Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 12, 1951 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1951
Page 5
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^Wfr*® : Xtenily M««nm'Idea Woild Jnst Confuse Historians In 2 Million Years ·By OTNTillA LOytllY AP Newftfenture Writer , An engineer named ' George A. Itubissow has come .along with a detailed plan to preserve for the future records o f ' o u r civilization. This isn't exactly u novel idea, for man'normally strives to leave behind b|m nome permanent mark of'hls short visit on this soiL But KUbissow.^iea 1 gone, mucn further Umn. those who play .around'with' time capsiils sunk 'deep. in. the earth, and those who' fill corner-, .stpne.s wltri significant odds.and ends including a cop^'bf the' daily newspaper. He is-concerned .'With historlaris · of thousands,* fifty tho.iisand or h million years hence, and so he's so steamed up about the idea he's Xvrllten. a book. It is called'"The" House' of Life"'arid most of ft-'is ·Instructions on how to set "dp'an Eteniity ; 'Museum. lie proposes to build it In til- pii'iite on mountain top* In remote, places'of' the world, mid id p;t »ll the nations of the world wo rid n |f together on the pV.iL llti's even' · flipirnl out methods to preservei the museum exhibits from weJitJM'r and disaster. Personally,. I think, Kublssow IN un optimist to twUevf, BO-flnnly that there, _wH) be people around, a thousand or a million years from now, to say nothing of hi* nuive belief, tliat nil the, nations of tint world would get together m jiiiy project, everi otic* designed 1 wrfe- ly to lend a'liahd to u far"d'l*t- anl generation of urchneologiNts. 7 am primarily f urinated, however,' by wimt a committee on selecting museum material would deem representative and significant samplings of our .time. Obviously, if you're shooting for .a million-year record, you've got to be highly choosy about your material. Mr. Rubissow is going to save space by putting down the record on sound film'hut"even that takes up some space. : : Something, of course, .must be included about the; atom; and it would undoubtedly ba;a film showing a bomb ^explosion. There would be shots of'-jet planes., tho police action in Korea..· at tensft session around United' Nations green tables and maybe Senate investigating committees. Television would 1m Included and probably would show a hall or foot ball'jfitme, or boxing or roller-stating- durlry. Tlie film record would ' not be- complete . without telling- .something of tli« life of the 1951 peoples of Dm wo^jd. ; -- iuid it.would .have to show miinyuf ilium In military uniform, crawling under barbed What personalities 'left their mark? Stalin, Tito", Truman. Refugees crawling the roads in Korea, displaced persons · . finding' new homes in America and the Middle East in the wake of war, kangaroo- court trials in the Balkans. "All .. Thfe famous Swiss Guards in the Vatican, were founded in 1505 to ^.constitute a personal body guard *···* for the Pope. GOOD EVENING Pleasant Listening K 0 B E USD On Your Dial TONIGHT · -- THURS. P. M. \ :30 Evening Buyers Guide 5:00 Meil's Record Show 5:30 . IJobby Benson 6:00 UP News ; 6:15 Fulton Lewis, Jr. 0:30 Let's Waltz 8:45 -.War News 8:50- Sports Cast 6:155 Bill Henry Newa 7:00 Forward America 7:25 Eddy Arnold 7:30 The Unexpected 7:4iS ', Errand of- Mercy 8:00 A bull for leisure 8:15 j Ijove A Mystery ' 8:30 t Jackpot Jamboree 9:00. * UP News 0:15 Navy Star Time ' 9:30 Reporters Roundup 10:00 News 10:05 Sign. Off TOMORROW -- FRI. ' G:00 t 6;05 ' i7;60 a 7U5 *7:30 7:45 ' · 8:00 i 8:15 .' Silio · 8 M 5 , . { 9:00 : .9:15 9:25 0:30 10:00 I '10:15 10:20 *1 10:25 . . TIP News ' r -.v :-..; El Corrtdo Mexlcano 'Robert Hu'fmi];h f '' : '' Farm and. Ranch News- UP News "' Trading Post,; Cecil Brown Gather ;RnuncJ Kids Ccilric Foster Morning Uuycra Guide Three· Sonn·!· -.i'-' x-. Newa Queen For n Day Facts and Fun for Evervone .Stan Lorn a ^Snorts View: News' ·'.''·"·"· '. ~'-" Chicago "vs. Brooklyn K O B E Your Frtomlly Station NETWORK Plumbers' Dispute Unaided By Parleys ALBUQUERQUE, July 12 (/PI-lope was diminishing- Unit ;i meet-. ng tonight would end n threat of. u. itate plumber's strike.." Neither wide relinquished . ila position at five-hour separate ncetings connected by telephone Monday night. "plumbing contractors and the lumbers union have agreed, however, lo submit to arbitration. And f no agreement is reached tonight, t was expected that the National Mediation Council would get the llspute within two weeks. The issues involved are complicated by wage and price controls. these arc a part of our day to day history. But it's not the whole story, And generally speaking a future historian digging through an etern- ity'muBCUm would come up with some strange and incorrect deductions if he based them on a record of "significant" events, trends and people. He would deduce, with , reason that', our .world is inhabited by millions of warlike .and "savage mpn and women, primarily concerned- with conflict and destruction, who used livery resource to develop instruments of greater destructive, efficiency. There wouldn't be time to show Jimmy Durante record a popular love song pi tell a story of man's occasional humanity' . · . ,- ·A washing machine, ah iron lung or a super-market would look dull beside the helmeted men rolling- over rough terrain in an oversize tank. A Sunday driver out wHh his family would seem silly alone- side an Indian family pleading for food. But all these people make up the world -- and the future is lo know what our lives are like Oil ay, Maybe Mr. Rulnssow better glvt: up the wboV idea. I t h i n k un Eternity Museum''would jusl confiiM; the future iintl give us u had reputation. Cashmere scarfs were introduced to Europe at 1 the start of the 16th century. 'Dead' 12 Minutes MRS. HELEN KEITH, 37, whose heart stopped for T2 minutes while she \vas undergoing cardiac surgery In .1 Eouton hospital in May, smiles in backyard of her San Francisco home. A fiurgron Itppt her alive by ma'nsiiging the heart. Not yet J"ully recovered, she manages Jig-In housework for hcr t husband and sons, 16 and 2'i. -'(International} Ex-Luflwaffo Pilot DraI'led, Serves II.'S. WAUKEGAN, III.. #) -- Pvt. Karl Stanlte. foi-niei* member of the Herman Luftwaffe, is viewing army life again -- from behind u U.S. Amiy uniform. He was drafted. Stanke, 20, trainer as u glider pilot in Greslau at ;14. On April ;j, 1915. he went AWOL from the German army near the French border. He stayed with :i German farmer near Baden. In 1950, an aunt. Florence Schmidt uf Racine, Wis.. sent ·nucussary papers to have her nephew ,biought tu the United Status. . . . Courses in real, estate, are now offered, in . 126 universities and colleges, according to the National Association Of Real Estate Boards. Western to Sai| Welcome C A R N I V A L D. S. DUDLEY SHOWS Auspices i AMERICAN LEGION Las Cruces ALL THIS WEEK SHOWS -- HIDES -- CONCESSIONS . · FUN FOR OLD AND YOUNG . OPEN EVEHY EVENING 7 P. M. COMPRESS BALL FIELD --Mntinco Saturday Afternoon-- Summer Be,atofcProblems Are Easily Cared For With New Preparations AP Ncwflfeaturii.s . Two of our most annoying; problem;], in striving". for summertime daintiness, are perspiration and leg hair growth. Perspiration control Is socially desirable, and fastidious women are just as tentative to their selection of deordants and antlpcrs- pirants as they 'are to perfumes colognes and sachets. They know perfume will not cover up offensive scents caused by excessive perspiration. The average person ioses about a. quart or more 01 water in perspiration a day making it quite a problem to keep looking and feeling; sweet and feminine, especially during the warm summer months. There are 2,000.000 swuat glands in the body, busy every moment -and some 900 of these glands U 1 the square inch are located under the arms. What IK the difference between deodorants itnd iinti-prcs- . plriiii'Ls, nsk ninny Kirls. Actually deodorants do not check perspiration. They counteract the body ocor arising as the result of perspiration. These deodorizers are available in soaps, cream, liquid sprays, powder, saturated-pads and stick forms. Most of them contain talc, boric :icid and zinc compounds, and are ef-. fective -- if used each day. it is Uic anli-nerspiranLs, however, t h a t arc ynur underarm blotter. These check the flow of perspiration by sealing; up the sweitt glands where it is applied, thereby diverting the flow (if perspiration to other areas. Att iinti-pi-rspiriini: in mil difficult to upply, mid will mily lake a few mimil\s of your time.. . One mw one is uviiiluhta in hiimly creamy, liquid form, di*)i- wlHy scented. A smuH nntutint of this Is rubtod on tin 1 , fingertips; or on a \vnd of cotton, nnd rublji'd g-enlly on to the skin. It dlsjrppeanj ulmost Instantly, und you don't luivo to sit tironm! all iiKirnlng hi-fort- (limning your dress waiting for the antl-jHrr- xpini'nl to dry. With an antl-perspirant you can have sura confidence against offensive odors in the hottest') most uncomfortable temperatures. Apply it before retiring at night, or in the morning, nml you're free of worries, discomfort, and unpleasantness the rest of the day. That other summer grooming nuisance -- leg defuzxing -- gets a helping hand this season with gills finding their own shaving Pleasant Valley Asks To Join Quay County · RO\yJuly 32.'UP),-- Residents of PicaBniv: v.v.:3y prcclnnl have voted 43-36 to secede from Harding county and join Quay county. If the move goes through, Quay county will be increased by about eight square miles, cream available ' in a fragrant creamy pink liquid. Now you don't have to use Dad's shaving sticlc or cream, or settle for dry. shave with nicks. All you do is rub on a few drops .of the new liqifsd and the razor whisk -over your legs removing the hair in a jiffy, and leaving the skin silken smooth. For Percolator or Pot Schlllinl Coffee 10 , y ft SCHILLING ft C DIVISION OF MeCQRMICl TO SCHOOL BLUE JE/VM I AY-AWAY NOW WE INTRODUCE:.'. The New Improved vfiicanize'd r .irf;V, ., Double Knet|p|Stern Cut . . . BUCKHIDE A New Pair FREE If the Double Knee Wears Through and at a New Every Day Low Price Sixes 2 to 12 Exclusive with Anthony's Anthony's own exclusive brand, PERMA KNEE jeans. Extra strength" knees . . . two layers of S ounce blue denim fused together as' one piece'. . . . guaranteed not to wear through. t A new improved method of vulcanizing the knee assures longer wear and permanent adhesion. Copper rivet reinforced. Genuine double strength orange stitching. Sanfbrized shrunk. Sizes arc odd ond even, 2 to 12,, LAS CRUCES Payday Specials Friday - Saturday - Monday 3 BIG DAYS \ FLOUR SACKS Largo s : ze, laundered flour saclci. 3 for $1.00 PIECE GOODS Sheer Bombcrg and Printed French Crepes. Values lo 98c. SALE--' 66c yard SUMMER MATERIAL Shorl lengths In Ginghams, Chambray. Prinls and many others. ONLY-4 yards $1.00 REMNANTS Largo selection of Remnants y 2 PRICE GUEST TOWELS All c«lors ond paiierns in irregulars of 39c towels. NOW 6 for $1.00 NYLON HOSE New summer shades in several styles of hoso. Fancy hocl or plain. Not all sizes in every stylo. 2 pairs $1.44 SHORTIE PAJAMAS Ladies' and Misses shorlie pajamas, made of cool plisno crepe. Values to S2.98-- 2 pairs $3.00 LADIES' DRESSES Cottons, Hayons, Silks, In ovory slyle. Drossy drosses or casual types. Values io $16.75-Only $5.00 SPRING AND SUMMER JEWELRY Ladles' jewelry in smart, now styling-1/2 PRICE CHILDREN'S SANDALS Closed loe and heel sandals in brown or wMlo. Slzea 5 Jo big 2. ONLY-$1.77 pair BIRDSEYE DIAPERS A real savings In fine Birdsoye Diapers. Jusl--· $2.17 dozen MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS Solid color broadclolh, cool Icno mesh, solid and fancy seersuckers. All kinds Jusi-- 2 for $3.00 MEN'S DRESS TROUSERS All rayon trousers In cords, gabardines and many olhor lypcs. Values to SB.30. NOW-$4.00 pair MEN'S STRAW HATS New shipment of straw hats. Ideal for drcaa or work. All sizes-- $1.00 each MEN'S CHAMRRAY WORK SHIRTS Two pocket, sanforized, In bluo or grey. Slzos 14 to 17. $1.09 each

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