Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 3, 1972 · Page 37
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 37

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1972
Page 37
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88 GREELEV (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wed., Mny 3, 1972 fi For R«n( -- Apt"- 1 7 BPACldUS 4 b i l r m apl. for rent iiim- tHlrtNISHED apt. IBS. M a r r l f d wupl*. 1' DEDnOOM ajit. Cnrpelf'1, d r a p e d . BACHELOR pti. for m«n on],. NS- NERD female roonunHlei to Almri « '! bedroom [mnfchei! Ai'ATtmrnt »ru |f 174 rent. 356-05!?. OADRT Arm* Apia. Ko\r renttni; In ; Whidur. Chll.lren iin-i im«ll pets ' i l l o n t d . .696-1712. KIOK l u r n h b t d b a s e m e n t apartr.-.ent. Couple only. Close to ccmiput. J?C month. Phortt SP2.S?86. ·'conditioned. K v a n i location. !53-5S*2 NKW 2 bedroom, cnrpctir.p, ArApta, OK .Mcltchcn. h c n t luel. f l t O - f l C a . Z i l S Sth .,'St.. 353-7100 or 353-S107. FtiHNISIlEll J beJrocm ·p«rtaienl. ...IlfO month. No ret. 351-202! : !S3- 1'SSTI Want to be aercis from eJiTnpui .'md clois to shopping -- i t u d e n U T DtVlll. Apartments. 956-1331. IS YOUH RENT MONEY .'I; BUILDING EQUITY? .7 353-9942 .'DOVER APARTMENTS .: 1424 llth Ave. : ; 2 bedroom furnished ': nvnilnblo now -' 1 bedroom unturnUbed, ; April 25. Manager Apt. 109 ROYAL GARDEN APTS. .; 2100 23rd Are. Land 2 bedroom furnished or unfurnished buffet apartments. Kiccfrlc kitchens, carpeted, dr'apes, Inside laundry, otf street parking or carports. Adults, no pets 352-0152. · .Deluxe 2 Bedroom v ' ·/" Apartments a\l electric kitchen, utility room. Hot 1 water heat, plus trash removal, Air conditioned. Close to shopping center. Will allow up tji 2 children. Ci'll 362-6570 days, 352-S079 eves. :·;. BRIARWOOD APTS. '.'.{. ' 1825 22nd St. 2; and 3 bedroom unfurnfebei apis. Electric kitchen, 'shag rar- p£t T drapes, private laundry. Graduate students. No children under 10. -.SIERRA MANOR APTS. j . '-Inquire 2173 2Sth St j 2 bedroom. Stove _ i ] refrigerator. Carpet 1 i- and drains. ··.:·.. · 353-4916 Continental Apts. 706-708-710 27th Ave. Available: one bedroom units. Children welcome. Call 356-0325 . or 352-4300 FURNISHED APARTMENTS 2 .bedroom luxury. Air conditioned.. Private patio, electric kitchen with dishwasher. ?180 to $200 TALISMAN APARTMENTS 353-3793 MAPLE MANOR Large, deluxe, 2 bedroom, unfurnished apartment, complete kitchen: Including dishwasher, shag carpeting and drapes, central air conditioning, private entrance and balcony. $160-J165 per month. 1032-1034 26th Ave. See Manager No. 202 Call 363-7873 Unfurnished 1 bedroom apt. ?130 month Unfurnished 2 bedroom, $160 THE IVANHOE Appliances, drapes, dishwasher, carpeted, elevator, security dents. 352-3886 1515 7th Ave. I APARTMENTS \ t 2022 28th Ave. ' \ Spacious 2 bedroom, t furnished or unfur- { ) nished, air condition- ( cd, sound proof, "quiet 4 S and comfortable," / ( prime residential loca- ] ( tion by the park. * { Resident Manager ' { £ 353-8149 \ ] Furnished 2 Bedroom, \ '. Available May 2nd. { / Unfurnished 2 { / Bedroom, { i Now Available. \ ?·· Both with private } ff decks, electric kitch- \ i en, carpets, drapes, ( »' hot water heat furn- ' \ iahed, air conditioned, ^ ( laundry, ample park- J ( ing or car ports. Conf. venient location to State Farm, Hillside )' Shopping Center 34 \ By-Pass. | FRASER ( 1706 30th St. f Call 353-4535 For Runt -- Apli. IT NKW J bedroom mil. Slid mo. Pet» mid ehlUKn. aSJ-0659. AClcr 6, Kt- 72C5. »IIO-lll6-mo M O N T H L Y p. buva moUtp honsr. M«rijr aitull and f a m i l y Hurt's «vl!iblr. 3(3-3311. TWO eedraom unfitrnlsbeil *r*tlment. Draptl. Cfirp*t. electric kltclcn. 3iS- 2S7S. ONK l-eilronm rurnTshrd n p A r t m e n l fol co-JI'lr. Cnrvc-ldt. $125 p l u s UchtB. Security rpo»tt. No F*la. S.13-70T. N K W I i Y rctlccornlej i m f u r n l j t i r j 2 Wd- II3D.' Alltr 6:30. JSWTiS or 352-2637. ONK bedroom unTiLriilshcd npnrlriipnl. Slove »nd rt frlirerdtor futnUhed. (1S7.5D 'III! Kchli. No veil. St« t*roi^rljr mnniiKtr. 11CZ 13lh St. SKCIIKTAliY, 21, n-o-.lld l!t« lo lhI her 2 bedroom, furnished, l-.miry »IH. 1100 monlh each, plui Vt ullll- tfe-. 3SJ-J703. Jey7 TflVe ft nt thpjc ona anil two brdroon-.A R]ijirtnientA. Cntl I5G- 1331. BKTTF.H t«Vt n look 1 1 bMr«m\ «r.«rt- lucnl* locRted ne.\r tht UNC rA[Uiu nnd clcvia to ahoiipine. MJO-I150/ TEMFORARV liomre, Ian. bhed L to .* bedroom kitrhcDeltes, dALI; nnd w«klr rite* nlj-. Moun. ttln Vic.. MotrL ?108 10S St. , U \ U R Y 2 beilroom apt., enrpoted, dr^I'od, electric kitchen, Mr rnndi-, m a n y extras, nitnlta, 2 chi!d- rrn. 3S2-C920 or 352-1193. U N f U U N I S H E D I bedroom «v»rlmer.l. AvpliKnccs, ilrapes, hent furnished. 3110 inonlh. No 1'oU. 3i2-2023; 353- 15SS. ,AHGE 2 bedroom furnished npnrl. ment. Utilities raid. 2 or S ftM:rr,u or family. No pet*. Set property mn-ster nt 1102 13lb 3t. ' VOHK1NC! num. 45, would !lk to share hrs 2 bcdroam, furnished, luxury 1 Apt. rlOO m o n t h each plus ^ Ulilitics. 353-3153. l \VO bedroom furnished »psrlnient. New]}- e«rfiete.i. M n i n floor. IMv« t eatrnnee and bath. $135 plus lights. No rets. Deposit. 353-5707. U N F U H N . 2 Vedroom. larce deliue, cnrpetej Brid iliulm), handy location. S1I5.CO. Robcor ApL-., 1521 l l t h Ave. 352-0623 or 352-SJS5. MORK for y c u r comfort, convenience and money. 2 bedroom townhonscs VERV, very practical foe mor.ey-rnmded coupks and BtuilentA. Not far from campus. Furnished arijirtmenl* avnil- Hhle Mar lL. J ISO/month. Call 3E6- 1331. ONE and 2 bedroom apartments. Couples preferred. Appliances and hot Tvaler heat furnished. Other extras. 1110 and !1J5. 1821 Steto K»rra lid. 1'fcor.n 352-EJ01. SPACIOUS 2 bedroom u n f u r n i s h e d apartment in new townh.ouse. t.arge fciteheri with all appliances. Utility area with v/asher-dryer hookup. H6 baths. Lovely drpes and ehae carpet. 1'rivate Ctnced back yard. 1 chiid, no $80-5100 MO. Dd share largo, luxury 2 BR urnisbed apartment with 1 ther -ft'orTving parson. Furuiah. -tl or unfurnished. 353-3793 For 'Rcnt-^-Buildingi 20 Business Building For Lease 2601 AV.'iOth 1st. Approximately 2200 sq. ft. Suit- ible for auto specialty shop -What have you. 353-2537 Office Scdce 22 3NE ROOM office, for rent 1723 fiib St.. 352-13C1. OFFICE apace, 712 10th St S50 »n. fu S100 month, all ntllities tarnished. 'S52-I60S. ' FOR T.EASF, Office ipac« !Si20 ft., c e n t r a l location. Rood aecess, on-site parkin?, heated and «ir conditioned. Call Don Curry. 363-6600, Tujsday thiou^h Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. OFFICE -- Two 10x12 rooms, additional «nnee available if rec.mred. Full time secretary available to an- awer phone ar.d for p a r t time bookkeeping. 2506 Sth Ave.. 352-8190. KOR LEASE -- Attractive downtown 31*33 ft. location suitable for small retail shop, offices, etc. Least Enc udea separate heatinx and air conditioning, carpeting, drapes, outside entrance to on-sue parkin?. Wr te lioi r-17, e/o Tribune. JiUSlNESS OR PROFESSIONAL SPACE n now architect's building. Ideal west location. Up to 1,000 8(1. rt. Will decorate and divide to suit. 353-47G9 Mobile Home Spaca 23 352-1013. SPACES for real. Tliebland llobllt !Iom v . Park. Ph. 831-5105. MOBILE home epac« for rent 333-5176. GREKLEY'S finest. Vlila Wejt Mobile Home Estates. 2700 C St, Kentiog at J45 per month. 1 month free rent for next 25 reservation!. 53-S8M. MOBILE borne on deluz* apace. Skirt- as little as $115 a month, including ·pice and payment Csll 25i-384l. NEW park In email quiet town, 2 block* from shopping ares. Stoisrt buiHinirs, 2 car off street parkin*, swns. HO per month. r « i a d i j « Village, Johnstown. Call 687-1602. SPACE available ImmerjUlely. All modern conveniences. Children an? doable widos welcome. Valley Ave. a n j River St., Plattevllle (20 miles eguth of Creeley U.S. 851. T h o n l m a r a r c r 785-2288. j COUNTRYSIDE MOBILE PARK NORTH We n a v e a wide election 1' of lots to choose Jrom -NOW RENTING MOBILE HOME SPACES Stop At Our Office At 2036 1st Ave. Phone 356-07)1 Mobil* Home Spaci 23 HOUSE mllir lou tvr IK.« at Hill *K l'*rk. 1'h. 367-4081 2 STACIiS R v a l U b l b ^ f o r mobll* hom« . W to 12x60 II, 3iS-CMS. Miicollantoui 27 GAllAUK iR'e -- Thuroliiy and f'HJ*y *ll any. MOT 131S Ave. 333-.UO... Jinl AI |KVla f»r. S 53-23 SI. KcTu~^ ; ai : . -- CoM llov*. 361-IJ024. |i«liilcr»' biHit* jufki. 3E-e-10W. S l ' U U U K tree* for iftle. Oa* block west of Driven Ltcenn HurtAu. 7 V K A U old lfi.2 him). 1200 iraund biy 6lr«l from Mo n fort T u f k l n r Co. NKW Cujhmm TruckiUr for ill*. KIIU1Y Sales ir-d Service it Dnimlty'i Floor CorerfoB. 1SS1 9th Bt PIONKEK chain uw tfVJiltr. r»ck- lln Cycti Sal«. Bi?-8592. vtc*. Sixteenth St. Conoco. S?0 T. ot* S Inch (ruled p!p« for »*1*. 451-2915. or. 3o3-3SOO o f t e r 5. AUTOMOIHI.K nlr coinlilloiilnv aeivlee. Sixiconth St. Conoco. M O S - l E t h St. KEN'S Lawn mow«r hrpalr and Shitp- cninir. 2007 6(h St., 3P2.0",30. AUTHOUfZED Skl-Doo Denltr, F»nk- !ia Cvolt Sales. 3.52-6931. «r piHiio] !4W. Color TV. 25 inch, 1325. S10 A Slrt-et. DIAMON T I wp.ldiiiff r i n z A f t , 1 month old. Movinp must adl, nriRltidl JSSO w i l l fKcrifirt?, (200. 464-3828. Y A R D i*li -- 530 6th SI., WedntsJay- Thuraday. C l n t b i n R , torr.e f u r ni lure, pictures, dishes, tnlda and entb. 7. Koon -- Du.ik. Call 353-5115 for Flea Market tPaervulions. VANTEU -- ReliabU couple to taka over payments on 171 Ooronatlo ivasher. Call 3G2-91S7. and tffc lessons. 356-1RS2; n f t e r Ej A1K COND. '71, Mont. \Vatd. 6.000 HTU, 27CO West O St. Sptc« 164. f 100. 0615. ''·"OR SALE -- CcmrM* dietaphoti* record. HF; and transcribing unlit. Cal 35Z-12S4, S a.m. lo 4 p.m. he moved. {600. Call 356-3030 or 3E-S- 2100. JOHN Deer* 140 ffaxden tractor with »no\r blower, wapon, and front end blade. Call 353-73S4. GAS heaters, hos water tanki, fur- nncM, ov(rhe»dj, bid;. materlaL 352- £463. BLACK and while TV, exc^lent working condition. J65. ; Cut 'n Jump iV: LIQU3DATORS ot 'an .-mere Land tje. Clary Gr«owood, AaCtioDC«r« ar.d Taqutditors. 2EOS Sth Ave. 352-4822. FOR SAI.R -- Pulverited lawn and garden fertlLixen 363-8858, 101 Sth Street. TRAILERS foe trash haulinz ai low *s 51.60 for 2 hour*. O.K. Trailer WE . B U Y uied color or black and w h i t e TV'fl, ateren, radios, or tope players. TV Mart- 152-1200. STEAM Brit« carpet eleanlne. The c?os»t thing to getting new carpft- S53-67B4. KEWSFItmT lor *ale. 2c Ib. Roll «ndi weishir.e from 6 to SO Ib*. Tht Gre^ler Tilbunt. ADDING m»cblne»,. C7p«vrrlten. All makti, new and used, Salej, tet' vice guaranteed. Ed F*WbaU5, 1201 l l t h Ave. 352-OC«t. FOR SALE -- Y f a r old 1 ref rliterator, Krecn with double doors and year oV lawn mower. Call 353-7102 after B :30. LOFTY pile. f r « from eoil 5i the carpet cleaned with Blue Luttre. Rent electri; ahampooer, $t. Ranch Wbole- «nte. iVELL kept carpel* show th* rwulta of reaular Blue Lustra spot" K e n t electric ehampooer, |1. Gilbert Pharmacy. CEEP your carpets beautiful drsplte conitant footsteps of a busy family. Get Rux-Mnte. Rent e!cctric *ham- pooer, II. Ko^ac- Faint -Store, 1371 SINGER, will ilg-zaz, buttonhole, no extra attachments. TnVe for last 6 tayir.enU of $5.33 or .129. 352-EB4S. FOR SALE: '67 Ctaustnz, 12 Inch lathe, full tooilnv for production or shop work, A!PO older model index vertical mhlinff me chin*. Goad shape. 3 53-1 8 9. BEAUTIFUL comtitiatlon fluorescent and i n c a n d t a c e n t chandelier. 6 ft, overall t e n ^ t h and 16 In. diameter. 5 -- 24 in. fluorescent tubcsj 4 in- candeicent bulbi. A eoLIeetor'.. Item. Perfect condition: connect and vst, Mnkc offer. 3S2-1G39. . GARAGE SALE 1902 26th St. 0-5 Wed., Thurs, Fri. MIMEO PAPER S'/^xll COLDKNUOD GftANITE PhVK ?2.50 REAM GREELEY TRIBUNE PANEL - IT 607 14th Street, Grccley 23"xl9" Marble Top Vanity with finished base -- . $!8.8 White Stool Kent $35.3 4 x 8 Primed Skiing ? 6.7 Accmistlcal Ceiling Tile, nr|. fl _. .14^ 4 x 8 Tile Hoard, 3 colors S 8.9 4 x 8 PrcFiniahcd Panda Hickory V i n y l Shield .._ $ 2.9 Walnut Vinyl Shlel'I _ f 2.9 KeaHC-apti IJiim or Sanri $ 3. f j Hurley Oak ? 3.9 (Joldrush -- 2 colors .... $ 4.89 Rio (Inimle TM S oolors .. $ 5.0 V i n y l Card · - 4 colors .. $ jWe stock window fihuttflra, hoth louvered nnd open frame. Open 9:00 to 6:00 Mon.-Kat. Friday XiKhtn u n t i l 8:00 Manter Charge · BankAmerlrard ' Mobile Home Spoc« 2! 1 HOLIDAY VILLAGE MOBILE HOME COMMUNITY Spacns available for double and airiKlfi wide mobile liomo.s. Call Bud Lar.son, Park Maiinffcr or come by our ntw club house, 3102 17th Avenue. 353-774J MlK«l!onioui 27 MONEY to lo... W. bur, Mil and trid. for utftKInf of vftlu*. QrHtfr Pawn Shop. »SJ-U!I. 402 llth A«. WINCSlllELDS -- rial* Blui, wlnjtiw Blaii, nlw or ui*!. Karl'i GiMler Glau Onl.r. llOS.ilh St. Ul-tlll. QUALITY canTU wont ol all kind., rerov.rlne ot truck *?ati, ett. \VooHl Oanvaj I'rctduoU. 19SI HM.rYoIr Kd. Antlqun 21 VICTOKIAN anllnur. (nr al at Or- eharit, Colo. Open TilFMtaya Hnd TliiirxUyi, ntio Silurilijr ·fteriiooui, Call S62- 1743. Houiahold GooJi 30 MOV1NR -- Mint .til hou» J.lll or IICA coniolp color TV; Klrl'a 29 Inch bike.' 3}3-092g. RKFHUi.. IU: dlntlt, ISO: uf«, ( 5 0 ; Hot 1'olnt ronvt, J20. !5i-73S3. airing! fnr Jout!e br.1. IV. 3M.1Z1I. NKAT1 neve CF, dljt»vB5her. 3S3-35DO ^VANT to buy ho.*pllal bed and mat- tm«. Call 6Si-rell «t. S17S be- Uv«n 8 and . HBL'OSSKSSKU htivr ilulr II Ib. deluxe u«ahcr. Oil Mr. Minimum. S53. ' 6SI5. C.K r n R T A U L K Jlihwiiihtr, uuil « b006 after 4. 'OR SALV:'-- SiBTialute froat Tree re- frls. /roeier, 14 cu. f t . , 1125. 3S2- 0712. Y A U O N irhee!», poiver lawn mower. eallbre pistol, mlir. !5'2-0127. 'ROM wall lo will, no iM:*l all on c.iT'U ivlth U l u e I.uitre. llent electric ahamptiorr, fl. Greelej Furnitur*. FOK SAliP. -- For taiS or dualllieH to niiunie payment* en 6 month old. 30 in. w h i t e electric ranir* with telf- cleanlnz oven. 363-5572. ASlt for 'our fum[lur« and mlicel- laneoua. Xast urid courteous service. Cireenwood I.fquidation Center. 2(CG f t h Ave., 352-4R2!. FOH SAT.K Used furnlluro o£ nil types ytoves nnd refrigerators AT THE WAREHOUSE 422 2Cth St, 362-2332 Money to Loan 31 WE SPFCIAL17K In until »d lirs* loins, 1st BTirJ 2nri mortE^iru or btuE- ntsj. We *l*o buy lit nod 2nd mort- gKEtt. . CotiBolIdttk-n ioan» our spe* eialty. C.F.O. Corp., Cold Naiman Investment, 6th Av*. «nd llth Slnwt. 352-0134. WHAT DO YOU NEED? loney to reraodfi] -- purchaao nto. -- etc. Wo accept 1st ncl morlKoges or other collater- 1, First iTiduslrlal Loan Company 816 Sth Avenue -- Greeley Phone 352-1634 Roofing and Insulation 33 AT.CO Roof In i Co, -- All typ» roofing applied. 422 ZSth St. 352-2^32. . B u i l d i n g Moteilol 34 AW shaTppnlnn, nil klndi. Ont day eervic*. Alkire'j, 613 8 Av«. So'i-9501. FTOPWOR1M lumber. Ideal for eorraU ·nd miny farm uses. Muipby Lumber Co.. 1 712 9th SU BUILDING own bon-.el Have some- tbitiz out of the or Hi nary, 6 beautiful . church top doors, Jinndmftd* 30 BRo -- perfect condition -- hardtvure included. Li -- 3x7 ft,, 1 -- 2x7 ft- ; 1 large ones have 4 opening* with colored srl»aa. Usable roHectors' itemi. Make offer. 362-1639. Boats Suppliei 35 FOR SALE -- H ft. a l u m i n u m f i s h i n g boat and trailer. Call after 6. 3532470. pulls easily. 352-7387 a f t e r 6. Sportjng Goods 35-A 33S S A K O m a g n u m with scope. 3=S and W police *P«LS! ; 22 hi. standard automatie, 353-5655 or 353-317*. SCUBA divcra -- Complete diving outfit, ff/16 'wet Biilt, UnV. rejmltor, ote. S53-0209. 9x9 FT. umbrella t f n l s , reeular I9.65, now 15% o f f . Greeley Tent and A w n ins Co., ,629 Sth Ave. Furnaces -- Air Conditioning 37 LARGE forced aTr natural ens furnace, 168.000 BTU. SufUble fnr church or ^arAse. Call £3l-3!33 after fi p.m. Fruits and VegetaMes 39 60 Ibs. $2.00. 1/3 mile east of Lucerne. 352-2X46 evenings, Hay, Grain, Feed, Straw 40 FOR SALE -- KmJla K e. 352-3131. BALED a l f R l f n hy ton or b«1e. Call after 6, 3.53-79*6. FOR SALE -- Ellas* cut befor* ·lorm. Call 3S2-128 or 353-0685. DAIRY alfalfa -- Straw. Delivered Don Kelty. 352-9191. W A N T E D -- Silavi. ORCHARD and brorn* gnu, torn* mined with a l l t t J e aUalfa. Largo ba!«. 11.75 bate. AJio alfalfa. 2S*. Livestock 41 Y K A R nld spirited E«ldiie 353-iM2. WET.Sfr pony for i»l*. Wei] hroVe, centle for anyone. 3B2-Hfi5. WANTED -- Paiturt f o r ealtlt 353- OS86 or SS2-12Q3. HORSESHOEtN'G -- Tralnlnjr. Custom chlpa and tseV. D w a i n Crow, 6fi?. 4122 evtt. TIOHSKS hoarder.: Kar a n d Brain f u r - nnhH. Holt r f - M r i i e n r r a in town SlarV Fetd ar.-l Supply, 3CZ-173i. J.ll. and S. 1'ork Farm* h r w d i n a Bl*cV. 7(p»iit.*rf) D-jioet, York* Lroas hreeo.i. 2?-643Z. U R E A K E N ' O , iralDTnv a n « Ahowlnv. 58S-U*, ^ D A t n Y compete -- 70 cnw^ w i t h »,ime /f:uU« 4 herrir,? l*,r;r i-pirhr on li acift, liny cows, We ar.-] e^!fr-mer.l JeAar b u i M i r . K i or p u r c h u c «arne on AQHA «orrel K f l r j r n j r 8 y r ». r,M. Curr e n t l y being ·hown ari'l v\tn\r.y in Wnt«rn Meaiure. .Shn-jfrl ,e an ex c c l f e n t all nrnund youth Ahow yel-l _JriK.JtUW. John Slrnh, C8!f-4.i|. AT RTim* D y n m n f e Hank, by Tr,ntn 0»r* Hunk, hal'.er c h a m r k n , TtTrilr* A r*c« hftrtt. i'.til A q i f A A l u l t l n n In ColorAffo, M a n y way* [* liree* yo . ur ^^'^ m '"' e - Come i« for yr*ur- FOR B A L K ~ 1S71 Component te radio and m . n E - c h ^ n z r r . f 1BO o b«t --,ffer; ne* recllner, ztx-d rr-n rfilion. r.O. I.vjii. re at 101 K. 201 St., \/,l M, Th. Mtti'lowj UvtitKk ' 41 (OHSKS tv»T!M IS aert«. HIJIili LIVRSTOOX HT.,ln f . . Orir It r»n tit. llia»lnar. rkona J5I.»ai5 V A N T K n -- Snwm*r rulur. for 60 V A N T K I ) -- Summer 1'iiluta /ov CAl- llf, 352-L108 ot 3!J.O;SC. IQItSKSIIOKINO nd I r l i i i m l n a . Daren Clever, 358-0610. 0 UNITS M K D A milk bu fur i«lc. S52-6210. VANT lo Inly all Ij fti llvulork, 1 licail lo ciibaJ. 362. 3H«. GOOD registered (inarter hnrM fietiHnii. NKW ludtvliluil call peni. TWA Dairy. use-ton. 1OI1SKS tot »nit. Oil tlenlnn, JS1-7SIO. 'OH SAI.R -- r,.j«tUr hone. 10 yearn olil. tnnre. ceitlle, lot r( clnu, all aroinut kldi liur.e. 1'lione 32-S6S9. I I R K A K I K C , nil.) tialn[n|: for your B«Otl hor^r*. Traliicil the rluhl \fny tor · Tll'tan w i n n e r , llnd Cass, 353-3620. iOU.MMIl' arena nml atable. lltuon- aljte. Uaae iirlet for feed anil atablr. SE1SV1CKAIII.B aced regljlereH Ho . atein bull. I'roilucllon traled and ctaj. Rlrleil herd. 32-8I23. K E I t N anil Son. Taok Kooiii. Sajtlles, bL\ila nnd tack repaired. 217 Last ISlh SI. )Ig Reg. Angus Hulls. Coining yrs. old. rcrtillty tcalcil AA. Mao ICO onon yearling Rog. ViiRua llfrs!, nml 100 Trognnnuy estecl coming 2 yr, old bred ifrs. I^nrge Type Angus. Albert Hnuscn, Croacont Dnr Rancli, I*nrks, Ncbr. 308-423-2122 YOU WILL LIKE THE ow cost of Want Ads. Try one today. P o u l t r y 42 L A Y I N G IIMH for sn!e. Ph. 352-9033. BABY chfclts every Wednesdar. TFejivy breed* and wMla Uying CIOJB. 3621096. B A R Y chicks -- HuEchTnR twte* w«V- ly. Biibcock, Grey Lecborr.B. Ca · horn i. and C-22, Special on started Ilubcocks and Calhom puUvt chicks, lleyer BrotlLera Hatchery, Ureeley. P«» Stack 43 TO G I V E away to ROW] home -- prt VIIITE Toy Pood.* puppies, I malt, 1 lOVKAiJLE mixed puppies free to good huir.?3. 281-A3S7 fitter :30. KITTEN'S to Rive airity. Cnlt 353-1947. T. I t E I l N A K D puppTea. TUl) service -- SmfiU m i n E a t u r c Tioodlra, s p t c i a J i z i n p i n rfnrk upricot. 352-235^. VKC "Ensrlfsh Eullclo^. f e m a l e pup. brinJ!*, chBmpkm Hnea. J2UD. U53- 673S. JLACR FooJlf male puppy, fi weeka old. 3oO. llu Ehols and kill ciiupri]. M O V I N G -- Must r » r t with Iwonble fi month apnyH ^ German Shepherd, IIiu had ahot3. 35^-^758. ' corn p] eta line of aquarium* and supplies. Highland 1406 9th. TROPICAL flEb, votfflsb, auariumi, filters, air pumps Uerstars}. Frank's Srerf and Hnttherr. 109 10th Street LARRADOR puppies, Liticr pnpers for registration. Mules, 175, : females, ·150, See nt Weld County Di-Producta 1012 Worth llth Ave, AQUARIUM FISH SALE 0 gallon all glass 20 gallon nil ginsg Atmarium $13.95 9 gallon all glass 5 gallon all glass All t a n k s 6 year guarantee 3'imflow No. 410 power filters ·with accessory pack $10,95 Singapore Gupjites $2.05 Pair Red Velvet Swords 99c Pair \ r pnn T r i m 4 fnr $1 £5 Angel Fish 2 for $1.00 Dwarf Goi.raml $1.49 Pair Plus Many More MAY 4TH, 5TH 6TII TIIUUS., FRI., SAT. PARADE OF PETS 130 So. Cleveland Jxweland, Colo. GG7-7108 Sewing Machine!, Vacuums 44 |'*R!IY'H V a c u u m Onter. Rebuilt Klrl.T'a. H9.ti.lC!! 9lh St. J53.M31 Lruihw, *te. Fttry'n Vncaum Onter arift.AbM 1C01 9th 8L 1171 KIN;kh~ w i l l ilic-7tx, V.-Hlonkolr. Many f a n c y nU^iani. W l t i no t-xlr.i attAchrrcijtr.. Take fnj- Tapl t!* o( It. 23 or 129. 2S2-CM5 REBUILT KIRRYS $r»D ami up AuLl'iorlKccl K\r\iy Saloi and Servfco K21 ftth HL 3ft* -0700 ComploU J ()ny Rorvlco on rnofil makcft TJasR -- Units -- ·hrim/iCR, etc. See our nil now K1ri/ OlaABlc Livfcitaek 41 Horse Sale Regular m o n t h l y horse sale on May 6, 1072 Tack starts at 5:30 p.m.; Horses at' 7:00 p.m. YOUR COiN'SJGNMKNTS WKf,COME. Weld County Livestock Comm. Co. 204 E. 18th Street Grccley, Colorado 80631 Phone: 352-0274 TV--RaJlo -- Sflrvlcei, Safe* 46 TV KKNTA1,H, 110. CM, r «i month. Color J30.CO v«r monlh. 3(.?.ltiOO. I t O I I ' S TV, 2011 ftlh dL S«ry!r« rJilU 17.60 S..3-4T86. F\)ll quick TV «*rykJ. TV Hirt, tit T\V, HnJiiil ttrrui. T.lcviikm Mart, · 14 ISlh HL 36 .Ml CO. Musical Jn^rununtt ,47 ' tZO or .x»t ofttr.. SA3-C9.13. AMi'KCI *im. h.ii 4 _ !2 Inch »r**V- rii. 3 nun. olil. 1 D y n n n i l a mlt« with U N I V O X bnn E»Hif, SlUer.nnt Anin. KtrolkiH fomlllton. SHI to bril of(- cr, CA]| (-nrr, 36J-SC9i. KOIt SALK -- 1 JUmlmnUr ump.. 1. It. la IV netii »ni;i., iUii ·tnt.X*i- t«r culUr, C u l l 'J53-5560 » C t « r 6 p.m. Real Eitata 48 FOR SALR by mvticr -- n«ililinlUI loiiilmciU only. 1'hon* 353-7714. FOH SALK Ly owner -- 3 l-wlroo/rt home with f l n b h e i l basement, fcnrcil l:nck ynrJ. M«plencxid Bfhool. 2 HEDHOOM home in Elton n i t h (it*- rtuce and fu]| bmenitnt. C*n come *c« ho'.iae on Suiulny. Call nfler 6, 5 J / 3 ACUKS -- An oMer 2 ilory, 8 hrilroom lirleV home, fi mllos nortli- tf.s\ of l.ncornc. f 19,500. I n i m f H I f c t e M*s«ii.on. Fh. 353--.7EO or 352-1578 w f l c r 6 p.m. EXKCUTIVK house -- 6 bedroon:i, 714 bath, f u l l y i-mieteii» 2 f .re|i)»cc.-B, i^nine room, TCC, ronm, air conrft- tiniu-.!. OooH 1 nmhcaik Ing. I7!5 H l h St. H-i. Call 3fiJ-S6S5 or 353^114 for upliolntnicnt. N O W JS the Lime to bur this txcel- «nt to iJowntown «rea. (Too^ invoat- nient with f340 monthly cuih flow. Call Florence nt 362-0105 or Stir lt«nltr. 352-4748. FOH SALEt -- 6 acre trncl. iclral ahaiv- p ace for rpBiatcrrrl livestock nr autt- ftlilc for other liuiinrs*. 4 bfdrcwm, 3 bnth home, r o r r a U and fully «]Utp- P*d outbuUdlnni. All c i t y utilities. Mint ice to upprecinte, JmmnlEale IHmejflitm. Call J53-591 to *ei uptime. i i Attention Veterans j j Duplexes-- l-Picxes | | No down, 01, Reply to ', | '·. FRONT RANGE j ! BUILDERS i i". ·'· 218 E, 61h Ave. i! | '- Loveland j i ' 669-1177 i W WA^lil ^is^'v^r-pxtil LIST YOUR REAL ESTATE WITH US AVE H A V E LOTS OF INTERESTED BUYERS for homes rural property, call for information nnd appraisals, confidential. FOR SALE -- 3 Led., 2 lied., 4 hod., nnd up lo a 7 bed. homa in tlie country. HALF ACRE -- 3 bed. or trl- level with 4 bed. Don't miss looking these over. IHH1G. FARMS -- 149 acres, 169 acres, 160 acres, No. 2 Big- T water. FLINN REALTY No request too small or too Inrge. Chas. A. Flinn. Broker GSr,-2510 (iehlen TUillor, Salesman 3S2-2371 Eilol. 48 Rcoi t«ote ?| 3 FURNISHED MODELS ' . | OPEN DAILY . . . ; . :| HOURS: % ;;! Daily 10-8 '% Sal. 10-G te | HOMES FROM ?18,d60 c^ I WOOD BROS. HOMES *$ 1 Phone: 3B3-4797 . Iw" p SSth Avc. IGth St. ^x*-*. |-'J _^ · · \ L , p , i ·\ V U' fi ." ' i 1 MOORE REALTY | |g Northern Colorado Building g^ P * MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE -ft | | O 922 llth St. 352-3487 | | | | SHARP AND QUICK w? Possession can ha yours on Hits tlirco bedroom brlch. KS Tlio new cnriieling, tlio fireplaces In tlio living room and ^^ basement recreation room, tlio half bath off Hie master OP beilrnom, tha huilt-in oven nnd range, Iho full sized x^ ])0ol (able and exceptional neatness nmke. this home at 3^j B30 Slith Ave. worth R closo look. |§ RETIREMENT HAVEN ^A Well bnllt two bedroom frame home. Very clean. Has ?^ a good sized living room, ceramic tile liatli, plus a family y^ room. Tlio small neat yard will ho easily cared for. 2*| NEED A HOME WITH INCOME? ^ Look at 1629 14th Ave. 1 bcilroom basement apartment yti and very nice 2 bedroom on imiln floor. Lot 75 z 100. 5g Excellent School location. Don't miss this one. Quick ^.p possession. QO A T R A P T "T ITTT T? RAT\Tr?-f" ^ 19 acres doss to Greeley. Level irrigated l a n d ; with 4 ^? bedroom home, milking barn and good corrals. Has city gg water and gas. S| BUILDING SITES ^P Lots on .Reservoir Hoad. Also one nice lot iu Highland |S F*rk, on 43th Ave. Court and zltli St. j}g COLLEGE RENTAL ^ Duplex at 1313 Sth Ave. showing a good return. Large ^^ . lot. |g' ATTRACTIVE HOME ·- . ·JQ at 2038 5th Ave.: S hedroom, large living room and dining ^ room, nice liitolicn; also has a full basement. Can ha ft^ rented to students. Has two bedrooms and % bath, 2| COUNTRY LIVING 0^ An outstanding home located west of Crccley. S large tip bedrooms, 1% lmths f largo living room, f n m i l y room with ^ fireplace and dining room. Home Is on 10 acros with a CA^ beautiful view of the mountains. Must see to appreciate. | | . DUPLEX cjp Located in the south part of Greeley: S beilroom units. Oti complete electric kitchen, utilities oft kitchen; and fully gg carpeted. This Is all brick construction and shows a good Cj/p income. Call on this! ^ iXJUrj · -- ^JNlUJli · -- · JN10E 5C 2 527 Sunset Lano In Belair: 2 large bedrooms up and 2 in t\( basement. Large carpeted f n m i l y room, 2 car garage gg 2 baths. Well shrubbed yard with beautiful trees. Priced £?Vj under $30,000. ^p Helen May 353-2411 nay Scboonmaker 353-07« S Tom Spear 3ft2-0615 Clint Jurgensen 362-1305 rf*5 Tc «l Funk 352-7540 Herbert Albertson 353-2734 ^ Frank Moore 3M-3313 Jack Drueggman 353-5668 ^ Margo Yost 352-5737 Bob Drunner 352-7121 ^S^ t ^^^°^^^^^^f K V'Cif'^i'^./''V'Cl^C«»j3rw3t\/5l v'Qcnjc^cAaC^CTOtAit^^cAidti^^cJQ^Q^^^^jKaK, ' ^; : -'^ ^^^ ^^ jlnvestn Bj CHURCH SITE ®P We have a 4-acre tract fj$ located on Reservoir Road wj which would make an |P excellent location for a new ·S church. If your church is S looking for properly in a p? growth area of Greeley, g| callfordetails. Ill DOWNTOWN | | BUILDING Presently leased to '% excellent tenants, tocatet 'SA on high t r a f f i c 8lh Avenufi wg, location. Kxccllen ftj}. investment. Out of stale ''i owner wants lo sell now pp Make an offer. If 3.2 TAVERN SI Highesl business volume M of any business of its typ gfH in Grccley. Owner wil |p proviJc most of th |§| financing. Exccllen jm location highway 85 nn pa close to the campus. Cal pM BillllaycIenfordelaiJs. )mmercial ; j lent Properties j INVEST IN A LARGE ^ TOWNHOUSE WAREHOUSE f TOVHwrNr^wSi KTM buildinBS «°n"^t«d' ; BOOMING WEST by passageway over 40,000 j GREELEY square feet of storage area 1 Freight elevator, office \ Youcanliveinoneunitand area, on trackage, in east ' let the other three pay Ihe Grceley. Buildings are in P costs. Or, os strictly an good condition, Call for * investment they will show details. j 12 to 15 per cent cash flow f plus tax shelter. $52,500.00. R-3 VAPAWTT nT ' We will assist you in " J V A ^N1LOT | finding financing. wxiaioa near downtown i area. 30,000 square feet j SERVICE STATION TM netl for apartments. Call \ Prime corner near UN'C 0 j m K a d l e c c k - j campus. Prcsenlly leased TMWPQT ^ i to major oil company. On rtS JX^i^A, ' ' i high traffic street Fx vrREELEY · ccllent investment oppor- Near West Greoley i J tunity. National Jinnk, We have 1 f · T nWT ATMn Jtvcral sites which would 1 INCOME PltnPKRTV » '"Ml .for business or .UNUJlVUl. riWFtii Y office buildings. WE will · 12 units plus land for n i* 11 ll ! c )nmi "" build and more in firowlh area of ! Cilsc ''· Ca l' "' one of our 1 West l,oveland presently investment specialists to showingcxccllenlrclurn. discuss. S CHOICE INCOME PROPERTY M 28uniH)Ui]dinBncorUNCJcanipiis.PlusPcnthouscclcv.ilor,simiicck off-stml P parking, many extras. Best constructed building In Greeley W 11 nrolldfl liz p| shelter, relircmenlincome. Call for full details, Lt( - elc /- «J» provide l,u 1 SPECIALISTS IN \ A / U C C ! TO m COMMERCIAL, V V M C t L t l K i 3wEs S ?ME A NT Commercial Investment Dopt. if REAL ESTATE ,,.,,.. . f| BllJIayucn-353.fX/{7 Iff 356-1331 IIownrd'fhrapp-353-6flVl I JM18lh-Avc,,0«cley j!'^^TM"'* jj§ · ijlm Kaillccck-- VfcV/fl s 1 1 © V i I (K 5P i 1 ^ ^ ¥ 1 i AJ 1 C"3 P ii 1 ^ ·5\M-. ^1 fj p I ^?j 'i*A % '$· 1 ^ % ; (;, '% $ % ,% $ ^ % % % i 1'% % n i 1 \-

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