Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 15, 1976 · Page 33
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 33

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1976
Page 33
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Mon., March 15, U76 GREELEY (Colo.) TKIBUNK 35 CLASSIFI TRIBUNEWANTADS RATES AND DEADLINES CLASSIFIED READER ADS Minimum ctarge (hascdonlOwords) $1.50 Numtxr Per Word ol Diyi Per Day 1 Day 8c 20i-3diy! jc (ormortdays 5c (1 line minimum) KM 10% discount on reader ads if pa Id within 10 days Every other day ads to be charged at one day rale Blind Box Numbers 11.00 DEADLINE Tuesday through Friday 3 p.m. Ihe preceding day Saturday, 11 a.m. for Monday CANCELLATION Ads may be cancelled by calling before 5:00 p.m. day prior or 12 noon Saturday for Monday ads. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES Rate S2. 10 per column inch Volume rates upon request Minimum space: l column inch Borders cuts may be used DISPLAY DEADLINE Tuesday through Friday Noon the Preceding Day. Friday Noon for Monday. Cancellation 5 p.m. DAY PRIOR or 12 Noon Saturday for Monday Ads The Tribune assumes responsibility for only 1 incorrect insertion of any ad. Please read your ad the first day it appears. Call in correction before 9 a.m. rwxtday. PHONE 352-0211 714 Eighth Street Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Al Lost and U! . Found LOST a sharp edge on your scissors? We sharpen 'em. Plnklna shears too. Alklre's 1111 9th St. 3SJ9W1. ANYONE who has lost a pet, please vis t Humane Society Shelter, 174 F- tin St. Open B to S Monday through Saturday. REWARD -- Lost female Lob mix. LOST · · Long haired black German Shepherd. Tan markings. "Sheba." Vlcinlly Villa Wesi on C SI. 353 7114. Q2 Personals ALCOHOLICS Anonymous Is 357 98S2 (or IS your shaver lck? The Hnior Clln c. Alklrc'i, 1211 9th St. 3SSVSOI. SINGLE Parents ~ Widowed, divorced, separated. .Coninct Parents wnnoui Psilnrrs, 346UWJ, 3S3.»b)h. OVEREATING a problem? Try Over- ealeri Anonymous. 3i3-9314; 3S3-WJ7. swlmlults. 35* mi REDUCE safe fast with GoBese Tablets and t Vap "waier pins." Gioion SAN DAK Sandals (or the entire family. m«2*. 1500 lllh Ave. Q3 Notices NOTICE BLUE SPRUCE TREES 10,000 anticipated will be given away again this April through the U Collins Muffler Shop's locations. These B to 14 inch trees will be given free one to everyone on a first come basis. Each person may purchase UI* to a limit of 6 extras at 25 cents each. If you want more than the limit, you may plnce an order by stopping in before the first of April. (Deposit required). Thank you, Management of Collins Muffler Shops 7601 W. 10th St. 353-2537 nc Employment DO Wanted MAY 1 clean your home, prepare your evening meals, baby lit your children on weekends? 351 IS'I Q2 Personals ED ADYE INDEX A«NOUKCEMENTS(l-5) JJ fMonih B IKicn EMPLOYMENT (6-10) " ' HdplbiM N Slkl/MlikrimilWp SERVICES (11-19) 11 Editltnn 1 Inlnclhn 12 CMUCnhnin » SmtaGiiUt 14 CnlMWul 15 ItH'mi 1 Iniltl'm « Tilth Hmllni 1' MoniitSlonit FINANCIAL (20-24) n V Mmrltuiin 23 HnntjHintid RENTALS (25-42) 27 HwiHlilttiil 29 Dipki Itnlili 30 mutant (mills 31 RmuiMlpirtintiiU 32 Unlumbkri Apiitmintl 34 tallll ID Shite 35 Hum tM Rent 36 Habile HoijitRtnlils 37 HotiliHoaitSpKi 31 Conniiclil linlih 40 Flint t Tnct linlili MERCHANDISE (4342) 44 Hinted li Bui 45 ktellinew: 4i GeiiieSilei 47 HouMholi Goods 4! GiidinmiNttds 4! »ntiq««s 50 mice Supplies 51 Stiini Michinei Vnumi 52 m, Slorei 1 ffitm 53 Muiicil Inttiumentt 55 IiildiniMileriili 56 Fnniood 51 Frail! IVtiellbles 59 S«ds, Plinl! I Flowen 60 PtlslSupjiliti AGRICULTURAL (63-70) 53 Poultry 1 Ribbil! 64 LliRtKk 65 riiluie In Renl 57 Hif,Grim,FeedlSli» (1 Flim Equipment 69 Imfilion Sptems REAL ESTATE (71-80) 71 KM! Estate ffinled Ti Real EstaK For Sale 74 Farms, Ranches t Tiacts 75 .... Commercial ft Inveslmenl Property 76 Mountain Property 71 Mobile HwiwFoi Sale 79 Mobile Home Lots RECREATION (81-88) 82 SporliniGoodi 13 Biejcla M Boats 1 Suppl n IS Snowmobiles 17 TnikniCimpen TRANSPORTATION (89-98) I) Tnriiportilion M Motor Bikes 91 Auto Puts i Service 92 Ma For Site 93 ViniForSile 94 Pickups, Tiuclu 95 4 Wheel Mm AUCTION (99) 99 Unctions A£ Employment UD Wanted GENERAL, reliable houieileanlno Reference*. Can 353-611*. Ten years experience. 354- 7021, mor nlrtfli COMPLETE bookkeeping servlc available. Account! receivable, ac counli payable, payroll, mom hi financial statements. Quarterly an year-end reporli. To Include all Incom iax lorms. )$3 7W. ^P^TI^B|lkl^ U7 Wanted 08 Marketing Help ]» 3511 or miM. 07 Wanted KIDS "^ " wl " "* summlr Md " mf 0 EXPERIENCED man for farm work. Prtftr mwIM, rtttrencH. Mile EB»t, 1/4 ScKith of Aull. OLDER woman nieds companion. Room and board plus salary 351 -8MJ. 8 NEW and uitd vehicle salesman who wanls a career In the aulomorjile business. Experience preferred. " References will be checked. Please call 834.1891 for Interview appoinlment Stevens Chevrolel In Aull, Colorado. JANITOR - Light maintenance work. 11.50 per hour. 353 60M, 8 and B, pnvjle Rocky Mt. Hews paper route. Mfciy rouin aviliiDi* now to don't l«* out. Remfrnber lh*t ejrly delivery mernii your allcrnooni are tree to emoy your summer diyt *nO nlffhlt. Clll Ibl 0160. days only. 1 child. 3S1 1710, liter 6 p.m. EATING, air conditioning and ven- II at ion service person. Muit be ex- work history and wage requlremenls to P.O. Box 7/1. Ft. Collrni, Colorado BOSH. employment agency, icxwi NE£D eKpefjenced survey(rs 0) wrty MECHANIC - S veari ail around ex f* 1 '*'- ^"JJofl to 'ravel, l 667 6116, perience. Automotive electrical e*. Equal opportunity employer. PAHI HMb|obs.I3uOmonih,3tvenings w . H T _ n ,, B . n hn ,. bDon . r *nd Sal Otfer 18 with tar 351 Wl WANTED - Live-in housekeeper or dayllmc. Tnrec adults, nice home, more. Phone 351 Ml 9. BOOKKEEPER - Receptionist. Part c * LOTT AGENCY, N GALLEKY OF HOMES ias opportunities for two additional sales associates, newly licensed or experienced. We offer training and assistance as well as premium commission splits. Call Bill Collins -351-6000. --^»fc- [7/fe GMfy*]\ L OF /HOMES/^I LOH AGENCY, INC. K. 916 Eleventh Avenue ^ numhrr "^riMrMDy-iitier. Scon Scnoo. area. 1 1 Education 357-1210, oiler 5 o.m. 1 1 Instruction rr«!L S TT'h,m B " Ume C/ ° B °* "'"' TFACHERS: All areas U.S. and abroad, GUITAR Lessons, beginner or advanced. y Universal Teachers, Box 8966, Portland, iS3 7W or 3S2 8003. V E T E R I N A R Y Assistant · Permanent part or lull time. Wide variety of responsibilities. Please send complete resume to Box N-1J. c/o Greeley Tribune. Oregon. »/H». ARM Background? Service repr«en tatlv« -- Chemical company. Relocate. To 11 5,000. Acme Personnel Service, 353(426, private employment agency. (113). P e°pcric 1 ncc S a"As7lsfanT^oor Manage" MANACER -- Sma!1 Gr«!iy employment permanent secure work. Phone 353 9400. v/AREHOUSt he:p needed, part lime early mornings. 11 hourly. Must b« dependable. 785-1106. NEEDED - 1 ladies lo baby-si 1 In large , church nursery. Ages - newborn to 3 Please contact Nancy Tyler, 3530809. £ DfcPbNUABLh man lor year 'round farm employment Topwagesand benHllstor right person. 1-77|.7179, Haxtun. KITCHEN Help - Full end part-time. Pantry, broiler, dining room waiters and waitresses, and helpers needed al Ihe Greeley Country Club. Apply in person. 9 to 5 related to children II possible. Submit a Uriel resume to Sandra Boland, Box 578. La sane, CO. BOMS, or phone 2B* iS;2, OUTE Delivery -- Sales. To S7,2W. Kathy, 35J-B42. Acme Personnel Ser- OOK K E E P E R - T Y P I S T who wantl oarl Ssncra Boland, Box H/l, Crecley, CO 80431, UN (OR Bookkeeper: Aciuiaiy, am bit loo wins lop spot. t10. Call Sharon Kyle. 353-J7O. Sneiling and Snclllng. private cmplovmrnt agency. 3-9741. UKUW with (ompnny. Accountant ROQKKFEPFR Wanted -- Musi know all L-iMiilOymwil .nji-nty 1174) phases In bookkeeping Including rniiPi ni, h i payroll, and ability to lake charge ol " ^ t w M l l ^ T w r t a n d learn R«tLlTntB P ^nge!tmNMnor S t l h t of ScVAm^dl'sVib^or'phone'jay, Greeley, Highway B5. 356*09*. 3H-U35. If you are ued of working out or for someone else, man and wife, no investment. Run A W Drivin or Dairy Queen. Write Box L-33 c/o Tribune. (If you drink, you need not apply). AVON EARN CASH WITH AVON for all the "extras" you need and want. It's easy and fun! For ············ft*** : Sales Help : ! Sunset Memorial I · Gardens · * If you have lived In com- * r munity s years, are! , married, have good car, ( 9 neat appearance and free % · to work evenings, will tratn · . ·and furnish leads to start.* 15 vgLUMfcS of International Encyclopedias Including dddlllonal data for i years; 15 volumes Class c literature. 353 15«. Reglsler now. 3!3-J«7. SPRING checrleadlng class For more Inlormatlon, call 352-4150. WEAVING CLASSES and WORKSHOPS Beg. 8 Int., 2 4 Harness Starting March ?3 Greentree Ranch Wools of Ft. Collins 1-484-2590; 352-1360 1O Child Care 1£ Service LICENSED d*y care, my nome. 35M2U. EATON - Licensed child care. Reasonable. 4S* 3871. 353 OUS. L LfcHShD child care In my home. 3SJ-0907. CHILD Core Oeing l.'censed. /.'.Jdloon area. 3S6G770. DAY Care In my home. All ages. Phone 35* 9 267. ISA I7U. ^ECEPTIOMISli vlvailly, good typing LICENSED OabySltling In my nome. skills. 1450. Call Sharon Kyle. 3S3 a O. Scoll School area. Call 351-7579. Snclllng and Snclllng, private Cm ploymtml agency. 1 7764 W LL do baby silting In rny home. U per day per child. Anyllme, any aae. Cal CLP Wanted Cupcrienccd welder (or prrson. Heucrlcn MiViulaclurmg Co., Noriti endol Aull. Highway 85. Noplionr- and vlgorout firm. I WO. call Dob Hunt. 3S3 4741. Sneiling and Snclllng. private employment agency. I 10741. Mrs. Betty Edmonds, JitQMI. L CfcNStD baby-silling, my home. La Salic area Close lo school. 184-6310. LICENSED baby-sitter -- Brenlwood- Jackson area. No weekends or evenings. Call I a m. to noon lor further In formation. 357 MSB. LICENSED dny tare, Fvans. Full-time. area wogei. Union not required. Submit ONE child under age ol two In my home. resume Pancrati Co., Box i;«. Cat per, ]i3 ntv. Wyn MAM EGAL Secretary - Will train good Service, 3J] H36, private employment agency. (1171. YPIST: Plrnly ol activity lor modern attractive olMce. WO. Call Bob Hunt, 1S1-4743. Sneiling and Snelllng, private cmploymeril agency. 3 B74J. 1 7 Service 1J Guide PIANO tuning, 115, complcle reca r service Carrot Conn, 3W 4lf5 or 3M 14U. Alklre's. 1111 flh 51., 3JJ9M1. rYPlSTcxperlencedwlihlBMMaa-l-Pe " T I W E X walch repair, sales." Grreley composer, salary negotiable, part-ilme. plsque 8nt) ''Wv. 1S1 30W. i/ERITYPE Operator -- To UOO. Kathy. Acme Personnel Service. 3S3 8«6, private employment agency. (Mf). Alklre's 1111 flh SI 3SMSOI. Ice. Anderson's. 714 lOlh St. 3530131. ft7 Help "Exceptional earnings for* nn Sales/ TREE trimming *nd ·», pit removal U/ Wanted J right person. J U5 Marketing Help tiwiino. sn-siw. GALS and Guyi -- Earn extra money a ycur convenience with no auolos an have tun, too. 1703 10th St. Wett. 3S3 «07. EARN ilOOiSOO extra per montn. rx quotas, no experience. 353 35S1. Auxiliary - X-flay Technician. Pleas Hate age. marital itnlui, reason fw working and previous emplovmen Experience preferred But not necessary located near downtown, husband may b cmplEvod elsewhere, no children o peti One bedroom apartment tur nlshed, other compensation depend n on experience. 154 30JO Carriers Needed n Evans area. Must be at leas 12 years of age. Excellent ear nlngs for amount of time In volved. Call the "Greeley Tribune office, 352-021 1 . Ask for Tom Paxton. RN's -- LPN's Can we interest you In a ne» concept In health care? Call Mrs. Allgaler 353-1017 lor appt. Employed People Only S75 week, 3 evenings and Satur days. Over 18, have own car. Call 352-8991 BBS Applications being accepted for part time tire and battery installer. Apply Penonnel Office Montgomery Ward Greeley Mall An equal oppwtunily employer ftO Personals f PERSONAL ! WILL KIT- Includes 64 page attorneys booklet, "What Everyone Should Know About Wills" and 4 Will Forms, only $3.00 (FREE "Personal Assets Records" and "Executors Duties") Send check or money order to: DOCUMENT P. 0. Box 3(5 RESEARCH Longmont, CO 80501 ( · Call 352-5590 · GALS w«r « ,!,»» «n«im CARPENTER .nd concrete »ork. · ····*·*········ blnd.l! lor ncmno promt 3S3 U». °TM r " conlracllng. Pn. 1S3 7m ? Automobile Service | ? Writer | T Excellent opportunity for f § the right person. Per- J A manent employment with Y J newcar dealership. Chance § ? for future advancement. o ? Apply in person-- § f McArthur Olds-Cadillac I I Inc. § J 508 8th Ave. £ § Greeley, Colorado J ! TEMPORARY INSTRUCTOR · · NEEDED IMMEDIATELY. · 1 EXPERIENCED, ALL-AROUND · · AUTO MECHANIC. FIVE YEARS · J T R A O E E X P E R I E N C E ? · NECESSARY. · J 5 HOURS PER DAY, 5 DAYS J · PER WEEK fOR SIX WEEKS. · · 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. J · SALARY BASED UPON · · EXPERIENCE. · · APPLY TO: · · LARIMER COUNTf VOC-TECH CErlTER * · 4EIE SOUTH SHIELDS · ·P.O.B.Z397 ·· I J FOBT COUINS, CO 1052! J ·········· 999999 RN'S-LPN'S-AIDS An Invitation to our RECRUITING DAY on March 18, 1974 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Greeley Recreation Center Rm 206 710 llth Ave. We need nurses for stalfing of hospitals, nursing homes , doctor's offices; private duty In hospitals and homes. To learn more about our program, stop by for a cup of coffee on the 18th or call : 356-7844 WESTERN MEDICAL SERVICES Dimum ot Western lempODrj SenricB, Int. 217 West Miinolla. ft. Collins An [qtjrlt Opportunity [mplOyRr M/f LOOKING (or someone energetic, reliable, available tor Immrtlflle em. ployment. Earning opportunity IJW per wecK. Large nationally known company Call 351 50». REAL ESTATE SALESPEOPLE wanted in the Platteville, Johnstown, Milltken and Ft. Lupton areas to represent an office associated with the nation's argest real estate organize, ion. Will assist interested par- ies with licensing requirements. Call 1-536.4298 for Enter- view appointment. Consider!! Good Sales People Are Trained--Not Born! and neither are doctors, lawyers, dentists or engineers. You can be an outstanding salesman or saleswoman and earn $8,000, $10,000, year your very first year. You need to be: ·b age 21 01 ever ft ambitious *· eneigetic iv spoilsminded -d have a h-jh school education or belter You will: i attend 2 week ot schrcl In Dallas, p'penics pail) ^ be guaianleed J800 pei month to slail. If you qualify, we guarantee to: ^ teach and tnm you m oui successful salts ir.elh.Dds ii assign you to th.r sales aiea o! your choice, undei thf diteclion and w provide Ihe oppo-tiinity foi yc'j to advance into nana^ment as last as yam atnMy Mill wananl Equfllopportunlly company M / F . Call now for personal interview. Don Jones Mon.iTues., Wed., March 15, U, 17 505-522-6660 9a.m. to 5 p.m. ALTERATIONS and dressmaking. Ji3 OTJ1. PAINTING -- All kinds. Free estimates. Dale Tegtman, 353 Oil*. 3S2-4M. HOUSE Doc lor. Remodeling, Improve ments, repairs Brooks C. Cole. 352 S77J. ADDITION and improvements 11LE - bxpectly installed. 3526413. allrt 6 PAINTING, free estimates, less than you think. 352 4111; 3544052. NEW Buildings - Remodeling. All types ol cement. 354i$*5; 3U141B. 353 8311. KERNS Painting - Interior and exterior. Wallpaper at discount prices 3516346 WALLPAPERING -- Quality work. 45 SEWING In my home 353 13B7. don't deal with us, we boih lose money. 156 1086. f-OR fast, reliable TV or antenna service. Television Mart 614 15tti 51. 3577100 Same day service. storage. Established llrrn. 352-0670. prices 353-2701. (or free est. Power rake, hauling, fertilizing, hcdoe and Shrub Irim. 3S6 1279 afler 5. YARD work, mowing, and Irimming. 351 S413. LIGHT hauling - Conit. sites, yard work. appl., etc. LOWMI rates. 33645f. PAINTING - Low rates, quality work Free estimates. 351-1155. GARDEN Rolotlllfng. Town or rural areas. 70 hp. tractor, J ft. tiller, U tip. Charles Hoecher. Servicemaster Professional cleaning of carpets, furniture, walls, floors or entire house. Rental machine produc s available. Free estimates Call 3S2-2IOO TAX SERVICE All returns prepared. Short Forms $5 353-9904 Steam Cleaning AnfliMOom $10 Any 2 bedrtftM W Atlantis Carpet Cleaning 356-3968 Guaranteed Satisfaction 1 9 Strvlct 10 Guid* HANPr Win -- Home repair, pamilng. anltrx, cement-yard work. 3SA-37U. CUSTOWBUILT fireplaces. Brick work. 3JJOW7. STAN itPAN - Interior and exterior pilnllng and paper hanging. Free POWER raking, garden lining, lawn care LIGHT hauling, odd lobs, lawn mowing, lawn manure hauled, camper repair. 35437?*, after 4:30 p.m. POWER rake your lawn. Reasonable price. Jac». 35 1 -0936 POWER riKing and yard clean up. Per 351 447). BRICK Work -- Fireplecn, planters, chimney repair, small |obs welcome. 3537841. References. Call 351-6189 151 0936. ROTOTILLING ·- Organic, ferl avail Troy bull 1 liller. Phone 353 5311. 1 K Custom 11 Work TRENCHING lor water, gas, elecinc Co., 351-«17. DRAGLINE and bockhoe work. Jim Bolllg, 78S195. TRENCHING, dilch cleaning and leach lines. 384.61*1. Sthaelfer's Digger Service. CUSTOM Hauling - Corn and manure. Ronald Anderson, 454-2146. BACKHOE loader, trenching, seplic tanks, leaching fields. Koehn Co.. 151 6?17 KOEHN Backhoe and Trenching Serv ce. 353-7765. CUSTOM Hauling -- Silage and manure. Leonard, 1569537; Dan Ditier, 35115)3. Fry, 184 6155. BACKHOE; Loader -- Dilch cleaning and water lines. Bud Elam, 3511617. SUB-SOILING. 16 to 18 inches deep. Reasonable. References. Call George NTtRIOR - hxlcnor painting and SERVICES Unlimited - Custom moving, batements. etc. 351 7136: 3!1 0506 CUSTOM plowing,! plows F.liident work. Cal Davr Coffld, 814 7687; or Larry Thomas, collect 1 B97-1151. CUSTOM Plowing, discing, and swalhing. P. F. KObOtXl, 353 3V26. SANDBLASTING, high pressure washing, pa nting. 114 5108. evenings DO any lype brick, stone, block: also do f replaces. 351 1163. REMOVAL LAND LEVELING All kinds of earth moving. Loader backhoe service, Howard Boyer Const. 353-7287 1 C Roofing 13 Insulation FOR your insulation needs. Call Superior (tooling. 153 1113. "PRKFEHHtO Roofing and Remod home owner. 351 9145; 351 90U. 5i; 4144 RE-ROOFING 15 Years Experience Guaranteed Work. Free Estimate. Insured. 353-1389 Keith Montey, Jr. U Moving Storage STOR MOR ~ Seif Storage. 505 18tn St. 151-4141. SFLF Storage - 1411 am Ave. Accessible 14 hours. 3511511; 1517114. E-Z Self Slorage, various slies. Open storage now available, fenced and STORAGE - Available, froren. rpfrlger. ated and dry. Greeltv Ice and Slorage, 1511931. bock from post oMkc 1S17977. ni Business LAWN Service lor sale - Equipment and accounts. 354 1179 after 5. VON 5CHRADFR brand carpel and upholstery stiampooers for sale, accessories Included. 356 6975, mornings. LEASING proposed meat markel area. To Unanclally sound, experienced meat cutter. II interested, conlacl Jerry E«t Illh S t . 3519910. ! DEALERS WANTED \ . for fireplace forced air fur- , 1 naces. Make a forced air ' furnace out of your stallation required. 11 in- | creases your fireplace heatinR efficiency by 500%. · Hums 40% less firewood \ while healing up to 1200 sq. ft. Financing available. · Write 1021 Sunset St. ' Ungmont. CO. 80501. 1772-1304. Wholcsale-Ki-lai . ^ S B A R S S ^ NORTHERN COLORADO $ 3.2 TAVERN S IMF ONLY (tiff IN TOWN Slices u well cstoblisiied opeiaiion. Pius gwrt machine income Seats 150 leims $ COCKTAIL LOUNGE $ Bf.inMul ne.n ne* fiili.res .ind equip p-nkiig lii'Tipr^uuS polcn' Iftnis GLORIA HENDLER CO. 1910W. Eisenhower Loveland, Colo. Metro 572-7709 ^Lovcland M7-8855 ^ 99 Montr 01 Furnishtd LL to Loan J 1 Apartments LOWER rales on 1SI and InJnrartyaues on ADULTS. 1100 'or clean lurnished apart- older homes. Gretfer Industrial Sank, menr Deposll. 3519566 or 3i33435. HIGHER prkei paid for Iruit deed! and Deoroom furnished apartment, near and contract). Greeiey Industrial Bank, campu). 311 M37. 9C Wanted ID to Rent A T T E N T I O N Landlords- List available rentals with WIRS. 3S1-4JJ1. T PHnpF«if)NAL ed IG furnished 2 bedroom apartment. 114$ per month Utilities paid. No pets. HO ehilOrw. Olf Street parking. Laundry facilities Available now. Scott Rca v WO and 1 flr. apis. Also mob. home. ) II No llth Ave; 3K 13th SI. 3i2 JMO. home between Greeley and Denver. C E N T R A L L Y located b«lween campuses. Prefer 1 or 3 Bedrooms, fireplace, Remodeled horns. Completely fur mountain view. Call Dill. 353 MM n itied. Accommodates i girls 3W 317B, TWO or 3 bedroom House with renced - 3SJ 8310. alter 4 p m . apartment. Ho children, no pets. JW sms. 07 HOUSeS APARTMENT one block Irom UNC ·* 10 Rent campus. 3S4 «?2 or 3S1 U71. VAlLABLfc March lath. Large niteiy 3M-3D11. ONE bedroom basement apartment. . . .. utilities paid, ' jmileweilof Evans, 351 TWO Br house J Br apl Also mob. home 5*BO. FOUR mobile homes fcr rent. 175 to S11S ME bedroom apartmenl. UtiMlies paid. C OS* 10 downtown Jil JflSQ. N EVANS- 3roomfurniShedaparlment. private bam and entrance 3M.64S9. bedroom, moslly furnished hwse In ONE bedroom furnisneo apirtment. good location. One car garage. Fenced second floor. 3 blwks west ol Post backyard HOO per month plus gas and Office, newly decorated. Utilities ar« clectricify. Available March lith. Scoll P»'d. HIS a monlh No pets please. FOR RENT -- Cabin, furnished. 35J 1916, NEEDglil toyiarehouse. ISOdepOSit. 3M- call from l a m lo 11 noon. V7B1 or 356-1000, ext. 16. VERY Niceolder t bedroom r.ome. Large V living room with fireplace. Good !«.7!i1 apartment, near UNC. Mo pets. 1125 WO bedroom upstairs apartment near college. Call 353-OI83. montn. 737 1330. ONE and ' j bedrooms, carpeted, man THREE bedroom horn? - PJ baths. c.irp-lrd. oaili.tlly finished li.ispfr.piil. m Irs norm ot Windsor *!6 7761 C MTH AVENUE -- Near UNC, mam level room, gos fireplace, lormal dining Garage with service room. S100 month S including all unities. 1100 damage T on Duplex FOR RENT - Large 1 bedroom duplex. ana dryer, attained garage. No pet*. Call 3533*16. LARGE 1 bedroom duplex, central air ONE bedroom duple*. No children, no 1 pets, privacy, lurnlshed. HW. 711 llsi , Ave. Cl.. aller S v ONE bedroom, partially furnished Welt Grcetey. Call 351 7194. On Townhouse JU Rentals townhouse apartmtnt In West Greeley, , carpeted, drapes, siove. relrlgeralor. and dishwasher, 3 balhl. no pets. 11B5 per monm pluf gat and tights. »00 deposll Srr properly manager at 110? 13th St. TOWNHOUSE tor renl or lease - Option lo buy. Two bedroom, fireplace. Call Cllfl Really Inc.. 3561717. n Furnished Apdclnienls CHEAPER Renl Here -- Kifcnenetle apartment. Laundry, ulllltles furnilhetf, air conditioned, park at your Ironl door, weekly rales La Salle Court. 101 S Ind SI.. La Salic. 1BJ6155. 1010 9TH STREET- Convenient location, neir downtown. 1 andl bedroom. Sorry, no children or pels 356 3030. APARTMENTS available now - Fur. nlshed or unfurnished, 1-1 or 3 bedroom. Call Cedaridge Apartments. J» «jv , 1161 W. M!h St. IN FVANS - 1 bMroom furnished apartment. S75 to tfO. In older apart ment bulling. 12 S deposit. 353 0113. TWO bedroom, fully turnithed apirtment InJ.plex La Salle. Rtr.t reasonable Call days, 353-1771. LARGE two bedroom furnished span ment, close to Greeley Mail and cim pui Ready lo move Into. 3M 47JJ. apartment available now. Near campus and convenient lo several restaurants and ample parking. 3563917. loday, S130 plus electricity. No pels. 353 5707. ARDEN Level - 7 bedroom, fully furnished apartmenl. Carpeted, drapes, disposal, washer. dryer, and all utilities oiid Nnoets Available now WWJ or PACIOUS, one bedroom, furnished aparlment. 1165 3545971 WO BEDROOM Furnishrd apartmeiil outside city, paslure lor one horse avaiiaoie. i-6«5-2i63. URNiSHED i bedroom near university. UliHtlf, included 3S3-637*. bedroom, partly lurnlshed aparlment. Low, low price ot S100 per month w ti utilities. Scott Realty Co, 35MIH. 3 ools, Club Jloiise, and Sauna. )nc 2 bedroom. Furnished nfurnished, immediate oc- upancy. From $145. Heatherway North 356-2387 NEW8-PLEX 025 4th Ave. -- One bdrm. fur- Ished apartment. Adults, no icts. $125 including heat. 356-9333 after 5:30 r ONE ^ BEDROOM BUFFET APARTMENTS AVAILABLE Swimming pool. ( -- tEIic -[ Arlington J 2215 8th Ave. 356-3987 30 Unfurnished JL Apartments GIRL wants g.Tl lo Share 1 bodroom EAtON. Colorado - Two bedroom apart apartment. S»0 ind hail utilities 3W- n " lt ' tlt - Fulll J tdl jf^ : ^ J H " d a [ dp «i 0775' ISD8 !lh AVENUE -~ One beOroom lur- n shed aparlmenl. No children or pets. 3SS 9305. N CVAMS:! bedroom un furnish pet rtpnr menls. Rent 190 to (100. In older apart ment building. i)S deposil. 3SJ 0183. F-URNlSHEDaparimenttor renl, uliiitici °^! E b 5d roomp " nl u ' r " lh *?' "rf*'* 0 paid. ilW monlh. Call 1S6 547! 1130 J16 ISthSIr I 341 MM- 353 ?B«B "^Sh HO?| l '. 0r A« ddle * 8ed * dUlt ' UNFURNISHED 1 bedroom aoartment ONE bedroom furnished Apartment In Eaton. 1115 per month plus lights. No pets. Security deposit required. Se* properly manager at 110} 13th St. THREE Room furniuipd apartmenl Ho smoking or drinking Adults. 3S3 7173. LARGE lower level rooms for woman. Private. 167 a month, tnirei50. Kilcnert, etc.. clean And decent 1517 Uih Ave. By appointment. 3535759. [(· ^ ? ^ Furnish Children Welco ( ONE TWO BEDROOM! Taking reservations 1353-6016 close 10 bus and college. Stove, retrlgernior and drapes Included HSOn month. Manager, 101 ( 41, i Ave., No. t 3SI.JOJ1 or IS:.07B3 WO bear com unfurnished apartnienl. Stove, relrlQerator. dishwasher, car peting, drapes. S100 damage dcpos 1. (160 11S monm plus eiecirlclty. NO pets. See manager. 1X16 Bth St.. No. 1. 01 Furnished Ol Apartments ||E|AMflKJ| ' RTMENTS j. from s 135 ! ed Unfurnished t me. No Pets. | 5 SWIMMING POOL for summer now! 1204 29th St. R d . A T~ "^ STUDENT RENTALS for SPRING QUARTER Roommates Also Needed |^^^^ crattmponj ^^^^| 356-7700 V ^

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