Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 3, 1972 · Page 33
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 33

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1972
Page 33
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; .Tl OHKKUSY (Colo.) Till BUNK Wed., May 3, 1072 ROUND STEAK 19 Lb. Boneless TOP ROUND STEAK W.RUMP ROASTS ».:99 C 19 CUBE STEAK KIDNEYS. U.S.D.A. Choice Beef, . , * · · · Lb. COFFEE MJB 2 Lb. Curt » Food King No. 21/2 Can PLUMS GREEN BEANS TOMATOES for Mile High 303 Con . for Food King 303 Can . for CHIPS TORTILLAS FLOUR COFFEE CHARCOAL AG Potato 14 Oz. 803 Romer-12 Corn Pkg.-18 Flour Pkg.-6 Shurfine 10 Lb. Bag Fofger's Instant, 10 oz. Griil Time 10 Lb. Bug C CREAM PIES Banquet Assorted for Shurfine 12 Oz. Can LETTUCE Centra! I American Golden Ripe Solid, Crisp Heads, Lbs. . Lb. Northwest Delicious 3 Lb. Bag 513 14th Avenue STAMPS^ Jfii itimf with Hoft Vtliaf Prices Good Through Monday, May 8lh Open 8a.m. to 9 p.m. 6 Days A Week POSTER BOY SAYS 'THANKS' - Jeff Krit/mire, 1372 March of Dimes Poster Hoy, expressed his thanks in sign language to Weld County cheerleaders who spearheaded various events in their high schools lo raise $58175 for the March of Dimes campaign. The girls are Debbie Sandau, Valley High; Jeanne Kissler, Platle Valley; Jean Sutherland, Uni- versity High; Mary Wickstrom,' Highland High; Loretta Yost, Housevcll High; and Viki Kreutxer, West High. Circclcy Cen- Iral High, Union High and Windsor High also participated, however, their representatives are nol shown. (Tribune ]!hoto by Jim Briggs) Pierce By MRS. J. ROSEBERRY PIERCE -- Stuledo C l u b j met at the liome of Mrs. Jacki Pnlosky wilh Mrs. [.ester Lesh: and Mrs. E. C. Phillips as; cohostesses. The following officers were elected; president, Mrs. Floyd' Stevens; vice president, Mrs. W. R. Carlson; secretary, Mrs. Cecil Peterson, and treasurer Mrs. C. M. Van Why. Mrs. Peterson gave the program on Humphrey Wins Indiana, But Wallace Didn't Lose By O'RYAN RICKARD Associated Press Writer INDIANAPOLIS 1ml. (AP) ,, ,. g f lmari we ,. e sl(w . -- Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey. ' . , , . . ., , has won Indiana's Democratic^' 'filing i", said he was not presidential primary, but Hoosier voters registered a substantial protest vole for Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace. crossover vole by Republicans. folk tunes and songs. Next Capital zing on (he vchool , , , , meeting will he -i snririd Inn- i .'I"' 1 T Z " I B ."" II1L · L l " u l wns lie pod by an II per cent meeung win ue .1 spiing nin-|i] llsln g , ssllc ln suburban In-j ' - - cheon at Ye Village Inn on Miiyj di . lnapo ]j s and on Kl ,. ol1g i jk , e "·"' Mr. and Mrs. Clarence of Greeley and Mrs. Porter Humphrey, in Ohio where're-[of the Metropolitan area's Ne- ilurns from another of Tues- S ro ?s- Wallace concentrated on Indiana; Humphrey split his ef- Iforls between Ohio and Indiana. Wallace, who was wooing Texas voters in Houston Tues- Stale Democratic Chairman ,| av njgi,,, s .,jd he was .. very Gordon St. Angelo said Wallace c j a i c( i nn( j | lapp y nuollt t i le f ac j surprised at Wallace's strong stowing in Indiana. on niiiv riiiinannlk 'ind nn stmnir liliip. J '"-i""""-" 1 '-- inn in me present ume n a ' coiiaismwrtin the: G-TTM steel " ilr - Walln:c re P'' esc " ls ' a Midwcscrn slate." He earlier ?.e. DavisUsiriel Wnllacc lix)k- 4? iw l rolpsl Vll(e '" lhls «"'nlry," said he would be happy with 30 TM?r ofS 1 of tii""SJc and 22 of tte ' lllm "." r ,7 TM»TM^\; " J TM ul(i ^legates. Eaton were Wednesday slale s 7B Benl ocralic National guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. A.I CO iivenlion delegates in Tues- iBrumfield. Iday's balloting. I hat he would continue making similar showings in the ' [remaining primaries." Ihat we have Hint sort of support at the present time in a Mrs. Lee Pettit entertained] Humphrey had 46 per cent of, Humphrey, who gained 54 Wilh S3 per cent of the pre- cincls counted, the tally was J307,733 for Humphrey and 278,590 for Wallace. Muskie had 77,637. President members of her bridge club and the vole with 93 per cent of tlicjfirst-hnllot delegates by taking ' Iguesl, Mrs. Jerry Krnld, precincts reporting. Jlaine'sjthe preference primary and "lighjScn. Edmund S. Muskie, whosejsevni of the slale's 11 congres- i ·erejname was on the ballot al-lsional districts, received his.primary had 298,213 votes wilh 'ad-chough lie did nol campaignjslroitgesl support in In-j.jS per'cent of precincts counts idd.jhere, got 12 per cent of the diaiiapolis' lllli District, whichjed. He was also unopposed in [Wednesday afternoon. HighjScii. Edmund's. iVUiskie, whosojscvpn'of the stale's 11 congres- unopposed" in the' liepublican score and (ravelin" ' · · 'is mainly white, but has most! 1968 and (allied 508,362 votes (raveling honors were;name received by Mrs. Harry Bra bury and low by Mrs. Rudd Mrs. Vermin Conger will'vole, receive the club May 3. WSCS met at the home of Mrs. A. B. Ross Thursday afternoon with Mrs. George Meyers and Arnold Jansson as hostesses. Mrs. [welcomed club Dean Jackson, and conducted [ a job for little old men wilh|E v a n s v i 11 c , Indianapolis, lhe meeting. Mrs. H. C.lgrape stained feet working in Griffith and Mishawaka. Little New Wine-Makers J. A. Nicks INDIANAPOLIS, Inc. CAP) --..Williin the last year, stores guest, Mrs.I Wine making, once considered! have opened in Anderson, Buchanan read some poems, j dark cellars, is now coming out "We are the supplier of everything for (he home win; then Mrs. Ross was surprised 1 into lhe open in Indiana. wilh a sink shower in honor| Specialty stores selling wincl makers,"" boasts Bob lliggins, of her birthday. A cake made; and beer making equipment j 27, a former industrial engineer and decorated by Mrs. Meyers; have sprouted Ihroughoiil I he I who now runs lhe Wine Arts was enjoyed by all. Next mcet-islale. store in Mishawaka. ing will be at Eaton on May cenlrales lo bottle corking devices. "Some are doing it for fun and some for economy. And there is |uile a bit of economy in it if you enjoy doing it," says Higgins. Good wines cost less than $1 a bottle "including the cork" I when you do it yousclf. Beer Even in a somewhat unlikely "I've been making wine forlis brewed for less than 10 cents : '' : ""'" ·· -- "·-"·" · · " - - - · ··· i timci T| IO , C j. lt .|, (hvs g chin's jWellinglon. Lalcr in lhe day; |, )w p,.j,. c{ j kiis for lhe j they called on Mrs. and Mrs. w j r]t , m ,-iker i Ed Boulter. i t - s mas ,j y ([,;, mil jd[ c .. n .. | Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crorn. Kmu p in [he 30s and -tils and ·spent lhe weekend wilh lhcin a !so young people," who are p; is. Kiniel lirent at Arriba. iRoxy Roenick, 20, a clerk at'from imported Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kin/er (he suburban Glcndalc store o f ! of Greeley entertained at dinner,i,.s. Ayers Co. in Indiana-'.-- · · and supper Sunday for Mr. and'polis. She says over 300 of IhcluOUld · Mrs. Gaylord Kinzcr anil family j kits have been sold in her scc-| c |of Greeley, and Mr. and Mrs.jtion of the slore in recenlOUG ,Jerry Rudd and girls. The | weeks. 'tT r K J M I ;occasion was Mr. and Mrs. The demand lo ferment your'.)/.J Million :llurid's wcrlding anniversary. :own wines has rcsullcd in a: ap- saving vutus iijju. nwnti \vine /naKinm ".,,,,, n , i · " \ ,, was an ordeal, because t h e ! " '7 " K a ' nhby prn|KT cllu - lpnKni ;mi[ supplies'! ;''«"!;, r f ° W S| "",' e hofu ,'i Sl 'um, hard to get, he says. TMs Saul Cy^ operator of he A r l f '." "''"' W ' " "" grape con-| Fr-dcral law allows the "head of the household" to make 200 gallons of wine a year. Bui, apparently, if a wife wants lo f o r start her own gallon of lilack- lv -" berries fermenting, she would be breaking lhe law. Enforcing such laws is not too v . - - - . ijjur.-inay evening ·rriday lo Tuesday. Additional,\j r s Virgil I/eiiiHllen and " lc t; ''y l)f Aurora, guests Snliirdiiy were Mr. and Jamily in hr;nor of their wedding; Gould was killed when his Mrs. Kenneth Ayers of Niinn, ;Mr. and Mrs. Hnlph Ayers of .car was struck by a car driven [{datives and friends lakingjby George N. Simmons, 31, who !,...i i it made brew isn't likely to face arrest, officials admit. At seem lo K'.rl Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Torn,,| inn£ , r |.- r id.-, y |» the home of was involved in a Mnncy aii'l .'..ins of Ft. Collins, Mrii _ flonfild Kchncll in ' , leasl lhe law doesn't . _ be hurling lhe sales of malt, yeasl and the oilier prmlncls Ift'er making sold by (| 1( . .and Mrs. Flora Wrckslroni hcr t) i r ihday || in honor aulr. chase wilh police officers. U|x:ciallv slorr were June 1 Cnuld's sister, Mrs llarbara -1--J" Laurie, lhe Kenneth Ayersic ;i i,jn of Kaloii, niirlenc Simp-'Davis, VI, of Kalonah \ Y .entertained at dinner Sunday S(jn om | n ctly Djiiman of Aiill.jalso was killed in (he accident ' |for lhe Ralph Ayers, Kepferles.j.jnda , nnr | i {ick l^l,;,},,, Sandy .Simmons Idler was c.'onvicled janrl Van Whys. 'Ihey all wentjsanche/ and sun, Diane Garlon,Hf two vehicular homicide to Broornfield in the afternoon Jeff and Scott, Dixie fxriiiaHen, cr.unls in conrurlion wilh 'llic'l lo visit Mr. and Mrs. Darrell! Alccia [Jonglily, Andy and cliase. I Kline and family. Monday, tho'Slarcy and Klainc (Jarloir. I Tnc lawsuit claims lhe I wo I jRalph Ayers entert.-iined at din-; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil f'elorsoiiipr.licc officers who were chas-l ,ner for lhe Kepfcrles, Kenneth inllended a bowling banquet at ing .Simmons-Knlf Wagnor ;·-'-' l jAyers. and Mrs. Van Why. Dur-|l,ucerne Saturday night. ' ' BanditsSteal, Abandon Silver Ingot Shipment ,, ( A I Ijing the aflcrnrxjn tht-y visited! Mr. and Mrs. Ixje I'ctlil wi'iil John Singleton -was unmarked T ··- Four i (ruck of silver and e (il u p| «d rw| !lheir Mrs. fxilabel Sandburg and|lo Denver Thursday lo pick iip|warning lights,' police radio urlVf;.', his brother, Tom Pellit, uho sirrn, and pursued lhe fleeing! family at LaPorle. M r . and Mrs. Tom of Evansl'in, Wyo.. l;are house guests of Mr. and IMrs. lif-n Gallafin arid family. [They are also visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kmld and grils. Mr. nnd Mrs. Cecil Peterson and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Conger cnlcrtained .Sunday for their parents, Mr. and Mrs. flew from Portland, Ore., lo make an extended visit here. Mrs. Hlanche Frtirbairn en- lerUiined at dessert bridge foi memlicrs of her bridge club and guests Mrs. Kd Hnnlen, and Mrs. Stella Kerr Monday afternoon al her home in Nimri. N'exl were lioslcss will he Mrs. W. car at speeds over fiO miles-per- li'nir in a 35 milc-per-hour zone. fJnuld's ear was struck as it was held up in rural fee* on j|» way from l/in- don in Harwich for shipment lo ROinj; Ihrough an inter- 01 (in a green light, the w ,.' ... ^ Denver and driver Illlllllll '"" ll1 '- and a coimiry lane. Dill lhe Karl Pierce of Poudrc Canyon.lA. H. I Joss on May (ime of Mrs.jfor hoth cilies, lhe (luiilds '·liirncy saiil defendanls; phoned Hicc wlio lhrjw 'up nid blocks, r;illd ! n ;i t i army .slrcoplcr and deployed im r/.vH Iracki'r dog;;.

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