Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 21, 1961 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1961
Page 7
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NOTICE CHANGE OF MEETING OF VFW Post 2121 TO WEDNESDAY, NOV. 22 DUE TO THANKSGIVING DAY BEING ON REGULAR MEETING NIGHT. lusticc Dept. Ready to fry Unregistered Commies minute .to give lh« Reds «very«) the parly's claim of privilege nance to change their minds. The registration deadline · was t .for midnight Monday. The arty notified the government ist week It would not comply with the . registration requirc- nenis of the Internal Security ct of 1950. Clyde's Fine Foods SPECIAL DINNERS for--i But a deparUv.?nt spokesman said personnel guarding I he department's main entrance and an Give Mom a cooking-break this Thanksgiving. Brine the family here for a delicious, traditional turkey dinner served in delightful . homey surroundings. ' Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Grimes TURKEY AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS $ 1 50 Served at BOTH Locations: - .CLYDE'S Steak House (Formerly MarEo'c) · . Highway 34 - 3'/» Miles West of Gretley Thanksgiving Dinner Strred from 11:00 a.m. HARRY'S COFFEE SHOP 9th SI. and 23rd Ave. Thanksgiving Dinner Served from 11:00 a.m. Clyde's Steak House is open daily from 4:00 p.m. to midnight (closed Mondays). On Thanksgiving Day .we will open at 11:00 a.n. WASHINGTON (AP)--The Jus- ice Department is prepared lo fo««cute U.S. Communists for fuul to register, but it held the open right up to the last Mir constitutional right "not to ncrlminate themselves" The un- igned letter bore the Communist arty seal. 1 Ally. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy said the department had reject- nder the Fifth Amendment. He ndkaled the department would irocijed to prosecute the parly il t failed to meet the registration teadlln*. Will Enforct Tt» L.w "The Supreme Court has nilec hat under (he law the Comrhunis party must register with the DC sartment of Justice," Kenned; :ald. "We will 'enforce the law.' The Internal Security Act re- 1-night : switchboard had been quires-also that the party list the erted in case of an lllh-hour tltog V the registration docu- Tents by representa- Ve.-' · . ''.,. '. - ' · The. building's entrance · guarc id switchboard operator were reeled to notify J. Walter, Veag- y, .assistant attorney general in large of the Internal Security ivision, if a party representative led to reach any department of rcial to register. The. spokesman also noted the ossibility . that the registration ocuments might be mailed. Ho aid they 'would be considered ijhin the deadline if envelopes xrB-a pre-midnighl postmark . In a registered letter received Yeagley, the party sail s-officers VoulJ not register the rganization or · supply the per onnel, financial and other infer mation required by the act. CMufflutiml Rljht The ased -letter .their said the officer, "declinations" 01 Closed Wednesday and Tlirsday Open Friday Ai usual 7 ium,4:30 Print Rib GaN 2401 6th AV« Off H l w a y » Accent llamtd NEW YORK (AP)--Ossie Davis ;ot his first name because ol n clerical mlxup over » southern accent. His family, the Negro author actor recalls, intended lo name urn afler his grandfather, Ray 'ord Chjpmu Davis. When his lirlh certificate was being issued in Waycross, Ga., however, the cleric simply asked for Initials of his given name--and the R.u officially was put down as Ossie Algerian Leaders End Food Strike PARIS (AP) -- Mohammed Ben Bella and three older Algerian ·ebel leaders agreed Monday night to end Iheir 20-day hunger strike, (he French Ministry of us I ice announced. There was no immediate announcement on Ihe terms nought an end to the fast. The strike was called In an effort to !orce Ihe French to free the Ben ocatlons of its printing equipmtni and label its literature and broad cnsls as Communists -originated The act.'uphey by tht Supreme' ou4 last June after a 10-year egal;battle,-provides for a fine of up to $10,000 for each day a Communist-action or Communisl- 'ront organization fails to register vith Ihe attorney general. Upon failure of the organization o register by the deadline, Its of- icers must register Individually y Nov. 30. Their failure to do so would require every member lo register by Dec; JO. Individuals violating the registration provisions could be fined up to $10,000 and sentenced to live years for each day of noncompliance. 2 Denver Youths Sentenced to 8 Years in Mont. HARDIN, Mont. vAP) - Two Denver teen-agers charged with robbery In what was described as t "fly - by - night misadventure" were sentenced to eight years each Monday after they pleadet ;uilty. The guilty pleas were entered at what had been scheduled as the arraignment of the two youths and the 'sentences were handet down immediately by Dislric Judge E. E. Fenlon. Sentenced were John Thomas Byrd, a 19-year-old Marine, and John Manuel Gutierrez, 18, a for mcr golf caddy and car wash at .endant. Both said they lived in Jie Denver suburb of Englewood. RANGOON, Burma- (AP)-^-Officials have:'completea the ''draft ol an air agreement' between the Soviet Union and Burma that permits the Soviet Aierbflot'lino le start service -from Jakarta, Indonesia, would be settf p for Burma's airline service through the Soviet Union. Tues., Nov. 21, 1361 GREEI,EY TRIBUNE Page 7 Banker Held Prisoner With Family; Gunmen Get $60,000 GARY, Ind. (AP) .^- A- banker custody. held- prisoner wllh his wife e . f'J'iswarlhy gunmen escaped In his wllich ' 4 0 loot 'car Mim. wiUi about 460,000 loot Bella group so they could take part in future French-Algerian eace talks. Ben Bella, vice premier of Ihc Algerian government in exile, and .wo rebel 'ministers are being held in a hospital at Garches. Robert F: .Welke, 43, whose policeman, saying he had caughl bank had olready been robbed the pair prowling near the bank wico (his year, said Ihe bandils and wanted to see whether W'clke got into his house by posing as could identify ciSher. Wclkc told the FBI two of the men were in handcuffs when they were broughl to the door of his Ijorncl The third man posed as a with two prowlers in Temperatures By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Albany, snow 32 Atlanta, clear 52 Bismarck, cloudy .i-. 40 Boston, cloudy 41 Buffalo, cloudy 36 Chicago, clear 39 Cincinnati, cloudy ... 36 Cleveland, snow 37 Denver, cloudy 25 cloudy -- 33 41 High Low Pr ,.24 Dominican Situation Is Said Tense' By ROBERT BERRELLEZ CIUDAD THUJILLO, Domini can Republic (AP) - A siirfacejB'^ } calm settled on this troubled^a^.,,,^ c | out j y B _ 19 Caribbean island nation today Fort Wort]l| c i oud y M 42 01 after the exodus of 29 members Honolulu cloudy 81 74 Once inside Wclkc's.h'jmc, the pair shucked their handcuffs. . Wclkc w,as told he and his family would be killed if ho didn't cooperate in their plan to rob the Glen Park branch of the Gary Trust i, : Savings Bank. The ··'. banker asked his wife. Belly, not. to scream or sound any alarm.. He sent their 3-year-old son to bed with a supply of pic- lure books. .10 of the Trujillo dynasty. But U.S. People Can't Guess NEW YORK (AP) -- Barbara Luna used to be bothered by people trying to guess her.nationality "It doesn't- any more--I enjoy being different-looking," says the 23-year-old actress whose mother was Hungarian and father Fill pino. · . Miss Luna began her career a: the French-Polynesian daughter ' Moscow to . b y passing of Eikj Pinza in "South Pacific'.' through New Delhi, lndia : and Since then she has portrayed a angoon. 'A similar ·arrangement Siamese in "The King and I," a There were signs of differences Richmond, cloudy .... 43 35 Between the air force here and St. Louis, cloudy ..... 39 31. Japanese geisha in "Teahouse o 1 Ihe August Moon" and » Puerto Rican in "West Side Story." GREELEY ASKS ABOUT THE R. H. "BOB" VERDON Communications Administrator ... Gen;:Dyhamics -- . Astronautics . . . . . . - and ' , -·:·'.- . Lt. Bill Grisby Information Officer -r- Warren A.F.B. Wlrf drisWer questions presented. by a panel of local people on . . - · Why is the Atlas in Greeley? · What dangers does it present? ' - - · · · What are its wartime capabilities? · KYOU 1450 kc. TONIGHT - TUESDAY, NOV. 21 Your qimttoni ar« also invited while the show is in progress. M · Publk S«rm* by WHEELER REALTY CO. Thanksgiving DANCE Thursday, Nov. 23 WELDONA, COLO. Farmers' Union Hall . · . .Music By . ADOLPH LESSER TRADITIONAL THANKSGIVING DINNERS Served from II a, w. and continuing throughout Hi* day and evening, Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Dinner Wirh Your Family at The Garden Kitchen 1 1 9 18rh St. IL 2-8045 Children's Portions Reservations Accepted After 3:00 p.m. -Service Prior To That. Time Will Be On An Arrival Basis. £12!?gi£^^ Your HO.H, their stations offshore resident Joaquin Balaguer's lib- ralizcd regime call for help. Balaguer appeared in a slrong- Indianapolis, cloudy .. 37 28 The gunmen washed and shaved and talked about plans to go to Argenlina, believing they couldn't be exlradiled from that country. Around 8 a.m., Welke's wife and son were'tied up and left in the home. Wclke was forced to open H' e ..Inight deposit safe. He said the warships and Marines stood by Jacksonville' cloudy 63 53 .OZ robbers look only cash. ' Los Angeles, cloudy . 59 50 1.23 morning. . - Memphis, cloudy 51 34 r position than at any time since Miami c | oudy el 70 ctafor Generalissimo Rafael 1* Ynjillo was assassinated last .ay 30, but his position was far om secure. Nation T*nx ale of emergency Balagncr pro- laimed Sunday while assuming Pittsburgh, snow 33 32 ommand of Ihe armed forces. 29 Kansas City/cloudy .. 40 Milwaukee, cloudy ... 30 25 Mpls.-St. Paul, snow . 33 18 New Orleans, clear .. 67 51 New York, cloudy .... 39 34 Omaha, cloudy 33 28 The banker .said Ihe main vault time lock wouldn't open unlil tnid- As they left, Ihe. tns."'..bound Welkc to a pipe in Ihe bank ijase- .09 ment with handcuffs used in their Tiruse. He broke, loose in half : an . .hour and called the FBI. . . , .44 The nation was tense under the Philadelphia, cloudy . 38 31 .35 Phoenix, cloudy .. 70 38 Portland, Me., snow .. "SO 21 62 51 .06 IB young air force generals injSan Diego, rain anliago who forced Ihe mass dc-!San Francisco, clear . 50. 42 1.71 arlure of the Trujillos. Seattle, cloudy : 30 26 Two brothers of the late dicta- or] Gen. Hector Trujillo, a former president, and Gen. Jose .riimendi Trujillo, who had his wn army, led the exodus aboard plane for Florida and their second exile in two months. With them went Gen. Fernando \. Sanchez, the ousted pro-Tru iillo-alr force chief of staff; and| 3en. Virgilio Trujillo, the army chief of staff demoted to Dominican representative on the inter- American defense board in Washington. Gen. Trujillo . is a nephew of the late dictator.' Rtrurn Rilud F«rs The return last week of the Trujillo · brothers raised fears that they might try to seize power and set up a new dictatorship. Gen Rafael L. -Trujillo Jr., Ihe die lator's son who had supported Balaguer's liberalization program, last week quit as armed forces chief and left the country, creating a power vacuum that led to Sunday's upheaval. Tampa, cloudy 73 Washington, cloudy ... 41 iVinnipeg, cloudy 34 (T-Tract) Niagara Cavt, n«ar C r · i c o, Iowa, features a 60-foot waterfall 200 fct underground. EL 2-3631 15IS Eighty NOW SHOWING wuu fllili motl roffirtlc dnfnti SUSAN SI] JOHN HAYWARD Ml GAVIN HEY KIDS II MLM CARTOON SHOW it i. H. TNVRiBAY MOMUM It'* » Treat for EveryOMj Mom C*n Prepare Dina«r " WMto Dsd wd XM«M H«T« FIB ·f Fra A d u l t s 50c Kids 25c Doors Open 9:30 Elm. Medicine AMHERST, Mass. (AP)--free inoculation may be Ihe way lo remedy--or prevent -- tree disease. So said Dr. Albert E. Dimond of the Connecticut Agricultural Station at'a conference on Dutch elm disease control. He said one compound already has been found. which, when painted on bark, will climb the water-carrying cells of elm trees. Researchers are now at work, he said, on a compound which would permeate the tree with a chemical agent poisonous to Ihe elm fungus 2901 S. 8th Ave. Phone 353-1440 HONORED LEADER - BEST GIFT OF ALL IF YOU DON'T LIKE AND ENJOY OUR FOOD -- YOU'RE NOT TRYING STARTS · - · · · . TOMORROW! san Slade was excited. Susan Slade was scared. Susan Slade could never trust another boy again. Hurry! Last Day! , "Splendor In The Grass" No One Under, 16 Admitted ·' Unleit : Accompanied By An A d u l t ! - Open at 11 .a.m. Thanksgiving Day --SPECIAI5- 353-1440 for Thankagiviitf Day ROAST TOM TURKEY TVilh oyster dr««slng, cranberry »»uce, flblet gravy ROAST PRIME RIB, Au Jus ( HOLIDAY SALADS 1 ROAST TURKEYS HOLIDAY DESSERTS SMOKED HAMS COLORADO 1 BEEF | GULF 1 SHRIMPS 1 BROILED CHICKEN All In OIM Heap You Will Enjoy HUNDREDS OF DELIGHTFUL FOODS Net Just One Dinner But All You Want To Eat VIRGIN/A STYLED HAM $3.50 $3.75 $2.50 KaUin Sine 6 All aboY* includ* cholo* ot: d, poUto, rolls, coffee and mincemeat or pumpkin pie. Intimate Dining and Dancing «· Monday thru Saturday 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.; Sundays 11 a-m. to 8 p.m. · Excellent Steaks · Stafood · Attended Free Parking '·Fadiili** for partite, are available *t.m charft. . . · CockUil Hour 4:30-6:30 (Horn dWivrw) A THANKSGIVING DAY TREAT YOUR APPETITE WILL NOT FORGET THE CAMFIELD HOTEL THANKSGIVING DAY In ttM mearttimo com* to our nightly smorgasbord and our noon luncheons. - CHILDREN PRICES - TROYlONAHUE CONNIE STEVENS DOROTHY McGUIRE LLOYD ROLAN KlUER DAVES BRIAN AHEfifC -GRAHT WIUAMS · HATALE SOWER- KENT SMTrH »».'.~«ft., H i lv CC«6!l*JE»-» M l l ,M. r , M ,^B Htw » r CCLUERaAVtS · TCCIWCOLOR- rpOM WARNER BROS · Extra! . . . Hit Cartoon . . . "WILD, WILD WORLD" Plus! Latest News! }S^^B 65c 'til 2:00 -- 7ic '(II 6:00 »0c «fter COO -- Child. 25o- Features at 1:00, 3:05,. 5:15, 7:25, 9:30 Free Niis Parking City V,t,.7lhSU : r *

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