Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 21, 1975 · Page 17
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 17

Nampa, Idaho
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Friday, February 21, 1975
Page 17
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Dr. Lamb Diet needs adjustment By Lawiwt E. Umb, M.f). DEAR DR. LAMB - 1 have d e v e l o p e d spastic colon problems. J have been to a doctor and have no organic disease I have also had X rays which show spaslic colon. for several weeks the doctor kepi me on a diet without any whole wheat bread or any food with roughage. This diet did not seem to help a whole lot. After I read your column on this problem I wen! on the diet you suggested, after which 1 began having considerable pain in the lower left side. Is thi? pain normal after going on a whole wheat diet until your ! body adjusts lo it? I baked my jown bread with whole wheat « flour so 1 was sure to gel whole wheat. I'm slumped as to what to cat DKAR READER - Some people do have the problem you describe when they slart a diet that includes more cereal fiber. The discomfort in related to excess formation of gas. This lasts aboul three weeks and Ihen disappears. If you have loo much trouble wilh it try lo gradually increase Ihe roughage in your diel. That will help some. « ^ Cereal fiber is particularly good for bowel function since it is not absorbed and it does soak up moisture Its bulk with the moisture it retains helps lo increase the size of the slool and prevent it from becoming a hard dried oul residue Dial is related to the spastic colon problem. Hints from He/oise Move made easier Dear Heloise: We're moving soon. (Move No. 12-orisitl3?) 1 hope your column is in Ihe paper we'll be getting. I want to thank you for the help over the years and, in thanks, pass on a few hints. There IS no easy way lo move, but a few things I've ·found to help are: ' 1. Start about a month or so ahead of time by ruthlessly going at closets. Clean or paint them and get rid of things you've not used in recent memory. Not only rids excess but saves a lot of last minute jwork. j 2. Wash windows about two weeks before; It's a lot easier to wipe off water spots that last Say than to have the entire job to do when you are the busiest. | 3. Try to arrange things easier for the packers. All breakable knickknacks in one area. All pictures down and ^stacked together. All china and Crystal in one place. Makes it 'easier on the other end too. /These boxes can be left until jyou're ready for them rather Jthan. finding daughter's glass jhorses in with her pantyhose. ;. 4.lTry lo find a separate room '.or large closet to put in the I things you DON'T want packed. (Awful-'tg go for that-needed isuitcase or important papers, ·only to discover Jhey are Isomewhere in a huge van. ,' 5. Hand-carry medical 'records, prescriptions, extra eye glasses, wills, insurance policies, etc. in a metal strong box under the car seat. You never know when you'll need them. 6. Defrost refrigerators and freezers a couple of days before they go on the van so you aren't faced with awful odors when you go to use Item again. A refrigerator deodorizer taped to the inside door shelf helps. 7. Try to look at the bright side of moving. Your sadness at leaving is contagious and an unhappy family only makes it harder on everyone. There's something good about every move if you look for it. 8. When house hunting in a jitrange city, keep an open map with you and trace every place (WIN AT BRIDGE you go. Mark every house that has possibilities and make notes about it lo jog your memory. Your map tracing will do wonders in helping you gel to know your way around your new cily. And the notes will keep repeat visits to a minimum. 9. Keep track of moving and house-hunting expenses. Some of them are tax deductible. Joanne Lozier * * * Sow, folks, little diddles are little diddles and Joanne really has a doozie here because so many of you all want those moving hints. Bless each of you who are moving because it's like feathers flying when that duck walks into a fan! I know! So keep your tempers. love, Heloise LETTER OF TRUTH Dear Heloise: Sometimes the newspapers slack up for days before I can get a chance to read Ihern. ff nothing else, (read your column before taking them to the recycling center. ConnieShelton Bless you, Connie. Once for taking lie time to read my column and twice for taking the papers to a recycling center. Every little paper saved and recycled helps! Heloise Dear Heloise: When you clip your moneysaving coupons, clip a piece of tape and pasle one-half on the coupon and the other half onto your billfold. If you have more than one, space 'em. As you select your article at the groceVs, paste that coupon right on it as'the coupon comes off the billfold easy. No fuss or search (while others are waiting) at the check stand. Watch the pleasing smile on the checker as you are checked out. JohnM. Boltzer Time to try diamonds first . tt F.ST A S 4 3 NORTH [Dl A 9 2 » 2 » A K B 5 3 A A Q 8 6 4 . east A S S 21 v q J I O B ? » 9 6 5 4 3 r · * Q Id : *; i ' f- r V . ; , Wesl L Pass p'Pass ( Pass |. Pass 7 2 » J 9 6 * K J 2 SOUTH A A K Q J 10 7 » A K * 1 0 9 7 3 Bolh vulnerable Nor Id East 1 » Pass 3 * Pass 5 r Pass 6 » Pass Pass Pass Sou Ih 2 * 4.N.T 5 N'.T 6 A £ - - Opening lead - 0 ¥ king-jack of clubs, which is jusl what he did happen to hold. A little bit of sound thinking showed South that (here was no hurry about trying clubs; he could go after diamonds first and make a 12th trick if that suit broke 4-3. Therefore, South cashed one high trump to see that no one held all five, led a diamond to dummy, ruffed a diamond, entered dummy with the nine of trumps, ruffed another diamond, drew the last trump. He tried the club finesse to see if he could make seven and claimed the contract a f t e r thai finesse lost. The bidding has been: 21 West North Easl Soulh Pass 1 « 2 A By Oswald James Jacoby If Wesl could have seen all (he cards, he would have opened his singleton club and South would have had no play for Ihe spade slam. Fortunately for South. Wesl led Ihe queen of hearts. South won. looked over dummy and saw lhat he had II top tricks. One simple way lo play the hand would be lo draw trumps, cash dummy's ace of clubs, come back to his hand by rufling a diamond and lead a second club. That would bring home the contract, unless Easl had slarled with the guarded I V 1 N.T. Pass Pass 2 » ' Vou. Soulh. hold: * A Q 7 6 V 2 « K J 5 4 * A Q 8 2 What do you do now? A -- Bid two ipadcs. You want to compele a Irifte further with your 16 points and three suits. TODAY'S QUESTION You d'o bid iwo spades. West bins three hearts and your partner doubles. What do you dc now? Answer Tomorrow Send ft lor MCOBY.MOtXRN nook 10: "Win a I Biidgt," Ic/o iWs newspipei), P.O Bo* 489. Nitfi'o C il v S li lion. Ntw Ytvk. N. V. 1 00 1 9- I N K U S I ' A I ' E I I KSTKHI'HISE ASS* ' The spastic area is commonly on the led side. That is thought lo be the reason the diverticula ipockels of the colon) develop on Ihe left side too. They are related lo spastic colon and poor bowel habits. Switching from while flour to whole wheal flour and products containing whole cereal, particularly whole wheal products, often corrects bowel problems. The whole program is a bil more involved. For people who have this condition I recommend a bowel training program with (he increased roughage. You can get Ihe details of this program by writing to me at P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station. New York. N.Y. 10019 and asking for Ihe booklet on spaslic colon. Enclose 50 ccnls and a long self-addressed, stamped envelope. It is important lo realize that excess gas can be a problem for the first three weeks.- But. if you can tolerate it. this condition will gradually disappear. While increasing the bulk in your diel. il is a good time lo start culling down on foods lhat contain liltle or no bulk. That means sugars, sweets, and refined flours used in while bread and desserts. A good source of cereal bran is plain, unprocessed miller's bran. A ready source is ALL- BRAN. You can use this as a breakfast cereal. The more you use to begin with the more likely you will have gas problems. So don't go overboard at the beginning, but slart perhaps (irsl by jusl changing from white flour to whole wheat flour products. Then after a week slart using a small bowl of ALL-BRAN for breakfast. Incidentally, rice does not contain any significanl amount of fiber and you won't gel much benefit from it. Otherwise most of the unrefined cereals such as the brans and shredded wheal are useful to provide roughage. There is some evidence that Ihe fiber may also help prevent absorption of cholesterol from Ihe digestive tract and may even aid in controlling blood cholesterol problems. People are beginning to discover cereals again and it is a good thing for our health. Astro- Graph 1 «B»rn!ce Bad* Oaol For Saturday, F«b. 22, 1975 ARIES (March 21-Aprtl 19) An ouls'de influence has shaken Ihings up domestically. It will stilt have some eltecl today, but its power is diminishing. TAURUS (April 20-May 30) Y o u r going lo run into someone ehose opinion is con- Irary to yours but equally strong. Handle Ihis person lacllully. GEMINI (May 21-Juni 20) Oon'l be basrilul about seeking an adjustment for something lhal seems overpriced. Grind oul a better deal. CANCER (June 21-July 22) You and your male will dot see eye-to-eye on Ihe way to handle things. Each musl yield a bit il peace is lo be maintained. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) You'll be inconvenienced because ol another's problems. Vou will pul yoursell oul because this individual has done Ihe same lor you. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sopl. 22) Jrtere's an unresolved issue vrtli an old Iriend. It has been smoldering too long. It could be patched up now. il you try. L I B R A (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Resign you'rsell to see things through to comptelion today You will come oul the victor, il you're determined enough. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Someone w:ll anger you today. You'll be lempled to give him a piece of your mind Your belter judgment will prevail. You won't SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Otc. 21) Someone in your family is spending too much money. Better revise Ihe budget. Be sure all stick lo II faithfully. CAPRICORN (Dtc. 22-Jan. 19) The actions of your male or partner will bug you -- mostly because you don'l appreciate his pomi of view. Once you do. harmony returns. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 19) Thework loadyouhavelocon- tend wilh loday will be very trying. Keep your mind on Ihe rewards. II won't soem so heavy. PISCES (Fata. 20-Marcti 20) A Iriend you seldom seem at ease wilh will cross your path. This tme. her presence will piove enjo/able. Thi- Itlaliii t'ree Press 4 The News-Tribune Swlct Directory 1 NEED MORE ROOM? Oasem'onls e x c a v a t e d S. crmcmed under existing homes, hall the cost ul building on Also concrete work. Ph Mt33i9. BALDWIN TRUCKING Ronald Baldwin "HAUL SAND i G R A V E L " J54 OOJ'. Caldwell. Idaho " VAN'S CEMENT WORK Patios, driveways, sicps, curbs Iractor work. Free estimates. Phone Slar 386 75O or 266 7418. REMODELING - C U S T O M BUILDING. Large or s/nall lobs, over 20 yrs exp Richard Kolno. 467 J770 alter 6 p m . Friday, February 21.1975 - A-3 Sp»c'l»l Notlc«t 4 SALT WILL A B S O R B G R E A S E SPILLS ON WOODEN SUR F A C E S . Apply sail and leSsland until grease is absorbed, wipe away and lollow with a light rubbing with lemon oil. For last resullsala low c o s l . . .sell, buy or rent wilh a Classified Ad.v_ ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Nampa charter Qroup meets Thurs 6.00 p.m. in the County Bidg., 9lh Ave. 2nd St. So., P.O. Box 1024, Nampa, 466-33U. Alcoholics 8, Al Anon, Nampa meels Mon. 8 p.m. Mercy Hospital. Sun. 8:30 a.m. Com munily Cenler. Call veil. Wed. t-30 p.m. SI. David's Episcopal Churcn. Kaley Med. Center, 10 Logan. Wed. 6:30 p.m. 464 S4J6, 4661]?5, 459 B480 or 459-215}. CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION J8 Y e s experience. D s m l s , drives, patios, steps 8. stoops _«______ Quality workmanship g u a r . i os ( j pound Gremling. 467 2057. tree cst * · _ " Cuslom Building remodeling. Reasonable. Free estimates. Jack Hall, 4596281. Remodeling S, repairs. Skilled craftsman for home or business Prompl service. Ph. 4665968. T1IK T.1SS NKH'S AGKWV in Moscow said Tuesday one of Ihe oldcsl \vontpn on eartb. Khfat l.usuria, IMS died in Kulol village in Ihe Caucasian region of Abkhazia. She w a s i:t!. (Ireal ages a t e periodically claimed fur ItiisMans living in Ihc Caucasus .Mountains iiltlimigh (lontnicnliirY proof rurely exists. Tttis pliDlu of K h f a f l.iisuri-.i. .shown u i t l i her MIII. Tai-kuk. .igc UNI, mis distributed lasl vpar bv 'lass. UTl 1'holol Cash rebates otter less than price cut By Richard Hughes I'l'l llusinoss Writer N E W Y O K K IUP1) - I n p a s l recessions, c o m p a n i e s cut prices when buying slowed and inventories grew. In today's economic slump. Ihe cash rebate is in vogue. The rebate is nol as good a deal for the consumer as an old- fashioned cul in price. But business likes it as a hedge against a wage and price freeze. If an appliance maker reduces the price of a toaster by S3 and the government suddenly freezes prices, the discount price slicks. Under Ihe rebate program, the regular sticker price does not chnnge and, under controls, would be Ihe frozen price. Hebales arc nol as good n deal for consumer] for a number of reasons. Kirst of a l l , the customer has lo pay state and local sates taxes on (he full price of Ihe item. If Ihe purchase is financed, Ihe customer alsn must pay a finance charge on the full price. The customer might have to wail up to a month for his rcbalc check. Ami if (he cash rebate comes from his employer, the customer likely will pay income taxes on it. Cash rebate programs have mushroomed since Chrysler Corp. first inaguratcd it Jan. I as an inci-nlive lo reluctant car buyers. Now all four major U.S. automakers offer cash rebates, and so do many of Ibeir suppliers. The Sll Green Slamp people offered 50.000 green stamps ·- cash value $84 -lo any of llii- company's 17.000 employes whn buy new cars. "We symbolically wanted lo (In bur part to get Ihe economy moving again." suid a spokesman. "Alsn. we're in bed. so ID speak,. w i t h . C I M , K n r d . and Chrysler'--- - r , . Sill docs $50 m i l l i o n in business a n n u a l l y in incentive sales programs and half of il comes from lliy aulo companies. "11 was a normal business- political thing to do in lerms of good relations wilh them." Ihe SH spokesman said. II's also good business for J.Walter Thompson. The Ford Motor division places S865 million in advertising through JWT and is the agency's single largest account. In a "positive gesture" to Ford, JWT is giving employes $100 in taxable bonuses for buying Ford cars and (rucks. The bonus does nol apply lo Lincoln-Mercury mortals, whose advertising is handled by a different agency. 'flip advertising agency for American Motors Corp.. Cunningham i- Walsh, is giving its employes $100 lo S20U (or buying an A M C car "in t h e spirit of (.·noupr;i(ioti willi its clienl." Even department stores are gelling i n t o t h e ad. S.H. Kress. Ilic variety store chain, offered $2 rebates on handbags in one New York slorc. Hess Department Stores of Allcnlnwn. Ha., ran a three-day lesl. giving rebates from a minimum of 52 on items costing $10-$2o lo a maximum of $100 on items costing $700 or more. . A spokesman said I h p firm decided on rebates instead of "jusl anolher sale" because (he store is nol allowed lo cul ibe price on some nationally advertised and fair-traded brands. If a Hess customer bought a $44 Sunbeam mixmasler. Ihe d e p a r t m e n t rcbaled J5 and Sunbeam, which announced a rebate program of its own lo match one proposed by General Elcclric. would r e t u r n anolher SS.Thc upshol was $11 off Ihe $44 purchase. There are early indications the rebate programs have given retail sales a slight boost. But wilh unemployment and inventories at record levels, business f i n a l l y may be forced into no- nonsense price cuts. China tightens control TREE SERVICE IDAHO P E S T C O N T R O L (Formerly Brassfioldsl Spraying ol all kinds. Complete free service. Licensed. bonded 4 insured. L.irry Rails. 4669376 PETERSON CONCRETE CONST. Free e s t i m a t e s . D r i v e w a y s , Patios sidewalks sleps curbs chain link fence. For quality work call Gary, 459 3740. EXCAVATING " Backhoe work, any kind. Seplk tanks, drain Iields Dean Lit llclield Excavaling. U6 3725. * VACUUM REPAIR * Hoover, Compact, Eleclrolux, Filler Queen: Royal, Eureka, Kirby, Airway. Belts, bags, motors, switches, all kinds of parts. Mel's Repair 8. Sales. 1116 12lh Avc. So., Ut 2541. TOP SOIL Fill dirt, excavating, all kinds. 466 4360 or 466 4011 HOUSE MOVING """ Also buy and sell houses. BOB R I C H A R D S O N , Ph. 466-9339. Trenching or sprinkler systems 8. water lines. Can Irench 4" to 6" wide. Also backhoe excavating. Bob Blessing, Homcdale, Idaho. 337 3B23. Soon will be Ihe lime lo Install your sprinkler syslem in your' yard. Call now for estimates. 4 5 9 - 8 3 4 9 . Build your new home · or fix up the old one. Call me at 459-8349. QUALITY Concrete driveways, sidewalks 8.palios.CallEar.l, 466 1594. Landscaping, shrub trimming yard work. Now is the lime lo get this, work 'done. 467-5114 MOLKO'S MOD1LE M I L L I N G S E R V I C I Grinding, rollinu, I tnixinn K inolrissilyinq. 466 5544. *ELECTROLUX* Vacuum cleaners. Repairs Supplies M. inaba 4 5 4 0 7 7 7 . 4666627, 4598208. E x c a v a t i n q Landscaping. Icon Hrll. 4S96176 or 459 83U. lop soil, hi ilirl 8, Irrlilijpr WOODY'S TREE SERVICE Removal, trim, stump removal FREE ESTIMATES i iccnsed.insured. 459 6533 ; EXCAVATING Bir khnr, LdniJsciipinp T r u c k i n g . D I C K N A Y L O R F XC A V A T ING CO. Ph. 4 S 4 0 3 5 1 . I'Vcninqs 4W 7613. ·: CONCRETE WORK ILr.nv.iiil'. In ILriwi L O S T : Dingo Spayed female. From Mac O Lac Mineral Feed. Call collect 503 57' 3106 Emnaha, Ore. Losi: German Shorthair male, 8 months old. Answers to Sam. Reward. 466 8098 oves. Income Tax J MIDWAY ACCOUNTING" l a x e s Bookkeeping Mrs. Shirley Jordan n59-4b22. I N C O M E T A X S E R V I C E We come toyour home. Reasonable rales. 376 2865. INCOMETAXSERVICE VIRGINIA BLOCK 19?3 Htfd. Coldwell - 4S9-GJ4B H R BLOCK America's fargest lax service. Nampa: 1207 2nd SI. So., 4666331 and 224 Illh Ave. No.. 4671301. Caldwell: 1020 Cleveland. 459 0539 and in Sears. Caldwell. INCOME TAX - Reasonable rales. M a r i l y n H a r r i s . Greenleat. Phone 459-6055. INCOMETAXSERVICE Elrr.ei Rosdaril, 215 Hudson. 466-2164 R E T U R N S ! Neva Chapman. 26 years experience. S5.00 8. up. 818 N. Illinois, Space 30. Phone 459-1774 Income Tax Service by Eleanor Hursh. Trained under Federated Tax Service. 467-1754 Schools ii Instruction ~li End reading, emotional, 6. learning d i s a b i l i t y problems forever, with automalic phonic lessons in iust 6 weeks or il costs you nothing. Lasts a lifetime! LessonsR./ or home study. 4671597. I012-13lh St. S. Nampa. E N J O Y Y O U R PIANO! Private lessons with exp. instructor. All ages, beginners Ihru .idv-nced. M A R J I ' S PIANO'STl'DIO. 466-5194. 50 Home study courses on cassettes, S5.95 ea. For FREE lisl, Write P.O. Box 82, Nampa. A R T C L A S S E S . Day or evening classes. Muriel Pooley. 466-0372 or 466-niW 1? HONG KONG ( U P I ) Warning thai "a capitalist restoration con still occur at any time," the Chinese Communist Party newspaper has called anew for lighter controls by Ihc nation's security organs. An article in the People's Daily newspaper explaining (be necessity for more severe reslriclion of "the bourgeois righls" lhal still exist in the highly regimented society was transmitted in purl Monday by the New Chiiiit News Agency. It was the latest move in a mounting new campaign that began In gain momentum following (he -llh National People's Congress last month in Peking. The campaign was seen by analysts here os an attempt by Ihc ccnlrnl atilborilies In strengthen the compromise leadership lineup thai emerged from Ihe NPC session, which C o m m u n i s t Pitrty Chairman .Mao Tse-dmg did nol allend These analysts said Ihc move In lighlen controls was aimed at preventing, or at least reducing, in-fighlim/ which h;is been going on vigorously for (he past year and which has caused disruptions in production. The article dwelt primarily on (he ncerl (o exercise "dic- lalorsriip of the proletariat" mote slringenlly over economic activities. It expressed par- liculiir concern aboul "capitalist Icndencies" that still exist among the nation's 500 million peasants. "II musl he recognized lhat Ihc peasants inevitably retain certain characteristics inherent in their former position as small producers unlil sncialisl follcclive ownership is advanced to ownership by (he whole people and the vestiges of private economy are climiiia- led :Semce Directory 1 Studying the economy Meany directs union council 1»75 An ofd friend important lo you in the past will rcenter your Me llus year. This person will bring some fortunate circumstances y o u ' l l b o t h s h a r e I n . M I A M I BKACII, rTa. ill!'H - (icorge Meany. iin Wl-yrar-nlcl former plumber, lias collected Iho lop lalcnl of Ihc AFL-C10 lo try In figure oul how In palch up an economy is rapidly leaking jobs. The portly presidcnl of Ihe 13- million strong labor amiitgiimn- lion will steer the AFI.-CIO (·xcculive council through anolher of its regular mrrlings al this resorl. Meany has broadly condemned plans produced by I'residcnl Kord and Ihc democrats in Congress. He also das forecast lhal unemployincnl will reach 10 per eenl, well nbovc its current level of 8.2 per I'cnl. vihich itself is 7.S million jobless. Sources said they expevled Meany lo assail Ihe While House and (he Congress al a news conference this aflerimon afler the first of a series of closed meetings that will last aboul 1C days. Near the end of the series. President Kord will be slaying al Ihc same hotel, but AKI.-CIO spokesman Al Zack said il was iinly coincidental because no "outsiders" have been invited. Kurd will lie oil hand lor Ihe opening of a golf Iniirnamcnl. The resolutions, expected In lx distributed as the AK1.-CH) sessions progress, are prcdicta- bli hccausc llir AKL-CIO held a general liiian! meeting in Waahinglnn last month In explore economic problems and propose xnhiliiins New 8. remodeled caoinets, l o r m i c n , c e r a m i c t i l e framing. Loran Jordan. JS9 4720 p.ipor handing painting Qv Hour or conlracl Cilll 4i9 87JO , F R E E E S T I M A T E S Heeler's Aulo Repair Service Grand Opening p r i c e s . Overhauls, 6 cyl.. · S7JO S750 V 8, S250S775. 7516 Cleveland. 4i9 9S7H or 4S9 9050 L . O O A I N E S P A I N T I N G , inli'.-ior 8. e x l c r i o r F R E E E S T I M A T E S J66)S3t S H I P L E Y S, iractor mounted, rolo tiller, power rake, lawn spravini). plow clMn up. Djal459 7595 WALLPAPERING PAINTING Local. Rolciences. 466-3689 BULLDOZER WORK 0 8 Cat. Also leveling, discing, planting and ripping. John Ellsworth, Ph. C3 273?. STOUT CONSTRUCTION Custom remodeling, homes, shops. foundations. "Low cosl housing avail. Free esl S» tt31. Quality Cabinets Carpentry, Painting, nil phases of remodeling. No iol) loo small. 467 1907. 6 J TREE SERVICE · Topped Trimmed Removed Licensed 8, I n s u r e d . Free Estimates. Ph. 466 52ML; .. Personals 2 CLEAN lugi, liVe new to emy to do with Blue luil/e. Renl eleclilc thorn- pooei St. HcleiFurnlljre, Nampo. "CANDOCADETTES" Can do anything! Reasonable 466 2088. 466 5897, 466 0598. STOLEN SUN. PM. Sony tape player lapts. From green Muslang, at McDonalds. Keep player but return tapes. No questions B. Norman, 424 3rd So. a ?n, Edmonds Wa 98020. I ' M M A K I N G S I O O E X T R A you can loo. Mrs. Daisy Kopruirt, 466 2139 The Salvation Army now has oaily pick up in Nampa area for lax deductible nonations -furniture, bedding, clothing, appliances, brie a brae. 466 8888 COMMUNITY MENTAL H E A L T H C E N T E R S Counselling 8. Emergency Aid Days -1668981 4590091 eves 8. weekends Phone 459 0091. P A R E N T S ANONYMOUS Help (or parents who lose control. For more inlormjlion, Ph. 466227? days, 4671635 or 459-1766 eves. Ken's Loan , Jewelry loans money on anything of value. We also do jewelry repair, diamond selling and mounting, too! 1226- Isl SI. So., Nampa. 466-9647. Card of Thanks 3 The family of Ruth s. Randall wishes lo express their sincere and heartfelt lhanks lor the many prayers, love, food, flowers and thoughts f r o m their many neighbors and friends during their days ol grief. A very special thanks lo Or. Biough, Dr. Helpenslell. Dr. Curran, t. Dr. Brown and lo Ihe nurses and slalf al Mercy Medical Cenler and Reh.v bililalion Center. Jack Randall ,", Family Male Help Wanted CHEM-GLASS Need area mgr. for this area. Non com n e t i t l v e field. We repair glass -- not replace it. Average earnings S300 to S500 weekly. Small investment. Call Mr. Brekken collect (713) 2823188. Retired man wanted lor parl time maintenance and janitor work Dingle's Pub. 466-9713 Female Holp Wanted 11 W A N T E D : W o m a n lo stt,y nights with elderly laoy in her home Minimal care. S nighls a week. Phone 459 3552. Cook, housekeeper, could live- in. Benjamin Guest Homes. 1211 Dearborn, Caldwell. Single lady aboul 45 lhat can edit type rough d r a f t s ol stories. Write to Box B-13, c/ o The News-Tribune, Caldwell. B e a u t i c i a n p r e f e r a b l y w i t h some following. Emily's Beauty Shop. ?13 E. Logan, Caldwell Phone 459 8112. N E E D : Dental assistant. Exp. preferred but will train the righl person. Apply in person, Dr. llin. 1023 4ih SI. So. Nampa. S E C R E T A R Y R E C E P T I O N I S T part lime, 9 a.m. Jo 1 p.m Shorthand, t y p i n g s k i l l s ^ knowledge of bookkeeping and pleasant telephone v o i c e Position is in Caldwell but prefer Nampa person, must have transportation. W r i t e Box 267, c o Idaho Free Press Nampa. Male Female Help 12 W E S T E R N EMPLOYMENT S E R V I C E . Taking applications N E E D : Salesman, F a r m Mechanics, Plumber, Slalion Attendanl and others. 104 So Kimball, Suite 10. Caldwell 454-1261. ACCOUNTING CLERK Immediate lull lime opening for accowiiing clerk. Responsible lor all phases ol a c c o u n t s p a y a b l e , c l e a r i n g i. coding invoices. S. reconciliation ol suppliers s t a t e m e n l s . E x - perience required. Hours 8 a.m. to 4-.30 p.m. Mon. Fri. Apply. Personnel O l f i c e . Mercy Medical Cenler, 151212th A v e . Rd. Nampa. ADMISSIONS CLERK Immediate part time opening lor Admissions Clerk. Responsible lor admitting p a t i e n t s 8. typing p e r t i n e n t information. Good typing ex pericnce required. Hours 2:30 p.m. to 11 p.m., Sat. S. Sun. Apply, Personnel Office, Morcy Medical Center, 1SVJ 12lh Ave Rd., Nampa. , ^ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT immediate full time opening for accounting a s s i s t a n t . Full responsibility lor computerized p a y r o l l inpul, reports to government, accounts payable, and check writing. Experience required. Hours 8 a.m. lo -30 p.m Mon. Fri. Apply Personnel OHice, Mercy Medical Cenler, 151212th Ave. Rd., Nampa

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