l n t i t l i more i itiiy nrtii hi history, nivi'lf h»s' ri'mahii'd . tilt!*-. Ii in. .in .In.tin-, [itilillr. Tiiut 5 M i l t - lilni. I H all hrgim whni she -.vns a ; r ;f yimi i n u i H in tin- inbuilt nf | )**"« KM In HrookfiHd, Vt. Sli" {-· · n i n n y . ju'opV [in yon con/' hi- ' '''i^' 1 ' 11 ' " *''»] f u l l wln-n *h» WHH .. ii'd ",Miiniii :ui' n i l U n i t count. 1 (II1 'V )l! .V |1 "' lft "I' 1 - Snyk she: j . V . v i M ^ y w l i n - u u r n uut I»r d u l l H r s - "1 I' 1 "'* 1 '"' t'yi'H wi'i-i.' brtu-r Ji'"iii- i.i CIM/..V. ',, -"" ' · · " Umn I he olhor Itldx nmtind (him; { s-Mii, iii'i· "lilff..YniubUiiK pturlto f()l ' ] ''""''I »»*' mm-klng.'! on tin; i '-n- \viii fijiJE "fit liii- l.ondUi Terry- "mynimy" n'r BCCI!H. Ji..i,ii. ')·],'»: ti'iivds Hit- rlnM-rhil.-j S|| M 1| I'» rruls; . j ' - . : i i v M t i . , i nnly tiDi-u-iul i i j lifo: . ^ n u P ( 'f"-'l. f|iU'.';tlnilH {lie jti-o- ; "To 1 Mi-.ihc 1.01)0* mi ire. J liiiVer i '' -' S!;(JI 's ( ( | uMn't HIMIIH to nnsu'cr, KviiMl fa i.'liM.u If n fellnw Hold'"" i(l " Hlurloif dolnf; I riiemx'h nii pi i i ! : i i ' ' I l i - ' t i In' 1 .-; ;.:itliij! lo n.-ttre -···"" nndi'runiiiiijiti 1 .. Four dnys n l - fr .\!n ttv-r iU..'t. v j. 'if\, fir. O.'i - IIO'H ' l i-'''. ^""'"K ' ||1] ' ''"Kl'f 1 ' 1 . :; 1 |(1 WJIH ; ' ! ! i i i i : Ii ii.roi'H)" l i n n * !)«· ini-iil:i]ly, "^'IslHi'l «L'i.'il iinilyst nt Hit? n(;ii- Si-'.-iiii-ji 4jii,'s j'.oinj; id j'vtjirv." ' j i-'U'iuntl !X|mrinicnl Htnf.iim at l i i H - K ' l n IIII."i 'IVrry cpitl \\\-n ftutjii.'iH UntVi'i.'iiiy. ; .!''!·- ». n ( - i r n l c ^ t i j i i ' i u i i l ii'-ws- S' 1 *' 1'iiiU'il ( l u H l n f f of llif 1 wo- , p i ' j n - r i'l'lisl f l»n malt,-,'lil^! fij'Hl { '"'Hi's uoMOBO whoil II opciurd in 1 li'M^'irin.!!^ if w i i s etillnl "i,l|. t 1"'^. '""I f"'"n wnu Hie fii.-it wo- . II;- U'-Miimi," Vtml il (Viiilt hh'ti j """t with t h e jol) of H l n t e Heed ' tinalyiiL. Her piotitonui for tin ^ecn-lii i] j;ei.'i|:i dei.'|)i-iu'd, inul hlii' led u ml nnd loureil n h i o n d . She pie.'KMileit 11 Hpeciai' riidio pro I f i i i n t . cnllt-d "liotiuiy fur the 'j\in- . "They l n i v i . Milllt lo !| l-'' u ''-" K i i i i i t i of her worlui,won: n u n . . Ihhij,' n f n r r r ' l d ' n i n i i e llu- l.(»!| s-|li-ri!li- tlnnvlli|; K Inr !l,r l l v « - r.llltille Irnllll'c. ·' .i)!.r 'lulls mil i(i'\'f|-|il i n l l - ,:oj,;| ( ' llnoltil 'a yrlir n n i l Ir. :,|l;?'iiil :i'. tili'Vi.'lKl(m Hlltiw. Aiwip liilil.i i-ui- M'^-i Klil(i-';: pd pm.(i'«t tddiiy. tirsi'li-ti ti'iU'hinj;, I;; u I t f o l i m e i Iretiuii til teeil v n i l e l i i i n . di-tli'l llifMl ill f u l l i i l f i i t i l i e n l l o i i purpose!!. T.-iieiios Itllntl project.-; 1 Imve i-von u n d v r t u i WII.H hviclihiK Imtiuiy lu blind K t u - !li".-ii'i ill t l i i ilnys of .-.lli'iil. (Illns. I Iliill In oiil-Ai'Mip Ai'Siip lillii- i llill:illii|;i'thi'r. Siiini-llini"il w n n I ·'·"·''··Hi all" 1 :!. "Ai-siip lolil I tin- If A p N ivnllluir fur nn '. M falili-s n r l K l n n l l y . Dill I · lo K ] V i. in,, plruly f,,,- v |, a t i j "Viltinlly pill out 'M(l murr _ ] ,im |n nu .slorliN." ..DYEtMAMic "I believe the spots before your eyes will vanish afior your suit gets back (rom the Quick Service Cleaners." For Prompt. Efficient, Courteous Service PHONE 402 Today 1 -QUICK SERVICE CLEANERS 13J. No A hammer head flies off a cheap 1 hfttidle, ctnnhcR through a window, j if not conking the worker on the ' hcnd. j Saw teeth that nre dull or in need nf jointing may C.'IUKC a saw lo j u m p from the kerf ( t h e cut it is m n k i n g ) . slash the thumb and run up n new doctor hill. The lU'i'rnjfe householder (torn nof neeil a (freal army nf (mils. A eliuv liaminer, a :7iiijile of se-rewilrlvers, a pulr of -pliers and u monlicy wreneti cull do u lot. In (hi 1 way of keepinff your liouKe In tinier. So when you K» t(» tin- tiiinhviiK* store, il's short,- ^i^Iifed to he pennywise. und dol- hir-hinllsli. Quality touts hist, longer, do better'jobs und need hiss ea re llniii bargain-counter This I'ulu applies w i t h oven morn forco IIH your enthunlainn giown and you want a Haw, a Jjrnce and bits, ;i phinu, u vise, or u complctn home workshop. You'll find Umt. t h e difference In cost between u tool nnd an Inferior one n moiiii t s to nomparu 11 vely l i t t l e . That difference la entirely offset by simerior pcrforniunrc, ac- eiinicy nnd dnrnhlllty. A n d you'll find that Rood tools will he re.sper.ted. Other members of t h e f f i m i l y will not IJC'HO tempted lo ii«e a keenly whetted chisel IK: a screwdriver, or a screwdriver SIM i CHII opener-- frequent crime*. The nolei:tiun of tools and their proper iiHiific lire basically impurt- nnt in lnHiH'.' maintennnce. Choose your rlaw - h u m m e r for iiiKtnnce. with iiHuge in mind. .You'll find two mnjojr types HI t h e . l m r d w n r c Hloie. One will have a f l a t sti-ilt- Inp surfnee at the end of the neck. This In a pluin-fnee hammer. W i t h t h i s (ype Ihe. novli-e is nbte Mi drive niiilfi Mlniigliter, lull It Is mure liable, to lint the hiirfaee af the wood. Another hits a hi-ail Mint Imltfi-s sll^hlly at lite ead af n tapered neck and u.suiill.v has u sliKhtly curved-- 1 eunvex--slrlltillfr siirlnee. Is the liell-faee luitmner. It's n good Idea to learn the of u bell'face .hinmm'r. With ii l i L t l o pruojlcie, you eim.. drive n imlllieiu! fliiBli, or even a bit below the ifiirfiiii^wlLnoiit. donting t h e Wndil. ' : ' · : ' · · " Y i u ' l l · fiiid .. h u m m e r he.iidK weighing fr(jiii fi to U8 ouiuh'.s. If you pin it lq iiHe Hit; tool only for IniildliiH . b]nllii)iiNo:i. or driving small bradH,,don't pick out n heavy hammer. Vjar genc'ral lioiiHulinlil ijse, hginincr nui^e from 10 to 10 (juncvH. Heft them for.foci. You'll want a heavier hamme'r for driving ordinary nails Into Jmnlwood nnd linger n tills intn HOft wood*. iCxnmlnc tho liandle. TL should he n straight . g m i u . hardwood, llit'kory or ash make flnu handle:). The end t h a t shown througli the h a i n i i i e r bend tihoiilil ahuw wedcrpH -' Thc °" prejudice for "white-wood" handles has been largely overcome b'y handle makers yrotectiner such · stock from powder-po'st (Lyctiis). beetles.-'-So handles now ara often painted red. Then learn to use 1 your hammer correctly.-. You won't sec, a carpenter, holding, his hammer-by .thb middle 1 of the handle or with his hand near the hummer head. Grip the Jiuridtc well back atj I t s - e n d for. full luvcrage a"nd" swing" .with a free arm movement, .Uflinjpwriat, i.'lbo\'v and shoulder; ' . T h e - a m o u n t of foreu will depend'on Ihe. blow required.' ;' ·' · .,;"" |".".,'-vy,"'' Vou won't tijimili youiv.lhurtib u or finger If you usis » hammer, ciirnti-Uy. It's iu*u!KH:iry to/ h o l d . t l u miil u n t i l - y o u . get H Bt:iHc:d, hut start It with sttvurul : light ^ap.H, alinjlng tht) twimiitir ineJinwhlle for full lilows lit tho ewitfrr nf Us striking 'fiiC4\ And If a nail starts to bend, don't try to bold It straight with your other hand. Remove it and start another nail. If, the nails iwrsist in bonding, it may mean tlwt you are driving- into':a' : knoO ' Reward for Bravery A HUG and a.' kiss from his 3-year- old son Gary in Washington go a l o n g ' with the Congressional Medal of Honor for M/Sgt. Stanley T. Adams, Olathe, Kan. Adams' honor is for leading a. l,'!-mah' force in a night bayonet charge that Drill i ul ruction and then drive To remove a null,with hammer,'· always .place iTCle throuKh.the.olA ' ;? uLcd f^.. encniy /t TM°P fl ^^ 1 1 clavv; a small' block of wood close to (he .nail and bRtween the hammer and tlis surface - of the work. This will permit the nnil to rise in a straight line and' avoid marring the wood, or-enlarging Ihe nail hole. n Theft In Las. Criires Reported By Tourist Theft of a number of personal articles from an auto owned by LL Douglas W. Terry, USN,. San Fruncl.sco, WIIH reported to city police and Sheriff's officers Tuesday. . · . Lieutenant Terry's cur was parked at a local motel when the t h e f t occurred, l i u ' u l d . · ' Taken were Navy leave papers, a gladstonc traveling bag containing personal clothing, IL fountain pen, towels, .shoes and other 'articles.. , . ' Upon discovering the theft, Lieu- j tenant Terry said he found a, knife j In tlic car whifih was not his property. Officers found n number of flngcrprliilH'in -the car. .Entry was gained by prying open a Kidu window;.' . ' '.'-. \-i, · _ ' · ; Kilhy Autp.'Ojurt'. Sale J ilenLs." . ' She iiHiul bldolt^ aiul'wux motltls :io they could "feel" 'the uharac- lerlHtii'!! of M.ho seudK nnd WIIB "tinmzttd" by their keep, percep- tUin without eyon s;t'eing the LliiiHjii In ihulr htihdH." Sale of the Kilby Ajiln'.'Court on South Aliimcdq, boule'vnrd wad an rmuncatl Wednesday by Mr. Mrs. Juhn D. Meredith.,'. . r The court, one'of. the 'most dern in Ihc' cit\', \y;is .'purcJi by J. A. CrmifiJl,' formerly o Pccos," Tex. Craiiflll. luiti manj yu^i-s. cxporience. In*..operation o motor courlM,.and assumes tbu live iiiuniic-i.-rship upon purchase o Uu uiolel. .. · - .' ..Mr. and Mrrf. 1 ; 'Mereillth h:u- been pwnur.'i of Uli; iS-iuilt cour foi- the puiil fiuvcn yc.irs. Thoy..s;iid t l U i i r ^ i o n t n l l v e plmi, for. the. future are "to imck «onu cool weittliur. ami some finlilng.| Mexico achieved it.s indcpendonee from Spain in 1810. Tliu; chu was not oit'eclyil until "1821. Korea fighting. ' (InlcrnatlunulJ' YOB, when you drive Inio our shop for a chock-up,.you'ro protecting your car and your pockotbook . . , agplnst suddon brcnkdown, unexpected ong'.ne fallura arid high repair coats. Complolo check nnd adjustment .for your car iakos a short Umo ind tho COB! Is modorate- Lcl us Inspect -- let ua PnOTECT iodiiyl ' ' ; \; ' ROMNEY MOTOR CO. .401.3, ALAMEDA BLVD. PHONE 344 Albuquerque Youth Held For'Mimic r. In Death'Of Boy; .' ALBUQUERQUE, July 12" W) -Earnest Benjamin, 2-1, of Albn- rjtierque 1ms been charget] with murder in Ihe fatal boating of his l.f-yenr-old ))rpther-in-|aw, Wesley Holt. Slieriff John Fla.ika said Henja- min signed a statement he heat [he youth nnd left him in bed Tuesday night. Thc sheriff said I Benjamin told him he suspected | the boy* took some cartridges mis- I. King from his pislol. | AuUioriUes paid Benjamin lold j uf beating the boy with 'a cotton rope. Crises Continuing'Italian Population Increase TCOMJE i/Pt --··Neither wars, migrations, evacuations _. nor., deportation have halted H steady rise in Italy's jam-packed .population. - · . . . : 'The next .census in November- is' expected to show that Italy has 47 million people'unJ is the most populous nation in t h e Mediterranean area. " i ' ' At the last official census)'April 21, I03S, there were 43.OfiD.880. inhabitants. Since then the Ethiopian v/ar.'World War JI, migrations, evacuation!!, arid deportations all have taken'place "-- but the country's population continued to increase. · , WINTKtt JMKS llAltf) -' BELL'ISLAND mid.' I/PI--Winter dies hard in the North Atlantic. A huge iceberg-' off Conception Bay early in June later wu.s reported to be breaking up, .after warnings had been 1 sent to ships approaching.the area. Mexicp (kiniiot Send Gallic to U.'S. 5 H?acl Of Associalion'Says MEXICO-CITY, July .'l3,M -The head of :.r^x:cp's cattlemen says there ia no chdncb'Mexico can send beef, cattle to the U.S. before the end of 1052. .^ . . - , · ,, . Arturo R. Orci, preaident of the Mexican's Stockmen's Confederation, said · thai, often if the -U.S. quarantine of Mexican.cattle were lifted at once, there' are jio animals available for export.' "The northern cattle are nothing but bones and horns," he' said! Mexico formerly sent some 400,000 cattle a .yiar' to"the VS. for, fattening arid'slaughter.'' 1 This fraf fie was cut off When':'foot un( l mouth' 1 di.s'eilHc appeared' in ^Mexico NORTH-iATiANflC.'.treaty, nations in '1946 and 'the.-fi, ft. cloasil the ' Jn Europe expect to Have 5,000,000 bnrdei'. -J mcn - u rider' arhis J by- t lB54, Defense 1__ .: ~-^--. · Secretary Geo'rge C. Marshall tell* CLIMATE 11KUES NAME 'the House foreigh-affairscominit- UTOPIA, Altft. Iffi -- This town tat; in Washington, testifying on wasn't a.s perfect a conimimity as president Trunian's $8.5 billion, its name suggests during the wet foreign' aid -program.' He" salU the snowstorms that recently' hit U. S. p'liiris'to- send no more than, southern' Alberta, -flic full In six divisions to Europe'unless war Utopia was measured at three feet, -breaks out. ,- . . . {-IntorhattonalJ. TTp- During the past 10 ycara, the number of horsea and inulen in this country lias decreased by 52 per Athletes Foot Germ After one-application of T-l-L If not phiiiMHl your 4(h: liiii-lc. Thi«i iimbili! lli|ui(l 1'ENBTKATBS fas r (IT, (|Uickt:r, dei|i(!r io make the kill. T-J-J, at any drui; slew. Ti- ilay jil STANDARD 0111)0 STOKE. A M B U L A N C E Fiiliner" Memorial riionc ·' 1 2 0 0 Golf at its 1?e5ir m^^ Pine Valley,' "loughesl-in-thc-world" New Jersey course is truly "golf al its best"!/ Hill and Hill's rich Kentucky goodness will not make you a golf champion'. Biit it will convince you that this mellow Kentucky thoroughbred is truly ."whiskey at ils hest"l Try it, today! Kentucky "Blended Whiskey 1 i I BOTH 86 P R O O F · HILL AND H I L L K E N T U C K Y B L E N D E D W H I S K E Y CONTAINS 6 5 % G R A I N . N E U T R A L S P I R I T S ' - THE H I L L AND H I L L CO.,' L CHI I S VI LL E^K Y." ishing--and Qrdvv One . You'll make a wise buy! TT-S A everybody admires a new Pontiac nnd so many thousands wish they owned one: Pontiac is a thoroughly good cnr, built to give you years of dependable, enjoyable service, and it's a sweetheart- on the road--eager, smooth and tireless. Pontiac is distinctively beautiful --and its reputation for goodness Is second to none.' -.. .:· And don't'forget that Pontiac is very low priced--ami 'we can promise you a deal that will quickly convince you that you'il be wise indeed ti)' sLo.p wishing and order one. Drop in today. O Equipment, accvuutiet ami trim illtuiraica ore stibjcct to chunee without nailer. V««r Ch«li'^ o( .Sllvi-i- M l'.l|(M llo Hrlvn Hi r.\f(« toil) ]ollar £01* Jo11ar you can?t]eata ' Th« !»»' Hrnnlllnl TklnK «" .I'ulKIri'l H«v ky I'Nhi-r I^a^iac- CACTUS MOT;PR COMPANY .338NI.MAIN ' ' ' ; ' ; .' -""' ; . PHONE

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