Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 12, 1976 · Page 23
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 23

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1976
Page 23
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Red Items Answtf to PrtvtoM Punk ACM*« I R«l (Moscow) 1 Pasture grass 13 Units ot weigh] 14 Spanish city 15 -- Rtd H'ding Hood 16 Transgresj«j 17 S'ouan Indian (vat.) 18 Entertainer, Lawrence -- -19 loves exceedingly 22 Base 25 Indonesian of Mindanao 28 -- canio 29 Near East vehicle 31 Blood lealuie (2 wds.) 33 Venelian potentates 34 Wild oxen oI Celebes 35 Onetime British soldw 37 Ply wilh drink 38 Bu addition 39 Personal pronoun 40 -- Marino 41 Desserts 43 Cit| district 45 Formerly (archa'c) 49 American Indian 52 Medicinal herb 54 Musical dramas 55 Baggage porter (co 1 1.) 55 Liquids 57 Dead Sea herm.t DOWN 1 Alone 2 Leave 3 Prepos-lion 4'Perlormed on stage 5 Elecirical un.i ti Compass reading 7 Garden flowers 8 Corrupted Ttw Idaho Fre« Press 4 Hie New-tribune, Friday, March 12.1976- A-5 WIN AT BRIDGE Friday March 72 Nuisance bid pays dividends 9 Trim (Scot ] 10 Rouna number 11 Poetic genre 12 Seed vessel 8 Deeply versed in Literature 20 Corpulent 21 Fa- (comb tor ml ?2 Cap tal ol Nigeria 23 Form ol sorceiy 24 Useless expenditure J5 Senvies 26 Tapeworm I v a r ) 27 Embe'lish 29 Muddle 30 Mylholog : cal bird 32 "Golden State" lab.) 36 Wapiti 41 Red -42 dispatches 43 Merchandise 44 Open 46 Staple food 47 Scrutinize 48 Red -- [ollicial routine) 49 At this time 50 Brazilian free 51 Ex-soldier (coll.) 52 Exist 53 Legal point NORTH ID) ' WEST A Q 9 6 5 U 9 4 2 · 7 3 « K J 10 9 5 2 * K 1 0 3 EAST » J 8 7 V 10 3 4 A 8 6 * J 8 7 5 2 SOUTH * A K 10 2 Y A Q 9 8 6 Neither vulnerable West North East South Pass 5* Pass Pass Pass 1 4 Pass 3 y Pass Pass Pass 6 4 Pass Pass Dbl Pass 4.N.T. 5 N. T. 7 V Pass Opening lead -- 7 thai no one was going lo slop to double him al his real desperado bid. Almost all experts have a way lo handle Black wood in- t e r f e r e n c e . T h e J a c o b y method is lo double the in- lerlerence uid to show no aces, pass to show one ace and bid to show more lhan one ace. The British pair may well have been playing thai same system with the British North player concluding that his spade void was the same as an ace in view of Bobby's five- spade bid. Whatever the reason, the British arrived at the heart grand slam and to add insult lo injury Bobby's partner looked al his ace of diamonds and doubled. By Oswald James Jacoby Bobby Nail of Houston m a d e one of Ihc most successful nuisance bids of all lime when playing for North America against Greal Britain in the 1952 World's championship. When Bobby bid five spades over Soulh's four nolrump, he wasn't taking any real chance. He was sure they could make a heart slam and equally sure An Arizona reader wants lo know what your chance for success should be to warrant a grand-slam bid. The answer is that if you are sure ot six you need three to one odds in your favor lo warrant c o n t i n u i n g on to seven. (for a copy o! JACOBY MODERN, send $1 lo: "Win al Biidge. " c/o this newspaper, P.O. Bon 483, Radio City Station. New York. N.Y. 100)9] EK E.VTSJU'RISE ASSN ' THE BORN LOSER r (WF-fUFF)LrSTBl, PR.B/tfSeTT, IW NOT £» SURE THIS (PUFF-PUFF) Xfc6iio6 is AIL, by Art Scnsom ITHINXIT ALREAPV ! (PUFF) CAMPUS CLATTER with BIMO BURNS Di 0 YOU 6ET bUNCAti \ NO, NOR ML/A HIN£S TO RECOMMEND }CHH.O, NOR THE OUR CAFETERIA FOOD,/ "GALLOPING MK. BURNS ^ / \ GOURMET BUT DICK GASGOW SAID HE'D RECOMMEND IT. AN VON 6 WHO'S ON A STRIKE' / T"H,U us, SENATOR HCW CO "iCU F£Eu ABOUT THE NEW BILL THAT MAKES- BRIBES YJTREPBESENTS TAXABLE! ANOTHER. ...ATTACK ON OUR FREE SYSTEM. by Howie Schneider I'M A UTTLE- WHV CDWT WJ OUST STOOL? FRANK AND ERNEST HAVE fioT RlfiHT J.. .THEY'RE ... AN' YSEE THAT SPOT UP AHEAD THEEE, MISS " IS IT MY IMAGINATION. \ "lOU'KE KlSHT, OOP, II OK is TH'roe STARTING; is TBUFn-l OFF^i IF THERE'S ArWTHIN61 DON'T NEEP, IT'S A SHORTSTOP WITH HIS LE6 IN A CAST.' rr THIS IS 60NNA KUIN ALLTHePlANSIHAP F OR M6ASE0AU 56ASOM THINK OP HOW I FEEL,.. ' TOPLAVATWIMBL£PON THIS MAVBE MINE IS HIGH.TOO. TO EJETTER VOUR HOSPITAL BUSY, DOCTOR I WANT ONLY THE ARM BAND KIT: r HAVE A STETHOSCOPE. INDEED, VERVJ MARY WORTH : SEVER, VKHCW, EVEN 5AW CHtCK EtKiN5- OJT I'VE HEARP PAPA ASl) A1W.A TALK ABOUT THE TERRIBLE THIMSS HEPiP'-BcFCRc, Y'KNCW. HE WENT AWAY LISTED, HONEY.' HCW WOULP YOU LIKE TO WAKE AN EASY JUST srr POWM AKP TEa WE WHAT YOU'VE HEARD ABOUT CHUCK f WEL-LLL-.-IGUESSlTPl BEALLRi6HT--IF MRS. POTTS DON'T HEAR ABOUT ME PC.N6 IT, Y'KNOW, WHEN S'POStP TO Be WORKING.' BUZ SAWYER "fHEY/ BUTTHERP^ KD STUFF IN LOOM LIKE SAWYES; DIDNT TAKE TIME TO | OPEN Hfi SHOULD TAKE A WALK INSTEAP REX MORGAN, M.D. I WASN'T TRIMG TO KILLAtySELF, IF THAT'S W«AT /AFTER I DON'T REMEMBER TAKIHG THE SUEFWG CAPSULES/ THey WER£ SOMETHING W VMFE HAD AT THE HOUSE-1 / WHXOIDVW NEED COURAGE' I WAS TOPING yOU WOULDN'T FORGET TD STOP IN BEFORE YOU LEFT THE HOSPITAL, DOCTOR.' HAPPENED TODAV WAS AN ACCIDENT HORMAN' JUNEAMOEAWAHSf AENTS FOR ME TO ENTER THE HOSPITAL, I STARTED TO DRINK- TDGETTHE COURAGE TO COME IN HERE! NISHT AT WE 3AR. you E.V\ UlE A HATKACK" THE FL1NTSTONES IT-AtoiV Vbli'"RE GOING" I V^^^ TO HEAR ME OUT/ / DON'T \ N rwe D/CE ; * E SMAKT THINKING, MOMMV I CANT IMA^iNE WHV ANYCNE WOULP TO THE MOH THEREiS

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