Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 7, 1945 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1945
Page 3
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W*dnt«Ur'Al!«yooH March 7. 1945 ·BJjjSjjji^^ ' -^^^^- ~^~ ^^~~ ' ^^r ~ ^_ ic aj^3^^^SKtfir£4~j*2jj £jL£l,L '·£* '2££2£jfL -· THE PEOPLE S MAfiKET PLACE - c ^* ^·^^^·B ^B ···^·^·l ····· ·V · iMBIHBlvllHiVH^pl "If ^··W^WB SELF » FOR SALE OH illADE ti LCWTTUTOTbTOD ' , ,... IKJMES *ANTED. OH FOB KENT ..« :,WANT$ CLASSIFIED FQR SALE'^' 1 ' 1 - ·· - Alfalfa ,seed uv }35.00 per .hundred. Ge,rhiiha^ion , test 99.2, pure seed 59.1. H^nry Schlotha'uer, iiiiaiie S3U-R3. -.-. , JBY CHICKS , ,. · . We have oh ; hatl(l at this time nioit large br'eeiiV New sh'ip- . iqent each 'Thursday, . . FARMERS MAHKET jfe SUPPLY 1 pb. Phoaii.SS?..'..^. qiitiR. Tracks WESTERfr GIANT WESTEfllf AHTO 129 S. Main ^('..phbn* 121 · i . . to. S. Army 1 fisue' surplus "used merchandise e.1 tar£aln prices. '30,000 pairs shoes, no ration stamp needed, ' gooB -grade J2.1S, better grade, repaired; Sew soles and heels $2,96. 23,'GOO' raincoats (2.15. BQ'OO soft jest»' 'pillows (1.00 each Messkits iO'e, 'eanteens '40c, cups 25c. Aliii; 7200 NEW. U.-S."A'rmy extra. fi«iyylb.6'oz. olive drab single cotton blankets, 6x7 feet, red hot price . J3.1S. All ,. postage prepaid. No jCOD's. Send money orijfr. Blank's Ekfcnan'fje', Wichita - ' ' 1; i '.H l i ' - . V ""' 6UliK GAftDBN-SBED 'ONION sETS'^'fforr CAPS ' '. ..'..V'US.Wi .· i4 FARMERS MARKET 4 SUPPLY co;. Phone to ... : Olt'RR Tracks . ' - 1 ... .-,!· I.' ' . We wij'. have 'baby -chicks each' Thursday. Place 1 '' your' 'orders or come and get them: Valley 'Products Co., phone 99. ·'· ·. - _ ONIOH tSETSmi While and Y«Howj,,*|\ Ijy the quart -i.( ; 9 VC FARMERS MARKET StJPPLY CO. Phone' 3fS. .';^[ : Htf .Tr«a» - f .tractor, hegarj. Phone, jgp-W. ,. ---.- · ·· · ··- · TAMAUL k IMS Bay's lark ^Tflcaco SERVJ^E^STATfON. : _ - . ..- -. . *'J^Y vi' ? ' H Ntk^iN' ;; . ,*,^W..JA«i WWU. .vU...a- JENHm«f.' HJWqBEHV Write for Prices and Delivery' Dates 2l7iWest. Grand ,:. CLOVIS,. MSWiMEXtCO .Alfalfa seecj;-. valley- grown, college tested. £,'3. Rtgney, ft., La p Mesa, New Hmco,: . '. ,,'..' ' .. .· . - f f ]- ( . : LEGHORN PULLETS . . jhe S.ouui*«t% Hiwgt #»" WHl'lE tiybrids. Over-nielli . Chipping distance. 29 years -in business. Order SOW lor MffRCir rlellveryr , W I C K S' . . -. - . "The Southwest'* Lead'"" Hatchery" CLOVIS, N. MEX. Copenhagen Market cabbage plants. FitzpfitJBi ,y 4 mile south Mesillagin. ww *'"" A f.urnituEt»l$lvihJi|£is as out- s|anding as offief'Nu-Bnarncl products. Valley Appliance Co. Truck load nice registered Hereford bulis, ages yearlings to two year olds; fxw hs-vfieen at Glen Liles pens or?tngnvray. 85. O\vner. H.K.Ray. Anyone : Mteft*?ed ?-in buying rhodern home, see Lee Reeves. i . . . . . . Flandard Oil Prothrcls Stanflir(f /Oft- Tiffined Aiie'nda'nis PHE-iyAR SERVICE Aziec Service Slation i 888 N. Main , jPhqiie 831:. New baby stroller. All steel,' rubber tires. Ph«ne,4l6rJ-- i ...,,. CERTIFIED SXP Deliftted and Ceresan Trealea I ' $150.00 per Ion also MESA ACALA $120.00 per toft Phone 495- Jl STAHMANN£$BMS LMCrucfe.-N.'M. . Three acres with newly decorat fd 6 room£;nW4f'' W*?«- out hulldlnga. Price $7,000.00. Phon 1S84-R3. ^ Two pool^tahj^ In %oO!l condi lion; new covers. R. P. Pcna, « South MesrJQite. Thre* lots. 120 root front. B. L uicero, 028 ESSt'Brgan. FOR SALE kbs'e-belge is o'n of the b^auti-. ful new shades jyou vyiil find in : Nu-Enkmel's, lievyist 'product, Nu- Tono Flat Wall Finish. Costs only $2.98 per 'gallon. Valley A'ppilance Company. Get your Peat Moss.-'for your flowers and garden from the City. Flower Shop. Practically , new cream separator. Phone 3'20-J. FOR SALE Two piece living room lutie, needs repairs. Unjimihed chest of drawer.; i.bfe 'iftd chairs. BrBat/alt i*t $13*5. Feather pillowi $U5 eatt. All kind* of rnallreaSfls. If you trade with us, e will save ybii.ibjeif. L 0 Z|j..| 'J. Studio couch, perfect corvdltibn B. L. Lticerp, 628 East Organ. One modern ratiiiit , hiitcii, six apartment. See Bill Enrlquez at Safeway Market. 2 wheel trailer with new tarp. New pre-war troftibbne. 212 East Laa Cruces Avenue. JUST RECEIVED ·A'SWnie'Si'o'f SILK CASTING LINES Aziec Service Station 88,8, N.^Main. tiHie 8$ Whiter, bicycle motor, good cbh- dj 1165, , reasonible.. gee .J. . .VVood, 702 North Main street, Mafcnolla Service Station. , 15 foot Indian house trailer, excellent condition, .A-l tires, ! '$B95. 1 Long's Ma%nplia Service sfatioh,' Anthony, New Mexico. One seven foo't tan'dem disc,' good condition. Oat and atfalfa hay. Stanley EdWai-'ds, -phone' 537-W. NOTICES We buy, sell and trade. Hiett'a Second: Hand Store, 130 North Main, Phone 646. WHERE CLEANING SERVICE is BETTER MODEL CLEANERS .133 .West Griggs . - Ladies, earn $1.00 hour, full or part time, showing Maisonette frocks to friends and neighbors. For cdniplete sample outfit write Box M, Sun-News, Las Cruces. Cloth, covered buttons and. buckles. Quick Service Cleaners. ... Slip covers, .curtains, .. Telephone Miss Mutz. 459-W, evenings. Does your roof leak? Carpentry work, building repair, light mason work and painting. Call 498 : R3 for estimates. Sewing and alterations. 618 W. Picacho Avenue. War saving stamps, .paid 'for small repairable, .electric appli-' ahces. Valley Appliance Company. FOR RENT -- ROOMS. Front bedroom and garage privilege. For man only. 329 S. Miranda. drAN'ir to But Red chill, all kinds. Barker's Ranch, phone 599-R1. A Halax therapeutic generator. Wiirp'a'y cash. PHolie 774 'or 758 J FOR RENT Ten acres land, for cash rent 'Apply Willlafos, 136 North Ma n. Tractor for rent. Camp DeLuxe WORK WANTED Man y,*Jth family wants, farm Job. Prefer tractor or Caterpillai work. Call at Camp Rio. LO3T ' Blue shell-rim glasses in blue case at b'ssltetbalt'fcame'at 'o!1fee Return Palm Liquor ptorc. . Leather makeup kit, Rio Grand theatre Sunday night Reward Call 34. Blond Cocker Spaniel puppy, ;'Josh." RevrhnV Mrs. p. R. Burn phone 383. WXNfEBTOHENt Furnished hotise or a^artmen' Phone 573-M. Agriculture teacher 'at hlg school would like to rent or lead small place nfnr LM Cruces. R«y mond Worrell, Box 1802, or ca Ml FOR LEASE Filling station for lease. Cam pcLuxe. THAVEt : Free njetli, Fret pillows, Lower Rate.. TkjiK «cH'etiul« 'SSS Scali MaUi, Ptiiji* 771, -. . i HELP WANTED , , _ P«'f»on| pow engaged in ««ien- tijl;^»r work wjjl not bi oon- N(Slit. cfer'k . HoTfl Hern|on. WRltresiee. Must be experienced.: Apply In perioh. Oil Rio Cafe. Service station, a^tehdaht.. Op-, . portunity for ad'vajijement. Apply. I Durio Service Station. ! * ,.."-..- -..,, -- ,- , .tTT , ·. . - . -, Maid wanteJ. "flJiY^. Armljb. REAL ESTATE Lots^'and^acreage^ .Tejrins to aiiit. F. A. Bunch, Box 189, or 714 East Lohraan Ave., Las Cruces. When in. heefl -of anything; In th« real -estate line, alwayi see ^ufton't j-Hrst, 115 West Grlgys, phone 381. FQllil^Nf^A^tsaBii . Siriall apartnients, single couples, sleeping rooms. Qamp 'Dp- Luxe, Ujifurntahed apartment. 1209 West Hadiey. Furnished, apartments. Call at * 128 South Main street. ' 1 LefMflte NOTICE OF APfOINTMriNT OF ADMlNISTRXTpH ,, . Notice .is h'creby 'given 4»at the undersigned was .on the 3ist ^day of 'January, 1945, $ Bo'lhted, by he Probate Court of *Dbr|l|^'A' J na ^oupty, New Mexico, as ftdmhm-- ra.tQr ,of^.the_ estate ^9f .Alberta. Wood, deceased, and that all persons having claims Sga'.lllst the estate of .the. said djceaen't are required to, present ..the.; same to the 'uhdersljned a;t Hlil, New Mex- co, within .six months, of th'e date of, .the s flrkt . publication. of , this notice; otherwise th'e 'same will be bfeecl. ., . ... ,, . . . . . . . WITNESS My ^land and . seal this 13th day of-feebruary,..1945.. ' .. ASHLEY B. WOOD' Feb. 14,21,28, -Mb. 7. IN PROBATE '(JOURT OF 'l36NA ANA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO. In the, M. the. Estate ot Ada Estella Manley, fleceased. NOTICE o FAPTPOINT'MENT 6r ADMINISTRATRIX Notice is hefeby Slyeh,.tl)at the undersigned Was appointed by .the Probate Co'urt of Dona 'Ana County, New Mexico, 'oh February tttl^, 1945, administratrix of the estate o£ Ada Estella Maniey, deceased, and that airjiersons having clalmp .against said^ ..should, prepare and present the same to the undersigned within 6 months from the date .of her appointment otherwise the same Will be barred. , WITNESS my hari'd this I2th GEORGIA MANLEY 1 CO? Administratrix' Feb. 14,21,28, Mar. 7. NOTiCE OF APP'OINTMBNT AS A'NCII.LART 'EXECUTOR , ; Notice is hereby given that the undersigned,.,. Chester., P. ..Crw-. ford, of 321 East Williams Street, Wichita, Kansas, has, been a'p- .poliite'd by the Probate Court of Dona Ana Cojlnty, New Mexico, anc'iliary execu'tpr of. the last will and testament of Lester M. .Crawford, deceased, and that all persons having claims against said estate should prepare arid present the Same to the , undersigned's ^ttdfney at lS7 West Griggs ^tfeet In Las Oruces, New Mexico, within the time allowed by laW; otherwise the same will be bar-, red. . WITNESS My hand this 13th day of February 1945. ' CHESTER CRAWFORD Ancillary Executor Feb. 14,21,28, Mar. .7. DONA ANA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO. In the Matter ot the Last Will anS TesAinent of , ·C. P. WILSON, Deceased. No. 1390. NOTICE Notice is hettby 'given 'th'St the undersigned was on t}ie ,24th day of ^February 1945, .appoirite'fl. Executrix of the Last Will and Testament of C. P. Wilson, deceased, by Hon. 'Albino ApoHaca, , .Probjte Judge of Dona Ana 'County, New Mexico. . claims against said estate are hereby notified to present same · according to la,5V, within six months from the dale ot said appointment or the same will br barred. . _ ORACE A. WlJJSdN, Executrix. Feb. 27- Mar. 7, IS, 19, 194j! 8 TOT 'HIDES 'ITS 'rtiACTts SPOkANE. Wash., March 7 (lf ' --\ fruitiest jparch for baby foot- (trlnu failed to trnre a three-year- bid runaway. Finally detectives . found the child, wearing a night- 1 i gown-- and a pair bf mama's shoes, ' \ yi OAKY OQAtCS By I. "J. TttlV _.;,c OVER TO MV SHOP AW SEE IT/ MOTHIIJG QltJ KEEP ,4M05 FLUTTERBV DOWN/ f» LIKE A LOT OF ,WCRK~ WHEW ALL I WEED 15. A BROOM/' ER, WHAT SAV.?/ I WA5 "WLMKlff 'ABOUT FLVIWG- WOT SWEEPING/ DICKIE DARE 87 Conlton Wit|i TeLL THET HO- LOAF/ti! HAH/6 OF A HEADED B/ZOTHEQ TA GET VOi/ GR4GW AttOFittO THET OTHEPBOOT! , LISTEH! IF TALK- TO EACH O7WS?, TALK TO 'tAIGOSH! JH'OLD GMS tiOU'T SPEAK ·CAUSE THEY/?F MAD AT EACH OTtfEl?! p~g AH'LOOK-AT TH TEAR 1OUU SAVE OH yot/p SLATE THE ADVENTURES OF PATSY By Charles Itdf VOU KMOW VERy WEU. I HAD NOTWN' TOO -,VlTH VOUR MUSBANPS DEATH/ I KNOW IT- ALL RIGHT, HOSAN.ZLL FINISH THIS PICTllRe-aUT I'LL ·NEVER DO MiP SO-BACK INTO THE PICTURES SCRIPT/ -BUT A Ll'L Oil L*DV LIKE \ ME HAS 3OT TO TALrt ABOUT ) *. 90METHIN' THAT'S __^S »; ^-_ "ENTER ' MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN By Let talk and Phil GETUP,ZERA --HURRY;; GET UP? ! THE BLACK BOOK IS GONE ArJD ^AA^IDRAKE'S ON THE LOOSE.' HE'S GOING TO DEFROST NARDA.| HE IOVES [ MANDRAKE WILL DIE7 TONlGHT.' HOMER HOOPtE By BUI Cku|i OH; DIANA OU£ TWU6 I LIKE ABOUT YOU, sntK FAIRLY CLOSE TO TAG TRUTH W£LL. l\OOP££ WE'VE CAewiM6 me FAT/ I'LL 6iv£ you /vy 06OER MOW/ AMD ILL MAVi£ By Fred L*ck« QHROWN AT u£, OF qxJB^g ^ YEP/CORN- "30 BEEF M |--·" HOWJA K I K E RICE? / WITt-lOUT LCOKIM I BETCHA 'C'N TELL- VA FDR FOOP/ AM I 6ICK OF THIS CRUMMY 'SCHOOL- CAFETERIA rt Frank B«bM»f SCibRCHY SMITH SAVE WE THE CREEPS- PICKING OFF THATCZATE UNDER OUB NOSEi ' HE'S GONE ..NOW, CONTACT 'THEN IT WORKED/ a. HEKD 'EM IN, AND SET RECONNAISSANCE TO CHECK DETAILS/ SETTEE BUZZ 6COECHX HEfe STANDNS ANP CH£T, OM me JAP-HELD ISLAND... GOT"IT/ QK-..SLAF . . . THIS IS FOUR-ZEUO-FOUe CLICKED, CHET/ LETte GET THIS STUFF TOseTHER w. AND CUE/VR OUT OP HBRE, J|f OUR dOS e PINISHED.,. ·*·" - [ A T THIS END/

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