Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 7, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Us Crti*r*in-Newi , Wedneidiy Afternoon M«n* 7, IMS Las Cruces Sun-News by the Lai CruVtt Sitti Er.ieird at CVuce Kun.lar .. Ul 6u icjnal A c i v i ·aBO. New t k . S' l.f.ui*, M K . M U K M UV ww. C i t y . Onmha. A i U u i . . . ' I N K ASSOCI A T K I l 1'UKSS Thr A**ucutr'1 Possible Rupiure Faces Security Parley Capitol h i l l hours t h a t llv A n g l n - S o v i c l - A m e r i c a n interna- t i o n a l voting fnrrniil-'i may oih;incc \\ic jirnsjiccl ri Amf/ric;in infmbcrship in .1 world' .security league, .say Washington The Dumliarton Oaks b l u e p r i n t for world organization, hnwcvor, appears headed ior an i n n i n g of controversy spe^r- headod by t h e sma!) and m i d d l e si/ed nations. i An a l i g n m e n t uf F i a n c e and the s m a l ' i r ;i:de." al the P a n Francisco confei(-nce to .seek m a j o r change'; in t h e s o r c r i t / I plan is considered ii l i k e l y development. · WE r/tV HIGHEST PRICES ·_; IF YOU HAVE A USED CAR TO SELL - BRING IT TO MESILLI MOTOR CD. 600 Norih Main Phone 203 Will buy all makes o£ cars and pay top prices. Legal Notice i N THE PROBATE COURT, DONA, A N A COUNTY, NEW MEXICO. , In the Matter of the Estate . lose Armenia, Deceased Cause No. 1357 ..... NOTICE TO: Guadr.Iupe Armenia, Anthony, Dona Ana County, New Mexico and all unknown heirs of Jost; Armenia, deceased, and all inltnown persona claiming any lien upon or right, IHic or inter- fjst In nr to Ihe ustalR of said -If- mler.t. NOTICE 7S HEREBY GIVEN, that A.'ilotila Rublo, Administra- trix of the Kulale of .lose Armenia, (If-ccf-Md, hfis fll'rd Her. 'final report and account and that the 18th day of April. 1943, at 10 o'clock, A. M., nt UH- Court House, LSH Criici.-fi, New Mpxico, is Ihe date, t me and place for the settlement thereof, and the determination of lidrnhlp and ownership of naid Estah; and Intercut of each claimant 'h'.'itln nnd Ihe pnriibns entitled to 'IKrilniUon thereof. R. R. Posey, Las Cruces,, New Mexico, la the attorney for the ad- ministratrix. WITNESS my hand and .iefll of .4,-ilil Court this the fllh day of Murr-h. A. D, 1D4fi. .Signed Adela Conzales. County Clork, Dorm Ana County, Nw Mexico. Mnrfll 7, 14, 21, 28---I94B, -I THE PROBATE COURT FOR DONA ANA COUNTY, NEW MI5XJCO. In the Matter of tlm Estate of Heymwi Wulltrr ft»(tcr, liecnaswl. No J385 NOTICE Npllco is hereby given thai the undersigned was on the 5th day of Vlirtuiry, IfMfi, appointed admin- i s l n i t r l x of the estate of Seymon W r l k c r Tinker, deceased, by the 1'rnlnto Court of Dona Ana Coun- r y , New Mexico. All nor.'i'ins hiivlng claims against Kiii'l eslal? are Jmrcby notified to prrHont the samn In the tlnie and nifinner refjulred hy law or the Hume will be bnrrod. HATTIE BAKER, Administratrix l"i:li. Kl-21-27. Mnr. 7 Chinese Take Towii at End of Burma Road CHUNGKING, .March TUN Chinese Iroops today captured old Liifthln, two nilles north of the main town of Lanhio, and took the DrbpCiiyi^las Bulldog Inn Site; Sk Store ftooiii (Continued from page l) .- ·-· ration board; 'stated that while he was very much in, favor of .the teen-agers having quarters, the space '"was Hatlly 'needed for boaYd' activity. Later In the evening the room was rented to the OPA f«V $25 a month, bringing the .total rent for city hall .fpace by the federal agency io $100 a mnnUj. 156 Young Folk f'ri Group. OrgartlXed sohic time ago, the Teen Age group_flrat.jused. space n the library building then. moved to the armory and soon will have to move from there. The organization has 150 members now and Is open to any teenage child in the city, Mrs. High- towflr explained. Object of the organization and securing quarters for its use is' to give young people in the city a wholesome atmosphere in which to enjoy sports and entertainment. }burl Martial r"rees Officer Germans Report Russians Open *· * L. ' ^L. Baffle bl ferliii (Continued from page 1) stepping stone islands In Stettin bay to the north, .in, a push aimed at culling off SEettlh from the 8ea. Capture Island Seat The,y captured the c'tty'of Wollin, 28 miles north of Stettin, heart of an island on Uie .- eojistal route leading to the U-boat base of Swlnenmuentfe and beyond to Germany's Mecklcrib'upg province jibrth of 'Berlin. The Berlin radio.jsaid "A Rus-. sian artillr.ry barrage preceded their all-out offensive, on this '"rant,",,, _ _ . . , , ... ' rffif- Jump-off for Berlin A transocean broadcast said Marshal ^Gregory Zhukov's army sought io 'knock out.^long-"beleaguered Kuestriri "town' jumping- off ground lor a drive on Berlin oh the Oder's west' bank." . The assault extended south toward Frankfurt, 18 miles up the river, it added. A full-fledged Soviet offensive from the east on Berlin has been awaited 'or weeks. The Russians threw seven successive attacks at Kuestrin'.T northeastern defenses, Ihe trans- ocean broadcast continued, but (Contlmted from 1/flR* ! ^ ! they were repulsed. , .. -.gainst the enemy, and hurtled own a 60-foot embankment, Witnesses said rescuers reached I h e wreckage almost immediately. Three men were In the flight compartment--the pilot, co-pilot arid the sergeant gunner, whose duty 'in missions was to' man the twin ."iO-caltner machlneguns in the top -.urret. The co-pliot was killed in his chair. The pilot was seriously in- Hames spread through the plane. Six men, praving gasoline flames Froro (l broken wing tank, took hold..' of the sergeant's arms and "boulders at one time, witnesses said.- and tried to pull him free, but-hc was pinioned tightly about llfi crushed legs behind th'e armor nlate backing of the co-pilot's seat. Witnesses said that there was not time io cut away the metal 'hal hod snapped in on the sergeant's lower legs, nnd that physicians could not get Into position to a m p u t a t e the legs. The rescuers, It was testified tiled to pull the trapped man's body loose from his crushed legs bill did not have the strength. Hop Delta River to Wollin It said the Soviet box barrage opened Tuesday morning, with Gorman guns replying, and then Soviet ground troops charged. The Russians Invading Wollin island hnrt hopped a river in the Oder Delta., .. . . , Beyond Wollin is Usedom island, where the naval base of Swine-muende at the eastern tip stands sentinel oil Stettin bay. Actress Frowns 'oil- Further 'Leg Art; \ContractBansit HOLLYWOOD, March 7 '/PI -There was a .chip knocked off the cornerstone of one of Hollywood' oldest institutions today. Nina Foch, an actress, did it. The institution was the on founded and dedicated to the caus of leg art, or cheesecake, as th professional photographers refe in it. . . :.Nina, a tall blonde with all th stubbornness of her Dutch ances trv. aired her views on the sub ·feMs for Qkey Dn Jifflney Mils WASHINGTON, March 7 A -- ' Treasury Secretory Morgenthau afikjjid congress today, for favorable action on the Bretton Woods monetary agreements because, he said: J. They are needed £qr the suc- ess of the world security organi- ation to be chartered at San Trancisco. 2. They are "definitely good business for the United States." 3. If the present prdgram for postwar monetary stability Is re- ected, "it is unlikely that this opr iortunity will come again to our generation." 4. The agreements, though technical, "present a v'e^y simple jssiie --stability and order Instead of insecurity a.nd chaos." With ( those main argument^, diorgehthau opened the adminis- r'atlon's case before the . house banking committee *or establishment of two institutions proposed by representatives of 44 countries who met at Bretton Woods, N. H., ast July. They are. a muiti- billion -dollar nternational monetary fund arid nternational bank for recons'tru'c- ion - and development. PirfriWtRffpftri i Il/Jvo " llU iiCClU IT '· j^' CJ : Ji- · Ii*T* M'duri · lil d ilf -VT5J FIT 1 i'*7Bi Xv D TT KT ±D Kfillf*- WASHINGTON, March 7 UP)-The white house announced today that President Roosevelt is appointing William H..pavis ( chairman of the war la*or board, to succeed Fred M. Vinson as economic stabilization director. Vinson has been named "federal .loan administrator, taking the position formerly held by Jesse Jones before President Roosevelt busted Jones to make- way for Henry Wallace as secretary of commerce. The white house also announced selection of George.W. Taylor, vice- chairman of the war labor board, to succeed Davis. College-Park Circle Holds Special Meet A special called meeting of the College-Park Circle of St. Pau 's .Methodist church was held In the home of Mrs. A. B. Fite yesterday afternoon, with ten members present. The study course, based 'on the Book of Ephesians, was continued EaMifn Slur Vbsefves Birthday ·ifteipbfti'jl of the Order of the EasteVn Star at a meeting in the Masonic rooms last night celebi at- ed the 38th anniversary of the organization's institution in Las Cruces. ' . . . . The. banquet tables at which the birthday dinner was served were attractively decorated in a St. Patrick's dfiy theme. T;he white damask cloths were centered with green strips of crepe paper ending in hugh bows. Jonquils and tan green tapers completed the ovely arrangement. Hand made place cards in green, 'and white marked the places of the oo guest p ^ · Hcious nieai was dish, style. . . . · · The individual birthday calces iced in white, bore the. "inscription "38" in green .icing. with fos. Mary Pettegrew, Worthy Matron, presiding: In the East. Our Second ·Front Word has Just been received By Mrs. D. H. Wiggs that her husband has been promoted in army rank from first lieutenant to that of captain, Capt. Wiggs, who has been overseas a year this month anil has been wounded four times, s with Qen. Pattern's third army on the western front.' . Pvt. Stu'nrt Meerscheidt, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Mcerscheidt, now assigned as an electrician to the air, transport command in Assam, India, writes his.. parents that his 'trip, over there was most interesting. Making several stops in ..north , A£rica, lie was able to do. some sigh tsTeeing, Including side trips out .of .Cairo, where he .spent a week, fte visited Jerusalem and Iran, end then, on to India, where h'e was conducted through the Taj Mahal In Agfa. He writes he is very happy in his work at Assam. Lt. Col. Richard Buyens, recently given a medical discharge ftom _the, ar'rriy^ .is iiyin'g. at .College I'Stafion, Texas, with his wife and children, his mother Mrs. Frank Islas, stated. 'yesterday. The children, she said, are In school, at Bryan, five roiles distant. Pleased with the children's work in school, the family may remain there until he summer, vacation, before re- .urning to Has Cruces to make their home. ., , Rbb'ert (?. Bailey, son. of Mr. 'and Mrs. .D.. M.. -Sailey, who entered servic' thVnavy in Aug'ust, 1944, las been promoted to fireman first class, hie parents reported Altrusans met: T«t night in the Club Cafe party 'H$ra for the 'regular dinner- meeting^ with the arrangements in charge of Ruth Johns and Dorothyr-McKlnley. Calendulas in tw^'shades of orange were cimbimja ^Ith . blue corn-flowers to form the 'table decorations. Ann Nelson and Dorothy Mc- Kijiley were llC^8wge_cft the program, which 'Consisted" of a rnba't Interesting talk by.AU;s',..T..Bensbn Newell, who witli.Mrs. .Newell was guijst at the dinner.;,'; .. . . Mr. Neweil spo^oh nmlrpatti; san public affafrs, stressing th'e point that members-of -state boards should be chosen -lor-thelr qualjfi- catlons rather -than for tKelr political ·af(ilii»t»bnjflji , , , ,,... , One new membeW:- announced was Mrs. Lillian ^imamS, ihstr\lc- tor of ''art 'at ^u?«ffl*gh . sHiool. Members preterit' iaS't'.jilEht were Margaret;, O'tblighaftf; ·Jlele'r, Ne- ieigh, 8Iizabe.tir.MBrph'y,,,. Rtith Johns, Martha rieatg fiqfothy Mc- Klhley, Ann N«iSoiii;JjiUlam wfjl- liarns, Clytice Rbss, ^Ijnogeiie Mc- CWre, and.^Edith -I#ritz.- . the April meettng..,wiH be the birthday party fprjsibqth international and local Al.trusl club,«, Elizabeth Murphy ., and, oijle j)it(e will be in charge of . arrangements for the local party. '. - . . · ...;!.- .. .. ., ,,.. Paso Tiempb Eats thicken in Basket Mrs. jlax Sanchez was, hostess to |he Paso .Tiempo club in jiijr home on Compress Road laet :ilght. · ."-7.0 r ;· ., The rooms .and {Sinner tables were colorful with spring flowering buIbV'fTBnT the; hostess' own garden, 'carrying out .a-'St. Patrick's lay theme of, green arid white. Golden .brown "chicken in a basket" fried. to a .turn, ^was served to.the.eight members, present iii the-tociaj .gamM.'that "follow-ed the dhirier ^afid *£ short businesi session^', ^fizes-'we^ 1 'aWarded to Mrs. raitfe Ap6Bac%, Mrs. W. A MOntoya ;«ffll '.Mrs,;; Solly Alvarez Members ^en joying t the evening were Mrs.: Ramah -BOmback, presi dent of the cliib, Mrs, Joe Nevarez Mrs, Raymond Apodaca, Ivlfs! Gerry Spietz and the above men tipn'ed. J __ ^ '"J Going awiy? «.* hiime/bt* Ihg a pirty? Please telcpHow ' · - - . , ' ..i ' !f '· ' ' miiln iilrflt'ld, HIP Chinese roiniiuiiul aiiiioinu'cd. L»nlllo IH at the end nf Ihe Bur mn rond and thn liond of the rail wtiy to Mnndalny. Try firm to K»'t ft In Crnces! All hope of rescue had been plvcn j PC (_ j n a courtrooni yesterday up, witnesses said, when the lieut- \\-hen her contract with Columbia enant colonel, standing off about j pictures was approved; it stipu- 15 feet, fired twice nt the ser jjennt's hcnd where It showed in the wreelt'nge of the flight compartment. Chickens - Turkeys A f t e r Moulting ffivc STAR SUI PHtm COMPOUND In drinking wn((,T or fci'd. it will destroy, In the porm period, Intestinal Worm, and GfTnin. that moat al dlaenHe and loss In cgjg production Alno rids tln'iu of Blood Sucking Lice, Mites, Klcas, Blue R PrevcntK most all disease, insur ing Ri-i'iitcr health and egg pro diicllon Ihi-nugh the fall and win tcr. Cowls very llttlt^ to use. Mon uy 1'ftt^t 'f « () t thoroughly K flt'd. duller Drug Store, Ln Cruces. Fortune Telling Comes High in L.C. Fortune telling is going to come high in JJRS Cruces, tlio town board Tuesday night boost- Ing the weekly license to $100 and approving penalty clauses In the new ordinance providing for a $100 fine.and 30 days in jail for soothsayers of most any type who operate in the city without a license. "no i leg art," and Nina disclosed th'at 'previously fehe and Warner Brothers had parted company over this very issue. "I even had a ,row with Mr. Warner over leg art," she said "I wouldn't do f t . . . . It is senseless, unnecessary. It odds nothing to a career or an actress', ability. I'm actress, not a bathing suit model." * Alles van die beste...Have a Coke ( A l . l - TUT. HliST) ...or giving the good ivord in South Africa Hair a Cake is u simple gesture of good will (hut s«ys the jttnc thing in Afr!k»i»is thai it ilucs in L'n);liih, It's un cuily-undcrstood way Io let people know tlint you wl»h them well. Io Capetown, it In Columbus or Concord, Coin-Cola turns refreshment time into friendship time,--bus become «ijrmbol of jjoud feeling among friendly-minded folks. I Q I I t t U U N t l l l A U T H O R I T Y O r t i l l C O C A - C 0 1 A C O M f A N Y IT I.A.S I H I K l s ( U i A L O l A H t l l T t . l N O l ' O H I A N Y I'lW. Doth mwi ilw qwllty rnd- act ol Tht Ow»*J« Comp««J. _O m tM c c c« u with Mrs. J. T. Stoyall in charge of the program. Taking part "in the program were Mmes W. L. Fite, Edward Wyatt, R. W. Lud- wlck and Kennsth Valentine: The hook, Art of Living, by Peale was reviewed by Mrs. Ludwick. The Fite home was lovely with fragrant spring flowers, and a light refreshment course was served during the social hour following the program. AMG in Cologne Finds Problems (Continued from page 1) bile utilities have been knocked- 0111. There,is no electric nor telephone service, no running water and no form of public transportation. Steps must be taken to reorganize the whole , food distribution system and measures taken to safeguard the public .health. , Lt. Col. R. L. Hlles, Rosebud, j Moses Clah, Harry Lee Benally, Texas, former superintendent of | Todechene Sso Begay and Capitan schools in, Georgetown, Texas, | Benally. . will bo deputy governor. Ma], I In addition, seven others are Everett Ross, former attorney from Phoenix, Ariz., is the executive officer and Lt. John Kin- cald of Kcrrville, Texas, is adjutant. Navajo Kidnap Grew Face Federal Trial TUCSON, Ariz., March 7 UP) -Thirteen Navajos charged with aggravated.assault in the kidnap- ing last Jan. 4 of an Indian service supervisor, his wife and a range rider, go before a federal grand jury here today. One of the 13 Navajo defendants is a woman, Mrs. Slocum Clah. Others are Henry Brown Clah, Jim Adakai. Ned Yeboney, Walter Ye- boney, Chee Yeboney, Nacheney Benally, Evan D. Tsosie, Charlie's Tall Brother (Hosteen Isebeh), yesterday. , , Mfs. ..tioUtiie Carr r e c e i v e d word from .tier husband,, Sgt. John P. Carr, thafche had been wounded in action in the Philippines. He'has; been awardfed the .purple heart With the. 12th cavalry,.he trained at Fort .Bites before .going overseas. Mrs. Carr, the former Louise MileS; Is llvirig with her parents in Mesqulte, N. M. Sgt. Carr's home town is Houston. PARTY LINE L. E. Freudenthal, president; W. J. McLaugljlin of Hatch,,, ; se.creta- tary; and^rank Papen,,.director of district 6 of.the New : Mexico association of Insurance agents, will attend a directors' meeting of the association in Santa Fe, March 12. Gofng away, c m^ a jiarty? the Sun r NiS\v8. ^niinK Itorne, hay- Please ttlephoirt held at Fort Defiance, awaiting trial hy Navajo court. Ari?,., triba| N.M. fieteil Sales Go Up 18 Perceni WASHINGTON, March 7 UP) -Sales of independent retailers in Now Mexico were 18 per cent higher for January 1045' than for January 1944, but were down 22 per cent from December 1944 to House Body Frowns on 'Postwar Lend-l$asing \VASniNGTQN, March 7 UT -- Lend-ie^se should end when the war ends, Insists the house for- dpn affairs commit too. In a report attached to committee-Approved legislation extending Vn'd-lease one year beyond .lime 30 the.'group 'says: "Postwar reconstruction, and re'hnbilltatinn problems abroad, with whicli the lend-tense act does j wltli January 1944, but were down hot deal, require "separate consid- j 30 per cent from December 1944 (·ration hy congress." to .January 1945. January this year, Director of the Census J, C. Capt said *n n report released today, Nationally, independent retailers' sales wre 11 per cent higher for January 1945 compared SPECIAL AGENT FOR THE BENTON VAN STORAGE H . K . T R U C K L I N E 242 South Church Street Phona 260 Relief M Last For Your Cough dhrbiyc brpnchiUs may develop if your cough,chest cold, or acute bronchitis is not treated and you cannot afford to take a chance with any medicine less potent than Creomulsion which cpeis fight to the seat, of, the trouble whelp loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and Heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membrahes. Qrpomulsion blends beechwood creosote by"special-process with other time tested medicines for coughs. It contains no narcotics. .No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to 11 you R-bottle of Creomulflon with the understanding you'jmwt litethe ,W»y. it quickly allays the cough, per- hutting test and sleep, or you are to have your money back. (Adv.) , stuffy tress,,Alao_heps prevent trian'y colds from dcvel- -^ if used-In low directions In , folder. Works fine! . _ V1CKSVATIOMOI - YeS!-' GOOD CLEAfaNG · A y . and.'," PROMPT SERVICE is still available! M O D E L CLtJlNERS l'S3 West Griggs WE HAVE'- A SHIPMENT 650*16; 600x16 GRADE I We Also Have TRUCK AND TfcAILER TIRES MESILLA MOTOR CO. 800 NoWh Main Phon. 203

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