Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 20, 1967 · Page 21
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 21

Nampa, Idaho
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Thursday, July 20, 1967
Page 21
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DR. MOIN|_RONH|AL_TH. Must a Cold Shower Follow a Hot One? Poultry Exports Imperiled By JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. was negative. I don't know who triangle-shaped sacrum. The By LARRY D. HATFIELD Dear Dr. Molner: A cold '«believe. - MRS. M.S. fifth lumbar is Ihe vertebra abut- WASHINGTON (I'M) - U S TL h HTM 5 ? ' h0t me ~ ? e m ° bUe MitS are prim - ting lhe sacrura - and Japanese farm officials are good or bad? I was raised in anlyscreeningfor tuberculosis. Tlic iliac or wingbones of the conducting quiet negotiations a mildly spartan environment Your husband may be negative hip attach to Ihe sides of Ihe which the Americans hope will and taught always to finish a tor TB, but still have emphy- sacrum - these are the sac- head off stringent newrestric- hot shower with a cold one s ema. roiliac joints, "the hot shower leaves your Tl! e screening test used for Occasionally a faulty devel- pores open and susceptible to emphysema is a breathing lest opnienl occurs ir which the fifth a cold," I was told. rather than X-ray, tlyourhus- lumbar vertebra becomes fused But now I heard that "a cold band is smart, he will heed the to the top of the sacral bone, shower when you are warm is a *"ning to stop smoking. and this is the condition to which shock to your heart and nervous N ne doesn't know why, give you refer, system." him a copy of my booklet on [l can occur on one side or Just please don't suggest a "How To Control Emphysema." both. It may or may not cause tepid shower. To rae, that's Send 1" cenls in coin and a pain in the lower back. The Boise Boy Drowns BOISE (UPl) - The body ol Paul Parent, 4, Boise, was recovered Tuesday at a swimming beach near Lucky Peak Dam several hours after a search began. Sheriff's officers said the boy's father, Sgt. Gary i. Parent, is believed to be serving in Vietnam. Stmct MfKtoty Idaho Free Press £ Caldwll News-Tribune, Thursday, Jalv 20.19C7-A9 \ P«rwnol« 2 Personal* J ear- mysell. like a boiled egg sandwich fol- stamped, self-addressed en- lowing a good top sirloin -- w'ope lo Dr. Molner in care D.W. Following a hot shower with a spray of cold is primarily a matter of preference, be invigorating for some. of this newspaper, for a copy. Dear Dr. Molner: My grand- It may s(m nt)W 5 was torn *' tn li'd u in and around the right testicle. As to open pores and suscepl- [s " !ere a chance of this clear- ibility to colds - 1 don't buy i(1 S "P? - MRS. L H. that. First of all, cold viruses Tnis is cal le d congenital don't enter through our pores, hydrocele. At limes the fluid And besides, the pores adjust ma y absorb. There is no ur- readilyandautomalicallytotem- gency about correcting the con- perature around you. You don't dilion ^ lon £ ^ " is Mt in - needablastofcoldwalertoslam creasing in size. Surgery may them shut. ultimately be necessary but it I don't think that a person does not damage the testes. wilh heart disease should chill himself suddenly by acoldshow- er any more than I think he should plunge into a cool lake without first gradually acdimat' ing his body to the temperature. But for a personwithanormal heart, the cold is not physically shocking. Some just don't like it. Including me. As to a tepid shower -- I wouldn't mention it in your case. Dear Dr. Molner: Two doctors said my husband has emphysema from smoking two and three packs of cigarets a day and that he was not to smoke if he wanted to live. Well, he went back to sneaking cigarets and says the doctors are quacks, and to climax it all, the mobile unit was X-raying employees Dear Dr. Molner: What is a sacrolized fifth lumbar, and can it be on one side only? -- MRS. P.S. The lower spine consists of five lumbar vertebrae plus the TAX QUESTIONS Revenue Service Gives Answers (EDITOR'S NOTE: This column ot questions and answers on federal tax matters is provided by the local office of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and is published as a public service to taxpayers. The column answers where he works and his card questions most frequently asked was mailed back saying his chest by taxpayers.) WHEAT Storage Planning Is The administrator ottheldatio Wheat Commission has urged wheat growers to find a place now to store this year's predicted record crop which experts figure will overflow local elevator space before the end of harvest. Harold West, Boise, said the expected lack of storage facilities, particularly In South Idaho, is based on figures released last week by the I'.S. Department of Agriculture. They say crop yields in the three-state Pacific Northwest area will increase over 78 million bushels above Ihe I960 crop. 0-- I still haven't received my refund. What could be holding it up? A-- Most returns calling for refunds have already been processed and the checks-mailed out.-.... -By:'June, IRS had processed a total o!45 million refund claims amounting to over S7 billion. The number of refund checks issued so tar this year is 13 per cent greater than for the comparable period last year. The major delay in process- Ing refund claims has been inaccurate or incomplete returns. Missing or erroneous Social Security numbers, failure to sign the return, and missing W-2 Forms and other supporting schedules and documents are some of the taxpayers' errors that have held up their refunds. In these cases, the taxpayer tions that could eliminate poultry exports from (his country to Japan. Although American officials here have not been officially notified, Japanese officials In Tokyo say Ihe restrictions will go into effect Aug. 15. Basically, the new regulations would require that all poultry imports be certifiedfreeofNew- castle Disease, a virus-caused respiratory disease not generally found in the United States. The regulations also would require certification that the poultry was raised in an area free of the disease. American officials say poultry inspectors here cannot make such a guarantee. They think that the normal American export certificate is proof enough that the poultry is disease-free. They say that American growing conditions are the safest In the world. The new regulations are actually aimed at Japan's other main poultry supplier -- Red China -- where Newcastle Disease does exist. But their application to all suppliers, including the junited States would choke off American imports which last year amounted to nearly 11 million pounds. The negotiations now underway are aimed at excluding U.S. poultry from the certification requirement. Officials here feel that such an accommodation is Ihe only way the valu- to end within a fixed and rea- able Japanese market can be sonably short time, the cost of save(i for the American Poultry returning home on week ends is industry. The betting is that an deductible. However, you may agreement will be reached im- not deduct more for this ex- der which the -'s - ex P°rl cer- psnse than you would have spent tiflcate would continue to serve for room and board It you had ** P root ot tnc 1 ualit y of " not returned home. You may also deduct the travel costs of getting to the temporary assignment andrehirning home after It is over to the extent these costs exceed the reimbursement from your em- disc in the connection between the two bones also can be defective and cause pain. Are you having a gall bladder problem? To find out how the gall bladder works and what types of trouble to lookfor send for Dr. Molner's booklet, "You And Your Gail Bladder." Write to Mm in care of this newspaper for a copy of the booklet, enclosing along, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 25 cents in coin to cover the cost of printing and handling. Dr. Molner is interested in all his readers' questions, and whenever possible uses their questions in his column, but because of the great number received daily, he regrets that he cannot answer individual letters. BlttSSFIEI.D'S SPRAYING Trees, shrubs, lawns, wigs and spiders. WE SPRAY EVERYTHING! Phone 466-8135 TREESERVJCF Brissdeld's Pree tS(. Licensed, Ins., i bonded. 466-5230 PAINTING- i-APERHANGlNG Quality work. Fair prices. Ph. 466-0093 after 6 P.M. "WELL DRILLING Serving Boise Valley since 1944. Cable lool or rotary drilling i gravel packing. Test holes. Irrigation i domestic. JESS DOTY Caldwell, 459-9611 or 459-9627 Midway llwy. 30. ROOF - REMODEL Call Paul 466-5706 or 466-5484 BALING Henry Kennel ph. 466-3953 Effective July 20 1967. 1 will not be responsible for any debts SPECIAL!!! Li l lie Joe will NOT be at the cimarron this week! We're , arry A. Thomas l i e . 2 Meridian __ rllONE 466-7691 or 459-1664 to place your classified ad. -- yotTcan' get away from TV and relax-x-x-x! (no bulls, horses, dust or mosquitos either). 466-1891 or 4 5 9 - 6 6 4 , o place your c 1 RENT COMPLETE WEDDING RECEPTION NEEDS IOST Bright wf»( colon . . . now' ihtra wllK Slue lustre. Rfl e!«lric iharopooer $1. Halei Furniture, Nampa. VASSiAR MOBILE MILLING Ksvn]om _ Anniversaries -- Forties .SERVICE, Grinding, Rolling, Mixing, Molasslfying, Ph. Cald. .459-3553. At you hare murltal problems fit any jtifldf. phone jl66-»B2BJac fret counseling service. CM. yon Family Counseling S*rri»«, (Sponsored by Nampi Rotary Club.) Slop abusing i prematurely aging your skin wilh wax filled creams i cosmetics. Let us show you Naiure's vay to a --^new beautiful you with OVA- ·j* ,'TION COSMETICS, ph 459-0126 or 459-8553. See Noomie's D7e« Shop on Cold- CATS HAV £ WHISKERS well Blvd. (01 W« Gowns (or No i' ladleS| Consl)U (Cher's Electrolysis for permanent removal of unwanted hair. Ph. ·166-2552. 541 GreenlPaf, Nampa Bride Attendants. Looking For Growing Space? Does your family home seem lo be shrinking? Shop for a Larger Home Look in the CLASSIFIEDS. You'll find H there... FA ST. VACUUM CLEANER REPAIR Sales parts for all makes Reuben Moser. 466-2201. ~~' PLUMBING Remodeling - Ccmlractlnc-Str- vice Calls. Free est, FIELDS PLUMBING SERVICE. 466-5B27 Moore Tree Service licensed. Injured Bonded 466-3312 or 939*6700 Picnic Equipment Too, Please Reserve Now. Uif Your Bonk An erica rd RENTAL CENTER 8?3 Cold. Blvd. Nr. M.dtend Blvd. 466-71H Spetial Notice! ALUOHOUCS Anonymous, Na r mpa group meets Thursdays 8:30 p.m. and Sundays 8:30 a.m. In County Bldg., 9ih Ave. t 2nd SI. So., P.O. Box 1024 Nampa, ·Dial 466-33JJ, poultry imports. Holsteins Win Places S«ivic« Directory "TERMITES Spiders, ants, painting, roofing; Foundation Work. Free Est. MPG CONSTRUCTION 466-21 IK RED CINDERS 4 TOP SOIL PULVERIZED FERTILIZER Fill Dirt «-Leon Hell 459-9159 SHARPENING SERVICE SAWS - KNIVES - SCISSORS CUSTOM SPRAYING Insecls, livestock, spider mites. A. H. HEIRONIMUS 4^6-0341 or 459-1029 PAINTING Commercial Residential Reasonable prices, free est. Ph. 459-0125 or 585-2919 MAGEK CABINET CO. If it's made of wood, we'll build ill Try and beat ray price of satisfied service. Business Ph. 466-6166 SPRAYING" Licensed in-ured. We spray anylhins. Lee Norland, 459-3257 after 5 p . m . SPRAYING Insects, earwigs, elm trees, maples everything general. Alan Hatlield, 466-2074 or 466-0151 RUPERT-- Holsteins has been notified and the missing information requested. The IRS has thousands of refund checks for taxpayers it West recommended that grow- can't deliver because the tax- ers contact their local elevator payer has moved and left no operalors now in an effort to forwarding address, make early arrangements for if yoii are expecting a refund and move before it arrives, be sure to give your local postmaster your new address. This will avoid unnecessary delays in receiving your refund check. Q_ when do [ have to pay Social Security tax for my maid? A-- Tliequarterlypaymentfor the months of April, May and I deduct the expense from my rental income as a repair and maintenance item or as depreciation? A-- Tlie paint job qualifies as a necessary repair and maintenance Item. The cost may be deducted as a bus!ness expense the year it was paid. Q-- My son just received a scholarship for college. Will the money from this affect his status as our dependent? A-- No. Amounts received by a student from a scholarship for study at an educational institution are not taken into account in determiningtotalsup- port. BASEMENT. WORK, \lfidtt Houw Excavation LAWN LEVELING ployer. KU !? K ^T ^"' di nt " sle '." a sod cutting Seedlne Q- I just had to paint the from the Boise Valey : were win- BO B HUGHES 466-6«8 house I own and rent out. Should ners ln i ndlvi(M and group Western Landscaping classes in the state Black and White show held here Saturday. Winners are eligible to compete in the slate herd national western show In Sacramento In October. Eighty head of cattle were entered in the Rupert show. Jack Fairchlld of Pennsylvania was the judge. Seventeen head were shown from nine herds. Owners of cattle which won in individual classes are: yearling bull, Larry Gross, Kuna; junior heifer calf, Raymond Smith, Emmett; senior heifer calf, Floyd Edwards, Nampa; junior champion female of show, John Q! I'm selling my home at Eddlemon, Nampa; junior year- a profit. Will I be taxed on what ""6 heifer class, Bill Roystor, and Son, Payette; second place KDIBY SALES It SERVICE MOWERS- CUPPERS -TOOLS W in Narnpa a n d C a l d w e l l ADKINS LUMBER YAHD F ^tory Authorized Notus Rd Caldwell 459-70B1 . Sales * Se""= e /toward Brownlee.466-6674eve. JOHN'S SHRUBBERY SERVICE : :---SHRUBBERY CONCRETE WORK SHAPED i TRIMMED V-yi^V-IXL. I I- T T S^IMX ALSO YARD WORK, 459-3021 S urbs driveways S, walXs, etc. - - - -- ' - --- Free est. Bud Burch, Concrete Ph. 466-7090or 466-6645 Comm, Sprayers GLEN 1VEY 4 JOE SMITH Grain spraying;, crop ft ditch bank, Trees, cattle, weeds ant* CONCRETE WORK all types insects including ler- All kinds. C«m«nt ploilering. Free esli- mites. Equipped for any kind of mot.i. GARRISON YOUNG. W4-5369,'Job. Call 466-9608 or 466-2005 M4-1412. for esl. their wheat storage. In explaining reasons for Ihe increase, the administrator said that this year's crop is due to both agoodgrowingseasonwhich has prompted high yields and the larger wheat acreage allotment. "In Idaho alone, USDA perts are predicting nearly 58 June is due July 31. Use Form million bushels before the end I2, a self-mailer, to file and pay this tax. Q-- I'm being temporarily assigned to one of my firm's branch plants. If I'm not reimbursed for my expenses tocome of this harvest," West said. "This compares with the 36 million bushel crop in 1966." The USDA is estimating a crop exceeding 233 million bushels for Idaho, Washington and Oregon combined. He said there was barely enough space available to store the wheat last year even though a portion of the crop wasalready moving into marketing channels before the end of harvest. This year, with Ihe sizable crop increase, elevator storage space will be at a premium, he said. West added that the problem might also be complicated by a possible tie-up in ocean shipping due to the Mid-East crisis which could slow all commodity movement. Petition Filed BOtSE (UPi) - A Nampa in- male al the Idaho Slate Prison has filed a petition in Fourth District Court askingthathsbe released. Dale Applegate, 21, was ordered by the court lo file additional information lo support his request (or release. Applegale said a five-year lerm he is serving on a conviction of escape is Illegal. He said he was on parole at Ihe lime of his escape and therefore n« should be guilty of parole violation and not escape. home week ends, can I deduct this on my income tax? A-- If the assignment is temporary, that is, you expect it I maka? A-- Profits from the sale of a personal residence are generally taxable. Under certain conditions, however, the tax on this gain may be postponed until a later year. This situation may occur when, for instance, you buy a new house within a year before or after the sale of your old home and pay the same or more for the new house than you sold the old one for. In addition, If you are 65 or older, all or part of the gain realized upon the sale may, if certain conditions are met, be exempt from tax. Further information of this subject maybe found in Document No. 5017, Selling Your Home, available by dropping a post card to your local IRS office. Midway News Notes MIDWAY - Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Call of San Jose, Calif., are visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olen Cossel and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Young and children of Tacoma, Wash., are visiting with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Eastern Parrish and other relatives. From Gresham, Ore., Mr. ar,r! Mrs. Dick Wens and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Riggs and two children v.:-ited at the Ralph Wilde home. Mr. and Mrs. T.F. Fry attended a family picnic at the Earnest Allen tome on South Power Line Rd. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Appleton and children and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wagers and child- ren camped recently at Grandjean, Mrs. Ralph Wilde entertained her aunt, Miss Josephine Brown of Milford, Conn., who recently celebrated her 85th birthday. Cindy Wilde, daughter of Dick Wilde of Redmond, Ore., has tieen visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wilde and other relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tault of Turlock, Calif., visited recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rector. Mrs. Walter Christiancy is on a visit to Nebraska to attend an observance of the 50th wedding anniversary of her sister. The Robert Wagers were hosts at a Fourth ot July family picnic. animal in class, Bill Stevens, Meridian; senior yearling heifer class, Larrydale Farm, Nampa; aged cow class, senior and grand champion of show, Larrydale; three-year-old cow class, second place animal, Sheryl Kasel, Nampa; two-year cow class, second place in show, Raymond Lane Meridian; best udder, first-place aged cow and grand champion, Larry- dale. Winners in group class, junior get of sire, Larrydale, Bill Royston and Son, and Floyd Edwards, Nampa; senior get of sire, Larrydale and Bill Stevens, Lane and Glen Nielson. Dairy herd class, second place in dairy herd, Larrydale. Gem Fruit Crop Suffers Damage BOISE (UH) - The 1967 Idaho fruit crop may be affected by hot weather during June and some hail damage. The (J.S. Department of Agriculture, however, said reports indicate an increase in production over previous years. The July 1 prospects for each fruit crop except plums is up from I960 and, with the exception, plums and pears, each is above the 1961-65 average. The tolal fruil tonnage has beenindicaledat51,600-- 35 per cent higher than the 1966 crop and up 1.0 per cent from the 1901-65 average. The sweet cherry harvest started June 26 but was not fully active until June 28. The USDA said size and color were excellent but quality was down due lo a large number of doubles, The sour cherry harvest began in early July. 60 CLASSIFIED You can't beat ii! Where else can you sell items around the house that are still very useful to someone else -- but you no longer need. And where else can you sell them so easily? Get CASH the easy way with f\ CLASSIFIED AD. 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REVIS Caldwell ACROSS FROM KING BROWN'S 459-2531 FARM TIRES 2.4 HOUR ON THE FARM 5ERV/C? n 02 Cleveland GEM Firestone Store 459-1616 Nights O K TV SERVICE 466-7827^ We Service Repair Alt Makes--Pickup Deliver. Your TV Headquarters FOT New, Used and Color RCA-Zenith. Westingfiome RCA WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES Factory Authorized Dealer ee llll.l. IUIIVKY Far No/«'.s it Son ire lake it Easy. Use ClasMfied to Sail, Buy, Rent, Hire. Dial 466-7891 o.r 459-4664.

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