Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 31, 1962 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 31, 1962
Page 10
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Ht*l» CKBELEY TIIBUNB oiie »*. MB Ginghom Gals Club Has 3 New Members Ne* members «f Gingham 'jals Home Demonstratioii Ciu'-j are Mmes. Elmer Miller. Kobert GoetKl and Allen Baokmaa. They jwere welcomed at the last meet- ie home of Mrs. Iteed Dear Helo Every year we ha smorgasbord nstalktion raeniouyj for new officers was conducted by Mrs. Keith Morrisoa. ', The afternoon's activities were 1 hundred and · . This year I went to a wall paper store and paper. The owner handed me a sampfe for , designed, exchanged and modeled !!? the merabm - Mrs - Ernest jBrowns winning crcalion was i m " deW ky Mrs ' K °y Andrews.' Letters reived by members I from Mrs. Joe Eisenman. a for: some of them to use when our card clubs meet. Edna Bishop * . . For those who cannot get outdated books of wall paper samples . . . dw yow know that wall paper stores have what they call "broken-rolls"? These are sold at bargain rates. Buy a broken roll, even . how Whi-itc to Heloise at above °" tlw newl v dress,. for bos ;uid Heloise though you are not going to make rr plaee mats. This Is wonderful to square w ' th i clubi or boys ;uid girls which the club 5 sponsoring. She and her hus band are co-leaders. The club -- TM«. meets once a month at their home. For those of you who have built- uz3 3rd Ave in sinks with the fantastic new square rubber stopper . . . which usually fits over a disposal, let le tell you how great they are These sinks i Good Behavior Pledge | LONDON -- Workers at t h e built Fords plant at Dagcuham who »te mas. s s wonderful to llat botU)m « ' h a' took part in the nint-day strike Hue shelvet, drawers, wrap pack- J! ou . r Bf°age and soil does not were required to si;;n a "good »g«s wri many things around the down mto lhe drain M C. behavior" declaration ages and many things around the house. Heloise * * * Dew Heloise: 1 must write to you immediately. I have just this minute in- honey of a temper. renled a liver! Do you know, how a banging 1'' * ihutter m lhe window can get on your nerves on a windy day? Well . . . on my way out to adjust it for tlw one thousandth time, I spied an empty plastic bottle which had contained a detergent. A miracle I I wedged it in between the bouse and tbt shutter. Result- no more scratches on the paint, no chance of anyone being hurt If it should become dislodged and land on a small toe, and it is so pliable that It saved all measur- - --" "v.v. uuuuviui m.viuiauou b e f o r e Now listen to this: Take that going back. This tough declara: square rubber stopper, hold it on lion was made by the [irm recent- one side and literally scrape your ly after the strikers had voted garbage and soil down to the two to one for a return to work drain plug with the edge of the square rubber stopper! I did this recently while visiting an apartment, and was complete- ing! Mervii Reid Dear Heloise: Does anyone know what can be done to loosen the fiber in a wool needles pull thread"I sharpen sweater? I washed mine and it 'hem on an emory. One can us-"" r: - J a "hook" on the end has shrunk beyond recognition . size. Sweater-less * * * Anyone ever been able to rectify this mistake? If so, please tel type of sink. really is w used in any Heloise P.S. I also found that the ring left around the inside of the sink itself can be nine-tenths removed with the edge of the same stopper. Dear Heloise: When you think your flashlight batteries are almost gone, open your flashlight, and remove the battery. Scrape the contacts apd the bottom of. the bulb on an emory board and watch it shine again! This lasts through several treatments. When my sewing machine iiiiuiin ircjuilU ICvUUllHlWI *TM"J *«i« a uuuiv yu my (juu to about half the normal of a needle which will file off easily. I find this makes them as good as new. A whetstone is also good for this. When washing my dresses in the ringer-type washing machine, I fold, the front waist down on the skirt and fold the skirt around will not snap off when using the wringer. M.F.B. Dear Heloise: Whttl Chain Walkert Sales · Rentals 811 9th St. 352-4866 |on a cool day. An appreciative reader Quit Eating Fie CHANDERNAGORE - India's State Finance and Transport Minister told a public meeting here recently that people should eat more wheat and less rice durin he present national emergency 'Kiwanis Has jLadies Night I i | Kiwaais Club entertained at its! iwaual Ladies Night Christmas: dinner party at the Country Clubj i but week with IK attending. Ed-! jwin C. Bous. present, welcomed: members and their guests. i After dinner the Greeley Elk» Chorus gave a half-hour program under the direction of Marvin i George with John Fluke accompanist. Wednesday's Calendar Iowa Club, luncheon. Gold Medallion Room, l:do ; Mmes. Ora Clark. Jessie Day. C. E. Eberly and L. E. Vaallorn, hostesses. the Windsor. Wedding plans art ir definite. The couple's bttrutlial WM I» v«aled to other members «( *· two families by the bride-elwfi j parents on Christmas Eve. I Miss titrvmberger it a wuor jat Windsor High School. She wiU | graduate in May and plue to I work for a year before marrying. I Jacoby was graduated in INI , from Windsor High School. He it ?4 [employed by the Great Western ) Sugar Company at the Wmctor factor)'. Governor's Inaugural Ball Jan, 8 The Governor's Inaugural Ball will be held Tuesday evening, Jan. 8, at the Brown Palate Hotel Ballroom in Denver with the pubic invited to attend. Tlie semi-formal affair begins »t 9 p.m., «c- ·ording to Mrs. Sam Andersen of Ault. reservations chairman for Veld County. Tickets may be secured from her or from the Bepub- lean county chairman, Sam Tclep. Reservations may be made by ihone or mail but must be in by Saturday, Jan. 5. There is no charge for the ball but a dollar donation is requested per ticket states Mrs. Andersen. Over 100 from Weld County are expected to attend the ball. It will honor the new governor and his wife, Mr. anc Mrs. John Love of Colorado Springs. --Markay pholo Judy Sitgmtnn Judy Siegnmnn Is Bride-Elect Mr. and Mrs. William E. Siegmann of 3024 High Drive announce ----.. the engagement of their daughter, the waist itself so the buttons Judy Lynn, to James G a r y Father Time, New Year Babe Linked to Greek Mythology WASHINGTON - Midnight on dethrone his father, settle on December Jt will signal, in car- Mount Olympus, and rule as chief Schott, U.S.N., son of Mr. and Mrs. August Schott of 2507 15th Ave. The bride-elect is a 1962 gradu- -- ate of Evans High School where I always set my bread or roll she was a cheerleader and mem- dough on my electric heating pad ber of the National Honor Socie- at medium heat. It rises much ty. During her senior year, she .faster and is also very convenient was chosen homecoming queen and the outstanding Pep Club member. Miss Sicgmann is employed by Mary Funk School of Dance as ballet and acrobat in striiclor. Schott Eaton High School. He was chosen king of the junior-senior prom is a 1%2 graduate ot Add a touch of glamour to the New Y e a r . , . our years this August. He is sta tioned at San Diego where he L .,. with a loft flowing oil PERMANENT WAVE Let us give added body and new beauty to your hair with one of our permanents. Start the New Year right with the beauty and confidence that a smart coiffure offers. Phone 353-3766 ·ating of dental assistant. Wedding plans are indefinite. FOUR GENERATIONS nere present when Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Livelihood entertained at dinner during the holidays at their home at Buckingham, Standing is their son, Ronny, and seated, from left: Mrs. Livengood, her granddaughter, Kim, 7 months and her mother, Mrs. Elsie Miller. Also present were Mrs. Ronny Livengood and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller and family (rom Greeley. Miller is Mrs. Uvengood's brother. Boys Sove Birds ! MELBOURNE - Boys of Gee- lung Grammar School, near Melbourne, built breakwaters to stop the sea encroaching on freshwater swamps where many speciei of wild water birds have their breeding grounds. The birds are threatened with extinction if s«lt water invades these swampi. wooden stakes, which iome. e:w. · ·-- Jocoby To Wed First Congregational church, Kor^n Stromberger Women's Society Board, lounge!! . , . . , , 9'30 ! Mr. and Mrs. Alec Strombergi I ° suiry cut uiemstjivrs, ana ounaiei Bookworms. Mrs. Carl McKin- of southeast of Windsor announcelof brushwood bound with wire, ley. 1807 14th St.; Mrs. Albert '" ' Clough to give program. Mariners, covered dish dinner, First U n i t e d Presbyterian Church. 6:30: installation of cabinet officers. BBP Club, luncheon. Tea House, 18:30: Mrs. Lillle Eckhardt, hostess. Les Beaux Arts Group. Blue Flame Room, hostesses, Mines. Ray Rank, Lois Carlson, and Bob Waters; Group Two members to be guests. ui Mjuurcviai 01 mnusor announceioi orusnwooo oouna wiui wire, the engagement of their daugh.! the . bo) ' s ^'^ed elevei break, .. . . . , waters and a sea wall, ler, Karen, to Fred Jacoby, son) of Mr. andjlr*. Henry Jacoby ofjUSt THl TRISUNf WANT AM oonists' lore, the exit of a haggard old man and the appearance of a chubby infant wearing a diaper marked 1963. The personifications of the *!ew Year Babe and Rather Time, traditionally armed with a scythe ind an hourglass, are as lamil- ar as those of Santa Claus. Yet these fitting symbols for the end of one cycle of living and the lirth of another have roots in ireek mythology. Father Time survives as a descendant of the Greek god Cronus, ord of the universe, the National Geographic Society says. Cronus' face was creased with the lines o( inestimable years, and he carried a long, curving Hade. Like many of mythology's earthy gods, Cronus was not alto- jcther without defects of char. . . - I ^ V I N C I 3 l l ! I U U L u t I C l I l a U l U I I O I - m his senior year. He was active actcr. Having been warned that in all sports, receiving awards in O nc of his children would depose football and track. He was also him, Cronus coped with the prob- active in the E Club and chorus, km by swallowing each at birth. cliott enlisted in the Navy for His wife Rhea naturally wished to discourage the practice. She hid their son Zeus after his birth, anc aking dental training. He has a presented Cronus with -a stone was paraded as a symbol of re- god of the Greek pantheon. Later, Cronus's name was confused with the word chronos. meaning "time." But the hourglass has found a permanent place in the hand of the white- haired gentleman with the scythe. Ancient Romans identified Saturn, their god of agriculture, with Cronus. Like his Greek counterpart, Salurn carried scythe. Rome celebrated Saturnalia, a solstice ceremony of the year's .urning, (rom December 17 to Z3. In many ways, the festival re- scmblod pr«scnl-day New Year celebrations. All work stopped: Schools closed, courts handed down no sentences, revelers gamboled in masquerade, and gifts of waxen fruits, candles and dolls were exchanged. Even today, exchange of presents lingers as a New Year custom. The Roman word for good- luck gifts -- strenae--survive* in jour d'etrenncs, Franco's popular expression for New Year's Day. The New Year Babe may be as old as Father Time. An infant GREELEY BEAUTY SCHOOL (Over Gilbert'i Downtown Pharirney) 810 Eighth Street wrapped in swaddling clothes, birth in pagan Greece's festival of The trick worked. Zeus lived to the nature god Dionysus. The image of a baby also was featured in Greece's Eleusinian Mysteries, the important religious rites thai signified lhe annual decay and renewal of vegetation. In more recent times, farmers of West Prussia staged the syro hollc birth of a child in harvest fields. A German folk song of the 14th century depicts the New Year Babe in its prtsent form. 1007 Ninth Street Thursday's Calendar Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club, Country Club. 12:3u. Senior Citizens, Youth Center 1:15. Degree of 1'ocahontav Hiawatha Council, Knights of Columbus Hall, 8:00. AAUW International Relations Study Group, Mrs. Herman Williams, 1116 23rd Ave. Court. 8.00 First Congregational Church Women's Society luncheon, Fellowship Hall. 1:00; Hostesses Group II, Mrs. J. H. Kinkade! chairman: program on Korea bj Dr. and Mn. Forrest Frease; devotions by Dr. Grace Wilson, nursery care provided. Women's Missionary Society of the First Evangelical Free Church, 1:30. Alpha Lambda Chapter of Ep- lilon Sigma Alpha, Mrs Jayne" Smith. 1817 13th St.: Mrs. David jonei, co-hostess. OFF, Tea Hous«, lunchoon, 12:00; Mrs. Ellen Williams, host. ess. Pl»lte Vallty Grange, covered dish supper; Kersey Grange i Hall, 7:00. Christian Women's Fellowship of First Christian Church, luncheon 12:30; hostess, Group One with Mrs. Stanley Balcomb, chairman: nursory provided. Women's Mission Society of First Baptist Church. 1:30; hostesses Circle One; program on Japan and Okinawa. LaGrange Country Club, Mrs. Ruth Swanson. Pre-lnventory Sale DRESSES Ss"'!!!! Vi PRICE Girdles and Panty Girdles 5.00 DDAO 1 Table of 4 HA DlUtW discontinued numbers I.UU WOOLS and JXHIBLE KNITS REDUCED THE CORSET SHOP 918'/i 9lh Av*. 352-9071 PENNEY'S Novelty Eluded Tax W A S H I N G T O N - CigaretteII were such a novelty in 1802 that licy were excluded from the first|| obacco-lax schedule. Two years ater a !-cent lax was levied on ?acks of 25, which sold for 5 cents. ,n 1805 the tax rose to 2.1 cents )cr pack of 20. In 1807 it jumped :o 10 cents, nearly killing the new industry. HALLMARK CARDS for ill oooiiloni "Everything tor th« Office" 1303 Elgnth A v t n u t PORTRAITS - PHOTOS Children 2 months up to 18 years only 1 PENNY per pound This Ad Entitles Holder to Receive One 6x8 PHOTOGRAPH Urine your child a n d rerdvn a lovely «xS iiorlrall for only Ic a iHniuil. Example: If ymir child wtigln 1! imunii^ you pay Ulr. 2i tKfliniln. 2"r. · Any Child «|i to IS yearn Crimps up [:, :, C h i l d r e n nili:onm · (ipncrous Ketai-ilun »f Prn'ih « Limit Ont !n s f a m i l y · S n i l n f e u i o n or Your Money H · Adults 98c per perton. TKLI. Y O l ' l t F l t l K N D S PHOTOKKAI'HER AT CKKKI.BY BEAUTY SCHOOL WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY Need Some Ready Cash? PENNEY'S GIANT WHITE GOODS rolls into town W E D N E S D A Y JANUARY 2nd All Penney sheets reduced! Store-wide values I V Check your calendar... Don't miss these big savings) PENNEY'S WILL BE OPEN WEDNESDAY NIGHT 'til 8:30! Here's The Answer LOANS FOR ANY WORTHWHILE PURPOSE at First Industrial Bank Open Daily 8:30 to 5:30 8th Ave. at 9th St. Parking Lot 7th Ave. at 9th St.

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