Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 21, 1975 · Page 14
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 14

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1975
Page 14
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'TheWahoKr«!l'ress.Kricliiy.KcbruBry21.l975- 14 They couldn't stop him Simon, 'Dogs knock off Braves Gary Simon Is past Mike Whyte and heading for the hoop during his fourth quarter burst of eight points that buried Boise's Braves at ihe BSU Gym in the first round of the District A-l Tournament. finals, flu, and the final games for NHC Jj'AMPA - Ray fturwick is dovi'n w i t h the f l u . Ihe players' tieids are buzzing iviih ihal awjul fact of life in collegc- f i n j l s -- a n d somewhere in between this weekend. Nor- Ihwjesl Nazarene will finish out a baeiball season. SXC. 12-IC on the year, takes on .'Eastern Oregon tonighl al 7:3t) in Montgomery Fieldhonse before going over lo Caldwell Saturday for anolher 7 M gamp al flhe Cow Palace and ll'.c rubier match of (he ihrce-gamc scrips between the Crusaders and Colk'ge of Idaho liurwick. from bed. indicated thai preparation Ihis « eek in Ihe wafce of those i m p o r t a n t road losses lo George Kox and Warner Pacific has gone begging a l i t t l e . "We got back late Tuesday night." said the coach, "and I werit straight lo bed. I had Ihe hug." "Coach 1'eppley i D u a n e , t h e .\'\C assistant) ran practice yesterday bin mosl of Ilic guys had finals most of Ihe day and a large percentage ol ilic team couldn't even show up." The Crusaders went ihronsh a d e f e n s i v e - o r i e n t e d u r a c l i c e T h u r s d a y a f t e r n o o n in preparation for Kastern. a leam ihal can smoke on a given nighl. "They've been hnl and cold." adniils llurwick. "They'll be up one night and down the next, and ttie night we played them, they were shouting real well." That early January night was the night Burwick watched in atna/emenl as NNC committed jnsl seven fouls in the first half, couldn't handle Ific shooting of Jack 1'riesler. and lost. 87-70. "Thai wasn't us." said l!nr- \\ick afterwards, even when the Crusaders took up some of the slack wilh 17 fouls in the second half. t'riesler had 21 [mints in the game al I.aGrandc n n d leam- male.s Dennis Jensen and Jim Crawford sparked Ilic rally thai blow NNC mil alter it had compiled a five-point lead. So much for KOC. "C'lllegc ol I d u h n . " says I k u w i c k . "is n game we won't need dial much thought atom. We'll bo wanting to t a k e Ihe series from HHMII." Dick Carrmv's team is ii-lfi a n d ' h a s already completed its Xorihwest Conference season. C of I heal [.infield on Itie road last weeki'nd before losing to W i l l a m e t t e anil the XXC name is Ihe Coyotes' lasl. "We (lidn'l sec ll'.em play in the 1'orlland area," says liur- wick. "hnl we slaved in Ihe same hole! w i t h ihcin " By 1'aul Hukcr Kreo Press Sjwirls Kdilur IJUISE - With mure poise and quickness than ihcy've shown all year, the Nampa Bulldogs dispatched Boise 53-W Thursday night in Ihe first round of Ihe Dislricl three A-l Tournament at Doise Sluie. x It set up a meeting with undefeated and top- ranked Capital lonighl at 8:30 and pessimists will icll you Dial piiise, quickness, and Kareem Abdul- Jiibbar won't teal Ihe Eagles. Bulldogs' Coach .Merrill Anderson is jusl crossing liis fingers as this wide open race to Stale heads into iho second round. "Weshowed a lol morespccd -- I jusl hope it pays off tomorrow," lie said after Hoise was out of the way. Keeping turnovers in n minimum against the Braves, Nampa put Ihe game in (lie hands of 6-9 center Gary Simon wilh a shifting offense that left lots of daylight in Ihe middle. The big guy, looking good on (his night, threw in eight cniick points ai the slarl of the fourth quarter in send Ihe 'Rcigs 1 inlo a 44-35 lead wild just under five minutes left. lioise spent Ihe res', of the cjuarler trying to calch liuss Dimick and lirian Slanlon, and Nampa, the learn thai came apari at the seams su often during t h e regular season, held firm. "Gary owned the keyhole tonighl," grinned Anderson. "They all looked super. When ivc lost our composure for a lime, we came right back and put Ihe tall in Ihe. bucket." In Ihe second quarter, that was a real irick. Nampa led H-12 going into the period and had a 20- Ifiedgc when everything went sour and Boise reeled off a 9-2 spur! to go inlo Ihe locker room in front, 2522. Take away Ihe disturbing four-minute dry spoil, and Nampa played a good first half. Hie 'Dogs got off 10 more shots (32-22) and Simon was making things clear to Ihe Braves' big men wilh 10 points and fntir blocked shots. 'Hie lioise fast break had been relatively quiet and when ihe second half began wilh a Brian Si.'minn sleal, the Bulldogs were off and running themselves. Simon made six slraigVil for a 28-27 lead, Andy Vas(|ue/ was all alone for a cripple, and Dimick convened a baseline shot to put N'ampa up by five. At 2:13. it was 3-1-27, Ihe 'Dugs had run off a 12-2 spurl. and Hun McNeley screamed for a Boise timeout. "Wliai 's I lip mall er with you guvs," ho screamed. "We scored two lousy points (Jeff Swanson's free Ihrows) in this quarter.. .two lousy points..." McNeley must have said something else, too. The Braves hil six in a row, Ihe lasl a Swanson turnaround, and were within 34-3J before Slanton steadied Nampa a bit wilh a 12-footer. The game was up for the asking and Simon pled Nampa's case in a hurry wilh Iwo shots for a 40-33 lead. Swansoti hil, but Gary was there again off the delay offense and Ihen he threw in a high reverse layup off Ihe glass for Ihe nine-point lead. Swansea, of course, is Boise's bread-and-buller man. The guy with the silky shooting touch. When Nampa squared the series wilh McNeley's leam at 1-1 wilh an overtime victory at home, Drenl Clark held him to seven points. This lime Clark fouled out less than Iwo minutes into Ihe second half but instead of going wild, the Boise slar had just eighi poinls Ihe rest of Ihe way and four uf Ihosc were from the line. McNcley jusl shook his head. He was furious wilh Ihe Braves' offense and a piddling 13 field goals ("When you score only thai many you're gonna gel your bull beal") but what licked him off more was the inability of the offense to hit Swanson. "We heal ourselves by not hitting him or .the inside," nodded McNeley. "He was open all nighl long." Swanson finished wilh 18 poinls but the balance of power inside was way over on the .Nampa side. Simon finished with 1.1 field goals and a 27-point total while Dimick and Vasquezbolh had eight from their guard positions. Anderson's use of Ihe quick lillle Dimick injected something into Ihe N a m p a offense-- movement. Vasqucz siationed himself near the baseline with Slant on up top to do Ihe ballhandling on offense and Andy hurl B»ise in Ihe first half. "As quick as he is,"explained Anderson,"he can do a lot of driving in there." Wilh Simon scoring and the guard line holding steady, even Capital may bo within reason. Anderson thought hack to thai 60-39 disaster in Bulldog Gym, the game the Eagles had locked up in the first quarter. "Our offense is based on gelling the ball lo Ihe wings and they didn't lei us do t h a i . We came apart early and never recovered." "Gary'sgoingiohavc to come up and gel Ihe ball this lime," said (he coach. "He didn't do (hat before." The Ragles loved with Emmcit, C8-35. in Thursday's tirsi game and the lalk at BSU was of Ihe effect it mighl have -- especially since Capital ended ihe season wilh easy romp over Caldwell. Sean McKenna monopolized the backboards for 21 rebounds in ihe time he played against the Huskies and scored 17 poinls. Starting forward Gary Carter had 17 points and Bill Hessing, one of Charlie Henry's super subs, had 12. Nampa will have Clark checking Carter lonight and Slanlon will watch 6-4 Scott Sisson. While Slanlon and McKenna duel for the third lime this season, Ihe 'Dogs backcourt gels the dirly work again. Darrell Oakes and Scotl Thomas are capable of breaking ihings open themselves without McKenna's help and Dimick and Vasquez have to handle the pressure. Boise, meanwhile plays Enimell al 7:30 in the BSD opener and McNcley wasn'l optimistic at the chance of gelling tothal back-door shot al Si ale. "One you lose the first game of a tournament, you're in Ihe hole. Lose one more, and you're dead." Al Capital High Thursday nighl, Meridian blitzed Ihe Cougars lo move into the second round against Borah. The Lions nipped Mountain Home but had a hard lime doing il when the Tigers slowed down the tempo and kepi the game from getting out of hand. "I think Ihis is going lo be a wide-open lour- namcni." said Nampa's Anderson, "these learns are prelly evenly matched." Should Ihe 'Dogs lose lonight, ihey would shift over lo ihe Caldwell brackel and play the winner ol Friday's 7:30 game al Capital between Ihe Cougars and Mountain Home. The Meridian-Borah loser lonighl moves lo BSU and a loser-out game wilh the Emmett-Boise winner. NAMPA C'irk Dimick Slanlon Vasquei Brown GilUM SCHaltr Marleus T O T A L S BOISE Zmudi Kldmpp Swaiison Me (I While K irtlaml Cornwell TOTALS Nampa Boise FT ff Tf I) 1-1 t-0 0-0 0-1 0 0 6-1 il 1 · ff 2-S 1-t 17-SJ 11--4i Beating them on the boards Meridian is easy winner Telling 'Dogs to keep it cool An extra half-step on Whyte inside produced one of eight rebounds for Gary Simon in Thursday's 53-46 win over the Braves. Brian Statiton came on strong underneath in the second half and he finished with eight boards, too. Kelly shocks Vikes, 75-65 'Nampa trainer, Keith Carlton, Assistant coach Gary Lawson, and Head Coach Merrill Anderson telf the Bulldogs (from left, Gary Simon, Russ Dimick, Andy Vasquez, Brian Stanton, and Mel Schafer) to work the delay game with a nine point lead in the fourth period. Dimick had six fourth period points--and a clutch backdoor layup at 1:50--to help preserve the win. ONTAI!IO--Knr Miridlelon's Dan 1'ern, il was like watching a movie with Ihe projector stuck in slow motion. "Wo were just slow onl Ihere. H'c never put any defensive pressure on Ihem all nighl. They were gelling Iheir shots off wilh no problem." "They" were Hie Hisliop Kelly Knights, the ncxHo-bollom seed in Ihe I)i:-,lricl A-2 tournanienl ; 7.V(i:"i winncrsiii'cr Ihe Mid- (llelon Vikings Thursday nighl. Wilh Ihe win, the Knights e a r n e d the r i g h t lo meet V a l l i v u e lonight. a leam Ihal Kelly heal in the regular season finale, 52-51 forcing the f-'.ilcons to share Ihe Snake Itivcr Valley title w i t h I'ayelle. Thai was only Ilie fourth win of the year for Kelly, last night was Iheir f i f t h . "We slaved close lo then) in the first half." said Pcro. "H'c were even leading in the second cjuarler for a while, bul we jusl couldn't m a i n t a i n il." IVro was scratching his head for the reason why, and finally decided lo hoar Ihe harden himself. "I have In say it was a c o a c h i n g error. These kills i M i d i l l e l r u i ) are really talented basketball players and I just didn't handle Things right." "This past week. 1 eased up in prarlifo ;md lei tilings ride thinking ihal Ihal would be Ihe besl way to go. Hul it jusl had Ihe reverse effect of what I was trying In do. We jusl looked plain physically tired mil there." T h e K n i g h t s , r i d i n g I h e sewing nf Sieve Ao.irregui and Mark Allen, jumped off lo a narrow lead early and held it BitnopKeuv Middltlon K E L L Y N Brcce An 11 Alltn Ar.chuiltgu Durhjm Linord T O T A L S MtODI ETON t Ihf. Hopkmt, Ken R-Hoplcm Ojn Johnicn Meliicer Wurriy Oivd TOTALS lly Hob Hooker X-T.Sports Keillor B O l S E - A s e x p e c l e d . M e r i d i a n ' s r a n g y Warriors worked Iheir ' inside game ' againsl Caldwell High's small bul scrappy Cougars Thursday night, and utmost perfection uroughl MIIS an easy 66--16 victory in the opening round of Ihe Class A-l Region 2 Tournament. The lidlifter al Capilal's Black Hole of Calcutta found Coach Ken Munns' Cougars noihing bul frustration as CHS lagged Ihrnughoul a f t e r an opening quarter deficit of 20-13. Other (han a 2-aII tie. Caldwell was never lied with Meridian. Ihoiigh the Blue Bombers lagged by only 10-9 when the tide swung dramatically Meridian's w a y . Duke Jackson id-5. bul who plays like 6-7) bagged a couple of Iwisling short junipers off the low pnsl for Meridian, and Rob Blaines Iwo free Ihrows made il 16-9. CHS never was the same the rest of Ihe nighl. Wilh (he win. Coach Greg Hordemann's 11-10 W a r r i o r s ronlinuc in Ihe winners' brackel wilh a semi-final game lonight al 8:30 al Capital lu-11 Borah, which edged Mountain Home 53-19 in overtime Thursday. Meanwhile. Caldwell (3-181-now up againsl the cliff's edge on Tourney Trail-faces an ouster fray at 7 p.m. in the opener al Capilal against 11-10 Elmore. The survivor will face anolher knock-oul (ray next Tuesday when the duration of Ihe tourney will find all future play in the Black Hole. Dennis Rasmussen 16-11 and Jackson paced Meridian's might wilh N poinls apiece, and Ihey were i n s t r u m e n t a l in the Warriors' 45-21 domination (if rebounding wilh 10 and nine caroms, respectively, and Mall Johnston picked up anolher nine boards (or the victors. On Caldwell's side. Mike Munns was the lone Cougar in double digils wilh !2 poinls. while Greg "Captain" Blood caged cighl and sensational closing Slew Dillon seven. Brent ob ormissinn. c clearing of the eri on Midiflelon s shoos. 10 O S4 75 it 3* 41 } FG FT PF TP S-H '-1 10')) 0-1 J 00 1 0 0 » 1 0 6 4 00 1 J-l 0 1 0 0 M4 11 J FG fT PF l.J II 1-JO I-) 7-» 1-3 4 il 11 1 1 3 0 II 1-1 0-1 0 1 It 10 IM7 1 i 1 1 1 0 n TP n i M 15 11 ) 4 0 11 dUrtlen 4!. B.K. 41; Hfsokini IB. Rmr* 11 filunt JiCktcn siuin Jchnion Jflh/iilan Chjpman NeHn Hollowly Oodd B*tktr Tot J II Larttn Munii Wilton Rr.nkerMH Simmeni Carper ShMuliin Cirrow D.MM Hinitn Toljili MERIDIAN-H "I was ^ F O P T P F T P thefaciih J-M I- J 1 7-11 C. · J | Q. 0 4 B. 0 5 10 7 j. !·) o 0 j.j j.f 1-) 0 0 1-3 0-1 6-0 Q Q CA,. DWELL-- *i FG FT P 1 j 0 0 410 0-0 17 7-J ?-S M Ml J-J M 1-1 0 9 0 0 1.) Q f l 00 ].{ «·! D O 11 ) t 0-1 0-0 IMS 1MO i 1 ·y 1 i/. Jftat Ihal he's h usually si Knni W*i»r KUNA 17 R. Nltekir Kr.Johntgn Pltltrfon 1. Ntlxttr Thornton Durrint Mttktr TOTHLS WEISESS4 Ktrncr Hiranakl . W»«iHy S*ryiliwi Meur « H.llini''" 1 Jthnun 0 *· . TOTAL! Simmons and Blood each had- four Caldwell rebounds, and Ed ! " "Sunflower" Wilson garnered'", three as (he pacesetters in that |!) department. " '·'"'·'"'·'" '"on Munns, who had lo suffer"' 1 while watching his club shoot' only 26.2 per cent on 17-65 to ·"- Meridian's even 40 per cent on ''·' 28-70. said after Meridian's third "^ win nf the season over his club. i|! ' J Kuna s blasts Weiser ONTARIO-One of Kuna's 'lid Ron Hill's stipulations for a win i-i) in the first round of Ihe Dislricl oh A-2 p l a y o f f s was ( h a t his "" Kavemen pul a slop lo the '"' shooling antics of Weiser guard '« Jeff Hironaka. Hironaka may feel like he ran ·'·') inlo a brick wall this morning. I" K u n a . a l t e r n a t i n g K e n ' i n i Durrani. Brad Thornton, and ?.(} Shane Meeker on the Wolverine ' slar, held him lo a 1-of-ll ii shooling nighl from the field and m. came up with a first round '.'if victory. 67-54. -KI The win puts the Kavemen up "M* againsl Ihe Payette Pirates, co- '·"' champs of the SRV, in tonight's I action, while Weiser awaits play J 2" in Saturday's loser bracket. In 11: the other A-2 action, Bishop 71 Kelly surprised Middleton 75-65 V) lo earn a shol al Vallivue 'lid tonight. Only two A-2 teams from Dislricl 111 make Ihe trip totta stale. x J| "What we did was play |l Hironaka man lo man and zone jtg the rest of Ihem," explained Hill. "We knew we had tojM prevcnl him from penetrating K and keep from fouling him as/i well, because he's such a good shol from (he free Ihrow line We did lhat okay." ! Bui Hill wasn't totally 'i"* 1 pleased. nIO "1 was a little unhappy wilh 1 '" 1 e fad thai iDean) Kerner got 1(lv " 17. That's probably the mosl 1!)ir: ' F ·; M 1-1 01- 24 4 t-l I.I 01 11 Ji St « U 3 ' « 31 M r )-j1 0 FT FF TF ...,, M *.| 4-S 0 ) 71 M 0 1 1S.1! C FT r 1 4 « 0 1.1 « i 8.1 0 ! « « S I J; M »,1 it ion 14 ·)· 4 OOll ] Hr.i 4 mil "r '.5 m IT T Jjnri ) DV/ · bni 14 "'* , ' W l ^ l . |4J.^ jj^ .' -V^.w^'irj.'nm'Ji',' " r

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